Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 11, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1927
Page 6
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I THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING. MARCH 11. 1927 iWh«t llns Gone Before Garrett Folsom is slabbed to ' death while swimming at Ocean Town. N. J. Kolsom's hatliinB fonipanions hiul be «.-H Roger Neville, a buni- ni-s8 parlner; Mrs. Helen Barnaby and Carmolita Valdon. • .\nastaHia FolHoni, eccentric and inaKlcrful sister ot the dead nian, arrives and tukeH coniniaiid. At'Tlie Inquesf it js learned that the death weapon wan a iiichaq. :in Oriental knife, and it had been bought on the boardwalk. It IK learned that one Croydon SearH IH a - fancier of ciirlouH wearions. Ho.adniit.s hiiyinR two knives hut nn| the piehaq. .\naHfa.'da enKancK Tlttis RIKKH. | an iirchltect. to workon the ta .se. I>an Peltoii. the dead man'H nephew, arrives and ix InlrlgUfHl by some curioiis French dolls In Kofsom's loom. Croydoji Sear.< seuils for Flem- iiiK .Stone, famous detective. He tells him Kolso .ii had been blackmailing him and he had lied at the inquest but was innoceni: Stone meets others of the circle; incJudins .\ed ; Uarron and his wife, Madeline, and begins {iniellyito work. >on ji .'o On With llic Story Caxdiyn CHAPTER XXXVIII. i .\ed parron was a simple-minded, single-hearted man. ^vhose only intecsst. outside his business life, w;;s his devotion to his wife and child. Several j^cars older than Madeline; he worshipped her aa one mieht adore an idol; and it she sometinjes sacrificed her wishes or preferences to his, it was not with his Icnow-IedRc or consenl. In the present inetaace, though she would have gladly gone away from the seen'- of thi^ tragedy that had so disturbed her peace of liiind. she kiiew o'r his liking for (he place and t">ok i -a're not lo lot Dim know she- woul 1 rather he clsewhei-e. Fleniin; .Stone., iiis dark eyes alight wi h essjoymeiil of the whole Scene, uitssed no point or detail or tiie conversation, and realized that, tbnogli the matter of Ciarrelt Folsom's death was not entirely taboo, yet il/vyas not openly dis- ctifised. '• ' This might have "leeii merely he- icaiis'j It was no fit subject for ta- Ible talk, 1ml to .Stonu-lhat did not I seem 111" truth, lie nensed a deepr jer reason, :t ; iibtbr cause for the lavi'i.Irm'f of the iriallcr, or fur a j<|uli'k. decided change of iiulijei'i If ;:il cliaticeil to he touched <uy ^ii- Tllli (mi'ies:ieil liilU, JUS^Njje J«l (o udili to tilid mil tvUn wciT»>.lhe (ilieii IIIOKI illHliiclilli 'd , lo refer lo jtlie liiiitlitxiiM Which bad brought llllm ilowii there. i And a lew liicllieuU' »otinldera- :l'-li |i|o\ei| II (II lie Miidelllie lliir- I 'liii cinl her trleiiii. MiVii Fair. 'I"lit» MUliiilsed .St.ine; iinlll he reall/ed that lliey were the only Hvoineii lueMciit, ;iii<| iiaturally ibe iniliiiue nature reyoUx fi(*m bouKhls of Kniesomelless (ir eiiiiie. ;ny On willingncsn! in her eyes, but ^hc a^jceMeil' li^s invitation gracefully ard they Htartcd off. The night was pleasantly cool, and the gay Imardwalk, with its color Hnd lightn. necm^l to be the edge of the world against the tlatk abyss of sea beyondT .\fter a few casual remaikH Slono said, quii'lly • • •Vou know why 1 am here. Mrs. Harron.. Vou know 1 miist ask quesiioiis of any ohe' from ^hoiii t think 1 can guin Infori^mtlon.". "Hut you can't get iny; from ni"!" .Madeline spoke nimoHt 'hyH- terlcally. "Oh. Mr. Stime, don't tulk^o mc about II!" •'That's why I brought yoit out here; NO 1 conld talk to you alone. For I'm sure it will be easier for you to tell me anything yo|i have lo tell without other listeiier.s;" "Hul 1 haven't an.vthlna; ti tell." "Then why are you so troubled uboiit it all? Why are you .Ho nervously sensitive to a Irugeiiy that is dreadful, to he sure, bu! is of no personal grief to you'/ Or is it?" , : "Oli, no, no: 1 had no personal didnt WI][EN PARAFFIN GETS RESTLESS, BETTER WATCH pUT Controls Life Two were killed. Iralfj a million dollai-/ wor; i >>' tcoperty destroyed, and the city of iiufTalo was ta 1 V of the Standard Oil C |0.,; plant itherc Jet go. .Many per- shaken for several miles whi;u a huge psraJJin ...... , ^ ^ sons were thrown from their beds by the shock, aucj ii bank alarm three'in 1 shows the wreckage, with lirtmcu at v.ork. es away Was set off. The^ picture HARRY SMILES'AT 'EM. Interest-in .Mr. Folsom; 1 know him, you see. Bni iiow i ha'o come to know his sister and hi-f nepliew—" ' "That isn't it. Pardon ine, .Mrs. Harrr/n, but tiuly it will be better for you to tell me just why ypu are so deeply concerned in Ithd i affair." . • I Madeline Rarron', lurnedl slightly unlil^shc faced her copipiinion. Her eyes looked big and dar|{, tor her face was white; and lier cheeks palcl beneath her light toalh of rduge. ' • \ For a'mohieut she hcsitaleilj then said: "I will tell you. 1 am worried, because f fear ihere is susilcion being cast on .Mr. Sears. IJif son.' yott know, is engaged to .Miss Fai^. who is my dearest friend. Shoiiiti any 'rouble come to Croydon ^jeara it will, of course, reflect on Hi bin." "You mean," Ktoiie said, gravely, "that you fear Croydon Scars is the murderer of Garrclt Folsom'/" "Oh, don 'l put it like that!' and .Madeline gaspeil. "But 1—y)'S. I :im afraid he w^ll be suspected of thill." ' ; "I see," Stone said, spei king :ihnyjy. "And I iinderstiinil. Now, Mrs. Rarron, he Is alrnady |Su«- pei'led. IH thore anything, laib- tlilllg at alj,'lllut you can lel| ine ili.'il has liny beMrIng on the i)ueH- tlon of his guilt or Innocuni-ef "lie Is HUK |iccled7". Madeline •ipoke 111 a wliiiiper, but hifr|llpti iliilvred and she showed u fa <}e of ul(er dbitreHM. • "I'eihapH HUMpecled Is loo Hll -oilt; a Word at pr 'esont, hut the p ^illce'^' Kansas came last Sunday to visit the Herman Wille family ami .\!is. Sophia Konen and family. Mrs. I..H. Lampe. who has been j sick for the past week is sonic I improved, being able to be uji at I this time. I ' Will Riley and -M. over to loia last noon attending tlu (,'harlie .Mrs. (lefirge I.amlhrrt atid -Mrs. .lohn Walttirs with lid Itilc.v irso- lored to Yntes Center last Tu'-^day ^10 have i -onie 'dental "w;;rk done. ! •A-'! Ha^ry Sinclair went^o trjal in Washington on a charge of con- lemitt of the Senate, he. must IKIVH heeji thinkinjt of the recent ficqiiiHal in the Fall-Doheny case. Anj^vay, he woie his oinlle. .Martin W. l.flllelon. of .\ew- Vork. (Iii.'i chief counsel, is wiihhlm. ^tQUA r nil !lUl\ it at now th<- SI. il will —N-i;.\. .-I JJr. Ouy AV. Cliirk ot the UniveiTlty of California 1 cu urchin, acit an l -Yaneiseo Hiiroau a.s discovered a blood I "A cdejiii nioliir is like a clear hi ad aiid^.i >(c .!»h iiaml il iiiiprotes 'J (Mil drhr.** l'."rtoieHin. "T(4'.'. ulV"—willi tleuii, rrcsii '..oid'n ( nnw <iil. UIM I ;riv;isHig of ail ]»art.-^ ol' y6iii' c:ii'. 'riu 'ii ;i l:iiil<fiil of jiiiick- (irii'.jr I .'.sli ;!a.s will ra ;T .v yuii tar i:U>'.\-^ \\\r "lairv.ay" ot ; l\ai;piiu -st-. These arc tlu- ti-ied aiu! {v,w I'^ilcs lor beatii?if tile "Ivi^ry'' of niotoi' Iroubio.-^. ' \ l.f'l ii.s serve you I , ' . - i Lesh Service Station Bubslance cabled "cocyiin." ,b \-IOrAnv Which he dec life in lower nance .starts ijfe in the ejrj; of,tha tares he can control animals. The sub- ording to .Dr. Clark. I.csh Tump Opposite Ice I'laht ELMER P: SLACK. Maiiagcr . | S. lUicon Were Monday afler- funeral of .\t si \iy-l:yc- Ciuiiife .Athle'ics i.-- (!r ;in oi Icamie liiaiia -'ii: .\l;!i -k iif tile liie mil jnr Have Frank T.FOIMOIU, roadm: the M. K. * T, lallriiad former reislilent of riijiia (] located al .Kiiipoiia is In •Milry's ho^ijrital al St. l.oiil he was operated on for gaiLsioiii .Monday of hiMl week, lie wii!* In il serious, loiidillon tor a lliiie but H lniprt)yiti|(. Mrs. Folsom Is wllh hini lo criiiiirort lii-t siiff'Mltig. i , ,, , L. . , ,, , , I • , M iand fam y asl Sunday -'Ihe iiioutli old baby boy of Mr., ' _ [ SIS. who Pleasaiit Valjey School (Isabel ('olvin andU..eona Sloiler.i .Mr. an<l Mrs. H;itry Siotler .'IMI family s|ient all day Suiid-iy with Air. and Mrs. Harry Streeter. l.eon.1 Sloller was ali.«ent .Monday, because of illness. •• I.eona Sliillei- anil Is-ibel f'olvin ^va^hed the | window curtains al school on Tuesday.' .Mrs. .lames Callow; v ' vioileil .Mr.=<. Walter Ci^vlii Sun lay. .Mrs. Alio ami little Kenneih and I.oreua ^iitterfii'M visited sirhool on Tiie:( jay aflej-- noon. We hail otir parly on list Frid.iy at se.hnol. .Miss llalzer'aideil t|ie losing side i In :serving! refre'h- drilling rig fiiriMr. Sherman that'">«'"'« "f <'»k" "u.Uiot cv,,(.:i after he bad used on |the Horvillc farm. ^^''^ ''nK!'*;'''! i" [ ei|ilierlng match. .Mrs. Irl Smith .'ind Aln; Harry Slrefi'|er and Winkle .street­ er were'Kiie!)t.'<. The afieniodn xyai! enjoyi'd very much. You a Hotise for Ri/nt7 Or for Sale? Want,to, buy anythinsr'/ Use the Classified Columns^! ids pure foods. To have easily digested igs use Calumet. Every ingredient offi- dally approved by U. S. Food Authorities. Kli-lii tisims ti'iiin ri<|ua and five leaiii'i from lola liViilli of lola. " Regular seivi will luove the rig Y"i il wa« impossil.Je to kei-p , I' Mas come to their ears s( me,ay from th.' subject vnlirelv .r j1'="' •'• , >ol',i ; On Ihe eiittance of .Misk Ana^ta-!"^ ,''°'?"^ f'"^' over;Croydon Sears, an/1 her nephew, ihev were, of ! •'"'' '""lil'e was about lo use itl" (iouise, poinie.i „„t to Stone us the""^ nonsense! As it a mi relatives of Oarrelt FolsoiU; Wiien Roger .Neville and t wo and.Mrs.; 11. C. Kuestersieffen. j , '^»"" are narrowing things 'down. | ami Ji s<'Hl-h of ,1'Uiua passed away Tlmrs- 1 -Y''>" hosplial. day, .March .'1. liiS". and was bur-;""" oiierali.|ii iid In the new cemetery. nlfoly. The Rev. Father Ileiuian who U ! .Anion Koliuer at the .Mavi) lios|iilal, Roche.^ter. | Ci'.rlvle. Illiiioi^j. .Minn.. uu<lerweut an operaiion : morning on the Sunflower S|>eyial. Wedni'sday morning. .March 2. and i lie is tniich in^proved in heallli is doing fairly well, as wo have i from his trip, no repi»rt to Ihe conirary. j .Miss i^ila Rin they lirive what they consider lordly direct evidence against hiiii. "And the motive'/" "It has eome'to their ears some- like ;Croy«lc,ii Sears Colild be afraid of a'liybody!" | j "A man may be fearless on i his women appeared, thev. too were! '^ "'"y 'earless on i his remarke<l as being of'the party to!""" account, and yet be distnibed on the account of others who lare dear to him." ^hit:ii Folso!i> had belonged, i "Whal do you mean, a parl> ?" ?loic' asked. "The ladies are not tere with Neyille"/". I "Sn." Hiirriin told him! "They are by themselves, the older one as a. sort of duenna for the beautiful Carmelim. Rut Folsom .lud Xeville were here l^jgcrher and they •'alhcr attached themselves, so that- the (|"artct was a congenial one. "Then after the tragedy .N'eville still Remained attached, al least to the Extent of sharing their table in the ( room, and acting as general ^avylitr." i He was F<dsom's partner? ^tone asi;;^, VaVching M^iellne! /'Pinions "f .his sistetj from the corner of his t;yc and i ^ioting .her restlessness. "In some things. But Oarrett ^'olsom had lots uf interests and doiiiii if Neville had ai'iything to ;i vviUi most of tliem." TilHs lliggs always sat alone at liis tahli^ io the dining room. Often, l^owever. his dinner over, he would .sJHunterto tjic table <i{ some friends t ^id have his coffee with them. He came now to the Barrons's hie and was welcomed there. 11 I n S<T • "Yes. that is true.. Vou mean Robin, of course. Well. .Mr. Stone. I wish I conld help you. If 1 knew .-iiiylhiug I wo'jld most certa nly tell you. But I can only assert my faith ih Croydon Sears and liis innocence, by reason of my respect and admiralion for the jnan and my knowledge of his general f ne- ness of character and Integrity " . "And yonr knowledgd of C.arreti Folsom?" "Is'only what I have heanl of him 'Since liis death. And runs the entire gamut, from hat the to the far less, eulogistic expressions of his nephew." Young Pollon had small lovf; fflir his uncle'/" "It would seem so. Thoug i C know little ol these things sav<l as? I h;ivei hearil' them discussed by others. Why; do you select me for: (lueslioning, .Mr. Stone'/" A sudden touch of resentment gave a; sharp! tone to .Madeline's I voice, and she looked sleadllyj aC^ I Stone as if demanding an answer. ei were held la;tl Suiidiiy al SI. .Martin's < hiii'i li by the Rev. Fathei- Itaill ' fioin St. I Paul Mission. . ' \MII lleiman nid lain|iy vi»Red with his hnrth-r. .lolin ' lleiman iftertiooii. Is al the Rochest<}r, .MIUU... Is im|>rovlng relumed from last Saturday VM noglster Wuntfi rin THE WORWS GREATEST B^KiNG POWDESt BAKINO EASIER— rrS POtlBIJC 4ctlWO ay. Times Those ofi Any C'Xber Brand , jUgir of lola was llubei:! lleffern came back from j visiting .Miss Mae lleckman .Mou- California the first of last week I day night, return and is visiting his father and I afternoon, brothers, .lolili Heffern and family. 1 Warivn Riley. .•\ bunch of men and teams iu|-~ick witli the ni charge of Will Heimaii wen: over'along nicelv. ; northwest of Vales C<nier after a ! .Mr.*. H. 'li. ; K ng home Tuesday who has been ieasles. is getting men of Parsons, i The Piercing Pidijs of iVIen and Women Evei:ywhere SeJdom Fail lo Get Quick IRelief From Paiii and Suffering! (To Be-CoDUnited) „„,,. Slonr lirni >>cs he I H «in tjir. ir vi.silor is, and she demands an i f''-'''' '""'»* «'liiirlfr "I briiig a message." ho sail!, as ' aci -epted a.cup of coffee,-"from Iss Folsom. She has learner! who iijlerview n' the eail'iest possible omeiii " "IliMianils'.'' and Stone raC'ed hi.; ebi (iw:; a I rifle.; "Yes, liiii Mil.n;. Foil,<>m alwnyr. •iiiaii'li;. • II':; oif ol her Utile ;i >K Whal -half I tell lier'/" "Tell her," Fleliliug SUine said, illiat I will gram, her dt 'jnaud, btri lir e\iiinjurs l-'olsHrirM piipcrs iny own good,'lime. - Tell lier at r propose lo have "a ride fin li.'ifr tliini;s and that wljeii rel'irn 1 will l«?ep tiny appoiii'l- '•iii she. may niakej We mii.-!l her. Se.irs. and lien nephew, <>. as ;;eiin :i?i niay be.' Stone's manner ciianged siidden- frOm gay 'banter to n. serious ne, and then lie inviled Ihe whole pjirty lo goon a rhiiir ride, slipu ling that he was lo have .Mrs. irron ;u: bis companion. He c.iuglit a faint flash of un- :ln rereii? y.'ilfH few bo\ern fn Australia liave made good in .Viilerlcau ling, hut In Ihe old dnya many ol the most brilllani iijlM poi-f.iiuieru hiiileil from that coifii- iry. .Some of Iho most noted .^Vffre Bob Fllxslmmons, Peter .Inrksiiin, .Mm Hall, .loeCoddnrd," Dan ('ree- don and Young (Jrlf/o. —Torturing pains—the kind that pierce aiid burn anil never seem to let up—that rob a man of his sleep —that intake him just a bag of nerves and till worn out. •Those are the pains thai dope and coal tar products can oul>' relieve. Thoi safe, effective way to 1:P!P get rt<l of the n. rsi>teiil. Aerve- rackiiljr pains of .Neuritis is to get a bottle of Allenrhu .Sin'ii.jI Formula .N'o. L". lie .<nro ; on get .Vo- 'J. which comr.'- in ca isulo form. 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The EvaQ$ Store .MATI\Ki;,S *-':«» |i. «i. Ilally 17 1 to II :IN) p, m. Timt-s./rhc Fascinalinjr Fashion Show —IN- , A«iam (lidn't knov,- what he was .'^taVtinjr when he j K'-'ivc a rill lo loarn the titiaiiit old .'iirorf of matrimonv. ;;li 's now 6.0fV0 -or more million years .siiirc Eve first i askt'ii her hu:;hand frir some filthyhicro to buy some now fig icavcji—;tnd :-(ill wonicn have nothing to wear. Sec this captivating comedy drama. ' : Krazy Kat Kartoon Kfimedy—Our Gang Comedy, "Bring Home the Bacon"—Don't miss' this—Children 10c; Adults 25c. • Satnrdaj 1 to I |>. m. lOc: Mjrht 10c and ^ Lefty Flynn in "The College BooV' /The col!ege < rowds-calliug for gotl, and he pow- trless lo p?ay! A criisheil man waKhiJig his Ijeloved team go down in de!V:;i: 'i i'.en lie gets t'a" order "Go out and win!". Ami hciw that !>oy 1M)KS UO:- Kra/j Kat Karl .M .u Koniyj-Dorullij Phillip'^ in "The Bar t' -HyStery"- .Sei.npjt runiedy. *^wo "Time Jlamma*' .Monday—I .on Chancy in 'Teli it to the Warines'' - -:^-'.ki .'.::jjA:: ;X :. ^.d ^^^-.^f ^ZXAjI ^^M^^ STAOTLING! YES, INbEED! Particularly startJin- to farmers who l|aive been l)aying ^90.00 to ,^100.00 and iliore per ton for mineral mixtures. SIXTYIFIVE DOLLARS PER TON for Walkins' Supreme Mineral Rations is possible only because of the J. R. Watkins Company's eco- ncmical methods of bu:'ing", manufacturing and distributing. BECAUSE OF ife TRTEMENBOUS VALUE the Watkins Company pircliases raw materials Ky the trainload and, therefore, at the lowest possible cost. The<:omijany's 10 million dollar plaint enables it to miin^ uf actpire its products in large quantities, using time and money saving machinery. The Watkins dealers form a chain :0f distribution djn:rl from ithe company to tJe consumer-the cheapest method ever devised. Erch Watkinsd,ealer hj^s over 160 products which he sells'to over l,0(>f) rej fular customers. These savings are all passed on to you making pos- sil l,e the low price of on|y $65 per ton for Hog and Cattle rations and $7i) per ton for poultry rations. Krad the formiitu' L-iveM; l)cli»w ai fl you will .sec that Walkin.s'Supreme ."Vlineral is made of Mic fines! ingi|cdichts, properly m:\cd, (Juality has not been .sacrificed to make a price. Potassium Iodide KOnr^UUAE V/atliins' Siiprfmoj Hon Min'-ii'l tUtinn I'. I- . •,! ii;. Catc'om C»o* )ooato Ittmcutonr) .ro./D Special Steai i Qary-. Meal Vj.W Sortitim Chll-iilc (!s .-\U) 20'>0 Ferric Oxide j ">•/> Manganese ; nlpli.ite . 1.00 Potassium lojriiile'j 03 Watkins' ^upre'rpe Cattle Rai'tion j • l: 1. 1.. 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