The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 12, 1927 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1927
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PA-GE TWO ' ! THE lOLA: DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EViENlNO,-MARCH 1927. It- !——:f—\—:—• STAJi/AS »0R i.MrSlC. There lie none of Ucauiy'H daughters 1 With a-magic like thfct>; Jlnd like.iriusic oh the walerH Is thy voice to me: . •^Vlieu, as if Its' suuiiii were causing hhe charmed ocean's pausing;. The waves lie Rlill and !gle»niinK And thf- lull«d winds seem dream- inK. yiiid ihe ^iiiihiight moon is weaving fier hriklil chain oVr the dee|i; A'hose breast is gently heaving, I As an infant's slpep: So the spirit how's before thee, ijo listen aiid adore thee; with a full hilt soft' emotion, like ilieswell of Kumiher 's ocean. —Lord Uyron. Cuntest Losers KiilertMiii Winners The losing side of a membership ^mtest. in (he American. Legion A -lxiliaVy, enlerlained the winning ]»' vision of the iLadies* Aid of the nlle vesiirdav afternoon in the Le-I^"'" < hri^tian jrlufrch held Ihe.r side, chairman of industrial depjartl- ment; and Miss Rose Dodd, chairman of social service department. Annual reports of the' var|6uu departments were given. A St. I'at- rick tea was idann^d for .Marchj lo. Each woman made- a gift of a Jlien or the |Value of a hen in nioneyj ifor u contribution to Imissions. ' The fiillowing pr :Ograui was given under ,the direction of Mrs. A./H. Davis: Song, "I Love to Tell: |tho Story"; deyotiortt^ls. Miss- Kuth Brown: current events from "Mission" magazine; chapter fi*om ".Moslem Wbhien" reviewed, by Mrs. .1. H Sowerby; musical reading, "Legend of a Twilight Bell," Miss Ruth Higgins, accompanied fby .Miss Lucile Wagner: reading, "Foreigners Apology." .Miss Ituth Ilig- glils. .Mrs! (;. W. Shad wick cln .iicd the meeting with prayer.? • • • : Southi'tist DhMon MepJsJ The members of the .Sputhebsl PUY GIVEN ATCHANUTE Presentation of "Father And Dad" Went Over LastNi^ht. Hide yesl .frday afternoon in the Leg on riioiii in Memorial liall, and ! tlie new inienibers were welcomed It to ilie jii-ganizatioii. The rei!Ular nieetMig conducted by the piciiident, -Mr.i^: .t. L. Hair, was followed by a social hour. In SI magazine, .•idver.tlseni'eht contest, ,A1rs.-.\. (). Dodge was awar<led a b)U(|uet of sweet peas, and a'spell- Ji g match WHS ptirl of the enler- tilnmeni. .Mrs. Itiilpli Siover play- 4'I piano seli'ctlons-. A plat<; lunch ^ WHS served. The guests were: Mrs. J. K. iJandi Mrs. U. Young, .Mrs. 10. D. jJtind, Mrs. W. U. Heyltnun, .Mrs. Alec Ltllrd, .Mrs Hoy Crews. .Mrs. (^larles K..lih, Mrs; Floyd Lynn, Hellen Lynn, Mrs: .1. (J. Mltielhach, Mrs. U. a. .Vorthrup. Mrs.-.Mimde R NelHoii. Mrs. F. H. Arnold, .Mrs. L L. Northrup. .Mrs. O. L. (larling- h^>use, Mrs. K. L. Cook. .Mrs. Frank McCarlhjl. Mrs. Cl.-n S. Shipp, Mrs. (J. .M. tirover. -Mrs.' Charles Kjaehl, .Mrs. W. .1. Fierce, of La- Hbri)e, Mrs. Wm. Xewman. of La- Hbrpe, Mrs. (i. S. Lambeth,: Mrs. Charles F. Scott. .Mrs. H. R. I'or- tejr, Mrs. Walter Maudlin, Mrs. f'l^arles Kinit.-, of NMV York. Hazel Pierce, of Lallarpe. Mrs. C. Fi r Newman, [Mrs. Harry Cook. TlobbV Ccok, Mri N. O. Dodge. .Mr.s. Ilalpfi St 3yer, M'rs. O. P. Duncan. Mrs. Ci B. "Tippie;, Mrs; .1. A. Morrison am) Mrs. J. LJ Hair. . i —Special. Sunday IHnner. noon 1 »iid evenBiffi Kelley Hotel, .Vir, 7 "ic. [.••:• • K ;lley Tficalre Party ; attd Picnic Sn]i|ier : The menvDers of the Black Ctat club held a picnic supper last nigiit in. the hqme oMIelen Cprtner, 2|9 North Cottonwood a line pirty at the Kelley Theajtre. JThey were: Shirley Stover, Lorene Robinson. Anna Riimsey. Syl- V a Ruth Dnggan, Arlene Fisher. Cfitheriue Ciilbcrl. Rebecca Richardson, Helen Wilkins,' Kathryii cbx, Lucjlle Canafstr, Delores Fry and Gertrude (JreVn. •> •> . ; Itjelatlves Pnterlain at llinttpr Mr. and .Mrs. R. D. Stephenson a^d son, Don, and .Mr. Wm. Don- li^n were dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. H. O. Stephenson Silndliy and • D •. and .Mrs. H. .M. Stephenson v/-re their dinner guests yesterday. Mr. and .Mrs. H. O. S ephenson aid son,'"Harlan, were dinner ~gi ests of .Mr. and .MJS. R. D.-Steph- ei son 'I'uesday ''in honor of .Mrs. Jl O. Stephenson 's birthday. • •:• .;. - Kvcryb»dy come, to Hie Sl.Pat- rlVs-Toa ait the llaitlist Te(n|ilo 'I'lesday afternoon. 1 •:• • •:• Kiri»Hiie Hlrthday Party The gang at the Register office and a few;other J'riends surprised Wi-. Charles K. .May last night in hi I counlry boui^ in Park jpiace atditiou.'in ftb.Hi -rfance of hist hfrth- di y. Atrs. .M ;iy was ready ror|the gi ests who a|)peared in ovei=alls at d aprons, bringing favorite dishes for a picnic .supper at (J o'clock.-^ TJie honor guest received a num- bflr of gifts which were reminders pl^ farm life wliicli he and his fam- ilv are experiencing. These giresls were present: Mr aid Mrs. Charles A. Clifi, Mr. and him. Waller .Maudlin, .Mr, and Mr-s Itlichard A. Tobey. .Mr. and Mrs Claries Tobey," .Mj;. and Mrs. Geo N. Still.-. .Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Neele aid .Miss Bon. Kessinger. •:• •:• •:• Pjlcnfc .Sji|)|ier and Line Party .Miss Ethel Weaver, of 12 West Rruner street, was house hostess , Ji nror high school at a picnic sup- P'r. After supper llie group attended the cinenia at the Kelley Tieaire. ' Th5^ Kiiidents'were: Hilda Shelb'; Thelnia S.tiih, Ruih Fplkner, Kuyl Duggaii, Kunice I'teedi'. Opal CiitipbelJ. Jiianlta Mafflll, Terres- HI RhheriHori, Leila Grace Swan regular ineeliuK Thursday in (In church soc-lal room. The ,*-ork was (inilting and piecing qiiLit. Iilocks. Right women were prcHeht. •:• •> •> Loyal Leaders Hold St. Patrick I'arty The menibern of the Lnyal I.,e«d- ers class of the First Christian Sunday schfjol held a St. Patrick parly yesierilay ufleruoon in be home of Mrs. (>. W. .Moore, 719 Kust ..'ackHon aVl^Mue. •Mrs. Cary Shaffer, vlc(.'-presld< nt, pri-»ide,d over the meeting. "lllesL Ue the Tli?" was siiiig and Mrsj J. W, lleHHijr was (he deyotlonal leid- er. The plaly, "The Sweet Fa^illy" was given by menibers of iilie classl ihe'cast IncludinK Mrs. Del Adains, Mrs. C. Z. Montgomery, Mrs. Cjeo. Defehaugh, Mrs. Frank Nogle, Mrs. R. f.. ..lackson, Mrs. Frances Woj)d- In. .MJ-s. George Hugglns'and Mrs. Anna .Olmstead. I The committee in charge of refreshments was: .Mrs. K. C. Hiir- lock. Mrs. -V. F. .Newcomer,! .Mrs. O. K. Oliver, Mrs. Wilbur .Mpore, .Mp. Roy Jloore,'Mrs. W. A. Alterman, Mrs. Fred Kinser, Mrs. Z. .Mo<i.t- gomery and Mrs. Mary Keller. • * •:• Birtk Annoucenifnt; .Mr. and. Mrs. Roy .Anderson, of Bo|-ger, Texas, formerly of IP a, announce, the ^linh of a daught I this moriiing, March 12. It is rejxirled today from Cha- niile that .Miss .May .MacLan-ii. in her unique pre.seiitalion of the iliree-act plaj;. "Father .-Mid Dadi" the last niiialii'r lor tliis .-ieastin ijf the Chaiiule .\Misti; C(ii:rsi-. sp.-.n- sored by .Mrs. George Itaii-us. proyi 'd III be iilie iif the In-.;; :illr;ic- tioiis of the yi :ir. .Miss .MacLfUM i:; a :i ••ulire < a ;-.t in lier .'ierr. playjiiK each of the :iev-' eral parts •:( Hie play. .sliige proi'ierties wire ijseil. .Mi-is .Mac- Larn de.sci-ibing ijit- selling at ihv begiiMiiiig ol' eacli sl'c'ie. ClitiriH'- ler portrayal d -'pended alnioi^t tn- tirely iipini fiiiiiii;!li(.iis ol' the art- Isf.s voice aild so wet! V.;:H Ibis done thai at no tijiu- was'ili.> :iu<ii- eiice i :i doiibl as lo which character wa.'^ sjieakiMK. Miss .Macl^reii is able lo .submerge jnrself in tbe various cliar- ai-leis <if Ilie play' so fiici i -sMiillv thai the aiiilieiici; lorjjcl.-i I'ln- ail- isl and i.s cnhscicjiis oal.v the characiers a.s llu-y iiiiirroill ilie vuriou.s inli'icate sitiialions ol ihe lilot. ' It was anuouiK-ed la.'t night ibai Lawrence Tibbiii, known i;s (be Abraham Lincoln of ihe opera, one of Ihe most : iioled bariloiies in .\nieric;i. will give .-i speciajl c/iil- ceil al Chanule mr.'Mav liOlh i)! this yejir. 'I 'liiH i.^ all i -Vcilt Hliicli will allracl .lln-: micui jun „r ail tun Ic loviT.s in SoulliiMsli-iii Kiiiiiiii.s. SILVER IMAV (Alr.-i. I'icd IliilK-j t .Mar. 10. .Ml-, anii .Mrs. .1. I!. Kliejiii were .Sunday tifleinooii callers a' llcriiian liraiin's. -Mr. and .Mis. ' .Xriin-r .SIciibenM WHITE^ liOIJSE BEAUTY ^EJCRETS.. Carlyle School Notes Mar. 11.—Maxine Chambers had been identified with the Carlyle School for five years. In that time she endeared herself to every one. Though suffering' ' with :- physical pain, there were always the cheerful greeting, the lovely smile, and the gepial companionship. We ire sure in the Great Beyond that she and Calvin will receive us with outstretched arms and words of 'Visitors and callers at the school buildjns Wednesday evening: Mrs. 'Bertha" WIsner; .Misses Daisy. Ap- "Prince of Tempters" Is Coming Monday and Tuesday.' .' Those who marveled at the excellence of the photography of "Variety" and "The Last Laugh' Faithful to their agreem. tit not-to disligure the grounds with un- ::igblly tool hi»u«ies. repairnicii li. Kir.ning lo renovate the White House at W'a'-hingloil ereci letup uaiy inii.-i ruction .>-backs.;of neat ilesign at the east cnlnince.^ The C(.i):iilg <-s. lii.'.'iiiwliile. rtsitle in; Ihe pretentious Patterson residence on tiar'oy DUIIMHI (,'iii-li'. i . LOCALS .Mr.'!. Vinnli^ .lenUiiii m' c.-ui- t'ornia. is visiting with li-r iiiiib-;^ .\lr. S. Syinine.^ ami l^miiK "i >'l'r ' .North Koiirlh s:riii. tONCHANEYIN ELITE PICTURE s.^a, HS; c ^.."a,„;;i ri,'r2!,°' "^.^^a motioii. plctiii^e productions will have iih ,op|iortunity to see the santii hirii order of ciiiuera, yior'k in "The I Prince of Teinptcrs." a reptirt iihm the. Kelley Theatre telisi lis. ; • . , "The Prince of Tebtpters" was iiiaile liyi^bbert Kane fOjr First .VutlonalK Pictures, Inc., and was diVocted by lloihar Mendes. ifliport- eil from ithp crack: producIJCg pr- ganiifatlon of Eurbpe ,_tKe liTA, tlie outfit whjci) •prodiic'e;*' digginbothani. Dorothy .Mayfield, Maild Meivin, Maurjne .Melvine and Messrs. Phil Graf, Blmer .Nichols, Wialter^Funston and Russell Hill. Glen Carter is much improved in health, has been deemed "expedient for him to avpid much exercise. He may not return to his school this terih. ! Tomniie Parker is. "leady for school next Mobilay. He has been entertaining hie measles. .No more cases as yet.| 1 Wynetta Ohnstead' instructetl llie sewlng class Edwin Wi' have been uij stielliug lor Ifist itumtb. iilkerson has shown jiatfence and skill in J... j,.„„„^^„ two fii^t. iianied attraciiohps. „ .. ! i^'" '-yoii, tola Moran, Lya de Friday. M i'uTti and -llary Brian havi. Hie liner's name should ; featured roles, the list of lOii By tb. We surely apiire- 1 act of j unselfishness I Mrs. Gullett's Items A man was'ta.lking lo his .stfn, he said: "Son. you may get away from your parents but you ca I't get away from God; sp all should consider where they; are; gbing.' So Mr. and -Mrs. Tom Britts have a new girl. This is the 12 or 13 child and ain't lost any of thejiii, and a^e healthy nice looking chil-, dren. : ;, We-understand plow-s are starting in a 'nunrber of fields. Osller .Iohn.«oD ik ploiviiig and we see a to spent 'I'bursiia.v i -vefiiiii; with .Mr. | and .Mrs. lieiibcn Itetnsix rg. I ; .Mrs. Kthel PaUer>.,ii ul' l'L '4 .North Kiiurtb streel i.s cuiiliiiccl to her licil withllhe flit. .Mr. and .Mis ,Tlnini;is have mciveil from IliS .Noitii 'rhinl to .Nuiiii .Sei iitiil street. .1 .Mr. anil .Mrs. .lohn. Ileaih from Neosho Fall.s were ilitiiier guests of .Vlr. and ftlis. .1. Kasiwood Tuesday. "Mr. and .Mi.--. Wilbur Diiffcy and daugblt-r IJetly .lean m' Kicbmond anil R:iy Dinfey-iJ Harris and .Miss I sir .vlary Di-uni oi W'sijthalia were Sunday, Kuesis^ol Kr.-.l Duffeys. , .Mr: and ^IVK. H. D. Snillli ami .MITS. Pearl Grenawait oi' li'lt son RoV spi'iil .Sunday with Mr.s. .Sotitji Third .street has gntie .-- Smiih's parenls. :i(ar llron.son.. ; Kredonia. lo join .Mr. Creii- .Mrs. .). F. Ka:-;woo(l received a await and make iitr home, young alligator last wvek wliicb i — Mrs. Opal .Mc.Micliael s.'nt;(o her! H. A. .McDaniels. who livs <.iii I'roni Port Arilnir. Te.x. 'ion lural roule four, was in l<.l ;i Mr. and .Mr:s. It. I». Sniilb and I today looking alter his !iro;» rl.v .Mr. and .Mr-s. .M. A. Fender calltjil j imere-sts. at the Dul'i'ey home Saturday ev-i 1 ' •— <--ning. / ; .4. Smith wJil Mrs. F. H. M.-Caml.Ioy and- ,vork at the Lehigli dailghteis..M.i!-:.s<s_ Alice and Ruby u-,.t.ii\s ab.selice. He ing care of the S. S. IJrcmry whiic lii.-> doll. Ilariild .-11111111, w;i.s oul ol' '•Tell It to the Marines" Comingi Monday for Three Days. The .':urp«': (if war—thunder of l.'ig t;utis ilii'S-e are Ihe settings r .ir a wiiiideifiil Inimaii drama in !ic ol" Ilie realj inaslerpieces of the .Mejro-Gnldwyn-Mayer's epic of the .Marine Mrs. J. C. remarkable her conduct in coinpoKitiok ciate such an and helpfulnck.s. .Mrs. J. Powell visited the school and 01 chestr:t Tuesday evening. .Mrs. Austin Muyfield was also an orchestra yisiior. The 4-U CIJH! working on tlj isented by-lheni I A delegaiioii of (he Rev. .MI .Mrs. Bogur, .Mi, keson. .Mr. uni and .Mrs. C6ok| .Mr. and Mrs. firegg, .Mr. anti Mrs. Sawyer o Mi.ises Gard, and .Miller of recovery gf Alsace-Lorraine the territory of Frailce was enlai-ged by •r,,i;ij(i stiuare inile.s, aiid r the Knglish classes lieripopiilation bv 1.7(1(1.000 11. 1 1 , ' The dir(;e'rcnce between two men 5 generally a woman. /\uthori;e( DealerN ,^ win, tMara Hillbrant, Hurobi Men' y.i: Hllinn Maker, Thomns Walie, A bill Ciirnell, Dolpb llenrU-hs, T loiiiiiH Hair. Riiiisill Goen,: Leon- fiid SiiiberliiiHl, JIarnId Avereii, , AVitlier Fickle, Waller FunKidn nnd ••; HViilier Maudlin..jr. ' i Attend T «rrilMh Century i'lult .MrH. c. K I'vnnlnglon. Mis. (',. W Clii'wnliig, .Mrs. .loe llurgiir nnd Ms. H. (). SlepheiiHoti (iltelidcd Ihe T vondi'di Ceiilury clltb In Ln- H irpe' wi 'dnesday afleinonu « « • I 1 1>1<inienV hiinn All -Diiy lleotlnir An all ibiy inlH,Mlon«cy mfellng of -thio Women's Cnlon of the Klr«( Jli p(iH( chiircli. WHS held WtidnoH- dfv In (be home of Mrs. .1. (I. .M4- jo|', ai.'t HoiKli Riieljpyo Bireet. A <;1 Icken dinner was-served at noon. 1) •. .1. H. Soworhyi MJsH Liicllo Wagner, nnd^ Miss Ruth Hl^gins qtd twenty-three members of the . btgnnlxatlon were nt the dinner. . ; Election of dffiqcrs took .place nt Ihe afterhoon meeting. Th^y were: Ales. A. kl. Davis. |vice president; ->!?8. J. P- Edwprrts, secretary- f tj- lastireri; Mrs. R. T- Ja^es^ chair- 4 m in* of leducflUonO'i departmept; 5 Mb. S. Al EIllB. ch^iijman of finan- '^pljtf departmentf-Mrs. J. N. Bum- number coming in with plows ,gei theni inanfcured. It should have read .ludge Cha.«< instead of Charles. Col. Saphlaf, of lola, tould me at the Fair 'tine time be had .a Herrold Chayse from Logausport and wanted to know if 1 knew him. .1 said if it is the one I know he ha.-j grown to be a mail— he was a'S-year-pld when I siw him last. ,1 .Mrs. Hathavtay was around with her sainpellK a .Monday, Her daughters are in Philadelphia, one 1« married^ and the other accompanied ;her home as she could {|et larger .wjiges thear than hear and board wjidi her siHler. i .Mr.-, feert Willhite will soon have 100() chickens hatcheil—young fryes sure are fine. ' i (Juite a number of. W. T. C's attended the trial a Tue.sday, It'is terrible to :think about, thear is HO much in life if you can live' if right, and if you do not. it is not won It the pri<;e you pay, for living'. He that saiih roiig, roii.if, shall receive, i - i So jnaJiy young men going around trying to work; thear way througii colledg by the magazine rout. We wonder bow'far they get. Dorthy Gullett. Louise Odor and sisters wer the gust of thear grakiil ijiareiits, llr. and Mrs. Snodgrass a Sunday. Dorthy was playmates ; of the Odor children in Burbank; .Mr. and -Mrs. Wess Smart cal ed as .they were on thear way to bda a Tuesday.' . .Mr. Gardner was hear with lis waggon of supplva a Tuesday. He speaks well of luirks .Medical Supply, he has iridi; them. A nitin going to .Missouri stopiied and borrowed the Register and ihe Herald to see about the . Price ilrial. 1 '• ; i It sijre scents natural to see .I.^T. Treadway Iconic again, he liltes Texas land found his son .lolin.aiid .Maud In good health. -Mrs. (;ullett,' Dorthyi and SuudKi*aHH wer (he giist of Muruhall 0 Tueaduy eavo, iVe wer np to First yuiioml Hunk a Wednenduy and nay.' tli,ey kVer HUre a blliiy biiuch, and .Vlr. Iloldeinaii liure in ah iddlgluK nij<>t :ind lint reMt arc the Hiipie.! .M|MM MIfu JH nlwiiyi* al her |io?t,aiid RreciM you with' u Hinile. : ; i Dr. Allctih'iiigh wll> move < lih hotiH nut on ja tot and 11 half IIOUKIR of Mrs. .McCtliinlH. He repurlH judg Clevehger doing (Inc. Willtiiin Hackney IH a bulHy niun. The old larjti would bn -lonely with oiit l\li.ii for'ibc HreelM .you with a snillc which, tnukes life worth living. and .Mr. .Melviu Tinner visit.-d in the Braitn heme Sunday evi -ning. .Mrs. Heiiben Uenislierg anil .Mrs. Opal Riilcher <alK'd on .Mrs. Ricking in lola Sundav afteiTiooii. I Mrs. Deri 1>1I. of lola. eall'.-il on , .jMrs. Kvcrelt .Manliic Tuesday afternoon. • _ Mr. and Mrs. .M. A. Fcud-r sp ,n| ;,nil Mrs. Kciuieiit' F .-Ust ar- Suiiday Willi .Mr. ;inil .Mrs. .CicnrKe ,1 ),„„„. I'ayne al Mililml. Roy Hair.'of (lie I'.rlVil I!.tk". ry. i ' ' " "• has purchase! the .Mark Kcvafii »"!'t" !ierali|..d bungalow at Sotilli ;.;y,;uiioic '"'"'i'-^- ""'!''•'«>" The Klite Theatre i-eei. ami is nialiing pr. p.iiiitmus . .M'>iiil..iy for iln-ee days.. K. naniiig'iii h.s new home. ; "T-l.l li to ;ihe Marines" i.t a ifiighty iliani.-i.' (old amiil gt-eat , iiatili.ships in 'grim war'inaneuv- •;rs; ; tiiiil sireiiuous ; frays in an Orlftital wilderness; amid the con- ni.sion and bu.s-lle of Marine brir- r:ick>—hiii.. alter all. these tiirtlls, i.iis or (omedy.^ind-inspiring spec- laclt-s ar" incidental—incidental to th«" l(.vc iif a yiiung .\merican and .t incti.v; girl—;aiid the gruff but iaiherly love of a grizzled Marine s. rgeati; lor the boys lie scores .i!!il behil)(ir.s- like a terriljle task- tivsiir. but lit heart is prijud of. L'iit Chatiey. as (he grizzled ser- sr-an;. has a role the like Of which he never piayfd and malv never .I.-iiiy ag.iin -a role be does-not act return In his plant allir a has hceii lak- ; the ciiy., -hut liteialKv lives. It may well - The nienibers of tin- .\iii"ricaii ;_gii liov.ti as '.ir.t^ of the real Chaney Lighdi have imri-liascil a i). i-;"classii s. ^' ; ml -l.xi; silk AiiK-rfc;!]! il.ig. ' '••—• • iiigiii ironi a , , \vi ek's irip in 'I'cxa .s. 'I'liey enjoy- ' Mr. and .Mn. (I.rnian I'.raun and • „i,.,. visit with ih- folks Fay. Ilcleii ;,iid ( iKuley < lanier, ;i„.n,_ ;,,|,| f ^i.-^. Kzra IJiirli.-r wet.f Sunday <-all.-i-.; at Hi- -1. 'F- ui-il .Mr. ami .Mrs. I'.raiiy llicks. 1 Kaslwiioil home. ! \\1;o livi- at C:it:iiriiia. and .Mr. R. D. Stiiiili has piircbazieil | ^viH, jlr .s. Uarbers p.-iictits .\lr. :iii <l five head of <iilil<- the past week, j Mrs.'('opening. wJiu :ir.- 1 li. re VIMI- .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. It. Knepp called ! inj,'. '. on Mr. i'lid Mrs. Ciias. Wray Sun-: day afternoon. i. iii.rian Sleflieii visit. .1 th. Mrs. Keiil,..n K.iiisbcri; and Mrs. ; ,,.,11;,,.,,,. .,„.|,„„;,i TII Opal Hiilcher callnl on .Mi's. Fred ,,|- tlii.-f «.ck. H.; i> Duil'<-y Weilnesday alleiiiiion. .!<.iil ol' llic L:iil;lip.- sc|i.,i)ls. .Mr. ani( .Mtj;. Ilatiy .Manson en-i (etiaine.i a nuiiil ..T of n^^ighbois; u,,),,.,, , .n.-u,;. ,-, wMu and li-i.nds at a parly last !< riday ; I„.,.„ i.,,- .s.,i„. tin,.- :.i h, niglil. .\ j'l.iid utile was 'ujoyed , |„,„„. .|„^ .s;,,i ,t !i .Syroin .irc slr .,-i, by all. • • ^ . Ms f'-piirit-d iioi sn \\< II. The II & .N.ciiili met Willi Mrs.. Kver.ll Mankb- •rbMr .s .hiy after-. ^,;„. ^ ^, noon.. I'" "Ul-- was speni P-"-J,;„.,„ ...,..„., ,ir,....„ ,„i,...; „...,hw .st tug nuill blocks and refreslimenis i..,- ... Were M-rveil to I,IK. following liieiii bers; .MIsdaiii 'S llerinan Kraiin. Charley Hell, iharle^v Wray. R<dlainl'Fas: woiid. Charley Kasiwood. George Lawry. Freil Diiffe.v. .1. F. Kasiwood. Geori;" Keiiisberg, Hen (Jrievel Harvey .Manson, Reuben Remsberi-'. Opal HiiKberJ R. I). Kinilliiand .M. A. Feinlef. .Mi-.«. Kay Rell. Mrs. Hen Hell and Mrs. Mar-I:; tliu Hell, all of lola. weiv visitors. The next inecting will be with .Mrs. Harry ..Manson, .'\Iar( it Ui. .Mrs. F.veic(t Ucinsberg. who was opi-raled itpi.n aiSt. .lohii's hospital .M<.-'n(l:!y morning, is recovering s .iiisf.ielorilv. t menibeis are elr jilay (o be pie communiiy iiigbi. of people iconsisliiig llamllloii,. Mr. and and .Mrs. .1. C. Gil- .Mrs. Funsion. .Mr. and children, and .lobn anili Kdwin .Mrs. Ru.sseil and Carlyle, lind Hie ^renton. Trout wine ieneva, lo'ok the privilege of entering she CcK '.iiie lionie without' permission 10 reniitnl them that IheV • were celebrating their fifth wleilding aliniversary. The meii jiresent all jo|ned ("he sugar and ielt like (he sail o( the earth.. An !i -^vening of unalloyed pleasure wals enjoyed by every one present and every onif returned to his honi^, wishing ;Mr. and .Mrs. Cozine majiy happy and inos- peroiis returns I of the day. We are anticipating a visit from the Tola Normal Training (lass next Wednesday. A deinonslralioii 'uf the JiA- DIO'LA will I coiivitiee you thai all We claim "t 'lir- it is (rue; A RADIOI.A wiO be |ii.,lalled ill llie I's .MoiJe'l Moiile. Badioliii RCA LoucUpcaken $l_5toJ575 ^ $18to«45 ' GmtniuU fimt Paymtnlt - • may I* arrtnitj I uo.'^s .Arliui'fel'c OaraKC ~ 222 .Spulh .SI. i'hoiie: .•50 ! I ; ! A ORUD0E2 Wlien fine laundering:.can be done .so inexpt n:,iv<ily why let your wife break her back and ruin her ilisiio.sition? Lei u.s prove to you that you saveiiolhing an<l.^lose much by doing your laundering^ at home. "Let riur phone line be your clothes line." Phone 102 DICFICRREI) rAYMKNtS- •.i (iay iii'iriiiiu; a iiiriiii r si 11 ^U' lola. was ill lnwti 'lUe <l.!y iLi;. iwi-el. and piirch .isi •! a "'.New hha IJli.-illure spreader Mi' IC .- .ili hi . •iarni. . ] .Mr. WilJiii I'ellil. Wll'l li\r:i iiiniie:. sunt iie:i. 1 nf luia. u:'.^ in ,fov.ii one llay Hiin week .iiid |uir i-huseij a .McCiirnil. K I leeiiii •• ir.ic- lor. for use nil irf lariii. hirni: fvini(b;h'ipsi. Yoit Jini-f ]>i(hni-((l tliitt pho- I'liiiu/tli of jioiirnHf Inrifj \ iiiiiiijli. \Xi)ir is the thr.e hi iiiiil.' f/oofl! CJlBSGN'S StUDIO Can You Dri It? MTM. Mji -H. -Mrx. ..Mnry .A. KrynuldM Deod. ."VI rs. J.Mury A. Rcynoldb, aged 7S yoiirB Hnd 20 dayn. pashcti away IhlH interning at It o'clock at the home df her sou, I^gau Reynolds of iai7' North .Sycamore street. The body will nimaln in'stale at the Sleeper Service Room utilll wprdilSj rrceived froth a daughter in'Cali­ fornia. Interment will take pl^ce In the Neoshp Falls cemetery. Tjhe deceased, is-a half sister of jyrs. D. P. .Northriip. Only, nine'; President.s of the United States' so far hare not belen members of the bar. I'' Albert Moser of' Topt-ka. a sih:; I iiii;li lor lit.- I'. .\li ;.ir Slme .Miuiii- i fcic -luriiig Co.', (if •.MilwaiiKei-.' Wis . \va.^ in lola today, calling; i !|iiiii the dealers in his line. Mrs. Ralph Lei- of the Fraiilz Optical Co.. will go (o Ft. -Seoll (his evening to spend Sutuhty.witli her hiisband who is iliiliiir |i>il"c work lliere. Mrs. R. H. Stewart of 4i >l South Cliestnnt street went in |-iiisliiirg (oilay (o speml Siitnliiy wiili .Mr. and .Mrs. Cliatb-s Troup. Mr. and .Mrs. K. .M. Stanley will go 10 Cbanuie toninrnin-. tor a .short visit with rejaiiveM. r One of our Iriciil (Ire dealt IS said j.dll.s inoriiiiig thai hif had Just re- icelved u sliljitiietil nf; .?tit .iMlli worth U >r (ires llttil II,''Oil w -iM 'Hi nl' liibeH. .Mrs. Stella 'Crist of Westphalia underwent a major op'eratioit ibis morning at .St. .Inhn's lio .spiial. . _ If we were not so K I pociUve that the mqro (popper in it and more zinc "Gailvanneaied" on it make '^Iled Strand|' fence last years ilonger we would ^ot ask you to buy It. SHA'NNQN'S HARDWARE mi Ye:ir*i In.lola it^;^^'^!";^^ .^:)'.i> (or the il ; RedStrand ; (topwire) •^.'';r-.^---E^^>-' : —is glad at -1- all time.s to render a number of pers'onal services—outside the usual line of busines.s—^but w-ihich may save 01 r customers time and annoyanct.-. FOR INSrANCE— PHONE US FOR THE CORRECT TIME WE W RAP PACKAGEH FOR MAILING " WE SI vLL STAMPS LEAVE YOUR PARCELS MEET YOUR FRIENDS HERE PHONE 67 FOR DEtlVERY— NO MATTER HOW >4MALf, THE P[IR(HASE In rSupei -HLitious days long gone by I'e6p|f> t(f light sickneas didn't half try. Tbfy figured disease was providential. And man's puny efforts inconsequent la I. • .Vow.-while in providence we still place t ^iivi .'.lore depend on chiropractors to adjust. I (CoiiyrlKhfei! 1927 htr J. IIllHf^^.; AcIjustments^EIec^ro-Therapy DR. LUCY E. E ^0 LS 6 N Ni.niirup lUilir. ' Coach H. E. BriceUnd, lett, aids K- W. Peterson, right, in sJowing UiMrerslty of{ Iowa gym students « peat trick with; empty mUk boU LtlW- Try It fome time-^-tWer sa? Endicotl-Jonn.xon World'* I.nriresl sline Makef SICK All roliirv $lwO Valne Phone 32(1 Table With Perfect fho (harmof correct silverware of eenuine cjuality nev- r wanes. Kverjj woman know.s the Joy that (fomes from table porifectly appointed with perfect silverware, immunity Plate is the kind (j )f silverware that kindles lide of po.ssess on. Aside from itsi beautj -j of de.sign I d linish. jit has a dignity and distinction pej:uliarly its ovi-n. \ ' \Ve are furnishing the silverware for the M<bdel Home. L&t us -show you any of a number of attractive patterns \vp have di.splaypd. headaches jrd cau.sed by eye strain. Without correction by this condition is likely to become inijreasintfly ser'iou.s.' Is it to neglect the preciou.s a.sset of vision? Ls your efficiency impaired by constantly recurrinij headaches? : ! Have Your Eyes Examined.

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