Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1898
Page 3
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Stock Reduction Sale. A groat opportunity for purchasing High Grade Goods at CUT PRICES. • Our celebrated line of Ladies turns, cut to $j. 50 Shoes, weits and , . y Ladies' Vici Kid WHts, button and lace $j, cut to $-8.50 Ladies' Soft Vici Kid, button and lace, single and double soles, the best $2. 50 Shoe In the tmrket, cut to $2. All other lines cut in same proportion- MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BV THB TUI.HORAPH PRINTING COMPANY. F1UDAY BVB., DEO. 30. That Buperflnona overcoat of yesterday is a palnfnl necessity today. H. J. Bowman & Oo. will open their Btore for yon Saturday evening. Bargains, bargains. Coroner Bailey was summouecl to Troy last evening to hold an inquest and went this morning. Good goods at very low prices. Muslins at a Bacriff ce at clearing sale -i HAAGEN8. SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY 12 per ant disc Hint on Stamped Linens and on Bat tenberg patterns BraiJ, Rings and Thread. 3 skeins of B. & A. Filo anJ Rom in wa«-h silk tor 10? ..... Good Light Cilicoes at j? a >ard. ,o -per cent disc unt on all Pleached and Unbleached • Muslins and ^heelings. at Try the Best.' "LaBelle," 14.00. Mrs. Ed. ilaff was lined 810 and costs yesterday for throwing atones at a neighbor's house. Qeo. MoVcy will now be found at Frank Bauer's barber shop on Belle street. ^ Mr. \V. J. Qratlan, of this city, bas secured the contract for constructing a fine pipe organ for the new Grace church of Jefferson City, Mo. The entire stock of dry goods of H. 3. Bowman & Oo. will be closed out. It In In perfect shape and condition. See it. _____ The Modern Woodmen are arranging to irold a publh installation in tbis city January 12. B. M. Tanner, of Minier, III., will make an address. Those beautiful laces and embroideries are so cheap at H. J. Bowman & Go's., that you canuot Help buying Crbem. Agiri to do bo«sewo rk. Dorsey imei Oo. have Jef* f»He street and KM now located at 814 Flaw street. Olve them a call. Stop that" cough with T Stanley's White Pine.—Paul's Pharmacy. The English sparrow I* suffering from the increase of Christmas air rifles In the hands of boyfl. Dealers who handled the weapons say there was great demand for air rifles before Christmas and now the boys are getting in their work. City Clerk Bler- baum has received quite a number of heads for the bounty allowed by the State. Bcott Is line busiest teilorjn town. Thework~of paving Bldge street from Front to Second street was completed today. Much objection was found to the paving by some persons because a concrete bed was not used there as on tnfl remainder of the street. Mr. Volbraoht, of the streets and alleys committee, explained at tbe last council meeting that the street is so hard that the macadam pavement Is superior to concrete, and at the request of the property owners he baa given permission for the use of the old bed of macadam. Dr. Q. A. MoMillen, dentist, post- office bnlldlng.__ Wm. Hutcbfnson, who has fought out a good many rounds with the Humane Society in the past few years, had another contest today. Hutohln- Bon Is charged with turning his horses loose on the public streets to starve or forage on grassy lawns unprotected by fences. At this time of year the living gained by forage Is precarious, so the Humane Society preferred a charge of cruelty to animals. Hutchison won it out as tbe Humane i fficcr agreed to permit the dismiss*! of the case. .. WAIT FOR THE FIRE SftLE OF THE STOCK OF PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. Af THE SPALD1NQ CLUB BUILDING. Until further notice the office of Pierson Piasa street, over Dorsey Fuel Co. & Carr Dry Goods Co. will be No, 314 "LOVE POWDER." > Belle Burn End. tier Uf e With a Ballet In tier theCaiwe. 1^/^V.l^^ilfcv*..^*-.--— •- — -~ I „_JJJU EltttJlJ 14UU DV. lins and fcheei ings. The Black Ha ^k b^yTwlu give their 10 p r cent discount on all Dress Go:ds at and above annual party ab the Madison, this ~ ,,~*.4 . I evening, and Black Hawks from far and near have gatheredtoj>e prejent. ~~ ~ing goods, rapidly at N&OO. a Vafd . a y a ' a - . H. F. IINNE, 113 W, Third at nun and look repairing done by Hubbel -Jarrett bullding.j. 2nd st. A man who was selling little trlnk With her mind crazed by Illness and brooding over troubles real and Imaginary, which her diwased brain tad ] conjured up and magnified, Belle Barns, a most attractive young woman ol 22 years, ended all last night J>y K«^M^the p»l&te, please at PAUL BROS., _ Vanor and Plain Batbs at le Bt HELLO! Merry Christmas. Want a handsome new Diamond Ring? Thought we'd better let you know, we have ,'em just in. Come before the rush. Our stock of Op.ils are melt- ling away pretty fast 1 Better come pretty soonl I Turkish Vapor ana r uun jo»iu= —• = Frank BauVe"barber shop^SOB Belle st The ice field behind tbe dike opposite the oily was floated outlast night by (be rising river and this morning the river was as clear oC Ice as on a I day In July. If you want to save money,: clearing saleprlces. HAAQ1 Miss Marten had a very pleasant party for her little friends this af- tertioon, from 2 to 4:30 o'clock, at the home of her grand -father, Mr. A. J. Glen, in Mlddletown. >et our N'S. I Llndley & Dickinson, wenum bett bldg..jjpp. City Building. J. H. 119 West Third Street. A large Mogul engine was built at the railway engine works in Altoona, Pa in 21 hours ond 30 minutes. This breaks all records. The frame was setup in 28 minutes. Photographs were taken of the engine ot various Btages in its construction. ~Buy "LaBelle The best, «4.00. game on him some time ago., Mr. Kruse swore out a warrant speolftsal- ly charging him with .the offense, and was very positive that the man was the guilty person. Some time ago a stranger entered the store of Hartman & Co. on Second street, and after ordering quite a bill of goods to be delivered at an address on Front street, which afcerwarda proved to be tendered in payment a check for an amount ranch luexoess of the value of the goods. The man received the diflerenee in cash and left town. His preliminary hiring was set for tUls morning, and several witnesses who were inthestore at the time the confidence game was worked were present to identify the man. Fresh Baltimore urinK a piSMit u"" """""- aim was true, for the bullet passed •tra/g'it Into her heart and death Irt- lowed in a few minutes. Being the oldest girl at home, the family cares had been borne largely by her and it was more than she could stand. Her health had been poor and grief at the death other mother first and then shortly after her father, the late John K. Burns, unsettled her mind. The family lived on Bluff street . . * _„» _«i™««\ nnrl nrnj> ft i&TgO MR. JOHNSON IN CUBA. /UtM Blood Will Tell.-tlow Aleck Johnson Captured a Spaniard and Bum Shell. There was a missive from the south that arrived at the TELBQEAPH office i yesterday. It came too late for translation and publication but that labor ] was acoompllshed later and the lead- . . .• _L ii «lnn!-*ra Inf.ftTinQQ LO GOLD DOLLARS Cannot be bought in St. Louis or4Iton at SO I But we will give more for your dollar than St. Louis hoi| I es, quality considered. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes as low as <• " Cloth •' Tea Spoons, per set" Solid Gold Watches, for ladies as " " " Chains, " « " Set Rings, " ", .. •• " " Gent's ,, See our fine line of Ladies' andjGentfS Umbrellas. All goods just as represented. •,;' E. H. QOULDINQ'I SONS Alton's Old Rellabte Jewelry; Mouse. herlmlnd ana OUTIUB »-•» r— — weeks she of ten spoke of her Intention of killing herself. Sie asked several times Impatiently for a large calibre revolver that had been the father, but which her ••V> Fresh Nuts, New t Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, 5 Ibs. Fresh Eggs. Ours are fresh and best In quality Sawyer & Keiser Madison BIdg., Phone 185. ^^—— •«— -• "— How Do We Dolt? By hiring Overcoats! The river bas started again to fall. December 26 the highest point reached was 89.70 and today the gauge Bhowedastageof 88.80. Above and bslow.the river is going down, so that a steady decline at Alton may be expected. ._ Tremendous bargains in ladtaa- and children's Jackets and Capes ana Blankets at clearing TneOrip. This disease is now very prevalent ia Alton. Many families have seveial 111 with it, and in a number of cases every one in the family is Ul. Most of the attacks are quite mild. Try Neininger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. Preventive tor Orlp. It is said that sulphur placed In shoes will prevent tbe wearer from taking the grip. It is a simple remedy if effective. has resumed bis Maul & Hall's could not nnu ««> rovw»»«". -••" 82-callbre revolver that she had in her possession. , . , All day yesterday her desp fcdency had been more impenetrable than ever and she had several times declared she would kill herself. She society leader of company L, of the 8th Illinois colored volunteers, ana judging from the enthusiasm, he is making quite an impression on the susceptibilities of the dusky belles of San Luis de Cuba. Mr. Johnson tells graphically of his capture of a Spaniard who was carrying on his shoulders in table cloth, a "bum" shell that was 22 inches long and 8 inches in diameter, and weighed anything from 600 pounds to a ton. The Spaniard, Aleck says, pleaded piteonsly to be i i T)..I« JnhnSOn'S Mr. Adolph Zangg former position in the bouse to go to work.asked Johnson of song and hand organ. You p»r o»« nroflt. stn OM*«M p 7 ttyle* to selept from. C3ompi«to with «11 »tt»ohmenti The period of anticipation is over but the greater and usually more severe part of the winter is still to come. Don't try to convince yourself that your old Overcoat will last the season through—its a long time. Prices, of course, are much less now. A good : Beaver Overcoat can be bought of ua For $4.50. The best w« still have lu stock, some of them worth «1B to »17 are now Sn»S"loiBlnk«r>'*'*' New ^ ...itoo someotvnom wwmu »*« «* »*• ecUo«u ' ""2000 Cabinet Machine*.2800 now Marked $10. The Maennerohor will celebrate New Year's eve, Saturday, at Turner hall with the annupl concert and dance. Tickets to tne concert are in great demand, as these musical events tnej* HP of the Maennerchor are quite popu-1 y^ 8 ° •*. Ur. ._ H J. Bowman & Oo.'a reputation toss by flre, they, have decided to dls noBeof their entire stock. It you go ?o their stoVojou^^vejuoney. Dr.A.W.Kue. pentiat. Bpalding bid. A family "rennioiTana wedding anniversary was 'observed yesterday at Sr and Mrs. Jamas Ballenger's. Tjerewere32 relatives preaentwlth many othar friends. It was the 36th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Crosby s wadding. Besides n, program sumptuous refreshments were served 1 j-•-••-•>•-••• j - - i_ _i All by KU** U *'*' r barber shop. Dsath of Hesry Oldenburg, Henry Oldenburg, one of the best known residents of Madison county, died last night after an .illness of two weeks with pneumonia, resulting from Mr. Oldenburg was64 yearaui^-nd for many y<»«» h »* been a resident of the county. He lived at Nameoki until about twenty years ago when be opened a store at the place of the present settlement of Oldenburg. He was taken-ill with the grippe two weeks disease developed inU r —--r:~ He leaves a wife and three children, wuis, Lottie and Emma Oldenburg. The funeral will be Sunday at 12:80 o'clock from the family home. Interment will be at Naroeokl. rul^rh^bTerbeTtVr taken if I S. Spaniard and captured^ with oo - - - •-, r n er beating heart and the "bum" shell entire. Of course he K the muzzle against the win be promoted-heroes alwaysi are ««&«. V »~ -r. - — jas-s-ris Kffi made preparations D0 y friends in Alton his act as pall utes. Ul jjotowuo o«**/ ww«- — -bearers at the funeral. The funeral will be Sunday at 2 p.. from St. Paul's Epieoopal church. his letter in the paper. NOTICE Of SALE OF STOCK In tke Flaw Building and Loan Association. We will on Monday, January 2,1899, we wm uu "*« j, .(.ares of rtssKlsSSi£2iffl«r»tJ!«jff«r-*» Coal. I atB.J. JU> Telephone being sold Annual Clearino. Sale In Shoe*, in order to make roam for our Spring stock we will, commencing! •• today, inaueurate our annual | See to what great advantage you can buy now. Dojnot wait until as- iortmentand aljtes are gone. ' PHYSICIAN and SUROEON, r, and »»«> M«k«« sts. U UUII'J zoj west jd st. - Alton, 111. LADIES 1 MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. Luer Packing Oo. IshaVlnB new fixtures p'aced in its new shop at Second and Bldge streets. A tile fl>or,mar- b ^ounters«nd marble finished fixtures, a band.oma celling and all modern conveniences of a meat market are am -ng the Improvements. Tbe shop will be tbe prettiest la tbis part of tbe Btate.^ Important. . Monday morning we put on sale^ur /or Rsst. 7-room house in Middletown, i heat.—U. 8. Nixon. Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to Indld cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanbortt. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. - - .^MMA ^ coffee will produce. TH©S GOUOIE. Agent for CHASE & S^BORN'S Importations.? No. 26 West Second st. - ~, Telephone. Men's 50)» Lined Gloves for ........ W Their entire stock'wm be sold without H. J. BOWMAN & 00. $35. Autooiitlt Sewlog — • von ever see a used"'an Automatic j that :, iy other? Ou >good Plow Oo uom . Never sold for lew.than V& to «90. .fttest improved/ DidI yon ever. J v." -.-. d an Automatic other* Dull «uc| see T. M. ANOtBSON,. apCg^ On All Children»5 o. i; Men's Fancy Garters, per pair ..... We have 111 sizes and styles of these B °fresbandnew. rices Guaranteed. Tbu sale >i umited. i PerioMl- Mr. O Q. Norrls is confined to his home by tbe (trip. Mr. Qeo. Cutter arrived home from Chicago last night. Mr. Elmer Buiherford, of Oirard, is visiting friends in Alton. Mies Viola Erbtok is visiting the Misses Battle* in St. Louis. Agent E. D. Patton of the Big F->u r is among the victims of the grip. Miss Bihelwynne Ohlttenden has returned home alter a visit In St. Miss Bstelle O'Reilley is visiting tbe Misses Biggins at their borne on "Mrsses'Mayme and Battle Herb are visiting their sister, Mrs. Bobt Opfeuripg of Bt. Louis. Mr. John Wilson, of Denver, Is visiting his parent*, Mr. and Mrs. Jamea Tbu sale i me. jting his parent*, Mr. an I Q BrUeggemaO Tailoring CO. Wilson, of George street. L. U. oruBKR i joba Burke( o( Bo , 331 Plasalst J QV*VWV* Mr John Burke, of BowllOK Green, M«.,'is in town visiting his elstor Mrs. Baward Mack, on Belle street. Mr. Jas. 0. Armstrong, of St. Lous, spent tbe past two days in Alton. He ii engaged in the paper business in St. Louis. No Fire Stock but. Very Warm Prices. hlrd Street eio(hler. Mrs. Janet Jenkins, who has been making her home with her brother, Mr. Tbos. Hyndmen, left for St. Joseph, Mo., today, wBBre she wiH mako h Aldeman Ohas. M. Yager will start next week for »trip toOuba *nd Por- tpRloo, luthe Interest of theivorw- woetorn MUbr, » Journal represented by Mr. Yager. He will be gone » month or more.* Mr. John Wltaon, of Denver, Oolo., bM arrived hew Jor •'««»*»?!"• narents Mr. and Mrs. James WlUon, itaeorgeitreet. Mr. Wilson is in poorhXlth and hi. visit homeiti, hoped wW make an improvewent U> bis oondlUoo. NMi Ml left CeH< DeUveredtpiwypart of Telephone »»• "f» -e,botandool(?b*tu L pFEIFFBNBBRaER, Pros, 3, p. McQinsiB, Secretary. Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," 84.00. AMON BOIJJIB MILLINQ Co. The onlyplaw to buy cmiespieOoal is 314 Piasa street.-Porsey Fuel Oo. Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," «4 00. AI/TON BOIABB MlUUINO UO. Injunction Issued on "Sanner " An injunotion was issued yesterday by the Circuit Court restraining AU-x ander Wegener from quarrying rock on Easton street. The Injunotion was issued yesterday and Mr Wiener was served with it Usl night, ane date of tbe hearlug has been set and the case will come up in the Circuit Court next Tuesday. By the injuno- tion Mr. Wegener was compelled to at once cease work in his quarries, but he expresses the conviction that it will not be long. Mr. Wegener is confident he can knock out the "spite injunction and can also secure he consent of almost the entire council to continue the work. The Modern Mother bas found that her little ones are Improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Pigs, when lu need of the laxative effects of a gentle remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. Tbe true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the EXERCISE] Is Just What You Want. It goes far toward 1 ^ making life wnnh living. It is simple, in expensive, good for all w-ather and fur ev^rvbody, young and old. ro- ou-t or fe ble and it is r^c mmend ed by physicians ih- world over. Prices Reduced to formerly $2.50. $3.03, $300, $3.50, S3 50 and $400 $4.00 and 5.00. i A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Be] "^"***^*^'"^^BB NEW YEAR'S CAKES, A rum «M« CHIAM or TAHTAH POWOIH *I>R; jj Is what the housekeeper busy in preparing this wi the best materials make richest and finest Fruit Scotch Cakes, and we r i vei tiling that is supferktf| Preserved Citron, Dried Gj rants, Pure Spices, Fine _Rf ins, Baking Powders? • extra line pastry flour. CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Hlffbwt Honor*, World's Fair M«d*l, Midwinter Pair J. H. BAUMAN, Phone No. 400 Belle street. TOYS! i . H,,« nf TOYS up-to-date Just reoeli A lar ge and oomploU, Hne of IOY P U from ^ ^ Which we are ready to .Aow U, a « Q barrows, W up; ao.Oarta^iSyup, i - ^^ ^ . Tables, 2W up; auks, gup, J°° ^ ' Hobby Horses Oesks.Hlaok Boar , ^ 8 pt"°T±ka?r W 2Kw Buck, etc. AU kinds (of great variety of Penny Ooods.

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