Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 11, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1927
Page 5
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THE tOLA'Di^ILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVliNING. MARCH li, 1927, PAGE FTVE, Prepared for The Register MT. K Boyd of Springfield, MoJ^Read every article.'^ mail this paper to a friend. If)LA CftEAMERY CO. ODOH GREEN HOUJSE nin riirUi -iilnr IVOIIIP I'roiVr Tln -I KsfjiMNhml In Ii li'.la CrwinM'ry <'«iiiiimii}'s Sim- j IVaj; itiit Today Is j (iy HriKili Bninil Itnfipr. In n .Modfrii I'roirri'sshe liisll- tiitinn. $niiill TIK- Crcaiiii-iy roiiipiiny lias td -ii II .-•(•rviiij; this • coiimuiiiiiy for rn<iii'- ihiiii 4 i!uart<'r ci'iiuiry. Iiav-; su'''''''^*- iiij; mailt' Ki-rat siriili -s in i's liiif • if! I'liili-avor. TIM ' cI'-anlilHss and , t|iiiifai-v ii|nciili!iri,-' IIIKJIT wliicli - S)iaily-I!riidk l)utti'ri^^ rnadi'.. is iiiic <>l uiitstriiiiiiiiK .)<-aiiii<-s of this .M:i(I.' in a iinwlil sanilaiy < hurif <-ry wln-n- fVt.Ty -vi-ssef or Tin'i-r' is nothing silfrceiJsj This is IriiP of thu Cri-en Jlon.fp lliat took form in- I'.'lo Untlei- the ali!e tna int -nt of .Mr. i}- V. Oiior am continupt'l iindiT his inanagtmcjnt pvt-r sinic. tlius it is lola's i Idfsl and larRt'st gl-eenlioiise liiidor jianie nian'agfnionl. like Odor balk lage- ha.s LEHIGH PORTLJAI^ID CEMENT COMPANY! Sortes llip Kntirr .Mississippi Viil- ley m(ti l.<-iiiK>t Quality Pert' lanil Onieiit. lilie Tliis alo'nel is uK'tisil uscil is ki'pl sWc..i! and clean j f'tling wiiii scaldins l.iot w^tcr and ihfir : <1''"<"L* >" uEi-to-datf- .'ityriii/.aiii'.m trilnile of piihlic fonfi- tlK' qualily and . .service svsteni at '• this <on<'ern Jias rendered. ; it V is this •f t'lan all times.: Til'' sail! and puiinlarity of .^Iiad.v- I'.iook ;J?utter is by no means I'on- iilicil ti) lotaj liiiiils. "howcvei-. it ran hi- said that iln- urealei- por- . tioii o! hiiiter used in this'eommnn- popular jbut^er. .More million j/o;).i:d.s of lola Cieaniery Company's biitii-r found ilf, way to the inaikeH of the .south- ei'u states last year, whur'- it has/ b.'voiiii- e.xeee ^l .iiigjy proniineni anil jiiJiMilar with ilie liaile. This jn itself is JiltiijK to ;!ie iiualily'of lola ("iiainiiy ' ('on^Kiny's' products. TJ/Js iie;ujieiy buys its en-am di- reei friim the farmers who reieivt'j the liiKhest market j)rii-e. The lnla'| (.'(lanit'ry t"<iiiiiian.v has. and is de- v<iiiii(,' much lime to developing the ifijiiy iddiistry ol''this cDiuinuiiity. Ill not Kiil.v pi'oviiles a read.v inar- kiM lor butleri fats-bui il bus con- trjibuied wisely to eiii oU|•a^•illJJ dai- r\\ fariiiinii; in this sectioii. To this ljri)«ressive concern ilc' people of iliis coHiiiiiinity are iiidebieil for a larre pari of the preseiil day dairy- mi; iiidiistiy in l |iis and ;iiljoiiiiiir. "A square deal to all" was the slogan adojiti'd by Mr. Odor in ihe liegiiiniiiK!and is .still used, a.s none lietter has been fonnd. By at 'all times living, lip to this slogan— as flowers and idants the best, ii fine• business UK in ed is increas growing good a.s has beeii built wliiel^ froiii year to year.. This iciincern .specializes growing; cut flower.s and' jmt plants, liijwever. more than three lOLA WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Supplies a Law Territory Willi .Vatiuiuilly Adrertlsed tiruriry Products. The Icila Wholesale Orooery Coin- puny which was established in 1900 has met with considerable^success and is now recognized as a leader Supremacy of service reaches heights that -pay the richest divi- demls in satisfaction, especially sb when a way is found to render snch .service so economically that it is J in its Held. souiiiler by every possible stand- i | Only a few years ago the wliole- aril than any inl 'erior service at a I iale groceries were; looked ujKjn le.sser cost. This i)Olicy has en-! with distrust and ijointed to by the abled the Lehigh Portland t'enient i public as an unnecessary inbldler THE LEATHER PjftODUCTS CO. An Important' Link in the Industrl* ul (jhuln'oi' lola. Coinpany today it to grow and exiiiind until Stands out undisputed as kind in the a leading lirm of its country. '•T<[ the victor spoils"— and belong.s the this review Of hundred thousand vegetable plaits will he JRrown this spring ;w:h ch will find theif way tliroughoiil he rnited States. ' : Special ifloral designs for all tic- casjons iire to be had on short no-, tii-e! as well as rut flowers tliat are alwjiys fresh and of choicest (|tiality. : \ " , .\lr. and Airs. f}. F, Oilor are Oie ovy 'iiers jand under their superyis- ion this" concern has grown iiittil more tljan S.IMMI feet of gnAjnd space Hinder glass is required i to grow flijwers fifr the trade. U'heniyou think of flowers think liouse. whj'n 'itimliis. |;„f (lie JIdor (iVeen III i« liiiiler Ihe able diiecnon "Ii; v,,n will have a large \V. I-:. lijindalU gi-.ii-ral .man-: f,„^y,.pj^ f^,„„ I'liersoii. as-!.,,.,, ,„;,4,. ,„ .,11 jiaris of the tins company |.|,„i yi-y i, ^x»ri\\ telegraph ser- uyes $..ii.iHHMMi-^.j,.,. av.-iilaWe to .auv ilisthul r mote lbaii-.,„i„f • to fanners lor. ' . ' . , t , .Ml ami .Mr. sif 'taiil manage IN |iaviiii4l,^ it> (). '1, Ilia elllp l.asi yj'i Was lii' im.,. I•;l^wilier" ill Ih.Sj industrial varletv Oellver jiromlnent and progressive industrial «'nteri) of lola the Lehigh Portland Cement Company is deserving and! worthy oC special mention. This| «-onceru has not only kept p;«-e with but it has in a largi tributed to the iiiiliistrial and commercial development of the city. Lehigh Portland cement is made from one of ihe best limestone de- jiosit.s to be fonnd anywhere. Uy tei|t it is jirov ^'U to be !)6 per |eiit ' almost ine.\liaust!ible Cehas of ies u-ili v .i -ar. ;:>.iiii.iiii|i nil eiiiioiied in lie- am i|!ii'-nl , I by this pro- • \|iw villi will lind II, tail llie iK -w ice If iliat is; l)i-iiig iiistal >Mi->siVv i-ot:cei.ii. lOLA MILLING CO. lilting ( usfoiii f;riii(liiig tor a Nnniber'oi SatislU^I (iistoii lOLA LAUNDRY CO. I.ntesI Well KiiulptM'd .Modern With llie 3laclilnpry. pure and in <|uantities. Since taking over the lola inenl plant in 1917 the company sieadii>j added lu tii<> eiiuipnient and by; doing so has greatly increased the elllcieiicy of th which now is about four tlioiisand barrels'a day. .More than three hundred ihoiisalid dollars a year is paid III two liiindred and lifiy ein- idoyes. 1 The supervision of the .Leliigji Portland (,'enient Conijiaiiy. is dij- rcfted by .Mr. (•'. A. Swiggett who lias become well liki-d by (lie em­ ployes lis well as having a host of good friends in this ciiiniiiiiiiily. WILLIAMS MONUMENTAL WORKS man. The opinion of the public IK quite reverse today. People have come to realize more and more that a reliable wholesale grocery, performs u unique and benelicial .serv- icij to a coinninnity—in that it gathers together food produclH frijiii the country's leading growers and inaniifactureis of foods and distributes them to their pat- inodern progress. I rons. This arrangement greatly measure coji- i "'iubn'zes the cost of distiibutioh which-would otherwiso be prohibitive if evei-y inaiiufacturer attempted to distribute his own products. • It is needless to say that retailers in this territory can obtain their requirement.s from this local ;c(»iicern and secure better delivery and service than from a distant point. The company carries a very large and comprehensive stock whiirh I such nationally adver- 'lised food sluCfs us: Golden Wed- lOLA ICE, COLD STORAGE & FUEL CO. ! In this reViL 'W of the industrial enterprises of lola the Leather Products Collipany is worthy of .special mention. CSrowing and go- j ing forward jkitb.-.sui'e steps and no lost motion thi.s. factory has ^tnade lola known Widely in a coniinjercial way.,far beyohil tile knowledge of Its people, iu _ fact, neitheij the i heads of the company nori'thelr! co-workers, seem to consider [it ex- traor>Hnary jliai fi'om this city in soulheaslerq!Kansa.s there goes out each year lliou.sands of. high class leather, advertising specialties that find their wiiy to all parts of the United States. In this, factory is embodied all of the features i known to present day inunufacturiiig of leajher advertising specralti'S, The niost improved equiinnent li is been iiisialled which .Hervtnir Their Patrons With Quality Distilled Water, Ice and Fuel >^isfnctorily. Among the ant industries leading and import- of lola is the lola Ice. Cold Stoijage and Fuel .Coiii- liany. The writer Was privileged to visit the company's- plant and was .surprised, to And! a modern plant of this character euables the duce a qual spelialties snch as <'hecl: Hook Hag. Hill Folds and liigli class advertisiijg spi>cia>|ie.s iliat are made from the (Covers. 'Coin] many other best quality modern" tna< of business could be fact orV. {inanagenilent to pro- tiy leather advertising boast of a.' in a citv of this size. It is doubtful if any city of like size lOLA GREEN HOUSES tine of lola's Largest CJrowers oi' Cul FloWers and Potted Plants. .^moiiff thii CO .ce.fs t I .urge tiiniers. The-lola Laundry 'is. worlhy of '^pecia.l iiii-ntioii in this industrial review-, nut nlniie lierause it Is a modern. progressive instil 11^011. and Importers 01' (teriiiaii. Ian and Scotland's Fin. . Ished .Monuments. inient IlaU oM adage, •"rime Will he prominence that ^'^"'""K i •d bv the'lola .Mill- <l'''ies re Lilke III. Tell]" So is Ihi ij- being altaiiii ('iililpaliy lieillt Hdil l>>-' lilie .^Jore I'han eight years of faithful si r \!ii- til the coiiiiiiiinit-.. iiiin its sl'iry. a story that is told tnily 'Nv'Tieii till I 'l- li.i- been a si -rviee n n/V .k'M'iI. (lualily iiii -ri-liaiiil.ise >iild and : ili -aliiig Willi eaili luslniin-r. '.V>-tor.v of siiccess. but becaiisi'- it li'a.s' .^spared neither liiiM" nor money in selecting and in- In monuments, like other commodities, tlieie is a iiiarkejl difference in (luality and w-orkmansliip. It is due to the high standard of the many modern 'iiia- j quality and workmanship that \\\\» iniired to render the high- j 'inn is today recognized as one of ding Coffee, Del .Monte Urand Products. Faiichon nour, Eureka ' 1articles Canned Vegetables, as well as a greatj number of other brands of nationally advertised fimd stufls. Truck deliveries are iiiaile to most polntH in the territory and the service iVlidered by this concern has won iw. it a very large number of satlsjieil custiimerK ' The lola Whidesale tJrocery Company is incorporated with siif- lii'ieiil capital to Carry on the business which has expanded iiiitil' it requires iiiore Ihun live limes its origin:)! fioor space. The ollicers are: H. If. Achter, president; II. Tholen. vice-president and treasurer; and Win. U. .•\chter. secretary^and manager. Il is under their able supervision thai this concern is employing 1.') or more people as well as paying more than $22,t)l{u.(Ml to lola people in modern an ice plant as'the one opierated by .this coin­ pany The management has spared neitfier time, money nor effort in its endeavpr to in.stall the' latest iinproved equipment—here one will j lind all modern facilities— liie lat- i?st improved ice making machinery including a modern scoring machine. This ^corer enables them to eliminate all waste a.s- well as guess work. A block /of ice is marked off ir^ twenty-five pound cakes, each being uiiiform hi size as Well as weight. The'plant has ;i capacity fori making Jifty tons of ice p«jr day and a cold storage capacity for live'; thousand barrels. A concern otih'm character which Is constantly i>ndeavoring to better serve the-'conimiiiiity is deserving of its support and patronage, especially so when the product is above the average and the price is no higher. A good indication of the company's popularity is rellected by its large number of .satLsfied patrons. \ Quality Oklahoma, Kansas. .Missouri and Colorado coals and the best of t'oke is handled in large quantities. : The oHlcers of the company are- It. A. Kwing. president and man- Oger, Mrs. Klla (Jrover. I dent'; .Miss Ceorgia Uritlon. si-cre- . considering their high quality. !»:"•>• and treasurer, and George M uch credit is due to Mr. T. K | trover, a.s.sistant manager. It is df sheep-skin, and l(y liinery which assures the purchastirj of a better quality of workmanship j and a standard uniform produci Some conception of the volume ilone by this concern gaiiied by a visit to their .More than a hundred wei-e niarketed last year, mostly tlirougRr-jobbers of high clas>«; leather spei-lalties. however, in Home ferrltorie.s' not i-overed by J^ibbeiH sales were made by .side line isiilesinen. .-Xboiit half- hundred advertising specialty nUm- bers are made in lar^'ge volume .so as to sell at a siilrprislngly low cost Much Slianahan, owner and manager of Ibis enterprising concern for his efforts to make lola known in a inaniifacturing way tbroiighoiit the country. the better institutions thiii ark' ! contributing! their full share toward the advancement of this coinniunit^-. an industry of no slight pr(jmlnence must be accorded (The lola Green Houses who op- enite one! of the largest and best eqiiipped jgreenhouses in this part of the state, here in lola. This is oni of the pioneer enterprises in comnmniiy. and has be'en a suc- froni the vei'y beginning. The gr^-enhouses are nioderii in const ijuct ion ; and equi-'pped in keeping with the best establishments in the larger cities. They have enhirged their preiiiises from time: to time in order to keep pace with the growth ofi their business and now utilize about fifteen thousand-, square feet ofiground space under glass. In addition to supplyipg cut flowers and potted plant.s of all kind.s to its' palroijs they are equipped to floral designs of. every description for every occasion,- An etflcient delivery systeni is maintained and deliveries are made to all points in; the city. Tbe-,Iola Green I^ouses have the stock! organization and facilities to handle,orders liirge or -small and is furnishing a service that i .s meeting with the approbation of the public. ! It is under the capable direction of .Mr. and .Mrs. W. O. AViley that this concern continues fo successfully serve its niany patrons. lola's industrial pay roll again is enriched llO.imb.OO or more each year by this concern. •'Say it With Flowers." The lola Greeij Houses telegraph tlowers to any point in the I'nited States. Fijesh Howi-rs and prompt delivery are guaranteed on their telegraph orders as well as their local service. IHTIUTYICE CRJKAM COMPANY THE J. B. KIRK GAS & SMELTING CO. Kmploys an Areraice of 12r> Men and S]>ends Approximately ii!3 ««,WMI a Venr In Operat- j ing Its Business. ^ . lOLA LAUNDRY CO. under the able inanagetuent of these officers that • the lola Ice. Cold Storage anil Fuel Company is serving its patrons in a most satisfactory and pleasing manner. From S to 30 peo)ile are ^iven' em- ploynienf. WHEELERMOTTER MERCANTILE CO. iiiialiiv of workmanship ;aiid I""' i nr. Til'' liila .Milling .Coiiipiiiy npi-r- :i!eJ one of Allen t-ouuty's largest !evatiii> ukicll is i-.-peiially | i e luippeii for. the baiidliiig of grain i-sl servici are only iiioili -rii iiielliods. soft water and jmre soaii u^eil iii the i -aiefiil washing of your Kaiiin,iits. wlliih is done by people of liiligi experience in laundering and under salaries each year. i|Uii ;kly ami ili '-.-iply. Tlii- highest li prii -i -s are. paid'to iiioilin- eis III till- leiiiturji fur llieir grain :ii all li'iie s. ; j Till- luiiiliaiiy \\:\fi liitiDiiii- one of till i-iiy's iiiii >i si 'ii -iessfiil I 'liii-r- l)ii ';'-s ill llfjs IliiM ,„t i-iii |..;ivoi- a;.'' li.-inii s .1 ,vt -ry larg<- ami in;: lii-iisive simU of-all kinds of ti-i . • ! u liii-li_ ha vr i ;V-'i 11 laieliilly pri -lKiriil ' in Till- I 'lii 'i'eiif pi 'i/]ioi '1 ioii.j 1 (1 make U (III- eii-.ij fjreil for llie jiisriiosi' iii- l.-iiiliil. "Iln-y al'o lialiilli- a .(nil lile- n't lliilir siuli as l-'ii|i -lit v., I ,a r lilni-'s l!i-rl, r.ilie liilllmii, .Sei-iind- tii -.Vuiii-. '('ii-aiii l .uaf. /i p'livr and .Ollll 'l'-^. Kali -as. Okljalioiiia. Illinois.' Col- nrado and I'i-liiisylyania coal o'f )c-i |p -r i|ii ;il)ly is li ,'iiiilli -il iii'laigi- ijiiaiii il i '-s . Iiv iliis iiiiui -i II, wliiili the supervisioii of .Mrs. Trout Nvlio owner of this <-oiii-i-rn. I Wiieii you -end your clothes to leaders of this iield of endeav- In the twenty years this 1 rin at a mod<,r.-iie j.nce. There 1 ^^.^^ ^^.^rving ijhe peoid.- of 1 his section, it can be said llial it las never failed to lill'iiiiy coiilractj to llie entire satisfaction of :the pal- 1 roil. It is the policy of this lirm I that no transaction is complete uii- ilil the patron is fully satislieil. , I This lirm operates one of lhe| most modern and iiii -lo-date moiiu -i llieiit' viorks that lis to be found in I this section of the slate.' ' • Their shop is equipped with all moilerii I 'aciiilii-s including' pneumatic air tools aii'd the latest type of sand blasting tnachiiiery which is used in the cutting and lettering of their monuments. Only experli stone cutters of long e.itperieiice are eiiiplo.ved. thus insuring a 'dependable and- iinii 'oriii quality of II times. .Most ever.v typi,- of iiiarhle and granite is i-arried in stock from. Ihe llloileril price to the most j ex-! iniie. German. Ilaliai^ or i iiioniimeiils :,ie in be !had lOLA CREAMERY CO. Where (juallty and Service Meet Ice (ream. Operatlufc An KfUcient Ury ("lean-l ing niid HuK t'leaniiiK' ' j " 1 partmento. • ..' j (—— ! —— 'I j Makers of i{utillly Shirts. Jumpers. It is not jby chance that liusf- • (tveralls and Pants. iiess such a.s the dry cleaning and | ' rug cleaning department of Ibej True njierlt is recognized in Ibis lanil of ours. Sometimes the path j„ I lola I,^undr.y Coiiipany is enjoying.. ! is attained, biij it comes from years j '>* ""^ aljwaysj easy, of untiring effort, service and i:''^^">'-'^ ">•''square dealing with its patrons backed, of course, by' quality, work- [ manship ami service. I >eiiilei -ed to the public, then .soon- This department is also under i "'' later the multitude will praise j the personal: supervision of Mrs.|" fforts. It is the law of nature. ciieam that will he of the same high! I'hila Trout who has made a thor-| '^^'''''•'''''•••^'""?'' -Mercantile Coin- Shipping Quality Butler to Kaslern Points Where il Bring-, the Highest .Marliet Prices. The lola Creamery Company, which is the iddest and largest creamery in lola. is sparing neither money nor effort in preiwring theiii- si'lves to make i\ • brand of ice Sometimes patience is required. Hut if the cause just, if, a Veal service, is being rriie Purity Creamery Company bas just completed two additions to ib'eir main plant and now haye one of the modern and up-to-da/ creamery and- ice cream plants 111 .soulbeni Kansas, having a sanitary score of one hundred signed by Mr. Crandair deputy stale dairy commissioner. The Purity Creamery Company expects to Inanufaetiire one million pounds of butter ibis year. .Most c ^r^^ft^^^ .1"^ 'he butter will be shipped to Sometimes, itt^.,,^,.,,, ,„j.rKH.. where they receive a ninety score and the highest market prices. . "They have n^-ver catered to the 1-pouiiil jirint butler business, as.they receive! more for their liigb score butter ill Kastern markets and do mif have to compete with butter .scoring eighty- seven or eiglity-eighl. this laiiiidiy villi not • only f^ave yiiiir lie,-ili|i by i-llminatiiig ilriulg- eiy of w -asli.ii !g bill you iire assured alial- your clothes will be thoroiigh- ly si'-i ili/.ed. Ueiehlly a careful survey was made iliioiiglioiif j the .luiiiiify of.various i-^jiiimunities and | statisiSes sliowi-d ihal vvlieri) ' nie j pi'oplif eiii;tloyi-il iiiodi'iii sanitary! , ,, lauiMliiie, ,1, any exleiil isu.-h film- j liiiniil je- Wi-ie joacl icall'' free ri'oni I '"'* """" P •leiiiic.;. -So if only for health's' -lice villi si'.iiiili! M-inI your clijilllej- .tlli;< llioilelll .s', where; Jliey' will ri;-i ii-mioti and wlieii leliiriieil Hi you liy oiieiif Ilieii llii '-i -e sirvii-e tnii-ks they \\\\\ be sweet and eii-aii as Will a.-^ having liei-ii properly sler- y Mioderii iiH-llioils in fact, same iiii-tli'oils used by the sterilizing Ihe wafer you tandard of quality as the prbductsll oiigh study. b|; the dry Only modern cleaning .methods -end voiir i-k'ilhe^ 1 " sanllarv laii'iidry iy"N^'' • li-i-eUe carelijl al- I ^r'' it not be when nothing has been sjiared in their effort to make it the best that can be produced? From the very lirsi ilioiigbt of entering the business of maniifactur- 1 ;,,better lug ice cream I hey have been doin- iiialed with Ihege ideals, quality and service reg| of the cost; has,been upmost; in selecting eqiiij)- llieilt jlllil ingreilients to he used the lUaiiiifaciiiring of their Cream. pany's jiroducts have been lopping the market for many years. Prog- lias are u .sed incliidinfj a ga.soline dis- i bas been coii.stantly made in tilling system which is recognized i production. The demand has been as being the superior inetlioil for widened. The following of the cleaning and purifying ga.soline. ' j wheeler-Mottcr In this age people are demanding 1 , , ' , ... • - service, quality and - !''•''^ -'••'"adily workmanship than ever before, in the care of their garments entriisteil ti) cleaners and dyers. It bias, been the keen sense of this demand thai has .j Qiialilv is everything iii at at^y lliiu-. One will lind on dis-1 ,.,.,.ain even more so than in other' play'here at the Williams' .Moiiu-: foods, lola Creamery Company 's ' well iiieiiial Works •- ' ' " - ..... ; ili-/..'.| 1; by the I 'ily in driiii<-. It be inlereslillg to kilOW Is (|eliveii -il 10 all lialis of the i -ily :'at any time by lln -ir i -(|leii-ni dellv- • |irv ysleiii. • Til'- otliii -rs of llu }V'iiip-nU are: If. \. l-;wiiig. pn-si ill-Ill: c K. Sawyer, vi presidentHj.-it .-litpioxiiiiaii-ly W'.m.wt) ^ g.-ir- . |..\. .M. Iliilila>, se<:ietary. aijil I'. O. j meiils )iie washed and' ster^izeil lieiiviiii. tre.-r -urer. Ciiilvr Oieir ili-. j i-lii-h nionih. In order -that i this lei-linli Mils roiiipaiiy eiiiplMVs f I'.oiis • l ;i i ni. iiiiiiiljer of gariiieills call be ;eiglil 111 ten p'eople ami adds oyer | siic-i es.-^fiilly and economically liail- };(.iii )<i III) a year to lol.i's jiay roll. lililslieil inoiiiiniellts to select from jlliat are made from Uock of Ages. Huby Ited and St. Cloud granites. C. .1-;. Wllliaiiis. owner jind manager of this concern Is one of lola's progressive men and under his direction this concern is taking a prouiineiit idace in lola's liidiislrlal life: laigi- number bf;i,.,, cream will hot only be a wonderful desert and u lemiiting delicacy, but Its wholesome qualities will make it the ideal health fobd. The reason for this outHlaudlng qiiulliy will be that In making of their ice Cream there will be spared as a better eqiiipmeiii to care for llie iiH -rea .seil volume of business. There )U\H been a complet<| modern rug cleaning dijpartmenl established. This departjuii-nt Is furnishing a service that IH iin(|ueKilonabIy an ouiHiiindiiig fi[atiiri! ,' in rug only been made loin's Largest Industrial -( oncern : I 'jMs ID its i;nyili >yes "Mere Than a Mlllhhi Hollars .1 Veat. marking i-oilld be BIXBY & SON FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CO.! M'holesaiers of (Qualities m' Fruits and Vegetables. illi-d. till' iiiost Complete 1 — : and. I liiikiiigi sv-^iem thai • UNITED IRO ?t WORKS "'.."<i i..-'--^ •"•l-" m.-^iaiied. II. is under the ijarefiil and able nianagi-meiil iif .Mrs. I'hila .S: Troiil that this i-oiicerii e'mploves iweiilvj ,. , ,,- , . ; or more people and pavs out more 1. f""' '"V* ^"",«-nn- Ihan ,<l.-..oil( eai'h x'ear in sal-' "'""'^ ^" ' 'ommunit.v- in , • ;a m.-itiner that is both idejtsing. and {' 'no. modern dry eleaninir and rMiri^^''^''>''"« '•^"•>- ''••^I 'C 't. Hi- Amoiig Ihe iiiiiii .-f'al eiiu -rprises • of liila no olliei- has made a more. • • - , 1 , - ., • rapid rrowili nor proven of «-';» is Mi.-;.noM ..d elsewhere in this j-.rea \.i value to the city than ,he ; ">'1"«< '''a Mi 'U.-w-^^ ^ • I nitid Iron Works. Ibi -ir fai-^ , . ; u • n. A lioiv site just of the city you fHeigcIc Hamcss & Auto Iwiji lind more than eight bundred ; j^p gJ^Qp .j v cleaningand rug -"' T , - \ V cl.aning deparimenls of this con- i •'('"I'^'ra t/Kiiisaii(l sifuare space w-illi more feet of ; ground , than one iiiindred under roof which is the latest iip-to-il.-ite carrying on tlieirj Mani I 'acluring Shop Mtide llarr.ess oi; Proven (Quality. \ Wlien better harness is made Hei- as gele 'ii llanjess Shop will make il. lively small wav. this coiicijm has grown and expaiiilei! until tjoday It IS one of the largest alJd leading firms of its kind iu this ji-.irl, of the state , .i\ concern of this i-haraiter .Serves the community in an unique liiaiiii'-r by gathering tog«"ither all the jiritii-iini Iruits and vegetables from vaiio'is jiarts «if the jj-oiintry for disirlbiiiioii to the trade in this territory' . This Service niakes it possible lor us tojiave fresh friiijs no cost or effort in their endeavor j cleaning which has to procure the llnest ingredients. 1 possible by! a siihitantial invest- How fiill.v- It has succeeded is at-jment and lieleniiiitallon to render te .Hled by/the pure sweet cream, the i ||e best seivii-e In'rug cleaning to sun-kissed fruits, and berries, the the (tustomcr. ! line cane sugar and Ihe natural It can well be said that these de- fruit (lavors that will enrich evei-y parinient.y | of the lola Laundry spoonful of their ice cream. Tile j company are so equipped with dealer, who serves lola Creamery j modern niachine .iy that they are Company's iqe cream will pay a'turning out the same lii ^h standard siiblie compliment to his custom-; of ser<'ice and workmanship as that ers' good jiidgmeiil. as does the'of the: laundry departiuenls. ".-\ -ilealer that serves lola Creamery i Service and Workmanship" that is ('oiupany's Sliady-Hrook Putter. i satisfying to their patrons. Bl.sewhere in this industrial re-1 El.sewherf' iu this industrial review you will lind mentloued in de- 1 view will hi- foumi a short story of The ii -e cream • dep.irfjnent is sanilar.v and modern in e ^-ery respect. The .N'atural sweet;, cream for making their ice creatii Is n*- i-eivi^d from tw-o sweet cri^aiii stations .at Walnut. Kaiisas. It is ,i ... , isliipp.eil to them every 'day in ice- I""'"'-1 less -jackets which keeps jlco'o increa .sed. Today ,Y,-,„n ,i,e time it is .taken out ol its iiroducts have the respect of thei.cold ^storage until it is received in jiublic. However this ,„i,iiilence i'h"Jr home plant where they makV therr^own mix under their own formula, in the home plant, and ii.sing Ihe best (lavors and fruits that money ciin buy. Twelve per cent butter fat is used in ilieir ice cream wiii-n the law requires but ten. per cent. .-Ul ice cream mix is pasteurized. • fnder the management of A. A ,and Leon Schell this, concern pays about three hundred thousand lUil- 'lara lo producers each- .veiir 'for ••ream. Several men are eiiiployed and; more than eight thoii.sund live hundred dollars is paid but In salaries each yeijr. "Purity Ice Cream Company welcomes visitors at anv time" features day .shirt, ovelrall and pants indiisT Iry. The iiiost improved equipment has been ' installed which enables them to produce not only a high qiialily of m(|r(-haiiilise luit a iiiil- forin produci I as well. Some idea of Ihe size of the factory i-an hi- gained from-the large (|uanlity of i materials Ihal; are required lo complete u day'H lirodiictlon. . .More than one huii(|red ihoiisaiiii huttons. niore than one hundred L-iiid Ihirly- , live thousand yards jrif thread and i ynore than thirty-six thousand .vards of doth as well as a large lOLA DAILY REGISTER Ihoiisaml feel equipiied with iiiailiiiiei y fur work. • Oil field ei|uipiiiejlt such slaiida'rd ilrilliiig'rigs and oil slot-' age tanks is fheir pri.i^iipal prml- uel. The quality of this oil field eqiiiiniieiit has been recognized byj Ki'es into' each harness' nii^ije by ! i''' the t .'ic largest and most exact ing oiTi iliis i -om-ern. Start ng back iii 190r "•'mpaiiy maintains a large companies; it is being purcliased;; j„ ,.,„ ^,„.,„ ^ , concern ^ **-»'>''""-'*e equippj -d with a by them m large quantities, and is;,, . . ,., , ' , inodern refrigeratinu system •mfl .. M.i, d to all pans ,,f the i -oiintryij ''^"'-X'^.'Ny ailvaiii ed and now has , st„ra..e capaHtv foi tirirtlHiV iimr^^^^ ' • -".i.-.-i. .'Mi .i ,„.,e .,i i„ vacb It.- cars of fruits and ve«efaVd of other materials are tail the butter lola Creamery. departfneiil of the BILLBE'S AUTO PAINT SHOP the well i>qiiipped modern lola Laundry which you may well be proud of hiiviilg in your city. Painting the tine Thousand and Soenty.first Car in Four Years With Qiinlity- Paints and Skilled Labor. HARGROVE AUTO TOP SHOP. quantity used.- L'nder the personal supervision of .1. H .Kersey this factory bas stead- j ily grown and is now employing 1 about one butidred pejiple who re- i <;eive more than gl'ty thousand dollars each, year in .salar.v. One of the remarkable features of this factory is that it has operated cou- tiiiiiously forj the past j years with only lime. With ijilOIMMIO InvesJed, II Has Annual Pay Koll of titer i ?.V»,(l4(». an loin's .Meeliug the Reiinlrenients of the Piiitllc. From the standiio.nt >f investment and pa.v riilll the lola Daily Kegister must be-; counted. a mom; the most Important of lola's 'jn- liustries." It is uoi h.ird to realize 'hat the idiysical ...stets of this organiza- fourleen j lion alone txceed Jluo.-i.JliO; mit few a months loss of •; people ('o realize the magiiit ide of , its pay roll. Last year tlie Itegister : paid to lola workmen $."i2.S2 -").0i| in wages. It supports 29 lola families Trowbridge Greenhouse I entirel.v and 12 more in part in ad- KxelnslJT TrImniliiK Shop I Keeping In Pace, With Modeni |''I'"^ «^arne<l ... . ..t- ; .Times ,'" n\erage of $2.42 apiece per ' wei k last year. Out of every dol- Thisiwould be a litting reina|-k foi;j;,,,,i veyeiabb-s fur i.ur table when, llie quality,'and workmanship that;ever desired rei-'ardless of the sea- I goes into each harness m^ije by : !<"P <"' "'e year. ^.The -Oliver the country I'nited Iron .Works paid out half a iiilliiiiu dollars *iii Height last year which speaks for the large voliiiiie of businesji ihey tile doing. The value of the prudiicts iln- Ishiil by Ibis coiii -ern last year ex- •I'l-eds luiji- itiiltioii.s of dollars of 'wlijrii iiiore than. a iiiillioii was |iaid ;i.i ilii-lr i-iii| 's for llie iiiaiiuf luring and erecilijii of Ajiploxlliialelv live lllty men nni given the lola bralH -li Works wliosi Kaii -iJiM City, it iM .ii|idi'r .^ir. I.. • far Ihe pi'oilllrl < hiliiilred at d •iiiploynielit H> of file rilhed (roil general illllcei Jlle III .'Mlxmiiirl. Ihe able diri-clioii of II.;Chev;iliei', plant iiiaii.igej' and >iM'i<i'lnlendetii', that thin con tiilll IlirillHlieH allllOhl llllllllei I iipt ud vuipluytuobl to Uiiu uruiy of uvu. a moderii equipliienl ill eajji ill"- ears or fruits ami ve^setafdes. partment. All harness i.s HT"''" , One of the outstanding features tioiu niHiiber one .select ieaihi-r. <'f business i,s their delivery that' is i-arefullv cul. shaped.;auil •<y^'«'ni which makes il possible for sewed bv expert harness majiiiVs of y.'-^' "f ''>«'"' euslomers lo receive long «'xiierieiice. fruits and vegetables fresh and The Auto Top Deliartment iof this ITomplly—in tact a iweniy-fonr has been favoiedj with 'i'""' service i.s rendered In a very concern work fruiii Ihe exactfiii; (lie who have bi>e|i well Only the be-r of materials aije iisi and ai.e pjoperly ci|l ,'itid se^eil by men ulio p<iiow how. .Mc, II. IV Ilel .i;ele ttho Is and uumiiKer of Ibis progieHKlvi inlerprb.i- ix welliidvlsed iV each ilepiirliiieiK (if Ills biixInesM. . i s.illsfai tory mniiiier to their pa- peo l |leaseii7l '"'"ns. I re used • F. A. and S. ers and i sive lliiilltlltioti ijdei inoVe lhaii owner being Ihe aecouiilable t'ensjili IIIH HilcceH hiielied of con IIHIIIK only iiualliy iiialerlul cuudnritiK nurvlctt that Mutlaiiini. ThiK for 1 lie i and Hlxhy are owir- lliailiigel's III tills (irogres- wlilch iiiiw oci'ii- iwelve 'e lliiiiisalid ucc. Private sqiiiire feet of flooi; spur trackage I114H been provided for liaiidling tile liicrvaslng biiHlneMN; .Mure than (l.'i .OIIO.OO Is paid to the eliiidovees each >i-;ir. "When bel­ ter fruits and vcKelubleil are to he had BUby uud Sou will liav« tliem." One of. the successful biisf- i ness firms in tola is the Hillbe's t .-Vtito Paint i>hop, which started four years ago in a small way. but as time has changed, so bas this ciiucern tintil the volume of business done by iheni has reached the point of remarkable success. .\ success thai has been merited by the (luality of inalerialii used and the high standard of wjorkiuanship (lone backed of <' by a service lltiiT has meant lo the jiiibllc more Uiail they what the your cur it can be nier'by Ihls pro Ijfressive coni-ern right here in lola .Mr. Illlihe also inuintuliiH a, fiirn- it.itri; pnlnilng unji rellnishlnK de- pariiiient which; huH been nitrucllDK niucb nllenlloniby the excellent work Ihey havi'been doing. If It Is your niilo or furniture Ihal needs relliilsliing Heiid it ii Hillhe 'M tind have |i done Ulilb^'ii way. "Il la aatiafyliig." , lUThe Among the thriving es- nne of labllshment!) of lola is the liar-j p,-oiii grove Auto Top Shop which is llie; buck only exclusive trimming shop in .Allen Comity. Here you will lind just the kind of a top you would Trow^iridge lola's Greenhouse is lar spent with the Register. ,'>.^,2 cents is paid back in the form of want ifor your car as well as men who know just how to make and install II. tquality and workmanship Is all in the making of automobile lops and here at Hargrove'.*-- .Vuto Top Shop only the best iiia terials ur^ used, by fiien of long experieiicit in the inanufaciuring expected. Uifgardless of );jud InslalUng of automobile tops, lemand Is in rellniKliing \ Fnrnllufe upholstering has be- V -i... .1.1.. , fome a liirge factor iln Ibis con- furn'H bUMlncMji and Is receiving the same carejriil coiiMldention as their top dep'uiiment. At nu limy In either pf tiieHe ilepartntentK IH I|UUI- Hy and wbrkinanshlp iucrlilced fur price. j j . } Mr. Hnrgorve pemonally Huper- VIKCH all vfork and by iloing HO has won a public conlldence that Is adding new ciislomera each year. modern greenhoiise .s.! ^-jjgVs to'lol'i families.' -niall beginning—years I 'riie Kegister cla.ssifies as a firm Ua^ sieadily grown nianiifacluriiig organization on ac largest j count of its commercial priming and binding department which last year manufactured and sold more than ?2.").n()0 worth of products. new equip- to this :de- a thi> until it is ntiw one of the growers of sweet jit-as iu 'this .sec- lion of the .'itajte. besides growing and supplying a large variety of 1 lowers. ! . , Yhey have! about KiOO leef of ground spact"! under glass, and are always ready prom|il!y to fill orders accorded them. lu fact, they furnish a 24-|hour service In uddilioii to supplying cut flowers and jlieddfng (ilanis of all ! Wjthin the past year. |nii|nt has beeu added liailtnent which equips it to make "anything which wears ink or a coVer." ITnder the capable nian- agi'ment of Roy Varner, thiside pai-lment puts o'lt a class of Work wlllch is not excelled in any print kind.s I .J patrons, the Trowbridge | shiip In Kansas less than twice as Gri-enhouse b: equipped to fiinilHu j large, l-ast nioiiih ever %W< worth floral designs of every desi riiiilou , of printing wa.-* sold In Tulsa, and for all loccasloiis. An efficient 1 Okla., to over 2.'. different firms. Three MUlesinen are working, full tPne for ibis di -purlnient. Willi Ks new buiUliiig. which was cotnpleled Jiist uboiil a year ago,' and the new equipment which was added at that time, the lteg|.«iir bousls that il is the bei| boiived aiifl Hie best equipped liewupttper Ol lu fllze in tlie state. ! < loccasloiis. An erflcleni ilellvery syjiti'm IH iiiaiiiialuid and dellvrles are made to all purls of th" city. , This ciiiicorn niulniains 11 com plete stock, lorganlzutlon and fa- CIIIUPH to litindle orders large or sniall. u|il iM fiirnisliliii; a :'ervlce Ihal IH nie«^t!jiig with the aiiprobii- tion of me:trade everywnere. In point of assjets. pay-roll, and volume of business, the J. B. Kirk Gas & Smelting Company, of lola. is one of the larfeest institutionk in Southeastern and in a very definite way .contributes ndt only to the individual prosperity of a large number of employes anp their families, but also to the general prosperity of^ this community-! Some idea of the magnitude tjC their bii-s'ineas can be gained from the "following stateinents; Tl^e company is operating 64 oil wells, as well as receiving ga.s from 2ll5 gas Wells, of which LSS are-ownejd by the company. To care for the oil and gas supplied by these wellk the company operates SOO miles Of pipe line, located in Woodson. Ai - derson. Linn. Allen and Boufhon counties. The company 0W5S oil and gas leases on 24.0000 acres of land and is receiving gas from ti.OOO acres of land under contract, all ihe company's acTeage. being located in Anderson, Allen. Wooi^,son. Bourbon. Linn. .Miami, Greenwood, Labette and Il<'no countie-s! Their compressor station consists of a total of 1440 horse powt|r units, which are of the .Miller Improved ga,"! engine, and Jlall dhpl^x gas compressor types, made up of/ two iriO-horse power, units and six l!io-h(jise Imwer units, | . They haye employed an averaf{« of I2t, men for the jnist five yearii. Filjieen automobiles are con.Htant- ly k.jpt in use. which travel an a''- erage of 1 ,'i .iMii) jniles per month. The .1, Ii; Kirk Gas *r Smeltlrig Co, spends approximalidy $;!00,0t 0 a year in operating expenses, a large part of whicli directly benefits the city of lola. During the, past five years they have hajndlifd approximately six million^ feet of gas eacJi day. The pany's a,ssets are . approxiinately one and a half milliou .dilllars, clear of debt. , - i The officers and ilirectors (if the company are: J, B, Kirk, pvfeitideijt and general manager; Kstella M. cubic corii- Kirk, I'irai vice-president; Victor L. Kirk, se<-ond vii-e^presldent and assistant manager; "Thos. H. Bowlus. secretary and treafiurer; Stanley .1. Kirk, assistant secretary- I'nder the able direction of these officers, the J. 11. Kirk Gas |& jSmelting Company is contribiitiiig 'wisely to the advancement T >f lola and soiithea.stern Kansas indu .striWl life, as well as takinft their place of proniinence among tlie indu'^- trial concerns in their line. Keep in Touch With ni By Keeping In Touch With the Qassified Ads

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