Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 12, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1927
Page 3
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Doris DeClute, tIauRbjer ot Mr. and Mffl. Arthur DeCluie, of 519 South Stati-'street, is fU Vlth the meaale«. • Zeta VanHoozcr, of 224 " South Walnut street, iu Improyins; from an illncHs of ineaslea which has kept'ler out of school a week. Mrs. -Van lloozer who also liaH been ill. is able to he about the house iiRain.i . —Special .sale on Dresa ^Hats at S4.T.-.. You'll be clelightea with any one of this lot.' Kdwards Millinery, i .Ali.s.s Darlene C'anatsey in spend- inK the week end with her pannts. iMr. and Mrs. C. Canatsey of 202 Kusi JackHon avenue. She i^ a Kuuleni at J. U. Mr.s! Xeil Anderson and bahylson Buddy, of Wichita, who have beeu \ isiiiiiK in the Frank , Ander.son liiinii-. Sl'.t North Wasliingtoti avenue, has returned home. Siiunler Inn. Special Suuilay Dinner. - I Mr. and Mrs. ,1. E. Cain have n IIV«M 1 from Tt'H South Second St. li Till Kast Xeijsho street. .'.Mrs. .'Minnie Taylor, of 50.1 North street, came home last night from Uicliniond. Kan ..j^ wlinre she visited her dauKhter. Everybody coine lo the SI. Pal- ilrk\ Tea at lli^ Iki|iltst'Temple Tuesday nticrnofln. Mrs. Klta Stewart and Miss Fearl • .liiluiHon motored to PIttsbure. Kail,., today ou bii.siness. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hale accom- |i:iiiied .Mrs. Hale's brother anil wilf, Mr. and .Mr.s. M. J. Stewart ID Howard, Kan., loday.for a visit (j\ff the wef:k ''Ud. - — Dr. Fred " Woodliur'y.i Brjadiiate foot- siM 'cialisf. Treats cornS; bunions, weakened arches. 'et(!. No extra 'litirge for residence calls. I'honu •M'(). m West .Madison. Miss MapRie Fisk. of SavonburR. Kmi., is spending the week end with her cousin. .Marie Fisk. Mr. and Mrs. (). f'oghill. C22 Ka.ti Lincoln, street, drove to C'ha- nute last <'veninK to-atten<l a nuni- liei; of tlie^. Lyceum; course. ly A(|amH of Cas City Mls« was ' In Iplu attenditiK tli Leaders cln»» parly at M Moore's e Loyal •8. Delia Wilma Hel4ebrant. ter or (Mr. aiid Mrsv brant, haa the nieasle!! THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVE^^NG, MARCH 12.1927. little' daugh- .J. J. Helde- MiJIig of Rasselt is ill wiili piic'iimojiia and Harold'Coblcntz le for Tulsa. Okla., whe to find empJoymenl. —It is. better to biJy that Marathon Tire now, than that you had. Tire llfi Ka»t Jackson. measles.' t Wednesday 0 he expects jto wish later Repair Shop. Mr. and .Mrs. Dick pvermeyer and daughter, Shirley Ann, of Ponca Cit.v. motored over U> Arkansas Citv, to attend the lolii Junior Col- le^it-.ArkansasCity Junior CoIIcKe gamV' and to visit with Heitry .\lr-n- zic, a Ibrother of Mrs. Overmeyer. who is'a member of the .lota team. Lorraine Steele, Who-cut! hi.s finger severely with a piece lof glass, id getting along nicely th(!)ush the doctor has to dress it eveily day. —Why not k Marathon . Tire? They take the "Ire" out |of tire worries. Tire Repair Shop, IIG fast Jack.son. Phone 146. ; ' Nancy Melon Seneker is confined, to her hpme witli nieasle.s.r She is I and Mrs. C. C. Robertson of tiin ..mnir ii!>np^h»i>r f.f Mr iinH MrH ! Scott Street, moved to their farm the smair daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Seneker. :Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, 222 South Walnut, are the happy prlrents of a baby boy born Mondaly night. -March 7. ! —.Special .Sunday IHnnor. noon .ind e»enlnif, Kelley Hotel,! .*>(lr, ;,-,«•. " - I , Mr. Faris Fraser of 1124 North Huckeye is the j)roud owner of twin baby goats. "j Mr. and Mr.s. Will Longlof Humboldt wiere in lola visiting the lal- ter's mother, Mrs. Belle' Young. Tuesday niglit. ^ ' —JnBt like Angel Pood Cake, Van Hoozer's Bread. 2 for 15c. near (Jas yesterday. —Special-Sunday IHnner ui l^rf- land Hotel. O-'.c. Mr. and Mrs. l^n Houghry, who have been visiting, .Mr. and .Mrs. Ovorge Dugan of iJ('l Kui't .Monroe street, returned loi their home in Sedajia ye.vterj«lay. ' . Mr. and -Mrs. I'harles Haltman moved I'rom SUl North V.'a.'ihinytoii avenue to .ilT South Slat.: street ye.-^terday. Jesse Herself -For 1021J. Fuller Ilrushe!?. phone B. Jones of 602 South CheFtnut •Jfreet is ill with the measle."-:. Bobbie Berry, tiie .son of .Mr. and Mrs. I.awrence Herr.v. is |coiiiined to his home at 424 Nortli Walnut with measles. Jake -Meyers of Wichita was in lola yesterday. He trav<ls for O. R. Fralick Barber Supply Co. Card of Tha.nlis. \ —We wish to tlianiv our friends and neighbors for their toi^ny kindnesses during t)ii' illness and death of .our loved one; also lor tjlie beaii- tifsil flowers.-.Mrs. F. T. Van Hmiz- er and Zeta. and H. W. Vaii Hoozer and familfc • • I • ir. L. B. LEATELL, Mi D. • I R.iy .loiies. .son (>f .Mr. and ilrs. Paul .tones, of .';2t South stri'i'i. is ill with tonsllitis. Third —Try U once— you will have no* other. Van lloozer's Bread. Dorothiy JeanjFlak<?of Davis ad- ilitfon is.ill with the measles. K. L. litickmin.: prsideni of the Modern Valve ^un Company. Is in lo^a on busliiesi. . -Mr. anitl .Mrs. ;R. L. Helnian went to Morati today ;6n business. Ross McKenzie.,!of: Stl ijt>uis. is here visiting life? paiients. Mr. and -Mrs. F. C. .McKenzie Jeflerson avenui-. of 61S South Harold and W.-tj-ne Rankins, ,of 208 Soui:h Staj^- streel art- recovering v.-ry iiicejy from aii illness witii ihei measli's. Mrs.' Roy firiswold Chanuti today; arter returned to a few days Intiidil i-;iil nil feiniiiine ' V •Voti ^.•itr .lliiif.s." ^a:d ls-y>-ar-i!li — |il.i I ii-l ! \':cili- 1 (1 .^ci'^')lla off c '-r.^. ' Mrs. .Anna Lawilzka of 410 South i ••im :"i.>iii I'or. .i!o. and havi'ilictii State street, wlio has ln-.-ii ill \Jitli ; ii, aiiy .-.i-i .\ \v!i. r.- .iiirl jr .ii cvi-ryf I.'K - flu, has recoveri^. :Inn?;." Oilii -.Ts ;ii Toinlisloiiii. —.;' (Iclaiiifd .\iilla and .iaileil a Mrs. A. S. McDowell of Hartlis- 1,. loitip.iniuii I '.ir liandilry.: ville. f)kla.. is visiting her motlier.! — .Mrs. A.-l..:isater. visit with Mrsj (Miejiier Divilbliss. J. R. tlariineis of ."i02 Sotiili Kentucky stieel. v.-as taken to the Clia- nute ho.s;|(ital iliis morning for an oi>enitioi|. • 'I Ralph Snyder was an overnight guest of friends, in Chaiiute. The Rev- J. K. Reynolds left ou the Dil Flyer yesterday lor .-Xngola. Indiana where be will have charge of ihi- iniii-niiii; and evening services of the Chri-viiaii cliureli at that place 111' iilait>; to ivliirn home Tuesday. fb'i-ii Rail of ;7iis Soiitli Sycamore street, w'lio has l)e.ii III of the meas- ! J-'s is rii-overint-'. I'ete .Schonaeris. who nn.derwent :in iipij-aiion in a hosjiital in Kau-I sas City is reporteil as doing nice-' Mr. and .Mrs. Hdnry McElwain. lof liullur, -Mil.. inot6red here yesterday for a visit wiili -Mrs. ..Mc- Klwain'.-; lir'Ulier. AJiidrew Wilson anil laiiiily iil" i-Iast liiwn- .Mr. Wilson is I'lir'-iiiaii ol' ;tlie bindi.'ry at IJ!" R.-;;iMii-. -Mr. and .Mrs- been i\i of tb|e measles, inip.-ovlng. :Mri?. S. W. -Miss Mullen, day to visit Mullen- PAGE THREE Burness kt d Milton -Murpiiy of Colony visited at the William .Vlur- phy home la.4t evening. Don'."? ArliAe, baby daughter of Roy Ballard, who has' ri.'ported Mullen aiid daiighter. went to Parsons Fri-t he former's son. Roy ' C. K: Snelv of Tftlsa. representative of the Ij^tiirel Ull and tius Co.. was lookini^ after his company's i'nterests lici-e and at (iarnett this W.'l'k. ; Tlie •Mi-Carihy .Motor conipany is I unloadiuf; a lUi' of Fordaoii trac- tjors today. Mr. and .M,rs. J. Sissel of ,".20 North Jefferion avenue', have returned home,from Clearwater, Fla.. where tliey liiieni the winter. . McCal)e's ilTrotibadprs motored here from Oklahoma to attend the funeral of .\jrs. Frank Wesfon. Prof. rrtheljC. Weston is musical ilirector for !|he-Troubadors; Mrs. Klsiel-ludkir.s of Fort Scott wn.s here .ve ;terday to attend the funeral of . M TS . Frank Weston. The A. Le^'is Parker Repertoire O. A. Dullnsky of Neoi^ht Ft|ll3 was In lola tnda.v on bui<iuL-s.s!j Mis^ .\Iary .Moyer of l,l)e Cafe will spend Sunday. <s-it tive.s' at lii-r lionu-' in -Moiit Kansas. '_ I " Sifers r da- Ida, Yesterday's Regi.ster" carried; .Miss Kthel H-iiiiett of 21.S .Vorth One of lii.s lojs ami^O^Ied street, has been •Several day^(. ill fQr'should'have .said llariiiilin'i ll ! -Marioii Rb!>orts of .•>17 S.iuth !''""l"''' l"""^'^ First ill with the chit ken! J'"' '''"'»•• ff)>ow sented their initial jto a larse and api)re- last night at the conipany pni performance; ciative hcm.'i k of P- HallL -Mr. and Mrs. Bill Durby and bab.v of Chajiiute wxs the guest of friends .and) relatives in lola last night. ivi- ,U .s- lola (). M. Stc^i'ens. of Wiehita. «i sionab i^iipei-intendent of the |ouri I'ii(-5l,i»- raihvay, was in loda.v looking after the interestk of he railwiiy .s.vsteni. w.l an Intern about ^I ;l,rlnoI^ SuttOil iha |ing it- suJi. Kenueth., Tlie <>i»erkii6n \taa [ performeil .Vfsti -rday imirhit^S IfV a lo< lihyMciina. is geltiiii; la ing fine. Postmaster C. O. BidliugiT ;was in Kansas City u couple »t daysioa business this .wi ek. ,' ; Mr. Hurley Butts, wlio lives; a farm eight jniiles southeasf, f Humboldt has jpui'chased a Miss Virginia Lannigan wtint to i'V'''^ on of ilew. -The lola deal- .\Ir.=:. J. M. Jones is reported tiuite II -It hel- home, 4ia North Jefferson avenue. Clias. .Miihael i.s having an elcc- irie sign put HP in . front of his place of business on .West street; • Cleo Stephenson oi SI-; ('. I). I-Mwards and family li»ve iiiov.-d flour liwir fariii lu-ar .Moran lo .S<rii;li «>a!v .•ilit-i-l. pAValnut street is ill of the measles. Cli'o is employed at the lola Laiin- dr.v. His father, Fred Stephenson, is taking his place during his absence.. Miss Catherine Brenton, primary ''•acherlat (ieneva. is spending the week £<iid with homefolks in Humboldt- : J. K. Criiistead of Kansas City. Mil., has h^en looking after liis farm infere.sks near lola this week. A!!en, Couiity farmers are sure gelling with their farm work, t Tlu'.v are buying new. up-to-date North ! inachinery to replace the old out .Mrs. K. C .i Wortmaii of .Vortli Foiii^ih strei-t is in Kansas cSty forj a vis^it with her daughter over lli.-| week >'iii!. iif date and some of them al- ieady iiave ilieir oats planted wliile others are plowing and making really for planting all kinds Of iropi. ' 1 .1. li. Muier'and wife w-ere up from, Pittsburg last Sunday and spent the dav with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Brown'of i.22 North Jefferson avenue. Osiar Slnckey has purchased a bfll of lunilier in lola and is get- ling ulans rt-;.dy for-a new dwelling lioiis.' t.) he luiilt on his farm : ii>s;r llie viaduct soulll of town. .Mr. and .Mrs. David KIFpe- re- Mrs, t;. I'. D.M I ^t.lrI:.'d Ibis niorn- ~ ; iio; liir In-r Iioiiu- in Salt Rernarilino.. .Mrs. Roy Wriglil is assistin^V cjjij- :,ir,..- an exii-iid'd :.tay hen-. •'"riu'd to llo-ir home in Kaiisa.s Willi. Ih.' will k ill till- i)lfii->- at lliii , ; " '. ' icit.k- on ibt- nil llyi-r last eVi'iiing i .Ma.\ine Croason. who wa.s in- Jiiivd by a nail penetrating her kiie.. a frw...lays ago is getting' aloug all r!.-ht and Mi., wound is i niiii-li l.i[(..ii. —.Vre yon trying for the Kelvl-, .M,.s.,iiin i I'.niiii- ili-jMit tliis week in', vj,,. n.'ilor ISIei-tTii; RffriKerator'.' It's fi,.. ali-.m-.- ,ii lln- agtiil. I!. •••• ; Wu-liiia -^-New shipment oC large head sizes. In up -to the ininute styl'e.s, from i'iM to $4.7.'). Also beautiful Hats ttnd Bonnets fjor children, $1.-.<| io $:!.7.x Edwartis Millinery. Klmn Olson, a pupil at Washing- ion school, is reported ill of the fiu at her home in Davis Addition; Charles Roeder of 922 South •Wasliington avenue, is rejioj-ted ill of the nieasle.s. : I * - * • .i * » • m » • SKEI» l'0T.\TOE.S * Branded sack^ genuine Red • River Valley Obios, 120 lbs. • ' when packed, at— * ^.'^.-.O per Sack * MAI.tlNEVS STOKE South .S<-coiid Street * Triiinan .Mi-yers and sister. Mrs. M. W-licr of iiciir t'jirlyle, m'o- loiei'l 111 (iaM llils ' atli-riioon oii business. MrM, ,s W. Flikli- ilias lii-en ill Willi 11 f-vt-rr I 'old at lii-r boiiii-, l.ll!l Mlliilsoti llV'IIUe. (tirdof Thjinkx. • We wlhli lo ex|)r <-H« our heart- fi ll lliaiiliH and aitprerliitlou to the iiiaiiy rrii-uils and iK 'lKbliors and to •'be KnlRhiM of Columbus for llielr Ju 'iidnesH, Hyniijafliy and help, anil for the beautiful floral offeringt* during the lllni 'Ms and reeent death .of <iur loveil one.—.Mrs. Alvlna Slrubbart. .Mr. and H"g<> Strubhari, Oliver Slrubhart and -Anna Kliilzbach. .Miss Kvel.v« .May. of Coffeyville, will spend :Sunday he^re with her father, Charles K. May, and family, east of the city .Mrs. Bonnie Norris, of Kansa.s City, Mo., vanie down on the early morning train to spend the week end with her jiarents. .Mr. and .Mrs. Burgess. 711 Souib Jefferson .\ve. Special attention' givep Diseases ot Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy anid Physiotherapy. ; Office lola State Bank Bldr Phouea~147, and 705. 1 - , Fl't-e! .See K. C. Kleelric and i'rhi.nip.ioii. I'lumbing Co. Mr. am! .Mr.;, lldi-.-il Sliapel ol] .\lr. .'iiid .Mr.s. Paul IJei-il iiave le- Mil .Voiili Km hive' slreii,: an luiined home Ironi a btiyiiiiss trip ; ncium >• liu- to Pur.sons. ("offeyville and liidf- : i»iy, U'l-.liu Iii-ndeiice, Kans. Mr. Hunter, representative of the Niles and .Moser Cigar Co. of Kansas City. Mo., was in lol^ .vest<»r- day on business. j W. S. Fees of the Coun'try Club district, went to Denveij, Colo.. Thursday on business. He expects to "return home the first week. of the ni'.at of a niin- iniiiio liay. .\iarili !i, wlioir I : lu-y • iiav.- llic iianif -Marvi/i — l.orai:i''. Lee Lasater of Bartlesville. who: has been here on business, will ri--• .Miss i;..r;iii . turn lionif tomiii'row. I I I K - wiik : t ii.l I • J- V.iliiiiu.yi :i .•—O. L. Cox. M. D., SpeclalUt v.r.siiy oC Kai Eye, JSar, Nose and Throat S;.Jii .\|i-.N'ciI is spi-ndiiij^ Willi .Miss .Mililrei inli-nl al lIu- I'lii sas, at Lawrence. IMr.'--. Ryrt Cleaver i.s reported | from K;lll^.•ls (juite seriously '11 at her home five i vi,i: with friifuls miles southwest of lola. .•iriisil l .-i '.I ni^i', ily fur a fi-w liav luil ifla'l ivcs. all! •I I Siila Tnnit will go to nil till- iimniiiiK train lo .^lal- i-ijiiiiiiy Owners .ima'-MlKiii wliii-li i;. i-oiiv <-ning !li«r.- .Miriiiiiay. Tiii 'SiJliy and Wi-d- ii< 'i.iy III II- \i v .cc.'d V,'. I-;. 1;.-. ill!-, a ^:t](•.•nlan .-it II H' (oiii.iai llaniv.ari- S'lori-; was iiti- ; al.l-- III !.'• ai I 111- ^lori• yt-sti-rday on ' :;!••' iiluil o! . Illni -ss. ; aliiiiil lL'::;ii today, while on 111.; M ; .\' !o his olliii- from his honii'. afti-r a visit in the lionii- of Mr. and Mrs. Itnss.ll Harry. IJl Kast .Monroe strt-et. .Miss Celeste Criffilli. a Mudflit! I I I M I I s(-liiioI, iiudi-rwi-nl Ja ion-1 silleeloiiiy op. rat ion Ibis niorniii'j;. \ .Air. and .'Mr.s. W .-illi -r Wood and son, Si-e.ll Wooil. drove ovi-r from .Moran Friday eveiiiii:': for t !ie .Little Syin }ilioiiy i-oiu -'-ri e .iveii at iM..-- iiiorial Hall.' RHiott Miller a farmer livjing about fifteen niiU-s northwest; of' lola has purchased a "New Idpa" manure spreader of one of pur local hardware' dealers. .. Miss Mar.v '(;o<;dner went ! to Piqua Thursday on .Mrs. Ida .Miller o;" tlie Te .ndyffo^'; wear McLain store spent last night, in. Lallarpe where she attended; installation ceremonies of ithci newly elected officers of the Bast- ! ern Star lodge. Rev. J. Carrier will preachj at .\ the Free. Mciliodist church i on. North Tliird street Sunday cvJn- ing. . A cordial invi'tatityi to all-is extended to attend this meeting! Mrs. J. C. Oilkesonof Carlyle is spending a few ilays at the home of .Mrs. -Aiina OInistead. 402 -North Fourth street. Mrs. S. L. Haskins and c'nililreb, .Vina i^ce and (">-. who have bejen making their home at ri24 Sotith • streerfin- siinie lime, sire planning lo leave .Monday for .fop- llii tOj make • ihcir home. Thej- came to lola from Joplin. air. Hasitins is a salesman for the . Heinz Products. .liiilKi- C. L. U 'l.itHlter surfered a| Mrs. Russ;,.of. Pittsburg. Kan., is -light :ir.iKe of anoplexv which re- 1 here «uring^ tor her mother. Mrs. sillied ill jiarlial pardl.vsi.-«. He was|J. {!. iW. of .S22 -North Washin.^ Ill liont ijf the Dr. I Carliughousejton avenue-, who has been ill lor -Mr- and Mr.s. [j. i:. Cowgiil of I'.urlir.glou catne last iii;,-!it for visit of several dav;; willi .Mr. <.'ow i —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor.! tola Laundry Bldg. Phoue 138. R. n. McDuffey! of Paola. Kans.. was a visitor in the C.eo.j.M. Reynolds home. SO.'i North Jefferson, riday eveniiig. Mrs. Ralph and -Mrs. Dean Ben- lainin of Garnett spent Saturday Shirley Ann Wilhelm. daughter of .Mr. and Mr.-;. Ray Willielm of! :!20 Scmth Slate street, is reeovei-W.'ili's <lai!K=if-r. .Mrs. O. L. (ax a:i iag nieely from an attack dl bron-i 1'•- C-'^ '•-! S:e.:tli V.'aliiiii str.-e. chial pneumonia- ! ~~ " • _• I Mr. and .Mrs. Klovd .While an Mr. —Dr.'O. S. Uimhelh. Surgeon, i''.iiiylii'-r. i;arh;.ra Ann, and Mi Office plione 2r,G: Res. phone Ola.l.' an'!. .M!:^. .Voali Ho!l and daughle ' M.i!.i;.-iri-t. of 'I'lipeka. are week en Little Fmncis Sicks of Deerfield, j K"'••'fs in tl;e ;i.>:iK- of [<a I). Ke lith Mrs. Ivan Benjamin's .M<\. is here visitinir his gramliKi ents, .Mr. and Mrs. P. Sii ks of .\ )rth Jefferson avenue. }L.r-^lA?-J:J:"il'^ ^^"i Mr«. I>.la Ross of Yates Center North "Washington avenue. —Homemade ice cream with each chicken dinner ijian's Cafe Sundays and Tl * • * • DYEIXS Let us 'care for your dye problems now—|for EasJter aiid Spring Wear ABLE.SO CLEANERS Phone loij » • » • « Rev. S. AV. Gamble of Long Berfch, Calif., is in lola today for a week end visit with.his granddaughter, Mrs. Edna Michael. 'Rev. Gamble was formerly pastor of the church'at LaHarpe and Is well' known among lola and Allen County people. Since leaving LaHarpe. he Ifas devoted most of his time to lecturing, having given hundreds of lectures throughout the United Slates and all the; provinces -of Caniida. controveriing the contcn- tioni' that "Saturday was the seventh day PKlabllsbed in £den and "eauM' uninterruptedly throuKh ull nations from Adam to Moses." Ills con(«nt<on i* (hat h<«torlcalIy tlio ' Sabbath given to Adam, was lost to all the world at Babel but waa revealed to the Chlldrnn of iHrnel ;.ut NU. Sioolon « Siinilay iiioriiinK, pwwriBff4h>t>4hiBday-iraB.Ui« ortgr) luol SabtMtti. parent.s, j Ralph 'VVhiteheiKl has reliirii''d home from a business visit in' Hiitl-hijison. I'y a:id C. ;'. llelvie. -Mrs. Holt an .A'rs. While are si.-^lers of .Mrs. Kelley and .Mrs. Heivie and daiighiei-^ •>f .\ns. .\li.!Karel Rn|>|). .,r .... . . lesiili-nre iuhen- ;-tncken and an aiiibulani-i? was at oiiee: summoned v.iiii'h look hiin to his.hoine and a physician' was called, iludge Whit- al:er did iiol al any time lose eon- si iinisncss 1 )111 since the stroke oc- iriri-ed lia.s heeii unable to talk or I sw.illow.because of the paralysis of Miis ton>:;iie and throat. Pliysiciairs regard his coinlitinn as very grave. ' more likely than not to be followed ! by a se.ven-r stroke within a few lioiirs. There is a possibility, how-; •MATINEES *2:i»(» p. Ilaf/y Sal unlay 1 to 1) MtJHT.S -:(10.y:()t) p. m. ever, that this appitdiension piay . I not be reali-/.ed and cjertainly all bis li friends will hope ih avert i/d. It it may be some time. Floyil Denton returned to his liome today after a short slay with his mule and aunt. .Mr. and .Mi-s. R. W. Millr nut street, i ion of :!0 'J .North Wal- The K;imou.s Yale Half Back in a (.'real Footbdll Pkiuh , ; LEFTY FL^NN in ; ! "THE COLtEGE BOOB" ; Tde lountry boy the lollej^e men hiul laiipht^d at.! Then one nhjht in n moonliglit garden, the girl of hi.s Dr. K. C. Cannon. U. S. veterin- arv siirgeoii; came in this nioriiiiig fi-oni Antbopy. Kans.. where he lias i been for tlii- past month in the in- 1 terest of tlie T. B. clean-up <'!im- paign. Hej will go to Kingman. Kans.. Monday to continue, bis work in that couiity. I jind cake at Lew- It rsdays. .Mr-i. .Mary npfbr of (iyl .N'brfli W .iNhington, Uia retiirtieil home from Kmporia wln'ri- she i|is been spending liio winter witii her daughier. .Mrs. Lawrence Miller. Kdna .Morgan, iiJ"! SouHi CheHt-i nut hi eel, fiiHce Sloan. Sl'.i Soiilli' Wninii Hireei, U'llnm drey. ,sl7 South Waltiiil. Miri 'et. Peijirl Cniii son, 7^2 Koiilli CheMtiiiii f«(reel, and ICilKeni' PtweiM, 411 SOillh Htale^ Hi reel, all piiKlls at WiiMlilngloti Hchool, who have been III wlih the measles, are reported improving. spent tlie day with Mrs. L. D; Hester. —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. .Mr.-. Helen Tilplett ot 21 K-.s! CaMioiin. who has been ill for the pant six weeks. i>> reported as iiii Drovinn. Her granilmother, .Mrs. Ilarris of Kans!i?< <'lty. i-i In |-e cr liiK lor hir. .Mr and .Mrs. John lliiiiei are Mpeddlng the Wrek end with friends III Catiey. KiiiiM. Mri. Ilerl Si Mrs. Aiiiin Fi ferson aveniK liw'iihii of Wi 'Htpli .'ili.i spent "this wiaek with her sisli r. nk. 2or,'/j South J< f thisg Kelley .MONDAY — TI'IOS IJA V .Miiliiu 'cs \ . IOi--20^ The finest talent of 2 continents made Many women werb to pay for one broiil:eh heart! Admission SBMO .'isiiurl Templing! Tantali'/.ing! . fakinjc many iiearls as hi:t had ])vi!n l^j'oken l>y one—h'v'inif ilown the rneinoi'.v of an iinforgellaliie love—an iinriirgeKaMe girl. r.eaiitifiil women of Montmartre saw oiily I he devil in hi.-* eye, Inil in hi.^ hi|arf \v ;is \y\w love for the girl he ln|ii)ed lo make lii.s (pieen. —with— j.OiS MORAN BEN LYON lYADEPU'^I —and— Ian Keiti^ Sam Ilardyj Olive Tell \A rattling (/ood story of the verrUst, brcczi- est cowman who ever scorcliai a aaddlt. Tlir tnwr popular Hoot in iruc of hia most fasciii- atiufj and racy clmractcrizationa. You'll run the fjnmitf of eyyiotions \froni'-Aart to fiiii.-ih. DON'T IMISS IT! E.XTRA ADDED [ "THE SILENT FLYER" Featuring Malcolnl McGregori I^i/ise-I^rraine. and Silver Slreak, King of Dog Actors Come and see the; iceboat plunge into the dynamire bla-1 hair -ralKlng pursuit of the hundreds of other tlnlill-.-; wolf pa<-k—battle in . (he skies and \ \ rlli-snortiijg chapter play Of the snow country featiirlirg Silverstreak—the greatest dog star on the • screen; A si^iashlng illinnx at the eml of each ipisode! Don't miss this HUiK 'r-iie.rial! I ALS(^ COMEDY AND NEWS Come Early—Gj(H the {Seat You Want. Showsi?, 8:30 an^ 10 O'clock. ^ Mamma" Matinee 1 to 4 p. m. lOc; Night 10c and 2 ()c -Monday l'«r Three Ilays-2, 7 :,„,! <) „. a-s a 1..sergeant plays tant Cupkl in a love ry yon'l] nhvuya xemem- •)er. Carrie.-^ you hidi'~ way acros.s the world, tiirc in many iand.s, lo a I.ovc-r'.s Pyratlt.'^e at iXtrf-r It, dull tniiiiUii With Lint ('hamif in. kin 1111 ,1 '"H I c}iortu;tir fxiri' lo u (•< HM I Time!: tliefeS a JfuiwfrwIlnuKh-; for you Wh>r—An wliiea- conieily. Also Jf^the News Extra Attractions—] , .__.jnee8 10c-25c; Mghts 10C-4UI

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