Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 31, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 31, 1898
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TEN CENTS PER ALTON ILL, SATURDAY PEC- *. Qive the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Until They're Asked. Try the Telegraph. Unt.y ....... . Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Fire and Water-Proof t'*.***-******'*''*** 1 *' 1 *•»-•-%• ROOFS Gravel a Composition 4S. ROOFING MATERIALS Manufactured by JOHN M. SELLERS, OF ST. LOUIS. Comer Shields and Bozza sts. ffffOtn **f"J*g5."!5n7i™» trotUWTMcortU, «^^SSfeafflrKaa . PW'^V 1 ™^!'raffia, badnwintt.". .tc. «^S!«HS.MK.= MU—I . . __ _____ir *hnmn*hlr 01 mm i.B**r "Ifcirth -nd I *iU Immwtiwiy r«" H€S23saB*£ Decide to Postpone the Proposed Celebration. STILL CONSIDEIUULE KXCITEMKNT But tho Cuban Military L artem Thlnlc They Can U"'" 1 u ttnU I'revent Violence —Gennral llrookii'ii llefinal to UcmiRliUe the Cahnii Army In tho Oovernment of tho InUn.l Approval nt Wii»l.ln«ton- Only Olio Flog To Ho Hm'og iiUc-il. Havana, Dec. 31.—Tho Cuban patriotic committee, consisting of 150 leading Cubans—lawyers, doctors and business men-at a meeting which lasted until 4 o'clock In the morning, decided to yield without reservation to the wishes of Generals Brooke and Ludlow In the matter of postponing the six- days' celebrations and has approved a manifesto to the Cuban population of Havana on the lines of General Ludlow's reply on the subject of the proposed celebrations, quoting some portions of It ana paraphrasing others. The Cuban citizens In Havana and the Cuban soldiers outnlde the city are Intensely excited, but the patriotic committee and the military chiefsi of the Cubans think they can quiet this feeling and prevent violent Incidents. Text of Ludlow'B lleply. The following Is the text of General Ludlow's reply to the Cuban deputa- tlon which visited him and Presented him with a written programme of the six days' festivities. «»...-. "Messrs. Mora. Nunez and Others Representing the Patriotic Committee of Havana-Gentlemen: I have given careful consideration to the matter of the proposed celebration by Cuban cltl- wn'o?Havana during next week on the exchange of national nags that w 1 take place on Jan. 1 as I promised you. I have taken the occasion also to ascertain the views of Major General Brooke, Commanding the division of Cuba upon the subject. I regret to Inform you that a celebration of this character must at this time be deemed Inexpedient and cannot for the present be authorized for the following reasons: "First Havana has for a long time suffered from strife and conten t « on ^nd It Is the supreme duty of all at this critical period to suppress disorder and mMMve public peace. All other considerations for the moment, should give way to this. Troop* to Slalntaln Order. "Second. At the present time the only effective means of maintaining order is the presence., of United States troop* in the city, since the local police In several districts have disappeared with the departure of the Span- Makes the food more ddfcfous and wholesome :. «fwii mlmul ffMlttfft «ft-.l*w »Q*JL ..,,••^••^••^1 Bpam to tne united State* next mm- day. The administration approves General Brooke's stand and he Is act- Ing under orders. These orders were verbal and liberal, and were given before General Brooke left Washington. They were more In the nature of precautions to guard against any opportunity for friction or display of enmity between the Spaniards and the Cubans. There will be no evacuation by th« Spaniards of Havana on Sunday, but a transfer of the government. There are still 15.000 or 20.000 Spanish troops In and about Havana, and It Is clear that they cannot be taken away for several weeks. The transfer of the government will place them under the protection of the United Stages mil tary authorities In control. The preslden has no desire to Ignore the Cubans or give them cause for offense. But he perceives that there can be but one government and one flag In a country at the same time. Since,the United States Is to take control of Cuba and be responsible for the Island, until a stable government can be established .by the Cubans, he desires that It shall be made clear in Havana, as in Porto Rico and the Philippines, that the United States .flag Is the one and only emblem of authority while this government Is In control. . CUBANS THREATEN TROUBLE. Minor Commander. Boa.t That They W.ll • Meet Force with Force. Havana, Hoc. 31 .-Some of the radl cal insurgent commanders of a minor g,ade insist that they will enter Ha vana with their forces and celebrate but conservative counsels have UP to Senor Romero Passes Washington. Away DEMISE CAUSED BY APPENDICITIS. Toronto World l*y« Moinlnlon I« N<mr to •Absorption hy Thl» Nation. Toronto, Ont., Dec. Jl.-The Toronto World, which OPPOMK the present Liberal government nt Ottawa, has a startling editorial under the heading "Canada on the Brink," In which It warns the people of this country that time..arc critical, so far as the maintenance of Canada as a free, «»«>open- Sent and Integral portion of North America Is concerned. "Unless Canadians," declares The World, "are fully alive to the situation .SSSSfiSSw tJnlted Stales, having for Kfl *?ria in*.. domination of'the whole continent, nnd a great party In England I"W J(] ° make almost any sacrinccs to the United States In consldcrnll'.n or som. VTe «a prepared to nhow a largo assortment o£ . . . f O f a u kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Por tiers, Table Covers. Mlze B with HiiBsIa, Franc Electric Power. a, Lo« We are prepared to contract for Electric Powp at '""Ifyouknowof any manufactrer who » seeking location ask him to correspon^wah us. ^ '- Motor^can pe u»_ vumping wat er; m lacl It is In the interests both of citizens 'generally and particularly of U>. moreT distinctively Cuban citizens themselves that the occasion be _one of peace and order and of quiet rejoicing only and that every one should be con- Solted by a patriotic desire to do what Is best for trie community. ' "Fourth. The American authorities sympathize fully with the Cuban feel- InTof rejoicing and at a proper time hereafter- when affairs are In a more settle.!oondWon. they will be glad to further and participate In the plans of the celebration; but they are convinced that this is not a suitable or expedient time for It." Quiet In Havana. The city and suburbs of Havana are now absolutely quiet and during the Sight there was not one instance of disorder. The United States patrols and officers were keenly on the alert, penetrating into every corner of the town. Tenor Frederlco Mora •••- «« the cor- doing po lice duty at Vedado under Colonel Hernandez has been withdrawn because ?h"united States military authorities could not re.-ognlze them except as In- dividunfs. A misunderstanding between Oens Ix* and Ludlow regarding Amer- icantroop, made the entrance of the Insurgents to do police duty necessary. The newspapers counsel moderation, but urge that the Insurgent permitted to enter Havana part In the celebration. Mutter Out List Heady, Washington, Dec. "-Although the .secretary of war has prepared a list 01 !ne volunteer regiments to be ordered mustered out under the declsl on ^ c ^ by the cabinet to muster out 60.000 men now in camp It was said at the war department that the list may be n 6 '^""- til the situation In Cuba and the Phil Ippines clears up and becomes settled Both the president and secretar, deem It advisable not to reduce the army until after the first of the year when the occupation of Cuba by the United States will be completed. Transport* Sail tor Cuba. After Being Operated Upon rhs-nlolans Believed the Celebrated Mexican Wouia Recover, but lie Hegan to Sink »»?>«* and Death Came to I1U BeU " f ~, , Served III. Country In Many Political Fo.Ulon.-Hl. Wife a rhlladelphlan. Washington, Dec. sl.-Ambasaador Romero, who recently submitted to an peratlon for appendicitis, Is dead. For twenty-four hours the physicians were encouraged to hope for a successful result, but the age and !rall oonstltu- Llon of the patient tended to diminish the chances for his recovery. He began to sink rapidly until death came to his relief at 4 o'clock ln Mr e Bo°mer n o B was made secretary of jsais !=.»•« rjs o and other Kuro- •eft-VB to the recent S^t"™^ A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE \Ve "that these words of Mr. Wtls, •how too well the opinion of a great number of Americans. When once their - bluff, which seems to be th -U strongest card in savs- "We are" nearer to absorption than ever we were. Do Canadians real- Ize It?" — WILL HOLD^HE LAJiD. Important Tax Menomlnee, Ca»e Rendered ..ilguii Court*. Mich., Dec. 31.-0n In the the Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. lave 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell tor the next 20 days REGARDLESS OP COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. Model Shoe & Clothing Co. A Man of Great Ability. When came around - Philadelphia. Here and kinds,. ... application call on us for tanzas, wun .ueiicr«*» ™..D--. --.-. h headquarters, hospital corps and the Twelfth New York regiment. The Mln- newaska departed at the same hour for Clenfuegos with General Bates ana staff and the Sixth Ohio. The Saratoga got away at 12:30 In the afternoon for Havana with a battalion of the First regular infantry. Incandescent Lights, . . ._ v i._*ft«t» ^^^ '. • Incandesce! Electric &&** I^IIW* ••••»--- : Telephone 93* J T^l® Cor. Sixth and Alby at> Fancy Groceries, Fruits, noJf, Maple Sjp, Frc* r anc y Butter, Flour, rure . ^^1 *^*—*—t - **»» j Coffees, etc. Free Delivery to any P»rt of the City eral LudloWB aesire. «* «.,lhavedlf- noulty in keeping the low people down and restraining the young people in the army; but w e are sure no acts of 'disturbance will occur. Nothing will be done In combination against the American wishes. Now is Cuba's op- portunlty. H we go wrong now we ?hlu never attain Independence, never reach national life and the Americans would never leave Cuba. ONLY ONE FLAG. General Brook-'. " W ReeognlM Cuban Army Approved. Washington, Dec. Sl.-Nelther the president nor Secretary Alger will over- rul« Major General Brooke, the military governor of Cuba, In his determination not to recognize the Cuban army a. a factor In the ceremony of trans- frrlmt the government of Cu^from, Want Ninth Immune* Changed. Washington, Dec. 81.—Senator Ma- sonTf infno.s saw Secretary Alger and urged that the Ninth regiment of 1m- mKe. be shifted from their present camp outside of Santiago. It Is saw that they are In a swampy locality which induces disease and that deaths have resulted. Major Hi- nf the regiment was with the senator to Point out the desirability of a change. To Facilitate Repatriation. by'llt'ln Ymeriiajnjhese times. MHUT WPA 00 10 EHBOPB. He Will Command the Fleet; Sent to He- EitBbll.h Foreign Station.. Washington, Dec. 31.-A number of important changes In the personnel of the high grades of the navy have been decided on by Secretary tong The or- the north Atlantlojleet^ Clilcago Dl.trlot Jnd«e.Wp. THE HOLIDAY SEASON la at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will tod i, Cigars, Choice] Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushy; And many othor beautiful, and uBetul things. fund. — Gauging: In MannaclimetW. Sorlnsfleld. Mass.. Dec. 31.—Doml- n £ue Krathofskl was hanged here for ?h« murder of his stepdaughter, Vlc- Plnkus, ,16 years of age. The he had ruined and . with a revolver Krathofskl shot self in the_hcad Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder, McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., at Pioneer St. Loul. Architect Dead. Louis, Dec. 31.-George Ingrain of the pioneer architects .\lway* «•» hand W: Jement, time. *«..» »nd P««stn '•«!< to ment aging. Alton Girl Snoot* Uer»»lf. Alton Ills.. D«. 31.-Be)le Hurns. 24 vears old, stiot herself at her home In tM* i city. She died almost Instantly. She had nervous prostration, due to the °°. e .rf *..n. of her father a.ul mother. ?ALL l ?HBEATiT^H?c5TDOCTOB. CLE >V TO COBSWH MV8TEBV. , *» n ,iaa«i tiv A Woni*w B i „.._.__ tit..tad TrloVut »»« • Indiana CltUen. Kouted _. Murder at Bedford. Bedford, ind.. Deo. 31.-A mob tai «aW to be forming near this city for the | Gail Borden • Harry ^"S^-^i^"--^- r s TffrLvssK* sassrs Eagle Brand [lete line of its, Pants Styl^i Fii 1 "- 11 "•" «••«•••""""• j s guaranteed. . Come and be Convinced b?fore «o- 1 Ing elsewhere, and Domestic Woo! *• THE EXCELUNCB OP SVSUP OF FIGS to due not only to tfie oritftaallty and ". "".. ,^_ _| t ^, e oombinatlou, but atao and »klll with which it Is * *— »clentl&o rlrn "* KBoa > Condensed Milk HAS NO EQUAL AS AN INFANT FOOD. ' "INFANT HEALTH"SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. Hiwvorm CoHOtNstomt CO.H.Y. Licensed ARCHITECT _ _. _ i * n_. ...•,!•+«••••••_ led to the crime, __ _ BANK OFFICIAL^ STEP DOWN Uma, u nausuw Tl»«WB»*tonding of tho CAI-I Ir«VP Co. W and the »RBV1TV IS THE K WIPBi VOW OOOP of the far ta o< other hlOney*. U?er and I'X ^leaTto-VkSl^Very a« the purchasf^_____ . jlurden Hli Only So*. Sr^SrS ageu **i •Wull The Cfin*9 WWi »1 milled tb«jnuj[5SI: ju*t MARVELOUj 2Sc aoo Ukwi [ the United 8Uto , U. S. N«val Photo A'$?&^ te-jftSMSSg. »* NwyiPwBi«£^;i5w NAI ' Brussels, come from Deo, 81.—News na» Leopoldvllle, Congo dispatched I? pur.««» Sion, BoLley, Hobson. f'he psttle»Mp», oruH- ^'!H a .8?'S"fZd Cr .S ' •«??'?" NOTIOB. JIEL W. COLLET! J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers.J Second Street. Opposite City Hall. No! it is not claimed that Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no sa<$ false hopes, but DOES truthfully, claim to always give comfort an* relief in the .very worst cases and m< the early stages to effect a cure. Por sale by E. Marsh and S. H. Wy«.

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