The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 11, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1927
Page 4
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PAGE FOm THEIIOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, MARCH 11.1927. lOLA DAILY REGISTER CHAS. r. SCO i Cnlertd at the 'lola Pokufflce . ; • Second OURS Matter. " •—: -mii Telephone ; L ....18 (Private Bmiich"Exchanse iConnectln^ AH Departments) SUBSCRIPTION RATES,! By Carrier In IoU.;Gafl City, LaHarpe and Ba-ssett. One, Wt^ck 16 CenU One Month .......70 Cents One Year BY MAIU ; Outside Allen County One T«ir JJOO BIx Moi.ths , ii-^'i Three Wunlh.s »l-60 In Allen County One Yfcar ,. JlOO Ilii J2.(JiJ , Jl.M One .Month 50c •nirw .Months Member of— National Editorial Association.' Mehsas Press Asinciation. The Kansas Dally League. Audit Bureau of Circulation. Press Congress of the World, ilnland Daily Press Association. I MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ri lit* It'Kl.-iti-r c;arrI>*H the Associated Pr<-;!5 r-ixirt Ijy r.i:>e<.-ial h-asetl wire. Th<- ,A'''-0'i:itf-d I'ress is exrlimively en- tilled to tliK. use t^,r reimbllcatiun of all ni-w.i dispatches credited to It or not oth.-nvi.sV- ci^djfe<l in thi.s paper, aiid also t h.-'local riew.s puMlshed here- All riKlil!^ or repuI*lU:ati<>« of special dispelIi*li.-.s herein are also re.servetl. .SI.XCLAIRVS WOR.ST. William Allen White Is dead Biblv Thought for Today. . i ;_ Tlii^ l.uril is Hiy sjieijlierd; SIKIII iiol want.—J'sa. 2:i:i. W.\TKR'K.M. W'linii ilie lola water works sys- lepi was iiisliilled •^f, years aKO it w:i.i "up, to date." Hut, that ^ato •w!(:i years ago. Kasliiiins in wilier works ,c'hatjgf as In otliur iliiDKH. A hetler way to put It rlRht when he says that Sinclair Lewis's new book, "Elmer (lantry,"' bears the same relation to life that Punch and Judy bear to life, that the chief characteir in; the book is as unconvincing as a wooden jln- dian, that the chief motive in ihc writing of the book is hate, and that the net result is a book with" out truth, without inspiration, without information, without literary artistry. And tiaviiiR said tliese things -Mr. White is dead wroug in saying ihat th( book is one which should be widily read. Why should a book be widely read w lich depicts a niiii|ster of the gosjiel. its chief character, i as a hypocrite, a scoundrel, a thjef, a liar, h. seducer, an adulterer, jan egotistical brute who tramples lip- on honor and i)rinci|ile and yet attains to great success as a pi'o- fes.sional evangelist. | Everybody knows these things don't happen. Everybody kno>\'s ^hat such-a man as Elmer Cantry is shown to be could not last tliree t mQntlis, in any college noi^ lliijee weeks in any church in Ameri(!:a. Everybody knows that the author of the book wrote it for no other pliriK)se faslde from making iiion- iy| than to bring discredit ujiOn rel;igion and to vent liis liatred t;o- ward iireai'liei\s and Cliurches. Wliy should such a book be "widely reail"?! Why sh^iijil nuit- ropolitan papers give it columns of jfree publicliy? Why slioiild Ihe "Hook of the .Month Club" push it onto its members as the most irii- liorlant book pi|blislieil in Amcrlila this month? Wiiy sliould a man reaii; a golden harvest by writing a book which is neither amusiniE;, romtlioi^-th^y 'jiunt a'quarler'or, ^""P'^nP- informing n<jr ......L.": v.... i true?-Why should anybody read ja book •which has not even: the pocr excuse of literary artistry to r«?«- ommcnd it. but , is sliot i with crudity, falsehood, malice, muck, hatred, narrow-minded hig- jotry an<i Jiitter prejudice? 1 A book should be read for entertainment or information or inspiration. •'Elmer Gantry" neither entertains, informs nor inspiresf. AVliy, therefore, should it bo read?! would ill- to say that improvemisnts ar<j made In water" works as they uti In autonipbiic works and other tliiiu;s. 'I'lii- engineers who make a ibusiness of In.slalllng water plants build differenk systems now, f a Century ago. The Jola |ilant was well built' and it lias been in the main w'ell m:inaged and well maintained. It is as good now as It ever was. But it lacks a good dMl of being as good now as it could bo ! made. Tlial has;been made clear by the address of Commissioner Mather Jiefore ilie Chanibcir of.Commerce , and by varii)U.s fact.s and comments which have appeared in the Register, liy the installation of e(|uip- meut which now is well understood the'(luality of the water couli^ be and In the assurance; of Ilia continued presence and power. Only incidentally is the missionary enterprise a clvifizing and social service and educational project; primarily, it is the Good News about Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Reideemer of Mankind. JPanrs TntTel-* In Tarkey. A travel aspect is given to. this CROSS CURRENTS (A. C. S.) Burglars in New York got $IiiO.-! 000 worth of aspirin. If they sell • FCIK INSURANCE City and Farm'. Phone I.Jl or 820 i Ray Investment Co. ^Mr^. Philip S. Kay lesson by the secoiid part of thejhalf of it and huv liciuor wiUi the assigned Scripture, Iwhich recounts Paul's experiences : in Asia Minor and Macedonia, Some day soon . wrestern Christians by the thous- 'ahds are going to trace this trip" I of the Great Apustle, to the un-]CO.MPLI.ME.NTS .SE.\.\TK ON l;|-.S i measured enrichment of their minds and spirits. I have covered it all. proceeds, they ought tn eo;ne. just about even. out Headlines •s you never see: D.WVKS LET .JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works PIIONK I^ESS-I.IKE METHODS. » *.* » Twenty-five thousand peo|iIe joined in a cliamond rush in Sunih .Africa, says a n^ws disiiati !i. The {diamond rush in Nortli .\iii-iiia Most of the way may now , be traversed by train; and all of} it is • feasible for automobiles. Heightened interest in Bible Lands is bound to allure students of the Word to mid-Turkey, where one may now travel in perfect .safety, j doesn t h.iKin iiiiiil ,lune. Apparently, this great journey , • » • a "tliroughout Phrygia and the reg- I Gold has been discovi'red in Mm'.- iou of Galatia." included Angor.a. .Mavbe in ten <.r twelve v, :,r : the present story-hook capital f>f ., , . ' .„ , . , , , Turkey, which was the capital: tf ""l =^'ate will be rich en.-u.!, Galatia in Paul's da.v. The greUtj^laKe another pri-/.e li,i;ht. apostle: always struck for the strategic centers. His iwas an im- lierial Gosiiel. Uauntlessly he dar|d the great cities of his day. What i if he had been able to onr ! modern tools of the automobile and th<' printing press; which are never l)etter enn>Joyed than fn the service of llie blaster'.', • : Homer. Alexander and Paul. i (March 1". 1!» L'TI Threef-'great world figures con- 1 ..\llen County lo S. V I, verge in this lesson. For Paul : Mock I, .McUiUialir:^ A.!.I. l.> went to Troas. whiiii was tlie (run j $J."i.oii. of Homer's Troy. Its full naijie ' was "Trojan Alexandria." a port * REALESTATKTRAX.SKER8 • * Issued Uaily froin Office of • *• lola Abstract Co. < * ,;. + + + •f* + 4.^. + + ^. PHONE -65- UIIK.\- YOlli-LlClITS GO OIT U'lC ViJfU Tl.f.MUING If r Electric and ^* PlurabingCo. THi; K .v'hld STOKK • Sheriff .•\lliii County. >. tn C. 1.. Wilsoti. lot •;. Iili.. k I. i:.| wards .Xdd. t.i LaHarp-. .f>ci. of ilie Troad. Personally, I think that it was the lure of Homer, uiiou whose .immorlal |)oems he,' iicixT XT f V'C like every other .scholar of his day.'.!. C I CiiMNrj I O had been educated, that drew Paul to; Troy; just as I hav<' been drawn :io the cities of Paul him- ; s.'If. One may be pi-rmitteil to j Tlie sales of the .1. wonder wliether Ihe books and.! Coiniiany tliroiigliout Ih.- parchments tliat l.'aul left behind S.4LES INCRE.ASE much improved and the certa nty of itre.ssure jimder all circumstances much enhanced. -•Sir. Mather estimates that . the I'ost . of making all the improve- j.meiits .the engineers recommend would be approximately $1.50.000. AViihout having consulted anyliody •about it the Uegister has a feeling ijlhat a large majority of the peo- I pie ;of lola would not approve so ^'igreaii an expenditure as that at !thi.s time. Local taxes already are lliigh: 'enough. 11 would seem, however, an if some of thojmost necessary ini- provemi'Uts suggested by'lhe en; cilieers miglit be made without at otici? 'undertaking the whcde nro^ gram. Among ^tihese the most nif: ^portanl. it seeiiis to the ' Kegisleri would he the building of a second servlee line from the power plant lo a coniu-ction with the city : mains. At the present time there I lis .hilt: one main ' line from Ihe ii ipilmpji on the riyer bank to the Icily ilimits, and tihat line has been ;iii the ground tw<entysix years. If iit should burst some day or night, :as ii. easily might considering its age ^iin<ler the heavy pressure put ui)oii it in case of a fire, the whole jcity jwould be out of water until it could be repaired,—a very serious situation indeed. The Commission- (HR IXK [TOR (.'OT 'K.M. . The "young dentist from a country town" referred to in tlie following editorial from the Emporiii C.i'.zette. is Dr.!J. L. Parkhurst. of Humboldt, -•Mien county's represen- lative in the Legislature. The Gazette says: . "With the pas-sing of thf new road bill through th<' house last week goes a story of how a young dentist from a country town horn-! ."waggled th(! lawyers of theleg-i islalure at their own game. A bijd fight raged for hours in tlie houst ;Over whether or ni,it Ihe county commissionei's in Kansas should ill! compelled lo pay back to farmers in benefit,dis,tiicts the iiumey that .the farmi'rs^ already have spent building hard-!fUrrace<l roads along the state h On this point ih pretty evenly divided. Onr llioiiglit the law Ishould say the counties "may" reimbursr ghwjiy. iegislaturt! was half that the schools in |J92;i. A native of Wur- ren.'iburg. Mo., he attended the Stale Normal School in that place and then completed liis education at the University of .Missouri and at Columbia .I'niversity. His early career as an educator was spent as a teacher or ; superintendent in various itowns of .Missouri.- From l!to:{ to 190S he was professor of education in trie Missouri State Normal School and from 1907 to 1910 he filled aj similar position at Tiilane University. of the Iliad and the At iany rate, the roads of Paul and Ilomi'T converged sit Troas. Did the former dream tliat l^is own surpass, in ; writings were far to l'i-:in'-v states were S7.lil.!»2t;.l'i> in K.-I,:ii- ary against 17i;.::>t.:: I in lic'i;. an inerea.<i' of ?I.!i'}.s,.'p; i.r s per cent. For January .-iiirl «>l" this year the isales were .yl.J.iL 'L'.211.04 against $!.|:;.:- IH ; lonrhe i fame and power. Iliose <>f the blind I correspondiiig lieriocl in Pn'i;.: llJurd? I [increase 'of .;;:.i'ls,77 .N .:t.'s or :;- I.SL' SKWS THAT IS-HE III M» jTIIEjare providing for f li^ir'own[ medi-| -'r"."*^' upon th^ thrills j l-er'ceni. 67 FOIt vol I{ n»\VHMK.\CE WE IH:I.IVI;R IREE •atI-Sfort ^ NEWS." teal ami-educaui;nal";;ec "i;;' ^^^^'^ l'^'T "T^^' ''"^ ' i Work amongst the old oHental 1 If °' ""-^ great ; The International Snndiiy School , churches is being given in bv f'.'"'''"""""' • "I 'l"''"'' "f i .Lexson for .Miin-h 1.1 Is, ".Haklnif I manv missionsj In favor of : fresh ^ ."'"^ 'I'stance it may ! [he «orld ChrlMhnr-.Malthew 'effort to evangelize Mohamiiedaiis i r '""/M . ''""•"^'^I""''!, somewhat *H :l (;.2 «l: Acts l«:«.I.-^ and pagan.s. - r .>ncifull.%, thai Paul was match- ling missions and imperialisms with I }er ciJtimates the cost of a second ; line at $:i ."i .OOO. .• U would seem as^ 'lil ii;WoiiIil be no more than reas-' ! (inable liriidence for the city, even ' if it has to borrow the money, to ^nstall this line right away. "We would then have an alternatff main fo whiili tilt-pumps could be con- iiecttd in case of accident.-• Also it would be possible having a second line to dean put the old main. • which it is reasonable to suppose it iijtist sadly need by this time, Uind then clean the two lines thero- ;ilfter from-rime lo lime as they ; would seem to require. While this new line is being put jilji. it would.seeiiv as if part of tlie !;?0.OOO that tiow stands as surplus jiili the water fund,might be used I Hither in exploring for a supply of j water outside tlie..rivi>r, or in slnk- Jliig a bl.K well right near the river 10 serv drawing' m :in intake instead of .i.-^ w.- i\o now from near |«be Kiiniieeof the river. Of niurse lis liisl siioiiM be diine only un- il 'nllie adviiji-^jjf compeleii.t eiigltl- rs. iif thi jp.j -<ive(: Ie«l llje money: he wasted, wcjiild'seem as If the quality water might be, liiuch im- ff It were strained through i«}ven' ii few feet of samj and soil, the oijly ()ucstion bt'ing whether <inough water would seep into such a jwelli to meet the requirements. Tho [Whole qiiestion certainly Is one which should engage" the at- tjeiition of th^ people of lola and I" tlietRegister would be glad to publish ainy comniunlcations" ' that might jndicate the trend of public Btntimept, ' farmers for roads; iilready built, letting the commissioners of each county settle the problem for| t^iemselves—and the othei': half of the legislature thought the law ilyuild say llie farmers "must" bei reimbursed for.this road building— leaving the countv commissioners no clioicQ in the matter. .•\fter several hours debate on this important point, the "musts" whippefj the "niays" by a sniall margin.' and the house, with a sigh of relief, turned to consider other portions of the bill. They^ f^iddled along until they came to a clause which said that all road building must stop until these benefit; district farmers got their money back "except where federal aiil contracts were now under way." , Then the young rose and moved^t'o Vilrike out the word "now" from this sentence. The house, liking him. and feeling relieved that the big fight was over good-hiimor<^ly voted this change without giving it any particular attention. It passed almost iniously. Then, when the bill finally wiis voted on as a whole and passed Ihe solons sat up abruptly in th seats. For they had passed a l:i saying that the farmers need niot be ))aid until the federal aid coi- tracts were completed. And thb^e who oppose paying back the benefit district farmers argue that 'the couhlies need not pay as long theni is any repair work iind way ,on la fedeiar aid job. or \ long as a roiid scraner is left setting alongside a federal aid lilg way. t AVlw'ther they an- right or niil will be decided ill tile courts, j lii^t Top.'ka is grinning at Ihe lawyels who sat by and lei a deiitiM pu thr- li-eihDill of one of th<,' bill ImporliiDI clauses. Obltuurj-—Luellu Doris Boyd. Luella Doris iUoyd was born May r,. 1912 at Havana, Illinois, and passed away at Norton,. Kansas, February 14, 19*27, aged 14 years, 9 months and !> days. At tho age bf six, with her mother, sister and •brother, she moved lo lola, Knn- sas ' where all her school days were passed, being compelled to give up school work in Ihe middle! of the 8th grade on .account of her health. She was taken sick January 1, 192li and was taken to the sanatorium at Norton for. treat- icent in April where everything mat medical care and niir.^iiig was •^iven her but t<f no avail. At the age of 12 she united with the Christian cliurch at lola and was still a meiiiber there at the limu of her de'alh. Shp leaves to numrii her; loss her mother, .Mrs. Katherlne (Boyd) Mc(;artn|cy ' of .Monrovia. California, {oiie brother, George Boyd of IJoston, .Mas.s., who was iiiiable to come on account of just recently being discharged from the hospital where he suffered a very severe case of blood poison, her sister, .Mrs. Blanche (Boyd) Sicks, hiving preceded her In death four years ago. Shealso leaves a host ot relative's and friends who will bo sorry to learn ofi her going. The remains were taken to -Vebraska City, Nebraska, and placed in the Wynka Ccme- tei'y.—A Friend. (By AVilliani T. Ellis.) Sven the scanners of Headlines ' touch the know that there is naiur<' tionary. Assuredly the old order ; front mi.ssion.'i. is clianging. ' The human pagan _ All of these) altered conditions, i X '^.xauuJr" the "(Irca^ and with imi! others even graver, which | n „„„.r. For his, ihi.ssiou and vis- and form |of the . j,,,, ,„„k him straight to the birtli- nc- of make lie of •:urope, ailed ... - apolis. thafl the | o „r world knows .\eap(dis. the ! .More BEAUTY apvicelesspossessim s The "Grand Old .Man" of Canadian curling is James Ciirrie. of the Caledonian Curling Club of Montreal, who is i eighty-two years old. {Having recently participated in the big Western bonsplels, this vcner.-ible knight of the Stane has sailed with his team for Scotland to play in all the big curling matches there. ' This is too grave an hour for «m'tergency platitudes. Tiie «omplaceiit Oliris-' ^*'°''"'- tian who thinks that all of this: Steady Kept and Steady Hands, upheaval signili.s eagerness fori . j,, l ^ h t-niinded sentimeiitaiists the Chvistiuii religion, an<l tlial a I may readily grow panicky In tlie few decailes inori! of missionary i present situation.. It is easy to meetings and of missionary gifts I niistake the need for altered riietli- wlll bring'ahoiil ihe conversion of l oils for a need' for anolher ine.s- Ihe world, is due to have a sorry I sage. Steady heads alone canvas- looking down on tiiese lieiglits, Miowever, the famous son. of Pliilip of .Macedon dreamed his dreams of world con- ! (|Uisi; and lieie, too, I'aul saw OFTENED city water keeps your skin soft and , j smooth, yoitr complexibn clear ,'! mitted for first last year by lol proved to be lair or doiii.iful. 11'| and bright, your hair Silky and-v" you failed lo re:if| K. K. .Mel)i:f: I brilliant. nell's reiiort in yesterda.vs i.iip. i | It's not soap or facials, but the \ disillusiontneiit. The huge enterprise of wiiild-i,'iispeilitig is really sure steady feet. The rock ft}un, , . _ (lation of the whole missionary 1111- faclng Its pravest crisis: a crisis I dertaking Is revealed in thelLes- not to be met by multiplied iiioney I son for the dav.i Jesus comn atid- i "'K walls, and" organization. j I ed His disciples ti go into al the | world and di.sciple all natfions. S'giis of the Horizon. Expres.sed in'a few terse phras- That is the changeless and es, tlie ni'W conditions confronting quale reason for missions, so Chrliitianity are these: las tlie chujch.continues Chri: In ,some mis.sioh lands, notably.'If Christ be what He said Ii China, an extensive anti-Chiiistiaii I then there is no allernalivp. movement is in active progress, i alone can save ttie nations an 1 Turkey has practically jnit an i people. All of iHis follower.' end to former ' types of mission i inescapably under the oblig wnrk. I lo bring the world into the fe Large blocs, of educated Indians ship of discipleship. have weighed Christianity and re-! Vast new methods may be nec- je<'ted it. Islam, which in many visioiiK of tlie| kingdom of his (.'hrisK .Alexaiider's empire is oiflv 1 a memory; biiii the. kingdom of! Clirist is coming, day by day. in illcl•ea^ing j/oWer. all oveV ' the ' earth. Kvei-y Christian wlio lives \ true to Him is a stone in its sliiii- ' ' you should do so. SEVE.V SE.\TE.\( E SEKMO.VS, He ade- long i '•'^ happj-. wiiose cireumstaiic- tian. •j'"'"' suit his temper; but he is more e is, j ''X'client, who can. suit liis temper jl,. to any t ircumst;iiices.—Hume, ilioj ... One example is worth a tlious- ami arguments.—.\non. Iiislallarion of a niodeiii ineiil ire<essary lo in:iii w.-iier on a |)ar with ilie le- i er ill the state will cost ilie nearly $-_'(t(|.niiii and will mouths to insl:i!l. llowevei-. any hou .-ewii'e in , water that counts. Hard water forms soap curds, which seal the '<|"^1'-, pores ?nd imnrison dirt, impurities i.iir • \'y \ and body poiiior.:;—thus ruining the ^. .,5 complexion. j Ihe Dure Automatic Water Soft' '"^ , ener gives you aU the softened -water lak'- • you vvant, withino attention on your I part. It is ahsolutety automatic and ob- I solrles all hanJ-ofierateJ types. )'>!:: I Beauty parlors use it. It is beauty can have goorl s<dr waler I'lee j insurance. The; clean, velvety water neUr toilette delights. aro, lition low- .Self-r e v e r e n c e, seif-control,— turbidity, lime or alkali salts ai j supplies adds ; _ _ very moderate eost bv installini; I ^uts dish-'washing time, protects the Dnro Waler .<iilieiier 'sv.-.iem. [ .fabrics and Imens you wash. I. Insist on investigating Duro- i • The Duro is instalbil in yunr I matic first. N(J obligation. ' ' own home, works aiilomalii ally ;iiid ' provides absolutely sol'r. imre was-! self-knowledge, i''.•"• T'"' ^'.'^^ of ioiieraiion \< I '; tie-ally negligible; and is more th;ir: t essary. Changing times may . respects i change procedurefe; there is notli- is disintegrating, is at the^ .<;ame ; ing .«acred almnti a method or a time witnessing a portentious purl- I plan. But the one supreme obli- tan revival of its faith in Arabia,' gaiioh. remains:! Jesu.s. requires His followers tpshare Uhe Good Tliesi^ three alone lead life to sov-'."^-''•^' ^'i'^ing <)l snaj). • ereign" power. ^ f i>owders and other ehemieals —Tennvsoir'" I ""^ housewife iiiust now u-.- in j.: * ' ' 'washing dishes, l.-iiiiidiyiiig an.! ii ELECTRIC & « PLUMBING CO. unijn- , I am persuaded that neither i'*''"''•'"•'""".*• the homeland of the prophet. Flis followers to share .tlie'c'ood ,nor life, nor angels, nor! .Modern progress in many eastern .News about Himself iwith all the I"''n':iP-'»'"'f*'v powers, nor nations has made the continuance I men In the wholo world who mav!'"f"Ks present, nor things to come, of missionary .schools and medical 1 by anv mean.s lie reached. The i "'"' heigth. nor ileAih. nor any oth- \ work difficult or unnecessarv. | permaneni core of Christian mis-i'•'"^•^"'"'•e. shall J .e able to sepa- Westernized oriental governments isions is the command of Christ, j •"''te U.T from the I<|ve of God whirli is ill Christ Jesus our Lord.—Hom. .s::;,^. :!». "THE RADIO .STORE" I t 'hi»n»' (»"> IN THE I>AVS'>E!*VS Going; to the far West, in il choice of an executive lielid'. tlii department of superinteniience <tf the Xutlimal Education Associatio has chosen Dr. Joseph M.; Gwli| superintendent of schools', -of Sa Francisco, to he its president idur- ing the ensuing year. It -wasiiM New Orleans, where he served head of the public school systen, for nearly fifteen years, thati Di Gwin made a reputation for origl nality and efficiency which led t^ an invitation to. become superin tendent of thp San Franclsc4 DISGUISE A OLD COVM »MMPi^»-\ 6oT MuH CAIMT OlSGOiSe A 0\-0 COW HAND AGrOlKf cxrf STe-PPiM m<aH IW LOV^ GeAf?- MAI4-Mav4 HE.^ BEEU; NNEILL HEELED FEf? so - X MEAM 75 |MEy2kR5-WOW EE--)-\E.E- (JRA^MPA OKI i To know ; That which before; us lies in daify lifo •Is the prime wisdom. —Milton. . The longer I live, the more am 1 certain that the great difference between men—between the feeble and tlie powe.rfiil. the great and 111" insignificani-ii^ energy,- invincible determination, a purpose once fixe (i on. then d'-ath or victory.~Sir Thomas Fowell Bulton. Stop That Gold Before another day —A <idd may be stopped In 24 hours, llie fever cheeked, . Ihe bowels openid, the entire system • toned. The way is H1I;,L'S- a way ,so efiiei.-nt that wo pa|d H.bny.tidO for It. Don't, rely on le'sser help.; and don't deJiiv. Get the (pilrk. complete results that HILL'S is bringing millions. BOX'S Cue.r.-BMii<I..Qa!niM Ba Mira you (at HUX'S. ia th* nd boc vlth poruaiu At aU dnvgUUt-OOc HALITOSIS (Bad Breath) ach Remedy is invaluable. It removes the infection wlilch causes this embarrassing condition and leaves the breath sweet and inire. For" sale by Brown's Drug Store, Cook'ij Drug Store, Fry's Drug Store. i . m v.. .Hadison FOR EVERY HO-ME The aiitomalic pencil .s|i;ir|»enei' IA a CDM- yenience Jiow found ii> every inodeni i and in thoii.sand.^ of iip-io-date ite homes. OfTie priv Will onlv oSharpener : DOLLAR! the iCliicai;'*) Sharpi-m-r .-ellin.c," at a dollar—no one need deny liini.seif the |)reasui'e and sali.-^factioii of: this modern convenience. Phore 18 iind we will deliver oni^ lo your store! or home. (\)FFICE SUrJ'LY DKl'AinMFM THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER Kvc.rijth'uiii for Ihr Moili ni (Jflin

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