Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 12, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1927
Page 1
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VOLUMB: XXX. Nd 119. •111. TlK' We.kly RcKlsier. Kstablished ]»67. I >Hily lt.|jik<T. KsUibllslied 1S07. They Struggled in Vain lOLA. KAN, S-ATURDAY EVENING, MARCH IfJ, 1927 Jealousy; Bang! AlliiTt Kiji'k licpl jillvf uii<l c«iis«'i«iis iit St. Fninris*. Iiuspifiil, Kviiiii<l<iii. III.; I'or Uiri-c Aays d<->|iiit' lii> iiiiiliilil} to dni,u u ^inx-lc hroiitli N SIKMMI nlio'ic. t-'rick (iiiM -l) ^>iis a «ii <-<iiii- iili'lp jiar.ili-iiN <>r till- rc^pii jl'ir; OP.MIIS. In, IIIM> OI IIIC IIIO'-I iiriiii/- \\\K I'citts til' nictlii';il lii<lorvIitl<>i-tvr» iiiiit other ri'^iiTisaljoii ('.\tii>i-t> lii.'pt iiir iliiniiii; to liis litiius i liy.iiiuiir <-*uiipi'i'>>-ioii oi hi-> clifsl tnr-l'uiir aiKl a Irali tliiv». ^Mtli I'rirk I.TIIIC li<'lpli-s> in a »lici'l rliair <«« nu-ii at a (i;.'U' altcrnalflv ronipn'-xi'il lii» rlirst and IIM-II leased tli<- p^l >^sH^<^ lii tin- manner illnstraled ii> the uronp pliotio. This plidfo|"<I-<MI opreiallj for the lt«tri>t<'r aad XKA Sern'ee li.r ineiiiliers in the •••^nfiiliilinti sqilail t^o denioiolnite ,Mi >t the lounir man's fife l\as hi -r .-i: prolo'iiiredi At the lei'l of the ^ruiip ;i» VrieKN father- 11. " " " Ii. The olher'*, leadini; on lo the-riKht an-, t'. I', ilahnekiv .1. t?. raiiuMtiiii in the ehair. John Sleppeu and I., t'. Thajer. : 1 ; FIVE^HOT IN PRISON BREAK DANGER SEEN IN SPEEDING OVER BRIDGE Public Must Heed Warning or Someone Will Be Killed, Contractoi* And Engineer II ^cclJEirc. riili 'Hs ilriviMs S I DW I I OWII at; the Wesl .-iriM I I'viiln"-, wiiiil) is l<i lio r'l'plaod soon. }iel><ri' liny i-idss the l>ti(lS'\ himieiiiu' is Koint; lo be .ki:ii<l.' I Thi:; is lii" -Viiriiiii;; j-ivcii' mil today l>y ifie iiiiiii'y (•ii;-iiii">er'.'i of- fi<'• :>iiil U H' loiiirai tor inTliarf;c of ci.usi I iHtinti ll |i' iii'iv I III. I KI-. 'i lie rt.ii iiilij; foIl'iWs a liiiniiier of (•rini;>.';i!ii!.s n-ii -ivcl y,>t<'i day at tl|f <'U'-;'IU''T'S olt:i ».• Ill the elffrt l .liat \^<i-\- a:-'- .^uiall "ililclus" i 'ei 't I 'ji-h siile «l llie hriil};'-. •Til'' (oDtr.Mtiir explaiiii'ii today i lltat I I KSI- ""d it cliff-." wiiicli arc ;a!M )Ul I AO i'<et wi(|i.> aljd tV|0 inches |de>'ii. \wrf diii; f-ir ilie | express lluir;;os<' iil .-lnw iiK-down (laflic at! Jn -id^-. l' i Tli-y |)oinl o..l that f^aiijs and! ) men. work-ini; on llie. tomporary (hiidee. are.(•(iiuiiiually going across ilic road, -and that lliero will li« ! lollisioii^ •uiilr-.«s motorist.--, croHs- ; iiiK !!'•• bri'lKi- ^I<HV down'. Sisiis lic^n placed JoO foel l.clorc ditches, but niotorist.s ai 'i failiiiK. lo li'-ed the si>;nrti. they' ' -ay. and iiiil'-ss llie waniinss are .li ''«.Mlid. a.-tioi) will have to b<' tak- j •11 a;;aiiis! who insist on ; .-picdir.s up t". the.bridge. ; Uiiliin till! iie.xt ten duM, thej j teiiii'orary bridge wilt biveoinplet-i Jed aiiil'ti-affic started over it until ^ : ' • I 111- n"\v bridge is completed. Parewell Orders have j Tr.iffic'will have to le- (S-loiired ' ceived by Caplaiii and .Mrs. I' MOp flOklE OPENINGDME IS TO BE SET Date Win Be Announced To Publi^ Witliin a Short jTime; to Be Open for Week. Succcs.-idi: to The Ifila Dnily Rpplstpr. Tlje lola Daily Reronl. and lota I>;iily Index. EIGHT PAGES Mrs. Amiji Mae WUkliis.ii killed I.Vonte tlldliniii. Ills aiKirlmeui In Memphis, Tenn4 heennse he nils .if^aloiis of iMiother niiin and threatened in Kill her If she didii*(l ulve lip. iiproriilu!; to llie siorj she lold Memphis polire. The trlrl .vaid (lidhnui.n former Oaiivers. III., njaii, uas her "hoy friend," liiil tjinl she loied the rititJ lie demanded she <iiii( seeint;. SALVATION ARMY LEADER LEAVING Capt.' and Mrs. Hamilton Arc Called From lola To Other Field. It will be but a matter of a short while now for till' ltegiHte|r definite date "ilonie Heautifl .opened to tlto will bo kept, oj at least a week tlure will bi! c( until il is possilile to aiin(>i!nce the ii|)oii W'hich its •' will be! tornially public. The home on for a period of •durins-which lime iiKtantiy in atiend- anc ci'iiiipeteiii,'denn)iistraiors wbii will lie well ciUalified and willing lo e.vplaiii to anyone iiitcrtsted not ^ only I be details of the many nieth-; ods and inaterfals whieh, have en-j ttred into the consiruetiiin of ihoi hdiii"-. but the huidreds of ^ articles- of''rnrnishings land equij)- i ia('ii( with which the horjic will be ; filled during thi.s "optju houso" period. , I WlKii the "lloino neijutifnl' is thrown o|ft.-n; to the public, it wfll be coinpletei lo the last detail. .Notbii)!? whieh would tend to add comfort or convenience to the modern home will be omitted. It will be absolutely reaily 'for its new Jiwners to slop right iii and ritart keeping house. Not oiily will the rooms all be! completely furnished with the in furniture, nigs and druperiek. but: the whole idea of onnipleteI\i equipping and stork- Is Coming to lola Soon Cojmmitlce From Nationar ForfiliziT Association Will Stuqy Soil Improvement Surroiindintf Methods in .\llcn and Counties. work Crom sonthoa.>>t piiblifity ill various .sficlioiis : Reports of soil improveinent are receivings such wide-.spresid of.the Uni ed States, that the .s^il inipiovc'ment committee of the Natioia! Fertiiizer A.ssoci;i|tion will .spend its time this s ' BYPOLICEIN •ipring in .southeast^, studyinjr .soil improvenir'nt work; according :o word .received hy Roy Gwin, county form agent. -.The <-omi iltee i.- .scbediiled lo**-^' ~ - , arrive in Alien <-onniy in .May and ('broke.- ami l^-ibeitc- cimniies. to spend iwo days in Kansas. iQu'ring .\llei|> toil CONciRTHERE | ROAD MEASURE HUGE SUCCESS! BATTLE CLOSES : 'ibis i.-; a signal I KMIIH for .soil sontheast i jinpmv.'iiunif work in ihil; I'.oiirbon.! ij'.wiii ilnlared lod;.y. county. Five were arre^sted. and one niaa is .«till held injihc count}' jail today as the result of the finding< ot a large qnanfitv of hoii.schold gop<l3 in a well on Nifrth Tenth streetjby. lola police last; night. I The man held, according to Ejarl Dodd. assistant: chief of TioUce, Pat Jiiniin. Til South Tennessee street, will lie charged with thef* -of the t'ood.s: which disappeared from |the .J. S. Knight hitnie on North" o !hio. City Symphony! House Wins Over Senate istreot»iariy in Febnw Kansas Went i Over Big in Program Here, Pat Jurdin is Held for the Theft of Household Goods at Home of. , J. S. KnighMn | 1 February. [ II is not too iiiiicli to .say that both concerts given in lola. yeli'r- day by the Kansas (.'ity Kittle Symphony orchestra wero oul- staiiding successes. From the siand|ioint if attendance, of appreciation a'nd even fiiiauce. this is ti;ue. Mr; Thoronran announced today that none of the giiaraalors . woijilil be ejilled upon to'mako good i liis pledge., , The afternoon <-oii<-erl was at- In Eliminating Amendments. '• To|.eka. Kaus., .Mar. Vl. (AP) — The conference on the divergent views ot" the house and senate regarding, road legi.slation ended today in complete victory for' the hones'. The senatd's conferees ac- li-epted all major jirovisions of- the roail bill orisiiially iiassed by the Tlie agreement wili give I lie- state highway <:ommission §400,000 a year for clo.sing gaps in re- , • • '''•1 ilor I ne day until the old brilge is ! Ilaiuillou of lli.- Salvai'oii .\rniy.j ; plac-vd on iH temporary I'ouiiilalion.! who will be si at to anollier field i |wllbin a few days. 'I hi-y have not j [vet learned where il-eir iivM station 'will be. tended by -over l.SOO children state highway svstom. The sen- .niiiuy in fact, that alioiit 20u of ..,te had amended the bill to pro- ing the niode|-n home will be work-Mbem had to sit on the steps be-i vide ?snn.iiOO for that purpose, ed' Cut to tile lakl detail. There | iween the aisles. They inainiaiued j f he slate aid road fund will re- willlbe records on the Ilrunswick, i a quietness whir' —" - — clothes in thi ens,^ . . , , , singing with the or- luiUler the direction of . .,. , , , ,. Quietjiess which was really re- | ,„ai„ $l,20i ).0ob a yeac 'Tho 'seii- les in the clothck closets, tin-; markable and .seemed honestly tol.,te had tried to increase it to s" in tlie drawers and cabinel.s.i enjoy Hhc j e|itire performance, j noo.OOO. The provision for nufu- datory reimbursement of land owu- (('<|iiliuued on Page 5, Number 1) GIRLSTQ WEAIlt MORE CLOTHING SUBDIVISION TO BE OPENED HERE Only Onctjf .Six Ctinvicls Who .Ml.nipl .ftdici \\rt';*k J<;ir«e Aftci SI.oOII !:sc ;ij )e Plans Fall Ihroiiuh .And ('aptlire is .Made in Chicauo. jfsi At I Hiring I he y«-ar and a half which they have spent in tola, the Salva- flias. Kiiiik. of till- lola Land i tioii Army has made iiapid prog- Ir .iii'paiiy aiiiuniiii .d today that he j ress and faptain Itainiltiin has ar- li;i.- liai'd :;s ai I 'l-.s ot land, jiisi .ijiirili <d liii- iiiiitheiisi corner of lidii. aiiit.u::i .soiili open up a .iiilidivision. The liiiel ' was piii- cbased troiii .Mrs: Kale Siiiilh. j ( hicago, .M;fnh VI. (.\!'l -Six despi.'nilc convicl.s. tin- «l(;r ( It st'iilcili-c.'^ r <ir tllllllicr itl a sfiltc prison Ijreak a year and electridly alreaily are avall- :iii!|iliN|i>>d I'xceplional > r>^-siijis in religiiiiis, srnial and welfari- work .\ farewell ii,.•cling v.ill li'- helrl j Hi s o'l IiK'k Sitndav ni«lil al the , Salvation Army Mall All are in- Funk poinlM .mt iliat gas. water | ^.j,,.,, ,„ .,„,.,„, „,^. „,....,j„^ ^,,,1 ,.,.| lend ilieir good wisln - li> il.e Main- ago, inadc ;i tn -w diivl- for liln-ily from Ihe coiitily Jail at :,Iol-1 i^il'"" ">i _"»• bm.i. and ih:it the land|,„„„^ let. III., early todity. '.vtii tin! Aid of .-^miigglid .,aws and giins. Hours i /iter fivr men l .-'v Woiuidcd, two HI'V'M m<\y, atitl ojily lone convict was at large ! . 1 \ At co.'^l of $l .'i <"i lo •pull 111. joir.; .Ihiec of Die conviii . v.irve .M'-xiciii.-; ll '-d lo t'liii-:a '..i w.<-'^ uv.i; orihelll were reCM pt 111 'e .i ilil .r .-c yiltl tight Willi polii .'.ni.-ii. M -MII-A Jul" : jbeir lliree .\iiivruaii i -oiii ||:uij.iii-; j.vere besieg.-d ip' .liMlel ' I Tlie collle.-isioti <il Cliiuie-. IIIL-cil- owski. one of I'le .-.p. ih.ii .^l.r.i .Mr Was |irovid'-ii lov ili .-l.hc-li fur .lilicr- ly. leil to an iiimi.'ciiate iiivesliija lion lo deierTiiiiie in ..iMiir-, ance ilie prisoinrs iilil .;i Im .1 tlV" guns and saws. . I)u<'lio.wski (e. nr. ell cli.irles ' S'eii ;!|rler. \V.(iier Si;,(levKi. .-uid' the iVle.\iraii>. IIiegi>i !(i Ki /ii. K.jb'Tto -Torr-z. .u;d lU-mhnUi Koa. were licnti iiceil to b.- I'.-iim .'il tor til' iiiiir <ler-of I'l'tiT Klein, u'.pniy u,-:)deii ill the new Sialevilii peiiiiein i.;ry 'lat -t .Ma.v V. i 'le!, M-vj;;) pij oiici - jstaMied and li'ai Kb i:. lo ne .itli in :iil e.-fiap.e. i ' ! The six li:id V' e 'iv'-.| iwo slav^.lif senleiice by ciHirl iMiUr. .-iinl .i .lbild I 'arJy.Jii 111.' v.e.-l; iiy .-illd-.v- •jed,|by a sl;ile siipreui.- eduri Jiislii-.-. V- -Itarly t .nd .iv Ule ' M;i ^ vili.i r.-iwed Ibeir w.iy iioiii ili- ir i-.-ll. i-.;<ape(| into liie liTllI p.'Il wi .eli- lll.'V fronl.^ the coiii-rete road. It piob-; ablv will be sold in two-acre tracts. I COLLEGES GET NEW BUILDINGS ovrrpoweied .itid lioiiiiil two liiglif mi.inls 'ri..^>iiu; :iriii:- :;iid .-:ni\ - to 111.- lline Aiiierii .Hi- iiraao!Iier cell III.. .\Ie\i< aii.-^ iliili b.Piiiid (liif iiiglil j:ul.!r and ;il iln' y.\'.\ door held up- ! I ^v^» deiHitv --ii'M-ilV^. t \:dliaped olie.»*... i • i r^* .nd .i-:,..-.i a«:.> .11, lb- slip ifi-.s an-' IMtsburg and Hays-Given """"''i' Appropriations for New U^its. Poplar Itiuff, .Mo. I .Mar. \i. (KV) The -alarmliiirl redur- lloirin aniounl of rhithini; he. inir used l»y hlirli sr»io(il Kirls, ill afttrfnir (lipmselves |o enter Imsketlinll or nlh^r sihUil alhi. letfe contents, hmntrli ii storiti ' of dlsapprif«al hy the Imard of ednraftoii <if-ltie Poiil^r iilnfr setiools ill m«etlnir lii'it nlirht. .\fffr dlsruss-inif tlic ijuiijerl at lenirth H r ^lcHjHK ailoptMl Mat aU iflrls jIn |n»lilet(r« must lierenfter iiflfrf* theiiisehes In lilmmiers iintf f>(»rhinirs. eii. tirely ronfcaiiriir tliejr loner l/ni»»s. . Their group cheslra and .- r-y— •"•"•-'5 i" benefit road districts also .Miss Kahs wad outstandingly tine. ; was accepted by (he senate's con- This was I IMc concert thai the : ferees. school authorities were primarily' interested ir^ as it reiiresented the j MOFFATTUNNEL FIGHTI COMING .\fler a. si.-i:.- police toiniil kli«l- < ^Ki. I'iieliini ski .iiid .Scb.-id..r i .--lill ill Iheircell. Tile ."dexieaii.. .spelling into eauo.; eiigag.-il it; a balll'- \\i!l iiip.iiils III a police motor ear, aii'l WiliiM I] l-'ro-^i all.I <;< (Jr.iiii. poli'-ciiiej) ,-iiid .loliii \\,\ i:ik. a cli.iillTcii!-. w.-r KiZ" aii.l Ko.-i were coirereil (.ipliiV.'d --lio;: .-il'i.'r. TiOTi'/..] liiird .Me.xiiaii. M..]. .1 p|i.-ir.-jitI\ M -ath."! It \< l).-li<-\<-r il '.i The llaiiiilloiis liavi- many friends in lola and ihey expie-.sed tins nioriiilig Ibeir sincere n-grei ;,i lie- inr called away. I'aplain ll.'iinillon extt-nd*-<l bis ili.iiil.s 10 llie niany who have co-(i|i"r;ited with him. 'I'lie siimiiiaiy for the work since,' Captain ikiiiiilton canu- litre fol-• lows: .Kidiel' work: niiiiiber sup-: plieil Willi grocerie.-. 4M': iiuniber I of pounds of coal given. :.M<iii; niini- ; bvr ot sariiients distiibiiii-d. :;.'>4r.; j iiiinilier of pniis of .-hoes given-, {ri:;.".; number of pieces of liirniture •distributed, 17; ir.-iiisieiit relief. ' iiiiiiibcr of meals given ^l.".; nuin- ... , ,, . , i her of sleepers actoyimodated. jic-: IMti.^liiirg and Mays slate teachers „„,„)„.,. „(- K.,,„„.,I.S fnrii- Itizou-oUeg.s each will get $1 .50^000 for I r!,,,;,, ,j,„„|„.,-„|-,,air-* of S I IO.-H i f""" "i" -^'"ffa' tunnel. |short route silpniie .l. ijn; number giv. n trans-; ".''^ Ir.nnscontincntal divide, is po.taiion. 1; nnniber of transients 1 lietween three railroads i applying for aid, «74; total value „f I •onV""*''' <^'"r'h 'ir Ciirtiss i,,,,,,.,.Iambs and the Union Pacific, flic culmination jn a program of inusi- cal education and approciuliotv which iii bei^ig carried ont just at this time. Th • music department, ha.s a right lio eei that it has done somellilng fjn< and really worth while in making It possible for l,:Vti' youngijters to hear such a concert as ithey .'heard yesterday ' for the nominal rliarge of cents. The cvcnihg performanco was nJKiUestlnnaHly;enjoyed to the fiill- lest extent h^! those w-lio attended. ;Mr. Merchatil said this morning that 590 seaJH were occupied—and (bi- Topeka. K .tn.. .Mar. 12. ' (Al'i Railroad 1 Interests May Fight for Control of Tunnel Railrbad. ' \ •' I .New Vork .l Man 12. ^APl—Fight it seemed tl cnpieil by al every one was oc sin enthusiast. All of the numbers' were generously applauded and encores were called for repeatedly. It is difficiilt lo .say which of the numbeysj on the program were, enjoyed most because each one''i was of a ty^o which could not he I th the others; but il ; orgejiiew hiiildiiigs it tlie" legislaliire •oin- follows the recommendationK of the wniiiided. vvays and means ctuuinittee.! •oxl' 11 .11 the Iniversity of Kansas will j ,,.,„. Y ^^.,„.,. •Il- no. «e. .<2.H....OO for construction.,,,, a,.-pl>^ing for'an.l given a.lvicc, U'l -^ol III.. Jiioposed Snow ball to house . _r,;.^ the -.ehool of fine arts. .Mi \i.:ins r.ire, T|„, I,,,,,..,,. v.ays anil means coni- iid ;.:nil^i!li:.:; .•;iix\- I.. 1 SalMnlayj ;.n.l ,,;„,,,,,, ,,„,.,y recointnended the ext^!.|.|- ,,,».r oi p,.,>,.|- i;|iil:.r ,„.,y|j,,„.^. „f .,,,„,„ |;-.,o(,.om) •their' liai' of phiviii;;. .-aui-.| lli e.JI. •|''e- fi!i;i 1111.11. 'UlI.TiMK It-om iv.ininl:- t...|.i\. liroili I'eiiMors.'a t^li^'v ill I IM - i:iil, -.^ I .O-xyas siiot in flic l.-i; l.y p. Iil !• .'iiiin^ llie si.ue ill lb'- lail. RICH P I RATE ILOOT BURII E D IN PANAMA New York, Times .Sjiys 'I 'hal Loot is Di.scovered Hy .\leii Ise of] (Jround Radio .-Xpiiaratiis And ,That Treasure i Was Turned ()> er to Inspector.; ,i tnore than the S'jiiate has approved Tor llie state, institutions of higher I learning'. Salaries will remain ! uncliaiiged. ! The lioiis<. coniniillee |i;id decid- ied to give' the Kansas state agri- uilltiiral college $10,0110 for.labora- lory improvements and litTooO fori repair of ^lie library building, i The afri'culttirar.e.vperiment sla- ti'iii al Carden City is In get $l.2(iii inr a superintendents cottage. I'iitsburg teachers college is to 'i.iiild a new music hall with its ' .i.l.'.(i.iiiiii while the Hays tf'achers I college i,s to. erect a new science 1 building. • Nejwj York Aynrld says today. The JanieM roads and the I'liion .\ -uiiiliiary of religious activi- 1 ^'-'^'ifie. the World says, are anxions lies tolioWs: imiiiber ol i indoor''" secure control of the I)<'nver meetings held. 4:i7; out.hior meet- -""'^a" '-"''<'• railroad, holder of iiigs, 2«.-.;. nunilMr of oiiiiiost meet- •' ''^ .^""i' on the tnnnel. ings in outlying |ow :is, .'.7; inini- Th"*- -Moftat t-ninel, fiiOl' miles her of conversions, MS; nnniber of;'""P. i*' "•f' biggest in the country, soldiers enrolled. L'«i; number of i f shortens i the distance between I hours of visitations, 'Z.l'y:,; numbr, f^''"<'3R0 and the Pajclfic coast hy of copies of. "War Cry" sold, 7 .';oO. ;'^''venty miles and shortens the JAMES ELLIOTT j space between Dcnycr . and .Salt I Ivike by 17o| miles. riepresentativel .Mack of Harvey «:oiiiity. originator of of the ideas ip the ronji bill, headed the S ouse coniniifteei of three which onferred with the senate committee.- Jtefrre.senlattves- .McKone of Leavenworth (roii'nty and Drew of .Morton county were the other hoiise conferees, i The senate com- miiteo consisted of Hegler of Wichita and Cra^ of Kirwln. COLBYISSBIG SNOW STORM ; Kansas Town. Nearly Gut Off From World; One Man Dies. The household goods were fonntl by James Sinclair and Fred 3in- claip last night and local police vere called. Part of the goo4s was fished out riiiihl by Chief of Poli.e Custer Davis, Dodd. and Patrolman .Miller. j ' i This niornin? a fire truck was employe*! to drain the well, and ac-_ coniplirhe! tho job in three njin- iiles, after which thi- remainder o£ the goods wa.s removed. The giiods at pre.>:ent are. being dricil out at fire headquarters, and are not seriously diwnaged. Soih« dishes, silverware and a rug aro still riis.sing. I According to city officers,"Jurdia will be liiriieil over-to the county, for prosecution. I compared w did seem" asi .istic and followed 111 were conipo:) himself, the jehestra. Bt^th of these, "The • e . , • i Salilia. Kan., March 12 (APi „l ;^e ,r';i;;^S -'vices from t^lb^^^te two encores which li"^ •\'"/''""^ -slate that Prof. Ira ed by .Mr. He Kubertis '"^ fi^e years a teacher in conductbi; of the or -i"'" ''.'"solidated school, died this ! Sleigh Ridel and "A Spanish Serenade." were rather light in character, but tliey had a rythm, a vl- mornine. a victim of the storm which rased late yesterday. When I be school bus stuck fast in a drift yesterday. Vowel and vacity and a| brilliancy which mailei"'^ sehool's coach, started to walk, them absolutely thrilling, and the!'\'-''>' became separated and when audience seamed to enjoy them i Vowel failed to reaclj home a com- botji thoroughly. "The Song of the Volga Uoatriiaii" was also a very popular encore, Mrs. Klizabeth Hlish who' sang tjhe aria, made an in-! com niitlee was sent in search. lie was found nearly dead in a , I snow-drift and died at six o'.crlock Hrookfiejd, I i'li-^ morning Twelve imhes of snow fell at I t'se of thri tunnel would give the j Cnion Pafiflc a more direct route «j |«Tniin x\ 4 If n ¥Mn ' t>Pi>ver to the coasji. elimiiiat- iVlllN I r fl Y HI 111* ''p'"!'"' northward to Che.v- lUUUI liTI 1 illLl I enne, .through Wvominp. where at slant hit with the audience, sjlie |Colby but a terrific w-ind raised up was' recalled for an encore and! drifts six to .ten. feet high, 'with most of lier listeners would have'trains and busses held fast. Over- been glad to hear lier sing several |land busses are reported lodged in times more. 1 drills outside the town, unable to The entire event, in f.ict, wa.s.; a j reach the city, splendid success in every way ajrid j Colby isaliriost cut off from the 'world by The storm, described the music i department of , tjhe s«-hooIs is cerliiiiUy to he congratulated upon liaving sponsored itfand as one of the most severe ,'Vfr known, and communication ';ranger il •1- Xcw York. Maicii 12. {AV) —Uich tre.-isurc siippMsed to liave In 'i -n iiuried in old i';tti:iiiia lo ttviiiii .-seizure wheiijllie PRAIRIE MEETS CRUDE OIL CUT Either That or Go to Jail ,|''"The^''chi.|ago. , nuriington Federal .ludge Decides. br.inches off to Salt carried it: to siich a felicitous con- Uvith the .;ity is difficult. elusion. HOUSE SETS FRIDAY AS DAY TO ADJOURN Topeka; Kahs.. March 12. (AP) — The adopted today^a re.solii- last day liidependfliie. Kans., Mar-. 12.'; «la'e bank,, iniisl remain ;ii jail and ; (Jiiincy. the! Weslern Pacific and the-Denver. Rio fJrande "Western , would form! a direct rei.uto to thcjtion fixing Tuesday as th — ~ j coast if the James road.t could se-' for consideration of bllU Kail, as City. Kas.. Mar. 12. (.\l'i ! euro the tunnel. ' \ '• , i'biy as the date for siii|< James 11. ii."lliott„ former president, i • ' ijourninent. The senal of the .Ufiin.i liallowell. Kan-:as. JUDGE NOT GIVEN ; lea.l,ers have indicated th ' ' i per (liamber is ready I a j reasonable length of- time'" or tin- : til lie h.-is paid a fine (if: ,-is- sessed on hi.* eonvi. tion in ill-- BENNETT'S CASES Topeka. I^ans., .Mar. 12, lAPi--' of • The .supremt' coiurt today isi<ued a <-itv was raid<'d in IfiTl l<v Sir HenrV .MmKan. iiritisii piiiate, i The Prairi.- oil and Cas is iieini,-discvon-d iMiica 'th tlti- ririns of tin-, city, the New I cmp. n.v todav met j"'"f ""h;-; York Times said Ki.I .y it, a ct .pyriirliled (iispafch from Pan-! ^l^Xoli' market^ ilv annoumlln'm j ci^Tok N.i.nty distri-1 ,„.,ri . ania Citv. ' averatie . ut of ireiity-two ceiits a'^-'<'<-l'»!"^ <l''P0i^i \ gK.inel' tad,..: ;.lMM .-„.u^. lie-:-. • ; j ,,arrel on each gravity. The hew M.e .^anK il a., il, a failing cor.di-j-ludge J^^^^^^^ i IS led e-,rc ler^ cities in America before it ,,nee sale ranges frcm fl.l2 for tion. FetleraJ .ludge John C. Pol-hudifial disttJcl from tomg any .of Times says, l<d,i,^ lo I" . j^,,, ^. { l,^ ...^ ,^ •T^^_ ^ .., y,,,.^ ruled Wre t.ulay. Jiid^^e P«l-;the law .suit.-j in which Senator Kd- ^reas.ii-e in a suoieriaii.-aii tunl.el was tak. n ba-k to Kng-i T .ad :ibove gravity. ] . m;-le;tlie ruling in denying :.wr C. Bennett of ^Vashington is ^ ^ ' J . 'Klliotr-s aiiplication Tor a writ of an attorney. |Jn his application for linilst concur in the fmake it effe<-tive. The senate's action on illie resolii- 111 lieiieatli tile ruins ..l S.iii .f.i.~>- <-lnircll.desl|-o>eil «lieii l!.. old i ity jvas tiled by .Morgan. lioldeji ' i>i iiameiits aipl iliaiti-^ ariiished b.\ long burial, .m.l p:.-i-ions slimes, iinritidim: ' liiei i ubies^ diaiii'iiuls ami s;!ii;'liii es.; a,-; ef unvaluid already liav.- be.ii ecovered. i . I Walle.ce IJaiii. an .\I(I.'TU-:I;I. :i:id lOoorge Willia.'iis and Fred Iw.-il.-y. ! Kngli!"llint'n! are- carrying tion Was postponed until and Fridie ad- wliose! It the np-' ailjonrri i iliition to' NEVADA BACK TO BOOM DAYS State Assembly Votes to I.«galize Open Gambling. ATHLETE MUST PAYHISDEBTJS Such Is Ruling of Supreiiie Court on K. S. A. C.; Star's Loans. Topeka,, .Mar. 12. (APj — Clifford ilaUagljcr, tormerly a football and track star "at the, Kansas State Agricultural college, muat pay to the .ManliaHan Charobcrjot Comniercf iiioiiey advanced tO'htia while tl sttideiii in the state school. The stale supreme court foilay lirfd asiile (Sallagher's claims ot verlial agreement offsetting notes glvea while in school. j .Suit against (lallnglier was based on five notes, signed^ when he Wa.s on t!>e college football team aiid entered in various track meets.- (Jallagher. who is now athletic di: rector for the Winhilii high school, ; conteiiilf-d. that moiiey was ad- to certain athletic s^tars; in a manner that would permit tho c.->Uege to evade an agreement pro- tec-ting against iirbfessionalism; in athletics. i , The Sedgw ick county district court sustained a demurrer to four counts in tho suit, against C|al--. lagher. Upon a fifth count, judgment was entered for the plaintiff. Both sides appealed and the supreme court which affirmed and reversed in part all of-the lo^er court rulings, heid that Gallagher had assumed an obligation • whjich he could not evade, under the Ifiw. It was contended by the foriner athletic star that, the varibu^f sums, totaling S670.9.5 were 'ad-' vanc.-d to him .-it different peripds._ Hp testified that he h'ad planned to leave collegia because he Was not financially able to complete his • course. He declared that' school officials and the-Chamljer of Commerce created an aid Xhnd to help students prominent inj<;oI- lege athletics. • He declared assurances had been given that no ef-. fort would be made* to collect! the money advanced and that-the ri^tes con.'-rfif tiled a loophole for eva.^ioii , of the 'Mi.-i.soiiri valley conference"— agreement. * IS FOUND GUILTY! DR. MABELLE TRUE COMPLETES WORK Dr. .\l:.yb.-!ie True of Kansas City, lieallh adviser of the Kansas Stale Tulnfr.iiiar .\ssoclation. coii- excavalions under ja loiice-^vion ,lor eluded her. work h.ere yesterday in four year tt-easure|SearchiiiK grant-: examining siudenis in the schools ed bv president (Isairi ot Panama. ^'"^ examined and taike.l to the Tlu. treasure was turned ove ,J lo i^^^'^. ^'" ^"><l«-'"-^| Xf^- on tin' lai:.| 111 •l.;7>' on im-aey charges . i / , r.. i-i. Witli g.,ld ol.!ain.-d during bis | < a- 1 M A TOR RFIRFS IS {habeas coi pus. >be wrir. Seriator Bennett cited the j <AP)—The leer as a luiccan.'er he ''ti'>'-^'ii'illyl """^ lonvicied Fel .iuary n.-n law ptistcd by Ihis legislature, toimhi lb.' eliarm-s a:id later ! was : bArE OiN loLAINli ; i;t2li. on tJiree counts and was fined ; which rxc-isi-s lawyer members kiiigliled. Ill 1«74 went lo .la:ii-. •—' ,*1.0tii on e;,i.ii. j„-itor bis convit- court {attendance from iri ai( a as licuii nam governor. ' lin.inos Aires, Mar. 12.i (API— tion was affirined hi- tin- Kansas days prior to convening to K' days \ (fiiipatch ' to l.a .N'acion from I -"U.^reine court and he ilo.v i.-'serv- after • adjo'urnment of the Icgisla- ing in tlie_..Cherokee COI Illy jail. tiire. . ! Klliotfs attorneys contended the' —r- H ' — .senten.e was void <Ml ^ecause . Kl- I K. C. TRAIN SERVICE Uott. convicted of a felon, could i j ' nrC'DTTtKPI^rk Tnn A V not be made to stay in! the county'' UlQRUrlCjU XKJUAl jail until tlie fine was paid. Being, • unable to pay the line, they (on-! Kansas City, March 12. (AP) — tended, his sentence would" com-i Train services into Kansas City prise a life terra. Bolama. Portuguese tJuinca. where -.Major Saramento IJeires hopped off yesterday in an ,attempted trans- .\ilantic flight, to Brazil, says the plane returneii to the Island of Bi.s.sages. off t^ie Portuguese Guinea coast. The reason for-the return i.s not givtin.. The treasure a special iuspecibi apooiiiteil president and .ivill be 3:e!ii vaults of the .National Bank I. al division accordiiiR to the c sion.- j The frea.sure recovered so .sai.l not to be < oiisidera'lire. I> l-adio apiiaratus is .said to in' additional treasure sites. ' Imces- ;i Jher ^^""'"k in lola included baby r fin- 1 clinics in which 22 babies we e ex- aniiiu-.l and advice given t". the 1 mothers; and the examination of .nO |far is'K''"'*' ''"^ '"S'' -"^chools am col­ li thej leRP- - iicalei, This work is supported (i • the I sale of Christmas tuberculosis|seals I-SEE-O, INDIAN SCOUT IS DEAD PanaJHS wa.s one of'.and Red Cross roll r^ll dne.H, Fort Sill. t)kla.. .Mar. 12. (AP) — l-See-0. one of the greatest Indian peice makers and last of the famous Kiowa scout detachment of early Oklalioma days is dead. He died late yesterday on the array reservation here, where despite Ws ago of 79, he was statibned with the permanent rank of »erf;eant. TOPEKA JUDGE KILLED BY CAR jTopfka, Kans., .Mar. 12. (AP) — Ralph H. (jaw, «4, former probate judge was killed today when hlti by a' truck driven by Eugene D. Bogard. an employee of the-state gr?iu inspection department Bo- gatd- told: police he was not JFIT- I from the west vias disrupted today because ofitte heavy snow storm? In easterly- Colorado and western Kansas. Trains were from four hours to more than nine hours late. 1 . - : The Missouri Pacific train due from Pueblo, Colo., at 7?40 a. m.. was expected to arrive ai 5 p. m., thi? aftemdon. i { Freezing ^emperature^ irerfi predicted for this vicinity tpinorrow momfngr, [foUJawiiik rain late toda^. ' The Hague. Holland, Mar. J2. Methodist. Episeopal Carson city, Nevada, .March 12.— • Still pulsating lander the thrill of !a gold boom at Weepab, the state .Monday. i„f .\>vada toda.y tbrvatened to turn ..^w^.w^^ ;l)ai-k the hands of time three quar- METHODIST BISHOP ! lers of a .-e„t„ry and revert to the "wide op.?n" days of yore. The .stale ;i.ssenibly yesterday pa.ssed a liHI which would legalize open KaiiililiiiH," and sent it to the ,'.•".""", ;!^enate after two hours of hot' de- committee which ha.s heen invest,-• ,,^,,1 T,,,. 2„ j. gating the case of Bishop Anton „,.o.,„irds majority. Sorn;J^^i;ir"£t^^^.^:% tUKU him guilty of imprpdent con- "%J'-;::^V:!Zn,T"^„,.. of Itorders that he be suspended 'han'-e a legal statu.s by licen.sing until the general conference in iPf™'"*^ taxing them 1928 and that his case be finally V"; " ^•""i "''''^i, ' dealt with-by that body. i«>" f'"-"- roulette, black jack, craps . • and theWliole ontlay of Lady Luck. CKfiW r»I?TE"rC TM the deliberated on the Ors^yy Ua,ir IVS measure, word came from Weepah that a gambling halt was being WESTERN KANSAS SaJina^. Kan.s.. built there for the henefit of the favored ones in the state's newest .Mar. 12. (AP) Telephone reports here early today 1 race for gold. indicated 12 inches of snow at ; The movement to legalize gamb- Goodlantl and eight incbesr at Col- ling is only one of a seriis of ges- by. Snow'was falling this morn- tures in Nevada in recent months ing at Hays. Lincoln and Ells- looking towart| a returii to the worth. Union Pacific trains for | past. Last November ihe state the east are being made up here." due to storms in the west. One report from Ellis stated that many tourist automobiles were stuck in snowdrifts vest of there. voted wet by a liberal: majority, and recently the legislature declined to abate a-ed light districts which still: eiist in parts of the state. THE WEATHER . i M H»K Kl.VS.l.S: (;enerailr fair tonight and Sunday except nnpet* t/etl in -oiiflieast portion tonlgbti snnienliat colder in east- poiffloa tonight: w;irMifr In west and <Jen- tral portions Sunday. For [Ola and Vicinity: rns «tiled weather tonight: fair Sunday j ind .somen hat colder tonight. : ' Temperature—Highest • yesterday 67, at 4 ji. ni.: lowest last night 38, at 7 a. ni.; normal for today 43; excess "yesterday .'); excess siince January 1. degrees; this date last year—highest 42; lowest 26. Precipitation for the 24 hours ending af, 7 a. ni. today. 44; total for Ihis year to date.'2:19; diefic-r iency since .January 1. 1.68 inches. Relative huniidity at 12 itoon; yesterday.-92 per cent: 7 a. ra. today. 7."! per cent; barometer reduced to sea level. 29.7.*} inches. • ' , -Sun 6::!S a, m.; .sets 6:26 P- m. , . Weather and Koads. | AM cloudy except Salina, Cof- -^^ feyxille. Wichita. Ottawa, partly cloudy; all roads mtiddy exipept Salina- Pittsburg, Ottawa, soft: Cbffeyv'ille goo«l, , ,• I CITY MARSHAL IS SLAIN EST OKLAHOMA. Muskogee, Okla., Mar. 12. (Al^)-r- R. H. Pratt, eity marshal at Gore, Okla.. was shot and killed iff an. unidentified assailant at Gore early today. Offlcres have set iratl la pursuit of hte slayer,

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