Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 3, 1963 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 3, 1963
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS The NJGHT, The WOMAN Gepffi&A © tHt, IMS fcy Stepfcu . Distributed ky Newspaper Eatetprise Asa. XXVT The rear door opened while Jean was asking her questions, it was Ruth. She had stopped just inside the living room, disturbed by the friction in the air, listening to Blake's answer; and at the same time the entrance chimes had sounded. Blake saw that two cars had stopped in the drive in front of the house. He answered the ring and found Lieutenant Barcello standing on the stoop alongside Chief Kresh. Blake stepped back, and Barcello, nodding thank you, came in with the chief at his heels. "Sorry if I've come at a bad time." He had a folded legal document in one hand; he proffered it to Blake. "You may want to read this. It's a search warrant. It specifies an ice pick." The first effect of Barcello's information was a scattering of startled glances. Ruth gave a little gasp; Jean raised the back of her hand to her lips. Blake felt a flash of resentment, chiefly at Barcello's timing; but resenting Barccllo was futility itself. Todd, seeming the least disturbed, put on a frown of exasperation. "Lieutenant, you're still off the beam." He made a sweeping gesture, mocking Barcello's courtesy, and fitted his words to it: "Go as far as you like." Ruth said unbelievingly, "Ice pick? But . . . we don't have one. Not in my kitchen." "It would be necessary to look, Mrs. Cardon. Would you mind showing the chief where you keep your utensils?" She lifted her chin indignant ly. "Of course not." And Blake found himsely wryly wishing] ed. "Who'» your family doe- tor?" "David BUM, h«r« in nanda Beach. Why do you ask?" "Do you get your prescriptions filled locally?" "At Parish's pharmacy. You 41 , . ,. . , ., interested in my health?" that Jean could be as stanchly, »rj 0 V nn nwn a trim?" trustful as the wife of the guilty man They watched as Ruth went into the kitchen, with Chief Kresh steering his paunch after her. She opened une cabinet drawer, then another. The chief pawed and clattered through the contents. Blake turned a quick look at Todd, and Todd shrugged slightly and shook his head: nothing to worry about After a few minutes the chief gave up and shot a harsh look at Ruth. "There's nowhere else to look. We have no use for an ice pick. We've never had one in this house." Barcello interceded. "Let's leave it at that, chief." To the group at large he explained, without sounding apologetic, "I expected nothing to come of this, but it was unavoidable. Mr. Cardcn, will you come with me now?" Was this another of Blake's one-way moments? He asked the question aloud: "Have I a choice, Lee?" and Barccllo answer surprised him. "You may refuse. But I'll appreciate your co-operation." Blake left the house without speaking to the others, without looking back. Chief Kresh went to his official car and Barcello led the way to his unmarked coupe. Blake sat beside the Lieutenant. The motors were started, the headlights turned on, and Barcello began driving, with the chief trailing close behind. "You're giving me a bad time, Lee, for no good reason. Where are you taking me?" "It's bad," Barcello conced-| Do you own a gun?' "Yes. A target pistol, a .22 automatic. Do you want to see it?" "No." Blocks later Barcello resumed on a different subject. "Rather a pathetic character, George Gibbon." His subtle method again, Blake thought uneasily. • • • "I haven't traced him very far back. There seemed to be no good reason for looking deeper than the superficial pattern he followed. He'd change from one small job to another, as an accountant, always looking for something better, always dissatisfied. Masters- Stowcll gave him a break, a different kind of work, but they soon saw he hadn't enough initiative for advancement. He seemed to be aware of his own limitations. He wasn't resigned to them—in fact, he resented them—but every time he tried to pull himself above them something slipped and he fell back into the same old rut. "In his private life, a quiet, unhappy sort. His mother's a strait-laced, selfish woman who kept him tied to her apron strings. He was her sole support, so she discouraged him from marrying. She refused to share her home with another woman, and he couldn't afford to rent a separate apartment for her. He'd had year after year of this—a deadly dull, suffocating existence. He was becoming more and more in- Watching TV Tcniffrt •:0O-*lflemen I, Certeone 8, Nswi 4-5-4-1 J, tconemltt I, Three Stoogee 11. 6-.15-News 4-54-11, Hetky end Hit Friends 11, o:30-Combet 2-3, £y« on St. louls 4, Mr. Novik 5-4, Teaching Reading 8, Amet and Andy 11. fcOO-Red Skclten 4-12, On Hearing Music I, People Are Funny 11. 7:30-McHale's N«vy 2-3, Redlge 5-6, Bold Journey f, Beit of Groueho 11. 8:00— Grestest Show on Eearth 2-3, Petticoat Junction 4-12, Richard Boon* 5-6, Whit In the World 8, Speelsl flectrorv ie Heart 11. 8:30—Jack Benny 4-12, lye en The World 8. 9:00—The Fugitive 2-3, Gerry Moore 4-12, Telephone Hour 5-4, Movie: Thrill of Brazil 11. 10:00-New» 2-3-4-5-o-U. 10:15-Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Dragnet 6, Weather 12. 10:20—Roaring 20'» 3, Movie: Calcutta 12. 10:25-Eye-lln» 4. 10:30—Movies Thot* Redhead* From Seattle 4. 10:45—Tonight Show *. IhOO-Movie: Green Budd* 11. 11:20-Penle 3. 11:45— Peter Gunn 3. Il:55-Newi 12. 12:00— News 3, Tonight in ft. louia 5. I2-.10-Movtei Say It to French 4. 12:15-Newi 2. 12:20-Mahelle Jackton 2. 12:30-Newa 5-11. I2:40-Newsreel 11. 1:30-Newa 4. WEDNESDAY •ROeitAM Meintng grown, until three or four months ago. Then he began coming to life." (To Be Continued) LEGAL NOTICE I TELEVISION REVIEW NOTKK OF LETTING Sealed proposals will be received in the office of the County Superintendent of Highways until .1:30 p.m., December 4, J9fi3 for furnishing fleet insurance required by Jefferson County Highway Department, and nl that time publicly opened and read. Proposals shall bo .submitted on forms furnished by the Counly which may be obtained at the office of County Superintendent of Highways and shall be enclosed in tin envelope endorsed "Fleet. Insurnnce-Proposa 1." The right is reserved to reject any anil all proposals and to waive technicalities. Proposal guarantee will not bo required. November 26, 1963. By Order of JKFKKRSON CO. BOARD OK SUPERVISORS By Jack K. Trailer, Superintendent of Highways 12-2 DU PONT ZEREX* ANTIFREEZE $ gallon Sl'EOIAI. . COMBINATION OFITOR ~ Rives you low cost winter i jii r o I e is 1 1 o n tint! MORK MII.KK per D01XAII ns .you drive wlfh T.IRKRTV. By CYNTHIA IX1WRY TeleviMon-Rndlo WrKer <)>•> South lOlli Street At NKW YORK IAP)—Television networks and sponsors always like to see in advance the way a prospective new series shapes up. A half-hour show usually costs about $50,000 to produce. Hence one of the mast economical and effective ways of putting a pilot, on view is to introduce the new characters in an episode of some established show. In industry slung this is called a "spin off." Monday night's "Danny Thomas Show" on CBS was the show case for a quintet of Irish comedians and folksingers. Thomas and his busy production company would like to build a series around them. If tha three Clancy brothel's, Tommy Makem and Barbara Mullen make the grade, Dieir series would never go plot hungry. The boys sing and play musical instruments. Miss Mullen is one of those witty, pep pery ladies television writers are so fond of. Everyone has a rich brogue. Also .according to a sugges tion slipped into Monday night's show, the boys propose to be come, respectively, a doctor, a lawyer, an advertising niiui and a policeman. With all those things going for (hem, their series could run forever. Unhappily, their pilot film was not up to the comedy standards of Thomas' weekly show. NBC, after considerable study decided Monday to postpone its documentary program on Cuba and the Bay of Pigs invasion scheduled for next Sunday night. The chronicle deeply involved the late President John F. Kennedy and it was considered in better taste to delay the hour program. Replacement will be n music and comedy special, "The Best on Record" with winners of "Grammy" awards repeating The puddingwife is a trop leal American fish, which grows to about 18 inches in length. Its color is a vivid blue-green tinged wltl bronze or soft orange; spots and streaks of blue ornament the head and fins. Cncyclopaidlo Britannia honors from the recording industry. The taped program originally was scheduled for Nov. '>\. but was canceled by the President's death. ABC currently is pondering how to make better use of correspondents Howard K. Smith and Edward Morgan, both of whom turned in noteworthy jobs in I he network's coverage of John V. Kennedy's death. Smith has been seen only on a biweekly basis this season in a Sunday afternoon interview program. Morgan has a daily radio show. Despite reports, however, ABC currently has no plans to team the commentators in Huntley-Brinkley fashion. Recommonded tonight: Telephone Hour, NBC, 10-11—musical variety with Maurice Chev- Maart •elengs to Daddy 4, Tonight In St. louls 5. 12.15-Nawi 3. 12t20-Mahatla J art ton 2. 12.J0-Newe 5. ISi40~Nawiraal 11. 1.25-Ntws 4. WE THE WOMEN RECIPE FOB ORACIOUSNKSS BF RUTH MILLCTT Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Good-looking women are more the rule than the exception in America. As far as beauty goes, American women seem to nave more than their rightful share. In this country you never have to look for or long to see beautiful girls and attractive women of all ages. You may have to look a long time, however, before you find— • A woman with a low-pitched voice or one whose laughter Is easy-on -the -ears. • A woman who listens attentively while someone else is talking. • A woman whose tact and charm immediately puts others at ease. • A woman who has things of more general interest to talk about than her children, her house, and her petty annoyances. • A woman who has such a HOMES FOR AMERICANS Ugn' brightens any social gathering. • A woman who can express her ideas without sounding as though she is stating indisputable facts. A woman who isn't either openly or slyly critical of other women. • A woman who has enough poise and self-confidence so that she doesn't always have to try to make an impression. • A woman who actually looks fcappy. Any one of these is much harder to find than an attractive looking woman. Yet these are the qualities that make a woman attractive, not to look at, but to be with. numbers them alier among the guest stars. 20,000 CHRISTMAS TREES PINE TREE FARMS 3 Miles N. E. Mt. Vernon On Tolle Road All Sizes Red-White-Scotch Pines See These Beautiful Trees. WHERE THEY ARE GROWING— CUT THE TREE OF YOUR CHOICE. AVOID SHEDDING Of Needles By Cutting A Fresh Tree. BRING THE KIDS—HAVE FUN—SAVE MONEY. Trees Reserved Now May Be Cut When Desired. Keep Christmas As It Was Meant To Be With A Living Tree. Open 7 Days A Week — We Deliver At No Extra Charge MERRY CHRISTMAS PINE TREE FARMS R.R, No. 6, Mt. Vernon, III. 5:20-News 4. 5:30—Sunrlit Semester 4 6:00—Town and Country 4. 6:30—P. S. Four 4, Sunrise Semester IS. 7:00—Tha Morning Seana 4, Today 5-6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:25-News 5. 7:30-Today 5-6. 7:40-World of Mr. Zoom 4. 7:45—Uahalia Jackton 3. 7:50~Parm Report S. 7:55-New» 2. 8:00—Capt. Kangaroo 40?. 8:15-Medteal Profile a. 8:25-N.wt 5-6. 8:30—Tree Houie Time 3, Today 5-6. 9:00—King and Odie 3, JacV lalanne 3, Newt 4-12, lay When 5-6. 9:15—Romper Room 3. 9:25-Now» 5-6. 9:30-Trail Weir 3, I tova luey 4-12, Word of Word 5-4. 10.00-Price li Right 2-3, Tha McCoy* 4-12, Concentration 5-6, 10;30—Seven Keys 2-3, Pete and Gladys 4-12, Milting link* 5-6. 11:00— Tenn. Ernie Ford 2-3, love of Life 4-12, Your first Im pression 5-6. 11-25-Newi 4-12. 11:30— Father Knowi Beit 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Comequencei 5-6. !!:45-Guiding light 4-12. ll:55-Day Report 5-4. Afterneai? 12:00— General Hospital 2-3, New* 4.5-6-11-12. 12i05-My little Matgio 4, Charlotte Peteri 5. 12:15—Paitor Speeki 6, ^odtrn Almanac 11, Farm Picture IS 12:30—Divorce Court 2, Religious 3, A» The World Turna 4-12, Romper Room 6, Cartoona II 1 IOO- Educational 3, Password 4-12, People Will Talk 5-*, Double Featura 11. 1:25-Newi 5-6. 1:30— Day In Court 2-3, House Party 4-12, The Doctori 54. 1:54- New. - Hit Howard 2-3. j 3:00—Queen For A Day 2-3, To Tell Tha Truth 4-13, latetta Young 5-6. 2:15—Double Featura II. 2:25-News 412. 2:30-Who Do You Trust 2-3, tdge of Night 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3:00—Trailmaiter 2-3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Gam* 5-4. 3:25-Newi 5-6. 3:30 -S. S. Popeye 4, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 3:45-Brave Stallion 12. 4:00— Adventurei In Paradise |, The Hour 3, Movla 4, Corky the Clown 5, Beit of Groueho 8, Film Clmlc I, Capt. Il'a Showboat 11. 4:15— Bozo'i Cartoons 12. 4:30—Maverick 5, Popeye, Pence Partv 6, Industry on Parade I. 4:45-The Friendly Glent «, techy and His Frlendi 12. 5:00—City Camera and Weather 2, Mickey Mouie 3-11, Ames and Andy, Ann Southern 6, Whet'e New 8. 5:15-Newa 2, Yogt leer II. 5:30—Zane Grey Theater 1, Clutch Cargo 3, News 4, Huntley and Brlnkley 5-6, fmata t. 5:45-News 3-12. 5:50-Weather 12. tvMtnf 6:00—Rifleman i, Cartoona S, NWM 4-54-13, Biology Tkraa Stooges 11. 6:15-News 4-5-6-lf, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6:30-Oizle and Harriet 2-3, Chronicle 4-12, The Virginian 5-6, Whst'a New I, Amos and Andy II. 7:00—Patty Duke Show 2-3, Eye On St. louts 4, Meet Marjorle lawrence t, People Are Funny 11. 7-.30-Prlce l» Right 2-3, Glynls 4-12, Bold Journey I, Beet of Groueho 11. •iOO—Ben Caiey 2-3, The Beverly Hillbillies 4-12, Espionage 5-6, The light Show 8, Speed Spectacular 11. B:30-Dick Van Dyke 4-12, The Muiic Show 8. 9:00—Channlng 2-3, Danny Kayo 4-12, The Eleventh Hour 5-6, Movlei California Pasiaga 11. 10:00-N«ws 2-3-4-5-6-12. 10:15—Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Biography 6, Weather 13. 10:20-Maverick 3, Movie: The Great McGlnty 12. 10:25-Eye-line 4. )0:30-Mov)e> last of «W Badman 4. 10:45—Tonight Show 6. 11:00-Movle: Four Sons 11. ll:20-Blue Angels 3. 11:45—Pater Gunn 2. Ih50-News 12. 12:00-News 3-11, Movie: My CHANGE OF PACE FOR HERB KARL NEW YORK (AP)—Helmu. Qualtinger, leading Auatrlar .satirist, Is planning a change ot pace by enacting Henry VIII in Maxwell Anderson's "Anne of the 1,000 Days." Here for a limited German- language engagement In his "Herr Karl" sketches, Qualt­ inger saltl he would tackle the dramatic role in December at Hamburg. He is also writing a play called "The Execution." The entertainer said It would shock Vienna more than soma of his "Herr Karl" lampoons, but declined to reveal the plot. CENTER BALL planning of> /firs good traffic circulation to Utis handsome ranch house. The three bedrooms arc in a uring of their own and is a family bathroom as melt as a bath which opens both from the hall and the master bedroom. A sheltered breeze' way, an outdoor barbecue and a rear terrace add to the inp- facilities, outdoors. Plan UA320C • has 1,550 square feel and was designed by Lester Cohen, Room 704, 48 V, 48th St., New York 36, EL X. RECHTER'S BEAUTY SALON 242-0783 Seasons Greetings New, smooth "Holiday" hairstyles need the boW stering of this rtxj, IXJSQ ''Fanfare" wave. 643 Reg. 10.00 'Festival* Ww Now Juit 535* •no*HA*, MUM sMtaT ANNA corny MADELINE WADMI Enjoy life more in '64 with a new electric range Tell Santa—a modern electric range is the gift that keeps on giving. Because it's beautiful. Because it's so beautifully useful. No gift adds more to a homemaker's joy of living than automatic electric cooking. Completely controlled, clean, convenient cooking. And when your kitchen, stays cool next summer, you'll be glad you told Santa now. HERE'S THE BUILT-IN LOOK WITH NO REMODELING-Todoy'i ei«ctrk ranges make K easy to modernize your kitchen. A range Ilk* ttil»> for Instance, providei that bvlIMn look ond •»•»- venience, and'slip* simply into place In your prennt Idtehen layout. (See the new electric ranges at your appliance dealers... 0 EYE-LEVEL OVEN The built-in idea in today's electric ranges puts oven, broiler, and rotisserie at eye level, arm level. No stooping, no squinting to see what's cookin'. Easy to gel at. And plenty of storage space beneath, where the oven used to be. COUNTERTOP In many electric ranges, countertop surface burners slide out when you're using them, slide in when you're not. This streamlines your kitchen, makes it easier to get at storage space beneath. AUTOMATIC CONTROLS They're located where you can see them, reach them, with modern eye-level e|ec« trie ovens and broilers. Furthermore, the controls are complete. You have automatic time and temperature supervision over just about every cooking operation. ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY

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