Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1898
Page 1
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A TEN CENTS PER WttE* YEAR/ (Bitalllibei Jiiurv 14, IBM.)* Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Until They're Astoi. Try the I hw _..!..—>• ..S2\n ^^H^^^fil^riftfiBB&MBBRBKiSi9 IT STANDS Any way you look nt It, TheBherwIn-WlUIMns Paint slanaa. While lead paint ooveri well, but It ohmki and rub« off. Zlno paint spreads well, but It eracko and peeli off. Neither one alone makei a durable paint. The Bberwln-Wllllams Paint oombloee the bwt qimllllci of both with the Highest skill. « contain! the Mat lead In the boit proportion, tho belt Kinoin the belt proportion, and the bent oil and drier and color, all In the belt proportion* From every polntof view Ustandecom- parlion paint or .(no P-lnt. U.tand. when expo-ed to the weather and hard woar. H.taud.alone-every can fully •naranteed, end behind the guarantee all tho reiouroeiand the I reputation of tho Company- THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PA/NTS It tpMlally pr*t*r«d tor every kind of painting. Get ibo rlgfct kind tot your work Go by th«lfib*I, A piactlo»l book on painting Ire* TM« SH«mW/W-WIU.I*M8 00., IMII.T « COLON ***«"•• tt29Stttr*rt Ave , Chicago; aUoCItvtUuuli New YOT*ftnaMOOKMI* •L H. W.-.CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Howell's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOW ELL, 117 West Third Street. .^^^^^.•••^••••e—••! i I, "**r^ Fire and Water-Proof __ „ -— m , A ^fflfc fMk tt'^fci ifl*^ft' tft J ri) «."^v A ^4- B'fl^^w^^'W^^^'»^"^^^*^^ ""^^w ~^ ™* m ROOFS OPPOSITION TO (ML Prospect for Legislation Crows Fainter Daily. IIHJ IU1LWA1K AUK AUAIXST IT. FlllliiifitnrliiK Tncllrn nixl Mnny Ollior Cnuiii-ii Will Surnnml In Vrevenllun o Fliml Vnle—Tim I'nnMi Treaty I» Al»o nn Olmllii In, in Mticli Time Will He Hpont O»jr Il» Iliitllli'Hllcin — llenlli of Snnntor Morrlll—«>llmr Wnslilngton Nows. WashliiKlon, Deo. 29,-The prospect far Nicaragua!! canal legislation grows falntfir dally. There IB hut one real reason—H Is opposed liy the vast railway InlereBtH which carry freight across the North American continent. The pretended reasons of the opposition are manifold. The peace treaty will require the Immediate attention of the president; the Clay ton-Bui wer treaty with England will have to be modined; the "friends" of the measure will lie unntile to agree on a law wnlen will prevent scandal; engineers can not come together In their estimates of the cost; flllbuHtlnB tactics of the opposition, and many other similar causes will succeed In preventing a final vote. It is a notable nnd ulso ominous sign that no open opposition has materialized. The fighting 1ms all been done under cover. Cump Ulvlilwl Against Itself. The latter Is the more difficult tocon.- bat, and In the present Instance Is about the only style of »•«»•£_which could be effectively waged. The pro Ject of a trans-Isthmian canal Is so generally IndorHed, Its need Is so obvious, and Us accomplishment so simple that open objections could be quickly over,. The first move In obstructing^ ^ ABSQtpntot PURE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome u^.. ^- - - .•<*•> *J» ***! »<M^. -._ J ——._.^^ elf. Advocates of the burn bill began demanding tho, .the buy a strip of land four- Mr. Gravel sa Composition y» ROOFING MATERIALS ^K«Te truth' W «'l» these ac- ^Batlons the result wa. the same a»d the chance to pass a canal bill before the holidays wan lost. Cost of U>e Canal. rill, tho senior United' Stater senator frum Vermont, died at twenty minutes pBHt 1 o'clock In the morning In the 89th year of his age, after an IHnesg of less than a week. With him when the end ranic were his sIster-ln-law.MlssLouise Swan his non Jamos, Benjamin Durfee. for a long time associated with the senator In the finance committee work at the Capitol and Colonel 8. B, Chamberlain an Intimate friend. Senator Proctor was in the house at the time, as were also several other friends. The senator never recovered from the unconscious state Into which he lapsed early in the day and his death was calm and peaceful. The "™edlate onuse of death was pneumonia, which developed from an attack of grip contracted about a week ago. The venerable senator was confined to Ms home but seven days. Despite his advanced ace he attended his senatorial duties faithfully and regularly went to the CapVtol. About ten days a R o the weather here was cold, raw and foggy, and M« physician thinks tb at exposure to Its rigors brought on the attack of grip. Commander Not to lilaiiw. Washington, Dec. 29.-The report of tne proceedings and concUislons of the court of inquiry appointed to flx the responsibility for the striking of the battleship Massachusetts recently In New York harbor has reached the^navy department and Is now In the hands of Captain Lemley, judge advocate general, for preliminary examination and Indorsement. .It is believed. In the eence of official statements on •••-•--that no blame Is attached to the com mander of_the ship. . FELL IJiTOJTIJE FLAMES. Horrible Ilwth of TSin »urlng a Fire at Illrmliighmn, Ala. Birmingham, Ala., Dec. 29 '~"^ t *.^,l I J I and 2 o'clock in the morning the night .watchman at the Bemet-Solvay com- 'pany's by-product plant at Ensley City, six miles from Birmingham, discovered fire raging In the oil house. An alarm was sounded, hut the flam " ^dlni very rapidly and soon the main building and chemical works of the plant were In flames, and burned down quickly. One hundred and twenty-five coke ovens 6s- capcd destruction, but the nrlnclpa of the --'-— """•" Their Flag Hoisted at.llotlo, Capital of Panay. FEAHS OF OFFICIALS CONFIRMED. C.ol.,»m Received at W .,hi n «»o» from O.n.ral Oil. Sayin* That th. *-«*»» K»p.dltlon to Iloll. Arrived thlrty- Nln. Hour. Too L»te-Amerl«n, «ol- dler. Fired Upon In Hat-ana While Quelling • Riot- Manila. Dec. 29.-The insurgents under I»pez practically have completed fhe conquest of the Philippine. They occupied Hollo on the day before the arrival of the American expedition sent by General Otis, the Spaniards having evacuated the city and gone to Zam- boanga. Washington. DeT" M.-Ju.l before noon a dispatch came from General Otis that at once confirmed the fears of the officials of the war department as to what had taken place at Hollo. U appears that the American forces had arrived too late on the scene and that the insurgents had added to the difficulty of the problem already presented by hoisting their flag over the city, which they have been besieging for months. General OtU 1 Dl«patcl». The news was contained In the fol- Pound I>*«<l In'ltfil. YounRBlown, O.. lite. 2».™Mm. Nathaniel Brown, who 1ms l;»cn visiting refatlvU here, wn« found dead In bed nt the residence of her smi, Frank Brown of Brymm sln-.-t. D.-ath was the VeKUlt of heart disease. She was 72 vearB of nK" n"' 1 raided with her aon'fn-law. I/J.«,l, at «93 W,Bt Monroe street, Chicago. _ No Rrllef for K'lltor Wnrdner. ffSI Boston. Hoc. 29.—.ludfte Knowlton of 1 the supreme court has refuned to Issue - wr ,t of habens corpus for the release of Torrey E. Wardner, editor of the Wofton Traveler, serving a thirty- flay sentence for contempt of court. Me will, however, submit the whole case to the full bench. Ball was refused. . . _ nnlie ScaMcil to Heath. Laporte, ind., Dec. 29.-Tho Infant eon of Julius Hchmldt ot Chicago fell into a tank of boiling water and was Lcalded to death. The Bchmldls are visiting at Oti* and the mother, upon looking for her child, found Its dead body Boating In the tank. cate with Spanish General "~-' -----evacuated evening of 24th. and Potter thirty-nine hours late: ln.ur»ent.tort possession of city on 26th. and Potter found Aguinaldo's flug fly J*. Cannot now report probable results; will not hear from there for four days as no cable communications. Spanish forces have evacuated all stations «n awthern islands, except Zamboanga, Mindanao, by orders, they say, from Madrid. *Then probably the kidneys In tho Oho**? Then probably the lungs. In tho Joint*? * Then probably rheumatism. No matter where it is, nor what kind; you need have it no longer. It may be an hour, a day, or a year old; it must yield to Df.nyep's Cherry pectoral piaster ft Immediately after applying it yon feel Its soothing, warming, strengthening power. . . It qaieta congestion; draws out inflammation* HOLIDAY GOODS^ We arc prepared to show a lorgo assortment of ... of all kinds and prices. Lace Curtains, Portiers, Table Covers. WZO'BUGS. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. We have 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, which we will sell for the next 20 days REGARDLESS OF COST. We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. Model Shoe & Clothing Co. JOHN M. SELLERS, of "• rocfod the jbftooo'Wftrbtoui*. *DU «v«. ;. -' Drop * poW»l to o» P»ll o» ,,«.l,on. Mot.l, N»> rtwwir•.««»"'. ' - - *- "VUT 60 0" bolldln*. DropVpottwtompauon ,.E. C. MACK, A ar wll.To™ Vl3B.000.000 to remove some U 000,000 cubic yards of earth and rock and bulia the required AoxM "^^^ When congress reconvenes a. d' e ffo «« repant e ert^,00o7and began operations last Bummer. Us owners reside ?n Syracuse, N. Y. The cause of the flre Is noUcnown. It Is under*ood that the bu^» buildings will be replacea at an gHBy date. SOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. have already been broached, ^ ^£issa?s*ys!**^^ _'_._-__—^..^H^I^M ^^yocxcs waits until tnis lime, ••. •>••• -M-, ... ,. t for consideration of the canal bill at this session. Pence Treaty an Obmaclo. Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at ton ****** i know of any manufactrer who s seeking lo- frnm President mujxuutj. urging Its ^^wTrr^c.'sr.iss.a^ ::ro e n:ld^urema^beh,ndc r ed doors until tn approved. Th ffovernrnent of the oauu *»**-.» «»« onrt although this branch of congress has noSSSf to do with the; treaty-tt« atntesmen composing It will taKe—or make-occasion to deliver aP£<* e9 ° n all the Questions Involved In the treaty. And when March 4 arrives and congress has adjourned for nine months people will wonder why the pet project of the administration, and the subject of spe- cla? recommendation In the president's message was again left by the wayside. And the reason will be the same that H wae during the administration of Grant and Hayes, and Arthur, and Gar- nefd and Cleveland-to wit, the transcontinental railroads. SENATOR MOIWHM- DEAD. Bill Provldlns for « tn «••»" W»U B« Introduced. Topeka, Kan., Dec. 29.-Representative I N. Ury of Bourbon county will introduce a bill In the legislature providing for capital punishment In all cases of murder In the first degree. A penalty will also be provided foi•any governor who refuses to sign a death warrant. As the law of the state now stands the infliction of the death penalty is optional with the governor, and there are sixty convicted murderers n °^^rL^ y ^^^^ sign the bill in case of Its passage. The bill could not become a law until published In the official state paper, »Tho duty of ordering the execution of the condemned men would fall upon w. Ju. Stanley, the Incoming governor, who will take the oath of office Jan.^ The pass. American Hl.torleal AMoelatloD. New Haven. Conn.. »•«• »^ fourteenth annual meeting ot tne A™" can Historical association °P« ne ^|" ! . r0e J H. Morse Stephens of Cornell unlver .Ity: "Practicable Methods of Conduct- 1W Large History Courses," by Profes- Complicates the Problem. The evacuation by the Spaniard, of all the Philippine ports, as reported by General Otis, although doubtless Inspired by a desire to secure their safety by concentration, undoubtedly hat, done much to complicate the problem already presented to the war department of extending the military Jurisdiction of the United States over the lsla " ds ' "^'" now be necessary to expedite the execution of the original plans and It may be fully expected that within a week important events will have happened In the Philippines. It Is presumed that General Otis will demand the "rrender of Hollo Into his hands, and tfcls demand may at once raise the issue be- tw'een the insuregnts and our own government of possession of the "l ano > T^e province of Hollo Is set down In the official directories as having a population of 472.000. and It Is the second seaport in importance in the Philippine group. Few Gunboats Available. It is located on a river navigable tor vessels of fifteen feet draught, soi that very few of our gunboats would be available to assist the troops In casei It should be necessary to take forcible possession of the city. The Spaniards have chosen a strong place for the concentration of their troops In the town of Zamboanga. which as the reports here Indicate, IB strongly fortified and possessed of considerable natural Strength from a defensive point of view. It is not doubted that they will be able to maintain themselves for an Indefinite period of time against the insurgent^ presuming that they are not cut off It is a new plaster. A new combination of new remedies. Made after new methods. Entirely unlike any other plaster. The Triumph of Modern Medical The e perfected Product ol yean rf Patient Toil. ., Placed over the chest it is a powerful aid toAyert Cherry Pectoral in the treatment of all throat and lung affections. Placed over the stomach. It stops nausea and vomiting; over the controls cramps and cohc. Placed over the small of the back, It removes all congestion from the kidneys and greatly strengthens W8&1tQftB8* * ' For sale by all Drugsts. J. & Ayor Co, Low the explosion e blown a diatance taken. and Christmas presents were T"he town Itself has a population 000 ' ' L "--'~ __ _ Flle» BUI for Divorce. • Incandescent tights, """ Arc Lights, Power. udWlNTBR •"American •E Fire at Alliance, O. Alliance O , Dec. 29.-Flre broke out flames The Atwell block, occupied by er about one-halt the loss. Clwrgwl with a Terrible Orlm» AMERICAN TROOPS FIKBD Mob m H.»» sl^oT. »t WnltM State. Soldiers Quelling B Blot. Havana, Dec. 29.-Amerlcan troope were fired upon In Havana by a mob. I The whole town was threatened for a time. A detail of company M, Tenth United States Infantry, while quelling the riot, was fired upon and returned the ftre. A Spanish soldier attempted to pull down the Cuban and American flags over a door on 108 San La«aro Street. The soldiers, who were Bred on ,?rom the house tops, returned the flr«, riddling the front of the buildings. The Boldler who undertook to take down the flag fell seriously wounded, and the other soldiers withdrew, carrying their "njured comrades In a wagon on which HHSosiSK e . . n..i«rr *rtp-othpr for tne THE HOLIDAY SEASON ! IB at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find . Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brush? •* And many other beautiful and useful thlnga. ~'' -'-- ' ~ Henry Watson, Contractor astd Builder.- McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwsy» on band. Abo.\ Dealer la Cement, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris Side Tracks Running Into tho Quarrlw. Telephone No. 31- Residence 628 Aiby ALTON, ILL, .ldenUsa.e W of the SDanlards was due to the appearance of an American officer. The town Is prac- dcally In the hands of the Americans. The Spaniards are still supposed to hold possession of the strip of ground between Prado and Puerto, but their have been withdrawn. Two sailors were wounded and a marine was killed by the Amer- Several other persons whose not be learned were H»lr CauBlit 1» Melting. Battle Creek. Mich., Dec. 29.-Qeorge uauie <-• . , et W | t h a most the bones of his body were also broken He was a veteran engineer of the great "ke», and was acting as engineer of the Brennan boiler B Crown Sheet Blew Out. Bprlngflekl, O.. Dec. ».-Flve b^'more'orreV-soHous,y nl l|'- becn mor ^ ^ oh)o Soutll . eer I were were THE EICH-WNCE OF SYRUP OF HOS > . •• _ ..l«t« n lli** ur:i1 E ftnT t d ?r &£?&-« *«• ?^«-t'»~^t* l KJSt« Jose chest ^stcompile Uneof^ l S^^^| C -°° ! " »ns for s>utis, t rw_* clf workmanship and U due not only to the originality aca Smpliolty of the oombinatlou, bnt also tothe care and eklll with which tt 1» WTO - * - •- sclentlflo ««—»««* oS°oSy, andwe wttb to imprew «PJ>» iSl the importance ot purebasicff tlie ".. "_j v.^»i n >i remedy. As «>* Ing elsewhere. M. MORJTZ, rchant Tailor. »a West THlrd st ^^^jBi^aajinBijj.iiji,'»«g™BBgg^ !g! *^ |sa *^ a ^ • 3VITV IS THE 30UL £QF |WIT," OOOP 3 WIPE, YOU "—* crime. were about 6 v the CALIFORNIA onlyTa knowledge ot th»t fact u»bt one to avoiding the worthies* taMlons roanufoofcuroa Vy other puv- The high standing of the OAU ^ss-r.?»SS | ions were wounded. Want Fourth MlMouri Out. I pS-s-riurrt. tcSrssp ls~rri^ff^^'" t genural lo wque.t a mulatto, shot I prove fatal; ._- u.,t»« «hot I j uug « Howard K. imeUor ! soldiers were M ' y8a f r lndrew%I lIceder.Yuled UH th J'n'i Sfterward a» « oapial,. of volun teei'B. -sr^ ; ,,r^;;=: •L£L(* t^W ip«» •»—<•••-•- '»nuJ»o Synrp ol Figs hM ,„ tomSton. oftaiiUie., make, the name of the Comp.»y » fw*^ ^^Sw^i^.^.^y&M^ far la id»W»<» ot »U other Ia*MweB, it aote on th« UWBeya, liver »»o • without trrl»wth>ff or weajwo- mnd It doe« wt grip* >Wf Inoraer togetlte benetteW ww rewewber Uie naaw of co. 'SrHS£?ls» during the^ftftarn 0 ^;):,... Catllu Hron.' lf«lii»r» ^--— TT ,,.«» City Dec, Z9.-DlBpatchfc» fSrt'car^-'^^r n«r^.rc^,°e'/o h r at »a W^;r A «r^r taw her un.l J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers.| ^ Second Street. Opposite City Hall. "Alton,."!. ni?OCER 7 \V BURGESS, Cor. SiitbandAlbyBts Spaces, Fine Teas and Coffees, e<c. v , Free Delivery to Telephone OQ. part of the atv Mor« Spani»r»« *•»•»• •"• — i luoio, •>— — i Dec ?».—Th« Bp»nt»h tr«n»- I tt nd the nomln«i'» i>ft» «alle4 tor Cadi* with I «hos«n 5,400 Bbanl»h troop* aboard^ IlUBOl* *•»«>>•'•' —- Improve community Wttt" rn W»r V»»«nm. Ili-i- "U — t'upllllll 'In thin city o' K Loulnvilte. Ky., an .. .... ..,,.»i IK I r >i (IIa tUe north o* A i!-— . war with For Pneumonia. ^SSm^rt No! it is not claimed that Foley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in adj vanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and, relief in tfie very worst cases and I the early stages to effect a cure For sale by E. Marsh and S. H.i Wy«f. '* . >d

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