The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 12, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

PAGE SEVEN . LIVE STOCKi .Ppnitry and Sunplleg 48 BABY •CinCKS— While Minorcas for sale. nOH Ncrtii Third street. -Mri=. .1. 3. Caldwell, i EGGS FOR HATCH IXG —From culled Single Comb White Leghorn flock. $3 iier hundred. D. C. Cjition. Humboldt. Kas.. phone^69. HIGHEST MARKET—f^rtces paid for cream, eggs and poultry. Oar truck: and chicken i coops are at your service to pick up poultry. Barker Produce Co. Pbo. S5S. I-VCCBATORS—BPil City. UO-e^s (Nif'h: alHO K. r. U. cjiKS. Phone 1016J. MERCHANDISE )Iiicb!nefr aad Tools 61 used Phone Steele. HARROW- S-!t. .loiiii Decyp: Walli.s Cui> tiactor. S6.S. • Jlnsical .He^cliamllse j 62 C:OOn >I.\XO—For sale: wiff sell (•h< , Phone l-t')"- I Seeds, riunt>. Flowers SEKI) COR.\—For KJansas Suutlower. .Alloi^ fniiii'tyi ^'hite, Piiilc of Saline aiul Shawnee Whi'.o: butted, ifppeil and siielled. or ill far-: i^.rt'j p.T'•bu. ibi. R. Trites. .Moran. Kau.s.. f'^'cnP l^^^- Ql'AI.lTY Kf.ECTRIC HATCHERY, (.ia.s City, Kans. Custom hatching., .'ii- per egg, or He per chick. Ealiy ! chicks, heavy breed. $12 per lUO; i light breeds. $1(>..'>0 per 100. ROOMS AND BOARR lioonis for n ^usrk!>epini ;^i 63 . >Vliat Has (tone Kfli 'oro • Garrett Folsoni is ."tuhbeil to <l<'alli whili- swIniiliiiiK a' Ocean' Tiiwn. .\. .1. : Kolsoni's- balfiiii;^ compauioiis )iad lieen RoK»'r| .\<-villc. aibiisi- ^-ncss |>arln<-r; .Mrs. Hch'ii liarna- 'by and 'Jarnicliia \'.ild (>M. j .Xnastasiii FoLsdiii, ei-cMit i|ic and niaslcrfiil ^isll•|• of the dead ))ian. arrives and takes tdinniuiMK At illie iiKjuest it i.f learned that till- death vve^pun was a piehaii. :.!» Oivnial kiiife, and it had be.-n bought un, the boardwalk. It is lea,riied,that one Criiydon Sears is a fani-ier *>( iiiriniis wi -apons. -He a(lniits biiyiii;; two kriiv.'S but not the iiicliai). .^nastasia engages Tints IJign-!,. an ;ir<liiteii, to work on t|li<- ease. Dan I'eltoii. Ihi! dead' man's nephew, arrives and is iiitrigiied _L by some curious. Kreiieli dolls in Folsom's I ooni. • Crcydon Sears svlids for Fleiii- i.'ig Stone, fainoiis d<-le('iive. He fells liiin FoJso.Vi had be<-ii blatjk- iiiailiiig hint unci be had lit-d at .4he inquest but was innoei-nl. Stone meets ollii;rs of tl:e circle, including -N'ed Marron and bis wile, .Madeline. He notes ilie laVlei's nervousness and i|in-s• I i(Jns her. ^ \«nv (;<i (»n Wifli (lie Story Carol^mUs [ @X927 By NBA SEHVICB PKX CHAPTF.R XXXIX. • . : "I mean to ciuestion everybody cfiiicerned. Mrs. Barron." Stone told her. • I'falk to .von alone only bficause 1 think it less distasteful to you than to be asked Questions before others." • • •You say everybody concerned. - 1 am not cO!icerned—in, any deli- nile way." . . ! ".Vo, but yoii stood iiexJ the inaii al tlie time (If the—" ••.\ol next to hjin. Vas between us." •Oh. yes. .\nd you both had been talking" to him?" ••.\ot 1. He address<Hl .Mr. Bar- 1 i;.„„•„•• Aiuist.isia said, ion. who, of course, had lo reply." | s(,..,j,,'l,tf„iward way. "1 ji ••] .see. And you. then, never, mj^jli; haM'SMmuKed you. ' "" "" lone ilelciilve all'ea^ly." -My i husband coiitents. .-Vpiiareiitly someihii!:; i surprised liini. b".t in a luitnieiit he . gave a <iti\> of reii.-i. ami saiii: "There you arc. .M:. I • dii^n't put luii'e in'thore alter I thoii«!it 1 did " "Horgi'tful .voiith." Siiiiie sai.l. igiiily, "Well! here goes for Ih.••;<•. hen." But no more evideii'ial 4l .i( u- ^ tueiits Were found iii Ibl^ lot than in tile' otii<r. and .Stoiu-'s :-ii-^l >i- cicns of Dan Pi -iio" ioo), a iieiv lease of life. The yotiir.; man acted n'ervouH and anxious initil ibe siiitiasi- was opeiieil. lie wa-^ I calm and at e;i:i.. Wiial hail ffe jcvpeited that li- liidui lind'.' I Stone bewail to -.-i- I bis aff.iir [bad liamil'ijalions liiat lie hadn't : heretofore )fllspe<rted. .\lld if Dan I Pellirii wasia factor in ti .ie < a >'. jt i bebooveil ah invi s'tigatoi- tow.illi ; ilellcattily, for. Pelion Ii::-! l!ie whip; liaiid iu hi:' |.i ,ss:'v .'iiiili of all|_i !in a* i ments and letters. ] The more Stoi;- I 1 IO:IK!II about it the more sipe lu' was iliaj some- lliiiig iiad been absliaited i;:'oiii i !>•'j suitcase .during I'ellou's ali.s. ii ;'e ; from the riioai. LIICI il.ii \\ii.i'ii 'V>-r: it was bad giv< :i l 'i-!ti .!i s .i ;'-.rac lion rather lliaii oiberwl 'e. 'Ili-ii-l i fore it was sonieihiiu-, tba; I'clloii j I iti.' noi v.aiil liiui to .-.le. '>;i 'lii:'fioi »• j jit war sonielhiiii; that'd ; ' JVllciii iM' .sonieboiiy J'l'iioii dc'lredj to sliield. -i This was one of those s'.vifl flashes of intuition and .sudden eii- lighienmenl that come at times, and Stone was (luick to act upon |il. Ho determined to lind out if any one friendly to I'elton bail a-- ioinplished this act. whatever it w:'s. that had changed him Ironi a spiri; of apprehension and fear to II salisfied, contented iiiocjd. 15 P (onliniieil) Is I >:iii IVlton Irjint; to conceal sifniotliint; from I'leiiiiiit; Stiiiie! Id ail the nrvl eliapter. I'lTBLlC AUCTION—I will sell Bishops Sale Pavilion, l ."i - hedd g(K )d sheep. _C. S. Ij!sh.oj>. ;Vuct. ANNOUNCEMENTS SIrajed, Lost. Foiind CLASS!;s Piir child's. lost at' .Me- in<irial Hall Friday ufteriioojii. I'hO'le iDiiW. I.OST- i'air riinnied .•ipei;- tacles. Ret urn to Register ^ir pboiie lus. ROf)MS - For llu-ljl boTise^ej -piiig. 2-2 Soiith iJ'.ukilye si.eel. Plione lOOO' CHICK OH. HOVKK— Ffeilj :^'^"^"' one year, in .nood condition. »"-'.o., REAL ESTATJE FOR R'ENT PhoneMiblrerl. I.tosc King. l!ay-l- arjl. Kansas. ! FOii Apartments'aiid Klut.s We«|K eiiuipped to spray. Prices righjl. ^•._H .Sutton. People'.s f'afe. liiilhliiiff and rontraclinir 1!> BiriLDiXG, CO .VrR .\CTIX<; — Ai|d •Repajri'lg. See lis before you r^- uiiiriir build. We do all kinils If work. Can save you money. l|l. P:i' ne. Vl .'i .\. Cottonwood. MofiQK,'Triiekinr, Stange I .MO.N'KV -Tvi.i il Willa lost Weilnes- 1 QORR TRANSFER - CO.—Packln I CHUNK WOOD- For sale,. J2.50 in »»j jiniber or'$:!.2.'. delivered. A. J. Swinford. Phone .''.IS. .lav. ,.|v. ki-iurii to ri'.varil. Ki 'Kister and re- UUI.ST WATCH — White gold Sai.-^H, lost. Reward if returned to KeKi.ster. ^ _„ _ „ 1- AUTOl^gE " ~ Automobile Arencles A Ktora ^e. . lon>; diistanui» haulln Reasona'ble rates; Pbon<» Itfl FrofessloDttl Sertlecs in SURGERY —Medicine, X-ray. K. L.euakl. Phones: utflce, reBlden ce^ j j ZCW _ ; . _ ^ERIPLOYMENT 889:' Help Wanted—.Wale A USED CAR- - Is aH dependable as j . 111.' deali|- who St lis it—Dodgo i _ .Sales u...l^S.M'.ice. The place I y ^jtK 1 MA.N—Wantid ovt-r to buy goed. dip-.-iidable used'cars, j .\l l'le-;ci>t we ha'.e a complete; line of V.i^h ojien and closed mod- i el(. to .>^^ell. Ellis .Motor! Co. 211 North Washington. .\-.^»iiihties' lur .^aIt lor responsible position:,g («Ml p;i with cbanci! for advaiicenieii ri'I'er.-nce iei|Uired.; Write "C. (' care Kegistcr, Inia, iKans. Jl .;>oke to <;arreti Folsom?" ".Vever.'-. ••\'oii never saw him until that morning','" • ' [ "I ^aw liim .the night liefon the Iiriiige of the liolel. I'.iit 1 dill not meet him." • .Vow jiisL one inore thing. You Itiiow .Mrs. Valdoit.'"! "Sliglitlv." I'^'eii .are not 'fvifiids'.'" • "Merely .ii-.iuaiji-jnces. VI I y beiiutjful. but she i: gliiii ing ai Riggs. "aiid w 1 she 1 find t.-iult with him. exjierience. llul he has iyoiii' exjierience, v.liativer t;| I ill- I lay iiossess. Sow, 1 „!iope two willwoiU together, for is iniicli to be iljii". I Jiiiowj Well as you do. that' Mr. Seai|.« '' : ciiii: ng iiUi nolle.', and il' j there .was al riilii olous ..iispec jis ill!" .«lie IS ••Whv'.'" and Si iiu! lon'ied al !'ot llhe I „;..,J„iv. •••i caiiii.' dowil here. <av'; my fri'in!. < Jroiii a possible V"U'. typ^^ of woman I inake triends With., i.',,i4„„ |,., 1 like her companion. .Mrs. Itarna- 1 fiears, by. belter," ' I acci s;iiic,:i, ami if yon s :i li.ihily "You know nothing of Mrs. Val-!,„^s aside th- dangi-.' of smjh. I don to hi'r di.<advaniage'.'. I'm sor-'^li;,il ,i,i„|j i ,.m,„, untiecessanly." the be- lint I i heart : Sears. |,j„„ .•an ry to be so plain spoken, know that we bcf'bihavc at only the cause tif l.'roydon and any po.ssiblo sidelight 1 get <yi tl 'is niattt r jniay iielp u-.'' "Tlien I will atlsvver frankly. I -know nothing of .\jrs._ Vabloii, in lit-r definite delriiner.i. (-.xcept thai .".he tries to bribe; the servants to let her go inti) the rooms that were occupied i'y -.Mr. Folsom." •She did do that. Do you lileaii She cuiitinnes to do Mi'f" y 'Yes, .\ly nur.'je knows lier ^ 'hainberPuiid. am) l;in>istiil on her 1° tellfug nie.") • ••That is helpful ;aii I yon have done right in lettilii', ine know. Res; assured Hiicih iciforniallun tvili i only be D^ed Jii fiirtheriii^ ^he cause of justice, ;»nd it is•'throii.vii some sucl( cbauqe knowledge that We olten reach tlie Xact.'j." The whqiij jiarty arrived back at illie hotel about the ^-.ame lime, and. though the gay semiH in«1he lounO .Maybe unnecessarily •ffW'l. but thele is still Tha aiKl sell igla. i sent StoJie said, ••the best tinif surest wa « real siir and dancing fooins r «'s to a . a I'or jthal the (iaes- of who killf-il my broJlier. i ! has to be answered. Mr. S if you will take it itiion > to .-iilye the mystery. I !y pay'any bill you may AnaNlflsln. her j nieilitation." •!\\ i' '1 hn classing of himself with hav.'• famous Stone was forgivabb aid. ca!ise of ' l!iy:'.;s's whimsical no a'l'i .;ood-butii(ired smile. •'"'- ••We^ll try 111 compass both," '''"'IS 'oiie sabi: "we'll,inope to get the vol. .spicily result.i Mr.i I'elton so minb tliere = ,;,.uit.,..;, logellier with the a.'-tound- •"<;ii')i results pi-omis(.'d liy .Mr. Riggs. A'ld now til biisiiiess. .Mr. Pelton. t'vcr your part will iie to show me »ill ''''illie papers of voiir late uticl<''.s that liave any bearin.i ou 'lie matter of Iter his death. i)r better still, air tin? [.Miss i ]);ij),.rs of his you have down- here, riiv- ,,,r it's ea^y to be mist.:iken as t/i ab'^tlie hearing of a document." •'.Ml right. .Mr. Stone.^' was tlic n ply. but tli.^: observant eye of the detective noted a disinclination lo CIlllYSLiru' ••.IS" COCPE--Chrys- . ler "To' (Vown Sedan; 192."i l>ver- land hedan: iy22 (Jverland sedan; 192.'> .Maxwell coach. For sale or trade. Koss Arbuckie's Garage. Chrysler Dealers. Phone .".6. .comply with the riiiuest. •Perhajis lliat will be our first one ! ^'"I"'' •Sloti'.' w»'iit .on, determined lo our- I'"'"-'' mal'er,; siiK-e Peltoi'i was ^,jl|lso olivioiisly (iverse to it. pre- iny Hiiiid. .Miss Fol.-^ to .'.:ave .\li. Seurs's name uniiierii'il accusation is to finil nil. Iiiurder.'i'. you agree indee.i," III this 1 with nil'.' was the am i)uite Ye! 'it wasjuoi a lengthy procedure. .\fter the neat bundles of letters and papers were brought flout the i !ef<k and lookiMl over. dirc'Cied her iKtphew t' suitcase that he had .New York, with ad- n it. lom i •M'-f' l-'olsoni the i 'o produce till j brought fl•oIl^ ^ditinnal <l:ita ll(.fW aw Inif spe •• V marti Diise. ' .Villi, the wav it looks tf]<: we are just starting out on investigation, <ir ratlief on phase of llie iiivetiligatjon, ilelter ti|ui|ipe<l for an Inielll- iiifiuiry."' • ' ; lining Stone lookeil at j the lU'-r Willi evident admiration.' wi .-:e jlldgM cuulii' not puj the r more accurattdy," he jsaid. •ifip^atici To this iMlton .showe<l linmis- Stone declari-d jii.s^ readiiicsH Hliet .MIss.FolsoUl .iljd h.'- iietdio. aiid have a coilfereliceioli tbe..liilhi- uess that li,ud bruilgiii liim iltiwii. The Barrons Averb eAcused from atteiidanco and iRrthln Scars ;ind Angel Fair were Bent away 19 ;<iaiice. ^ . Then Croydon Sears and tlie d. tectlve :u,ccpt .H() iiji Invitation, "and 1 iitn glad'to wOrk with! and wart attractive. {t„,.;yi,11 and your colleagues."! •All'! for he.'iven's.sake get .somewhere." ;;'.iid Pelton, Who, wliib' saying little, had been listening to .Stone .siiid his.aunt, "rni lio detective iiiy.seir, but I tliinii if I wen I'll work harder and faster thai mosl.'^ •He's hitting me." Tite Rlgg 1 Huiid. vviih no display of aiinoyuncii. ••But wc know, don't we. .Mr. Stomi, liroughi tliein by Tite Riggs. 19; ,hai the great iiiiollucts of the triip hold the session in the rooms thalj: ,i;.n.,,iive.s work slowly? Thnit the snap jiidgmc nts and hasty ctinclu- slons of the .iiiiat<;iirK are ofjlittle Worth tompared-to the astounding results of our deliberation I arid takable llliwi !iad mislaid case, but lii.-tl with a rouiicfl ••.S'onsense! iiaven'l done and if you h We J'aii bri.'a had l)eei: Folsonl's and wen occtiiiied by Orin Pelton. j This suited Stone and 'ity weiit.j tliere at once. i •'I am glati you. ere h' e,' Mr I NORTH FAIRVIEW t.Mrs. ,1. E. ReyiKiMs.l We are, having real spring w..'alhor at irreseiit' aiiil: the I'ariii- ers are busy sowing oat.-i and doing other farm work. .Mr. and .Mrs. Earl Si;soii spent loiioi Sunday witli his broi!i-r. I);ck .>is] son and family. Walter HiiiHakfr and wife spent .Saturday night ijinl .Snmlay with Russell .Newman find wife, .Mr. and .Mrs. i.F. .1. I'litoii .-mil son. Lewis, and .'Virs. .1. I!. Giitham spent Sunday with t!ieir daughter and graiiddaugiiter, .Mrs. Carl (luf- fey and liusbaml. .Mr. and .>lrs. .1. E.'lieyii.Uiis liiid son. Chester, sp. nl Sunday in lola with his sister. .Mrs. O. .1. Horner. .Mrs. I.uilier (iilUiani spent Sat- tirclay with IKT sister. .Mrs. Howard .McCloud. ,.Mr. and .Mrs. Carl Guifey are moving on llie Vandeveer place. Bjcrley .Mi'fford and laiiiily sp-nt day evening witli .Mr. .-iini .Mrs. Sissoii. .Mr. 'and -Mr.-. .!. T. Ro^.^ spent Sunday evening at" .Mr. Glider's. Mrs. Glider and dmghter. l .i 'iia, .Mrs. Earl Si.-ioii and baby ami .Mrs. .1. E. Reynolds spent We.i- nesdav with .Mrs. Bvthe DavloDB. . ^ I 1 iiugneRs. He said he tlie key to • the silit- aiiiit;brought him uti turn.' ' shejexclSimed. "You anything ol; the sort, [ive. it doesn't matter, it (ipvn. You bring out that suUttase. Dan."' .Pelton w«in to the closet to get It. and beforij he returned he could be h'.-ard lipe lijig the catch. •"Biiiig itj .iiS.t as it is. please." said Fleinina Stone calmly, won- ilerlng if Djin Pelton was. after all.; conctfrned in the affair. ! "Don't y'|ii dare niiedille with il." cried .Miss Aiiastasia, .Jumping up and tjoliiB to her nephew. "What-; ever ails Vbu.'Dan'; What monkeyi trick.s arij you "up to now'.'" ".Nothing! of the sort." he r«'- turneil. "1 had put. some of m>! own letter's in here, too—thafs DEPl -rNDAni .E ISED C.\RS—Late li)2i; Chevrolet coach; two 192."i iChevridet «oaches; one 192:{;CJiev- rolet roadster;' one Essex six coach. These cars all in best of cvjndition. B. T. Barber Garage. 211 West street.. Phone 51.'>. GOOD i:SED C.\RS--192G Hudson i-.i!i;b with extras; 1924 Maxwell sedan; Foril tourings; Buick t'ltiir- ings at bargain prices. Ma.rr Aiito Supply Co... Buick Dealers. OAKLAND — Dealers- PO.NTI.VC '24 Ford roadster: '22 Ford <oiipe, L'.ioil: 'Ls Ford coupe. <heap; '22 Hudson''n. good shape;' '1^ S?udcbaker l-pass. cojipe.. finif -hap": '2.'i Chevrolet toliring'; '2t; Chevrolet' roacll. fine' .sliape DiidS,!' Voiipe. good. Si|nie other verv cheap ija^-s. Cash, trade. Hobi'.n-Cteele M I!i2:: FORD l:OADSTER-4l922 Ford louring; Fiird starters jiiil geii- \rators. lola Wrecking ci). Ph. TS2. •Mil Eai'l t-LAS.SIPl£D A I N H UITIS^. rr .ASHiK!!-'!' Daily nile i,.T line tr.Mrtluhii: ' for e..(isei'Uliv« rnsli rharge ... 70 .. . !.<• 7. . ..i;.- 1". on any. ad. all." i As he talked he had set the smill til 1 p m. Wilt a:ii.. case on a table and, Minginc lltl "<|"f 'j -.T^.^,^^^^^ Six days ' TUrer day) On<> Iday . .' M^iitiuim clc.irfe. :'i'<' Miiiiniuiii eu-^li. S0<: (Niuiit flv^ wi/ids to a line PHONK Y(H:R r'J.ASKll'IKn AD •!•<> IM Krrnri In nilv »'rtlK -meiil'< .•lemlJ Le reiH .rtfd liiim ...!' Iv. 'I In' I'.e;;!^'!' r will not b«' re.-iijoiisil.le for ciii»r« Ihi.ii one Ineorre/1 bcertir.a. Hiwi'lat r:il.-« vi -,.rly JnU^rliJlnir. AU« orj.-r.-.l :.-.r'sIx lining iiii.l ^l .ip P MII liefor-- '.ii will I.- < I.' 'I f'.r «.iily tlie iiuiiili'-r '.f ilie •.i.i npppare.I. .and a <IJii4ti ;.eii< ii .uti" at flif^ rite earned The liidlvl.bial 'n'tv. itl'iiii.-iilu under the r »ll"Wiii.A .Uwifl.-llil.Il.S :.r- nrraiigwl In AI.PII.\l!i:TlfAL nr.Ii r fi.r UUl'-IC ref.l.-Il.-e All adM ere restnet .'d to tli(>lr jirep- er cla .'44ifIc :ition mid l'> tli^ r.'gidi.r Dnfiy R'^gictcr ••lyl.- nf iviir-. Tb- pul.- Ilshirs r^yervo ttit- rl>;tit to e.Iit <.r rpject nny rIas .Hiflml iidvertlsing cnpy. Thi" lola He'--l>t-r nlfi.-e l!« open !•> Tfc.elvp -.'.K rt.s from « m. to fi p. m. dailv. -MI ails r.'-.-lvwI up ve- • • " in all city eCl- PC'.-. FORD COfPE i.hin tires, in first ciil sli.-ipe. Boyer lussj .MotiA .-'..iitli .leffersoi;. Piiitne" 2:!. ti'tms or )to)- Co. WANTED—.Middle -aged marri. d man; for farm work the ye: r around. Earl .Montort. two mij's nortii and tme west lola. Phoi e 997-2'.':. YtM'.NG MAN — -"*>'t "Jt iippearin married prefeilVed.. for reaimhsi- lile position. Must give bond. S^e Patterson at Pjirtland Hotel alt i; 11. ni. or Sunday. FINANCIAL Monejr to Loan—Mortjfages ft) FARM LOANS—Quick service arid reasonable rates. A. D. Hav- tborne. 213 S. 'Wasblngton. .MONEY to LOAN-Private ai ^d eastern money to loan on farr|i8 and city property. Low rate, j Terms and payment to suit bo!r- i K-wer. Stewjirt Jif. Funk. LIVE STOCK lloifs. I'afs, Oilier Pels GOOD BIRD liOii or. inn DOG— For sal}. I'lioiie lire •I2.'! East Lincol 1. Bumpers.' bal- niechalii (^>.. 212 Horses. Cattle. Vehicles 48 BL.U'K HORSE—Seven year.s oil.! weight. l.'.."iii, siiund, E. L. Baggelt.i ^yJ.^ j Humboldt. Plione .'120-21. j Wanted—I.h est ock i WANTED TO BUY—All Jkinda cattle and hogs. J. C. I^itcher. WANTED—1.".. head . fiws to pas- | ttire, first come, first served. $2 .00 i per month. .1. 1'. Co|ieniiig. Phone' &i;9-2. '• i MERCHANDISE 74 APAHT.MKNT -:: foom modern.'.fii:-- n:slj,ed.' profiml loor. front en- tiaiice. 21'' KiUt 1streej. Pho. i:!96. Karni.s and Land l'i»r JJeiit , 78 FAR.M Well improved stock and gr;iin farm, half s.ectioir. lAlleii County. Kans.. near .Moraii. Write .1. ,\l! Taylor, iiideii 'n<(eiic< . .\lo. Ph.ine Ind.'peiidi'iire S OT.' . 1 -4 rtlcies for Sale^ 61 SHOW "CASES--Glass, froiii I ufi'"' •^'''f''' ''''^'i'^' l!iil..'ov.-.l. j.Iack- II feet long, pri.-eil rij:!l't. fan be ! een :.t;Har!ev Store al .Mildrcil. Rusiness and (lflir<{ Ftinipinent Til | HOI'SE—Barn, cliickeit lion a .T "K ot groniid. 2 miles' > .south of lola. E. I!. i:illli .South Elm. e. HI i-st, 1 •, .':oi •:i'ii K"uJly Co.. ov. S'.-)! e. Houses for Kent VPKWRITERS FOJi S.M.K. - IJcnt pr trade. .Adding! macbiiie.s. any nake. Piibli:: sti-ji(;graplier. notary and multigrapii work done, loom 10-11. ovi r Farm F<inli>iiieiit Clothiers .V.A lAR.M MACIH.'.ERY (it oil used is.;, ton-riie !ri!;i». ?17.o0: goed iip.-rior 7-1:; grain drill. $4.''..0ii; I'iie good drill. ::'l."..l»i: ?;onie new drill!;, selling at less tbim wholesale on account of o. "r.stock. Allen County InipUiiieiit ("o. ; l''t'l;.\ISHED iU>USE • Fii'c Kooins. ; strictly iiiodfrn. uic-.ty furnished; gar.iKe. .71(1 ..\'. Wasbiisaton or, ; lUS. ' | HOll SE -.M'!-ii .-cv. n room liouse. Iw .i blo.l.i south of s.nlare. I'lione 1129W. ~ 1 TRACTOR PLOWS -Two Little Genius's, $So each: .No. Primrose cream separator, ti.'.o lbs.. S7.">; De Laval. ."iMO lbs,. .*C.-.. These are all new machines that v.-e are (losing out. Ralph E. S:nith, Kincaid, Kahs. liol:.S1-; i"iv,' i'..uiii fiirjiiMJn dj; also fiuni'lifd ;.pjriiii .-iil, close in. Phone -.'.'.ii:. I ' l!Ot:SE -Five room lioic.e. modern, with garagi!. Call A. W^ -Ander- •uni Gio<ery. Phoie- 2'J2-2»1. THREE ROOM Ht;'JSE—Electric lights, city water, lor-ated at T.OS Soiitb Chestnut. See ;M. A. -Si -hlick. REAL ESTATE FOR ^ALB Brokers in Real Kstute R rSED I.MPLEME.NT BARGAINS— 10-inch .lohit Deere gang ploxV; 1^-ineh J. I. Case gang plow; Iti-j inch Emerson sulky; Clover Leafi spreader; Case corn i)]aiiter: l.*-.I(i .lohn Deere Disc Harrow. Shan-, lion's, lola. ; . i SO.MI-: GOOD BARGAIN.S- In town Iirojierty. We have th-.Mn f.-om ?.'iOO up. -\rbuckle Real Estate. Houses far Sale FARM. AND CITY LOANS—Base ! ALFALF.V HAY—Loose and baled. 1 rate on farms. city 6%. Loigl E, L. Weldin, 7, miles north. 3} or short time. R. M. Cunnlngbaip. • miles east ol" lola. Phonfc 9tr.F12. j KAFIR FODDER—Good clean. Sl.'.O per load, i miles east LaHarpc. 21-'. miles north of slab, .t'liarles j H. Gerdsen. i GOOD .-' ROO.M-Wilh Iiarii. 2 lo.s; or wi;; trade for smaller home. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 661 garage.cast part. 2i )l .South El n. HOl.'SE—I) rooms, finr conditi. n, strictly modern; priori rigiit. : O'J S. First. .Miiies!ii.i;er.. f'lio.. Gi ;2/. iJ.OOSE Tl.MOTHY II.\Y— 2 ton in i ! b;ir:i. Kelley Farm; mile east lola. j ' Phone f'i ;2-:!. j NICE PltAlRiE H.'.Y -iialed. :!.';c liale at iiani. Levis Powell, mile north and one cast Iron Works. HOL'SE—Five room modern, ooii. ble garage, good Im ation. .Jobl. i'.cuther. . j iUJrSK »; ri;;)iti n.ouriii. garage, close in. near .leiTerson HchJoI. .lohti Kentiier. • ' HOI'SH> -.Modern fi.e room.; garage, good locaiion. Iiii|iiire •ll.'i Cottonwood strei'l. i'RAHJIK HAY — BaI'd; hedge Mulinrban for Kale 87 l>os(s.' 1 miles east. l--i .St.->pheti Welth. Lallarpi south lola. ;il'D WHITE .MOTOR Ct). i I L'DSON-KSSEX DEALER— (•.HEVIIGLET. 192I ROJ\D.STER. < IIRT.ST.ER, r>.adsjei'. I92i; late model IiODi.IE, Ri2i: ROADSTK.R. D I OIMIE, 192.-. SED.\N. *', • 4 ^'SE>:, 2: 192t; -six" C^.acbe.^ ESSK.V; 1921 TOPItl.SG I'lkitD. 192.-/ HOADSTEIL I'OKD. 1921 TOI'RLNG. ! 1 ORD, 192:!. COPI'E. Ill DSON. 192H .SEDA.V. IH'D.SON. 192.-. CO.\CH. Touring, •f.inter .\\SH. 192:1 elaloHUre. tlVE!:L.\.\D. .STI DE1 '..AKER. Iloadster. I92f T 192:: sij \V<' 'I rade or Give Libeijal Terms 219 S. WASH. pjlIONE ISO IPRINGS Auto TnicbH I 'or Shie , , , ,, i. .; Careful attention Kt^';n to ni.ill or- open. was looking auiazedly at ttsders which must 1-^ • :!st» with -.ri!.>r. TItl'CK—1921 Ford ton flat bed, tires fair, n " condition, with |I2.'.,0o. Cartliy Moti.r Co., 212 Stfiith .Wash- iiiirton. Plume 89 :1. 12 Itriick, cab, otor good hot plate vapor- Guaranteed.I .Mc- H V L L S — Registered Shorthoiln 'bulls, for >ak-. P. .1. Ketter. Wesl- pii:iiia, Kansas. Route 1. RflTTED .MANIRE—For flowers, gardens iir lawns. ' .1. C. Bnt.ber. i Sl'Bl.'RB.A.V—roomMio'jse, water, ii.giit. g.'is.-aii acre of '.around. Ai\- iire«s M." ere Register. • •H'ERNSEY BCLI^A good one fi r sale. S. E. JlcGinnls. -120 .N. Elm. Household .^ioods To Kxphan ^'P- Real F.titate 88 HORSES AND .ML'LES—Twenily head; one pair mares.' weigBl 2S00; one pair horses, weight j :'.OliO; one pair horses, weight j 2.S .-.0;' one mare, .'» years ol weight 1200; one iiair mules, years tdd, weight 2 .-1O0, extra gooi Well broke fcr boy to drive; o'l pair mules, weight i:iftO; horse. 'years old; one pair mules. weij>l] 2100, mare anil a horse, ."• anrl years old, blocky built; 2 saddle! 2 sets work hariie.s.s, oiio exti| gooil set: one wide lire wagoi one walking plow, 11-inch; 01 harrow; one mowing machine, a most new; one hay rake. Wi)l sell on time. ,1. c. Butcher. REGISTERED JCALF Male. ! oi^i vear old. Shorthorn. .1. W. "Kin itayard.'^ Kans. Mildred plioi:r TEN PIGGY SOWS- Will farrok in one week 10 three weeks; re|i! ones, white ones and' black on» ttei'.;h from 2UI) to :!ijt» pounils each: one Durham cow. jiisl frcslj, giving foiir gallons imilk per day one Hol.-itejn cow. Just fresb, gi^ lug seven gallons milk per da); one Giicrnse.v. just fresh, givrp; S'.i gallons milk per day; one Red Durham, just fresh. ' givin four gallons milk per day. i The-se cows are from 3 to '> years old. . Will sell on time or will trade fojr fat cattle or stock cattle oir hog .1. c p.niclier. i lOLA HIDE, rUR & V OOL COMPANY Get onr jiriccs on PQCLTRr JlM) EGGS A iWe will come after poolfr .r. . H B, A. JONES illl So. dblo ^ Phone ]:507 IGRENNAN'S MARKET Ife pay the fqllovlng prices: ij JFaticy Efrps —J J J thjr|' ,>o. 1 Ejrjrs !>«<• iNo. 2 Eggs — l.">e Checks and Dirty EggsJ: VJv iHens —4..—..18c lo 2 |c Springrs -—i- 16c tolflr i Yojans and-Old Ct^ks.^ t_.12r ' Green Hides 1 6c Horse Hides ..ILL.. $iM : Vie will come after your ponltry. ;J. F. Grennan Produce Co. iJEMt JfODToe and Sim I Phone 878 loUbXani. FrRNlTl 'RE—Of .Vroom house, ":>eris, rockers, stoves, dressers,! sewiii.g machine, lihiua closet, c?-j liar wardrobe, libifary ta'ole. heo'- rola parlor fiirtiace. bed davenport, siiieboard. tynewri.ter. dislie.-:. : chairs, and numerous Other arti- c-!<;.s. Sadie .Adams, 21-1 E. .lackson. ^ ::20 .\CfU-:S—1'o trade foi-' income iu lola. Have soiiie money ;o pay diffi'rence. I). Waison. Broii- soii. Kans. '.„___' _ LEGALS I.; Pl.ANO -Vicirola. rugs. chairs.; fliMir lamp, refrii^erator. library j table, beds, iiresser. reznorj and : numerous other articles, .lames Lane. 21S S. Cottoi:\\ro.l. Pbo. .'.97. RL'GS—Ten closeoal minister 9.vl2 rugs. $2.S..-.0. Ileuningen's patterns A.v- your choice. Fiirn. .Store. ci SPECIAL PRICE SALE Tills week ' on Coiigoleuin riigr'.gas ranges, steel beds, and cotton mattresses. Brysoii Fiiinilnre Store, .North Jeffersonj .STOK AG E BARG A i NS — 1 used 1 Karpeii (-rinfr with yeniiine black i leather, il2..jO: 1 nev. niahogany | library table, a real bargain. :$l.-i; ; 1 lujed i|iiartvred oak buffet in [ good ci.iiilitiou, lias large bevel., plate iiirrrnr, ?2J..'.0.; 1 n.-.ed <|iiar-, lercd oati dresser with bevel jilate : niirriw. Si:!.-iO; 1 new reed floor! I:itnii. ivVjiy two socket, $13,.-.n; 1 new fibre table lamp, frosted brown finish, JC.iiO; 1 used oak kitchen cabinet in goad con-' dltio'ii. • 1 used Toiringioii electric cleaner, $in ..-iO: .1 usecl ^ quartered oak buffet, 1 useij 4."'Inch round tabb-. 0 used oak chairs. $:{S. .\. R. Sleejier F.imi- tare Co. OKFM lAL Ntrnt K. ..\! the Oi'llci.i! City Primary held. .March .S'b. 1927^ to nominate •lidaie.s lor the on':c<^_ Of Coinniis- -ioner of Finance, members of Illie Bo.ird o!' i-;dncation and Treiianrer 'if Sclinol Board Ibe vote Avas as follows: I For Ciniinilssioner of Finance and Kevenne. '). W. Holiji.s 41.'5 •\. 11. HecoK - - ::74 J. D. Arnelt - -224 For Meiiiliers of the Hoard oi Kducatioii. A. R. Sleeper .SIO \V. EMtalston 770 (;. .1. Stadb-r - . 722 For Treasurer <if Koard of Education. .Melviii G. Fronk . 777 • Tile names of those can.didates appearing on the regular ticket at the Election'to be helil April .'Sth,' 1927. will be as follows: O. "W. Holmes and A. H. Hecox, for Com- missioii>-r of Finance and Revenue; A. R. Sleeper, W. E. RUIston and G. .1. Stadler for members of the Board of Education. .Mehin (',. Fronk for Treasurer of the Board of Ediic;;ition. ' B. L. MeNIKL, f.iyi-12 .'.*.''>•_ <i»t»J<-- Ct.ASSIFIKDJIj^PLAV j

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