Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1898 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1898
Page 5
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jyr Stock Reduction Sale. A groat opportunity for purchasing High Grade Goods at CUT PRICES. Our celebrated line of Ladies' $j.?o Shoes, welts and turns, cut to $j. Ladies' Vici Kid Welts, button and lace $3, cut to $2.50. Ladies' Soft Vici Kid, button and lace, single and double soles* the best $2.50 Shoe in the market, cut to $2. All other lines cut in same proportion. MORRISSEY BROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BV TUB THUitlRAI'H I'RINTINO COMPANV. SATURDAY EVK., DP,0. SI. OFKICE: TELEUHAPII BUILDING, CodNKR THIRD AMD PIABA BTI. TUB DAILY TELEGRAPH n dellTered by otrrlsra to ell p*rt« of the city of Alton, North Alton and Upper Alton, for 10 ocnts pnrweek, M»ll»4 to »ny atldrosii Hi the rule of 60 oonls per month. THE TELEGRAPH bus tho IdrgMtOlrouUtlon of »ny paper In Alton, anil In the best medium tor advertisers. Co»x«» THIRD AND Pirn BTRBITB. rioniNo, 88. IMr. W. M. Johnson, the representative of the estate owning the Plerson & Oarr building, left fo* Philadelphia yenterday, without having reached a Battlement with the Insurance company. Two appraisers were appointed but they were not able to agree, andathlrdmnstbe selected to make an estimate of the loss. Will Not be Open Monday. Lehne's dry goods store will be closed on Monday. Open again Tuesday V/umi »»€»!»* ;.. rf. F. LKHNB. r IS YOUR NAME ON THE LIST Asa subscriber lo tho TBI.E- aiurn? If It Is not, It should bo. Surely you want lo keep posted on tho news of tho city In which you live, and all tho neighboring towns of Madison county. It will cost you SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY 12 percent discount on Stamped Linens and on Battenberg patterns, Braid, Rings and Thread. 3 skeins of B. & A. Filo and Roman wash silk tor lof. Good Light Calicoes at }? a yard. 10 per cent discount on all Bleached and Unbleached Muslins and Sheetings. 10 pr cent discount on all Dress Goods at and above a yard. 20^ a yard. II. f. LEHNE, 113 W. Third st L Only lOc a Week. Fresh Baltimore oysters, eranbe*- rles and celery Just received at Btan- ton & Yeafeel's, 2nd and Market. The ferryboat Altonlan left for Hardln, Oalhoun county, last evening at 4 o'clock, loaded with material for the new bank building. Owing to the cold weather the river is filling with ioe so rapidly as to make her position dangerous, and fears are entertained that she will not be able to return. 8hB was recently equipped with a steel bottom to resist the Ice, but BtaouldBhebe nipped In the Ioe her position would be grave has resumed bis Maul & Hall'- The TELEGRAPH wishes a Happy New Year to all. May 18flO be a great improvement over 18B8. Try the Bent, "LaBelle," «4.00. Thepavfng on Ridge street completed by Contractor Ryan, has been accepted and turned over to the city by the contractor. Geo. Me V7y~wi'l now be found at Frank Baiur'B barber sh-p on Belle street. HELLO! A Happy New Year Want a handsome new Diamond Fing? Thought we'd better let you know, we have 'em just in. Come before the rush. Our stock of Op.ds are melting away pretty fast! Belter come pretty soon! Olty Court will be in session next Saturday moroiug for the purpose of bearing sonc-i argunnnta. JuJge Cook, of East St. Louis, will preside. MlBsKateSaVyerTof Chicago, who formerly resided near Godfrey, spent last evening in this city at tbe home of Mr. W. B. Pierce, and left for her borne last night. Mead brokeulfiBhes with ''Climax" Glue Cement. Druggists and grocers. A delightful picture show was given to the orphans oa Prospect street, last evening, by Dr. W. A. Haskell, Messrs. John Haskell and Smith, by their Phantasmagoria Lantern. Try Neinlnger's Magnolia and new Improved gig. . Cards are out announcing the ap' proacbidg marriage of Mr. Chalmers Kendrick to Miaa Augusta Warren, of Webster Groves, Mo. Mr. Kendriok is a son of Dr. A. A. Kendrick and is well known here. Stop that cough with" Stanley's White Pine.—Paul's Pharmacy. Mr. Adolph Zau former position in barber shop. Gun and loclTrepalrlng done by Hubbel.-Jarrett bundlngjie- 2nd st. Marcus Wilson, T~ooiored mano bad repute who was wanted here to robbing tbe cash drawer In tbe Bech told dairy at Fourth and Plasa streets was captured in St. Louis yesterda afternoon by Sheriff Kahn. Th Sheriff learned of Wilson's where abonts and arrested him. Wilson was brought to Alton yesterday afternoo and will be given a hearing Monda when Sherifl Kuhn and States Atto ney Staata will prosecute him. H. F. LehnTwlshes all bis custom- era and friends a Happy New Year, and extends to them his thank for their appreciation of his efforts to p ease them, and thus making the past year the most successful of all hU business years. ~No~paper OB Monday. WAIT FOR THE FIRE SftLE OF THE STOCK OF PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. At THE SPALDINQ CLUB BUILDING. Until further notice the office of Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. will be No. ,14 Piasa street, over Dorsey Fuel Co. no refer uu niuimnj. As Monday will be observed an New Year's Day, the TELEGRAPH will not be issued on that day. ___ Important. Tuesday morning weputon sale on Their entire stock will reserve. g J§ B QWMAN & GO. 119 West Third Street. .g^ggara^^ Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, 5 Ibs. Fresh Eggs. Ours are fresh and best in quality Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bldj?., Phone 185. Overcoats! elebrated " Automatto M*M*n« w id for less than W- AU wu>SM«"£ hlnel> M „. B ._vfe haw no Agenta, C.nvuB«., or peddlers. f . E WILKINSON, /M. D. The period of anticipation is over but the greater and usually more severe part of the winter is still to come. Don't try to convince yourself that your old Overcoat will last the season through—its a long time. Prices, of course, are much less now. A good Beaver Overcoat can be bought of us For $4.50. The best we still have in stock, some of them worth «15 to »17 are now Marked $10. See to what great advantage you can buy now. Do Jnot wait until as- iortmentand sizes are gone. ' Ticket Seller K. $dte? 8etfc of tbe Burlington-Bluff LfflP^ation waa checked ontjtoday by auditors representing the K line, Bluff Line and Burlington. Robert McOraner, the Bluff Line operator, baa been appointed in his place. Dorsey *uei Co. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Piaaa street. Hive them a call. _ The annuafroll call of the Cumberland Presbyterian congregation will be held Monday evening in the church on Twelfth street. At six o'clock supper will be aerved and after that will be the roil call and a general good time. Scott is thTbu7ie7t'tailor_ln town. The Weather. Forcaster Hyatt, at St. Louis, say the present cold snap will oontlnn until Monday, probably longer. Kx teeme cold weather exists In the wes being as low a-s 20 degrees below zero^ The thermometer at the TBLEOBAPH office at an early hour this morning registered 8 degrees above zero. From that point it rose to 16 above at 3 p. m. It is likely to go to zero or below touight._ Trading {stamps. Alter Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to ca9h customers.-Dorse> Fuel Co. For ?or a good shave,hot and cold bath toMaul^alLJPJaeast. Personal. Mlafl Eva Papier will spend Sunday at Jersey vllle with the Misses Halll- d Mra. Wiae and Mr. Philip Wise wiU go to St. Louia, this evening, to spend a few weeks with relatives. Mf.T. P. Nisbett, of Chicago, la spending a few days in Alton. Miss Florence Dolbee has returned f torn Chester, where she visited rela- WHITE HUSSAB BAND. Electlon of Officers and Arrangements for Year. The annual meeting of the mom **™ f the White Huusar band * &8 '^'° aat night. The following officers were lected for the ensuing year: Director—R. Gossrau. PresldemV-H. F. Cramer. Vice Presldent-H. Werner. 8ecretary-B. E. Gossrau. Treasurer-J. W. Sohmdeller, jr. Manager-H. H. Unterbrlnk. Librarian—W. Johler. Mascot—Qus Llnsig. Bandmaster-0. J. Gossrau. The band signed a contract to go with Ransom Poat of St. Louis to the national G. A. R. reunion at ™lUdei- phiain!899. It also signed a contract to accompany St. Aldemere Comman- dery of St. Louis to LoulsviUe, Iwhere the triennial conclave of Knights Templar meets in 1901. The band now consists of twenty eight members, with a full set of saxophones. It will give a conoert In about three weeks. It Is not neces- Jarytosay that the White Hussars music will be fine. Not only A Ionian know that, but the residents of many of the great cities of the country where they bave visited. This concert will be equal if not superior to anything tbe White Hussars have ever given. HAPPY NEWi YEAR, Wo wish everybody A HAPPY NEW YEAR. PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialists. .'THE CORNER DRUd STORE." t H«BI7 «< S«oo«. | (s*s<& ' "" -*-*^ "-' FRIENDS AND PATRONS. We wish you one and all A Happy and ™-*'" -, \ous New Year and extend our thanks for your liberal patronage during the past year. I o \? Hoping our business relations will be as satisfactory ^ in the future as the past. Small Pox '.for Rent My 7-ropm house in Middletown, New Year's Greeting. At midnight, 1898 will give place to 1899. It is usually customary on such occasions to speak a good word for the parting aud predict a better one coming, but that is a custom that has become worn out from much use. Let the dead past year take care of itself and everybody see what he can do to make the new one a better one. A Happy New Year is an exact term this year for every one should have one If It is possible for any one to be happy. To nearly every one the new year promises to be a better one in every respect. The last few months of the past year have been BO full of prosperity and general confidence that it is safe to assume that it is but tbe beginning of better timea and a better year.! 1899, is welcome, and to it we turn with every hope for a bright and happy new year. To au our patrons and friends the TELE- OEAPH extends wishes fora very happy 1899. NOTICE Of SALE Of STOCK In the Plasa Building, and loan Association. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, ' l Jewelr HottHi Alton'! Old Reliable Jewelry Established 1852. lil! COFFEE west }d st. - Alton, III. Dr. G. A. McMlllen, dentist, post- office building. The river was full of shell ice today which is rapidly thickening in the cold air. The bay behind the dike is filled with the same form of ioe, which was lodged there last night by the north winda and high water. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer^barber ahog.305 Belle st The second concert of the Dominant Ninth series will be given at Spaldlng auditorium, Thursday evening, Jan. 5 at 8:30 o'clock. Mrs. Buth Thayer Burnham will give a song recital and the event will be one of the best iu the series of concerts. Dr . A. OBarr. dentist.JlS W. 3d at Lindley ADiokinson, LonMsts, Nie- bett bldg.._QPP- 0"y BnUgng. Tbe 10-m^ths-old obiuTof Mr and Mrs. Bert Bell, of Main street, died last night after a long strnggle with diphtheria and whooping cough. The child had a s >riou* o we of diphtheria first, but recovered from ib and contracted whooping cough. The funeral will be Sundny at 6:30j)V;lock a. m. the^oViiuawhohad r! and Mrs. Wm. Eliot Smith and the Misses Smith have returned from a short Eastern trip. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lane and daughter returned last evening from a visit t0 Mis8 3 Lu°cllle 0 E. Dimmiok, who has been visiting Mrs. H. L. Black, left for Normal this morning. Messrs. Nelson Levls and Henry Andres left for Tusoaloosa, Fla., last Tr!"a g nd Mrs. K. J. Kennedy of Burlington, la., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Thornton. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Preston, o Raymond, 111., will spend New Year'n with Mr. and Mrs. Will Joestlng^ To~Whom H May Concera. fectly safe in its P"sent condition. LUCAS ppBnwBNBBBCBBB,_Arohlteot funeral of Thos. Hastings. Tfa« funeral of Thomas Hastings was held at 9 o'clock this morning services being in the Cathedral. Owing to Mr. Hastings wide acquaintance in the city and the universal respect in which he was held by .11 who knew him, the attendance at the services was quite large notwithstanding the bitterly cold weather. 1 Squiem High Mass was celebrated by Rev. W. Ouslok. Interment was in Greenwood. _ Hard and Soft Coal. wishing stock should fty< L. PFEIFFENBERGER, Proa. J. F. MoQiNNis, Secretary. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," ALTON BOLLKB Mm,mo Co. Religious Notes. At the First M. E. church tomorrow the services will open the week of prayer. The choir will sing, by ^request, the anthems sung on Christ mas. in the evening the subject.of the discourse will be "Redeeming the Time " At ihe German Evangelical church the pastor will preach this evening at 7-SO Subject, "Praise and Prayer at the Close of the Year." The morning service tomorrow will be a New Year s .ervice, at which the male choir wil render several ^elections. Ihe Sun day evening service will he conduct d in the English language. Subject, Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by^Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. coffee will produce. THOS GOLJDIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations.] No. 26 West Second st. . - -J Telephone A WHITELY EXERCISER ww^ held at 2 p-ja. tomorrow ~Buy "LaBelle The best, 84.00. AT COST. Men's 50f Lined Gloves for. LADIES 1 MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. *sssre& «4 w TneresfUiar IUOOM"*"* -— •• Council was held yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Geo. Hewitt. Responses to Toll call were from prominent wrlt«B of today. In place of the usual essay each member read an extract from iW . Kne . Dentist, apalding bid. or Mrs.L.M. L»ird, in an interest S paper. After pleasant and varied discussion as the eubjeots demanded fhe Council adjourned to meet with Mrs. A. K. Boot, Jan. 20. T. M. ANDWSON^OROCW^ BROWNWELL ioa6 Second st. ban the others. Louis UU,"one~of the Alton Naval Reserves, is now at No. Mk, Va.,on board the collier Abereuda The vessel has returned «•*» BahU, Bra. In where It accompanied the battle- shuToregon and Iowa. Aberenda baa been ordered to Bftmoa, and mr. UU vrm'd like to be diacbarged before it sails. B.'VB Caps at Half r. Men's Celluloid Collars, each. . ..... W Men's Fancy Garters, per pair. ^ . . . W We have all sizes and styles of these ^°Hve'rvthlnK fresh and new. QoodB and g Prloes Guaranteed. The person who disturbed tha con- tWyss. __ Is Just What You Want. It goes far towards making life worth living. It is simple, in expensive, good for alljweather and for everybody, young and old, ro- oust or feeble.and it is recommended by physicians the world over. Prices Reduced to $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. ^ formerly $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and 5.00. Hard 5prl«B fiet«v «to».uncalled for_ at Altonpo.tofflce A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. ttrfte ^fff i^-^* Coal. TliU sale U Ilmlte4.| L. Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. ^ T NORTOH _ P . M 2K.Hof, M.ry Mr. '», H U Capt-2 Plasa |st. H» BIG REDUCTION ' On AH Children's Overcoats and Reefers. No Fire Stock but Very Warm Prices. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. u ouupokeniidvooate of free trade for 25 or 80 years, never permitting any K measure to pass without the SBrpestcrltlcUm,|and yet he now ad- mitathat "from a collar button to a SomoUvethwel. nothing now produced in America which I. not - " of the protective.,.. tern. . /Uitonatle S«wlB9 Machine $35. - A Word to the wwe J. *»*»*«• The Modern Mother has found that her little ones are toed more by tbe pleaaant Syrup of when In need of the laxative of a gentle remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy It and It Senents them. The true remedy Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the 1 California Fig Syrup Co- Q"'y- * rum a*A« C«»M or TAHTAB FOWDIR Warren it.,«.Y- . r CREAM NEW YEAR'S CAKES, *ty No. 400 Is what the housekeeper Is busy in preparing this week the best materials make the ', richest and finest Fruit and Scotch Cakes, and we have everthing that is superior in/j Preserved Citron, Dried Cur-* 1 rants, Pure Spices. «•* Raisins, Baking Powders and extra fine pestry flour. J. ti7 BAUMAN, v Phone Belle street. TOYS! JPIPV mumtm — •• — POWDER A ...«au4A/l Awarded HigbMt Honors, World's Fair Qold Mwtel, Midwinter Fair A large aud Which we are ready barrows, 15? up; m, SB/ up; ' show u . 0 balr., w DoW V Doll Bed- great variety of Penny Goods. H. I '

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