Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1898
Page 2
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Hn. E. A. A4t»«. of to Pnfil t>» Hsr Tbtee yean ago 1 was afi run down, weak, exhaurttd; had indigestion, coottspatipn, and mf rjTtem was debilitated in gcoeraL Pbyskiaas did not help me aad I began taking: Dr. Miles' Nerrine. Now, I am *s weft as ever. ct*t BV THE TELEGRAPH PRfNTOOCO. _ ______ _______________ _ FRI0AT EVK.. I EC. "«). MOTlCE TO ADVKRTIhESS ! only » fvrr. He fovgbt *«H«itJy OH nr*ny battfen>!d«. He received • •** vere wound st BentonvHl*, and lay an tbe Soy white tbe two srmiw ov»r him. Hi« wonnds and d!»ab!e'5 fhinj. and be will bear tbe rntrk* of hi<Tp»trioli«m an *hi> fife la«>. ROEDER f S T« 41T01L Itt 19 > $)*#c.ite B« w t ff 4**HMt«4 It WAI liun I* tke « rir-.i. *: SAX'Small Is in favor of ab^ ««ny cbaplajn^. Swenu?, «» he **y», tb«y do no jfcx>i- Sim is an arcoy cbspltin and eho-aM iho* « g><>3 example br »b"iu*bi'ng h;3iwif ai » cbapUin, a* erf rjt-otfj know*. Sain'j the profweion aftyap- to b:mt«!f. DR. MILES' Restorative Nervine Or. Alton Conservatory. Eitfclb Year. Tbirtf Tern. Dec. I. Mnk,Art, Elocilloii, Dtiurtt ud S^tc'it Stx»e«. MlM AJIc- E. Mirah, Vo!c<> t Scmlatry ttrwet, Upper Aitos. ' D r. MI( I <t iewwlsod Alby . K. */. lUILL- J, m , AHo<Ii id. Sand tor Catalogue. THE year 1<?3 hu broken all record» Sa tbeaTijaat of dev! f.-ei^it »brj3p«<J from toe city of Chicago to tee east. The S«»! for ise year, the eJ, is 5,57>.*S5 toa?. Fjr to« entire tsreire moatbs of JW7 the total vas 3 f 9S*5.-i'jfj ton*. Tbis year'0 iccrta»e over 3"S7, there/ore, « i."Sr-l,6/H tons. RHODES' Cape to Cairo railroad is making §t«*ay progrews. Lore! Kitcb• eaer's magnificent acbierenea!? ia the Kile va.iley bave greatly promoted tbe northern ted of it, and at the eonlb roppliet of rolling stock for the di viiion of it are cow on '^eT Yr/rlr. December 2?.--Aatliori , tatire auc^tincement vas made today i tba* tfie negotistiout for the purchase t of the Chicago & Alton raHroad, which • have !><-<n pending for »ever»l week*, | are practicably completed. Control of i the «t >c* h»« b?«n sheared hy int«r «»!« repr<H?D'e3 by E. H. Barrlmac, 1 cf thif city. I In view of the fact that t'ae traa»»c ton ba« no! be«n cloned io all of U» •Jetaii*. the person* interested declined to *iy anything axut it today, beyond th». fact that tbe Chicago 4 AJton wiH b« maintained and operated M an i'sdeperiden! line far the benefit of certain oiberra:froa4*yct«m«. There bis of )»te been macb conjecture on tb* psr; of raiirond men and other* reg-ariin? ta? Hensity of the interest* wiicb were sjppojed to be seeking to control the COicago .& Alton. Tb" Taiaa PiCifl; and the Illiooii Central hive b^en m>st freqaently mentioned, for the rezsoa thit Mr. Harriman t«*n i.-iuCf n'.i-al factor in tii&se two railroad proper! e§. A Western railroad man said today that in conaeqience of its tormina's, !be Ctiicago & Alton wiU be a valua ble property lor the other big railroads running into St. Louis to con irol. Toe cotnmoa stock of the Chicago A: Alton asfgregste* 918,7-51,000, Mends Everything. For Sale by E Marsh H. W. Crnmb^rlain • J. P. Pan! 'S. H. Wyss Alton. Alton. Alton. Alton. W. D W. Barnard.Upper rand f. HOPPE, 110 W. Third St. (marts State GrM«e. Telegraph : rhe Illinois State Grange 'closed it* 27tb annual session at Springfield, Dec 15. 64 granges, in 27 counties, were represented by 75 delegate*. A plete from end to Continent. S hurtleff School of MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W. D. ARMSTRONG, Director. Flntterm twgiiu September 2M, li«. For OOUM la Iiutmntecul tnd Vocal if otic, Eloca- HOTEL MADISON, A, L. DANIELS, Praprlet Second and Hasten sts., Alton, III. CTOCKHOLDBB'8 MEBTI.VG NOTICE.- St. *^ LcmU,Dec. 7, 1W8. Tbo vnuaj m^etinc of ctockbolder* of Sentln*! iflolc« Co3ip»nr for tie election of Otrecwri«r,d the tnuuwction of micb otD«r bo»ta«M u BUT <x>mg t*-!ni<* it, vffihebeld at tbelr office, hotel, in Upper Aftoe, Ul.,on8aUrd*7 > J*nuarr7, ISW, 1 ootd Jo'ctockp. nj.-A. H. FaUer,8« l.v B magazine article under the title "A Look Ahead,'' a few years ag", Mr. Andrew Carnegie declared: "Tie American people are favorable to tbe eit-eniioa of national boundaries. No evil bat great good bag come from every flacc&eding addition to their onion." Evidently Mr. Carnegie has not taken the trouble to look behind lately. If he bad he would, no doabt, be astonished at bU own incocais- teacy. J20 Broadway. President J 3. Mitchell, of tbe Iflinoin Trust Company, who is understood to repreaent the stockholders of the road, met Mr. Harrimaa and conferred with him this morning. Thi* afternoon there wag • conference of lawyers representing tbe varlonu UPPER ALTON. Mar D«par?ment Assigns Him to the Philippines. SETOSI* l> ro1|JH\D TO OTIS, l-lmnil* Will A»»«mr J» , 8«7. from U. S. NIXON, OO-O Architect, aad Superintendent Plan* and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE OYEK ALTON SA VINOS BANK ^ ALL WOMEN THERE la a Republican majority of 48 on joint ballot in the California Legislature, 10 in Delaware, 2? in Illinois, 22 in Indiana, 00 in Iowa, 132 in Maine, 110 in Ma»acausett«, 103 ia Michigan, 92 in Minnesota, 13 in Ne braeka, 21 in New Jersey, 26 in Naw York, 84 in Worth Djkoti, 42 In Oregon, 74 in Pdnasjivaai!, 42 in South Dakota, 1S7 in Vermont, -M in Washington, 91 in Wisconsin, and 27 ia Wyoming. Tbe people did their part in November to increase tbe Republican majority In the United States Senate. Tbe Legislatures will do tbe re;'. of aJl UM pain «nd«Jckne«.from which tromen «««• to cwMed by wukn*M or A GBASD Army P->»t ba* passed reflations endorsing tne President s proposition that the government in tbe future sba!i care for and keep up confederate cemeteries. Ton is in tbe interest of harmony an3 good feeling throughout the nation. A fitting response to this comet) from a U .imp of Confederate Veteran* de- muacing asnator batter's (jfXjrth Carolina) bill to pan^ion confederate BolJiers. Tne camp reaj!jt.i:>rH stita thit Bailor was not a confeduusol dier and that they (the confuderate soldiers) do not want to be placed on theponbijn list, that the government owes them nothing, and that, as in tbe past 35 years, they will continue to tbe end of Ufa to suppon themselves. This IB certainly a bravo spirit, and will endear the confederates to ibo nation more thiu anycbiox that has yet taken place. menstruation. I Nearly always| wheo a woman it not well these orfan» e« affected. But when O*y an ttronj and healthy a woman U very seldom tick. l»nt,tnre'« provision for the regulation of the menstrual function. It cures all " female troubles." It to equally effective for the girl ia her teens, the young wifa with do iMttto and maternal carea, and the woman approaching the period known a* the " Change of Life." They all need it They aj» all by It. fur adrtco In eaiaa nqulrlnt apodal «—•"-- ""--«. elrtair aymtteS, rtaory Deparlmant.'' IteUcWcSrcfiS*. R. R. EXCURSION RATES. Rates to WMtern JWA I R U amotfng « aeries ot uriatlow raw* to Cuba. Porto rla Tamp AN INCIDENT Of QtH. tttttCUB At me Bailie of Bentonville la North Carotin?. Prank Long, a member of the Tenth Illinois Volunteers in i be war of rebellion, gives tbe TEI.KUUAPII the following Incident in tbe career of CJer. Joe Wheeler, tbe famous hero of two wars: Tbe following incident respecting this great General, whom all Americans love, may interest your readi tf, and i will narrato it as told u> M b> Garret Hoieey, a member cf (Jo. U, if'th III. Infantry, who died of wouucla received in iho battle of Bentouvillt-, where the incident occurred. The 10th, or the greater part of it, were on the skirmieb line And were advancing against the Johnnies In front of tbe 17th Corp?, March 21. 1865 After driving back their pickets our officers, Lieut. Howard aad Orderly Hergeant Wm. P. Ooueley, reformed oar line and renewed the advance upon tbe enemy's main line. They bad gone but a few rods wnen they found we were overwhelmingly attacked on tbe right tUuk by Oenn. Butler's and Wade Hampton's 8, C. cavalry, aud Gen. Cbeatbatu's (Oon federates) corps were swinging rap idly around our left, tfaus put ting us in a triangular pen. Our officers did not lose their beads but were perfectly cool and told us we were In for some but u^biing and they were right. In a few momenta Hozsey was severely wounded and fell to tbe ground; Itnbt. Oreonleaf, a young private, saw bi« former mess mate fall and, notwithstanding every moments delay was dangerous, stayed with him to care for tain as beat be could, iioxey fuld: "Bob was try- lug to move me into an easier position when Gen. Jos. E. Wbeelor and staff came galloping down tbe ridge they seerneu to oe reconoitodnic. Ou they came until within a few yards of us. Gen Wheeler oal ed to Green leaf to come to him, Ii response Bob stood erect; it seemed as thougb be could not speak, bis lips were parted, bis teeth set firm aud bard, while bis great grey eyes stared at the General. The order waa again Tne BjraUr at Hit Work Ajaii-TMi Thne U is i) Daylis&t Affair. Upjier Alton'* burglar does not do things by halves. Not content wltb bia brilliant career of bold midnight raids he has broken all previous records in tbe village and committed a daylight robbery. Mr. and Mrs Edward JI--Phillips, who live on Liberty street a few blocks north of tbe poet office, were away from home yeatei- day spending tbe day, and daring tbeir abaance some onecooliy entered the house and ransacked it from end to end. Mr. McPhillips says they have missed nothing so far except a pocket book containing $4 and aome odd cents. Upper Alton is becoming a veritable den of murderers and thieve", where men mn§t lock the doors by night and day and sleep with one eye open and firearms at hand. Mr. Allen Nevlin is visiting In Louis, lana, Mo M'. Carl Vertices is in fowo again aUer a wceK'.< vific at bi-j borne in PitUfleld. MiS3 Saaie L^we will entertain a nnmier of her young frien.lg tonight at her borne. Hev. L. A. Waterman begins his pastorate at the B ipttist church nen Sunday. Dr. L. A. Abbott, Jjhn Seilz and C. E. Slreeper are reported down with tha grippe. Fire escapes are to be placed on the College dormitory In a few days. Grippe has crept into Upper Alton and fl led a score of victims before people wera fully aware of ita presence. Tbe doctors are all -busy and every day report new names o'n tbe sick list. a Mrs. C. £. Ohamblin, who has been vieiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Yerkes, leaves tomorrow for her home in Peoria. Messrs. W'lbnr Montgomery and 8. Forman, of Moro, spent tbe day with friends, Mrs. G. \V. Dud py ia quite 111 at her home on Wrahington street. Mrs. T. G. Emerson and son, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Ford, came down irom Greenfield last night. Mieses Georgia First, Maud Powell, Khoda Bartlettand R ta Webster are home Irom the Stato Teachers Association. Miss Union Taggart entertained her Sunday school class last night. Dr. A. O^Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d st Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey fuel Oo. They have moved to 314 r'.una street. tions adopted were these: To prohibit killing quails for 5 years; to give lew .«„„.. v«,» ,;„„„,.»* protection to Bnglish sparrows; for a aboat zs.ow men. and . better enforcement of the buttorine ai*o on great asslBtance laws; for uniform text books, furnished at cost, and made by convict labor: cemrarlng tbe State Board of Agriculture for the gmjmbling device* at the State Fair; to abolish free railroad passes, and for a uniform 2 cent passenger rate; in favor of pure food laws; the Initiative aad referendum: postal savings banks, and free rural mail delivery; to teach music In the schools, and requiring township high school*, when established, to be centrally located. There was a gixjd mamberahip gain, and 89 granges reported 1140 meetings hei<l. The financial reports were favorable, with $3,084 58 of a balance in tbe treasury. O. B Tate, of St. Olalr county, and P.ibert Eaton, of Will county, were reelected to the Executive committee, and State Master OU- ver Wilson, of Putnam co., Hon. G. W. Corliss, of Jo Daviaa, and Hon. D. C. White, of Mason, were made a legislative committee to watch farmers interests in the legialUore. The session throughout waa harmonious and full of busy la'wr. State Majter WUsoa's yearly report dealt in detail witb grange and farm affairs and was foil of gaod point*, practical recommendations and cheery encouragement The next annual meeting will be at Joliet, and the outlook of tbe grange as a leading and important factor io Illinois farm affairs is bright and promising. THOS READY, Secretary. Deatness can.iot ae Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the dl-ieased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure .Deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Enstachian Tube. When this tube gets inflamed yon have a rumbling sound or imperfect liearine. and when it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless the in- flamation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition bearing will be destroyed forever- nine cases oat of ten are caused bv catarrh, which is nothing, but an in- named condition of tbe mucous surfaces. "'^ . We wfll give QSE HDNDBBB DOL- I.AHS for any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by' Hall's Catarrh Cure. <•—*•• • J lars. free. to t*t* from ll*llo-l>«-«l'e ol .Vdmlr.l Washington. De: S-? — Ti-.f partmtr.t b*s issci*!) otd*rs MO^r O*neral L>«ton to «*n!c? :n th-. Phtllppint*. This Rjwignm^nt Is t ••ir.f.t- WKJB. «ho w»s cr.» of th« TOOOS f>ffic*r» in ih? :am- p»l(tn atxMit Santiago, ulil be s^or.4 ir, comrr,ar<J to General Otis, ar.i Sr. ts» governor eenera! of lr.» Philipr'r."* will assume military'l ;f the ?orc*« In tb« Philippines. His r.e« duties wl<> require a coir.binatlcn cf r.erve and (act- General Law ten rtcert'j ha? b*»n In command of the camp at H-jrus- rille. General Frank, as rar.kin? c.ffl- cer. will assume command on ihe departure of General Lawtori The la'.ter's selection for duty In the Phiiip- pines was owing largely to the character of his service during the xar anJ later at Havana. Lack of »•• trom Hollo. The cfflclals at the war department dave resigned Uiemselvi;! to the U-.k of news from fknio In view of Ger.^ra! 3tls - statement that It required about four Cars to communicate with tha: point from Manila, owing to the absence of cable connections. No further orders have been dispatched to General Otis, as the department take? th» pontlon that he mum be allowed to ex- ercls? hi» discretion In dealing with th? situation because of hie presence on '.he cene. They are confident that he ha.« enough soldiers at hi* command t" tarry out any project likely to b* ormed, even If that Involved for:ib;» ^ubjugatlon of tbe Iniurgents. thoueh t l« (scarcely expected that matters will reach such a pais. The force un^er General Otl»' comir.and now number? he could counl from the fleet under Admiral Dewey. This Is a force probably In excess of any the Spanish had been able to maintain In the islands for many years, and a« the Insurgents never had been able to prevail agalnat that force It Is hoped they will Me the futility and folly of undertaking to oppose the United States soldiers and sailor*. DEWET WANTS A STATESMAN' To iBTMtlgato «nd Ascertain the Atplra- tiotu of the Intar^ent*. Manila, Dec. Id.—Admiral Dewey considers It absolutely necessary that a llrst-class stateman be sent to Manila to thoroughly Investigate the situation here and ascertain the aspirations of the Filipino republicans. He further states that the United States must accept their responsibilities In the Phil. Ipplnes which have been acquired by conquest. If they should shirk this duty they would put themselves back two hundred years in the world's history. The first republican government haa resigned over the question of American Intervention in the government of the Philippine Islands. Owners of property desire American co-operation. The present temporary cabinet, which will exercise power pending the elections, if very anti-American. It allows of no American co-operation whatever and wants to declare a free republic and to consider Americans as allies. It is willing to grast liberal commercial treaties, with a monopoly of the mines and railways and to repay the expenses of the American occupation of Manila. Trouble due to malcontents continues in the provinces of Tarlac and Pangasinian Republican troops have been sent there to quell the disturbances. >.-?. Mrs. T »-•-••»!'?•» 'E. Aii^f. Great Clearing Sale, Vy Sir-is !"•! ' . s r.:cit: a.r.d r*T T*rr t Is now in full blast. si*d I4!i3 a"n T^rr t Irpaih; IS «r.kf-j; for t ! 10 E» n s; 8. H . vrt t«!p»t*-oa. K'i-d«-oH- W f«nt». conu. »«d'og«f§M.or ia»n*S S-y Jc ft Co., Ortffitsts, g?rtR)f£e;d, Otic. Don't be persuaded into buying liniments without reputation or merit- Chamberlain's Pain Balm costs DO more, and its merits have been proven by a test of many years. Such it ters as tbe following:, from L. (j. Bagley, Hueneme, Cat., are eonftanJj being receivd: "The be#t remedy far pi»iu 1 h»vv ever i;-f d ia i_i.unit>er- hin'e Pain Balm, and I say co after bfiving U'i-<l i; in tny family for several veftr'i." It cures rijtuniativin. lime "bark, sprains and dwe'iiij* Sold by K. Mirth and S. H. Wyts A uiant Nttve Bur.d-r. The Myjtic Life Ren*:«-er H the mo*t pown;ful nerve builder known U abs lutt-ly (uresalfoime of nervous c!i-eiet9 and weakne'-su 8 no roa'ter how 8££rsv?ttd or of how lorg duration, tnoh BS nenra'gb, nervou? p'ostration, neivr.u* part'*- J8ir.p,8r. Vitas'diccp, ptipifation of the be«ri. ptyj;c il and nienti 1 » eak- ne»H, dt»! i itv'of o!d agp, etc. S.'ld by S. H. \V'>*?, Druggist, Al'on. Oo to M. Moritz's for ycur collars, 15», two for 35«, for .ourcuff2, 25* f>cr pair. Tbe beet for the money. WE WILL GIVH VOU A $4 WATCH If you will show cnrpub'fratiit t * yosr 'r >-:-Ja We don't w«nt you t.> s*U ti -TT uiV.Mnr. - i - vatch Is made by a weM-km*n A^- 1 i:;* *",•::.«, In t»o slM s. children*' sr,d s-.iji-'. i.-Cn ; rr gold-plated hunting care t d f i iv ffwirdneed. Send 2 cents for particular-. Orerlscd, 31 Park Row, New York City. Tremendous Reduction inl Dress Goods, Cloaks, Collarettes, Table Linens, Flannels, Underwear, Hosiery, Ginghams, Prints, Muslins, Blankets. We would gains, without advise' you to see these Genuine bar- fail, as the values an. 1 prices are amazing. 5. F. CONNOR Red ln«nrnncf Collrctiat end ALTON. ILL. FOR SALE. F° |R SALE-—Old pipers, la ar,j- quarity, At tbe TELEOKAPH otfice. Send for circu- J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 76>. ;' The person who disturbed tha congregation laat Sunday by coueQioB ia requested to ca.l and get a bottle of Foiey'a Honey and Tar. which always ~r w r w ie '" 8old by Marsl1 *** ' * Wbat Do the Children Dripk? Sbafter Succeeds Alerrfatn. San Francisco, Dec. 30.—Official notice has been received by Major General Merrlam that General Shafter is to fc» again assigned to the command of the department of California. It is expected that General Shatter will take charge about the 10th of next month General Merriam has not yet been assigned. He may go north again to the department of the Columbia. The Im- pretslon prevails, however, that he will go to Denver to command the dt>part- mept of Colorado, and that the department of California will be combined under Shafter. n need of kindling wocd cm be aapplied by telephoning Xo. 41, Illinois Boi factory. S2 per load—E. Letts. COR SALE—A Farm foar miles northwest of " Lllchfteld, leoacrea. S!0 >n acre. For ptrtlculars address G A. Brown, or M. S. Brown, Brightoa or T. C. Brown, Alton. III. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. EaUte of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned baring been appointed Administrator or the estate of DAXIEL W. COLLET, "~ late ot the county of Madtsoc and State of nil- nola, deceased, hereby gives notice that bevlll appear before the Cooorr Court of Madison county, at tbe Court Housn, In Edvardgyille, at the January term, on t?e first Monday in January next, at which time all persons daring claims against said eff^ate are notified and requested to attend for IES purpoeo of baring the aame adjusted. All persona indebted to said estate are recaested tn make Immediate pay- mint to the andenlgne4 . Dated thl» J9th day of NOT. A. D., 1968. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. Overcoat Time! Is here. The cri-p, cold air is lively en nigh to m you fee! its presence. We are just a$tw prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we rjftve always b en to ' SUIT" you Our high*gradl| Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc, for ;•• $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Le^s. Are values that double the money would hardly purchase elsewhere. We have good Coats that are good for you to buy. Low prices eloquent of economy. H*A*WUTZLEP- The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street Small Pox ana all ottur contagious diseases have no terror for those wearing a magic medicated disc, for adults and children ; prico 26 centa by mail. Ageotg Wiiittd.—The Senuele Co , Alton, III. e wished to quevlton him. Hob In re turn raised bin gun to bis shoulder and aimed directly at Oeu. Wbetler will) II)» intention of firing. Immediately the entire staff bad him covered with, their pistols, i crkd to him to drop bht guu and surrender, el«e they would riddle him with buljela, and be dM io." Qraeuleaf bed tbe honor of being oaptnredpy* general and bis staff Only a few mlpotei) after tbii occurrence (Jen. w««eler'8 oldest son, e member of bit ftaff, fell from bfa bone mortally wounded, and Green leaf «a» wltb bin at the time. Robert O reenl«*l WW a cousin of Mr, ff. M Sobwf-ppe, ftad at (be time of enlistment lived at * 'Mr. Long collated In 06. P when! January Maaa/luei. In McC'lure't Magazine for January, Simon Lake, inventor of tbe latest marvel in tbe way of submarine boats describes tbe construction of bia boat, and how be makes long journeys in her at the bottom of the ocean. Mr. Kay Stancard Baker gives an account of bis own experience on a submarine voyage in the Lake boat. Oapt Mahan'a article on "Tbe War on lue Hea aud IU Leaaong," con- fjders tbe effector our efficient coast dt-fbiiae on the plan of campaign and t»e movements of tbe navy in tbe re- ceiit war. MUa Turbell gives an account drawn from now and orlglaul sources, of tbe Inauguration of Lincoln as President In 1881. Mr. Stephen Bonsai contributes same "stories gathered ia tbe Held on the day of buttle," striking personal incidents of the battle of Oaney and San Juau. Mr. Hamlln Garland oon- !f " ( «S 8tr ,1 e * lofo °' Rising Wolf, the "Ghost Dancer," Tbe second story In Kipling's new serial of suhool-boy life, and itorlea by P. Nesblt and W. A Eraser. Stephen Orane conUlbutea a description of a ride be took on tbe engine of tbe Scotch i sprees, tbe fastest train in Don't give them tea or coffee. Have you tried tbe new food drluk called jraln-O? It is delicious and noarlab- n« aud tadea the place of coffee. The more Gram O you give the cbildrtu the more health yon distribute through their gyetems. Grain O la made of pure grains, aad'when properly prepared ttutea like the choice grades of coffee but conte about one-fourth as much. All grocers sell it. I5o and 2fio. for Rest. Three room dwelling No. 424 East Fourteenth ply to Win. Sonntag. with cellar street. Ap- for Pneumonia. Dr. J. O. Bishop, of Agnew, Mlcb., says: "I have used Foley's, Honey and far in three very severe cases of pneumonia the past month with good results. Sold by E. Marsh and 8 H Wyss. Rheumatism Cured m ^^ Hours. T. J, Blackmore, of Haller & more, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short tone since I procured a bottle of 'Myat e Cure." It got me out of the house in 24 hours, f took to my bed witn rheumatism nine months aeo and the "Mystic Cure" ia the only medicine that did me any .rood I nad five of the best physician* In the city, bat I received very little relief from them. I know the "Myatio Cure" to be what It la represented and take pleasure in recommending ft to other poor anfferers." Hold by B H. Wyw, druwriat. Alton. 'ew» from Havana. Havana. Dec. 30.—About l.CCO Spanish troopf have left Havana from ihe vicinity of tht- palace, ihe arsenal. Morro <aptle and Cabanas fortress for Guanajay Two companies of the Pennsylvanians undt-r Major Meyer went to Marie] Colonel Seyburn of the Two Hundred and Serond New York regimen! raised the American fias over Ihe municipal building at Marie! in the fnsvncf ot a number of notable persons and Ihe people of the town. VFuni Heii fui Dunlin. Cleveland. Dec. 30.—A telegram has been received at the United States re- cruiling office in this city from Washington ordering the recruiting of 500 men for the Twelfth United State* Infantry, which Is now at Jefferson barracks. MlJsouri. The regiment will »oon start for Manila. lUlil for Murder. Klles, Mich.. Dec. 80.—Stephen Bprague of Covert was mysteriously murdered In a ravine while on his way home from South Haven last March Recently Jqffereon JSaton wai arrested for stealing wheat and while «erving his sentence In the county Jail suspicion was directed, asalimt him ax the murderer. Evidence wa» ie'rured and Maton wan' rearrested. charged with the crime. Officers claim to have a alrong case against him. Sprague was shot twice and robbed. Cremated la M Jolt fir*. Bummltvllle. Ind.. D«c 30.—The Jail here was burned and Fred Oorlln of Anderson, Ipd., »bu had been incarcerated for drunk«nne«f, nan burned to death. The origin of the fire u unknown. John J. Brenholt, Sol. for Compl't. CITY COUKT NOTICE. 8Ut« of nilaol", County of Madison, City of Alton ,38. In the City Court of Alton, Feb: nary term,A. D., 1889. Bertha L Stranba Ii Bridget Rlrwin, Robert Kinrln, Julia Bo«diker a' d Frederic* Boedlker her husband, Maggie McCiffery aad? Robert McCiffery her hatband, Tnomas Klns^a, Leo Kirwin, Ha<< Klrwln, Charles Kirwiq, Emet Stereos, Harry Stereos, Edwin auadas. Edward A. Burke and Bridget Kirwin, XdminU- trat-lzof tan estate of Jotn B. Klrtfin, deceased. InCoancery. Bill toforecloaja mortgage, i It appearing by affldarit on Ale In lite clerk's offic* of the c ty court of Alton Io Madison county, aforesaid, in the abore entitled cause, (bat the ssld defendants Emet Swrent. Harry btereae, Edwin Stevens, Julia Boeduer and Frederick Boedlker, hrr husband are nonresident of lie State of Illinois, and without tbe reach ot the ordinary process of this court, and tbe aa d complainant baring flled her bill of complaint herein to foreo ow mortgage and a summons la chancery baring been Untied her In according to law returnable on Ihuflrsi Monday of February, 18W. Now you, toe laid defendants, whose non- retldeoco appears as abore, are be-ebr notified that unlesi you be acd appear before our said city court or Alton to be bolden at tbe court b«us* In tlifl city of AJton. on the Hr t Monday of February, A . D. 1869, acd tb?n and there plead, demur or answer co tald bill according to the rule* and prac'lce of uld court, tben said bill will be taken for confessed, and • decree entered against you according to the prayer thereof. Dated at Alton, (bit 29th day of December, A. D.,1898. FKASCiS BRANDEWIEDE, C.erk. The Insurance Company have A D J U S T ED The Pfeiffer & Bailey $ STAR SHOE STORE STdCK THEY ARE It 1> M(d that tbe «c?dl«n wbo bad taken flood'* Banaparilla stood tbe ong marobeai la Cuba much better ban the others.. for HoaraencM. Beij^-lngeraon, of "flntton, Are prepared from Natures mild laxatives, and while Rentle are reliable and efficient, They whtaper for montbi, and one bottle of Poley'. Honey and Tar rt-tored hta voice. It U used very largely bi JP«*I««» "d •inger*. Sold by S Mar»h and 8. H. Wyw. After bearing »ome friend* nslly pr*!alr Cholera and i tl« Fleck.' of Itow to Prttreat At tnbi Ume of tbe ye*r a old ic very eajfly contracted, and If left <o ran Its ooone without themid of »ocb« reliable opugb medicine !• liable to rwalt in Wyil dread dilate, pneomo- nla. We know of no b»tt*r remedy, to cure a cough or cold iebai Obam- berlain'* Ooogb Bemedy. \'.v have n*ed It quite ej:ten»ively»r.' « ^.-si- way* given entire gab, Ind. Ter. Cbl Tbt« to tte known to fof pneam— ' D. D-Cocdell, S/. forCompl'W. MASTER'3 SALE. SW.fl lill'O'i, ilad'.soncsonfy, f.3. IniheCrcrU Ccurt, ii Cbaccciy. OcUbfr term A. U , 1663. Fmmt loNturn. JuU» P. Ingtani, Sidr^y R. lD4bun, JennU K. VKg<»ier Wildam K ng'am aid Ar but J It gbam v« Thom.s P. In<x»n), Tb«ro. i B. I"gh»m rnd 111 mag C. Ingrain cot aerraiur ui Tber^ra D. lp«bam. : Notice la tert-by giveo ih»t ty *lr ai it ife- cree of tio ftld tourt, naio it tte October U)rni,A D., ISO.', In tne ab'AB « milled r-eute, tne undersigned, muter to ctianotiy of Mia court, will Mil *' public tuuit n, lo ilit, lilcheM and beet bidder, for ca-li In h»'d fn FRIDAY, THB TWBNTV-SBVr.Nnr <>,\f Of JANUART, A. D., Usli, •t the boar o( 10 o'clock*, ni. aiihc north front door of UiaCUr Mali buUdloe. in AHou, In naid County ot Uadlton, (be r [lowing do acrlbad real Mlat«, mvatod In ttit county of Ha laoo, an! Btatoof IlilnoH, «o»it: THe nonbcaal qnsrt«r ' f the noi Ihnant quar- terof action No. too (10) in towaablp No. tlx (o) north range No. ten (1C) west of ihe tnlrJ prlr.cloil nwrqltn containing lorty tores of land more or !•*». Upo» cooipllaoc« wl b ihe tbore terms tod the acproTal ot Waiter's report of sal* by the coin a de«4 or deed* will be executed by d ormity v tb UOHN ff Mow Open for Business. SHOES GO AT 30c on the Dollar. We desire to ca'I attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, SUTTBR & aio West Third Street Unt D«vl4, Solicitor tot d MASTER'S SALB. flUtiofllllnoU.C untyof Madison, S3. ^the Clnn»lt Oourf, Ooiob«r torn, A. »., ^•ffc^^W^ I DM 1 t ff " " '"^'^^^^^^^ Ifflotfs Remrlne Qire Sick Headache, JJil- iousness, Sour Stomach. and Constipation, Sold everywhere, sr$c. per bo*, me and U now aa Th« w « D f e 5'£l wor * k K*»J < ifl*''&w be, The 26 and SO cent >lse« foraile |»y Mawb aud 8. H. Wyw. "W p ' : C A§TORIA For iB&at* ud fflildrta m Kted You Han Alwiyi Bw|tt MaaUrlu Cltant«iy, B. J O'Neill, Solicitor CITY COUKT Of ALTON NOIJCB. llllnolji, WadUian couUjr, City of Ity Court or Alton, Fobruar/ • lain T")*o>< *Pd VetMaaJar dower ojjrt. wlOKU«l«4b(lo seuduVl nd bcfi bidder, fjr oub In haSd THB WIRP BAT Of jAMJA«y, A* VffWMfc (MTM

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