The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1966 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1966
Page 20
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6 ~ Alg *' a - ) uppgr D " MoinM NOV. dib » » Connie's Column PANTRY EYE-POPPERS Brides, bachelors, live-alon- ers, neighbors . . . everybody loves gifts from your kitchen! Seal jellies with paraffin, and sprinkle sequins on top when it's almost set. Glue more trimmings on the glass — which may be any fancy one left from an old set. Or trim paraffin-topped glasses with four thicknesses of tissue paper, cut just a mite larger than glass-top and dipped in milk. Stretch taut over top, finger-smooth edges and dry several hours. Edge with trimming. Write greetings on top with felt-tip pen. GLOWING GIFTS It's candle- making time! Collect odd juice cans, milk cartons, glasses and gobs of old candle stubs. Haunt your local hobby shop for wax-by- the-pound and special wicking. Heat wax in two-thirds- full double boiler till candy thermometer shows 200 degrees. Coat molds with salad oil. Refrigerate candles — never freeze — for easy removal. Oil paints and wax crayons make great coloring agents; skip water-base paints. Is this a family project? Watch that hot-hot wax! WARM WISHES Klemm-Thilges Wedding Held At St. Benedict GIFT LIFT Pack up goodies just as soon as possible, for long-distance gifts! Coffee cans are fine containers. Wrap cookies in pairs bacMo-back. Or bake and mail the bar type right in their own foil pansl Pack containers into sturdy cardboard boxes; cushion with shredded* newspaper or popcorn. (When the latter is used, enclose large "Don't eat corn" card. Corn can absorb fumes en route.) Mail early. Nobody minds nibbling ahead, and postmen are so grateful! FLAMING FINALES Warm lemon extract slightly; set large sugar cubes into it for just a bit. (Six cubes require 2 teaspoons extract — and don't let sugar melt away.) Place cubes around your steamed holiday pudding, set them aflame — and carry a masterpiece proudly to the table! Or steam the pudding in fruit juice cans and pop one cube on top of each, for individual flamers. SANTA-PERSUADER Hinting for a Christmas gas range? Ask Dad to fix supper tonight. Sit serenely by, telling him why good cooks insist on a modern gas range. Quicker? Of course. And far more flexible. Foods won't stick while he's scolding Fido. Steaks broil smokeless- ly, perfectly. Cakes bake better. Roasts roast juicier — and stay that way, when he's late getting home. Gas makes the big difference. Costs less, too! Your local gas company and its pipeline supplier, Northern Natural Gas Company, wish you a happy Thanksgiving ,. . with a winner of a dinner, cooked on your new gas range! © Northern Natural Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska George Allen It Lois 10-28-66 E 132' of S 1/2 of N 16 rds. of W 20 rds of lot 6 of A. P. SE1/4NE 1/411-95-29. Chicago it Northwestern Railway Co. to Fenton Coop Elevator Co. 10-21-66 A tract of land 8 1/2 NE 1/4 (Comm. See Rec.) 18-97-30. Barger, Fredericka it Grace sgl. et al to LeRoy F. Busch 10-28-66 Blks exc. W 40* of lots 1, 2, 3, 4, in blk 7 blk 5, 6, A 7 OL 2 A 3 exc. Clark, Marjorie A. & Glen to LeRoy F. Busch 10-28-66 Blks exc. W 40' of Lots 1, 2, 3, it 4 in blk 7; blks 5, 6, 7 01 2 4 3 exc. W 40* of OL 2 Clarke's Add., S. C. Dewey, Dorothy it Ralph E. to W. D., it W. E. Ley 10-3166 0. P. lot 1 blk 9; Lakota. Kuester, Marilyn M., Sgl. to Bennie B. Wibben 10-28-66 N Hoping Dad will greet you with a new gas clothes dryer? Trot out those back-to-school clothing bills, and tell him how gas tumbling helps fabrics to last longer. Add that new gas dryers hold up to 15 pounds; it takes less loads to get it done. And remind him: no other fuel dries clothes so fast, so well and so inexpensively. Then smile all the way to your local gas company or gas appliance dealer — they'll seal things with terms so pleasant, no thoughtful Santa could resist. JoAnn Klemm, daughter of Mrs. Johanna Klemm and the late Joseph Klemm of Algona, and Glen T. Thilges, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Thilges, West Bend, were united in marriage Nov. 12, 1966 at 10:30 a. m. in the St. Benedict Catholic church. Father Nicholas Ruba officiated at the double ring ceremony. The bride, given in marriage by her godfather, Alfons Helfrich, wore a crepe sheath gown with a lace bodice. The detachable train had a row of lace around the edge and down the center of the circular train which accentuated the lace in the bodice of the gown. The crown was of lace, pearls and crystals, and was two-tiered and had two tiers of nylon veiling flowing from it. The bride wore a pearl pendant and earrings, gift of the groom, and carried a bouquet of red roses and white stephanotis. Mrs. Darrell Roberts, friend of the bride served as matron of honor, with Mrs. James Thilges, sister-in-law of the groom, and Mrs. James Klemm, sister-in-law of the bride,.as bridesmaids. The flower, gicl was Marsha Mussa, niece of the bride, and ringbearer, Andrew Thilges, nephew of the groom. Arlo and Dean Frideres, David NING OUIDE Eat Out Often In ALGONA THE JOHNSON HOUSE ON SO. PHILLIPS SMORGASBORD Sunday Noon and Friday Night PRIVATE DINING ROOMS SEPARATE COCKTAIL LOUNGE CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB SO, ON 169 DINING ROOM O P I N 5 > 3 0 • 11:30 P. M, COCKTAILS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE DINING ROOM Tilt. 295-9152 VAN'S CAFE JCT. HI WAYS 18-169 OPEN WEEKDAYS 10A.M.-1A.M. SUNDAYS 8A.M.-1 A,M, CLOSED MONDAYS PRIVATE DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LUDWIG'S CAFE DOWNTOWN ALGONA BREAKFAST & NOON * SPECIALS * Optn 6 A. M. - 8 P. M. Weekdays Smorgasbord Sunday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. BLUE & WHITE CAFE FEATURING: ORDERS TO GO HOME-COOKED MEALS SANDWICHES - SHORT ORDERS OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 Days A Week Air Conditioned Kunkel and Michael Rahm were altar boys. Serving as ushers were Daniel Mussa, brother-in- law of the bride, and Cyril Thilges, friend of the groom. Ervin Thilges, brother of the groom was best man; groomsmen were James Thilges, brother of the groom, and James Klemm, brother-in-law of the bride. Jane Arndorfer, soloist, was accompanied on the organ by Mrs. Robert Eischen. A dinner was held at 12 p. m. at the V. F. W. hall with 170 guests present. The wedding reception, at 2 p. m., included 250 guests, among whom were guests from Canada. Mrs. Ronald Rosenmeyer and' Mrs. James Rosenmeyer, friends of the bride were in charge of the guest book. Mrs. Daniel Mussa, sister of the bride, and Mrs. Julian Gartner, aunt of the groom, cut the cake; Mrs. Gary Cooper, cousin of the groom and Mrs. David Ludwig, poured. Mrs. Larry Fogarty, Mrs. Roderick Elbert, Stella Preuschl, Carol Kenyon and Sheryl Weydert had charge of the gifts, ses wgre .Barbara KehyeW, Susan, Mary and Lee Ann Thilges, and Marcella Gartner. The bride is a 1960 graduate of Algona High School aniJ has been employed as secretary at the Algona school. The groom, a 1960 graduate of West Bend High School, is engaged in farming. After a two week's honeymoon trip to the west, the young couple will be at home at West Bend. (Photo by Mueller Studio, Clarion) Real Estate 1/2 Call's Add. lot 5 A 6 blk 154; Algona. Peterson, J. August & Florence M. To Clifford Beadle Ill-OS SE 1/4 SE 1/4 21-99-29 Potter, Buena it Sherwood to Howard W. Stephenson 10-29-66 All of lot 2 & that pt. of Lot 3 desc. as All in Aud. plat of All that pt. of Lot 7 A, P. of SE 1/4 NE 1/4 (see rec.) 11-9529. Raney, Lyle & Ellen, W. H. & Dorothy to Howard W. Stephenson 10-29-66 All Of Lot 2 & that pt. of lot 3 desc. as All in Aud. Plat of All that pt. of lot 7 A, P. of SE 1/4 NE 1/4 11-95-29. Rich, Vincent Thomas & Arliss M. to Robert & Elizabeth Shillington 10-26-66 Call's Add, lots 3 & 4 blk 159; Algona. Ukena, Paul E, & Meta P, to WT D. & W, E. Ley 10-31-66 0. P. lot 1 blk 9 Lakobu At Utility Ststioti AMES, IOWA-Sixty-two representatives of Iowa utilities companies will be on the Iowa State University campus on Nov. 21-22 for an introductory and advanced course in meters and metering. Both courses will run concurrently. Wilbur Bruner and Milton Bilyeu are attending from Algona. For Office Supplies find Metal Business Furniture visit the Office Supply Dept. of THE UPPER DBS MOINES PUB. CO. tt&ttyAyrV^ Bruns, Dwight E. & Shirley 0. to Harold E. & Edna Hovey 11-2-66 lot 2 blk 24; Wesley. Elzig, Dora L., wdw. to Dora L. & Robert R. Elzig 11-5-66 E 1/2 NW 1/4 26-95-28 Howe, Sandra S. & Daniel W. to Raymond A. Gilbert 11-4-66 Call's Add. lot 5 blk 225; Algona. Kuester, Marilyn M., sgl. to Bennie B. Wibben 1 -5-66 S 44' Call's Add lot 3 & 4 blk 154; Algona. Shumway, David L., Sgl. to Raymond A. Gilbert 11-4-66 Call's Add. lot 5 blk 225; Algona. Wibben, Bennie B. & Grace 'to Marilyn M. Kuester 11-5-66 S 22' of Nl/2 Call's Add. lots 5 &6blk 154; Algona. Vaske, Loretta C., Slg. to Allen A. & Rosemary Vaske 11-266 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 & S 1/2 NE 1/4 31-98-28; Waid, Marian E. & Frank to LeRoy F. Busch 10-28-66 Blks exc. W 40' of Lots 1, 2, 3, & 4 in blk 7; blks 5, 6, & 7 Out- lot 2 & 3, exc. the W 40* of OL 2 Clarke's Add., Swea City. Walker, Norma & Russel to Howard W. Stephenson 10-29-66 All of lot 2 & that pt. of lot 3 desc. as All in Aud. Plat of "All that pt. of Lot 7 of Aud Plat of SE 1/4 NE 1/4 see rec.; 11-95-29; Dewey," Dorothy & Ralph E. To Robert D. Anderson 10-28-66 W 1/2 of E 1/2 of Out Lot 5 First Add. Lakota exc. N 140* Lowe, Elizabeth, sgl, to George 6 Lois Allen 10-28-66 E 132' of S 1/2 of N 16 rds. of W 20 rds. of lot 6 of A. P. of SE 1/4 NE 1/411-95-29. Ukena, Paul E. & Meta P. to Robert D. Anderson et ux 1028-66 W 1/2 of E 1/2 of OL 5 First Add. exc. N 140 1 Lakota. Bell, Robert J. & Mary to -of c,ou/tA,&/ £ Phone 295-3731 $ n $ fc&swsws 1 ^ WATCH OUT for this valuable card coming soon in your mail. It mlfht ba worth $100 to you on tho purchase of a Knipco Portable Heater! Look for the card and take advantage of big pre-neason savings during our "Bonanza Days." Your card has a sealed Hidden Discount which we guarantee will be $10 or more. A $15, $25, $60—or even a $100 discount! So save this "Bonanza Days" card and bring it in for your Knipco discount. BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 NORTH MAIN ALOONA OUR NOVEMBER-DECEMBER NEW CAR QUOTA HAS BEEN RAISED AND WE HAVE THE CARS TO PICK RIGHT OFF THE FIOOR NEVER HAVE WE NEEDED USED CARS LIKE RIGHT NOW OUR VALU-RATED SELECTION IS AT A YEAR-END LOW SO WE ARE WHEELING-DEALING UNTIL CHRISTMAS. WE HAVE THE NEW CAR OF YOUR CHOICE IN THE SPARKLING NEW OLDS OR THE SPECTACULAR NEW RAMBLER. HELP US WITH YOUR TRADE-IN AT TREMENDOUS SAVINGS FOR YOU IN STOCK 1967 AMBASSADORS ft RAMBLERS 1 - 880 Sungold & White, 232 155 HP Engine, Power Steering. 1 - 990 4 Door Sedan 343 285 HP V-8. A Truly Deluxe Full Sized Car with the styling of your taste. 1 - DPL Sports Hardtop 343 285 HP V-8 with the Interior finish second to non 1 - 880 Station Wagon - One of the largest usable cargo areas In the Industry, 290 200 HP Regular Gas V-8. 1 - 770 Rebel 4 Door Sedan, 290 200 HP V-8. The roomiest and sassiest 4 door In Its price class. 1 - Rambler American 2 Door, stick, radio, The tops In economy transportation. NO GIMMICKS - NO PRIZES YOU ARE THE WINNER ON EVERY DEAL 1967 OlDSMOBILES 1 - Delmont 88 - Turquoise & White. The new Olds series with a 123" wheelbase and a price no more than many of the'so called low priced three, 1 - Delmont 88 "425" White & Maroon-Burgundy Interior. A 4 Door Beauty fully equipped plus factory air conditioning. 1 - Delta 88 Town Sedan, Air Conditioning. Beautiful new pewter color tone plus a black vinyl roof. 1 - Delta 88 Town Sedan. Mist Green, full power equipped. The Biggest Olds Seller! 1-98 Town Sedan. Fully equipped, Gold color with a white top. See & hear the new sound In the stereo tape-player - An unforgettable experience, Air Conditioned, of course! 1 - The greatest In specialty automobiles - TORONADO FOR 1967. A real cooler In a bright blue with a vinyl roof. Air conditioned plus usual extras. The car that dared to be different!! 1966 OLDS ft RAMBLER CLOSEOUTS-SAVE $100'$ OF DOLLARS 1 - 1966 Dynamic 88 Holiday Coupe with Black Vinyl Roof & Blue Vinyl Interior, A Great Buy! 1 - 1966 Ambassador 990, 4 Door Sedan, 250 HP V-8, Green Color, 1 - 1966 Classic 770 Hardtop Coupe, 232 6 Cylinder & Automatic Transmission, Tan Color, 1 - 1936 Classic 550 4 Door Sedan, Standard Shift, Radio, Aqua Color. DAU'S GARAGE SO.DODQE WHIRi ACTION IS AiGONA

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