Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, December 28, 1961
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< Established In 1914 M; Neighbors 1=7 NATIONAL EDITORIAL 61 dfiU l»y «8"T" Subscription 'Rate* In Fayette and Adjoining Counties $3.00 Per Year Outside Fayette and Adjoining Counties $3.50 Per Year Tlu- Loader Is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Sioneman, Owner and Publisher "This guy'B signalB are all too obviousI" Editorial Comments - - - The Right Kind of Reports During November, White House Regional Conferences were held in a number of our cities. Experts in v;it'iciis field of government activity, including top officials, led the discussions. State and municipal officials, civic groups and interested citizens attended. The specific topics covered a very wide range -economic growth, the creation of new employment opportunities, community development, juvenile delinquency, education, recreation, urban renewal, metropolitan development, surplus foods, minimum wages and so on. Reports on the results of the discussions are to be made to the President. Great good could come from such conferences as these. But there also is a great danger - the danger that many if not most of the conferees will urge that the federal government be the prime mover in solving or attempting to solve the myriad problems involved. That has been the trend for many years now. Its result has been the unnessary spending of untold billions, by the federal government, for welfare state projects of one kind or another - and, more important, a drastic weakening of local rights, responsibilities and independence. The best reports that could be sent to the President's desk would be based on the principle that there should be less and less reliance on a central authority, and more and more reliance on state and local initiative - by government, by enterprise, and by individuals. Letter to the Editor The following letter, which pertains to the Fayette area and all taxpayers therein, was written by Dr. Scott Linge. It Is being reprinted here with his permission: Governor Norman B. Erbe With the towering government that we have today and their infinite Bureaus etc. it is almost commonplace and generally excepted by all concerned that the left hand does not know what the i-ight hand is doing. Long range planning seems to be a forgotten virtue left only to private enterprise any more. However this is very difficult to ignore. When you have a halt million "goof" within a stones throw of your back yard. About two years ago I took a day from my busy schedule to call on the Commissioner in Waterloo to discuss possible alternates to the 150 "bypass" cut through a prime residential area ( where I live ) but also I did not feel that this bypass would accomplish any real purpose in improving Highway 150 in Fayette County. After driving both north and south of Fayette daily for eight years I could easily see that no amount of work or money could make this a good highway. In studying maps of the County it seemed logical to me to have an entirely new highway cutting out the worst sections of 150 and told them so. Now I read in the paper that somebody has awakened to the same conclusion $500,000 later. I .am still in accord with my thinking in that this will be a very badly needed addition to our highway systems and fervently hope that tin's plan will become a reality, but by the same token, I don't feel that this half million faux pas already prepetrated should go uncritictzed. Theoretically I suppose this bypass should never be paved ( don't throw good money after bad ) in which case I'll be the only citizen in Iowa that will have a $500,000 semiprivate bridle path. However, if when it is paved I suppose I may still consider it a semi private highway to work north and south of town because I doubt if 90 per cent of the citizens in town will take the e\tra time to drive up to the "new highway". I trust that some intelligent person somewhere in our government echelon will have power and authority to limit this type of travesity on tax paying citizens to a min­ imum. May God speed him. Yours Very Trulv, Scott Linge M. D. 130 attend open House at Maynard MAYNARD — Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Meyer were honored by approximately 130 relatives and friends who attended their golden wedding anniversary observence at the Community hall Sunday afternoon, Dec. 17. Luverne Meyer, Hnndaliu. son of the honored couple introduced their pastor, the Rev. Carl R. Carlson of the United Presbyterian church, who brought the anniversary message. The honored Mr. Meyer responded and then he and Mrs. Wilma Bartels rendered a vocal duet. "Have Thine Own Way Lord", with Mrs. Don Fish as accompanist. The receptionist for the courtesy was Mrs. Caroline Arthur, Randalia, sister of Meyer; Lynne Plaster, Oelwein, granddaughter, registered the guests; Rachel and Mary Meyer, Randalia, granddaughters, and Richard Plaster,' Oelwein, grandson, were in charge of the gifts and cards. Chattin' With Stoney Only three more <lays and the big pendulum counting off life's, minutes, hours and days will have made 3C5 more complete swings. And what have we gained during the year? Many have gained materially, many have gained knowledge. . . but some haven't gained either. For those who have gained in a material way, or in the form of knowledge and understanding we're happy. But for those who have not gained - we can only feel regret. Perhaps 10C2 will lx< a better year for those people. Perhaps they, too, will be able to show a gain when another year has rolled around. This is the time "f year when New Year's resolutions arc made . . . and now is as good a time as any to wipe the slate clean and start working for a bigger and better 1962. That grudge against your neighbor is an old one. You probably don't even remember exactly how it came about ... so why harbor it any longer? It's much more easy to be friendly and cooperative than it is to always be olislinale and at odds with your fellow citizens. As for ourselves . . . we're going to try to be a little more understanding during the coming year, and promote good will whenever we can. In the two and one half years we have teen in Fayette, we feel we have improved the newspaper in some way each year . . . and we hope to improve in the year ahead. Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all of you. We'd like to give a special thanks to the Fayette telephone company for allowing us to use their facilities to announce the winners of the turkey drawing Friday night. And a special thanks to the operators who were on duty and handled the job in a marvelous manner in spite of probably being busy with their normal calls. Their generosity and cooperation saved us and several hundred people from getting frostbite by holding the drawing on the street corner. Creek Bottom Comments tend it should NOT culminate in Washington D. C. By Reuben We frankly concede to being not a religious fellow in the popular concept of the phrase. That does not nullify our moments of quiet and lonely meditation. We herewith contend that Jesus was neither communistic nor socialistic, contrary to the professed opinion of some wiseacres. In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, the parable clearly assumes the right of a man to his property, as the owner and employer asks "is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own". In the teaching of Matthew 19:16 - 26, the emphasis was on the welfare of the rich young man's soul, not a public welfare project for the poor. However, throughout the teachings and parables of Jesus, there is the definite theory that ultimately all property belongs to God. We restate our firm opinion that income tax is the fair and democratic means of taxation. But we do not confess to believing in the ( Marxian ) "soak the rich" progressive income tax. There are four ways to get wealth ( or money ). Successfully plan to create it, use our talents, and work for it, receive it as a gift, or take it by force. Back in those "good old days" many Americans were naive enough to call taking it ( property or money ) by force, STEALING. But in these enlightened days of the Washington Bureaucracy we are l>cing pro gressively taught that what would be very wrong for you or we, is very right for the Government. Therefore, if by majority rule, the Government takes by force, it is not a theft, but "an express ion of social conciousness'. We are highly pleased there are yet at least a few people, in |>osition to do something about it, ( including Congressman "Jim Bromwell ) that are not so sure about this philosophy being either morally right or economically sound. Wealth can become a hazard to the soul of the |x>ssessor, but that does NOT make it a problem to be solved by socialistic engineering. Man's inescapable accountability to God obligates him to practice some degree of charity. But that does not necessarily mean getting "all shook up" over those too lazy or indifferent to try to do something for themselves. Whether or not charity should "begin at home", we firmly con- Winter wonderland In Iowa state parks Early snows have created a winter wonderland in Iowa State Parks. Visitors who brave the chill, moist weather are rewarded by snow covered trees and foliage, or ice crystaled branches that makes every evergreen a decorated Christmas tree. Bird watchers and naturalists find many species of winter residents in the berry bushes and around the feeding stations in some parks. Wildlife tracks are fun to identify in snow. The whole scene is one to make a color photographer's fingers tremble on the shutter release. Many parks permit sledding on designated slopes and, after the ice is safe, skating on park lakes. Park officers ask all visitors to please contact them.before venturing out on the ice for any purpose. Later ice fishing will join skating as an excellent form of park recreation, but early snows have made the ice unsafe at present in most areas. Remember, always contact the Park Officer at his residence in the park before going out on the lake. IT PAYS TO ADVEBTISE WITH LEADER WANT ADS SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Escape Herman Iben of near Manchester narrowly escaped injury recently when ground in front of his garage door gave way and he dropped into a hole, catching himself with his arms. After he crawled out, he found he had fallen into what is apparently an old well or cistern, about four feet square. It was found to be 15 feet deep, filled to within about 4 feet of the top with water. 8 Daniels Xmas Shop jj All Merchandise B Toys - Gifts - Games Half Price Save 50% Store Open Daily 10am to 5 pm Final Closing Sat.Dec 30, 1961 at 5pm Buy Now And Save [0] O D o n m Born to a Fayette area couple LEWIS sc to $1.00 Stretch Terry Crawler Suit DANIELS DRUG STORE Baby Travel Gift Set MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING $3 in Merchandise STATE RANK OF FAYETTE J $3 Savings Account For Baby MfLEESE * LEYTZE FURNITURE Gifts Galore For OTT'S DRIVE-IN $2 in Merchandise cc Mr. or Miss 1962" Eleven Fayette merchants are sponsoring the 1962 Ftnt Baby of the Year contest. They are taking this method of wishing the new parents and the new baby a Happy New Year by offering the gifts listed In this ad. The simple rules of the First Baby contest are: t. Must be first baby born on Jan. 1, 1961, or any day following that date. 2. Panntt must live within an 8 mile radius of Fayette. 3. Announcement of the birth must be made at the Leader office by noon, Wednesday, Jan. 2, or within 24 hours of the birth on any day thereafter. 4. Parents must show a signed statement of the date, time and place of birth, signed by the physician. 5. Gift certificates will be Issued to the parents, which must be turned In at the stores offering prizes. FAYETTE LEADER One Year Subscription for Mom and Pad INTERSTATE POWER CO. Gift For Baby VERA'S DRESS SHOP 2 paii 1 Gold-Stripe Hose for Mom COFFEE NOOK CAFE Dinner for Mom and Dad 111 BUI'S SUPER TUB Case of Heinz Strained Baby Food i0i ' NIC rt*

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