The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 11, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT TRARSHOOltR$ WINXONTEST Squad Emerges with iflar- gin of 46 Against . Elks Squad. By it margin 0! il> imliilii, the IrjiprflioottTS sauad of rlll»:iiU'H ile- tcHted the KIks squad In a toutfst at the armory last aiglil. Kach ban shot ten rounds standing and ' [en rounds kneeling. Kullowiug :kre the scores made out of a jios- jiible 50 in each position; the first j immber being in standing pusitidn lind tile second in kneeiiug position: TrnpsliooJers.' Arbuckle - 40 ji'arkening . 3S 41 ergman WiASHINGTONjAPTISR ^A^fOTHER V ICTORY . AmeHJ IH.. Mar. 11. (AP)—Wash- Ington l?nlverMlty HWlmmerK, iit the nhniinl MlHHourl yulloy ttMifn who mingle hero Suturdiiy; expect -d to r(n;lHlm (he «onferen<(! .tifle they have won ever nlnce the-inautiira-. tlon nflhe gwlinniing meets. Kint" Hi^d Driike tank men appear iifl (.•finleliders for second i lace. Kan .saM. winner of ilic rr-lay last yi'ar. mny .H;)rinK a KurprWe thin yeiit''. it i .-i prediited. .locelyn. a rforriier I in almost e>ery THE IQLA D A I LY REGJSTEH> FRIDAY EVliNIN<?. MARCH 11.1927.' BATS THAT BOOM INITHK SPRING. Icda star IH.'.......... , ... event, is I n-garrlcd as a certain point winijor for the .layhawksj. CAGE TOURNEY AT K.C. LARGE .^.-44 Jullea — iair 4.J :!S -'6 - 4;j Elks. ichomerus -oli J|IcHenry „. — .41 Crannich 'S'J Brlgham —— 1 ^-4i) bompson .- 21 Five of the shooters,qualiljed as niarksnien. which requires a' score q£"8tl: Arbuckle. Bergman, Hair,. Krannich and .McHenry. .None of tliem qtiallfied as Sharpshooters, Which requires a score of .S7, or as Experts, which requires a score ofr 92. Bad lights were partly blamed. fii)r the rather mediocre .scores, bi^t Captain (iibson, -vC-ho ; sponsored; thi^ contest, .plans - to c Jminate that alibi before the next ' K loot. He hopes to ha\-e this soon. 30 i Fifty-four Entered in I National A. A. U. ''I Battles. 29 I 1 tie Kansas City. Mar. 11. (.\1 yVith th<f larg;"Kl list <>l enlrie.< in lis history, fifty-four I 'ains lijoiii over the country, tlie :.'ational A. r.. fhasketfiall toiirii imcnl V begin liere lo|niorrow, two li ahead of scliii^duled lini ill liys oiiKirro iV s IGH SCHOOL TO NEODESHA TODAY For the mo'si iKirt. contests will be hetwijcn teani!*. The I'arsons. Kansa.s. Molay's and tlie Ivandaile team Kansas City, Kaiisa.s. will open (he tournament. Other games tomorrow will.'lj Oak /f'ark. Kaiis;i,s City. vs. C,i ! tol iHiiililing and Loan. Topekal • St. .loseph. .Mo., Honslcr.s ' i.lackson Bn.siiiess Cfillege. Clii nwaj^by ])>: of i'i- I New Knglanil Bank Kansas Ci^y. vs. iUrtbvy .We., .M. cluircli. K.tii- The high school basketball team ' sasi City. Kansas. I (jft for .N'eodesha this afteriioon tn • IJriilgeport .Machiii'-. Wichita, ts^ enter the district tournamenti lol.i ! .N 'ortherii l.linois 'I'eachei.s, i )e plays its first game at seven Kalb. III. okrlock lonighl against Osue^o. 1 .Monon Atlili.'lic Club. Inxlianap .Nfne men made the trii' with Coach olis, vs. Ilihliin;; Aw^, llibbii] Bcott.' i.Mlnn. i.Men taken along were?: Lee Mi-! Twenty 01 Guire, captain and guard, who will ' playrd bcfoM pfobirbly start with Barber at I I K ? ! to Ihirty -twi) o^her s'nanl: Kluier Funk, c(!iiter:;or lournamiMJ .Mjassey and "Di^.-" Funk stand KOO. I TI K ' St. chances of gaining forward posi- national cba tibns: Onie .McGuiie. Kemp, Bound tiition .Mond; jiiid Donalclson will fight for the - >' , _ ..tlher three! positions. , men ,AMERICA PROTESTS if: working together Well, should Rivx' Scott d team that should ban- ;dle iiny in the tournament. JThe'team should win toniRlifs: Shanghai. MISSOURI VALLEY WI^STIERS READY Lawrence, Ka is., .Mar. 11. (Al'l-- Wrestling team! from seven of the ten .Missouri v illey schools were here .tod;iy to <• inipele in-the .Misi , sourii valley wiesillnR toiiriiameiit 1 l>e!iisllelrl at tin as iiid:iy and.tijinKirrow. Ciinin-II. ! Drake ;ii c Ilie i linear'- not lakin.i; ' Washington' an lliree SI Iwxds \ pari in the me" .\ii'iiit f.lty a I to fake part in" will be held in The wrestlers Wi -re wct.;lie.l MI .it 11 o'clock this first round of under way thi>j The finals will noon and ilie < .-Saturday ni.i;ht. The Oklahom \ f.iniou-S ti:o lliis: Ty Cobb battiuK. KogiT l!r<sn.ib;Mi catriiiiiK. .loliir .McCiraw aiinpi loRetber when Ty, en route to tlie .Alihli'lic.--' tr.-iining canip-;il l-iui .Uyer.^ Kla., hlopp..'<i nfl site of tl'.e Ciaiits" stionghold. lo vis.'jl bis iiii'llii-r and lirnilt.-r. ' ' PRICE ADVANCE NOT SO RAPID . ! ! Profit Takink^ Hampers Market in Hikes Today. seasons; are sc has a strons te; ing. They got lit .Sara.Sota. the' bell C.irson. 07 "Mrs. Hersee .ViiRcles." I'lirsuiiig -repi! at a fashionabbl had signeil the wanteil to keep f quiet.'; siiid Ci Is Team Himself I HOLDOUT SIGNED r IN MATRIMDNYI III- d r- grillH'S niO -ril I he field is narrow ilii- regul.-ir numb'i t conlcstants. j .l^si-pb llillyards. i;i:ifi iipioii.~. will- gel into V. . • ! IN CHINA TODAY .March 11., (AP) The game with Oswego, but will bit strong opponent wbeii it meets Kni- .\mi-rican «-ojisul K< ni -ral in kow was drawing up :i protest (o- pijria, Burlington, Independence or ''">' f'" Presentation to •Cantontis- S(i(]„n anlhorilies against excesses in ihe j ', . ' jelly of Wiihii ig'ter it was oi -cupit-d I by Canloiitse soldiers sevcpil days igo.. ' JUNIOR COLLEGE i OFF ON INVASION .New York. .Mar. II. i.M 'i Sp-.-- nlatiirs < lor lli<' :Mh ^lIll c <'iiiiliiiii<-d ill lontrol "lit till- pi 'Kr iii>iv <'iii>-iil in l .od.iys iiiarki-i. but llo'y wi -n- tun 'dio riir .t.iid with od-asional wavi 's of profit lakini; and spo- radii- iM 'ar s >'lljiii;. iJails wen- ;ij,'!iin till' badiv altliiMitli lu-'w 1.1- vurit^- wi-ri' brMiii;!it lorw.ird fii IIH ' riibb"!'. .•i!'iM'-'>ini ill , .iiid iioii- t'lrniis iiii'(:il liroitps. • I'. S. .Siii'l coiniiion. Hudson .Motor-^ anil (ii -neial .Molurs li<dd fairly .wfi '.idy. Tire slocks responib'il, '•unjto pri'dii 'iioiis of aii\aiiiini; prici 's. Iti-ar ;radi 'i ; njiii'isfd the ad- vam -f on Ili f;iniimj :h.i' many is- sii''s Wen- 111 inu bid up Ino ami llial ciu 'i'iil itnoi .ili'in< liail discoiiiili'd all ilic uoi 'd ui 'ws in si;: III. h<' faced. Itbo . iriouisitivo ones. I'niversity nf Kan -! VALLEY INDOOR MEETSATURDAY More Than 200 Track Men Have Arrived in Dcs Moines. ': ; iJcs Moiri.vs. la.. .Mar. II. i.\!'i ilelc- .•ire f.\; The v:iii:;ii.ard nC itmre tiian L''i(i the meet. Matches j atlilelis -.vbo will l.-iki- iiart in tli" all seven weights. , .Mis.^ouri valb'y indoi-r traik iiiei'! Brani of twcjvc events, eleven In -j dividual'and a relay, will be nini ; off wllh .lack Urovcr of Kansas't. City head starter and refercic. ' Athletes expected to threaten' ex-\ isting records arc Frank WlrBing.l .V.'braska, and Kenneth Lancaatejr.f •Missouri, pide vaulter; Lancaster! and liobby Stephens. .Nebraska,; _ broad jump: Foster Kinefort, Grin-| " iirll. shot imtter; Conger, Glenn! • .lohiison of .Nebraska,. .Marlon Vanj . LaniiiKbaiii of Drake, and D. .Moody i of Kansas .Vggies, half mile. morning and tb«i the meet will set! afternoon. The ] .-Saturday arrived In-ri- today. Tliere is ;t !o frnoritf- ainoiis; tb>' j for SLEEPY CREW IS CAUSE OF WRECK Washington. .Mar. 11. (AP)—^he ; if a nap by an' entire i train crew' caused the collision cm ten teams wl.icli will <oinpcte tlie. title, alihoiigh Nebraska. Unatcbini,' !of a nap by an' entire i second round wjll be held lonisbt. ; ,,,,„•„,,<• ifnv:i Stale. .Missmiri ' - • )«• tomorrow after- j j.,,,] Kansas, :TC eonceled an eilse ; rip. .\it„n railroad near Larrabec, j msolation nialchcs „...,., „,^. ^ aHuri ^-atioii.s. \ • „„ .lannary ?r,. which resulted ' ' Tlic pri.limin.i: its are in ~ta!t al i in one deajli and injuries to fiftee^n • 10 o'clock fonnirrow vJii'irnin!;. I t >er .sons. ilnterstate Commerce:, while finals' will set umler way at i ^'omniissioji insp ^;ctors ' reported in the. evenin!;. A full pro-, torlay. Aggies, winners \ of the valley tiule the past several : liedilled to repeat i -. i.sain tlii.s season. Iowa .Stale also in in the nuet'. I me," he boasted, ng, even though I >f the women will I'm telling the \lLorld none of those flappers will gs "And I'm think am' rich, none gel me." Last nislit a kearch of the marriage licenses issued liere revealed- tliei following: "George Camp- Cirson. 57. San Francisco," il. Gross, 'IS, Lo."; rters located them hotel, where they [secret register. . "I this thing a little rson wistfully, as Totential Mil(i|>naire Fails To Make His l^ast .'•i!; l -'r:iliii.-eii. .\ I li •US'' ('.inipb' II iiuiiihir : MI1 . Ii'ii.'i liiiin.-ji- liy viiiiie Iv ileriil.wi ill hi I .S;al< - iiijifi • •li liid:i_* III lie :i 111'' :\\ I,'! iiMii 'iial I'M; .'s'lif .-II |iir:s as I. in u |i (T.:;! ieli (.HIT ins irjii' .?jn.i'liii.iiiK iriirsi Mii'ii;. .\n'iii lie al> Sllina III ( IliHHe IT' L ill ; .ilul \< iiiiii n w III' his f.iini- ,'iiii| tnl u I iii. 11 h Ml aiiiiM'iii The junior college Squad left this niernfng on the trip that closes .li- sepoon^ This afternoon's game BLAST FATAL TO CHICAGO FIREMEN CliicaKo. -March 11. (.\I'( —Two with Chilocco is non-league bui 1o-i,..* •"•'<" , , , . morrow's wilb Ark CJty'concludes ! ™ Z^Z.^!^"" kan'>as < lly (iiain. Kans.K ("iix. .\lir. 11. (,\IM i Wliia': lti;ciii)I- Ins ears: niarkei' iinebaiiseil! In '-e li .wi -r. .Nn. dark ' lianl ::::'i/ No. :: Here is Hie la<l I'liiiersilt m < alil'ornia oil'iciiiK nitiK as em oi Hieir irn-ate-l all-roniiil allileleN. lie is .iim MeHail. :i iVe<.liMian. »lii> holds h\o pri'p -chiHil re«-ords in Iraeli anil nlv'> e .M -cls in »i\ <dlier Irack e\eii!s. injured so'badly they were taken .SI.:;!'.. 1/1:: l.:;;'-: No. \"ii. •_> hard *l.:;ji..'ii .>l.:il1.:;7: Nn. 2 Burger. iLewis Burger, Groff. F. Mann |ciirred diirini; a lire ai ibe plaiilloi the IiaiKger Cl-emical Company.'iblt i 19^7 AL.PH/I.BET (captain).. -Melton, -^^'t'zie.; \V^.srKlnziV \sln 'er Clppinc, Fronk and Booth. I'rob- j lable starters (his aftci'noon at fou.r • iagjainst Chilocco on ChiIocc6's?i . court are LOo Burger and Fronk, forwards: Mann, center, and .Men- .zbi-and .Melton, guards. A game at the..first of theiseason with Chiloc- cojon.lola's court einled in an easy vI<|tory for lola and the locals shfjiuld win today. Tomorrow iiighl ! ;• th(|y go up. against the lArk City| teo|m whicli is one of the strongest in Ihe state. M 1 EXICO~W6RKS~ON I U. S., GALLIVAN i^'ashrnglon. .Mar. 11. (AIM Charges that the Mexiciin govi-rn- •meht, through its ambassailor here had- spent nearly $2,000,000 In an etfprt to discredit .American auth- orllles are made by Represeiitalive (riiUivan^ Denioe.ral. Mass., in an ISRJie of till' Coiigressio lalitecord. Just off Ihe press. -When ,the Virst trotting meetings linaei-'tJralliUC'rcuit auspices were held in IS".! the folfojwers of the Hpiln never dreamed of the rale of spijed which now exists. At thai time miles between 2:17,and 2:20 ".ttcre considered marvelous. ^}:Mifil".'i: .No. .:l.:;s''.'i( \:.;<K Ciirn iiiiiliaiised. .N.ii 2 while, i 71 72'-je: .No. :; i;7i/7iie: .No. : yellow 72'-'(( 7 ."ic: Nn 7ii';.'-/ ;7:;'..e: .No. i; ini.ieil 7ii'.. 4;7:;e: .No. ::. <;7''/7i-r. (lals iiiJcliniiKi'il. .No. 2 while I7'v'iid:i<j; No. :! Mi'i/ ISi-. - . .Mill! iiiiii/.e .•Ji .u;-'!/ 1 L';;. Kafir .<il.07« 1.J7. Rye ;i7;',-i.'i/:i<;i-i-. Barley i72'i» 7 !<•. ; Close: iWbeai: .May ..Id $1. .May-new $I.:;o:jrl;: .Iniv MT,. (nn i;; 1 l-I.IS-1 :!!ii:s ci'lulitiiei nni!iiiiall\ • in .sale ilv. .•>Iav 7l",c: .lulv 77' .Sl'sc. c' and Si-i IS' FOB 'GOSLtN, CALLED THEf"GOpSE'; WMO FURMISHES THE HEAVY ARTILLER.V FOR THE. WASHINGTON SENATORS ^ Kansas (lly Litesloc'l.. !\;iii.-;as ("ily. jMarM I. (I'. S. Iienl. of AsriMiItiire). -Iloss. :',,IHIO; i n ev<>ii: desirable 20 (1 pnnnds down rti'islly 'Steady: early s.iles mediniii ! to mil in. r and lieavy we.!>;lils-In lint eher.; in; :^h'• |i to l.'n- liisln'C: iliiiiiiK slow Willi ninsl advaiiie lost; slni-k pi:-- sii".iilv .«l l.7r.«( 12,r.O; top tii:'o mi ir.O In ICil pniiiiils; liesiralde 17" '.« I'litiiids ?lI.tV'<i 11.7.'.: Iislit I .-111 lip to :11 ;iii: nil - 1 linlrli. i -( liiciiSM Jii>c--l'>ck. Clii-ape. .Mar. \'l ] <•' > !»• .\:,i;ie,iiltiir.i lliiL--! 2I.i'itii; v ii:ievM;^ eariy t-iii^ 1 ::.::•! iMi.l 1 ;i| 111 f .'.ll |,nllll;l VV. : iuii. ^i: -ihi.' I in In ::ii'i !"'.;ni.l a . • r.-' .>; IiL'.i.'.: :.'iii'i.. _:.".'i !•". lil.lelii-;-.- I..".e'i. n !in l.r:'!:, Ki :'.:;'i p.iiui 1 •' f.iu ri.:- • • i I •;.'.:;' '.n-.v- i::n ii\ 'ti 111.!;:.; I' ; . 's'.KWi ;''ii.^ :i ill.;i"';/ l::.K.: li-IL T ni 'i;'i! ^ell.>": li-avv \i eisbl ; i .nr 'i;Il.t:'.; ni-.:iiiiii '1 !.;.".'•• 12.In; l-ii: .>l L..'.ii^/1" :;ii: • l;shi l-.;li! -vllln'.i i2.:;ii; pae'ijiii:; .-le.v.-: I n.!". W I U.S..; .'^l.insirter pius .> 11. PK/1 L'l:;.".. ('jillle. 2..'.iiii; siiM rallv -liail.v; fi W |ii;ii|.- sie.'t -i >;i..".0'<i 1 I 7.".; inn:' • ! •. . .-I'l ::ei- I 1 !. 0 11 ar. II t ."-'iiiti lavnr II (Al'» miner. iiial iitiiltimil- reiCIll- liy the- enlllt. ceas- i frnm I hnlilnn 'a*. ' \ he wa j placed hie In •eoU'eel- tnr |i.l;l 111 in- Ill.lieij in I n- ni an :h'iiiy ol A GOOD GENERAL VARNISH PKR GAfJX).\ I'inls, Quarl.s, Gallons ROWDEN'S ENDICOTT-JOHNSON "World's Larsest Shoe Makers" I Spring Oxfords for Men—Special for i . Saturday $2.98 ™ $5.98 : : .Nil iM.iHii v.liat ;.|.e :j .iii VI. n make from nnr - A iijf* variety of •i.vli-.. I..' I . I .I..1 - i|i -H .m,s yii:;r iliniee will he lorrcet. Because eveiy len.ji I i .-lli ci.v- eiir itil :!!.;ile sl.iiil.v nf tlieiiest dressed men 111 Ihe li.iv. -ai h j;iai|". is I-M liisively for (luality—Joi-style— ;t.ii| lur |i-:;ii!ar llijes value.-./* BILES FAMILY SHOE STORES t: 12111 |.i.iiiiil> ii|i .'11 iiii'ij ll.lo; |i.iiK- |i,|„| yearliiii.;-: .vjl.eii: li:;Iii leilm- .'^7 '.e 'ii'l.llH: liin.-l •. i;il .-r l;i.i.ii •^\.,u. >!:: lein I : i-ii .III n. •i|ii -ii ••. . ," l;.ii!il;. :''it liai"; i-> .lii U |iA .ir .i !•. .".II . •!!•. ul wnnb'il i ,n'. I Ml.: - .•' 1 I .'" 1 111 a .y I:i!!:!i- l.iniilil laiii'-'- •*IO.?/.'<' 1 I ^•^•llWiJ.|,IF.I|.|^. . 11,1 • _ •. .';.,.. - For prompt results Class'ltied Coliiinns. USD the ] ill'.: >''•'•:- 1" "I 'K/ 1 11.: II. I Call!;'. :;iiii- eahi -i IdO: all I l .i>-i I* : si,ir ^-i -i lar ;;e!v :i ele.'iiiiip Ir.ide altirni' pi ii i-'^; ' iiiil.'i. ini\ 'i| \iai!- ' lni;i. .ft'iilii; fe-.v Innli nl inediiiiu I In i ;nni| fed sLer^; iHUi): pr .ii lii .al tup .•?12.".<l. : SIiiJi 'p. .".Ill':' j piacl icallyi .iioiliin!: 1 ' ' ' 'I.I en: 1 1 si' ailv; II !.ii ,i .lv }\:. I 'M' 1 1 11^ J I .M/'.i 1 .ii n:zT,: , ill; -lie.|. I nn.j I .'Sill ll-.-' I ilin ll In Ih'' -.a 1 I nil. •, •J,':v\ . 111.)' •!! ... ,ii: ih'.' l.iL-.aii - J. 1.1 J. Iii.iii spnrls. I iiiv. 1 i: i| ill iiiilil. Wjalter Hagen Laughs CT. PKTKK.Sntruc.. Fla •^j ter Ha.i?en is having Ihe List lauch at the expense of.O>ne Saraz^n. I happened to be It; on (he atfpir when the "Haig" wab laimb- JngMoii\lest. Recenlly, at St. Peter! hnrK. I wftitrhed the final 18 hole; of the much discussed fend match be- twfen Hflsen and Sara/, -n Al thsjt slase of (hs event 11; en- joyjed an eif;ht-hole maruiu . Continuing the fine pla;- of the first nr..boles at Miami, Karazeu'.^ J ho^iie, where Hagen fiu- Ishjfd three np. sirelchini;!the .id- Wii-Kettinc Ihe money softer than, Kockefeller does. ' .Sararen, flooded with den.iin-;; rial ions from UaRen .idmirers for; the rather Tough m.inner in whirh; be treated the subject, latcr^ repiidl.ited the Interview andj started a suit for sometbin;: liko- a million dollars, more or less, i for damage done hi.s golfing rend-i tat ion. • I li'.Tveirt he.ird .anything ot thp i suit lalelv. I • * * I Hagen in Old-Time Form j f '^'^TTINC hack to Hagen, who i thfl match on Iba eleventh boh', ; 8 sjnd 7 The -crushinj; defeat Hag»n ad, rnlhistered toj Sarazen, one-of the worst druhbinns Cene ever has r..>- .. ceiled, was merely Hages's em- .t)h3tic manner of tellini; Sara/en no lone had Walter Hagen's goat securely la.-ssoed. for I vatjiapctoeiqbt upinthenext IS (jr "Vi„ outclassed i^arazen in holes played at Panford. he ended , ,„.,t-^.,.;,llo,, „rud^e match. ; IVissihly Ihe two are the best jof ' friends and the article, was merely'' ballyhoo. Uecardless, it crented • much B«.<;sip ais well a.s ! the meeting. a • Prior lo coming .south I re.nd j| niuih copy tuimeU out by the golt \ experts who, it seemed, had con- sizned Hasen to the cemetery ot^ polf has-beens. • His mediocre play of the winter and the defeat in- fiii led by Harry Cooper, 10 up and Hateen-Sarazep Golf Feiit •TT w-iU. be recallW a story \ ' ••• i published during th^^winter in ! nine to play, no doubt caused if. [ a weekly magazine ujiller Sara-| 1 <lo not po.-ie as a snlf eritic, I i zcn,''« name, in which "Ire insisted i t'lit llaceii still looks great to me. |; aco 1 watched bim win he j »-oi^ld be perpelualjjc'olf chain-; Ten year pioi If all the players Were as soi; ">'' nati him as Hagen. 1 rial ebaniploiisbip from .Mike i{ra|dy in the playoff at Urae- was sreat that day. According-to .Sar.i7en. he bad ,'"'i "• H''-! TiBcen 's goat: .any time llaii.'ii In turning Hara/en back in the heait him it would be purn In, k; ijl.iial ! s. Imb-s of tliojir 72-hole lie konld IlkenothiiiK better (ban iinji.h be didn't s n If) have ; a n atch with Sir Walter at stated 'aiiv oi Ill's uncanny ability from i iai« rvttl :i .^wltli^a _««t»».,Kiil «.l"'lj the ie« t»r on Uio j ;reuu8.. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE lOLA, KA.NS.VS Extra Big Values at i Staiini-h. .stuniy .-uits n!' lic- ])onti;il)l(> f;ihriis. Sizes li tn It) yi';ir.<. - .\ jrood a.-^soritin-nt of njitl 'M -n.-^ ;ui(l i-olm-.s of botli lijrnt yiid iitirk .'-^hatk'.-;. TM '.-;L' .-^iiit.-i hitvo riju- pair <if knifk- rr.'--. UALITY Comparable io the Costliest Cars * Beaiiti Pul Chevrokt 0 HtmUlJI.llrr' or OJach ScjJan - •-. Qh'rSpo't « Ca|>riol|ct-. La(idaU- • • ITon-rt All Pric, 715 745 hick «395 \a.nuOmL, ^ck «495 Feb Flint Michifaa Pall«»rtn Tircf* now ctanclanJ on all fo chcte Io«r pric** c divercd price* include In iiddjrinn the Iom*c«t handlinc and finandog cha Q U set availatslc Never was the supremacy of Fisher craftsmanship so e viden t as in the ne<v Fisher bodies on the Most Beautiful Chevrolet. Paneled, beaded and finished in sitriking tones of Duco— graced by distinctive, new, full- crown, one-piece fenders and bullet-type lamps, thdy represent an order ot style, beauty and! luxury unique in! the low pricie field. Chevrolet has long been famous for ipoWerfifl, smooth performance^ rugged dependability, long life and economical operation.; Yet, in the Most Beautiful Chevrolet these qualities have 'bee^ enhanced as the result of numerous niechanical im- proWments. AC oil filter, AC air cleaner,improved transmission, ;er radiator, sturdier frame. new tire carrier and gasoline gauge— these are typical of the highly niodem design which is winning the world to the Most Beautiful Chevrolet! Because it provides elements of style, quality and performance conaparable to the costUest cars, andbeCause it is offeredatamaz- ingly reducdd prices—the Most Beautiful Chevrolet is everywhere acclaimed as the greatest sensation of America's greatest industry. Come in! See and drive this greatest triumph of the world's largest builder of gearshift automobiles. I Learn for yourself what amazing value is offered in the Most Beautiful Chevrolet —how closely, in style, quality and performance, it compares with the costliest cars. SMELLY MOTOR COMPANY JIS WESTJACKSO.N' A L I T Y TELEPHONE 60 A T LOW CO ST-

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