Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 3, 1963 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1963
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 11 "Sure I'm for se//»V TV A, Mr. Goldwater long as I can get an exclusive InnckW Lifetime Job For Circus Fat Lady To Reduce By WILLIAM C. HARRISON Associated Tress Science Writer PORTLAND. Ore. (AP)-The circus fat lady can reduce, but she'll have a lifelong job holding the weight less, says a New York physician. He adds that men seem more successful in reducing. Dr. S. K. Fineherg of Harlem Hospital's metabolism service told the American 'Medical Association today of 12 patients who weighed at least twice what they should. The heaviest weighed 640 pounds at the start of trcat- fhent. In nine weeks he lost 97 pounds, almost 11 pounds «i tf*ek. But he failed to continue treatment. Two patients, a woman sealing 406 pounds to s tarl and a man weighing 363, each lost 130 pounds in fil and 27 weeks, respectively, Fineherg said. His treatment consists of two phases. The first is intensive Royal Portable Typewriters CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 HUTSON MACHINE SERVICE 2281 Casey Ave. Ph. 242-2707 with a diet of 900 calories day, drugs to curb appetite, and drugs to get rid of excess wa ter. The treatment lasts two to 12 months. Control is modified in the second phase, which Fineherg says should continue for life. It includes dieting, drags, education about eating and psychotherapy. Fmcberg said prolonged salt and water retention during weighl reduction can probably be blamed for most failures in treatment of obesity. He explained that water retention can cause a weight gain even while a patient is maintaining a low caloric intake and actually losing fat tissues. The discouraged patient often then abandoas treatment. Famous Horses To Drill NEW YORK (API—Vienna's famous performing horses, the Lippizzaner, arc to make a tour of seven U.S. cities next spring for five weeks, with a Madison Square Garden stop May 19-24. The horses, trained in the 225- year-old Spanish Riding Academy, execute drills, jumps and complete complex formations without word or whip command from their riders. HOROSCOPE By CARROLL RIGIITER GENERAL TENDENCIES WEDNESDAY: You can certainly think big and get big now. The delays which have been occurring in your life can now be replaced by definite and direct action of a very positive nature. Show you hove the vision plus the intelligence to go forward to new heights of accomplishment. But It's strictly up to YOU. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Rely on own judgment today for best results in important, matters. Get. special talent before the right, people and use charm. Get into the socially creative world in PM. TAURUS (April 2 Oto May 20) Follow your intuition and make life easier and better for those living under your own roof. Convince them of your devotion which has never wavered. Buy thoughtful gifts, etc. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Any big ideas that come to you should quickly be put into operation and successfully. Then you roach understanding with big-wigs. They gladly support your aims. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Best way to sue ceed financially is to confer with successful, dynamic exports. Follow ideas given. De> vote less time to unimportant trivia. Live conscientiously. LEO (July 22 to August 21) A little less pride and more wisdom will see you become] more prosperous and popular as well. Your desires can come to fruition with relative case. See to it that your garb is edifying. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) Getting into huddles with experts bring the right ideas and modus operandi for the future. Be secretive. Listen with care. Veer away from unimportant detail. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) All others are in a conciliatory mood and you can make constructive plans for the future with them. Get out more socially. Be very cooperative with active, progressive persons. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) If you labor to the best of your ability, you will gain the admiration and approval of higher-ups. Then new doors oi>on up to you. Be alert to opportunities ahead. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Endeavor to find novel ways of entertainment that are more to your liking, temperament. One of breadth and vision will support, you in some constructive venture. Show respect, gratitude. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) A novel way ol operating is important right now. Also a fine day or night to get biggest plans in operation. Don't bo too eager to rush from one thing to another. AQUARIUS (January 21 to Retirement Needs Good Hobby TULSA, Okla. (API — Dal Clark has built more than 200 churches since 1955. But not a one of them has ever had a service in it. The reason is simple — Clark builds miniature churches. Clark got the Idea of making model churches from a newspaper story with pictures of various Tulsa churches. Ho uses a set or power tools j given him when he retired in i 1955 after 38 years with an oil! pipe line company (Service) Pipeline Co.). He had never done any woodworking until he j retired, but now he goes at his' hobby almost like it was a job., "I get up and go to work in • my workshop at 8 a.m., stop for lunch and go back in the afternoon," ho said. His wife,, Naomi comments, "He works: out there faithfully--as if lie j had to earn his living this way." Clark's churches range from less than a foot long and about.) 10 inches high up to about three feet tall. "I have the hardest time finding small belts to use in the belfries," he says. Many of Clark's churches are Christmas gifts. Some, painted gold, are given to couples ccle- bi-ating 50th wedding anniver-! saries. He sells a few at prices I ranging from ?10 to $30. "The worst thing a retired man can do is just sit around all day watching television," Clark says. "I believe a man should develop a good hobby before he retires — the earlier the better. Then he can look forward to leaving his job. The man who wants to retire gets along all right." Clark collects pictures from magazines for ideas for models. Each church hass tcps. a door, tiny varnished news and pulpit and soft lighting provided by a bulb inside. And they all have steeples. "I don't care for modern churches," he explains. "People ask me to make them, but I don't." TJH . u* nv r* oa. >—.+*eJ<rcrta/Z. 'That's my Pop! As you can see, he's ho. oil painting when he first gets up!** Mental Tests Ordered For Geff Tax Objector THANKSGIVING PILGRIMAGE—Thousands of Americans spent part of their Thanksgiving holidays visiting the grave of the late president, John F. Kennedy, at Arlington National Cemetery. Aerial view shows a long line of persons winding along a roadway and then up a hill to the burial site. LETTER FROM JOE SUTTON: FREE CHRISTMAS TURKEY With Purchase of One Ton of Nutrena Livestock or Poultry Feeds. Offer Good Dec. 2 Thru Dec. 23 BROWNING FARM SUPPLY DICK ELLISTON, Manager 417 S. 12th Street Dial 244-1031 0 CHECK WITH Nutrena Plane Trip To Nigeria February 19) A powerful individual can be most helpful \ i , » . . t . aZJ^X^t^Mt Vernomte Describes it. Once work is finished, lind ideal form of relaxation. PISCES (February 'JO to March "JO > If you get surroundings in hotter, brighter condition, you increase value of own work as well as property. Make repairs that are vital. Find real estate that is more to your liking. iF YOUR CHILD IS RORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be highly spirited, but quite practical at the same time, and should be given a very precise, combined course of education that will include the arts as well as business. College is a must here, since the brain power is considerable, and once theory lias been absorbed, it will be applied intelligently. "The Stai-s impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's IndividuaJ Forecast for your sign for January is now ready. For yoiTv copy send your birlhdato and $1.00 to Carroll Righter Forecast Ml. Vernon Register-News, Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) Basutoland has one mile of railway. 500 miles of gravel roads, two airfields and some 1,600 miles of government-maintained paths that link scattered villages. CHICAGO (AP) - A federal court today ordered a mental examination of William Lusk, new i -i". a farmer who won't pay his 'income tax, to determine whether Lusk is sane. Lusk. of Gcff, in Wayne County, has refused 10 comply with an order by the U.S. District Court to pay $SO,000 in taxes, interest and penalties on his income for 1<V15, 195-1 and 1956. He did offer to settle the tab for $500, n proposal which Aaron Cohen, U.S. attorney, termed ridiculous. Judge James B. Parsons said in ordering a psychiatric examination for Lusk. "I will imprison him lor failure to com­ ply with the order of th" cciii \ if he doesn't bring in his w» ities and if psychiatric <^initiation shows him to bo K: If Lusk is found to lie mvu;-. Parsons said, a conservator ; 1 be appointed to handle his ni'.::- ey affairs and to settle his t..x bills. Cuttom Butchering end wrippiny ] for Dt*p Freer* FARMirS KOZEN FOODS Butcherihoa 3 mllei east of Ina. All cut* Pork and Beet -WhoWule A Retell- Thomn Farmer, owner A operator j Phono Hempiteed 7.2941, Ine, III. THE DEPENDABLE* SUCCESS CARS OF '64 V you're after a little more action than you've been accustomed to getting in the low-price field, look what we've got lor you. Toe "64 Dodge Polara 2-door hardtop, a quick moving automobile that doesn't took, ride, or feel like any low-priced car you've aver tried before. Luxury is standard equipment on this one. The Interior, for instance, Is all-vinyl. The front seat has extra deep foam padding and features • comfort-providing flip-down center armrest at DO extia cost The floor b completely carpeted. And under the hood? A standard V8 (318 ca. in.) with more muscle than is common in other low-price cars. Price? Right with cars like Ford and Chevy. Here's our proposition—why buy just any low-priced car, when you can step up to Dodge and a rot more automobile. Are people taking us up on it? Dodge's sales increase is more than four times that of the industry. People knowa good thing when they see 1 it See it at your Dodge Dealers. '64 Dodge CHRYSLER MOTOM COAPOrUTKM Our Golden Anniversary Is your golden opportunity) Come m and see The Dependables! SUMMERS DODGE 1123 FISHERS LANE—MT. VERNON, ILL. "U*E BOe? UOPC SHOUT. NSC-TV. C»i£CK VOUtf LOCAL U&TUeO. - SEA Joe Sutton, Mt. Vernon poultry export who is in Nigeria on a mission /or the U. S. government, described his jet flight in this letter to The Register-News: "Kditor "The Register-News "Dear Sir: "When I boarded the Ozark flight last Thursday morning for St. Louis at 10 a. m. that was the first leg of a long flight to lbadan, Nigeria by way of Washington, D. C. This made the seventh crossing of the Atlantic in the last four years. Someone mentioned to me a few days before 1 left that it must be nice to make so many trips to other countries. I do feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to make these trips, however, it is not as much pleasure as one would think. "For an example; even though you plan for months down to the last detail of the trip and everything works out just as you planned it there is still no way to make leaving the family and friends easy. The day arrives for departure and you are at the airport and soon you hear the plane land and the flight called, there are many things left unsaid and the only thing to do is turn and walk toward the plane. But as you wing out over Mt. Vernon and look down from the uir you see the most beautifully laid-out town in the world. But with all the beauty of Mt. Vernon from the air tills is not what makes it such a fine place to live. The thing that makes Mt. Vernon such a fine place to live and a hard place to leave is the line people that live here. "Alter boarding a T. W. A. plane for Washington, D, C, and making stops in Terre Haute, Indiana, and a couple of stops in Ohio, we made the approach into Washington, D.C., about 8:30 p.m. As we made our approach for landing, looking out the right side of the plane, was a city lit up like a huge Christmas tree, it reminded me ol a Christmas tree of freedom, just then the pilot announced over the loud speaker that from the right you could see the White House and it appeared to be the center piece of the huge tree of freedom from where all activity flows Into all parts of the world. In a matter ot a few seconds we were at a sudden stop and in a cab and lost in the busy traffic of the big city. "On Friday morning after breakfast I got In a cab and told the driver to take me to 21st and Virginia Ave not knowing my way around in Washington I had no idea where this would take me. However in just a few minutes I found myself at the front entrance of the State Department Building, as I looked for the room number I was to report to the first name I saw on the sign board was Dean Rusk, I felt sure I must have been taken to the wrong place but I decided to continue on to the sixth floor room 6930 where the instructions said to go. When I arrived I was greeted by Mrs. Roberts, a lady who was to take care of me the rest of the day while being briefed for the special duty I was reporting for. She said to me, "the first thing I must do is to take you to Mr. Ross and you will he sworn in." This of course was a new experience for me but a pleasant one. After spending some six hours in this huge State Department Building—and four ol them lost -I made a mad rush for the hotel and grabbed my luggage and headed for the Washington National Airport to take a short flight to New York, where I would connect with the Pan-Am overseas flight. "After arriving in New York and making my way to the Pan- American Building which is about a mile away and checked in for the 1:">0 flight; then clearing imi- gration there was just a few minutes to find Gate 8 to board the big jet liner for the non-stop New York, to Dekar, Africa, flight. The name of our clipper was "The Nightingale," A D. C. 7 jet on ;> of the most beautiful ever built. It's interesting to note the reassuring sights and sounds that niake jet clipper travel different horn ordinary nlr travel. You sense the surge of extra power as the plane gathers speed down a longer runway. You hear, right after take off. the rolling of retracting wheels. You notice the flexibility of the long wings, which, by asorbing rough air, gives the silk smooth ride. Knowing you are some one hundred miles out over (ho sea it gives one a funny feeling, but then you look out and see on one side two huge jet engines each with a thrust of 17 ,500 pounds with a 316,000 maximum loaded weight each drinking 500 gallons of fuel per hour of the twenty three thousand gallons on board. Even though the total gross load of the clipper is one hundred and fifty tons you begin to have confidence that she will make It with energy left. The electrical system alone has enough power to supply 40 average homes. After two delicious meals and a nap and six hours and thirty minutes later the pilot announces that we are coming in for a landing at Dekar, Africa. "So far I have only had one day on the survey as to how we are going to do the job I was sent over here to do, and that is to train natives the art and science of soxing baby chicks (seperating the male and female day old). However I have been bore long enough to see the need of many millions of people, and I only hope that what I am doing will play a small part in supplying those needs. "The one lesson I have learned here already is this: it doesn't matter what our position in life might bo as an American citizen, when we are in a foreign land to a certain segment of people we are Mr. United States to that group of people, and the way we conduct ourselves will be the impression that this group of people will have of America. JOE SUTTON" DeWitt'a Pills help llush'kjdney* to relieve backache, body or joint pains, mild bladder irritation* and reatlessneas. DeWitt's Pill* \iw direct diuretic action lor in» proved ktdnoy activity, and a mild analgesic for Cast pain r*> lief. Double-action DeWitfa >ffen mean a more life.

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