Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 1, 1972 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1972
Page 12
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^ A*I2 Alton Evening Telegraph Friday, September .1, 1U72 m. . ,1 Treasury of Man '$ Noblvsl Aspirations in Religious Architecture St. Basil's Church (MOSCOW, RUSSIA) This edifice is one of the world's most extraordinary for several reasons: it is the city's most famous church; it is in the capitol of an atheistic nation; it is one of the few churches of the 1600 in Moscow which still ie- <D 1872 CHURCHES UNLIMITED, INC, mains a religions temple (most churches are now state owned museums or theatres - some have even been turned into restaurants, schools and warehouses); it is one of the most grotesque structures in the universe to be dedicated to the worship ot Jesus Christ. Begun in 1 554 by Ivan the Terrible, this Rtisso- By/antinc church stands over the tomb of St. Basil, a popular miracle-worker and prophet, of that era. It occupies a position on the outskirts of Red Square - very near the Redeemer CFiite, one of the most celebrated entrances to Moscow's awesome Kremlin. Consecrated in 1560, the church was not completed until 1679. The eleven domes, each having a different form, are the cupolas for eleven separate chapels beneath. Exteriorly, they arc decorated in a bewildering profusion of gold and silver or deeply - tinted tiles. The chapel interiors glitter with a rich array of magni- liccnt icons and mosaics. There is no nave, nor are there transepts - merely a maze of darkened passageways leading from one chapel to another. ' A gruesome tale is told regarding the architects. Banna andPostnik. Ivan the Terrible so desired his church to be singularly outstanding in its appearance that he threatened their death should the finished product not meet expectations. To the contrary, however, the church was so astoundingly different'and colorful that Ivan, tearing its designers might, someday duplicate it. had them cither blinded or beheaded. W /^(TTl TT* I CHURCH DIRECTORY of Alton-Wood River Mctroplex, Brighton, Jerseyville & Bunker Hill AFRICAN METHODIST I EPISCOPAL ALLEN CHAPEL A. M. E. CHURCH 2213 Salu St. Alton CAMPBELL CHAPEL A. M. E. CHURCH «26 East 4th St. Alton MODEL CHAPEL A. M. E. CHURCH B07 Mitchell Alton APOSTOLIC BETHESDA TEMPLE 1130 Harrison Alton ASSEMBLIES OP GOD EDWARDS ST. ASSEMBLY 2615 Edwards St. Alton FAITH ASSEMBLY OF GOD 801 Goodtellow Alton SPRING ST. ASSEMBLY 612 Spring St. Alton ASSEMBLY OF GOU CHURCH OF BETHALTO Ul Sheridan Bethalto ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH No. Main St. Brighton FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD |07 W. Fayette bunker Hill ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 30 Hu-vel Court-Cottage Hills ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH OF EAST ALTON UK W. Main St. East Alton FOREST MISSION ASSEMBLY OF GOD Btb & Forest Dr.. Forest H. NORTHSIDE ASSEMBLY 4836 N. Alby St. Rd. Godfrey ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH OF HARTFORD 1(0 E. Watldns Hartford ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH OF ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS MS Maywood Rosewood Hgts. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 6M S. Pearl Jerseyville ASSEMBLY OF GOD 211 Stevenson S. Roxana FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD 7*1 N. 9th St. Wood River BAHA'I BAHA'I FAITH (No edifice) 468-1633 Godfrey BAPTIST FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF FOSTERBURG Fo*tcrnur« Road Alton GREATER ST. JAMES BAPTIST CHURCH «U Bell* St- Alton MORNING STAB BAPTIST CHURCH tn iUtoy AtiM NORTH ALTON GENERAL 8APTISTCHURCH B*ttUM * AH» St. Alton ST. JOHN BAPTIST CH. 427 Market St! Alton ST. PAUL'S MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH St. * GflU St. Alton FIRST GEN. BAPTIST CH. I Tomlinson & Berkshire E. Al. FRIENDSHIP GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH 319 W. Main St East Alton BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH RFD No. 2 JerseyvUle BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH 708 Sumner Jerseyville DELHI BAPTIST CHURCH RFD No. 1 Jerseyville FIRST GENERAL BAPTIST CH. OF MEADOWBROOK Ridge St. Meadowbrook FIRST GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH OF WOOD RIVER 1332 Miland Wood River GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH OF WOOD RIVER S1U George Wood River PLEASANT VIEW GEN. BAPTIST CHURCH 73 E. Jennings Wood River WOOD RIVER MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 467 No. 3rd St. Wood River BAPTIST - AMERI CAN CHERRY ST. BAPTIST CH. East bth & Cherry Sts. Alton FIRM BAPTIST CHURCH Of ALTON Col. Ave. & Johnson Alton MAIN STREET BAPTIST 509 Main St. Alton TWING MEMORIAL BAP. 1253 W. 9th Si. AUoi) UNION BAPTIST CHURCH 320 E. 7th St. Alton | UPPER ALTON BAP. CH. 2726 College- A\e. Alton FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1 OF COTTAGE HILLS I 200 Nu. Williams Cott. Hills FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH | OF EAST ALTON i 400 Bowman E^st Alton ; FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1 OF ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS ! South Rosewood La=t Aitun ' GODFREY BAPTIST CH. ! ItOl W. Delmur Goddeyl FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH | OF HARTFORD | W. Forest & Delmar Hartpd FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 1 200 W. Petrl Jerseyville i FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH i OF WOOD RIVER i 300 E. Lorena Wood River • BAPTIST - FREEWILL BAPHST: SO. CONVENTION ALTON FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH 726 Henry St. Alton CALVARY BAPTIST en. 1422 Washington Alton CURD1E HEIGHTS SOUTHERN BAPTIST CH. 503 Milton Road Alton EAST SIDE BAPTIST CH. 3418 College Ave. Alton NORTH ALTON SOUTHERN BAPTIST CH. 2245 State St. Alton FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF BETHALTO 123 W. Sherman Bethalto FIRST SOUTHERN BAP. CHURCH OF BRIGHTON 304 Maple Brighton DOW FIRST SO. BAPTIST Dow FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST OF FORREST HOMES BETHANY BAPTIST CH. 4712 Alby St. Rd. Godfrey OTTERVILLE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCH RFD No 3 Jerseyville STATE STREET BAPTIST 100!) N. State Jerseyville FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CH. OF MEADOWBROOK Central St. Meadowbrook FIRST SOUTHERN BAP. CHURCH OF SO. ROXANA Biltmore & 111. South Roxana WHITELAW AVE. BAPTIST Whitelaw &< Chessen. W. River BIBLE BEREAN BIBLE CHURCH 3025 Alby St. Alton CHRISTIAN FIRST CHRISTIAN CH 760 Washington Ave. Alton FIRST CHRISTIAN CH. Route 140 BL-thalto FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ol BRIGHTON i-outli Main St.. Brmhioii COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Moniictllo Chapd Godfrey FIRST CHRISTIAN CH. lOi s. PkLisunt Jerseyville FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST CHRISTIAN 2nd 4c Lortna Wood River CHURCH OF GOD I 102 S. River CHURCH OF GOD < AND E RSONQ N D.) FIRST CHURCH OF GOD 05 N. Elm St. Alton MEADOWBR'K CH. OF GOD Maple Dr. & Elm., Meadowb'k IVY HEIGHTS CH. OF GOD Rock Hill Road Wood River CHURCH OF GOD IN_ CHRIST BROWN FAITH TMPL. CH. OF GOD IN CHRIST 2603 Main Si. Alton CH. OF GOD IN CHRIST 11)04 Gross Alton CH. OF GOD IN CHRIST 1100 Highland Alton CH. OF" GOD IN CHRIST 1725 Oakwood Ave. Alton CH. OF GOD IN CHRIST | 1823 Belie St. Alton Cll. OF THE_NAZARENE ALTON CHURCH OF THE NA2ARENB 3316 Hilli-rest Alton CH. OF THE NAZARENE 312 E. Arch Jerseyville ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS CH. OF THE NAZARENE Ibb E. Airline Rosewood Hts. CH. OF THE NAZARENE 201 W. Tydeman Roxana COMMUNITY BETHEL FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Sinclair & H*»h St. S. Rox. BAPTIST - G.A.R.B.C. BROWN STREET BAPTIST 3125 Brown St. Alton SANFORD AVE. BAPTIST 2636 Sanford Ave. Alton BEREAN BAPTIST CH. 200 E. Hamilton Bunker Hill COTTAGE HILLS BAPTIST i3 Neunaber Cottage Hills GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH 226 S. Pence East Alton FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Central Ave. & Tjdemau. Run. BAPTIST • GENERAL BETHEL GEN. BAPTIST SSLfv^JPSi* 1 * Bethalto FIRST GEN. BAPTIST CH. OF ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS N. Central Rotewood _ "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CH. 533 E. 10th St. Alton CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CH. & READING ROOM Elsth FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST 400 S. Washington JerseyvUle CHURCH OF CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST 3-KI2 Franor Alton CHURCH OF CHRIST 5iO Monroe East Alton CHURCH Of CHRIST 64)2 Humbert Rd Godfrey CHURCH OF CHRIST Prairie & Lafayette, J'ville VAUGHN HILL CHURCH OF CHRIST S. Bel] wood Rosewood Hgts. CHURCH Oil GOO CHURCH OF GOD 1600 Maupin >tton CHURCH OF GOD 2J2 S. Fence Ea*t Alton ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CH 1327 Vaufjlm Rd. W. River METHOD 1ST • F REE FREE METHODIST CH. 2711 Hlllcrest Alton JOHN WESLEY FREE METHODIST CH. 503 S. Clinton Bunker Hill NON- DENOM f NATION AL GOSPEL TABERNACLE CHURCH OF WOOD RIVER State & Elble Sts. Wood River PENTECOSTAL ALTON PENTECOSTAL CH. 800 E. 8th St. Alton BETHEL PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 300 Lincoln East Alton CALVARY TEMPLE 713 Washington Ave. Alton EAST ALTON PENTECOSTAL 206 U. St. Louis East Alton FAITH TABERNACLE TRINITY PENTECOSTAL 33 W. Watkins Hartford UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 716 State St. Wood River PRESBYTERIAN COMMUNITY CH. OF GOD 2508 Johnson St. Alton C ON G R EGATIO N AL FIRST CONGREGATIONAL 600 Henry St. Alton JONES FAITH TEMPLE CH. OF DELIVERANCE 1123 Central Ave. Alton EPISCOPAL ST. GABRIEL'S EPISCOPAL 9bo Whitela-.v Wood River ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL 10 E. Third St. Alton INDEPEN. FUNDAMENTALj CLIFTON BAPTIST CH. j 30H W. Uelmar Godfrey ! FAITH COMMUNITY CH. i 75U5 Humbei't Kd. Godfrey ; JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES I 3633 Aberdeen Alton ! JEWISH TEMPLE 1SKAEI 1414 W Delmar ijodfiey LATTER-DAY SAINTS CH. OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS 6500 Humbert Rd. Godfrey LU1H&RAN-MCK SYNOD MESSIAH LUTHERAN CH. 920 Milton RoLd Alton ! TRINITY LUTHERAN CH. j Blair i Muple Sts. Alton I ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 625 ( St. Bethailo ', 2ION LL1HLRAN CHURCH! Bunker Hill CO.-.C.JKU1A LLIii'RAN CH. 21 ( iitle In. Cottage Hills EMMAUS LUTHERAN CH. FAITH LUTHERAN CH. 6609 Godfrey Rd Godfrey HOPE LUTHfcRAN CH. N. Jefferson Jerseyville COLLEGE AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH College Ave. & Clawson Alton EL.M ST. PRESBYTERIAN 101 W. Elm Si. Alton FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 4th & Alby St. Alton SALEM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Seminary Rd. Alton TWELFTH STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 504 E. 12th St. Alton FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Main St. Brighton ZION PRESBYTERIAN Fosterburg Rd. Fosterburg FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 400 S. Sti-te Jerseyville MORO PRESBY. CHURCH Moro FIRST PRESBYTERIAN lib W. 1st St. Roxana FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 3-l'J E. Lorena Wood Kiver PRESBYTEU1AN- REFORMED" WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 212 E. Elm St. Alton ROMAN CATHOLIC ST. MARY'S CHURCH 525 E. 4th St. Alton ST. MATTHEWS CHURCH 1015 Milton Road Alton ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH SIS F, 5th St. Alton Sh PETER i: PAUL'S CH. 717 Sute St. Alton LADY QUEEN OF PEACE 620 N. Prairie Bethalto ST. ALPHONSUS CHURCH N. Main St. Brighton ST. MARY'S CHURCH Bunker Hill ST. AMBROSE CHURCH 2727 St. Ambrose Dr. Godfrey Listed Alphabetically by Location HOLY GHOST CHURCH 3D6 N. Washington Jerseyville ST. KEVIN'S CHURCH 108 E. Alrwood Rosewood Heights ST. BERNARD'S CHURCH 345 E. Acton Wood River SALVATION ARMY SALVATION ARMY CITADEL 525 Alby St. Alton SEVENTH-DAY ADVENT1ST 2014 Main St. Alton UNITARIAN UNiVERSALIST FIRST UNITARIAN CH. 3rd & Alby St. Alton UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST ST. JOHN'S North St. Brighton COMMUNITY CONGREGATION 6104 Godfrey Rd. Godfrey FIRST CONGREGATIONAL Bunker Hill EVANGELICAL 1212 Godfrey Beltline-Godfrey ST. JOHN'S 6th & Penning Wood River UNITED CH. OF CHRIST 326 E. Carpenter Jerseyville H^ 1 ITE P METHODIST GRACE UNITED METH. 702 Henry St. Alton MAIN ST. UNITED METH. 1400 Main St. Alton METROPOLITAN UNITED j 6th & Market Alton i BETHALTO UNITED METHODIST 240 L. Sherman Bethalto ST. PAUL UNITED METH. Main & Vine Brighton i UNITED METHODIST CH. ] Bunker Hill i FIRST UNITED METH. I 3rd & Kent Sts. East Alton FIRST UNITED METH. | 519 Gri.ce St. Godfrey 1 FIRST UNITED METH. ! W. 4lh & S. Delmar Hartford j UNITED METHODIST CH. 301 W. Exchange lerseyville ST. PAUL UNITED METH. OF ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS | Central & Airline R. Hts. FIRST UNITED METH. 319 Sinclair S. Roxana WANDA METHODIST CH. Wanda, 111. EVANGELICAL UNITED 1121 Poplar Wood River FIRST UNITED METH. 6th & Lorena Wood River VARIOUS DENOMINATIONS TRUE CHURCH HOUSE OF PRAYER TO ALL NATIONS 5 E. 17th St. Alton KEORG. CH. OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS 5th & Lorena Wood River GOSPEL ASSEMBLY 1000 McClusky Rd Jerseyville HEALING WATERS TEMPLE 120 Marion mm <J These Inspirational Pages, Portraying Man's Awescbne Dedication to His Lord, Are Published in the hiterest of Wholesome, Historical and Educational Readership Through the Generosity of these Firms and Individuals: BRUCKERT CHEVROLET, INC. Bunker Hill, III. Ph. 585-4901 CENTRAL AVENUE AUTO PARTS & PAINT 1001 E. Broadway, 462-6274, 6319 CENTRAL SEWING & SUPPLY Fabrics & Pfaff Sewing Machines 24 West Broadway Alton CENTRAL WHEEL ALIGNMENT AND BRAKE SERVICE 103 Central Avenue 465-9132 CHERRY AND GOLTZ FURNITURE '/j Block West of the Bridge Alton, Illinois CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE 218 S. Delmar, Hartford 254-0723 God Knoweth Your Heart Luke 16:15 CLARK SERVICE STATION 2801 E. Broadway 465-9573 ADAMS DEVELOPMENT CO. Residential • Commercial - Industrial 4300 N. Alby, Alton 465-4223 ADAMS PRINTING CO. Charles Emons, Owner 462-0044 ALBRECHT CHEVROLET, INC. Edwardsville Rd. Wood River, III. ALTON BANKING & TRUST CO. "Your Full Service Wedge Bank" Member FDIC ALTON BIBLE & BOOK STORE 2808 E. Broadway 462-6855 ALTON DAIRY QUEEN 1808 Washington 465-1575 ALTON MOTORCYCLE SALES HONDA - SUZUKI 1200 E. Broadway Alton, III. ALTON NATURAL HEALTH FOODS 520 Ridge St. 462-7827 ALTON SAVINGS & LOAN 620 E. Third, Alton Phone 465-4483 ALTON ONE HOUR MARTINIZING CLEANERS 329 State 462-8461 AMERICAN COMMERCIAL BARGE LINE Foot of Plum 465-6683 BARRETT SHEET METAL, HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING 327 State St. 465-373.1 BELTLINE TV 4130 Alby 466-2888 WALLY BERGER BUICK BUICK - OPEL 927 E. Broadway Alton BERIGAN-BOERNER REALTORS Real Estate & Insurance East Alton Ph. 259-7241 BETHALTO FURN. & CARPET CENTER Your Complete Home Needs Center 561 Logan St. Bethalto BILL'S MORNING STAR DRIVE-IN 3000 N. Humbert 465-9213 ^BILL & JOE'S SHELL SERVICE "Your Automotive Needs Center" Route No. 3 East Alton, II DRAKE TIRE CO. 1214 E. Broadway 465-8897 BILL'S CONOCO Route 67 & 94 West Alton, Mo. Open Daily 6 am to I I pm BLANKENSHIP, WINFREY INS. AGENCY 2703 Sanford 465-8330 BOB'S HOME REPAIR Plumbing And Home Repairs Alton 465-6058 BROADWAY & MAIN Produce Market 2530 East Broadway FESSLER'S CONOCO SERV. Elm & Alby Sts., Alton Phone 465-8034 GENE'S CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH 335 E. Ferguson Ave. Wood River Ph: 254-4351! GENT FUNERAL HOME, INC. Alton, III. Ambulance Service GIBSON FURNITURE, INC. 639 E. Broadway 465-4477 GINTER-WARDEIN LUMBER CO. "Dry Lumber" 81 Henry St. Alton, III. GODFREY STATE BANK Member FDIC Box No. B, Godfrey 466-5000 GODWIN OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 114 E. Broadway 465-7756 GOULDINGS JEWELERS 120 Years - Downtown Alton Phone 465-6629 WALTER HALE REALTY REALTOR East Alton Ph. 259-2115 P.N. HIRSCH & CO. 5 Big Area Stores Serving You and Your Family HOEFERT DODGE 801 E. Broadway Phone 465-5574 HOME SAVINGS & LOAN ASSN. Broadway at Piasa St. Alton, Illinois MUTTON FORD, INC. 137fVaughn Rd., (Rt. Ill) Wood River Ph. 259-4200 IMEL TOX-ITE TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL' 430 S. Prairie, Bethalto, 377-9839 JERRY'S BRAKE & ALIGNMENT MOTOR TUNE-UP Rosewood Heights Ph. 259-2513 JERSEY FARMERS ELEVATOR, INC. 412 Harbert. Jerseyville 498-2191 'KENNETH JAMISON & SONS, INC. Masonry Contractors 466-1831 466-2243 KINZEL FLOWER SHOP 723 E. 5th 462-8871 L&M HEATING/'COOLING, INC. 91 Henry St. , Alton McDONALD'S DRIVE-INS . .. Your Kind of Place ... 2400 BeltflnT- 54 Edw'ville Rd., W.R. CLAY EAST SUPPLY 5331 Godfrey Road Phone 466-3551 CROWN FINANCE Bob Hutchinson 2522 College (Up. Alton) 465-4201 CUSTOM AUTO BODY 1015 Belle 465-7063 DAVEY TYPEWRITER & CLOCK REPAIR 1203 State 462-1064 DEL-ESTA ROOFING & WATER PROOFJNG 3407 Leo 462-6384 DENNY'S MOBILE SERVICE 2700 Washington 465-9720 DORRIE'S HOME CAFE 611 E.Broadway 465-9642 DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry 462-2922 EARL'S TIRE & BATTERY SHOP Used - Reconditioned 3005 Belle St. 465-6555 D'ADRIAN CONVALESCENT CENTER 1318 W. Delmar, Godfrey-466-0153 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 200 W. Main Street East Alton, III. Go to Church AL J. SPRINGMAN Builder - Developer - Remodeling 466-2213 Godfrey THE STATE BANK OF JERSEYVIILE Member FDIC Jerseyville, Illinois ROCKY STECHER Ebinger Radio, Inc. Alton, Illinois STRIKER CHEVROLET Sales • Service - Body Shop • Parts Truck Rental 462.1241 SUPERIOR INTERIORS Carpet • Draperies - Furniture 112 Godfrey-Beltline, 466-6744 THRIFTY DRUG STORES TOM BOY STORES In the Telegraph Area TRI-CITY GROCERY CO. Serving Alton - East Alton Wood River - JerseyvSlle WALZ OLDSMOBIUE 912-1000 E. Broadway, Alton Phone 465-6678 or 465*6609 WELLS TIRE COMPANY Goodyear Tires and Batteries 833 E. Broadway Alton, III. WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-06 East Broadway Harold O. Nichols WILD GOOSE BARGAIN CENTER "Your Complete Discount Store" Route No. 140 Bethalto, Illinois JACK WILLIAMS OFFICE PRODUCTS 500 East Broadway 462-1.079 WOOD RIVER DAIRY QUEEN 1288 Edwardsville Road, 254M37I2 WOOFF REALTORS - BELTtlNE Loyce Wooff Realtors-Altx>n Loyce Wooff - Dennis Wooff MEEHAN'S BI-RITE 126 S. Prairie, Bethalto Ph. 377-9414 METROPOLITAN BANK - TRUST CO. Member FDIC 2850 Beltline 463*1333 MILTON GREENHOUSES 1204 Milton Road 46.2-1732 MORSE AUCTION COMPANY Cottage Hills, III. Ph. 259-2821 MOYER SUPPLY Materials for "Do-lt-YourseM" 500 Belle St. Phone 465-3447 NITA'S CAFE WOOD RIVER 36 Wood River Ave. 254-7204 PEPSI-COLA ALTON BOTTLING, INC. 2523 E. Broadway 465-3511 GEORGE PETERIE AGENCY Godfrey, III. Ph. 466-0542 PIASA LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. 1201 E. Broadway, Alton, 465-8343 "Better Ideas Make Better Cars" PIRO TV & APPLIANCE "Fedders Central Air Conditioning" 223 S. Prairie St., Bethalto, III. ROBERTS FORD DAILY RENTAL - LEASING Alton Ph. 462-9233 SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. Alton and Edwardsville SEA WORLD AQUARIUM & PET SHOP 1401 Vaughn Rd., Hwy. 111, W. R. SLENDERINE HEALTH SPA 2715 E. Broadway 462-0919 SNYDERS Downtown Alton, Illinois Phone 462-9751 SPARKS TV & MUSIC Route III & 143, Wood River 254-1976 Regularly!

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