Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1898
Page 3
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ALTON, tltt-TMOIS There Is n horttWo wisplritnn that the «,ew milk tY ' lflt "light: wntcr Its-stock. Bpnln hiw • vainly trlofl the nlr-bng method In nn effort to raise n. -ship of state. _ A oily paper prints n. 'Ions editorial .oil "Tlio 'Fruits Of Victory." 1'lunis, probably. The difference between I'nttl nnd Till- jinn Knssell Is that raltl'-a former hiB- 'linnds (ire nil denfl. An editor solemnly nsstirMt n. correspondent thnt there are no wllche«. JH thnt newspaper nmn unmnrrlod? A pnper In the Hast advertises for <;nle a lot ot "cast-off ladles' wraps." Why should there be any such ladles? Walking Spanish would hnve been n graceful movement compared wllli those Parish commissioners having to •crawl. _ _ _ To be expelled from the French T-e- "lon of Honor Is rapidly becoming a •distinction of which any French gcutle- mnti 1ms a right to be proud. (lure n machine that would respond to Ibem, nnd then lie would hnve perpetual motion. The theory wa.i n pretty one—true, perhaps, to n certain extent; but It ban not been yet applied In such a wny as to be of any use to the world. It tniiRt he first shown Unit sufficient power can bo ('erlved from this principle- to do the. work Hint electricity and stonm nre now doing before any valuable t'OKiillR can follow nnd the problem of perpetual motion from one^of nn- t lire's forces bo completely solved. Keely'H death may revive for a while, nt leaHt, Interest In this subject, nnd it IB possible thnt some good may come from the work thnt lie tried to do, even though he failed at It. He cannot lie classed nniong I he world's greatest Inventors; but, In view of the wonderful discoveries that are now being made In nil fields of scientific re- Ronrch, who cnn miy that tho day will not yet come when this force, to which Koely pinned bis fnltb or some other ikln to It. will be harnessed down by nnn nnd forced to obey his commands'/ The enterprising merchants of several towns In the Mkldle West have established a fashion. They set up in the streets booths tilled with their moBt at tractive wares, displayed In a wny t< catch the attention and open the purse of thc passer-by. Then they Issue Invl tntlons to a "street fair," People come nnd tbe fnlr prospers. U does not detract from the credit due the origlna It is snld that a well-known London banking house will "convert' 'the Venezuelan debt. A converted debt Is not •very apt to backslide subsequently. A Now York shoplifter stole an alarm .clock und It wont oft in her pocket before she left the store. Naturally, th.s •did not strike her us a striking success. ovortowern all other thoughts In ranee and grandeur? Prsy ««»*£",;" he ready. It as far exceeds UnJthi x hnrc said as all the gold mines of California, developed nml undeveloped, the thimbleful of tfold dust which In li California miner brought fro- ' race and put upon the desk of a I r : x cod H« GOWN Binl/T TO FIT. GREAT CARE TAKEN IN CUTTING TAILOR DRESSES. N a most unusual way n nccno con eled with the nallvity in emph, M-d by Dr. Tnln.rtC..- In this Christ discourse: text, Mntlhow 1 .. 1. T N is discourse: text, Mint od_wiH H ',j','Jj (ltl |, l J, n ^ l |" n , l Jf''(lie ,,„,., had'no rockers, for it wns not to 1 Hoothed by oscillating motion as re U c crndles of other princes. It tin. . tnn opy, for it was not to be hovered met bj anything so exqulnlte. H in.l •«" "» hriek of bereft motherhood. The One I'nre Mnn, Still further remarking upon the nnr- ow esenpo which you nnd 1 hnd nnd nil he world hnd In thnl babe's escape, let me say that hnd thnt Hcrodlo. plot been iiccessfnl the one Instance of absolutely lerfect chnrncter would never hnve been infolded. That Christ, nfter the detec- I VPS ot Ilerod nnd Pilate nnd snnhedrln mil watched him by day and wniched h m by night year after year, wns reported innocent. It wns found out that when he talked to the vagrnnt womnn in the temple It was to tell her to "Uo nnd sin no more," nnd thnt if lie spoke with the penitent thief it wns to promise him paradise within twenty-four hours, nnd that as he moved about he dropped ense of pnlu upon tin- invalid's pillow, or light upon the eye thnt lacked optic nerve, or put bread Into the hands of the hungry, or took from the oriental hoarse the dend young man nnd vitalized him and said to the widowed mother, "Merc lie Is, alive nnd wel!5 nnil she cried, "My boy, my boy!" and he re rc capitalist. In remarking upon the nam* escape which you and 1 and the «• or made let me say that had the Hcrnrt ' = • « '> on that room of the Bethlehem Ulmn been ssful raid or had tonne col- tnkcn flight ^^ A Few Trlcki Hint Kltonl.l Nerer Be AUcmptert l.y Home lli-cniimnkcrii Kmi.rnl.Urc.l Net nn.l «Hk Ne* '« TrlminlnB-A Novel Tflllor Oown. R Hiicce the anta mpo. nature unchanged. nnrPKenornt «1. ui re eonstru.-ted through JPHUH ^"'l ±v, n ma,, race would I* no woro Bt for h*»tn than a nol.ome weed IB fit for a . i men -- than a nol.ome wee parlnnd. no more than a slm tered ass Viol l» fit to Bound in a »»"«"; 1(l "F f "'^ eal juhilee. Oh, wlint n rrisi* tlmt was ,, tl e world's bl«t»r.v! What a crisis In k that the an. " ,, tl e world's bl«t»r.v! What he eternitieH! I think that the " anything broidered pillow, for the ymiim not to have such Inxnr ous must be hovered over j Airships seldom come* to that point where they hilvo wings, much less use them This Is due to the money Invested In them generally taking wings first. It is purfccTly~Ba'e to wngcr that there Is nothing In that 4,000-page man- uscrlpt left by Kecly which will enable bis successor to accomplish what lie <lld. _ __ __„ A Vienna scientist has at last announced that "love Itself Is a microbe.' As It always attacks the unfltlest. what chance Is there left for poor bachelors promoters to point out that this now fashion Is really a revival nnd local Ballon of a very old fashion-one olde thnn Christian civilization Itself. Th street fnlr originated In the rellglou festival ns long ago, at Icnst, as th dnys when strangers resorted to Bnby Ion nnd Nineveh to tnku part In th feasts of tbe gods. Thence camo nls the sharp-eyed traders of tbe caravan and by the side ot their booths the clt merchants sot up their stalls, nnd business became almost a picture-poem, tin- dor the eastern sky. Essentially, to-day, European tnlrs nre street falrs-from the great gathering at NIJul Novgorod In Russia to the neighborhood assemblages of the Latin countries. But they displace no other Institution; and we do not anticipate thnt thc street fair In America will do away with the agricultural fair, which serves a special purpose and has proved Its usefulness. The effect of the street falr-an Interesting, easily accessible display in the very center of trade, where the exhibitor pays BO * Xtra rCDt ' " UCl th<! u'* fit admission fee-should be to benefit .,, Ion that It was the wonderful escape of the n 1,111 child was not slain »™ » born. The B lsnntic opp Inntlons of the world now? As Dewey's salary Is Mt much over S5.000, and he could earn this sum in a day or two's time by writing a magazine article, It's another case where the pen's mightier than the sword. bardment of that cradle? The Herod who led the treachery, vengea Asa_. Hyrcanus, the grandfather of Then lie s he butchered h Hyrcnnus, the S r andf .the ot h« « Then h. slew Marinmn" h m wife butchered her IV, o « ons ' ' e A ntlpntcr. ™ spondcd, "Mother mother!" And the sen, tossing too roughly some of his friends, hy u word easier thnn a nurse s word to „ petulant child, he made It keep Bill I. The very judge who for other reasons allowed him to be put to death declared, "I lind ,„, fault In him!" Was there ever n life so thoroughly ransacked and hypercnti- , : |,ed thnt turned out to be so perfect o life? Cnn you Imagine what n scarification of the world's literature would be the removal of all Christ ever did nnd snid? It would tenr down the most important shelves of yonder congressional library, and of the Vatican library, nnd of British museum, and Berlin and Bonn nnd \ ien- nn and Madrid and St. Petersburg libraries, and St. Paul's life would have been nn impossibility, and his epistles would never have been written, nnd St. John, from the bnsnltic caverns of I ntmos, vould never have heard thc seven trum- ,ets or seen thc heavenly walls with welve Inycrs of Illumined crystallization. Jh wise men of the east, I am so glad you did not report to the Imperial scoun- Irel .nt Jerusalem where thc babe wns, for the hounds would hnve soon torn to pieces the Lamb, and I nm so glnd thnt not only did you bring the frankincense and the myrrh to the room in thnt cara- but thnt you brought thc gold Now let the ChristmaBtahle L , t it ,e an ex enslotn . . must be well filled to secure some of this senson's fancies. The slim wallet cannot accomplish tailor gowns of perfect fit, If to "perfect fit" is K ivJ en the meaning it dcwrvcK In view of tailors' marvelous n c c omplislivm In many cases they begin by carefully padding tbe figure for not. one "good" figure in a dozen does itself justice in a tailor gown. Nearly nil have to be pilddcd under j t h e arms, nnd | mnny nre built out I over the chest. This j done, line bust, rounded wnlst nnd well- ,rved (though perhaps not quite his > the simpler- fornin of this w, teemed. It might be used for trimming the costume just described with charm"ill "has been hinted In the foregoing depletion thnt up-to-date cloth gowns are works of nrt. Two examples that hack r.p this statement remain of the artists contribution. There nre so many more | Hint cqunt them in nicety of fit that It Is en»y to believe there never wns such ut- tlng dono In cloth as now. 'I he utmost eare In used in the application of the goods, the grain runs all one way, stenm Sponging is often done after the dress Is put together, so that it netunlly shrinks to the required lines, nnd nn eirpilslte nUil^ IH.'MIUi;", lliv I"' - -- - . . . , tailor gowns with bands of cloth cut into graduated points or scallops is n tricky * .;.. i r_._ ..* *!,„ l.iindu tnllKT TAII.OH-MAHE pllcity of cut Is observed that perfection f n nn(] , nn terinl may take full value. ««»•» buZcss. The shaping of the band, must J™,™", ,7e.o two eiample. represent. be junt right and th-lr adJuBtment per-l * ^ (;xc , usive r , cU on. "two. of very heavy brown suiting. A Ktrnp of the SoU, with' torn edges outlined the red n- npnc. Aristobulus. Then he 'to*™ b lrned his oldest son. Then he ° a =™ u down nnssla to the Krupps for establishing a shipyard In Russia to build warships for the Czar s v Evidently the Czar Is ™™ ti °Z no iiuiuiBfliun t^«- "- - rt ft buyer nnd seller alike. And It practl- caily adds a new holiday to the overcrowded lives of a busy people. RAISED IN ANlNCUBATOR. ThU little One I» Now Healthy, und Worth $500,000. Miss I-ollta Armour, Just 2 years old, ,,i the srranddaughter of Philip L». . p( own nlivo forty people who h«J P^»™ d thc „.„„„«, vansar ' vans, which 'paid his traveling expenses nnd those of Joseph nnd Mary In that long nnd dangerous flight to Cairo, in Egypt, and paid their lodging nnd board there and paid their way back agnin! ttell enough - feet or oh! what a mess it is! though as shown in the picture the iden looks temptingly easy. There nro wonderful nccom- pIlshment.H, too, In thc way of collars that button right up thc curve of the neck without break at the collar band line. ,e arc best not risked nt home, but nre among thc things you4 better they ore among with a new fur Bot th,. collar was faced w lc',1 li««lan baby bear to match the SERIOUS SUBJECTS CAfitr'UU.'f CONSIDERED. A Scholarly E*po«ltlon of thaMwMM* -Thomrlit. Worthy of C*lm »*•«!• tlon-Hnlf «n Hour's Study Ot *>»• »crlpttir«s«-Ttmc WeU Bpftat. I/cnann for Jan. I. This week's lesson, entitled "ChriKt, the True Light," occurs In .lohn 1: 1-14. At the beginning of n fit month* 1 course In, tin- goipel of .l(rhn it is a good time to loo* nhend and plan for some delinilc nrcom- pltHhinwit rtnrmc thnt time. Not often, as the international leswms are nrrnnged, do we devote so mnny ILMMIIIS to n sin gin book Mnny con.icicnlioiis teachers Will r,.el thnt this is n g.«,d opportunity to c«- rv out pnst resolutions, and undertake m,,re thorough study of the gospel of John thnn any they hnve ever given to the learns. TUey will feel that, under d*- enmxtnnces so favorable to such thormigft nnd consecutive study, they cannot cxen*! Jheinsolves IIH in the pnst for ^merely "brushing up" a superficial ncqunintnnco. with the verses selected for each lesson. but must begin a "sort, of work that, will leave with them, when the end of June is reached, n coherent, and dehnitc impression of the plan and purpose ot the book, its main teachings, and at least n general knowledge of the discussions concerning Its composition nnd date. Kxplnnntnry. "In the beginning": compare Oen._lt 1. The Word, or I/ogos (thc (.reek translated "Word") is the eternally ent Son of the Father; the transia Hod's thought into notion and spcocn; tttc agent in creation. H is probably iisetew to attempt nny explanation of the term M young pupils beyond telling them thnt U Jnon„«, Christ before he cnme to the earth. •The life wns the light of men : -life" here cannot he restricted to earthly life of Jesus. It is u broader word ": of the ford many elaborate gowns, a dress made eeption-the concepunn ^ of t ''Word, or ea led uunsinii im.... ..--..- — ----- - ception—till 1 coneopunu •»• ",..:.»!,_ deep Inpel. This fur is glossy black with ^ p „„ |ho sour ,. (! of all 1 fe In the fine'long hairs. Kor women who can af. ^^ p»tal. ^ritual; a»d hl ssaa&SSaaiA navv. Evidently .__ on getting Into a joint debate with tbe jieace plan. Public in«n do not enjoy being caricatured in the newspapers, bm the r ^ives usually extract considerable pleasure and advantage from It. Mrs. Boosevclt is fortified with a scrap book that will hold the Governor in check during his entire administration. Anarchlsts^rTu^orn toes of BO- and the Armour, Is in the world. She Is as pretty, much, and Is as full of lite to-day as babies which the storks usher into the world more propitiously. Ever -since the sly little minx, tucked In her Incubator crndlc, heard the been well to not be sepa l the to bring'to'thc barn of the Saviour's nn- tivitv thc flowers, for they aromatized the dreadful atmosphere of the stnblcs, but the gold wns just then the most importnnt offering. So now the Lord nccepts your prnyers, for they are the perfume of heaven, but he nrks also for thc gold which will pay the expense of taking Christ to all nations. A Graveyard Peace. Still further remarking upon thc nnr- row escape which you and I and the world hnd in the diversion of thc perse- utors from the place of nativity, let me say that hnd that Herodic raid upon the swaddling clothes been successful the M«."S.lJht be kept secret and who iose c'ety and It Is the duty of society, whenever they are caught criminally Conspiring against'established author«y or compassing or committing murder to inflict upon them the extreme limit of all laws for such cases made and nrov'.ded. _ The thumb is said to" reveal the etrength or weakness of thc whole character Schoolboys, whose thumbing of books 1« proverbial, will be Interested In Stodlscowy. They aw the strongest «bnrnctcr6 known when It comes to thumb*, except those highly favored Ind doubtless- extremely strong people whose "fingers arc all thumbs." Siberia has boundiesl~forests, but none of them are available to supply the timber for the construction of the Russian railroad through Manchuria. It Conies from Oregon, and Is shipped across ho Pacific to Vladivostok, thence transported by rail to a trlbu-. K of the Amur, and by water routes jto the line ofjhe road. The bicycle Is less tricky nnd danger- than it is popularly supposed to be. 1 •• ' of an nccl- she has done nothing but thrive Industriously. She Is the childI of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ogden Armour, of Michigan avenue, Chicago. When lltUo Miss Lollta came into the world she weighed infant Jesus, does for his escape? Then that «..!..« for so mnny miles. swa world would never have known the value of n righteous pence. Much has been made of the fact that the world was at peace when Christ cnme. Yes. But what kind of a pence wns it? It wns a peace worse than war. It wns the pence of n graveyard The Romnn cngles had plucked out the world's eyesight nnd plunged their .• - Babyhood of ChrUt. Thu a beaks through the heart of dend nations. lit was a peace like that spoken of by a dving Indian chieftain when n Christmn home missionary said to him, "\ou hnve been n warrior nnd I suppose have been in mnny feuds, but you must be at peace with nil your enemies in order to die Part of the host have crosse And part are crossing now. ,-„ comc and sit nt this Christmas ta- for, with this fine contrast. , , ou^ee of ,,11 life when iPH the light of men. making their own lives significant nnd worthy. age, perhaps in the life to come, nnd harry on to the central figure. . _ "The light shineth in darkness '.*»**• OUK iuterpretntions have been given Tersc , 'It' has tew'^^^ thnt Jesus during .his CBrtWy . "£'' light shining in darfcncM. and «* nL could not swallow it up (see IT Revised Version). Others -refer Statement to the prelncarnato flc the Word, manifesting h.mse f S3 ?.'X in the v.orl.iVdaTknessV.and th« darkness never qoenched the light. . witness to the, .w of Ole. Rise and grcethim. e him of the throne! resent- did contrast. j.m--u iu<-- ..«u.u.u ..— vmuy. •'«•"• * ,7 , nhrUt- hence he broad- would be happy In the possession of one rcat witucBS-herald of '0hrist nwire l^_._.i . n,». „„=> no much as this one. .„,„!,..>.. here the olace of honor ne*i- •"• tag these ^^"^Tmrds'o"^ broad-1 ^l^i^'colt ns much as this one. cloth trimmed witl^ bands^of gray wooj know-tor there isn't the sllg! ' cloth. The waistcoat «"S )on wai9 tcoat doub t of it-that this superb fit and " are quite ns distinguishing as are ior mi. u W nndrous Infant? gr ^,t hto ^TntM" was the order nil ,,n and down Pnlestine, nnd nil up nnd Ulll. u**»- "••--— — Hi aright." The dying chieftain replied: "That's easy enough. I am »t peace with all my enemies, for I have killed all of tU That wns the style of peace on earth rhen Christ cnme, but the spirit of nrbi- ratlon, which Is to garland the^ tomb of mon, hts century nnd coronot the brow of he coming century, is consequent upon the idnight anthem bars ?o thnt music, above Bethlehem, two ars o , the first ot divine ascription, nnd thc second of earthly pacification ''Glory to God and peace to men "In his manhood Christ pronounced SHORT SERMONS. canvas. Its effc with turn-over co •ci* of a ».>-—— - - ,, illar wns delightfully odd Probably if you tried ' at home it would look coats number of frills and dnintiments h thnt exercising thets — The heart denotes 'that .he affections; we could not think we could not do anything If it was noT from some love or desire with! " » Therefore, one's love is one's life. <>,t oulv is Pure and per.fect.-Kev. D. Bowen, Swedenborgian, San Fran- -Rellglon Is said to be on nnd one Is often abashed nnd at hearing ,t fellow-being a* Tlio cry \vflBi of all established order! Here n t he ist of considerable causes of ac- There were paid for losses on ineie " , thfl mttcblno did $107,000 worth of "^yulids, and her doting wns told that by the nier- SrS^'.r»..U« be saved in an Incubator. The dearest wish of I. D. Armour's heart was for a grandaugu- Tor As soon. then,, as the much-noped- for mtle stranger arrived- a messenger was rushed iZt haste for the finest Incubator that could be bought. All dafnty baby frocks and frills were put aside and the millionaire's graud- Sngbtor" rolled In a bit of llaen and cotton, waa laid In the new-fangled ield the battleax. Blessed are those who wi can s stab"the" deepest with spear or roll a chariot wheel over the most wounded or put his charger's hoof on tho most dead. »T n recent rall- rt minnclet'Ing Is the placing of mort- sold bonds for Hfsa.ncradle. baby kept up a Mr days t h. . cUy name in heaven. term o r , b ave negotiated fro. f tin box. No one watched It with more interest than tbe grandfather, fi Inally. when the scales showed that the baby was set for a winner, tho grandfather, considerable of a fighter J»«nwlf. showed his admiration by settling an even half million on the little miss. ConqnarlnK «"» Audience, A writer iu the New York Times nai- rates an Incident which shows that Artemus Ward's "unique and UVnaiy nu- mor W»H not dependent upon •*^» t J: tlons clrcuuistnucea. Ho was to e at a town in Central Pennsylvania >L mm-nluc of his lecture » v after ^ they discovered the and r Suppose i,« 8 ' , ,„ devising novel be a little stocxy iiu""-- • •• from the designer, this dress The cut-away model is espc- enoHg i, to make one brenthlci , The cut a ^ difficu , tyi ^ ^^ ^ ^^ fln ordlnnry tnilor cost but with welves here the place not thnt light": this verae ta evangelist !• reader shall in Iv suited to overcome this aimcuiij. thc modcl t o guiue, nn o.u m., ,....v. g^^etche^erc is one ^U^foUowlt ~^ h^ idea is that check or its striking . . . Ice of this treatment being an essential to the finish there. Purple broadcloth wns used for the dress, the lapel nearest the purple being n second shade of the same l , 0 ,o P r dotted with dark purple, „£ the SSS-sagSr • UioriHHl Version is mislendlng. It Is no* likely that "every man' is to be jotoett with thc participle 'Vommg , wtoeh^ Authorized Version renders that com- cth " The mnrsiunl rending of the n erv 'i«r<ion elves the most satisfactorr e- "The^rue light, which lighted. i er ; innu wns coming into the world. Francisco, CaL aay it is a Bin o good tas e. •" • On a tterco father bad failed to flnd! Suppose that Dcrlsbcdl The MeautT of CbrUtmo.. Then to begin on the outermost rim of mv sublect Ohristmns festivities would Zer have been observed, Christmas car- sung. Christmas gifts never be- Bl *dworldwTdctigerI.m. had. without nn gospel opposition, gone on until now an Cn augmented by 1.808 years of fero e»v by this time what would this worl have ecu turned Into? The Bethlchen manger has given the most potent sugge «on of peace the world has ever receive The cavalry horses cannot cat out of thn manger. The Peace of Christ I take another step forward In showing the narrow escupe you and I had and the war d had in the secretlou of Christ's btrtbplaw from the Herodic detectives and the clubs with which they would hnve dashed the babe's life out when I say that without the life that began thnt night In Bethlehem the world would have had no Ulumnod deathbeds. Before the time of Christ good people closed their earthly lives InVKC.C while depending upon the Christ toI conic, and there were ontedUu-1 vinn danger to the comroonwealfli About Boots nnd Shoes. heavy cloth \ .. 1)OOt or s i loc Is too tight In any one particular place, dip a cloth in very hot water and lay It on the uncomfortable spot. This will cause the leather to expand, and to adapt Itself to tho foot. . 1L „ „...- that shoes which "draw BI «-im IIKCS nu—lt best iu n small n f( ^ mny be made perfectly com- hnt u having a bard time these dnys but ' blc by polir | nB water Into thorn; ^. !„ ."A.feL three pictures shows how W«am J i ma)n , n rho ghoe =:s-.«sara-vs = srjurtsyaSrs^'ss idiom, "He his home-fol unto hto turned him this if allowed to remain =." H *st Jfjrtss s .: ST. «=»- - «• - - --. thnt it almost followed the bend like a skull cap. »! w •Kc W. K ]ft certain sort , ltlou of tho ,, ..., man who gained Jf 'fame from the Inven- ssr^«?*K In fact. It can be said form audience olB never su. stowed. Christmas games never played, Christinas bells never rung. What an awful subtraction from the world's bright- S«. would have been thc making of Dec. 25 Mke o her days of the year! Glorious dny' After brightening England and Dr. ii n ac, . Ar tomus n«i" »•» - ------ - - ,.,„ frint . ..- t 'uo made no contrlbu- BolBmU e 8 t, as he advanced to the foot that no H to i»ww o the men, said, to or get r of m cod so beckoning to the men. said: up closer,'BeBtlemon. 1 want i to repeat tho Invitation bo- rakenseau together In the front : row, Arteinus «ald, "There, now. that Is more soc»abl«.» He paused a moment, you ar B entitled to see our childhood CbrUtmasest 'AS.', .nd-mo U thcr joined in them They forffot tbclr rlwuraatlsms and shortnoBs 01 iur » u : , •. un,. *\^T«aw Aff ihfl ftor- vinn saints, and Assyrian saints, and EgyptTau saints, nnd Grecian saints and Jerusalem saints long before the clouds above Bethlehem became n balcony -lied with the best singers of a wor 4 whore they all sing, but I cnimot rend that there TOO« nnvthlng more than n quieting guess S,at came to those before Christ deathbed. Job .aid something bordering on the confident, but it wns mlicd up wl h a I story of "skin worms" that would destroy "' body. Abraham and Jacob had a H - tut light'on too dying pillow, but. com- edue««•-«-, eB ," and lM)w er n> they ,„ "i ,vlth the after Christ deathbed*, it them fo UH«U ^^ Qf 1(fe pared with tbe aft pare w was Uko tho dim tnllow caudle of old bo- modern cluster of lights oloctrlc. lde ho modern clu *«" W *» be " e" B Sng then*, you as my guests .» i made a won- • eluctant to forego the show o here were »U tholnnocent allurements as to who brought the presents, nnd the won- torment M to bow sleighs drawn by rein- do e rco«ld come down the P^^lcular, and afterward, tho dUappoln tment «» •onio older brother or nl»t»r, yflth all tne know Biyih wentup In memorable man- tll er but it was a terrible way to S o-a , o hirlwlnd of tire that must hnvo been I lUriwlUU U*. • ...|.rt atnnA nil I ner w to look at by those who stood on ^ Now York Olty L of tho Jordan, but It was n style ou • • nerve than f 4tifi sili» JJuIr Itt*-^ v**«— T Ta k a &O{ II)H nel of generous descent. Oh, Wh ?hey were,' tbe Ohrl.tmascs of our hoy %'aCrtbSrtt. John saw r Uh mut "t a chariot drawn, by such a wild beas. as far a Vhewriter seeks to make it nlnin'thnt the birth thnt makes men sons o^God Is purely heavenly in Its orisln, Hen«- he repeats, with some redundance, "not of blood, nor of the will of the fl*«b " e nor of the will of mnu." Ihe three refer to natural generation. may be distinguished » Ions us In the or- ffi£%xx~~% s=S«SS£ Intel- orlvlli-ges are cause for thauks- Our common school system, In B U nro In early life eligible to Educational privileges which prepare forth Into the active M.our hlHtory shows, ore some nation of sbverolgun A deathbeds, as far « ^ j all provo the •ttw.Ohrtst deatl,-1.™."^,„„,,, ; uwuut of huwyr. nu i KllUni HR»W» •"•""-- , I lia vu 1M1 nlllUU IVUWM**" **" "^ rr , .' teds. What a proeesston of bos.»»••»"• 5S^J, ng *M«* «•»*• (W "' . .»-_j *i._-..rrl, »ho dvlllff roOtll Of tuO I lOllO"*"*' . H _.« •17I1OUKU ly»«v*^»*^ •"* "" TT *W . « ?jfeil2Wa!?3S« »was-s«sss th. cafe whew for hours they mado merry, and wbouoa tUey were wlurt»« must have wa/Uo lold then) wo4e bis »"<«<«>«« n^heYrou.,, tho ^ room .,«. ^h ? cavacaJo of mounted ballelnlab. I Kaffl thresh the dying TWons o ih« last 2000 years »avo 100! leaceruj dcatbbedtinllm year. B. 0.! Trlumubant dttatbbeui, for the mo.t part, rosMved for | the yesrs A. 15.! Killers, tjer ,„ gm ,.rter : Kniperor and BW«» dent. Bonn, on past all 1 ft tuo But had either M Oaspar. tliu three ^r™»tr: ?:,:;;»;.;-.««.*.-.-*. -- ,-„, .u «^T«'s?="»srr» B r.. ««u *s IS§:?£=HSriirr^'"^ tral heiit from the lontiicr, Soles cut from govern! thicknesses of brown paper, nud renewed every day. an > wonderfully soothing to the feet. For softening shoes that are haul, c-istor oil is one of the best jKMtslblo Sling* It will k«-p the lonther In^excellent condition, nnd make tho last nearly twice dlunry way.—Ph ^ "~~ Waste. In parla.nothlns Is wnstod-not the smallest sorap of pap<'r; overv one el»> throws nwny come* a source of profit. Old provision tins, for Instance, are r the b-nd soldering Is motti'tl *-'*' *• •• — ' goes to make children's toys. Old boots, owover ba.l, always contain in the. uvh of the fo.>t at least one Bound piece hat will ««>rvo again, and gonornlly ere aro two or thnn- others In the sole, ,„,.! and at the buck. Scraps of mper iso to tbe cardboard factory, or>1 to the mnrmnt'.iilo-malii'r, and Tlie most valuable refuse, that two francs I he kilo, Is to the hairdresser, among oilier . the revealing of in.moitnl full of niouey-- removed and down into cake*, while the tm e .a SSasS"-. ,n oil wh lei fetches hair; the long go*, while the «hort is things, for ~An UnilirelU Story. A gontleimm falling at a hotel left his umbrella In tho stand In the hall with ,T following in-erlptloii attache,! to It '•TJils uinbrelta brfongs to a mat i who CM i deal a blow »t 260 poundH weight. I aliall be back In ten minutes. k hln property bo ory ft*' 11 IIL >-'"•- • ' , oV otlvor tliluKS ' rt tiiuuih. 2i§gl,»»-^ tim»l "full of B raoejiu<l. truth. . roturnlnif to r its iflico a card thus inscribed: c r,i has been left by a man who can run twelve miles on hour. I shall uot come back." S?ErK«55 w.« «-«< * ^^^&^^f^^^SK«^^;^. - 1 5 f.i&;& S < . „ ' i'? ' -i J 1 -J ^ . * * ' . . v n Kuipw-r promptly V jr«l "Tho young* uud di'lata." Homes In The !»•«( houses In tho city of Manila ot stone, and aro handsomo ro.l- " (Marts is not lined for tho win- aro ".. lucent Next pled."~John Celery •• » M«<»loln<>. Wl,,.,, celery l« eaten lartxly. «» t t*mk ,1* Churniiir. , ou nre wiBtt«ed to o Uo-loru cook," turns out a gooU J 1 -> au<J - ,*i

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