Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 12, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1927
Page 6
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PAGE SIX OAKFLOORING IN Wim BEAUFIFUt Northnip. Lumber C'o*s Stock Is, Seleijted For |House. in '-•olocting t !u; oak fi 'ooriiis for :|The Kegislor's •llonic Beautiful." •Ill*' builders of lliis lioine made i;Konie initrtsliiiK obrxirvatious lUvhicli iiiiKlit ))rovi- of sonic iiiierest Jo till- readers of llie Kt'Sistt-r. Thfs |o;ilc floorint; IVMS wlertj -d from the : stock of tlic -N'ortlirup Lumber Irompaiiv. and ii \v;'s found that Mr. ;,\.irt!irui( carrif.s in stock here in .iloia .appro.xinialely fifty thousand '•,re< t <it oak flooring availaible at all •times lo Ihc liuildiug .Dubjir of Ihc trade terrilor.v. So that yon may liavc.sonie (Minceiiiion of the niag- liiiudi- ot this stoi'lw. fifty thousand feel I 'f oak flooriuB is just about Jiuee bo\ <ar loads and would be :i suffii-ienl (luantily of the nialer- ; lo eompleteiy iioor the new Itt'Kister' bnildiiii; if this bnil/lin^ Wen- tell slorii-s hJBll instead " of two. That might .seem an unwar- r -inied anioual of oak floorini; t" have (in iiand al oni- time, iii a (-Uy t|lie size of lola.'unt when it was rxplained that this .stock did not . <(Uil>rai-e one foot of tJooriUK ;Wl !icli Was ill .-••toi Ic twelve moilth.s ;j^o. i( IjrouKht to ijiiud the lact llui;t ilii .s material is probably being more ex»naively uscil than is generally IV ;jlii ">l. - ; r .\l' <if ;ihe .\oiihrJip Lumber coni- paiiy'; stock is of tiie well known liima Hell 'braiid. eviry biiiiiUe of Wiiid Is trail*! iiiai.ivcd wilh' lb.- ciHiipiiivs uaiii .e and; is plainly .•liaiiii • i| wi;!) clii- Kifole and lonslh. hi 111 • U\'. !ve :y.-ais. the lu. of oai. flooring all over the country jlias inii'eased.. .'10 per cent, V. Iiilei I lie iiii;eas0....ili I be ,hale id I.i,ni.'• ; I 'iiii.: .f^L I'm- IIM- .sinie jpei lod liati Reen !».'!? ]ier :<-'eut, • sii-fvvi'iii' u 'i:;|e it.'' :Mt*i -a ,--t .n the of iji" iii .i (cri:il in general is leiiliiiii; - .sborl ol plienonieiiul, ih. i;iii,:il.iilly iif iliis parlicular iMaiid-lias lici) ue:ii|y twiie lhat 111 ^iLijir Ijrauds. 'rni/. plienoineiial! in iliejise of oak flouring iliiay ^Ji- lie.-| ex|ilaine(^ in this* way. II liijl a l<w year.-l ago when l(Vcai :;de ;ilers b(>u;;lii. Ilieir riuiUire- Jiieiii$ from jobbers in Kansas City, ii less I bail cai-loiid lots, paid jthe, jc .')bei- :i Kood profit over the niilUs. 'ji(-i(^. : paid ilic;.high local freight rule imiii Kansas City and by the lij.i"''.i •caiiied, ilie ((.iisuiiier oak IJiidiijig \ e.Vi»ensive thai only l)t;i.'ii;!!|y Well-to-do home THE lOLAi DATLY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENUNG, MARCH' 12.1927. An Attractive Yet EcotiomicalSmallHome Cniitnict Let I'ur I'lulnfr >'orlh Mntli HtiWt—Santa ton- strnpts j (Francis c HU.M^OLDT. Mar! Dratnajce System M fentrtil. ncis Culvert) tract for the Piivin.:? . 10.- of X The con- \<irth Ninth Avenine.ta .Sig- Htreet fi'om Central , . „ nor st^r^et- ^'a.s a»-arde( to Fry Bros. Con-ftr^ction Co. ( C lola hy the city Council at its meeting .Monday rilglit. Fiv« bid.-) were received, comiiig from Fry -Biiiis. of Jola. J. S. Vance of;Oarnelt^ Haskins and Son of Hiiniboidt: iThop- inartin and Son of. Kort.Scoti. and R^d and U'heelock of>i'ittsbtirg. Tile bid of Vance i»f tJaruett was slightly lower than; that (if Fry Bros., but the contraci was siveii toi the latlfr compiiny because of thr excellouce of tlie work it has done here p|-eviously. .Anions il'f other contrai ts lhat Kry liro.s. have had here wt re thoj^e ^ for the ilii- jirovements ijnd addition to the < ily water works and for. various jobs of pavinK in the ciiiy. ' Work will begin in less 'bail tli|ree weeks and will take alyiiit' seven <ir eiplil \vek>i for coii.struction. The San'a JFe T;O. is eiiRaired ill the pre.senl time in constrncting a drainase system at the east end of Central .\veuile. M this poini. water from lieav.v tains accjiiniiilales r.nd becomes deep enough,to be a menace to the track.s besidesU ans- ing much inconvetiieuce.'The drainage system will iie inade' of clay and concrete lile. ^aboui ^ three feet in diameter. It will carr.v the water off into Coal jCreek and will prevent any acciiniulution jof water at this point in the future. I.. T. Cannon and Siiperiiiiendent H. B. Blair are in.Topeka (in bii d nesfj this weeic. • ,. Mr.-*. .F. Wefnrich left ye.sler- day for Indeptindence, Kans!. where sov- Ihave into She will visit with fricnd.s for eral duy.s. f Kev. W. P. Bell and,'family arrived here anil; arc' moving! the Christian chnrcli par.-ionage. The Re.-. .Mr. Bell is the nev.--;pas­ tor of the' Christian church here. The Humboldt band held a Inisi- noss meeting an^ practice "at the. high <chool iiuditorinm this j evening. The band is planiiiiiA (or a pre-season concert tor the >»ui; of luying and repairing a number oL-instruments ue.'es.^ary fi .-rj the .-^ur nier concprts.i f'lia'lniers Clarli.'iierly trifi operi'.'.or at ihe Santa Fe Ih'.} chec'ilil in ;is IQe lar Huniboldl sla^fon agenf by Siiuia Fe conipanj' on '.Munday Clark has been acting in Ithi^ pacity .since the |riiical iliine^s of t;eor;:e McKiiiley,^ forni'ii I. uni- b'lUit av;eiit. i T!ie girls* high'sihixj g.yni i las-^ : p-.-.i' a matinee .Kymiiasivni exhibition ^ai th- h'l'Ah Heliool audili .i ^iiiai]: this 'afternoon, ifhis; matin.-e'v.-as pose sta- itegu- the .Mr. ca- for .stndeii's. ami dani-e x\as preseii!]. forniancc will hi evening:. a -large atteii- The' iiiaiii ^pc!-- ;;iveu temo ;-;r (.w Wliateyef Yiiiiir C'lans May Be A NEW COAT OF PAINT —will impfove your home and out-biiiUHngs wonderfully. Not only improve the appearance and beauty of your property but, in addition, add to the commercial value and protect against the ravages of time anti weather for another 365 days. We are fully (|ualified to do any painting .job, either interior or 'exterior, aiid a first class jjob is a.ssuicd you. c. e. 203 SOUTH BUCKEYE ELM CHEEK .Mar. r,. .Mr. h. .Mr. and Mrs. Ceintge-Hasiinus uinil II. iias'ings jand in the Cnv lijuiie Jirs. Iiaby were visitors Saturday.; .Mr. liiistin Ciiy's father, lie is from Tliay .Mr. and .".Irs. .n^lin Sherrill .Mr. and .Mrs. Italpb Sherrii! n [callers II.- a! Floyd Sber- in. Sherrill < all- st Samrday i venin;^ home of .Mr. and .1 rill. .Mr. and .Mrs. .loi ed i:i Ihe home of Mr. Itavlev. v of Ihe river. Siind; y. ai ;i -rnoi>n. .Mr. Aliii;rl .\llej\' accoiiipai t'l.- I.'oy .Se (i ;it.'< it-om Triiiily K. Churcli on an puling on .(ohii Slierrill pla(-<i Tuesday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Difal;. day in llie John ( r. tiiid re Ihe Mr. and Mrs. children and ied. -M. Ilie spent S III- rainer bom<' KalNMonforl. Ihree dr: iiilnia Moitifor' al ilii- 'Oi .'j)tii.'n;!!|y well-ti o'lj-ners lelt that tliey could afford j itj br.yiiii; oak llooiing in large i of gay color. iHy It. C. Hunter & U^s., Archts. New York City.) In these days of high prices it la indeed a relief to find a! small and economical house that still presents an artistic appearance. The little bungalow nhown herewith combines these features vi^ry happily. The root Is green shingle Uhat always desirable material and cpl- iir), the side walls are white and colonial blue shifters make a spot . °^ i of gay color. The gables are cbv- iiurjinnics aa.l .<l:i|.p;iiK it direct fiiiiii aie iiiiils in carload.s, .Mr. .Niiilhrna has (!l.inijiiau-d the jobber's profit a.-: Ueil as Ihe liissb loin! f'.eif^liT frcns Ki;n?as City, ami isi !Kiv,- able iu iell in.ilie consuii:- i-'jj .It |i:-^-iiialiy the same price Ih;.tV; few vi .'ills ago" lie pay- iji:;; fiU' liii >,inii- material which i "i ',;Riu !ici,:i ii!e jrfober in Kaneas (;;:>. T!rs i-'Jiiiiiiiition of :nid- (lieiiiitii Uu -ji' iiroiits has made llooring sii economical lhat bilildi rs can liaiilly ailjird l;i u.':e any -^' w-od ilnoriu;; i';i even the t h('ii;;e.-^t of residences ! or store 'liiiiii 111;;.-:. .Xnoljlier'v-. ry inii>orlan! factor-in he increased use ot oak liooring las been'the uiilizin^ of wjiai was: lormeriy re.^arded as waste nialerial | into short lcii;;fh ! so ered with smooth inati;hed boards, painted while—that givi? the effect of a stucco finish. There; Is a small brick chimney on one end. One enters thC; house through the enclosed .porch into the living room. Th^re may be found a cozy open fireplace—flanked on either side by,windows that are at once decorative and ii.«i'ful. giving an opportunity for very effective interiors. There in a completely^ equippeil kitchen and a very generous din­ ing; alcovo on this floor and two bed rooms and a large tiled bath. The laundry; heating plant, fruit closets and coal storage may be found in the <ellar which is uniler tho entire house. ' This would be especially good for a family of iwo or three people. Complete working plans and specifications for this house may liei obtained for a nominal sum from the Building Editor. Refer to House A-127. -. The Man With The Hoe Says- Strontr for Sassafnis. Kditor Register: You may poke fun at good if there.were old The hardest; proWem; for an Inexperienced gardener in planning his vegetable garden is-to get the right (luantitie.s alftittedj to the various vegetables. A study of the space and what it will produce| is necessary in putting the plan ;oii paper. Should he plant .50 feeti of radish seed al one time ii would; I vequire a huge family to use theni! ' up before' most of tlicm had gro'wn! pithy and worthless. Aboirt one- Ihird of this amount could be used is about the full bearing time of d singli; planting. Three* or four plantings of peas are necessary. I Another plan with peas is to PJant ,'. !e.tlra early, early, mid-sea.son a„d | ^^'"'•'f"''" ' late at the same time to mature I '"-e of it used there wou <l be less Alio cf.iis-! 1" Sli bloml pressure in the world laid it is a sure preventative for I siiall .pot. Those usi4ig it during !lle old St. I.ouls scourge came through all right while their neighbors took the small jiox and flooring. . Ijlle • l)i;;;^e.s; ' stock. • il make.-- iHi'l siibsLantial casiiy iiipt clei! Short oak flootin selK-r a in .1.: floor, as till leiii;t!i«=. ri 'iniirej; iiii Ion, can be •or to'finish, and] leHs iliaii a go flijv.rii?;;. Kiiihl oi\ sliiirt oak flo unliiaded from i 11: ei is I'llW wlude altraelive as i- longer ;er to lay bought for .d grade <il pine eh till) isand feel •riiig w; s recently lie \ ;}r. eimtigh of j;r:idi.' t'n coiiipl 'fely flimr Hinallj bungalows, and ail! Miat h-s^ .Ibau one t Ihs ( dirload i iii(:i may s ua-- lilte.-ll wliiii it ll.ijnl of r.loci;. siiiiil O! |llie I'Oiiulariiv of liiis shi |i a;:s II iiial -ria). j ' j- 'I be .Viiri imp iLumlter [compan; : to.-k of oak fJooring i eiiibrai miil> a dii/.eii 'riif -r.- ar>- iiia.iiV raik 'jiiM all I lie \ ti -r -iaWiil Willie ••|.l<i|li.- I !e ;|iililll IttI'lve inch len-ilvily iii biiildilii; I dWf' r.iit ulillh-;; red (lirf .-lell! Il peratsons. There arc illllg llial f|le nil', varying of 'aiiil all Irt tliiie may •a!);iiil (111 thi :\ hfcll oali nglh! ;iill in he furi'lied ri '.s 'S lilleicill iliiierijnl ayJlroni: oak II " lIllWll i-is" us. lis.., or whit In HII I pa III ill II r ,rad I he i|iia •d ill llle III Ilie i\ so ex- eX|ieIlsj\e. not more than one third ,that successively and prolong'the seiis on. There will he several vacant rows after these early plantings, some of them available for other vegetables in June; They can be filled in with cabbage, [ carrots, beets, corn or other vegetaliles to keep the ground working allj season. It cannot he too much eihipha- Sized that beans should not lollow lieans on the same^ grounds peas jreas or radishes; radishes. ; They should he planted parts of the. garden. | roimw ii crop with a root crop and :| <Top '•• ' — ' fruit tion. on different Follow ji vine root with a crop ilie leaves or of which is the edible', por- s^iace sho'uld be allotted 'for a'sin- '.;le planting bul 'more plantings at a later" date will continue the supply. • I Siring brans give auotlJer problem when overplanted. .4 aO-fiiol row will give half a peckjor more a day when in full bearing, more than Ihe average family dould use unless they dined off beaint^ three tinie.s every day. Shorter rows I Cnt Tills tint—It Is Worth noMj. planted fiom n week to [en dayd j —Send this ad and 10 ceiits to ; ... - jj. f.„ os;{.-, Sheffield Ave., Chicago. 111., writing your name If it's a woman and the sluie pinches, .she buys it led. A Reader oC the Register. I L. {.loo Wilhoil, whila playing with the. Wichita Western League, broT;e iiijto 'laseb.'ill as a cashier and bocik- eper for S. F., Angus, one of the riy owners of'tlie Uetroil club. ditferent • oak am: iri. . uny- •ular biiv- er'niji^hl nill foi or thai! the inosi (iiirs -s iniglit demand! such (iiiaiilllies ihal Ije 11(1 need of'worryiUK riianiiig sboft of materials havijiirlo be; delayed awaiting a: rival iif aiiiilher sblpnient. 'reitit is a ^)wn .in] Idaliii, while I 'dy Ip is til (leorgia. ; •.' : A rliili]'.^ cough ijiust be relieved , ;qui.jkly; Motherii, f j>r 54 years.lharo. rclieUi)nChamb<irlain'sCough l^em- {cdy. Ic removestcWoking phlegm, stops tjic cdugh. Ask your druggist todiiy i M>iiher3—writa on ••Care of the S; : Aledicine Compan; 'Des Mcjines; Iowa] for free booklet ck." Chamberlain ,<»2 Park Street, ipart to continue the succi?ssion is the more pracijcal wa.\l Plant radishes, onion 'Sets aii<^ string beans, crops that malure and bear liver a short season, . in smaller <|uuntitieR and at differei l limes. A 2.'i-foot row of string brans will I'lirnish plenlV of beans for an average family for about three Weeks. A second ll.'i-foot pliinting a lillle later than the f rst will conilniin ih« croji.' A .Ill-foot row of peas u'ill give liberal crop;! (or about a A.'eek lor .ill average family iiHil-lhifi period and address clearly.. You will receive a trial bottle of Foley's Honey and Tiir Compound, for i-oughs, (olds, croup ispasniodic'i and tickling Ihroai: also a trial pucket each of Foley Pills, a diuretl(i sllinillaiil for the kidi eys. and Foley Calliarlie Tablets tor constipa- lloii. bilioti.-iness, and sick headaches. These wondei'full remedies have helped millions .Send for iliem. II. Son. of people. .\. iltrown a. wi-re i Sunday afteijndon caller-i the .lohn Cramer ; ! . I • Outlasts the Building! P L U M B I N Most Plumbingr, o f course, is from view hidden and this affords an opportunity to install inferior materials. We, however, have a reputation to maiii^tain and have never deviated f r o m the original specifications submitted by archil ects. With excellent work assured, you will be e.vceedingly pleased wit^ our prices. The IMumbincr in the Motlcl Home was dont lOLA PLUMBING CO. G bv Ihe Ii. A. Sutton, Prop. Phone 1175 ARCHITECTS WASHBURN AND STOQKEY OTTAWA, KANSAS WIRING FIXTURES ELECTRICAL CONTRACTINC S ,Kas:t J:it-kson Peeiless I Month .iffei- month the sales of r»ierl «>ss gasolines, oils unit Ini)riciin1<i have increased. .\ beinir made—and it's all liecaiise PfrforiNnncp oi Peerless pniiliicts. Phone 192 f w sales rei-onls are >f the very jilensin? Peerl^s Gasoline & Oil —mean qnickfr startine—more po ver—more miles-^no kiiiirks and at no irreater cost. PEERLESSOILftREFiNINGCb. .\rrliie Woods Manaiyer Shine Out a Welcome to All So charmingly conccivetl dition.s to any room. hat thoy nd .s an? trraccfiil ad- lininjJT that Ihey So j clear make a room .seem brighter and larger by their presence. Decorative-mirrors for the hall. Ijtatfly mirrors for the living room or th6 dining rooiji. Practical mirrors for the bedroom. We have them rjxll. Framed to match .voiir interior decorations, i'riccdj to in»;(-t the most limited purse. • . j i Console Mirrors, 15x30-in|. Polychrome Frames $4.80; Console Mirrors with: Etched or Plain Plates, Polychrome Frames $6.75 !' ^ .; • i Buffet or mantle mirrors in polychrome frames, ; Size 13x45-inch §6^75 Buffet and mantle mirrors, size IG.xtiO-in. -_-_.S1^.0n Mi roves North Side ,S(|narp Kniansiii)) there of time and the goes on tlie diir- \l'i(h (ip .ality mntorial.s and export wo is nothin .G: that will stand the ravishes elements like concrete. In fact as lime ;abiliti' of concrete improves. We can cite you any mini- ber of exjimples showing you that conjfretc should be used in con.struction. Let's demonslrat I^Vtii ; re invited to in .spect the coni Tfh in the Home Beautiful, Roy Perl^iits .•iiid brick work 417 South Elm Phone 1142 Lowcost Irahsportatiqn iWhen you really want the biggest valiie in motor cars; if you upon econ- oijny in puix-hase as'well as upkeep;!.and ^vant an automobile that will stiind ber side any in appearance and perfbrm- anee; grab that telephone and \ ! Phono 515 for Demonstration.. ; 8,

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