Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1961 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

fHtftiflDAY, APRIL 6, 1981 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Born to: HP. MM! Mm. BMitien. Bunker Hill, a ion 7 poundi, t ounw, i:3g a.m., Thursday, Wood River Town•hip Hospital. Elder children, Charles 13, Raymond 9, and Karen 4. Mr. MM Mrs. fcdtvurfl John YtMfor, Eugene, Ore., a daughter, March 31. The baby is the tint grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Firman E. Voder, former residents of 2200 College Avt., Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Firman Yoder moved to Oregon some 20 years ago. Mr. MHI Mfl. George XfieV natty, 437 E. Main St.. Fast Alton, a daughter, 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 12:08 p.m., Wednesday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr, and Mrs. Edward Car- Mr, 904 S. Central Ave., Wood River, a daughter, 7 pounds, 5 ounces, 11:08 p.m., Wednesday, St. Joseph's Hospital. I \ • Checked Arnel Jersey Cookirti Cne» A constant twnpMftture of 425 degreei can ttt used for baking a good many pirn. A small Jar of mlxtd fruit peel* in the houw? Use the peels, along with nutmeats, In a quick bread. Batter for very thin pancake* (for filling artfl rolling) tblc.k- ens on standing. If It gets thicker than cream, thin It with whatever liquid wa« Used originally. Quick sauce for a green vegetable: mayonnaise thinned with lemon juice and healed over hot water. Gash or prick those baked potatoes as soon as they are soft Inside so at to allow stenm to escape; If you don't do this the potatoes will be soggy. __ :B/iS : i«Bili'"B »««•»! 2 Bob Hardy to Be Emcee For Wood River Pageant Prettiest asset on the social scene ... all spring •nd summer long. Bright white pique dickie that removes simply and quickly for easy washing. The Arnel jersey drip dries •nd is completely wrinkle-proof. Son pleated skirt front. Navy, blacK or brown pinchecks. Proportioned in * Petite Sizes 12V? to 24'/» According to Survey Busy Youngsters Have No Time for Breakfast Petite Sixes For the woman 5'-2" and under who has been unable to get a proper fitting without excessive alteration. You will enjoy the economy of being able to get a near perfect fit every time. Phone HO 5-7621 By EUGENE GILBERT President of the Gilbert Youth Research Co. "Life." snid Nathaniel Haw- lhoi'ne a century ago, "lias few nleHsiinter prospects than a well provisioned breakfast table." NoveliM Hawthorne would he surprised to learn that today nearly a fourth of Atner- io.'i's young people don't even oat breakfast. And of the 74 per rent who do. only a scant 7 per cent sit down to what could be called a well provisioned board We discovered this after asking 973 teen-agers about their j eating habits in a cross-sec! lion survey conducted in 14 '•ities across the nation. I "Breakfast usually is ; crammed into about three minutes every morning," said Ann Hege. 15, of State Col• ege. PH. Hers was a typical comment, expressed another way by 16- year-old .Judy Wilkes <>f Se• ;ittle. Wash. .ludy eats breakfast every morning, she sciid. ; 'unless I'm laic for school." Time, or the lack of it, appears to be the deciding factor, because 67 per cent of the | teen-agers (56 per cent of the boys and 78 per cent of the 5 ; girls) say they have a bigger breakfast on weekends and holidays. As Susan Kaiser. 16, of Newark, N. J., commented, "I have more time and have no worries of school." TheyJSat and Eat But this isn't always the case. Mary J. Hall. 18. of Louisville, Ky.. for example, spoke boys and 31 per cent girls) boys and 31 per csent girls) who eat a medium sized breakfast every day— holidays included. "In the morning," s?nd Mary, "all T want is something to keep my stomach from growling." The great majority (72 per cent i make up for a small or medium breakfast with be- I Three, different, fresh strokes of fashion fun all color-inspired by sun, sea •nd sky. To brush on lips and fingertips: Sunbronze (browned-orange); Sungold (pure orange); Suncoral (pure coral). To brush on eyes: Emerald Green; Avocado; True Blue. A total beauty look that starts with face powder made-to-order just for you. lipstick $2; Eyelid Makeup $2.50; Fresh Paint $2- All prices plus tax. Cosmetic*—Moia flow CBGC Hears Mayor Delaney •- *f At Wood Hirer WOOD RIVER - Bob Hardy, newscaster for radio station KMOX, St. Louis, will be master of ceremonies for the Miss Wood River Township Beauty Pageant April 29 at the high school. Hardy has the distinction of being one of the midwest's few radio newsmen, who Is a three-time winner of the Associated Press's State News Award and Is credited with "breaking the news first" of a sensational murder that occurred in south St. Louis in 1958. Previous to Joining "The Voice of St. Louis" staff in April, 1960, he was news director for radio station W1L In St. Louis and also had his own music shows. He started as a newsman on the staff of W1BV in Belleville fol lowing three years in the U.S. Air Force. Girl Breaks Wrist in PE Class WOOD RIVKR — Donno M. BOB HARDY Manufacturers Group Names 9 Directors Nine directors have been elected by Alton District Manufacturers Assn., it was announced today. They wero named at the annual meeting Monday at Lock hnven Country Club. At the meeting, the board heard reports of the association's committee on safety, industrial relations, personnel practices and traffic. Following are the directors: G. M. Baumann. of American Smelting & Refining Co.. A. A. Boyle, Laclede Steel Co.. A. Courtney Budd, Owens-Illinois; R. R. Casteel, OHn Mathteson Chemical Corp.: A. R. Green, International Shoe Co.; J. H. .Tohnsen, American OH Co.; P. J. Merkus. Shell Oil Co.; E. E. Two Mi Yonth»Fhi«dt50 ftETHALTO - 1*0 Mt«*t brook youths wen flrwd fM fMli Wednesday by Police MftftMBM* Wesley Emdo on a complaint ftf petty larceny signed fty DtrflW t. Bryant, 403 Shellvlew, WB« Chief Clyde Tisdel Sr. TV two were also given suspended Jail sentences. They were arrested Tuesday evening by Tisdel. Tisdel said they will W tloned further about other PovversT~R^«8eii~MUfer: M. W. Swaim, Alton Box Board 00, z.ltour Service at On* Want i-Day Delivery On Request CLIANIRS 2501 State St. Dial HO Mftlt Name Judges For Election At East Alton KAST ALTON — Twenty judces vrc appointed dur ng a village Rohincttf. Hi. daughter of Mr. hoard rncHing Wednesday night and Mrs. William H. Robiuette. |()| . p ,,,,. m ,. 1s 3 ;>. 10 and 11 to S( , m . d||nm , ,,, r Apri , 18 genpra | MX W. Woodland Dr., East Alton, rwern-meal snacks and 33 per rent of the boys and Ui per cent of the girls said Hiry had a hot lunch. The rest t';it ••Miidu iehes for lunch. And there are the re hi trenchermen, like 1.6-year-old Roy Duncan of Seattle, who eats a breakfast of bacon and eggs, hoicako.s coflcc an.l . lrpd proppl ,, v „„ s ,.,, p AM right wrist at 3 p.m. Wednesday toast, and for lunch puls au<jy _ . . . . . ; ,t the T.mnshin Hosnital and was three sandwiches, a Ixuvl of soup, a banana and a slice of cake. Roy i.s among the 25 per cor.t i-il the boys and 15 per cent ot the girls who don't eat between meals. "Three meals a day WOOD RIVKR — The city has had a cast applied for a fractured r | e( . (jorr ( _ appointed were: Nettie „ ~" , . '.. ' .. ... at the Township Hospital and was ,. ., L- nim .> i admrinrff Alice Road for the construction of the . . . „ . . . , |S(M1 ' t^nuiM i^aacnaoru, rtiiu, .released following treatment. Roberts Pauline While and Edith sewerage disposal plant. Mayor S h, ; suffered the injury when she py|( , ()1 . ( , ( , jlR ., 8; Rhoa Vroman. Jame Delaney told members of'MI j n physical education flass! Iren( Hvllll);ml Velma Harrington, the Citizens for better Governmenijat Roxana High School. Ml , s sjdnpy Dc Long and Mrs. Committee at ibe Monday meet-: Mrs. Marian De Franco. 914'. Hal . o)t | O'Brien Precinct 9; ;ing in the public library. i Willow, was treated and released 1 C p re( , in , ;1 10 s ara h Lawman. Bonds have been sold, he slated.,at 7:30 p.m. for a laceration of|p ord Q| ac i vs Parker, George !and bids for construction will be i the forehead incurred when < ne i Woodmansee' Stella Masinelli and enough" for "anyone" decided |««WP««« as **>° n ** me engineer-U-hair she was standing on over-| B Cottroll; Precinct 11, Mrs. '"*^ ... -• ;«rr ii-m*lr Ytntu tr» ri»v»frt«rtc.ei to A „„ J i . . _ „. . Kmily Simons. 17, of Eugene, Ore. But Kmily and Roy are in 'the minority. Few Weight Problems Judy Burk. 18. of Waterloo. Iowa, likes to have a sack •if popcorn handy because "it fills you up last:" Carla Fagan. 15. of Brooklyn, N. Y., confesses she has a yen for candy: Eileen Bernstein. 15. of New York, calls herself "a tuna fish addict:" and undiscerning Rocky Kershaw. 15, of State College, says he'll eat "anything that happens to be in the cupboard." If their eating habits appear unusual to adults, the teen-agers can point to the fact that 69 per cent of them (75 per cent boys and 62 per cent girls) don't feel they have a weight problem. Girls, perhaps, are more conscious of these matters. Twenty-six per cent of thorn felt they were over weight mr, like 16-year-old Debby Hubin, 16. of New York, "overweight in places"), and 53 per cent of them said, they had been on a diet at one time or another. Only 15 per cent of the boys had found it necessary to diet, and they seemed to be more successful at it than the girls. Just- 2 per cent of the hoys, compared with 12 per cent of the girls, said they had not maintained the weight they established after dieting? Rut flip eirls were the ones with advice for others contemplating a diet. "When you want to eat." said 15-year-old M a r 1 e n e Gottlieb of New York, "keep thinking of being thinner." Marilyn Files, 15. of State College, advises "don't bother dieting unless it's necessary." For those of even less will i power, 17-year-old Sherla i Rrown of Eugene, Ore., was the spokesman: "Don't try it." A Hfit Shoiihl i Make You Look Pretty f By ALICIA HART NBA Beauty Editor One of the biggest mistakes any woman can make is to get the notion that hats should be "amusing" or "conversation pieces." This frequently results in a mature face beaming under a load of purple poppies or cute bunnies' ears. Such hats will stir up conversation all right, but none of it will be complimentary. A hat should do just me thing for you: make you look pretty. If it doesn't, don't buy it. It should not make you look hard or chic in a hard way. ft should, for yourself and others, add a bit of charm. It should be the right color to set off your skin and properly proportioned for your height and weight. And once on, you should be able to forget it, aside from knowing that you do look prettied for wearing it. I Cooking Cues If you want your baking pouder biscuits to be high and have soft insides roll the dough to a i-inch thickness. Kver sprinkle a mixture of i cinnamon and sugar over the . tops of muffins before baking? Extra flavor: add crisp littl* ; pieces of cooked bacon to a ! corn bread mixture before buk< J ing- work, now in progress, is I turned. i completed. : I The mayor thanked the com- 'mittee for it's aid during the sew'• erage bond campaign, and cxpress- | ed his gratitude for the commit- i tee's cooperation during his ad* ministration as mayor. Candidates for election to city • office, who are endorsed by the committee, were guests of the ' William Buckler, Leanelte Bickmore, Thclma Hillman, Irene Riggs and Elaine Hobbs. An ordinance dealing with village licenses was amended to delete fee requirements for bowling alleys, used car dealers and movie theaters. WOOD RIVER - Mr. and Bills totaling $8,904.86 were ap- WoodRiverPair To Observe Date l Mrs. Lloyd Dildine. 520 Ferguson proved by the board. meeting and spoke briefly. Paul/ ,\vc.. will observe their silver ! Louden, mayor candidate; Phillip jBelanger and George Nauyok, i council candidates; and Oliver Vernor, police magistrate candidate. A question and answer period followed. • Other guests included: Carlton Laird, city manager; Ivan Kramer, former mayor; Ed Bean and Hugh Worthen, Councilmen. Dr. Hess to Show Film at Brighton wedding anniversary with an op- EAST Correction ALTON - George T. en house from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday Lomier. 453 George St., candidate at their home. I for auditor in Tuesday's Wood The affair is being planned by i River Township election, was their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dildine; and their two daughters, Misses Linda and Mary Beth. The couple was married at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Dawes, April 4, 1936. in Nameoki, with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dillow, East Alton and | Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Houser, jRiverside, Calif., as their atten- ' dants. BRIGHTON — Dr. George Hess,' They have made their home in Bunker Hill physician, will show Wood River, all edged out of the third auditor post open by 70 votes. Louvier polled 3,316 votes instead of 2,712 votes as was erroneously listed in Wednesday's Telegraph. Earthquake Hits (California County a movie, "The Crimson Shadow.",life and operated the D and F r , n ^ Kl'PKKA. Calif. fAP>— A sharp '. (en-minute earthquake shook their_ married H „ m b 0 , d , County Wednesday . .„... but no damage was re;it a public meeting sponsored by'Food Store on Madison Ave., until , )n| .} ()d Daughters of Ruth Sunday School ( four years ago when he became ^ sn(H .| < Class at First Presbyterian!manager of the local National [-j., m . t th til Church at 7:30 p.m. Thursday,[Food Store. \'^ ' ( ' April 13. Refreshments will bei^ri ^i—wo f A,IO •^r>TT^'" , ,\\, , , , ,. , icicgrapn \vanv AQS V^IJIL^I\ s'uun. sen'ed at the close of the pro-| gram. i Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily windows from ^ m ji es no rth of Eu- Garbprvi n e . 85 miles newly proportioned pump Study in fashion by Rhythm Seep created with t designer touch for fashion and t master's •ouch of comfort— famous 1-2-3 construction Many oilier patterns to choose from. RED TAG DAYS for men.... Men's Null*, spring and summer weights, not all si/.p*. values to $88 • Men's All-Weather touts, water repellent, in plain colors and armies, reg. $1 Men's Sport Coats, Harris tweeds, checks and stripes, values to $45 values to $35 Men's White Dress Shirts, deluxe broadcloth, soft spread collar, reg. $5 '37 16" •31 '21 3" Men's Sox, nylon stretch and cottons In plain colors and argyles, reg. $1 . . Men's leather Belts, by a famous maker, values to 2.50 Men's Jewelry Sets, by a famous maker, values to 3.50 Men's Athletic Shirts and Briefs, our own quality brand, reg. 89c • Men's T-ShiTts and Boxer Shorts, our own quality brand, reg. SI Men's Ties, by a famous maker, reg. 1.50 99c 1.50 2 2 for .50 __. reg. 2.60 Men's Long Sleeve Sport Shirts values to 8.95 1.99 and I Me I" 5 ,99 for college men.... Corduroy Suits, 3-piece corduroy suits specially purchased, reg 38.95 Cotton Slacks, famous make polished cottons and cords, values to 6.98 .... Tupered Sport Shirts, long sleeve ivy sport shirts, values to 5.95 19" J.89 •2 A.9B 5, M3 «5 M '27 3 ,„ I•2 and for boys.... Boys.' Banibl-Cord Slacks, famous name washable cotton slacks specially purchased, values to 4.98 Boys' Sport Coats, regulars and huskies, $| but not all sizes, values to 19.98 Boys' Suits, regulars and huskies, but not all sizes, values to 39.98 Boys' T-Shlrts and Briefs, our own briind, reg. 3 for 2.25 Boys' Long Sleeve Sport Shirts, cotton Kiiighunis and knits, values to 5.95 for women.... Women's Fashion Coats, entire stock ol wool spring coats. values to 59.98 39.90 values to 49.98 29.90 values to $35 1 9 - 90 values to 25.98 14.»0 Women's Spring Suits values to 59.98 39.90 values to 39.98 29.90 values to $35 1 9 - 9 ** values to 25.98 14- 9 0 '29 Wtuncii's OrcsM't,, iHrge group of spring $M (Iresst-*.. valin-s. tti 3».»8 ^ to Women'* AH-Weuther Couts, cotton poplins ! home rt'\ersible. values, to 17.98 \\ omen's (.'otton Skirts, a variety of styles and J.50 patterns, ull by famous milkers, values to 7.85 « to Women's Cotton Bermuda Shorts, J-OO to A.50 7Se ,„ '3 •8 '5 values, to «.8o Women's Cotton I'edal Pushers, values to 1.85 • Women's Cotton Short Shorts values to 4.98 Women's 2-I'iece Cotton Dresses, values to 11.98 Women's Blouse*, assorted styles, some slightly soiled, values to 9.98 Women's Ban-Lon Sweaters pullover style, reg. 4.98 2.99 cardigan styles, reg. 5.98 8.99 Women's Uueket Bugs, washable setou leather. 94 n-g. $8 * Women's Better Bags, OKO/. \aluen to $35 fcll 10 o« W omen's tilotes, tJiort style in navy, black 91 and brown, reg. HZ • Assorted Flowers, 9R<k RA« values to $1 406 and VUG Uomen's Jiffies, velvet lounging slipper* in black, red or white, reg. 4.95 Special group Spring Jewelry, neckluvei with matching bracelets and earrings Women's Dusters, large assortment of eottou prints, reg. 5.98 Women's Nylon Slip* and Gowiu, large 9M asortinent of lingerie, values to 12.95 *t Women's Tailored Nylon reg. 5.98 toi girls.... dirts' Spring Cout» and suits. $10i»H to 17.98 values ,. tiirU' \uluck to K'.a* Girla' isjjurUut ur, Include* blou*e», aborts, pedal uuther*, etc., v*lue* tt> Girls Sutmtern, value* to 7.9« r •I •it" 0' to w •*• Third and State Sts. Dial HO 5-7531 Open Friday Night "Til 9 9M. II '5 '5 r

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