Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1898
Page 1
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of 14, Gitfe the People a Chance to s I ~ "Tb <r* «« b<?•;-** /ns,¥ 1 IT *f> /flv«? Painting and pro.perity «o together n»W«*J|7 Klntl.weoulward.lgnof proiporlly. Palntsavei X*vini,ui mo««*"«•«*•"»..«'• lnorea.e.iu value. Twenty Ing too long* Sf jl eholoe of paint, a tbatare made by ™th.^roifiny"ru^own.^ Repaint, thoughtful peopl* It IhoughVtalrpippM »t* t ,* - J r* /"» i. J You-SVppaK ., ,!•••.!, „.!,:• ;.. I-7." .'.I'. •.•.! '."I. -I [ . M,.> Ex'Ooyerneir'WIijrfltim; Slated w, trie Position. , ,. I ... ' • .;,--.::' ',: .•>•,»' ,,"1' SOULS INTIMATE . i'. ! . ., . <T:'™:'. i V ;' :. ;.• , ,-,. •y Ola I m tin- NoiulnKtlnii Will] lie ,-,.. lip Holiday "n'«iOT«v-Th« 'fill* >»r*lll*t <tt jllf.,Sen. •|*"Fall" i)|t'nfl Trtrililaih t|.: Atlhoii'wi.i^ ilh* P«Miii« A»vi«y of »«nirtor'. 1 *---"' Other .'•MJnnisota j I*' td ! 'lio' BlatBd i r to ; KUcrtbd-'' AmJ ^Hltchcoc*: as, arnbaRFador ;to 'Mer>';iam> , f rJR,n«is!; flv'er't, ',w|t jndlcatjlou ; pfj nssu TB& CENTS Ho well's 'V, 't"<' I has some fine new p|t|^ms|iiL feftfSf 5 ' J ust latest things out, an'd'tife'pMtiesTMlse had. anUi ffiS&tf aM ' kinds - ! -——>-^ 0 --^ show. Orders. once to Insure prompt delivery. - a-* .,, 1 EX-OOVEBNOIi ",the,Holi<iayB. ;'MeVrlam J( '" igton aad • has, had-aev Ith -the -presldentr-but- jinnym 1 . p» Vdfioy UheirHp . Pre.ldent Friendly, to : IOT Buppreuniu" «i '' c n';i Vo'i v ""^••^v^'owm'^MVAB toflft 'atf act)W'pWt W,PM lie. '^e(ftb^TH,ri»«rr1a.U*e% n8 ?8* 1 fe and Children. . TWENTY DAYS IJi AX OPES nr.x icomrnute* «naian«»«nb**noJMfce com- VFhlcli Burned «t 8e» on Not. »»D rri>nol»o Aft*' Untold 8o( the Flnilly «B^«*. on flnan«fli50ong*e*Hb«fcl library. Hf«PS!» [iYonr Store Until They're Asked. JTry the Tete^raph ^t-J i —--i 7»( ', HVT" / , . .,,..,,,; | I . , ...... ii. ,( .',.,,,. .«• »I»r>y Oornlnl' . fi B Vtt,,oIII, Aunt. rfe'.'Wc."Jlri.-Mr a / #WttwV to'yii'rl' oa.' J. Ad- In her .indlcfl/tjlouipfj ns»urw«h.wuyie inci- to succeed Jfttfcfcf mrltfri im dent (*,( eipsc^ii betWetm the president LB 0 tfetW"Att1ift 1l| ti** n> &I w *y a f.i L '••/ vn- nt hi in i i f "."'' ! '. : ... _„.*„ .1 aM l**c»jna**t) IHrlhdfdldbXWdfrl IU t^L II*» , 1>MV»Y»* , *•»•*»* ••— . r :r-r-- . jtrf,the'; effect of'the p.otson that he i itreel. hiiifClM Hfrtrr aTter thklti* a.dosft [ of what «he supjW»«ri to ha brnmo lW lt*jKV!The'medlclne wasiglvph to.her .bar, nephew,' Harry CotnUh, the 'l.Uknpwn athlete , and physical dl- Itor'of the.'Knickerbocker Athletic wuV'fmme'tila'til'y after the collapse of MY*, 'Xdttms, ; 'c6rnlsh, alarmed ut the ,Btt«at.<df. Hw'niedldlne oti 'her,> took a leasppoBful of it himself. Ho was un- "cpn'MouB jTor.rnore than an hour, and •W.'fe.F. Hitchcock, who was sum- MlotlBd,'watratao rendered 111 by ta»t- IM. the coritent.i of the bottle In an effort to dlseoveriwhat the nature of the poU'on waa that had been .mixed with WOr'omci .eltter. Me WB.B,BO 111. in- ieM,'tliat: JIB wa's ilhable to give either of. the. father nufferera attetttlori.; and at ,h^ vijrecltlottt iPr^ &.. Stile* Potter was "^8f'Po'tler'gave''iJts'.'^i.Ws ipowertui «Hl«fl66.-bfli ""wW 'uriaiiie t6 save .her life He used a Btorh&ch pump:on Mr. -—-V.! rAsults. -'" al-' despaired asBlst and was weak GOODS .** «*! M ! is your tirri^|tO ! buy an Overcoat '•' ' ' ' ! "" '. ... ., ------- . . • - -.. , ,...( i ' /. '; ,• .-' Men aid Boys' vVe which t . j •_ , ; f,',,.. : I • . i ( We must clear them mjt price before.yQUrpurch4s( COST. a come and :-.:.;-.0.'s)J."j 10' I r 'riamel I* 1 (17 f^st Thirdl ' !i Bi*e and Corner•fi^leUU'AM 1 Bwzk • ties B,re', .'aiware 'i'slftaf Ihe- pre LlVm P'*^(. D,I»I*» »* :;»-^w- - . ,,j morei than a > ^afeBlrig^fri^atyI regafd- . -j. .,•»; ijv^' '^nViiKfl/f VIB tj> consult onlx ' tTiA ~- fffinni IBilvfAK 'fjr™^*''? •*• fc».— r -i, ' i i ' i I «.-- — — - $Kfc£**U ••™»* i '^tftf$ifafM;, i :.'x^«.l-*oMi^ te-e'-ciulwlmwt: 'isittljU, l on.'thV'a'fUf.'.dAeM »<! ,tbe B^-.l hmny i.BUeh'-aleril^k'iVt/i^. SjS^H ^ffi«i' ( * &?&1'"««'" ,^««i.f fciW«Wori! • _»U i(Ert. '"wMle' her ..children., »'Hy.Wl.h.,. it o, .tfie present 'admlnfstratlon '•SM£«TO'5S^>^ «fcjft>.;ij^tt'gw-r&* s sr!±' ^,!^I^SGKK5-SSS^=^ ^^TO^^^^^r^^ ILJL oxygen ClHI •»* ^- uuc*. — • — ; wish to reward his friend •was | „,..., agreeable tq.Semator Davis, btit ,11,1.8, believed that the latter, while *efusing., to become entirely reconciled to,l-Jer.., rlam, >haB r BO :far. curbed his aersonal, feelings that he may not an St. Petersburg. , ,.,.,, ; ,, , . TVaKhlngton; ' t)etf: .'^O.^Rer^ijCBeptor tlve-feiect Roberts, the Mormq,aMoon' gressman trom Utah, will probkblyi'b* rparoMn iuii ^'i.^JSSjt'i'aaSm ^onfrqnted.vpop.hls, arrival •"K^.&^^^OTtfHrt.l!'' Vngton to take his seat by a proj.oslttdnl b|fe« £W™™° h ^ m W"°t «nfe « expuislbri becauge'of his allefeed p ? - ,«g^ -^feattr MY' oV'^Wa' lyBamoviB'practices..* tf&Md'WW'Wt $* constitutional lawyers In the hoiiae; dfii 'A'hVi'me; ft' a *^,**'?ffi f *«5T.i ,clare that there Is .nothing lntithe,,con!-. •tltutlon to prevent Mr.; 'Bojerts from. .taWnghlB seat,,bU.t,they add .that the house., by a two-thirds-vote, mai' expel 'him'on the 'groti^d that M'^l Ing In >.i, i_'i.^_ „'» *!;*» ryannrnt IflwB WnlCll with luparloc , i . ! of tlie general la>'B the United States... ; »"j who Is a close student pi; coMtlortlohiJ' law^anct famllfar with the l)ta|•Bald', that In his opinion Mr. i hud as much right to take his seat ithe next congress a» Speaker Re : ii»wU»5hls<reU«ton, ssl Sfe^r^^S^'p-f %^ '«» •Illlam K. Vtmiler- Jr., I» Announced, New York, D?c. 30.—The enBagement "of'ttiBs^lrfelhla Fair t» William K. ",f. Jr'.r'is'a'nnounced. Current , "betrothed ;: MlBS fair BO. ., times in the last few years that .was not credited at flrBt, -j ~ j-but It was soon.confirmed by her sl»- """'Tier Mrs. Herman pelrlchs. MIBS Fair , told lo.heat.l y i'Jiaugn'ter'of.the. npted Pacific coast ! rhtlllori'alre, from whom she Inherited I about *3.000,OOD. 'Young VanderbiU, .Qt course has, or will have, a great deal im..,' 1 ],Ve,h 1 ad ; three,' 2nd my' husbfinfl hadi. them. pTOVlsi. It' wasi! ju'st' before L 'd«,wn when J he '-Vi'J* '.i.A m.tot- 'rteQert r.tT^e 'Bb-lD* efw- '^- • effects we dared cari^y, ,, .mxself. .and.^ei^Hdwnii ot had iall the , e of "His'' father' entirely approves the matcli. arid has arranged a house par- ,ty next Saturday at hfs Long; Island place for his eon arid Miss Fair. Young Vahderbtlt IB now'a student at the Harvard scientific School. He stands well In hi* classes and takes a special Inter- st iil'geotogy. We Is a golfer, but not bth'erwIBe' interested In athletics: J*e i stout two yearp younger than Mis^ fair 1 . 1 ' 1 ••-•••'• »1 *4 e |e%Vl®!W^K^{t^ Sl^SCOTWwM ^'v^s'ef u^.t.01 iT' cVrjWl^!:' •SttWlia«ti-'*ori^rttelOT^»-^;l^W^ et^r^eS^±r^ ffi^^gtoSS '^^'ffn^i^te' ^SfflK-VSiA?'*.^ ",&me'\r\ ills, political wprk or,.d^moral- i)*fR»»*_^i ' ^ *__ - A «**H«tot I« ^r»n. rug Store. 11 find .J .ft JChoicea P«riu«B«Sr— 'drowned, but' we n ,\"5.•*?/••"?° W '" 'xr.SJK! :\TZS 'M«»iii4i!""niore."wnicn i o(, ^he .Wpmw-T-or, alj.ot them ^ e lW e . )y,nV bttj 1 ; was a number'of -i»«P» abjw*. to-ttrt ftrl.« moflrtt(n ^ to t^t,|ia^'a* :a ,rt^9^^,« I" ?M- I, iVl d»Kahkake t *^«B«?;:; l ^»,«^^p^.-;^-J»K. M8ur*4jy rto^.l ., t a||1 _ . T , ,KihedW.80,he.*ould't«.a;.hvimaAmte ! l - ,.. Ve i neath''th,'e'^^^pt';,at. all'hHorabte t^?i'i. " '«.,''<i,>icrm«nt, IB thkt, be^wlll re- .. d; 'BetVeeW fifflbgham bail- , trai4raln. ! ''coat; which bf'the Seat arid'musi. .m»<. "»»". --jr^-j,i..j wWU»»».«M«-»f- ™%*l£ -C j'm. ) «.n4iW»^ ^^^ia-i¥«S !-«*«^,^^4'feffi®SSIii We are prepared, to condor Electric Power at ^ »nO| \rfVi\ M»;"«MT»' —' »V<BWMd .W*.»W^ ; WSJ^«i«j?7?» 'Ww,bPWro^rt l B°.»^' w ^* cV< ^ 1 '''T. T• i. ."TcwN** 1 ****,!^**.^': ! the HEAVY EXPRESS ROBBERY. vVelK-Farso Compiinr I.o»e» »60,OOO at San Antonio, Tex. ' San Antpnio^Teic., Dec. 30.-It Is reported that the local office of the;WeIle- FArgo company has suffered a big loss by robbery. It is Bald that J60.000 in currency and $600 In gold Is missing. The driver of the delivery wagon who waa entrusted with delivering the money to the local firms, is missing. His hor'.e'arid wagon were found late In the feVenlrig In the outskirts of the city in irie : b'ruah. , . 'i '.> .BleTOtorDeatroyed by Fire. ..iMinneat>oll». Dee; SO.-Elevatbr X .on me"Hastings ^and Dakota division of the Chicago, Milwaukee'and St. Paul fafliTly- !1 at : "Eleverith avenue. •; South, btfrhed' kt- 6:30 in the morning. The malri 'elfevator With Its annex and 200,• 000 bushels of wheat wet-e consumed 'rtSd'the' IOBB wlii be at least $200.000. •f he division of trie road Is also, blockeJ up and will be for The property wa» owned'by" the George C. Bagley Blevat'or 1 company; The Insurance is •mple tb cover the. loss, which will be IT?000 oh the building and J1S5.000 on the* Wheat. ' : Thls last Item Is uncer- *t j afn-is-thereJa likely to be consldera- ble .alvage of the damaged wheat. ''•'"'' w . w Kiniai Ballroad Law. ,,Topeka. Kan..'Dec. SO.-The railroad law.agreea^on in .populist caucus will pasa both houses, be promptly signed by .governor Ueedy and become a \&v. March 15. This was assured by the action of the house, in committee of thf whole, which i. passing the various section, by Unnecessary votes. The law provides for a railway board, with Judicial powers to hear complaints ann adjuflt railway t'arlffs where unjust or - fe, rfttee are ; proven. It allows to be, taken to the supreme "court The .wpolntment of the board ff Murt '»."»:"»«• »'.'," '•"""' ilderj iO\K McAdam, Curbing, morsilSs, Windo ^ Alw«y. »• Cement; Lime, Side Tr«ck§ R Telephone No. 31. , ,, Residence 6a8 Afby «| • •• $ Hf: > /? • } :',:• : •• '•:' ' •><•«' ''' | j^^J.' Murder and Sulclilc-. Fort'Dodie. >'la- D". SO.-MIss May Thoma.. t.acher of .a district school. ' 't two miles from the, village • of ^»-*nait;iare. In 'the northwestern part of this 'T~£& I county was murdered. The asBasain t-SJ then shot himself and died half an hour *f> *«•» tnen sn ^^ Ga ,. vey a younB man of Opurie, where the parents , of M?B«'Thomas live. It Is understood that' they 1 had beer, lovers; but that Miss fhomas had refused to receive his ad- dre..e.'anj_" Should Know It. Many wopwn »»"** untold agony th. rail and the seam. In the 41 nearly 3ft»«W«.ofi8«aiiaaaihak been t bee " ..wr^Vm^B^^t ««WM°^ Mnaswl''"'•"'?_„„„„ • iirh«na>on,th»ilth|an.a4- »«l'fwr««ig irapi*s"'. c w>it*»' •-T m y.\.i v^r i ^*J iM ^T/MMClaUP«vM. HRb.»n» a o^^,VI»>*«^: fe ty ^ vS-fffc^- PW^^« a »»« l *>»**f, Bhre * d o' ims'is' " v »*"< > *'"™j'j_ oviionrn./in.Uu,i»th an I t ; pumping water; in tfiSS^^T^^^^f- , W a« ! «l(lucate4 tn -the 'Western ' ' ' ' ;^ttic«M%*4oVS«^2il'2i.*''' t ''"JVllJSRiJJ'fflSP $/"ffl" i^dnW. •» -' ^N^f^FS^-i^rf iSsre-Mw " ttSftlMrV Wi W I »^9P ?T,H WtoWioJTwV weriaahyr ^JWfifSpMia™^ ^'v» - m f.°"ii ia ', ^.r^: Incandescent " 1.1 «•**"•«•'..?"* .. A _"!'^KS^Pf 1 .\^; ; 1 T t,!.«_fi-^jJ -OL ^'tK*«'"»-"'x^k 1 | ! j^jj | ||qj | (|| fc jt(i '^h* I tnarof, yeaj;f ,vs *r' *»JJb U oji |ig» tn*i> '^SSMTO^ * 8W - J! 1 . 6 ^SSm^a^.vni^i^^^^^m^'^^y^ '^ cjrA »!£:«. ?£2jyi.ffl. *nfll.,^l n . .hrt'W.'l • ."T.-Lu «._»hi BnaHit&i >t»r» »S t iS!»| IsiSiSIP^ '*"•' ili^rAwwSy- our h »»»l "« Bl f ns • m I her physician i*w I womb, trouble. : ^ T^^ptffia^.^^— j 'P^ffd^^W* g •p.WP,W-''" -•'• 1 .fei'^iy v»'j:*a Uddertak^-8 Second .Street Opposite City HallL ; ; 7. VK BUR<%BSS> Spices, Fine Teas and (Coffees etc- -, -'q:^ vl J\ . . t - v Free Delivery to any Telephone 69. P artoithe--' No! it |is not claim^p|iat Foley's Hpn^y and Tar " CONSUMPTION^ or ASTHTVI^ vanced stages, jit holds ou^ false hope^, hut DOES claim to alwayp giv^ relief in th^y^y^ 01 *^ the early stagef to effect For Mlo by E. Marsh and S.|H,; Wy§», i ,; ,, -^< \t. l ;;;l''"t'''"ii ri '( • •i. V <*'«4'':ki tt 'V«^k- M •> f ^.' • \' : > /^%M ? »iAA5-43»«M;n''i i .«li4A ,lluW& ^ l 1

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