Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1898
Page 3
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Stock Reduction Sale. roat opportunity for purchasing High Grade Goods at CUT PRICES. 50 Shoes, welts arid BV THU TBLHORAPII PUINTINO COMPANY. Our celebrated line of Ladies' turns, cut to $j. Ladies' Vici Kid Welts, button and lace $j, cut to $2.50. Ladies' Soft Vici Kid, button and lace, single and double soles, the best $2. 50 Shoe in the mirket, cut to $2. All other lines cut in same proportion. MORRISSEY BROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. THURSDAY RVM., DUO. 29. TELEGRAPH BUILDING, CORHtn THIRD AND PtASA ST». THE DAILY TELEGRAPH !» -Jollforerl bj carrloni to all ptrts of Iho city ot Alton, North Alton und Upper Alton, for 10 contu per week, Mallod to any address at tho rule of 60 cents poi month. TUB TELEGRAPH has tho largontolroulat.on Of »njr paper In Alton, and Id the beat medium forBdrertlBors. CORKBR THIRD AND PUBA BTR«»«, T«L«- raoMi No. 88, Joseph Brown, a nephew of Joseph Brown, ft former Mayor of Alton, died Tuesday at his renKlenee in Bt. Louis. Mr. Brown was 56 years of age and speut the early years of his life In Alton. The funeral was at 2 p. m. today from the home of Mr. A. B. Harfly, 2B2fl Barrett street. Get our~i>r!ce» on Muslins; great values In Reached and nnblea-ihed muslins at 3>ic, 4c and WAIT Oapt. 0. B. Collins, of tho Minno- tonka, IB upending tho holidays with his family. Overcoats wore decidedly uncomfortable today, with a temperature like a day in May. Try the Best,' "LaBolle," $4.00. Tho Woman's Council will meet tomorrow afternoon with Mrs. Geo. K. Hewitt In Mlddletown. Mr. Adolph Zangg has resumed his former position in Maul & Hall's barber shop. Mr, and MrsTT. H. Pen-In, of Eaat Twelfth street, are recovering from a ten days siege of the grip. Anna MrPartridge, aged 13 years, died in a tent in the willows yester- aay. The body was buried at Milton. Don't lose your bearings and goto , - a j i Belle street when looking for Dorsey GOOd Light CallCOeS at y a yard. • UuelOo. They have moved to 314 to per cent discount on all Bleached and Unbleached piaaastreet. i:«r. *nA t,hoolinor<;. . The thermometer today re| SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY ONLY 12 per cent discount on Stamped Linens and on Battenberg pattern?, Braid, Rings and Thread. 2 skeins of B. & A. Filo and Roman wash silk tor Good Light Calicoes at j/_a yard. A number'" of" Invitations to a n reception to be given in Bt. Lonls, Monday, January 2, at the home of tho Misses Wright, of 30 Wlmlemere Place, by the Medley Olob have been received In Alton. The cards of Misses Julia Edwards and Hallie Bayle were enclosed. dot prices at great clearance sale at Haagen's. Blankets and Cloaks at very low flgnres. _ _ dun and look repairing gone by . 2nd st. FOR THE FIRE SALE OF THE STOCK OF Contractor Byan today began work of paving Ridge street from Front to Second. When the ordinance for paving Ridge Btreet waa passed, Luer Bros, and H. O. Prleat asked to be excepted when the contract was let and that permission to them to let the contract privately be given. There- quest was granted and the work IB now being done. A public mass meeting ol theool- ored citizens will be held at the U. B. - - ' M on tomorrow night, isv , eryuu u, invited. By order^oMWi-l zen's Committee. **•> PIERSON & CARR D, Q. Co. AT THE SPALDINQ CLUB BUILDING. Until further notice the office of Pierson & Carr Dry Goods Co. will be No. ,14 Piasa street, over Dorsey Fuel Co. - I The thermometer today r 03 degrees above zero, from The County Board Investigating committee went to Edwardsville, last 1 night, taking with them figures glean- from the City Court records that will be used in the contemplated proceedings against the ex-Sheriff. They ,. .. .... i«_-i. 10 me developments r but not MAY ERECT A MODERN BUILDING, Repreiwtatlve of JohoMn Estate Here and reiwav fine Building May lake the Place of Oae Destroyed by Fire. •LOVE POWDER." ( ploaoe H? T" LEIM, 113 W. Third st 1 Michigan sweet older at J. H. Bau- laan's. Dr.A.T Dentist, bpaldlng bid. • W.M.Johnson, of Philadelphia, — ' Johnson es- ng formerly - i occupied uy the Pleraon & Oarr Dry ter - = ' QoodaOo., arrived in Alton yeBterday Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranber- tooonlet wltu ftn insurance adjuster ries and celery just received at Btan- the loM on the ton & Yeakel'B, 2nd and Market. J £^£ The ^^^ O n the build- estate will HELLO! Merry Christmas. of clerks with the grip. Qeo.McVeTwiU now be '° a Si a * i Frank Bauer's barber shop on Belle street. y^tlbeen deter- j speeches in the council last ni^ht, the minois Colored Volunteers, write, {rom Ban Luia) O uba, to Wends here, He appears to be as much at home in Dr. A. oTIarr, dentist, U3 W. 3d st the £, a8 when at, GaUagher^boM the new G©LD DOLLHRS Cannot be bought in St. Louis or Alton at SOc. But we will give more for your dollar than St. Louis houses, quality considered. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes as low as " " Cloth " . " " •' Tea Spoons, per set Solid Gold Watches, for ladies as Chains, " " " " Set Rings, " . " " ' Gent's " $2.00 -1.50 - J.OO - 22.00 - 6.50 - 1.00 Want a handsome new Diamond Ping? Thought we'd belter let you know, we have 'em just in. Come before the rush. Our stock of Opals are melting away pretty fast 1 Better come pretty soonl him o! of in a I contractors." The mayor . coat of referred to the TELEQBAPH when he The B poke of "the newspaper," and while quite thanking him for bis compliment, yet ' , . . • »_ I_ n*it«i"iTt VirhttTI hfi late Patrick 81, 119 West Third Street. i V ' JHJI 'twswse^^ — g== The Ice fields across the river are growing thinner daily and the high water is making the hold of tha ice on the sand bar very precarious. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Bathe at Frank Bauer-B P barber ahop^OS Belle st A party of music lovers will attend from Alton, the production of the Messiah in St. Louis, this evening, by a number of prominent artists of the West. '_ F6r » good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul A Hall, Piasa at. I "bom shell" from a Spaniard, which , was two feet long and eight Inches I through. HesayBit is in the State at Springfield. When Aleck i the out, he will have wonderful Btoriea to [ tell to the gneate down at the Depot hotel. Stop that congh with Stanley's White Pine.—Paul's Pharmacy business house if Barney Burke, whoBe name and brogue betoken the land of his birth, came down from Jerseyville a few days ago to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and he did it in royal faah- . _ At *«n *t othtairv. He was vDouKlUK mi" »v* **«« — — — K • - ™^^trj5|:s^^^=£ assSH-'-ss ss--i?is H™ . --i—.- » .nfflnlent common talk on the street, and advo. cited an impartial and thorough investigation for the purpose of getting at the truth as to whether the Fifth Btreet paving had been "slimmed over" by the contractor, or whether he had done good work. If the latter is true the Jiayor and his two appointees, composing the board of public works, and the contractor would be vindicated. All "the newspaper wants are the facts. If they prove [s Honor was right in accepting itract from Mr. Ryan, all ie well. The expense will be money well spent if it relieves the mayor of * . ..«_•__ 4-V.nt- Y»a iin/ltllV Die mveuiuioui.. Should —- be erected on modern plans it would no doubt Bet the pace for other much needed improvement!) on property in the bnslness diatrlct. Alton'B business men have for many years been handicapped by,old-time store buildings. One improvement -- the vary best city - 2.50 See our fine line of Ladies' andjGent's Umbrellas. All goods just as represented. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. IS ALUM POISONOUS? Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New "York Buckwheat, Fine Fruit Cakes, i, 2, jibs. Fresh Fggs. Ortrs'are fresh and best In quality Sawyer & Keiser, Overcoats! " A dancing party will be given by I ^"^gettrng full of whisky, young society people at Hotel Madl- arreete d by Officer Spaet and tbiB Bon, Monday evening, January 2. A morning Wa8 fined 826 and costs for . ..._, i _ i ,_.... >,„„ iioAt, i ranoy and drunkenness. Burke pleaded for liberty with eloquence that in similar circumstances would have done credit to his distinguished . ,i__ «.»m1 Tin WAnti aon, onay e, . large number of invitations has been issued. _ well spent if it reeves Whitens the Baker's Bread, but Plays Hani a e general iiupioion that with the Stomach of the Consumer. fav0 rs Contractor Ryan as - . _ Lindleyfc Dickinson, jjentists, Nls- bett bldg.. opp. Pity Building. I The period of anticipation la over but the greater and usually more I . .. _ » j.1. ^ >«J.«« la nt-111 frt _ John Z. B. Haywood, who was ar rested in St. Louis some time ago for stealing, has been sentenced to Jefferson City penitentiary for a term of two years. He went Alum is used by many bakers to whiten their bread, enabling them to against the Card to the Public. Having this day mutually dissolved partnership under the firm name of t ,. .u v iur«i«.no<. Mr. Meissner of tartar in the manufacture of baking «™' fwre tj( *j r Ube r kin P Death of Thos. Hastings. Thomas Hastings, an old resident of Alton, died at 5 p. m. Wednesday, _ * Tm _i. j-i. Mvtri A IrnTi Madison Phone 185. I .„„. .„ ; . IltbeMwi^ei »« »"• «•« « "" "„ . ,™t in™,, ««.•,«. o, «,....,« .. .»" ">«..»«».-0*5 «o»,, = .t,h= «-y««; "JTl. £S . ^•**-~^*\Ztt£3&Z2^\tt'Zl£l&:s;!i saanas'S?' - sasr^stE: ™ y "T.";*"=^.K^ Prices, of coarse, are much leaa' tj( *j r Ube ral patronage, pat Mr , F. W. a powdeT IfcuseTn bread and baking P a r/ope our successor,-Mr F \ nowder is very detrimental to health, ^ofa*, ma y be favored with Srotcing dyspepsia and ornate continuance of*, aame. ^ constipation, and nndercertain conm p w ScHNEIDEE . ... . _. ......I-A.M vonnltfl in tionfl of the human tionfl of the human nyoum" *7"" "I poisoning. What these conditions are so far as each individual is concerned ^^ ,._ , can only be surmised; Borne peculiar- member o f Company H, 1 ity of'the system producing a morbid (ftntry> now a , O oamo, change In the accretions of the atom- ^m hi8 brother Frank | now. A good Beaver Overcoat can be bought of us For $4.50. I The best we etlll have iu stock, some ol them worth »15 to »1T are now old railroad man, naving IU.JB .- .-- UheO.& A. as a fireman on the local Try jwemmisor-B B uw^» switch engine. Some yearfl ago nis nproved Fig. nealth began to fall and he waa obliged Frederick W. Mumme, of Edwards-| to glve np his poaition for that of ...- j..j i_ <.u»» ~u,, thta mnrnine. t^i, mn r, of thn Ninth street oross- , Try Neinlnger'B Magnolia and new Improved gig. jjrouwi.iv** *• * *"*• *••**•*•**j "" — r Vllle, died in that city this morning, after a abort illneas with paralysis. He waa keeper of the poor house for many yeara, and an alderman of Ed- wardaville for twelve year.). Scott la the bualest taUorjn town. lu E*VO up ""» •*•—-watchman at the Ninth street crossing. He waa a quiet, Induatrlona man, one of the claaa that makea a good citizen, and waa highly eateemed by all who knew him. He leavea three children. Miss Maggie Haatlnga, Thos. Hastings and Martin Haatinga. The funeral will beheld at 9 a.m. • -_ * . ' _ in Wn !»» rhA from Porto Rico. Louis Walters, of North Alton, a - 19th U. S. ln- Porto Rico, Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidenc and it may snap like a col web. We are striving To build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. JW t«» v>**»***- i -'j brother Frank in regard to ^_«n WU . U u^ .Porto Kioo affairs, and soldier life £ rm s an active poison: or, the aecre- there . Louia h aa been notified of his tlona may be healthy but in abnormal di8Cbarg e, but up to Dec. 11, when the propoTuona, and theae lesser or great- letter waB wrHt en, he had not receiv- L proportions In combination with ed |fc He Bald ifc was possible be toe aufmconstitute apoiaon justaa th« migbt 8pen d the winter in Porto Rico two parta of mercury and two parta M he dld not oare to come homem chlortae form calomel, which la not L^ wIntOT . H e says he can earn good poiaonoua, while one part of mercury wages there. He has learned to speak andtwopartaof chlorine yield cor- ft mtle 8panl8h and can now attend an . lW °._";,».t. W hioh is a most Ljje danoea and warble to the aenoritas Marked $10. tt«offloe wnt«n4Hjw^ w ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ttdvantag e HAPOOOD PLOW ww. i See to what great advantage you K B We h»T« w Agent., CanvMsera, or oan buy now . Dolnot wait until aa- iSuBS, Bortmontand staea are gone. ! Lagrippe Is widening Its field of ac- i. The fane ral will DO new « » - -» tloninthe Altona every day. New Saturday, and aervloea will be In the victims are taken by the dozen In all cathedral. 'parts of the city, but fortunately the I —-==== life of the malady is short, in most ° a —"•" r"'"' cMiiiiei F i, B, WILKINSON, M. 0. PHYSICIAN «n«l SURGEON, «nd Mwket i LADIES! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES- Mrs. Turner, widow of John B. Turner who was burled yesterday, was taken severely 111 today, and at a late boor her condition was considered quite critical. Owing to her great age her condition la such as to give her family no hope. i Dr. Q. *»• ~ | office building. Coroner Bailey was summoned to j I Madison yesterday to hold an Inquest AT COST. Men'a m Lined Gloves for 10j» '"iSvervthlng freB"h and new. Goods and Prices Guaranteed- Tills «lo U limited,) L. 0. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 221 Plaaa |at. Howard Allen Entertains nil Mends. Mr. Howard Allen, the oldest son of Mr. and Mra.Q. B.Allen, washostto a dancing party tendered to his friends last evening at home of bli.parent* The Invitations were Issued by MB parentB before Howard returned from Yale College. The parlors were weU Sea with young people at B £.o'clock when danolug was begun. Music was furnlBbedby an orchestra of three pieces and It waa most dellghtfu to thegaestB. The parlors were prettily decorated with holly, mistletoe and evergreens, and J»ad quite a sylvan effect. Tbi young people danced until after midnight Interrupting the dance only once, when time for sup- pe? arrived. A very elaborate repast was served collating of all Beasona- b le dainties. Mr. Howard Allen gave promise o! being a prince •«on««|- tertalnerB at the first party* In his coltee will produce. THOS GOUDIE, Agent for CHASE & SCORN'S Importations.] No. 26 West Second st. ; - - Telephone „„„»,. has picked . number'of tiinkete. Among them a silver chain made from Spanishpiecef; also a mahogany cane, of which there are many in Porto Rico. The Porto Rlcans do not know the value of mahogany, aajbeyburnj^jor firewood. TarTspriflfl Wheat. "Oream of the Earth," $4.00. ALTON BOUJJB MIIXIN« uo. The only place to buy aillespieOoal IB 3°« Plaaa Btreet.-Dorsey Fuel Go. Hard Spring Wheat "dream of the Earth," «4.00. AI/TON BoLLBB MILLING Oo. Real Ertatelransfers. Elizabeth Harrison has sold to John Jennl lots 2 and 3 In Atkinson place, A WHITELY EXERCISER Is Just What You Want. It goes far towards making life worth living. It is simple, in expensive, good for altfweather and for everybody, young and old. ro- oust or feeble.and it is recommended by physicians the world over. Prices Reduced to $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. formerly $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and 5.00. A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle honor. ^fj^j^^^r' ^iw T ^^^^W^ ^ Fire REDUCTION On AH Children T 5 ts and Reefers. but Very Warm Prices. <*al. NEW YEAR'S CAKES, uornwtai MacWne" $35. Sela at Hapgood Plow do. Periooil. Lieut. B. V. Oroasman IB 111 with the grip, having been confined to bis bed for tne past two days. MlBB Mamie Baton, of S», LonU, IB visiting at the home of Mr. A. *. B MlBii Bdltb Blair went to uprlngfleld today on a visit. Mr. B. D. 4-ottou has returned from Dayton, O., where be spent Christ- Mary E. Midull baa sold to M. t. Leigh, lots 1 to 4, block 4, In Yager Park. The Modern Mother has found that her little ones are improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Figs, when In need of the laxative effeotaofa gentle remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the California Fig Byrup Co. only- A mint a«»K cm*" of TARTAR POWPIH third Street eiothier, 1 »' , ** ' ' . After Oct. 1 w« will give trading to o*«n e.-Dorw Is what the housekeeper is busy in preparing this week the best materials make the richest and finest Fruit and Scotch Cakes, and we have tverthing that is superior in Preserved Citron, Dried Currants, Pure Spices, Fine Raisins, Baking Powders and extra line pastry Hour. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone 187 TOYS! CREAM do to M. MoriU's lor yj^'^l 1 ateat ityW Bttjr"I*B«U* POWDER A t^A Awarded Hlghett Honor*, World's Fair Odd M«W, Midwinter Fair i , A lurgo and «om,.lot« Which we are roucb' -• barrowB, 10* up ( o «. ' Table.. 36f up i Banks. ,,t up-to-duto juut received. to all. WiiBon*, from W up; r"---< .-up; Doll OalJrt, W up; Olittlra,: - iol OliouiH, 1U'' up; Dolls, If up. , Doll Uucls audOradlei) groat variety of 1'euny Goods. A

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