The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 30, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1892
Page 3
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HONEST OLOTHINO. THAT MEANS ITS ! THAT'S WHAT WE HAffDLE! THAT'S WHAT WE BELLI 1I» Postfille Weekly Review. ntumn EVERY S ATURDAY W. H.BUROICK. BY TaUtMB: tl.bO AYEAR IN ADVANCE. L OCAL R EVIEW. —Cold and Silver Shirt* M Gray's. —i«g»r Cured Hams from 9 to ISe, nt Hart's. — Gray is showing an elegant lino of Spring Clothing. —A full lino Meats, at Hart's. of Salt and Smoked —Jimmy How's now home in baing plnstered. A rmlok job. —Tlio parents of Mrs. K. V. Mednry spent Inst Sunday with her. — Kay Hchuler has the contract tlio addition to Turner Hall. for —H. It. Taylor's folks are nolcxpoct ed home yet for some weeks. —Thn Turners will make a large addition to their lull this season. --II. O. Omen returned on Wednesday morning from a western trip. —Mrs. Norton was up from Monona on Monday, tlio guest of Mix. Tultl*. --Wood is wauled a!. Beody's Photo Gallery in exchange for photograph*. - John Macho is building a large addition to his residenco on Green st reot. -Call on Gray, at the V. T. K. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. —Gray scads away Laundry Work. -One 100 gallon kottle for sale, at Hart's. —Pure Maple John Thama's. .Sugar and Syrup, at —The lleards are about ready to start a creamery in Ludlow township. —Veal calves wanted at Han's Meat. Market. For Sale. My residence on the north side. MRS. II. II. IIAZI.ETOK. — Mrs. W. E. Huffy came up from Independence last night for a vinit with home folks. Miss Anna Baston, Instructor on tlio piano nud organ, I'ostriile, Iowa. -Our former west sido barber seemed to turn out crooked both in diameter and name. —If you don't think mechanics and laborers are busy try to got a carpenter, paintor, mason or laborer a day. We handle the wire buckle Suspenders. Every pair warranted. —What is going', to happen? One Wednesday has gone by without isnow storm. —J B. Hart lias put up some very neat and conspicuous signs on his meat market boildiog. --The invoice of stock is completed open for business. the J. W. Ward and the store is You can't help being struck with the superior merits of our goods. You CAN BANK ON THEM. We are at all times prepared to show you an immense line of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Valises, &c, &c. J. Fi. THE TJ. T. K. CLOTHIER. —Miss Nellie Lavello was called to West Union last Saturday by tlio illness of her sister, Mrs. Jacobia. His* Nellie H. Abbott, I'encher of Voaal and Instrumental Music, I'oatville, Iowa. - We notice that W. It l.eighton in secretary und treasurer of l hi: better- makers' association of Chickasaw '.•ounly. OBITUARY. 113)1111 -At her home, in I'o.lvill. April auth. Wi'.i'l, or coiisumpiion, J Mrs. J. A. Fisher, aged TJ years anil | !> months. \ Kills M. McDaneld, daughter of A. J W, MeDanehl of this place, was born 1 in Postville, July Vint, W>'J. She has 1 lived hero all her life. She was mar- ' neil to J. A. I'lshur, Sept. 12, 1HH7. .She leaves a husband and twe children, Freddie, aged II years; Alien, aged !) months, besides father, in'i'.hi*r, four sisters and one brother, also a huge circle of friends to mourn hur Ion*. She has been a sufferer for the pant year. As alio wria aware of the dl«- tinse thai had laid hold of her, ami bslng awake to the linsl result, she bore up with almost superhuman courage. Death to her contained no fear. She possessed a kind a loving nature, which mnde her friends wherever she went. Wait and murmur not seerueil lo encompass her entire nature, and to light up her R'uil with that Cliilst- like expression of patience bun from christian submission to the Divine will, which can only come from the fountain of heaven. She hn« gone to meet her Saviour mid those who have gone before, where we. trust she Is reaping the reward of those who born their suffering wllliou*. a murmur and patiently wailed the summons of him who is abundantly able lo save, and to free from all pain; and wipe all tears from the eyes; and may heaven's blessing j rest, on those who mourn her loss. ! Good bye, dear friend, and while we are poorer because of your absence, we know that heaven is richer. II. !t. - It Is ehenuraging to note Hint the churches are better intended Utah llivy were. Everybody shotih.l attend some house of worship. • Hiiptiiy i '.lii-rlfr Olio llngeti has resigned that position to accept a clerkship In Helming & Dougherty's clothing store, at Waukon. —II. I). White, tl" postal clerk thief, was sentenced lo two ye irs In tlm penl- Imitlnry. and l(. was a light seiilouoc for I ho ciimes commlllcd. Dr. C. L. ToplitT, Will be at the Park House, in Postville, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3d and 4th. --Katurday will (dose thn reign of April and nobody will particularly regret it. May can scarsely 'a more disagreeable. - W H Webster's father was supposed to bn near his end on Wednesday nlghl, when Mr. Webster wns call nil to his bedsldu lit Ossian. It, is said thiil. It lakes morn lo slimmer it cow than lo winter Ww should hardly think it, und sill seasons lire about aipial in length. land her. I the - Onri of thi Incorporators of the newly oigiiiilzed Citizens .Stale Hank of Waiikmi ia a lady, Mrs. Mary Qnigley. Our Citizens Rtnt'i Bunk ha* a considerable number of lady stockholders. The editor of IhiH paper has been nearer "flattened out" with a sold this week than at any time during the winter, but he is somewhat belter and hopes lo struggle through Ihe wilder now. ESTABLISHED OARLHOI.Tl U, Prt i>. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bnt a good job every claltir and prices very reasonable. Tims. Sno -ftTccrrj. — If you want wood leave vttiru with me or any of my teamsters. I*. J. BKI.CHKK, Drayman. —Joe Gray, of the (I. T. K., has something new to say in his space to-day. Head and profit by it. —Fur overcoats were conspicuous again yesterday. Ara we or ar* we not to havo any spring this year? —The M : Iwaukee train is ballasting the track east of Postville, two grave] trains being engaged in the work. - Miss Lois Tnttle came horns for a short 'Visit on Tiiosday, accompanied br Miss Jennie Norton, of Decorah. Headquarters For Dress Goods! —Rev. Amos Crum, the Universalist minister of Dujurjua, will preach in the new hall at Castaiia next Monday oven- iog. -John Thoma returnsd from Du bufme yesterday moramg the jury being discharged after trying but one case. - Louisiana Dimonson. Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pine Finishing, for sale at SsKrtcR* AKJI'I.IK'J. —Wo are now prepared to fill any reasonable orders for job wore Ihe sarae day thoy arc received, (except Friday, which is our publication day) and the prises are right. — Postville delegates to the McGregor Congregational Association to convene next are Mrs. Kerr and Geo. Redhead. Miss Cora Strike anil Miss flattie McCallum will represent the Y. P. S. C. F.. lly some means wn have neglected to stale the fact, that W. I'. Dresser lies moved into town, occupying his residence on post street, almost in the heart of the booming portion of thn cilv. —Although business searns to ho very dull soma of our merchants are having about all the business they can handle. It seems the people must eat mid wt,ir clothes, though other lines of businss*. aro very slack. — The bicycle craze is on and now eveiy hoy ten years old and upward will need one in his bu.iine»s. They aro a nuisance on the sidewalks and the council will have to prohibit them from the walks. —Ed Prior went to Ayoca. Wis., Tuesday to put a monument of their make at the grave of Mrs. Coyle's father. —LOST—On the road, between Postville and Mr. Kick's, a ladies' gold watch guard. Return to this office and receive reward. —W. F. Smith and F. II. Hioton are entitle to credit and thanks for cash on subscription. Also E. Harris, Mis. D. Ridecour and MM. M. Powell. -Enoa Ervin is preparing (o put on another dray team, not being able to fill his orders with one team. Frank Ervin is in charge cf the old outfit. Henriettas, Beclfords^ Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses and Trimmings, —Farmer* are nil busy and eveiy day is Sunday in town. A couple of weeks more will about finish up thn spring work if the weather is favorable. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Eibbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, only Windsor T%m v only 3c per yd 7c <c «( 8c a << 10c a a 10c a Si 2c t< tt 5c a a 5c U a —Charley Goettel will give a dance at the new hall in Castaiia, on Friday k evening of next week: Postville people are cordially invited, with the rest of the world. 8c each 5c 3c 4* -Capt. Nichols, of the (Vest Unien Argo, was a pleasant caller on Tuesday. A* a socialist at least, he ia a success. Wc hope he will come often. -C. A. Abel will commence the eraotion of his fine new residence in a abort time, having just received his plana and ipacilieations from Cedar Raeids. —Tho May Century, in addition to the serials now running, will oontain complote s'.ones by TUomas Nelson Pago and Wolcott Ralestior, and a humorous skic by IWry Still well Edwards, author »f "Two Runaways." — Frank Orr will ramore to Monona next week, having secured a residence there. He has sold his residence here to his father, Jas. Orr, and Fred TVel- zel will occnoy it. We be.ievo the price paid for the property was $l,i00. Look Here! B"or Sale. The delivery outfit of thn Postville postotfice, consisting of iU call boxes and 58 lock boxes, all in tip-tep order, is for sale C'H«AP; to be delivered May 1st. 1892. This is a rare chanee Inquire of A. R. PRKSCOTT. TOlTs ALE! Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee: After two week's trial if the Rice Coil Spring proves not to be the easiest rider on (arth, will exchange and give any apiing desired—with the "Handy Top," the most convenient buggy. W. S. vv 'BBe 'ristt. We wnre much pleased with Rev. Rurton's discourse last Sunday evening. It was (iminoiitly practical and tlm advice to young men was timely and good. The harm of our limn is that the average young man conceives that lie is fitted and prepared for some special busiuens and th^t bis in that line are. worth so i.mHi money. If lis cannot. Mud employment in Unit particular brunch of Imsiiiens nl n salary just suited to his dcii«« he will do nothing. This is not the way men hare got, a start, in the world in the past, or ever will in the future Do whatever vonr hands find to do and do it with your might. (f you are worthy of anything bettor y.'.u will get i( in due lime. Itut in any event work while the day lads and all will be well when the night come., — Mr. Klislia Harris who has spent the winter in K.'iruss, returned Jsst. S »'-j onlay. He reports everything in a | flourishing condition there, crops nil in, j including mni'. of tin- corn, mid all ; looking splendidly. His only discour- j aging report was that J. C. fay lor.'i; in poor health, which wc dislike to! hear. Moth he ar;'! ail other of thi: Harris relative* there am doing *p',cn-! didly so far as finances :ire. concerned. Mr. Harris is loo I in his praise of Krui- j «',is, and would li«n to live tharc on • accovnt of tha climate especially. -Tho Postville contingent of the Sis- j aetrm honmers returned List. Saturday, j reporting a lively time. ILighca got a | goo.'l quarter of hind. Harrington ] ••drew" a stone quarry and sold out. | cheap, while Thoma filed on a quarter: that was already occupied by a squatter, and got his tiling fee. hack. Ho filed on another quarter, hut has to wait for developments to see whether or not he is ahead of the ubiquitous squatter. They bcli»v« that, there will be a better ch-men to g«l good land in thn fall than now. The Dubuque Times of yesterday says that Fred Miller, n business man • f Crosr.n, was instantly killed on We.diirsdav by being thrown from a load of lumber by n runaway team. Mr. Miller was one of the earliest settlers of C resco nnd a particular friend of the writei. Card of Tnanke. To Ihe many friend* who so kindly aided us in our recent bereavement, with words of sympathy and helpiog hands, we wish to express our heartfelt thank*. .JAS. A, Vntt'.u, A. W. MCIIANKI.O A EAMII.V. Col. Oti«, <i1 the McGregor Jiews, h about lo establish a democratic paper nt. Monona. We suppose the Col. will feel more at home ir, the democratic, than in the republican harries*. Though the held is limited i -i a better fiehl for one paper there than tor two in Postville. We wish the enterprise financial sucoos -i. PRIOE8 LOWER THAN EVER, An old Quakor onco Haidtbatho would do what ho could v/drilo h©\-waH in tho world for ho would novor pasH thiw way again. Ho diod long ago, and up to thim dato ho haw not roturnod. Wo aro soiling lour di/lbrnnt stylos of FINE (JABB1- MERE AND WORSTED SACK SUITS NEW SPRING- STYLES -worth all tho way from $lH.r>0 to $15.00 for $10.00. This if! an .odor which rowombloB tho old Quaker It, won't pa;-r; thi a way ag.'in. It will hold good just long onough for you to talco advn,ntago of it. If you do it you will bo in pookot from {j;8.r>0 to $5.00; if you don't, yon will lor;o .jurtt about that amount of monoy. I K a word to tho win** Kuffloiont? When it oomofi to Fi;u> Hat .'t wo arc to tho front. Ill Stylo, Durability and Choapnop.s thoy aro unsurjmiiK- ed. Among thorn you will find tho "Luokoy," tho "Buckskin" and the "Indicator" Soft and Stiff Hats, for which wo aro tho exoluaivo agonts. Wo warrant, oaoh and every Hat CJounty, if. vpvry best The Monona John Ki e»*hicr. O. h. Oilberl officers ut the new bank at are: A. Af. I>SVM, presilerd: en, i ice-pru*ideat; ¥. M. Orr, I)irectors: F.r»»l( Hupfcr and and V. W. of Monona, Our Stock ix by far tho Larger, in th.'s bought strictly for oa«h. direct, front tho manufacturers, and we are prepared to furnish you the vorj/ best of good* for tho very least money. Bo surfl and see us bofoi o making an;/ "purchase?:. Itobcrts, W:l of Poslville. busing* May Ki'Isn's stors :-.Meil I.eui arid W . ('. Mr The new bank will open : ioth, temporarily in Mr. j until Iheir new building. tlx Id. is completed ii. If. Wells, • fo —April 37th was really the flvst sprleg day. A 11*tie thunder shower early ia the morning and the warm south wiud put new life into humanity a* well aa the grass. Dr. Will Cole's Dental JUome Will hereafter be open every week day, as I have associated with me Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of the dental school at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Postville on Tuesday and Wednasday of each week, as heretofore. Wnx COT.R, D. D. 3. —1 lie I. I'f. (i. has been reorganized and the number of regimen's reduced from six to four. The tth regiment is consolidated with a part of the 1st and will hereafter he. known as the 1st regiment. This neeessitaies thn reelection of the officers, and some of the old officers will necessarily he left out. The election will b« held on Saturday of this week. Col. Stewart and lieutenant Col. Darius Orr are candidates for re-election and we hope to see them both successful. — Mr. K. IJouglass, father of It. N. Douglass, residing down at Watson, met with a severe accident, last wealc by his team becoming unmanageable and running away. He was thrown out of the vehicle and his shoulder was dislocated and two ribs' were fractured. Rube wont down and remained with him a day or two and reports him doing as well as could be expected. It was a elose call, and especially for a man of his. years. We hope he may soon recover from the shoek. •JoHlGr v.'.nr.- has resided in Decor*h and had not be»fi in {'o*Vvil)e since, hint Heptei'nher, was in town last. Saturday, and expressed his ^reat surprise at. what he. termed Postville'a boom. He came in from the west, and observed the five new residences in course of erection in thai part of town, and various other improvements. It does look as if posl­ ville was getting there. - H> always think that »sch spring is the latest and most backward of any wn ever had. The statfl weather and crop rep'.rt makes this spring about three, weeks later lhan normal, but by reference to our files we see that the week corresponding to this w»s the garden making wsek of J&ftl, and j hence this spring is little if any later than last spring. Poth wore late enough. ra jon m m LUHMAN A ¥JUK**S > —A young babe of Henry Schnltz, residing on Summer street, was found dear 1 in the bed on Monday morning, supposed to have been accidentally suffocated by the parent*. —Fred Clark was down from Lime Springs thia week and made this office a pleasant call as is Ilia wont. He reports the banking business good and lie looks well and' happy. —W, F. Hunsing, an> old', andj prominent citizen of McGregor, and) well knowa all' ovar north-arm Iowa, and 1 snntUerni Minnesota a» a guaim.daalei'. ! a mora heir of the tlrtu at Baeaett, Hun t- 1 1'ng & Ci* fop yonrs, dropped) dead] yesterday morning, tviixx uewit) faiUivev i . "UW » »• I —Bert Burdlotc cam* down-fuosw 8c IBWull ow "SoliwliilBi tiwe! v ooi Mantfay ftftetiuooni »n«il rejfurnedi vm 'Ihisad'ay? fowewonvtwMnriFpaijliH* B»Hi»#»(wftll« Iti'ta 1 ,. fyv ootU5«»y foP wifei- We- WUoli>paj{)i«fM.liiit>lii»bilVt>> tovenuiiv.- !oir$sir,. *#> Mti&Kto ar» now fiwand!" AKJiftiewr,, Blaclcamitlv and Wagon Shop. I have secured Che services of one of the beet blacksmiths and horse sboers in this part of the state, and am pre' pared to do all kinds of blacksmithing and wagon work on short notice aad in the best manner. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. ou hand and made to order. Call and examine work and price*. 2n»3 II. C. HOWH. Take; Wotiea, That the Pojtville Sieam Roller Milhs wiil grind'Feed, Corn Meal and Oa- Imm Monday and Saturday ot each week hereafter. Having added a, line of wood-wovklng machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matehing, and all kind* of sawing,, on abort) notice. Bring, in: your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully., —The Union Creamery Co. paid the following prices per hundred for milk at all fh'eir factories for the months of January, February and March, 1802: For Jan., 91.10 net; or 91.10 for milk delivered at factory. For Feb., 98 eta. net; or $1.08 for milk delivered at factory. For March, 87 cle. net; or 97 cts, for milk delivered at factory. Ten cents per hundred is added to the KIT price when patrons deliver their milk at factory. —A new volniua of the Century will begin in May with a number of unusual interest. Thrss important serial features will be commenced in this number, namely—Scnor Castelar's "t,ife ol Christopher Columbus;" "The Chosen Valley," a novel of wostertv life by Mary HallOck Foote; and tlio series of articles describing the arnltitootnral features of the World's Fair, which a well-knowtt aruhiteets is to contribute. OOOD VXBM *tm 9'ALa. My farm' off 20»' aovos for sale. Situated! lu MadiHon township,. Winueaheik Cot,, Iowa',, three and a>litilf mile* westt of Decorali',. iu' seotious Hi and' U. Welji impt'ovedUnd 1 tiuibuuenouglvfor farm) usee I* good! state' off cuMvaliom. Weill watered! wttd> goitrll buildings. SoUooll within: tix rod* of IVOUSOL lUng time: wilH be glven> on- pavt pajiuenf.. •• S »cuv'*Hv fowa 1 .. —Eev. C, A, Marshall is determined if possible to make the coming, meeting, of tlte Cbtigi'egatlooali eliuvene* one of the: hest ever held in uortheaslorn lowwr A full program: liawboeiv pre- pai '8 (i> embracing ntctny of the: ft>b^ ios-olltiliwtl'ti/. Leading divines of the; denotuiVinfioiv wiUi 1»* nresontl fromi Glii- oago' *ad! elwwlimwv ©»•• of t&» iflto»> esHug, featuroa of th* meeting: will IW tli# iSiile* mi't»»lonarf Houv. 'Blie- T, 9>. »,.ei. «.Wftll «ieX)> lt«W #«tt?|!f led! b> ouo' of tikeiv owtv numbei';.» youug. l'avl'y fvoitti IDtwovahv Ouv vlsltot # willntnd^f plensantt satwttist'y awnitiqg tli«m' amf a- w^mi.wB^oiUtf to- tilto. liowiifo aad> 6dWr «*S *(<iW ti'tlf.—JlolSrMtgOirS'ewir. -Hall Roberts inforns n< that crops ire being put in in much hatter shape this spring than Issl, tho ground being in much better condition. He thinks the crop outlook is very encouraging if warm weather comes soon. He has been a close observer of crops for years and his judgment, is worthy of weight, fie says the bulk of tho small grain is in and of course there is ample time for corn y«t. C. St. Se St. P. Exeursto'ns. To the Democratic National Convention, nt Chicago, beginning June 21s*, tickets will be sold for one fare for the round trip from stations within 2.')0 miles of Chicago, on Jnne 17th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, making return coupoas good until June 27tk. All other stations outside of 250 mile limit will sell Juno 17th to 21st inclusive, making return coupons good until July «lh. For the Conference of (lorman Baptist BVethVeh to bo he., it Cadar Rapids, Iowa, Juno 3rd to Jilt, good for going paasugn on date of sale only at one fare tor round trip. Soil May 30th to June 6th' inclusive, return conpons good until June 30th. From April'25th tickets will be sold via Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee steamer. Steamers ioasro Milwaukee- daily at 8:30 p. m. For rates see Milwaukee joint rate sheet. For the Republican National Convention, to he held at Minneapolis, June 7, tlio C. M. & St. P. R'y will sell excursion tickets at fare oue way for the round trip. Will soil June 8, fl, 7, 8 awrr 9 1 good to return until Jnne 15. ] For the Democrat iu State Convention to be held' at Couneil Bluffs,. May 11, will sell oxotrraion tickets at one lowest short line fare fov the round trip. Will sell May 9 to' tl.geodj ro> return until May \t For tit -s General (Qttad'rentirift) €bi!* feremse of lite Methodist; Bpisooptvl Chureh to> Ba> imivl at Gmalia,. Stay 1st ttv 3011V.- tickets on sa# Afpi 'll 28tUi to* 30tlv incl'uBl'vev »t on* faw for tit* nm4 tt 'lpfgoodi retuvni'nijf unnlll Mat" v.- For wl*towStoA>'-''KW «terolj>i «'<'nl , i 'Sy I A. Ki. m H- Um a* OtiBumwiv,. Urn m» : to» i;atl«v 'iflbket* onisftlW' Jftvvlttlii ta> btth' Jnolnsiv-e,. at) one fivre' ^foV th« ivi »w* W>> K* 10 * **"'"» 1 f*1i3tni |\wfiwlve; U. % HAscecvpti,. Agr, They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangeman'a Advertisemtwfc. POE SPRIIG THADE. iOtli is near. Have you bougM your Shoes for Spring and Summer wear? We have all the' new kinds in stoolc. We know we can please youv /Btepia and look thetfJ over. Ladies' Walking Shoes, Ladi-es' Solid Oomf6rt,S]ippwSj Old Ladies'Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men** Fine Shoes, Men's Cordovan Shoes, Men's Southern Ties. Your& nr.*? mm

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