Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1898
Page 4
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^ >'!»'* Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to %Ing ^ - to^our Store arid jfc*ne kind of kiKHrledfre that t» power and prt«tifr> in t** hands «>f a woman. It t* tbe knowledge of f own nature, her own iy*ic*l. make op and (h* home - treatment liar to her *««. _ There is a great home medical that teacheu all this. Jt i* Dr 8en*e Hedjtal '~ . home* conudo cjWM _,„_ It BMd to cart iWui-u** ft Jlw * paper cohered copy «nd n 1 «t*mt»*. '» «*w mailing only, to V* BH»p«»»*ry Medical A««eia- "o, N. V.; French cloth binding, I book ttlla all about a medicine i entailing: care for all weafcue** t of the dBTate organ* BWinctly " me i« pr. rwrre • 1 Daring the P«t "Tt with' marvelous results, rt j^allb, Tigor, viritity, Mrenelh and r to the organ* that bear the bur- titty. It fits far wifehood and Taken daring the period of , it make* the coming of baby toff Mt p»lnle«». It completely ban- Wn and misety that are th* re•— j.fL-.i-ii. berwonuuily ie' dealer will I what yott ask for, and not try to ! TOO to take aome inferior itubiti- the little added profit be may •at Prcetammtjaif. Wurth- rwKTySa iSo*' j»e Xt**** 0 ? 3 { t maelMd ftom your mediant* and thj- rocjl tttnent at home. I w*» troubt«« wHJi tveaknem, Had paiw in my back «ll tbt >jK»erm llul I could not lie in aaidiOkftat doctor* but they f» m»J« In tb« «h»p« te«r tol'ii'.r cot oo» of ttlff full trjRK'bfng orfet, with »nd THE NEW HIT I Wufyn. "" tjr;l(is bi * * D " *' * "P 01 * §H I arm*." HIP ninstarb* is lmi(j and blond Calendars For 1899 Airc Unfqlie, Useful and Pretty. V : '-''" '*> "" "- : ' A *BEA*r VAEIEIT THIS BEASfjk •one Are Work* of. Art, .and ^ A. ^i- ' ' ' ' i L. f Pay from I «>n» t P »o e in—The Proper T ft IBB. tinm is ilniont here again. H/«'l :<ah-ii",. It is iKsdi? of flax. There {•> an f.ifrltt in tbe top of hi« campaign htit. and yf.-o i an run » filing tbroojjh thai Bii-1 iu»fi*n(l biiu from tbe ga* fii- lurf.> jCh«. lli.rkCalcDdu.Jw c«r»'.e» «f «ht CoW- tv>l'-l>n»>k. N. with a i latlun conventlc-. '.y. )h" report of the'.jpe- ;,W< will ae^D bj wriririp IfciUjAaml (KialchinR it oofTo wriffc 1 C ?H* fhstca'I. The ypar old calendar whi'-h It i» stout time to bay a neiv 0110. Th« carefol bontekceptr, not to u.eurlou the •ZZ hrfp We- Then my bwbaiv] ifot Or. Common Sense Medical Adrivtr. «od - - _________ ConMipation it the caowr of many « «Bd>&iff*rf '. h « C" is a gentle laza- mild,ca»h*rtic. DromrtsU iblni U "Jo»t:«j good." '-im*-i^ ^ . 0 - .toti srMldenoe of Goo. Klrsch on B«lle (treat; or8. H. Klchoto ot Ji'tt, Lot TOilTU feet. A On* location, •••room dwelling (nearly new) with bath • ' I fcjrfornaoln -•'•"• itbulot of - |4>moo>brtek d' J. tt. T<m*or rtatt j (-room brie Lot!2>xl20f r«tn«t. a&rat Wdd. HJ^' Heath with furnace, Lot ID i 7UM it*. l!tp« prArWB ( good .dfeld^, »fvW^ I?- ar-- ^^^^^Srtioi feonnt to mot' »itti a id* OD iwelUBf"witb"flni HUNT, . story brick dwelling wltU 6<'rtwirj/,on 'stV'S «w*^fe v SUROAY r »Tenue now occupied byJ. Moulton, jg on Srd iflilnret, i i and two <-i BJ 2nd street n< t-emm netfCb ber MK ^...RIBAL ESTATE, P. 0, BUILDINO. _„ : "' TOBSOMlJEUCALKSlMlt. ' rnethodicol bnaineea man, is already looking ahead into a new year and needs a chart of the fntnro for q Kuidp. Tbo making of artistic cnltndiue ia one of tboBo peronninl tutkn of :the nation which, like the manufacture of Fourth of Jnly fireworks and their'aUlug of Tbankflgiving turkey", havoj grown to great proportiouB. Tiniu wiie when tooat good Americana depended [on the farmer's almanac for their chronological and astronomical information. It aiuo supplied wentber forecasts and liuiuor, tbo one gtartliuKly inaccurate and the at'ber remarkably well reasoned,! ' \ = 0nt now tbo firKt of every yeai|brin^n : with it a perfect flood of calendars of 'all abapeg, «i'«'n and colora. Muny of •the big publishing hoonea iriake a •peoialty of calendar printing. VVitbin .tbo last few yexrg tbe varioui) .firing,, have begun to enter into a spirited riValry in tbo production of unique and artistio caleudarg. Ntiver before baa this been no noticeable an it IB tl)in sea- *0d. ' V Ana reBolt the purchaser of a oulou- d(ur for 1880 may Imvo big choiooiot n bowilderliiH variety. Ho tuny nuy al- toort any prico hochooaes, from ijpouuy tap to $10. It all depcuda on hif fuwtu and his pocket book. Hu may getUonio- thiug which will merely tell liijn (bo 'dayaof tbe iriontlm, or lie mayjbavea Work bf art or it waird fancy pf the 4ar8 M»t art yeiJ! will not do this JUIIHOII. Tbo A in or i cur i citi/.oii waiiln higlculou- dnrJl ue«v Uud fiosli. ' ' Almost every individual futicltn cue pirtlenterntylo of cnlnudur.. 'Soiiio like a block oalnudar, with a leaf for; avery day..of the year, Other .people who, can, i never remember to twit off thoBujehuutl; •eon Bt| orj; afe %liuoBt*ccV<»iu to neglect it, and when you do tip two' weeks' old date HtiireH out at you re- ipro^cli^nUy.//! o3jj«ol,to,'liiing Iqcturud by an inauimato thing. You < fjftr to dlle caJHraiB i« of tbe kip). OB ll» c<o»ej|re repre- W"t"DltfiI .Staten toldier and Bailor, ftr.'l tlie 12 {•ages areembelliltaed wtb|!n« drawings of battle iceoea in Cu'-a. i:x«-ti!t'.d by fln artist who wa« there '..! lb«rtabMil». Tbe«e coldicr cal- aj.'iars w.ill d(iobti|M .'•Vtlue of $**;.«<*£>* rYoj*li '>'fSn <»Un4ir ' are 12 Mick*, end each one iidevoted to a jncmb 1} »ijuu np and opeoi Joit tU*a»y rlui I / On fiiau'lhioff of the rame order li tbe parrot calendar. Folly la a bright colored bird of stout bristoi board with hinged iviifK*. f TM4« ,*ia(W;jcitoli b*l fprwul oat like ^ tap ftmd.vr^en opened, rbvesl tbo 'uioifiiifi • ' '''•' ' ; ' The ship calendar Ie wmewbat unique aim. It ref repints tbe^ipper gear o^ a foil rlggedr'iirijjj';S?S[ <i\> 1 lie tiiit?, wtilcli Vre liy >ailors who lean ovtr tbe yardaroM m if lu.tfl at work preparing for a com- j lug Morin, Thi're is tbe cat "and clocft calebd'ai'. It iu Hie shape of a grandfather'* clock. A couple 4jff.|risjj/l$t^n» ajre playing wi!b the pcuoolum, which r(.'«!J7 rnotcf, tad af ,1B!) ; Jftp:op<jtber kitftin'fi tryJUK to.ttot F. M Ttylofcj the rnlverMjj of Michigan, chain I'rof»««.--ri fiSlW Taming of liar man. J W. n«y Sh^rni David Kln tantzailun. rec>r! trt-al standard." Mabllity of »» it u mo tarnations! orle of the -i a jlonfl'tini-? Tn '{fit' thii legal tfricl'-r f>rn»!l "f John.« Ilopklhs, jfrTdT if University of Mil 6 *' 1 ' "* >> .if ftrt-at Ifrnsth devoted to showii ary and lianking fci Ef In the argumfrlt of th» j:re«»nt »ta (e system. Sack otiaihb fafilltlei In WtK Hb?fnc» fif unity aectiun m 'th* security «l«:alion to furtl alned i o long urged, 4ml?on] ?lallitm is rega ded a iu iu i)ier-> btg-eastero ll lulpended from the jawa of a fierce visagea There are calendars in the wreatna'fl'na:ifItirtert''6r > T«H'ius fadwwav 1 »om#' of i tbci* suti-'VbtMi&tfj aSVlW 1 purt«tuintily ooltftfad, btitiitiWfllia'JniSl- (bo, ^n ciileutUirir/h'acb hi tne '1 felldw, Te»tiy(ibfa-"nnfl''l tln-ro iu'tlin retinlar'fch ,Tber,o is a ia » ?' of for the< come. 'f>:lk;n the ^*d, especially aa i Hcj sorri? system ' 'nimittee holds, I be under federal form '.hat would awmti f-lastlcjty, pruVld* I«BU" shall In no er the f^e beeTsalve in the world I hrulse8,gores,^corB, ealt rj and poBftllflly cnres pllea, or ,fit;oi 10 pa; givi Hfft ^e* worli lion.. M. f«ote I 8.1 H I "' w yot fooc » it* taade irampbre grainbjijnnd/tii > moci itboat ."'•.«^«^:' - ' V 'V$*$A ! ' -,-ll/^f "' •' ,»iiliia . -(in! - r . • ••• LIU . , . ..-fid !. .-..(.'. !- ! thpritie^'.' T!JUH fljo^yyi'j^ hu clatea bin jouorf, muy Of • th'u'cT'inilin'Brfofl^of'l'e'Mrig fronVa )te«f(|ut),iniiutf'!' <?o IHKJPI, or led tore- fleet npoo tbe well earned glory Which BtnOOt cori- aumption!or'»4tfcnJa,>bDt;h>doe claim -tforttf ' rl -ife M 14 1899 • rollw i , ono-l utb of Brighton, lf good paflure, rlok Aoiern dwollln welf|tb itrMt. llo N 8oo'd'»tr ; bousi i S-TP etween t^« If yon are look ' whuHM drawiugH are used .tpJI jt; 'iib(l"?*rii)oaillJcenr<lH are f rtmi topjwr iilHteicun'feHiini-oij cd in btoud inatH on which are -- aitiat istrate iriuted fraiu- 1 •*• . life'rd' rire"Kefnbtlitiaf c'aleud b' w ith eiimoaf orilatututed .OOP jaai«ndur proof " c. f I !*'^ ' T(IIBKIMI)NKKU8PAII,XA'rfK NTU ' N : took. It take* 110 Bigu|fli(,• '^au« u oul- eodar which need* dpily JtUgtUtc^i;'11I& a petdos or e ounary'biw , i ' ' ' Bome pooplo ip«ar t'qat tbuir daily pill by getting a calen4bj%hicb! but u quotailou from ODO of M»lr favorite aDthors op each lui^f, ,Thl» J«h't so ha<J if yop like your^jwailary-or phlbsopliy ui rulunto hDiiioopalblo'doMB. It * all a muttor of tmte, fjMof theJiewe»t of tbBBe bio >k c»l,, » '' * A THinow Bicape. ; Thankful words written by M a. Ada ,. I tvaa The price wan | '"•"Aiiil tJit!*t'ol/)fift can be take 'dot" aiirt"fmilled 1 ," Kald' fbu per Jt y#n true. Tiiey qonld bo f Mi'" wfiy '^Wl w iyj u »*fpar e "dtrftigfit? yon'wint' lo'bufUMIf for frapiiugy Why pureHasutheto }n<tbe (orni;uf u CBluudurfn mils.-?! «.. ^ -.-,. Moiit qf i ty ^idijijjaud: lack' qf kijlckunuokir, but wo tb'rit tho'H ; ariy'd6''''tfi tUlile or'n lltektytitak 1 II uatneu ted '• nioui hly'(Jalontturi < *i 1-urionn ^liuaU 'bol(L4»'».Biujpji (W,ti drbbo'6 ; silver "WeM ra and with a Bnbwn ; artist 6. ohlngi i Word' to the Wise la .Ely's Cr nrerJ o^ cnr M IT i rt Wf-s* ne of,, th mm b , coffee at nicrbt. It ip ills their You can drink GPAIN O wh please arUb)Bleep like a to{ For ereonc , young a paoucage frona yi Try It In place of coffee." 15c a — — - Many have ] as well aa be Incurable. .J lBt sd or fo.7 offee. eople wfaob i.v*3«» tod«jijj *aler T t'l (i or trnnipety ' orBuniebtUtio/i Bat Iliia, auaiu. In a matter o Boin'd >l 'jldij^Ie*l?ke^lolure« wit caltiiicliirii'uud witb b«ti co wh pg«| oongb «et in and fina mlnated In Ooniumptlon. Fot r d w« np, Baying I ooifld I on my yter- W*»taj*«r 'iKW' c'a «bort tine, I gave wyee! eavlor, deterntlaed It I 001 with my frl»nd» on earth, t my absent wa» iWv above. My "jr«t"Dr. >TI( l CU«or>v«*y , for,. <S»n«opjptlon ~ I Oft* lookerB'woold be^d You iwlll hmo to maka up;yt»j r mind Tfee'sy There la no use Buffering frojaij, the right remedy. You are ...,_«, pain all through your body, yet r liver m out o life or i tiave no appet . have a bad c D met Jfl'Nawl jpf "*MOjf M«rp • iKjidtt! AtB. •perl mfc lllbli* than who "^.i tU» T J ttm i tf > bjrdpi .' J ' Buck's UkdUiex UMdtatcAn .DM il«ICa.«Mer They pwt who e iy«* •t the loweit price., artl pthar HUM, nl HI J| li. JW* J» ,. 4,(, .^.^Pl'.llUI .? ;•*». V'MiV./.fj'A or with cqn»ump- ould understand. V&nefr'^m cure i about vevpry case in; its first and roaojr, oittaose -. -jfforoi advanced* ; It ;i»s <>n\y, uihe tnwt«dv(Ui£«(i .that; are j these | are wonder fully sdiwed ,and life uitceif grcttiy proloBgeckj i... . i<MQji*:«*(lh*»^Jiemedie9 ? ) jEfesj|h«ir«iptK>p(«f,lood and Seated, theislugheat ,en--i A *^ • • ; * for .s court was ^ranfed a -' Wa'rtflegen. a r ct Ihls, city. In her suit acalnit Adoli)h,.H»rMegen of ^iainl, Qxrarmny, f .rmerly a ItaJl BalgW^q^eojdjtsf g'^em.fltio'-chest 5'b*,i(tft%lH!8»JA>«BtJ'""PSP t L'ttH tb jreara. .-Th« defendant did not contest flltii«tgtiilift3 fjiv/ otiv; r.'.-oi /. | ., ± jf*fc en, monitors, I and the prt ' Tery Taloib B«wilti tloi ' ti 2Sc. ttnltel Statei . , . _.: N«raf Photo- -thre* monthi' »ub«crlp'lon to -- — - - lysscta.. :tnrt« Ob J HobWB , p», cruJB «do boats and aaillliry or»" «nl«h nar ehlp«, rnd are .IBY'a HOME Jot'RHiL Islhe I -nsJntbly Itt^ the OouBtr^ r<copfrlgl)ted rteet mu- B to ^ptgel eiftB monttr. Ml IqcretM.our inlrcult- berVfore mate tbto r ^' MOMBJOUBN- f.l. s^ HENRY clt ilU JU»V6 :M, ; -:^tlfk^»-- :;.,-'-^»Vi.!; «w HWIfk Hunt Jlirltltutvt )1 (I'J <l t'.»-»IU^,''; ,!fl t".-.'U !H • •4W ()V j.ttoBilna'hlit MmaH remedy />r oaanvapr lin(a*wllllSr'*lf.IT»i *"*l«WP 1Bl «l Y*(!|I«H nit III* t !• gulQklrAbsarbed I oaimm ^M kd'l • •fill*, WJ tn Ha»Br.t !f> «t;tstiifc» it _< forte. The i]lrect"r.« of Oie.Amt rh ni- ir'o company hav-? J " ':.r-.'. > -,H th? CTifn'nrof! an -f vr- ^il srhuaJiJ: )f> m.akinK ' In a quancl at Marr?'!u*. • .Mith , Pamuel, HariH JlaH^ri .| All-h in the rif-rk. Innir.llnB s fa!,-.! w.iurb Har- In llif fn Of pine ar- MlP.« Annie orie nf t!i*" In t-ondnn. loft H-fortune of $lt".'XS|.-' Private John Hack. I'.attir.v A.',?^ ond UnU»J Stht«» nrtiu*rj - , ; of 'l)*TS"it. Wln.."'ll«1 Monday «t Huntsvll'.t. All . of pneumonia. Sybil Samltrson, wlflyn of P«n An- t'onlo Terry. Ih? wealthy t'ubari who <!|pd ft few days ae-v f* si^^ukt-n In nealth' that nb* HtfB n« thoosrtif tit tver npfl«arlng airain ;ln ,soti*ty or bn the stage. [ Slnie. tAi-tth ' BM-nhsfdt 'lias 1 een Itarnlnls to "play (self.' , • Mr 1 , am! Mrs. ftk-rmrU U Moran <f Cant<:n. Ills.. celet-rate-J their fTffy-.IHtii ws'ddlnB anniversary. -• , ; ! \ .•'? Tne funeral of Miss Merceijes. 6ar^(a. n-ho died a('•Tnoma.'vlll'.'', ; Gai. w«s largely Bttendiil. The• Iwdf 'Will-be rt- ma'vcd to Cuba. : ! Arrangements are being m»<l« fof a ffblf contest between" Knfellsr) and 'Artier'fcs/n wtimeh. 1 ' : '. " ' • "-' j 'A' statistician' eotlinatt'S. tiiatj Enc;'- Innd has Jo3'},OOO.M'fl invesU-<l li laiul afld mfarlgapi.'S In .couulrlt-s ,8''rrA>d. •• ,Tbe sleanuer ColUjge. Clty»iifT(vijl ?i 'Seattle with .CSorernor Btijy «f| Alaska on board. He is going to W^shing- Klnd In uwiifcrr orWidO, ji^«r9»?h«i linn been inado Under l»l» pcr- 1 Aii]>flrVi.'rtbtfMtic!^'itblna1anoy« &t&* Allow 110 one to d^cslveXttP;f n jfS^" What is ©ASTORIA Ca«torla Is a substltuto for Crwtor Oil, Paregoric, ^>w»P» and Soothlng^SiTUiJS. " ---•—--'•» "cofitatn's nclthijr"6phi'm f ' Morplilhd iior otlicr substance. Its ago Is Its {fuarantee. It destroys Worms and allaya £ej«eilshncf s* |<roaf«a jg^ftrrliasa and Wlud Colic. It^l*ll«v* Te*«jnkir^o>iDl<58>cure8 CoiiHtlpatlon and Flatulency. It as8imilntcs_tlio_ Food, rc^ulate»_«te GENUINE -TorK, Deo. 80.— J , mill- lonalre ,'artd agent r>l the .vastrHtyt estate, was i emu ved—frpm his. hqmeion West SeVenty-^UilPd street and jlocJcQ u^-lTi'the-nlconpltc'Ward of BellMrM hospital: •-lie'«'tfs entered on the records,a« Vlnsnnc" and .put In thp alco- Ticilli!''jafd; of, tKe Wsahe pavnionj . M *•« W6yt ; -saia i'liai'h'et h\lsVari3 had recently: been (Irlnklng hfiavlly and had 6ohie ifp Violent fhaf he 'threaterjed hj life tind ttiat i: of : her chilSren.- ii ~!:TiT-< Constant coughing .is. not onljj ver; • annoyiug-.but thecontinuoua hajckin and irritation irill soph attack ahdiij Jure the delicare llliing of the throa and .air passages. A simple congh i bad enough ; but a chronic congh i really dangerous.' Take advir L — nse tbe celebrated Dr. Bull's Syrup at gnpe,ai?d be c"Jed. .'or Cold at oice. Dofws are Fin.-tll &hd-pTebsant to take, pocton^ recoinnn'ud it, rrice zscts. At all di •ggistsv . firs. Q. arid H. Ta/y^or^ PHVsiciANS AND' s^Ho'EbiNs^— OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Eation ata. i Pnon ,«nd. 171. Itiy r|»rriiSut ItUcr'i F«cnd| i V.jl' ii xt ALWAYS Bears the vBigriatiirp of i ; ;.!d, fm.->uM Tie W YorHaie Alwajs Bwijlit JW33H&a«#J«a*&'a*iC^>j{!R?i«i-JL--. ti rl ,;gt(in L\'te [ L^- <ju»w^»»i<^a^.O». ( WM A^MSTiRONG. Oetler Ic Cement, lifli« and-W«il PI mwm IE %ARD PrtoMtoi Dvared. Office 107 Wettj £flCpnd,jStreei -ORrDr^M; MAHER; OBd »j»v IL OPFIOB AHt ttkS'DSNtB.iHOTEti' ! I- :,.-', i :'-. ... r>/.-:..!.! .-, ! UPPER ALTON;' n:lj.' | OFPICB HOURS: } i»'»o'iati'ft to 1;« tc s p.a />*?. C. U •• 1 .•.• i: ( O«O.Hodr«! »<«.•>, ' • .( ranei! xf e«Uire« I " ''- .Cocaine, 1 t$t«60f: DISCHARGES OBTAJNED A MAN UrtoDM 1MOW« ] ra>i In Short Tune. "I < • I!'..; ! f, ;Vager & Yager. Attot'jieys ', : V,:,-.".( -I390)1«H«» »tte»fc l j Dr. WiiUunii 7 ia'ajao«^e : a pouulufi^ iflve» ins anl re _ _ ,,._'h.WHoms!Twllo»PlleO!nt T mom la prepared for PIlOTa id Itch i'otf'tBe pHVnW'iiurti'. Evc+y box If. iber thatvwa a*» . s Cook ..-,,,)'..v/ : ont4>forthe 'ilii Stoves, e tlfo oharge Bto»« • wir. JKirJjJX'^MM ,-)s! a.'fti'i UK H "On :../(( flenryMeycjrs t*Ct«nr >t SUM|*. ,, ul IMEASTSECOW ,•;•,, / i,-ll ii ; ''-:j;i7;'ln'- (•! i i .1 I 'M f IU' laundry Work >-jCareftiliy and Promptly Done. : TM ^: l 'M. i Y:o^4Q_J;^ Map* Profile! dfrt'rf | Bttlmate Purnltbcd. Edmiind Hi Sl^ir; .(M^tf^4 fttft ft'ila Ivf** -tJi 'jisl?i Real Etlatc and iiurance - Til h'i •A ^'<l ..••vn*'V^.< _ «••;•' M. TO THROUGH . ~— BETWI ,MN .It IVICi Th! atwi WIL fc^SSW* W^W 1 "A**;& M kS* toy »'«T*» »l4t IB Awwlo* wlUMo «l( ; of .rockery, 1 a»f 5vk.'I .r. !-•} ! ' ^'<V i" ROBT. M. STAMPER, •"~;'."llBAt"'B8TATB;' | Oraftifofd Paving Co, W &.H. BEISER, Prop's, tlj B**t Sixth Street • Altoa, [of *i«*»^ PRINCIPAL CITIM OF Ehafe l( A. «t •»«»••) ;«M Third, I^Tfi PRli M B«U Wrfl STOCK OF mm .«- .S. ;JjiSi -- - .Kj jy__iiU- Chicago A On and after noon Aug. 14, leave Union Depot, Alton, aa f tniwwtil |:»1 m,««:W m, **:4f 47 a», .St. I, D Ov &IQ...,.. t,..t JSKB/ 1 * ••vWf*** JF ; |ofljp,;^vv. traMw"* til »f v»H *BtiilF. > t»T!i» lctn'4 1«£-(H W * *' < .S^fi*J8?J g w ^«hu will Urn K. ; ^ ^^<ilte^ ; tw, fee, 401,.., fcW*AW^r IH; iBftia; * SW "flfflP' FftW $3 '..••wi.'^'rfA,.-."." •:A-% &< i. Anttf LL:-^' 1 ', ^;

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