Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 31, 1972 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1972
Page 26
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Ml lH«»wi*«Tftltgraph Thursdt* MHgiut 31,1972 When it's garage cleaning time . . . it's Want Ad calling time ... Phone 465-6641 to place your Telegraph Want Ad! * Legal 4964 — 31 INVITATION FOR BIOS The Mndlson County Housing Authority will receive bids nt Its Central Office located nt Market nnd Washington Street*, Mndlson. nil. nnls. until 2:00 p.m., C.D.S.T., on September 5th. 1972. for the purchase of a 14-Ton Pickup Truck with n trade-in of B 196! Ford «4-Ton ricknp Truck. The Authority reserves the right to reject nny and nil bids. Por further Information and bidding documents contact: Anna-May Moore. Executive Director Mndlson County Hous. IIIR Authority Lennl 4971 —Aug. 31-Scpt. 7-14- NOTICE Public Notice Is hereby given that on 28. A.D. 1972, n certificate •vas filed In the Office of tho County :ierk of Mndlson County, Illinois, letting forth the names nnd post- >fflce addresses or all of the persons owning, conducting nnd transact- n« the business known as DUANE L. PIFER REAL ESTATE AGENCY, located at 1512 W. Dclmnr. Godfrey, Illinois Dated^lhts 28th day of August, KULALIA HOTZ County Clerk. .egal 4970 — 31, Sept 5 — REQUEST TOR BIDS The City of Alton will receive bids or Uniform Rental Service for the n ubllc Works Departments Bids .'111 he received until 2 P.M., Sep. ember 8. 1972, when they will be publicly opened and read. Specifications may he secured at the Office of the City Comptroller, Room 100, City Hall. Alton. Illinois, or call 65-2332. Mrs. Rita H Schocffel City Comptroller egal 4941 — Aug. 17 24 31, '72 CLAIM NOTICE STATE OF ILLINOIS IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MADISON COUNTY, PROBATE DIVISION IN THE MATTER OF THE ES- 7 "- "*- —• -.. KOPSIE ANNOUNCEMENT) lead No. 72-P-393 Notice Is given of the death of the bove. Date Letters Were Issued: August Administrator: Maria Kopsle of 2115 Pleasant, Alton. Illinois. Attorney: W. H. Thomas of Alton, Illnols. Claims against the estate may be iled In the office of the Circuit Court, Probate Division, County Courthouse In Edwartisviilc, Illinois, vlthln 7 months from date of Issu- nee of letters; and any claim not o filed is barred as to the estate nventorled within that period. Also, oples 'of claims must be mailed or ellvered to the administrator and 0 the attorney. WILLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court, egal 4942 — Aug. 17 24 31, '72 NOTICE Public Notice Is hereby given that n August 3rd, A.D. 1972, a certifl- ate was filed in the Office of tho .ounty Clerk of Madison County, Illnols. setting forth the names and ost-office addresses of all of the ersons owning, conducting and ransacting the business known as VR.IAY RENTAL COMPANY, locat- d at 3020 Buena Vista, Alton, 1111- ols. Dated this 3rd day of August, ^.D. 1972 EULALIA HOTZ County Clerk .egal 4943 — Aug. 17 24 31, '72 NOTICE Public Notice is hereby given that n Aug. 14, A.D. 1972, a certificate vas filed In the Office of the Coun- y Clerk of Madison County, Illinois, ettlng forth the names and post- fflce addresses of all of the per- ons owning, conducting nnd trans- ctlng the business known as ALL ERVICE AND SUPPLY, located at 01 Vine Street, Alton, Illinois. Dated this 14th day of August, 3. 1972. EULALIA HOTZ County Clerk Legal 4944 — Aug. 17 24 31, '72 NOTICE Public Notice Is hereby given that in August 3rd, A.D. 1972, a certificate was filed in the Office of the bounty Clerk of Madison County, Ilinols, setting forth the names and post-office addresses of all of the persons owning, conducting and ransacting the business known as BURKE FUNERAL HOMES, located at 727 Langdon Street, Alton, H- llnols. Dated this 3rd day of August, A.D. 1972. EULALIA HOTZ County Clerk. Rummage & Garage Sales 8 YARD SALE — Friday and Saturday, Sept. 1-2, 9 'til 5. Clothing size 9-12, wigs, Jewelry, household items. 721 E. 6th, Alton. 8 — 31 YARD SALE — Thurs.-Frl., 8:30 a.m. Boys size 12 clothing. Trundle bed, chest of drawers, toys. 6016 Boyd, Godfrey. BOYS AND ADULTS CLOTHING — Miscellaneous too numerous to mention. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9-G. Ill E. Forest, Hartford. JARAGE SALE—175 Grand, Wood River. Clothing, furniture, dishes, records. 31st, 1st and 2nd. COUNTRY YARD SALE — One mile past Plasa creek bridge, route 100, r Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 8 til O. Cord of Thanks 2 — 31 VILHAM E. SHIMKUS—We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our many friends for their kindness and expressions of sympathy following the death of my father. James Shimkus and Family. In Memoriam — 31 - <LUCKER, LAURENCE J., Aug. 31. 1968. Honey: Four years have passed Since that sad day The one I loved was called away. Missed Very Much by Wife Mildred — 31 n loving memory of EMMA DAVIS, 8/19/65. Time may heal the broken heart Time may make the wound less sore. But time can never stop, The longing for the loved one gone before. Sadly missed by daughter, grandchildren and daughter-in-law. _ 31 N LOVING MEMORY of Tillie Upple Xelfhrt who passed away one year ago today. Sadly missed by Son. Daughter, relations & friends. N MEMORY of the tragic truck accident, of MELV1N A. MORRIS, which happened one year ago today. August 31. 1971. He lingered for so many weeks. Sadly missed by mother, brothers, and sister. — 31 - fVONNE MOORE— We would like to take this means of thanking all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who were so kind during our recent bereavement Especially Alton Community Church, Anderson Funeral Home, Rev. Henry S. Connors, all those who sent cards, food and flowers or helped and assisted in any way. Henry Moore & Family. Personals 7 — Sept. 28 . PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Call Birthright of Madison County, 1-618-463-0825. An Alternative to abortion! Confidence respected! 7 _ TF DEAR JOHN: Buy me that new home in Huntlngton Park and I'll come back. Call Bill at 466-1544. STATE REALTY. 7 — TF Tu Th Sat SEE THEM—YOU'LL LIKE THEM —Beautiful mobile homes at Storey- land Mobile Homes. 7 — 22 24 29 31 REDUCE EXCESS FLUIDS WITH FLUIDEX —$1.69. LOSE WEIGHT with Dex-a-Dlet capsules at $1.98 at Rlccl Rexall, Bethalto. 7A — 31 Happy Ads 7A Roses are red, violets are blue. Happiness Is having a daughter like you. Happy twelfth birthday. Sherry. Mom. Dad. Mike. Kelly. 7A — 31 _ HAPPY B1RHTDAY JUDY The Grusers 7A — 31 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the couple who made "A House Love." 7A — 31 —. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY — Ciary & Peggy. May the rest be as happy as the pau 15. Leo & Mary. 7A — 31 -— HAPPY BIRTHDAY — Katheryn From Lucille & all her buddies. Rummage & Garage Sales 8 s - i __ GARAGE SALE—Friday. Saturday 9-4. Children's clothing, men, women's, miscellaneous. 139 W. 2nd St. Roxana S — 1 4-FAMILY YARD SALE — Closing out. all prices reduced. Friday & Saturday 11-8. 449 Sheridan. Beth alto. 8 — 31 .— BASEMENT SALE—Sept. 1st. An tiques. dii>he* & glassware, clothes & misc. 3807 Western Ave . off Mil ton Rd. Quotes Pratt ACROSS 1" ahoyl" 5 "A joy to rapture* t" MB March hatV 12 Military assistant 18 "Cat o' • tails" 14 Uttlc 3.1 Dreamers 17 Roman god of underworld 18 Stop 19 Drunken 21 Sword's ——. 23 Perched 24 Sprite 27 Goads 29 Zoo feature 32 Torments ' 34 Redactor 38 Steep slope (mil.) 37 Hinders 38 Ooze 39 Icelandic tele 41 English river 42 Folding bed. 44 Remove 46 Disfigured 49 Alleviates S3 Golf term 64 Specialist in allergy 56 In addition 57 Demeanor ' 58 Sea eagle 59 Legal point 60 Cushions 61 Horned wild animal (Bib.) DOWN 1 Levantine ketch 2 and seek 3 Notion 4 Quiet (obsi) 5 Cuckoo blackbird • Bussed 7 Preposition 8 Birds' homes 9 Contemplated 10 Girl's name 11 Sudden rush 16 Bookkeeper's necessity 20 Wordless 22 Breathes convulsively 24 Summers (Fr.) 25 majesty 28 King, queen, knave (2 words) 38 Brood of herons 30 Heraldic bearing 31 Gaelic 33 Flavor 35 Tradesman 40 Muddled 43"A through the forest" 46 Keenly deslroue 46 Box 47 Walking stick 48 Pseudonym of Charles Lamb 50 Forefather 51 Domestic slave 52 Plant put 55 Abstract being 1A — 2 RIDE WANTED — From East Alton to Famous at Northwest Plaza. 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday. 259-2663. 1A 2 ———————— RIDE WANTED from Alton High to West Junior High at 2:30 Monday through Friday. Ph. 462-7417. 1A — 2 DRIVING TO PHOENIX, Sept. 7th, room for one passenger Call 259.6931 1A — 1 WANTED — Ride to St. Louis; downtown Olive St., from Upper Alton area. Hours: n to 5 or can re-schedule. 465-0590. 1A — 1 E AVANTED from Alton to vicinity of Lambert Field from 9 'til 6. Call 465-0302 after 5 p.m. ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS — 31 YARD SALE—Thursday & Friday. 705 Reed, off of Wood River Ave. Everything from Ic to $5. 8 — Sept. I GARAGE SALE — 4 family. Little of everything. 618 St. Anthony (Villa Marie) Godfrey. 10 to 6, Thurs., Frl., Sat. 8 — 31 3 FAMILY CARPORT SALE — Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 6004 Tlmberlane. Plasa Hills, 3'A hp Elgin outboard motor, $50, Bell and Howell Dual 8 mm projector and screen, $50, lamps, misc. items, clothing, 5 year old Encyclopedia Brltannlca, with year books up to 1972, $400 value $75. j _ 1 GIGANTIC YARD SALE—All sizes, boys, girls, men, women and baby clothing. Antiques, bicycles, Jars, miscellaneous Items too numerous to mention. 420 4th St., Bethalto (between W. Central and Mill St.). Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 8:30-7. S — 31 YARD SALE — Lady's & boy's coats & suits, and other miscellaneous Items. 235 S. Oak, Cottage Hills. 8 — 31 GARAGE SALE—791 Condlt. Wood River (1 block west of high school). Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Baby's and girl's clothing, jolly jumper, games, etc. 3ASEMENT SALE—Tools, furniture, glassware, appliances, misc. 9 to 5, Tuesday thru Saturday. 1704 South Rodgers Ave., Alton. 8 — Sept. 1 CARPORT SALE — Complete bedroom set, sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, some antiques, baby needs, many other Items. Thurs., Fri., Sat. 9-5 p.m. 1202 Rock Spring Drive. Alton. j — TF . FREE GARAGE SALE sign with each advertisement placed in Alton Evening Telegraph. Pickup at Classified Deik. 8 — Sept. 27 CHURCH NEEDS—And Will pick up clothing, furniture, books, anything of value. 466-6857, 466-5421, 466-6132. Elm Street Presbyterian. 8 — 31 —YARD SALE—317 Rohm, Roxana, 9-2. Thursday and Friday. Adults and children's clothing. YARD SALE—Clothing, miscellaneous items. 4 E. llth St.. Alton. Saturday. Sept. 2. 10 a.m. Rummage & Garage Sales 8 GARAGE SALE — 749 • East Woodland, Rosewood Heights, Thursday and Friday, 9 'til 5, clothing, for infants, thru adults, and Misc. 8 — 31 1 YARD SALE—Wed., Thurs., Frl., Sat., 9 to 6. '37 Ford truck,- appliances, clothing, dishes, jars, furniture, hand-made items. No. 9 Magnolia, East Alton, Ivy Hts. YARD SALE — Thursday and Friday, 10 til 5, 3 Family. Clothing, magazines, Avon products, lamps, misc. items. Stamper Lane, Godfrey, near Monticello Plaza. Lots of parking space. 8 — 1 LOTS OF NICE THINGS CHEAP for boys and girls. Saturday, Sept. 2, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. 1244 W. 9th, Alton All sizes. "Come one! Come All.' 8 — 31 AVON BOTTLES — Antiques, wall plaques and ceramics. Friday, Sept. 1, 9 a.m. 'til 3. 344 Roosevelt St., Wood River. 8 — 2 GARAGE SALE—Lots used school clothing. 25c-50c. Old dishes. Some furniture. 125 N. Oak, Cottage Hills. Friday, Saturday, Monday, 8-5:30. 8 — 31 PATIO SALE—Friday and Saturday, 9 to ? 2900 Agnes Blvd., behind Ble- dermans. Furniture, tools, nails, bolts, clothes, boat and motor, lots of misc. 8 — 1 GARAGE SALE—Chest of drawers, glassware, clothing, antiques, etc. 413 Clover, Meadowbrook. • Friday & Saturday. Societies and Lodges 9 — 31 BETHALTO LODGE NO. 406 AF & AM — Special meeting Thursday, Aug. 31, 7:15 p.m. M.M. Degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Refreshment. JERRY V. WRAY SR., W. M. Lost—Strayed—Stolen 10 10 — 2 • MISSING—From home In Upper Alton, Red Irish Setter, 2 years old. Needs medication and prescribed diet. 462-1820 or 466-5731. FOUND KITTEN IN RIVER-AIRE 466-4877. TO "MAN DRIVING a white olds station wagon, taking wallet from Fish and Chips, return wallet and all contents. I have your license number. FEMALE SHORT-HAIRED ST. BERNARD — Lost Saturday, Springhaven. May be trying to get to Alton. Wearing brownish, red collar. Answers to name "Dawn." Very friendly, very gentle. 462-5652. EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMENT Sales Assistant to Product Manager National selling steel distributor, located 45 miles northeast of St. Louis, Mo. Seeks aggressive, career minded man- Successful applicant would start as an assistant, advance to sales and beyond, depending on ability to produce results. WRITE BOX 1000 c/o ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH HELP WANTED INSTRUMENT MAN Qualifications Are: High school education, 5 years experience in instrument repair work with a thorough knowledge of electronics, solid state equipment, and pneumatic instrumentation. Good working conditions and excellent fringe benefits, rate $5.71 per hour with opportunity for advancement. Phone 618-462-9251 weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm for appointment. ILLINOIS POWER CO. Wood River Power Station, East Alton, HI. Equal Opportunity Employer MAINTENANCE MILLWRIGHT Must be fully experienced in oil phases of maintenance work for a heavy industry preference will be given to applicants who have completed a formal apprenticeship program. GHEMICO METALS CORP. 254-4381 NoHeet 11 I — 2 —————____ HAPPINESS is working for the McOovern-Shrlver ticket at 1646 Washington Ave., Upper Alton. Open 9-9, Monday thru Saturday. 1 — 17 24.31 - ' DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU CAN'T AFFORD YOUR OWN HOME Let us show you how our new financing plan can help you turn the dream or a spacious new home Into a living reality! DIAL 466-6500 DAY OR NIGHT. JUN CONSTRUCTION CO. OMETHING DIFFERENT — Ceramic party, come as you are. Free refreshments. Drawing for door prize. Public invited. Sept. 1. All Day. Norma Kemp, 110 Cambridge Road, Brighton. Phone 372-3752. Take Brown Road-pass, London's Lake—follow signs. 1 - .11 NOTICE TO AUTOMOBILE DEALERS he village of Roxana will receh'e bids for the 1073 Automobile for police duty with a 1971 Chevroist to be traded In. Specifications may be obtained at the Roxana Police Station. Bids must he received before 7 p.m. Sept. 19, at which time they will be opened at the Roxana Village Board. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Jamea L. Gornall. Village Clerk. Riders 11A EDUCATIONAL Local Instruction 13 3 — Oct. 4 'RIVATE HIGH SCHOOL — Junior high tutoring, Certified teacher: all subjects, especially math and sciences. 465-6252. Music, Dancing, Drama 14 4 — Sept. 6 . NDIVIDUAL PIANO LESSONS OFFERED—$1.50. Mrs. Zlebold Ph. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted 7 — 1 DRIVER WANTED — Experienced, Belleville area. Parcel delivery. Apply Friday or Saturday morning, 7 a.m. Merchant's Delivery Office, 515 E. 3rd, Alton. 7 — 5 BABYSITTER WANTED—Come my home. 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Mon thru Frl. Call 465-2114 4 to 9 p.m. EXPERIENCED HELP WANTED— For car clean-up & detail shop. 465-0655. 7 — 31 EXPERIENCED USED CAR CLEAN-UP MAN—Must Tuiow how to buff cars. Good working conditions. Apply only If experienced WILLIS AUTO SALES, 3200 E. Broadway, Alton. 7 — 2 WANTED — Baby sitter for 2 children. 463-0227. 7 — 2 BARMAID — To work at Mary's Lounge. Apply in person. 7 — 31 LICENSED BEAUTICIAN — To be the single operator of the beauty shop at one of Alton's finest nursing homes. Approximately 3 days Kr week. All equipment supplied • nursing home. For further information call Eldercare of Alton. 465-8889. 7 — 31 BABYSITTER — 3-4 days week, my home, Rosewood Heights. Own car. One child. $5.00 a day. Ph. 259-0369. 7 — Sept. 8 CARRY OUT BOY — 18 or over. Part-time. Comet, 3687 E. Broadway, Alton. 7 — 28 31 MANAGEMENT TRAINEE — High school grad. Draft free. Will train with quick promotion. $6500. Mr. DeVer, 465-4261. Data Macement Systems, Illlnl Building, Alton. BABYSITTER — In Glendals Gardens or Roxana area. Two children, one in Kindergarten. From 5:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 259-0156. WANTED—Babysitter, part-time. 2 boys, school age, 9 and 13. Cottage Hills area. Call after 6 p.m. 259-0229. 'EMALE—For telephone work and light delivery. Must know Alton streets. Apply in person at 713 Washington, Immediately. J 7 ABYSITTER WANTED — In my tome. Mon. thru Friday. Must nave own transportation. 18 or aver. Call after 5:00 p.m. 462-4137. 3 7 ABYS 2 ITTER WANTED — 18 or over. My home. Shift work. 2 preschool children. 465-1741. ' HAIRDRESSER — Part or ful|I time. For information phone 462-6564 or after 6, 466-3293. 'ART 31 TIME DRIVER -For deliveries to Belleville and Alton. Number of days to be decided in interview. Hours involved, 6:30 a.m to 8:30 a.m.. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Transportation, expenses furnished by company. Only your time Involved Ideal for SIU student. Call 465-8889 for additional information. T 7 RAVEL"AGENT — 3 years experience. New agency. P.O. Box 126, Bethalto. 7 ~~ S WANTED 30—MEN^-30 Eastgate Plaza, Wednesday, Sept. 6. Help erect Amusement Rides. Ask for Show Manager on parking lot, 8 a.m.. Wednesday,- Sept. 6. 7 — 31 -— — SECRETARIES. TYPISTS. FIGURE CLERKS. BOOKKEEPERS 'art time openings with local companies. NO FEE. top hourly rates. For more Information call or Vialt. AvailABILITY 653A East Broadway 462-8831 17 - TF JOBS FOR MEN AND WOMEN—Up to $200 week. American Employment, 726 E. Broadway. Alton. WANTED—First class' welders and shipflttera. Apply in person, Amerlean Commercial Barge Lines, foot of Plum, Alton, 111. 17 — 31 — ROOFER Re-roofing, shingles only. Must be experienced. Steady year - around work. Company supplies truck, ladders, and nil Insurance. Also power hoist. GERSMAN & CO. 2643 E. Broadway 465-6711 SOMEONE TO STAY with elderly lady. Room and board plus wages. For Information 466-32277 17 — Sept. i WANTED — Experienced hair dresser. Part or full time. 468-6996. PART-TIME OFFICE WOMAN — 20 hr. week. Accurate typing and general clerical experience necessary. 465-0714, 9 a.m.-noon. ELDERLY COUPLE WANTS HELP —Live In home to help care for semi-invalid lady. Preferably LPN. Write Box 990, care Alton Evening Telegraph. EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER — Opening for housekeeper, must tie certified. 160 bed hospital. Call SIS- 254-3821. Mrs. Farthing. RESPONSIBLE LADY to live In with elderly lady. Greenville rural area. Room, board and salary. Call 259-2692 after 5:00 p.m. 17—2 HAIRDRESSER — Work for yourself, rent a station, one available. Artistic Flair. 462-8847 17 — Sept. 15 '. . . AREA MANUFACTURER needs young man, 26 to 40 years of age, as general office manager. Some knowledge of selling and construction prints needed. Will also involve telephone work and truck dispatching. Please send detailed resume and salary history to: Box 960, c/o Alton Evening Telegraph. BABY SITTER — Before and after school. 5 day week. Lafayette Square. 259-1476 after 6 p.m. ACCOUNTANT — Contact Parkview Placement. 217-854-3209 Car- linvllle. 17 — TF EXPERIENCED SECRETARY — Shorthand required. Contact Parkview Placement, 217-854-3209, Car- llnvllle. 17 — 8 MADISON COUNTY E.O.C. has job opportunities for the following: Alton Program Director — Responsible for operation of Alton Neighborhood Advisory Board formation and assistance. Work with community and existing agencies. Trainer — Provide staff training in communications skills, problem solving and inter group experience. Experience in working with all phases of human services including day care, head start, direct program and information and referral. Please send all resumes to Cornell Allmon, Madison County E.O.C., 2125 Troy Road, Edwardsvllle. 17 — 5 WANTED BABYSITTER — In my home, straight evenings. Call before '5 p.m. 462-4108; after 5: 2S4-8006. 17 — 2 , — EXPERIENCED CURB HELP — Carroll's Drive In, Godfrey. 17 — 2 1 MATURE WOMAN—To babysit for 2 children. Days & evenings. Must have own transportation. 254-2390. 17 — 2 EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for good qualified beautician now open at Regal Hair Fashions in Godfrey. Excellent working conditions, pay, and vacation pay after 1 year. For appointment call 466-5211, Tuesday thru Saturday. 17 — 8 NEEDED — Lady to tidy up house and prepare evening meal for working family. 9 a.m. to 4:30. $40 week. 259-3497 between 8 and 10 a.m. • BUSINESS SERVICE Sears In Downtown Alton BELLS AND INSTALLS Complete Heating and Central Air Systems Roofs and Aluminum si^ingj Complete Kitchen* Storm Window* t Door* Garase Door* & Opener* Fence and Guttering Water Heaters Power Humidifier* Ph. itt-MU For FREE Estimate* EMPLOYMENT Help Wofttca Sales People Wanted 18 18 — Sept. 3D • TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT — Playhouse Toy Demonstrators needed In all areas. Car and phone necessary. Calf S. Rives, 1-217-835-4373, P. Gordon 1-618-876-8224, D. Cotter 1-618-465-5338. 18 — 2 CHRISTMAS NOT FAR OFF—Lots of gifts to buy? Let me show you how to get free toys and other gifts. Call 259-6337. 18 — 31 COUPLE who aren't afraid of work and want to get ahead. Call 254-1674. 18 — Sept. 11 SALESMEN — Earn $250 per week. Leads furnished. Car necessary. Call 465-7867. 4-7 p.m. only. 18-6 WANTED — WOMEN — Telephone soliciting, good hours, good salary, 707 Berkshire Building, Horseshoe Bend Office. 18 - 31 HOUSEWIVES, Earn $2 hr. and up commission. Spare time. Watklns Products, 259-2306. 18 — 31 WANTED—Display advertising salesman. The Edwardsvllle Intelligenc- er is looking for an experienced advertising salesman. We offer top pay, good benefits & excellent advancement opportunity. 656-4700 or apply in person. Edwardsville In- telligencer, 117 N. Second St. 18 — 31 MEN FROM MANY FIELDS WANTED Some of our most successful representatives were teachers, executives, accountants, engineers, salesmen, in. various fields. All are high caliber, liked people, and wanted to make more money. For such men our well known national company Offers TOP COMMISSIONS and a TRAINING PROGRAM. Find out if you can qualify. See or call Mr. Hodge Thursday, Aug. 31 between 6 and 10, Flamingo Motel, 500 N. Broadway, 462-0642. 18 — 2 AMBITIOUS PERSONS who want to earn, but can work part time, possible opportunity to earn $3 per hour or more. Training given. Call 465-7475 for interview between 9-11 a.m. 18 — 31 ATTENTION LADIES Five figure income—management trainee with Nationally known co. For career minded person. BENEFITS 1. Salary plus commission. 2. Pension plan. 3. No overnight travel. 4. Group rate, hospital, disability, life Insurance CAN YOU MEET THESE QUALIFICATIONS? 1. Ability to lead and motivate other people. 2. Sincere desire to work for success. 3. Must have auto in good working condition 4. Must be free to work tall time. If your answer Is YES to each of the above qualifications, send a brief resume to Box 930, Care Alton Evening Telegraph. We will contact you for interview. All resume and interviews confidential. Situation Wantei 19 19-6- TRAILER Repairman: Two years experience In Trailer repair and sales. Aircraft mechanic in Army. Single. High school grad. 15 week Aircraft Mechanic School line. Phone 462-9204 C-13 MOBILE HOMES QUAIL RUN MOIILE HOME Communities t Sates 337-7110 LOCATIONS IN CAHOKIA EDWARDSVILLE • New Homes • 'A Acre Lots Sates—Rt. 3 Cakokia.lU. TRUDY "Resembles His father — but then, boys don't depend so much on their looks." EMPLOYMENT Situation Wanted—Male 19 19—5 TIMEKEEPER AND PAYROLL 'CLERK—Since retired from the USAF have had 7 years experience with construction timekeeping and payroll. Have references. Please contact 462-5695, 405-0400. 19 - 6 CREDIT Manager: 2 years experience with major consumer finance company. Worked In finance while In Army. Good appearance and phone manner. High school grad. Married, owns car. Phone 462-9204 C-12 19 - 6 ACCOUNTANT: BS In Business with concentrations, in marketing and accounting. Three years experience as Military Accountant. Type 60-65 WPM. Can relocate. Single. Age 26. Prefers Accounting position. 4620204 C-14 19 - 6 AIR CONDITIONING MECHANIC: Experienced in installation, repair and Inspection of auto air conditioners. Has welding and electrical mechanical background. Married. 2 years college, veteran. Phone 462-9204. C-15 19 - 6 MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC: 2'/ 2 yrs. experience. 6 months electrical-mechanical in military, 2 years experience military radar repair. One year college. Married. Owns car. Phone 462-9204. C-16 19 - B DENTAL Assistant: Three years Military experience. Assisted two dentists in all aspects of chalrside dentistry. High School grad. Age 22. Owns car. Phone 462-9204 C-17 IS> • 6 • DEPT. Manager. iy 2 years experience as a shoe store manager. Handled sales personnel. All Book work, merchandising, shipping and receiving, payroll. High school grad. Age 27. Married, own car veteran. Phone 462-9204 C-10 19 - 6 _ LAYOUT Artist: 32 months combined experience as Chief Layout artist and advertising manager. Coordinated newspaper ads for three Illinois stores.- Has supervisory experience. Three years college. Married. Age 28, owns, veteran. Phone 462-9204 C-ll 32 — Sept. 8 SPECIALTY PEST CONTROL — Roaches, ants most crawling insects. Work guaranteed. $1 per room 254-4546. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m 32 — 8 _— RUSSELL'S PEST CONTROL ft Carpet Installation. Also cleaning. Reasonable Call anytime 463-0368. 32 — Sept. 7 —WINDOW & CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR Fodder authorized service. 259-3505. 32 — Sept. 16 TREES REMOVED—Tree trimming, shrubs trimmed, haul away. Full time specialty. Free estimates. Insured. 254-6588. 32 — Oct. 4 TREES TRIMMED — Removed, sprayed. Experienced. Fully insured. Free estimates. Burton't Tree Service. 465-0073 or 254-8442. 32 — Sept 2 — SPLIT SECOND COPY CENTER- LOW cost instant printing, while you wait. Xerox copies, pick-up and delivery. 11 W. Third St. 463-0747. 32 — Aug. 31 ALHAMBRA DEAD ANIMAL RE- MOVAI—Prompt removal of all dead and disabled animals. Free pickup! For over 25 yeari. 1-488-2010. John Storck, driver. 32 — 3 8 9 10 15 16 17 22 23 24 29 30 31 VENETIAN BLIND—Storm window and screen repair. Russell's Inc., 911 Milton Rd. Ph. 465-5588. AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE RJ Refrigeration. Phone 462-2809 Situation Wanted, Female 20 20 — 30-5-6 WILL DO BABYSITTING — For pre-school children. 5 days week In Alton area. Have references. For Information call 482-9406. 20 — 2 -BABYSITTING JOB WANTED — Straight days. Any age children. Phone 259-8763. 20 — 1 BABYSITTING — Experienced, • Tomllnson St., In East Alton, Wllshlre area, 50c per hour. 2596352, 259-4581. 20 — Sept. 2 BABYSITTING — Experienced. Ph. 466-3540. 20 — 31 WEEKLY IRONINGS WANTED — Rosewood Heights area. 259-6489. FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 23 23 — 1 BEAUTY SALON — For lease or will sell equipment. 259-1541. PERSONAL SERVICE Rug Cleaning 29A — Sept. 1 CLF 29A STEAM CLEANING SALE — NOW, Buck's Carpet Maintenance, 466-7636. Dressmaking—Tailoring 30 30 - 31 ALTERATIONS & DRESSMAKING 259-4631 30 — Sept. 29 DRESSMAKING — Men's, women's alterations. Custom made drapes. Delores Walker, 3205 Edgewood. 463-1107. 30 — Sept. S NOW OPEN — Alteration Shop, 306 Fox, Wood River. Behind Skaggs Steakhouse. Zippers, repairs and dressmaking. 259-0934. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Announcement 32 32 — Sept. 5 G&M ELECTRIC SERVICE—Old or new wiring. Service changes. Free estimates. 254-2784, 254-2785. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Announcements 32 Building—Contracting 33 ROOM PANELING—And suspended ceilings Installed. 465-7995. 33 — 2 _—_ BLOCKS LAID — Painting, roofing, tile, concrete and carpentry work. Free estimates. 259-4745, 259-2423. 33 — Sept. 20 ' ADDITIONS — Remodeling, porches, roofing, carpenter repairs, tiling, paneling, painting, plumbing. Reasonable. 466-2380 33 — Sept. 8 • CEMENT WORK — Of all kinds. Make old basement like new. 462*2063. 33 — Sept. 23 26-GAUGE GUTTERING — Paint grip, soldered, roofing, repair*, painting, odd jobs. Reasonable. Prompt service. 254-3649. 33 — Sept. 13 CEMENT FLATWORK of all kind*. 259-4035. 33 — Sept. 28 CONCRETE WORK—Porches, patios, drives, etc. 465-0435. 33 — Sept. 6 ROOFING AND GUTTERING—In•tailed and repaired, interior and exterior painting, references. Call 466-4330 or 466-7875. 33 — Sept. 8 PAPPY AND INLOW — All typM home repair, remodeling new construction. Free estimate*. It you want more for !•**, call 465-9166 or 465-6028. SIDING • GUTTERING - Soffit Shutter* - Awning* - Wrought Iron. Morse Home Improvement ft Supply Co.. Phone 485-0808. 33 — Sept. 8 —-——— BOB'S HOME REPAIR — No job too small. 24 - hour emergency plumbing and sewer, repairs. Paneling, drop celling, rathskeller*, cement, and all general home repair*. Don't fuss — Call us. 465-6088. 33 — TF Tues., Thurs. ——— ADDITIONS General Modernization Aluminum Windows and poor* Siding Custom Work for Particular People at Moderate Prices ZIMMER HOME IMPROVEMENT AND HARDWARE 706 Milton Road 462-0576 Decorating 34 — Sept. 2 • 34 PAINTING — Interior and Exterior. Experienced, References. Phone 377-6223. 34 — Oct. 2 PAINTING, — Interior & exterior. Free estimates. 462-8969. 34 — TF ________ HOST CARPET CLEANING Recommended by Carpet Mills to Clean Modern Carpets. Use our Machine and clean 40 yards of carpet for $9.95 SUPERIOR INTERIORS 112 Godfrey Beltline, Godfrey 34 — TF PAINTING — Plastering, removing wallpaper. Roofing. No job too small. Charles Basden, 1-576-2400. 462-0373. MOBILE HOMES MOBILE HOMES 1972 Clearance SALE All Mobile Homes Reduced. Must Empty Sales Lot. Hurry Over to TWO-SEVENTY MOBILE HOME SALES On 1-270 Between 111-3 (618) 931-1000 r 1

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