Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 6, 1950 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1950
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JANUARY «, 1950 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAOt IftVINfBIN Cot 1*49. KiM tanati Srid.nlt. t*, «'™IJ riitin rtwmd HIYA, ELMER, K.' PAU/ HOW6.OI.O PWIENP/ 'N' THING6?tes. BUT... ^..1 THINK\I'M /N A HURRY z $H0ULPy...oNLV aor TIME r LATCH YOU.../ ONTAACOUPUA YELUER CRUNCHIE5/ YIPE... AN' THREE URKS/ ...I JU5T FINISHED, POCISHIN3 MV r/ NOW HE , FLOOR*/y VTCICS ME/, /•^ MOTHER/ YOi MEAN. <?FZEUS/ "WHAT: WHO IS X PON'TCHA? THAT? M&WTHAT I'M AN AMA2ON. MEAN ISOLA OR TWO TT6ST WELL...! MADE IT, BUT I AIN'T TOO SURE T T PROVED ANYTHING! OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOPPLE VJITH GOOD REASONJg IT MEANS sou LOOK LIKE M£LT£O CHEESE MOUND MtS M MA3QR/ AMD 1 SAT FOR HOURS, AS V»lt>E-eVeD AS A CHILD AT A, CIRCUS, PONDERING VMH AT IT MEAMT/-V-. I VMAS AM EAR OF CORtt. AND A HUGE SET VOICMES AT Mlt>- NISHT IS TOO MANV/ ME APART/ •«~VMHAT COULD CUMKCRS? DREAM LIKE ,. MEAM ? PUZZLES HIM* /-* OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS ' TWENTY YEARS. AGO I OFFEREP you THAT joe>-- >OU 'KNOW THAT, HAMP.' VOU 5AIP KIP STUFF-WOW ITS BIG> STUFF AMP SORE AT WATCH THOSE TWO STIFF OLP BICPS.' THEY'VE FORC3OT THAT CARRIAGE IS AWAV WITH ONE FOOT, AMP WHEN THEV TRV TO KETCH UP IT'LL LOOK LIKE THE ARGUMENT ENPEP IN) A BRAWL. THE TAKE-UP YOUU. weeze ON THE SL PO«:H TWI& OF^EAR, MOM* ITS WARM AS SPRING-. TONIGHT.' vVWU-E LAUD A COLO AND-- THERE.MEN/ / G04&BTHIM DftPDV! Mi'llE X TM6 TWINS? ^HOtV 5MPKE1 iEEM TtWlNfl TO \NHVi I HAVENT ) WE THOUGHT MEM THEM./THEV WERE BUT...BUT WHIRS L CAROL] y WITH VOUf IT* C30SH, i PUMHI0 WHIRi THEY COULD ftE! WE 1TMEV DOMT tTAV »'/UIC /rtl(T Illi'sC VUi^fhUgV 10 OUR 0|TTIsJ<J KUJG& U 0 V KIKN THE *<J V» PHONED iVEK'ONf /OUT LIKE THIS! BETTEB CALL T«| POLICE «- v THE HOSPITAL* TMEV HAVEN'T COME HOME! LOOK! SHE GOT AN "A" IN SPELLING! SHE TAKES AFTER ME! t WAS GOOD IN SPELLING, VE5, READING AND ,\WA% EASY FOR AN "A" V^ ME» TCXD! IN READING IIIIIHWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHH • Tonight's Radio Program \ IllHlllilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIIIUIIIIIIlliUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH I'he telegraph radio <cnedu» u made up from programs provided weekly by the stations It cannot be responsible (or chant.** mad* IK orocrams since mailing b» <tatlnn> ON rUE DIAL* KSU. HAS); KXOft ••*, WEW 7i(l; KFUO. Ma : KMOX, lit!) WIL. I5S»; KWK. IXM-, WOKZ <rktl 09.K Meg. t«7» FBIDAf 5:00 P M. KSD- News Jumpln lack* KXOK—Challenge ol the Yukon. KFUO—News. KMOX -News WIL—Jack Bennett. KWK Blna Crosby WOKZ (FM)-Musical CockUtl. 5:15 H M KHO- l-unr I'ime KFUO—Amer. Med. Ass'n. KMOX- World News tOO f M KBI> News KXOK—Jack Armstrong. KFUO—Bible Study. KMOX Curt Massev KWK -Tom Mix WOKZ (FM1—Chuck Foster. 9:4» H M KSD—Music KMOX--News WII—Sports Extra 6:00 P. M. KSD—News. Sports. KXOK-Holly wood Showtime KFUO i FM i—Concert KMOX—Beulah Show WIL—News KWK-New* WOKZ (FMI—Diner Music. g:U C M K8D--Newt at Uie WOfsD KXOK-News KMOX-Jack Smith'* WIL—Bob Crosby KWK-GU Newsotne rtn* 6:30 P M KSD—Sinaira-Klrsten KXUK-Uine Ranger KMOX—Club 15 WIL—Mystery House. 6:4i P M KSD—Song Shop KMOX-Newt WIL—Sparklers KWK—Music for Tomorrow 7:00 P. M. KSD—Halls ot Joy, Ronald Colman. KXOK-The rat Man KFUO IFMI—News KMOX—GoldherVt WIL—Hobby Lobby. KWK—B-Bar-B Ranch. WOKZ (FM)— Proudly We Hall. 7:13 P. M. KFUOlFMi-Sport* KWK-Wallei Cronklte 7:30 P M KSD-We. the People. KXOK-This U Voui rtU KFUO IFMI-Family Worship. KMOX -favorni- Husband WIL—News, Jack Bennett. KWK—The Saint; News. WOKZ IFMI-Dance lime. 7:49 P M WEW Eventide tlcnoet KFUO iFMi— Excursions In Bel 8:00 P. M. KSD—Director'* Playhouse. KXOK-Ozzie * Harriet KFUO iFMi Concert Hall KMOX—Leave It to loan KWK —Gabriel Heatui WOKZ IFMI—Alton HI BB Game 8:1S P. M. KWK—To Be Announced. WOKZ (FM)—A. H. S. B. B. Game 8:30 P M KSD - Jimm.v Uurante KXOK-The tnerut KFUO iFM.—New f KMOX—Show Goes On. ' KWK—Meet the Prenfc «:4A P M KFUO iFM' M'lndv Hat m 9:00 P. M. KSD—Life of Rlley. KXOK Boxing KFUO iFMi-i-Bleiwing KMOX—Stan Daugherty. WIL-Rhythm KWK—Frank Edwards. B;1S P. M. WIL—Stars ot Songland. KWK—I Love a Mystery 0-3U f M KSU Bill siern KXOK -Song and Danre KFUO FMi Newt KMOX—Capitol Cloakroom. WIL—News Hollywood. KWK—Dr Klldare B:4» H M. KSD—Pro and Con •<Ft)i> l-M i open Bible WIL—Sport*. 10 Ot l .1 i\SU • New* KXOK—France Laua KFUO 'FMi-Master* Mutlc K'MOX Wntir 1 iVrw* WIL—Wrestling. KWK—Sports, News. 10:lf) I' M KSU -H v Ka'tenboro KMOX—Bob eiM>n KWK -Orchestra 10:30 P M. KSD—Guy Lombardo KXOK—Beautiful Music. .»riHj FM. New, KMOX—Crime. Instrumental. KWK—Shopper's Guide. 10:4» H M KFUO KM' Abide witli Me WIL—Guest Star it-U' i- vi >\teu .-»^ itporta KXUh Newi KTUO 'KM i (.onoan KMOX News Musle WIL- -Dawn Patrol KWK—Dick Balaano. 11:15 P. M. KSD—Mlndy Carson. KXOK 1) N rnda.v Orchestra News KWK B Hacked Orchestra. ll*i t' .VI KSU Newt Mua*. WII—News Dawn Patrol • KWK- Orchestra U:uo P M KSD- New* KMOX -An ( Nlghl rrolMa g:OU A M KSD—News rtXOK-Town A Country Market* Weather WEW-News MUSW.I Clock. KFUO—Call KMOX Km 111 I ami. Markatt WII.—Breakfast Club. f. \ . . |JC A IIM'I •:I6 A M Kill Hymrn KMOX Sunr.n Soium •:3U A M KBD Meiudlet KXOK—Corn Stories. Wbv- New mi-" f '-lock KFUO-Farm and Home Journal I4S. A ». KSU Nrw> Wramei KXOK- Barnyard Heportat WtW Gri>ndp*DD« lone* KTUO—New* l:Ui /' ivi KSD lni» ''arm Uusm».» KXOK-News I ft C struo-Medltatlon KMOX World N'r«* WIL—Breakfati Club KWK Bin* l.n-so* f;l» A M USD- Tim* ana] fampoe K»'''l' Hymn' Ini it|» Horn* KMOX—Llnd ley Hlnes. WOK«V^News Saddle Hhythm 1:10 A M KXOK News WEW New* MviKil* KFUO -Througli the Hlble KMOX—Weather, Road Info. Ozark Varieties. KWK M WIISOB WMther ENJOY WOKZ— Melodies. fitt A M KSU— IMewe. KXOK— Harmony Time WEW— Sacrea Heart Program. KFl JO— Chapel Window KMOX - World New* 8:00 A. M. K8O— Tim* and Tempo* KXOK— News WEW— New. KFKCV— New» Salute to Morning. KMOX— Local news Clock watcher W1L— sagebrush Inn KWK— News. Ed Wilson. VOKZ-Newi Band •US A M KXOK— Children's Story Time. WEW At Your Service WOKZ— Voice ol th* Army 8:30 A vi KSU News KXOK— Conversation with Casey. WfcW - Gi»nc1naoD\ I one* KFUO- News WOKZ— Ml Uideon Bap Church 8:49 A. M. KSD— Quest Star. KKlio Console Varleuee KMOX- World News »:0f) A M KSD-rrea Warms KXOK- At Home with Mutle WEW— News. ul tin Voui Pet Pruermi. KMOX— Housewives Prot League. WIL. Sunshine Sprenaier* KWK -Bandstand Revue WOKZ— Errand ol Mercy 9:13 A M WEW -Adventurer In lt*> search KFUO— Miracles oj Selene*. WOKZ— Story rime 9:30 A M KSU Mar.v Lee lay lor. KXOK — Junior Junction WEW— Ask Father Lura IU" O-besidf sun Water*. KMOX-Jo* DIMaggli WIL -News Varieties »:4S A M WEW Markets KFIHt Themp> ni <hp Alee WOKZ— Rhythm Doodlers 10:00 A M KSD— Lassie KXOK— Navy Hour. WtW-Ncwi, Children § Hour. KFUO— Music ol the Masters. KMOX— News Let'f Pretend WIL— Happy Valley Boys WOKZ Plattei Parade 10:15 A M KSD— NBi Stamp Club KMOX— Lets Pretend .0:30 « M KSU SmUIn Kd McConnell KXOK— Roger Dann KFUO— Fashion* and fabrics .-wMi'X -Junior Miss WIL— News. Foul Knighta. WOKZ— Tune rtm* 10:49 A M WEW-Steln & Onenei KFUO— Bible Qul7 Soelllne Bee WIL— Perry Como 11:00 A M KSD -Newt Wemner KXOK— 101 Ranch Boys. WEW Shopper i Bulletin. KMOX Armstronii I'hrnter Today WIL— M J B Show KWK- Recall It and Win New*. WOKZ— News. F. Carle. 11:19 A M KSD -Public Attairs Kf '<> News WOKZ- Four Knight* 11:30 A M KSD Archie Andrews KXOK— American Farmer. WEW— Just for Women. KFUO— Children » Album KMOX -Grand Centra Station WIL— New. M J B WOKZ— Church ol God 11:44 A M WEW Market* ' KFIIO- Nutrition Council lii:OU Noon KSD Farm * Horn* KXOK-News KFUO Ml nu If MaMrrwnrus' KMI'X iMrw> KWK— Man on the Farm. WOKZ— Newk Kaperi, 12:15 P. M. KXOK— Howdy. Neighbor. WEW tirandpapoi loner KFUO— Repose with Christ. KMOX 8unnydair i unction KWK— Army-Navy Gam*. WOKZ— Matinee. 18:30 t vi KSU i\t>w» ({'"f'X i; v» tnri lake KWK— Lawrence Welk. WOKZ- Your 4-H Club. 12:49 P. M. KSD— Hollywood Melodies KFUO- -On the Farm Front WOKZ -Babe Ruth Story 1:00 P. M. KSD — To Be Announced. KXOK -Metropolitan Opera WEW— News. Tuncsmlthi. Kr''» IIIUMI Aiiini- mm.!' Houi KMOX County fair WII — Melod.v Lane KWK— Mlller-Benecke Orch. WOKZ News OnnclMana 1:19 P M WEW- At Vour Service 1:30 P. M. KSD— To Be Announced. KMOX— Stars Over Hollywood. WIL— News. Melody Lane. KWK— Duke Ellington. WOKZ Woody >. Wond Box 2:00 P. M. KSD— NBC Symphony. KFUO— Views on the News. KMOX Puhllr <\flaii» WIL— Ray Mantling. KWK— Guy Lombardo. WOKZ New* Verifies 2:19 P. M. KFUO— Safely Serenade. KMOX Health & Hannlnesk WOKZ— Blue Barren 3:30 P. M. WEW -St. L. U Series, KFUO Newt KMOX— CBS Farm News. KWK— Ed Wilson WOKZ -Quorum Call. 2:45 P. M WEW— Sacred Heart Prog . KMOX— Cross Section U.S.A. 3:00 P. M. KSD— Dallas Symphony. WEW-Ncwii Matte™ Moments. KFUO— Faithful Word» KMOX— Make Way for Youth. KWK— News. Ed Wilson. WOKZ— Platter Playhouse. 3:19 P. M. KFUO— Recital 3:30 P. M. KSD— L. A. Open. KFUO— Women of Today. KMOX— Noro Morales Orch. WOKZ— Medical Program. 3:49 P. M. KFUO— Workshop Players 4:00 P. M. KSD— To Be Announced. Girls eaisssssssiaBsiissliaBaiaslBBBsissssiiiiss Vou owe it to yourselves and dales to be a good dancer. Come In today for a free lesson. ALTON SCHOOL OK IIAM K «m a E, Broadway. 2-S81J GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING ELM DAIRY II SCHOENBORN HOMOGtNIZtO MIIK CARNIVAL Itn Pfcfc "I don't understand that 'F' in Creative Writing, sir! My old man says the compositions I write home taking for money are masterpieces!" Carrollton CARROLLTON—Mr. and Mrs. Meade Oixon spent. Sunday in Carllnvllle where they visited their son, Durwnrd Dlxon, Kane, a patient in Macoupln County Hospital. They also visjted Dlxon's sister, Mrs. Ella Archer. Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mi's. Burns Smith were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Smith, Mr. and Mrs. William Parker, and Miss Joan Daniels, all of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peterson and children, Detroit, Mich, were weekend guests at. the home o£ Mr. and Mrs. J. M. DeMonburn. Other guests at the DeMonburn home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rebbe, Robert Rebbe, Miss Patricia Rebbe, Miss Carol Rebbe, and Miss Jane Thomas, Peters- KXOK—Tea and Crumpets. WEW—News, Novelairres. Kl''UO Uucra Gem> ' KMOX—News, Orchestra. WIL—Strictly Dixie. KWI '\. w HQ Wilson WOKZ—Music, 4:18 P. M. WKW—Grandpappy Jones. KWK—Horso Race. WOKZ News. Sports 4:30 P. M. KSD—L. A. Open. WEW Sports Review KFUO—Open Bible. KMOX—Stan Daughcrty. WIL—News. Jack Bennett. KWK N'!W* E<t WliMin WOKZ—Sunset Serenade. 4:45 P M KSD-Llunt and Lilting KFUO—Sports, News KMOX—Choose Vour Career. WIL—Connie Hanes. KWK Nrw>- "But, dear, she says her dolls want Russell Venetian Blinds in their house, too." RUSSELL VENETIAN BLIND UN. 00. •II MILTON KOAO Dial S-5IM4 — KM. i-MW for fr«e entlmatee. TtM Original V ^sFWWv'vBWv laVVQlJV^If MM of AMtn Whir* Quality Co** Pint burg, and Miss Hazel Rebbe, D*> trqit,-Mich. Mrs. Howard Carter and Mrg. Joseph AJfeld entertained members of their pinochle club Thursday evening at the Carter home. Little Carol Ann Hildebrant daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Hildebrant, is a patient in St. Joseph's Hospital, Alton. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Floreth arc moved Thursday from an apartment on the west, side of the square to an apartment in the , home of Mrs. Anna Hubbard on 'hurch street. The apartment wai recently vacated by Mr. and Mri> ' John Longmeyer who moved to .he Longmeyer farm to make :heir home. The newly elected and appointed officers of Rebekah Lodge were installed at regular installation ceremonies Thursday evening In ht IOOF Hall. "* Dean Sheets spent Sunday in Girard at the home of his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheets. Mrs, Alvin Powers entered Our avlour's Hospital, Jacksonville, rVcdnesday, to undergo surgery Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. James English and amily, White Hall, were New Year's guests of English's mother, Mrs. J. T. English. Mr. and Mrs. William Lindsay nd .Mr. and Mrs. George Richard* lelleville, were guests Monday of Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Benedict. RCA VICTOR'S Large 10-inch ScrMn Priced at only $199.95 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL S Friday, Jan. • P.M. 4:19 Judy Spllntera. (NBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC) • 5:00 Cactus Jim. (NBC) 9:30 Mr. Mafic. »:4S L N. ». Telenews. «:00 Rukla, Fran and Ollle, Pupa*! Show. INBCI 0:30 Showroom: Roberta QulnlM •tarred. (NBC) 6:45 Newi Caravan. (NBC) 7:00 Mama. (CBSl 1:30 We the People. INBC) 8:00 Versatile Varieties INBCI 8:30 Inside U. S. A. (CBS! 9:00 Boxing In Madison Bouan Garden, New York. (NBC) »:4S Greatest flinti of the Cental?! ROM vs. Armstrong (NBC) 10:00 Sport* Hlfhllchta. INBC) 10:08 rilm. 10:10 "This Week In Sport*' IO:SS to 10:40 "Paradla«I*Un4 : " OOMfUQTI! H»A VICTOH UNI CHB ft

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