Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1950 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 29
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.f*AOJI THIRTY ALTON fcVfttttNO TlLIOftAMt THUMDAY, JANUARY I, IN* BcthaltoCubs To Meet Friday BBTttALTO, Jan. 5. (Special)— Co* Paefc Tht«« ef th« Boy Scouts will meet at the Legion Pavilion Friday tA 7:90 p. m. A11 parents of boys who are interested In Joining the pack arc Invited to attend the meeting. Following the business session, refreshments will be served. Presbyterian AM to Meet ' BETHALTO — Members of the local Presbyterian Ladies Aid will meet today at 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. Henry Kelser on Spencer street. The regular monthly business will be transacted, following which the Aid will hold Us belated Christmas party and an exchange ot gifts will take place. Bethalto Note* BETHALTO—Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Mortimer have returned from s holiday visit with both their parents, who reside In Virdcn. Miss Betty Rhoads spent the holidays here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Rhomls, returning Monday to Carbondale to resume her studies. Mrs. Mabel Warren spent the holidays here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wllllnm Hceren. She returned this week to her home In Whiting, Ind. Cpl. and Mrs. Willinm Rortgers visited recently with Mrs. Rodgers' parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Rhoads, who took them as fnr as Olney on their return trip to Mississippi City, Miss., where the corporal Is stationed. Mrs. Selma Neussbaum, a former resident here, has returned to Michigan City after several days visit here with Mrs. Lou Duffey. Mr. and Mrs. Ike Rhine spent the vacation holidays In McLeansboro, with relatives. Rhine Is a member of the grade school faculty. Mlsi Audrey Dufley had as fuests this week, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lange, Edwardsvllle. Sleet • and Ice prevented Mrs. Whitlldge, second grade teacher who commutes from St. Louis, from arriving here for school Wednesday. Mrs. Ballard, the school nurse assumed her duties. Darrell Nave, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nave, has chicken pax. "Leghorn" hats are named after the Italian port of Leghorn through which they are shipped. But the hats actually are produced In Flesolc, a suburb of Inland Florence. AHTHUR W. (Cooper) MOORE, a former Lieutenant In the Illinois State Highway Police, with 8 years' police experience and a veteran of World War II, is announcing his candidacy for Sheriff of Madison County, subject to the April 11 Democratic primary election. Cooper Moore, a resident of the City of Madison, served as a member of the Illinois State Highway Police from 1933 to 1941 during Governor Henry Homer's admin- Istratlon. During that time he was promoted to the grade of Lieutenant of the Illinois State Highway Police In charge of ten counties, Including Madison County. After a change of state administration in 1941, Moore severed his connection with the Illinois State Highway Police and became manager of the Chain of Rocks Bridge, before enlisting in the Navy In 1942. Moore served 32 months in tht> armed forces, 18 months of which were spent overseas in both theaters of war. Following his honorable discharge from the Navy, Moore became a state automobile license Investigator, being appointed by the Honorable Ed- Ward J. Barrett, Secretary of State. He is presently employed In this position. Moore is 49 years old, has lived Jn Madison for the past thirty years, has been active in Democratic politics and has served for two terms as precinct committeeman. Cooper Moore, If. elected Sheriff, proposes to organize the Sheriff's Office on a merit basis and will staff the office of Sheriff with able police officers rather than mere party politicians. • He believes In I decent, common sense law enforcement and will not permit hoodlums, gangsters and undeslnible characters to frequent Madison County. His nomination and election as Sheriff will jjlve to tin- People of Mutllson County a quirt •poken but experienced and efficient official and will give assurance to its citizens thai Madison County will be a decent, safe place in which to live. Before he entered police work, Moore was an active member of Carpenters' Local No. 633 in the Quad-Cities. He is a member of the American Legion Post 307, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1300, Amvet Post No. 51 and Klks Lodge No. 1063 in Granite City. Cooper Moore submits his can 414acy for nomination for Sheriff to UM Democratic voters of Madl- MM County on the basis of his < yovf of poJJce training and ex poriOMo Md his general qualifl lor tilt office, He is a de no MM. U4v.) "UNCir DICK SLACK'S ALTON STORE! IKNOWN PROM COAST TO SURPRISE FLOOR SAMPLE SALE! 30MOV5W £ You'll bt surprised h«w chaap you CM buy son* of HIM* sowpie pieces! Reduced 30%, 40%, 10% and even mort! 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