Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 28, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1898
Page 4
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Po feiisitiess Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Feeding th« Plre. . Iffcft moat powerful engine must stop If I the fire* are not fed. Mnii is tho most won' derful piece of machinery in the world, yet no matter how atrong and well-made hi* bodily frame may be, if the fire of life within him id not constantly fed his limbs And muscles become powerless and useless. The reason men become helpless and diseased is because the food they eat, which is the fuel of life, is not properlv digested and appropriated by the stomach and nutritive orjrans. It is not completely transformed Into the ntreiiRth and working power which is to man what steam is to the engine. That wonderful powcr-m.ikinir Oolden Medical Discovery," invented by Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo. N. Y., Imbues the human digestive juices and blood-making glands with capacity to extract abundant nourishment from the food. It builds up organic tissue, nerve fiber, hard muscular flesh and working force. It gives a man steam . What It did for Mr. I', fi. HiiElics. of Junction, Hunterdon Co., N. J.. Is jtfven in Ills own words. H* Writesr "I received your klnil Ic\nr, and in reply would sny thnt mine WHS n !>.-ul case of Icidtteyand liver trouble, ami that six ttottlesof Dr. Pierce'* .Joldcri Mrdlcnl Discovery nnd four bottlMof llt-lc • Pellets ' effected n complete cure. It II well known Ihol nlinost every engineer it troubled more or less will, kidney trouble, cipecl- ally on our fnsl express trains. I run one hundred and forty-four miles on these train* every day in the week, and have had no return of the trouble since taking the remedies, nearly three yean ago." LEFT NO CIM OK M Ut* •prtMBUBf » rint-oUu lanr I .••on Comp»n!«i, FOR SALE. The Dr. Hardy property corner 5th and Alb> Iti. Lot 120x120 feet with 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Eaaton street bit. 10th and llth sts. Lot 46x120 foot. Price $700. Tbe residence ot Geo. Klrsoh on Belle street; S room* and bath room; In good re air. The lO-room residence of S. H. Nichols 01 * Ltngdon at. Lot 70x170 feet. A One location. ATlneS-room dwelling (nearly new) with bath room; heated by furnace; In Mlddlatown. , The fine lot ot David Doyle on Blutt itreet ' With 4-room brlclc dwelling. The J. M. Toniior homestead containing about 42 «oros: fine 10 room dwelTlngifrult of all kind. Some flue lots on Bluff street wltb brlok par- Ins «"d aewer; no grading, In T. L. Foulds add. , Aline 8-room brick dwelling, heated with tttsm. Lot 120x120 feet; One fruit; half block o A^teslraole residence on Prospect street with 7room*. Heath with furnace. Lot M feet on Proapeot itreet. rtyon tnenorth side ot Second Tiolt. One of tho finest location in MWdle Alton J i-room dwelUng with about It* aorea ol na. Fine fruit and Bhade trees t bionics _i'o»r line In Upper Alton. AflnelotontthBtreet. Several ODD lott an Belle atreet between 15th - ''**A two awry brlok store and dwotllog and a i ! 'two etory brlok dwelling on same lot corner of ' ted and Vine sts A good Investment. 1 4 One lota on Ith street near Mr, Oarstang ^Sfeflne'double dwelling ot Mr. 'B; dining, "i neated by steam with modern Improvements, Arery desirable 8-room brio* dwelling, 911 Belie street, wits all modem Improvements, < The Plasa Foundry, everything complete! In- tiding 10 lots; swltoh connection with C, A A. i Alton Novelty Mtg. Co. property on id itrwt, "J'toB^oti'ln'Highlind Park, each TO by abcut A six room dwelling on State itre*t. Price A good 8-room dwelling on Second itreet. " Two flne lots on Alby itreet i • Tke double brlok dwelling, corner ThlM in* ' Alby itteets, one of the finest location. In Alton "' ikloo* 7-room dwelling! good lot ind one '"'• A new tin room dwelling in Upper Alton, good °Ai$?d lot Willie feet on Eaaton street. - •isoodirlok dwelling with au lots In Middle-' v wfftt* COttT6Qlo&i to motor F1Q6 locittoo. - A • '> J f&SSSS&SL* Of Altort Wad. on Belli ' •treetrwUh 10 rooms and finished attlo, bath >', Ubiwaih rooms. Oood cellar. Gas and water. - SUN* and carriage home. Lot Street front, •'. "Breale or rent, other desirable property not '<f ?Jifoom'"'l«k dwelling on William street "*V A sfoom dwelling with a good lots oh Fl"t ^ •wetYejWtofKldge street. Price, II.900. 1 '%yto<t? roonj, brick dwelling with a lotion ?'-?AfO<>dVroomdwelling with nne riverrlnw, ', .heated by hot wster. FOR RENT. r ' The two story brick dwelling with 8 rooms,on ' Bellevlew avenue now ooouplod by J. Moulton, -' AO-room dwelling on 3rd street with bath room wlthmodern fixturea. New store room and two 4-room tenaments With bath room; 2nd atreet near Cherry The L. J. Clawson bbmeate&d In Upper Alton t With 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied : by Mr. Oeo. Levla. Possosalon Klvon by Jufv 1. Mysterious Bank Robbery Occurs at Lima, 0. OVER «II8,0<M) TAKEX r'ltOM VAt.T.T. Not B Ri-ralrli nn Ilin Huff Nur n "i»- fcen, nnd Ilin Tlinn l.iifh I" Niit l>-i Ri-'l —ffol nBe-nmr Murk ipf Tn»l nn Vniltl, Snfo or l)oor, but Still II"' Jl»ni-.v I' Oono—Pollen llnve >'«> (:!••<* In AVnrli l/pnii. Urns, O., Dei-. "S.—The pulii-n nn' Without « ClcW to the IhleveH \vho <ill- rted off $18.182.72 ti-oiii tlii- t-'n?t Xii- lloniil bank .Sunday iilnht. Thf.-if Is nut a Herntcli on the snf" nor l-'olt broken. and the time lo< k Is not il;ini:if;ed. Hul the money Is KOIIO. iiml tin 1 (llreilors Imvo ordered un usst-sstn''!]! to inert the (Ic'fideney. The money tnki-n In gold nnd notes. A coin >•;)• k icr- talnlnR Jl.OOO worth of silver WHS not tciufht-d. Tin- win- nrrueiis on the h mi< windows wei'e not torn, nml there 'M not n senr or murk of tool on vault, uaf" or doors. The bank IB at Miiin :ind High KtrcftK, the most prominent corner In thu city. The viiult Is oni- of the laws! In I.lnin. nnd w;is r-onsiilered flre nnd humlm' proof. The brink's president, with (he cashier, ft the time lock Suturduy nlBhl for thirty-six hours. Mystery Dpppeit!*. When the. janitor went t^i Her- building Monday to pout the holiday notlcff he suw the outer door to the vault standing partly open. The oflli-lals were notified nml tin.- loss discovered. In- vestiBHtion ili.'-.rlosecl that the other doors were linked, hut that the vault had been enl«'ied and nil the rurrenry aud gold coin taken, while several hundred dollars In sliver \\as not molested. Besides the outer dner (o the vault, there was another door, whlr-h was open. There are two door. 1 :! to tho vault, the ouU'r one hulrm operated by the time lock. The Inner door was locked With a combination lock. There were two electric lights which were supposed to be burning all night, but the janitor found the one In front of tho vault turned off. Dolll UKlits WITH Iliirnllif;. He said that he looked Into the bank about 10 o'clock Christmas nlKht while on his way home and thnt both lights were then burning. Joseph Ooldsmlth, vice president of the bunk, was thu last person connected with the Institution In the banking room. Meusrs. Cashier Kail) und President Michael were there Kunday morning about 9 o'clock, and the outside door was closed and everything was nil right nt that time. Mr. Goldsmith was there Sunday afternoon as late as 4:SO o'clock. He went to tho bank to write some letters, and after he had concluded he left, locking the outer door leading to the bank. He says the electric light In 'front of the door was burning at the. time he left, which Is evidence thnt the robbery took place some time Kunday night. WO.UAN MM DOTS A KOItllKIt. Women Should Know It. Many women suffer untold Rgony nnd misery bocBiiBe the nature of theirdist-Rpo In not correctly nrder- sloort. They have been led to believe that womb (rouble or female weak- nta* ol fiomo Bort is responsible for thn many ills that beset womankind. Netiralgln, nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles under the eyes, rheumatism,* dragging P»'n or dull Hflio In tbo back, weakneBS or bearing down Benflatlon, profnaeor scasty supply of urine with strong odor, Ireqiiont defiiro to paos It with scalding or burning sensation, sediment in It afier standing in bottle or common glnsp for twenty-four hours, are signs of kidney nnd bladder trouble. The above symptoms are often ftt- trloutcd by the patient herself or by her pltjeician to female weakness or womb trouble. Hence, so many fail to obtain relief, because they are (.renting, not the disease itself, but a r<-Unction of the primary cause, which IB kidney trouble. In fact, women as well as men are made miserable with kidney and bladder (rouble and both need the same remedy. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root Is the great discovery of the eminent kld- noy and bladder specialists, and la oapy to got at any drug store for 50C or 81. To prove ita wonderful merit* yon may bavo a sample bottle and book tolling all about it, both sent absolutely free by mail. Kindly mention tho TKI.KCWAPII and send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Uo., Binghatn- ton, N. V. si:itsiini;s rou VESSELS. l:i'lli>ve< III" Illl! \Vill Tt« Savin the Huiili ut Uiirllmru, O. T., rrnm Hi-lug Looted. Wichita, Kan., Doc. 28.—At Eurlboro, O. T., three masked burglars altcmpted to enter the bank at that place, but wore prevented from doing BO liy ISnmm .Anett, the bookkeeper, who learned (if their planned attempt through a scholar In a Sunday school.. She hid In the building after nightfall, without saying a word to any one ubuut It. Klio Bhot the leader In the arm jUHt us he WHS getting ready to break down the data 1 , The robbers then turned and fled. A big- hamiuet was SHI-VIM! on Christmas In honor of the heroine of tho episode. There was nearly $70,000 In tho bank vaults. REAL B5TATE, bURANCE, and LOAN JROOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. rOR 8ALB4 .floe building lot 06x146 on Liberty street au drove and Franklin, Cor two. aoro farm 8 miles south of Brighton, lalf In oultlvatlon, one-half good pasture, l,00» A bargain. L new two story brlok modern dwelling near ner of Third and Ooorgo streets. oom*welUnK house with largo lot on i itreet south of Twelfth street. i story frame dwelling tortl tllOO. No. (31 east . Good street a frame dwelling house and another iiue, all on one lot In good Ijuntloo .own. Rente for 138 per months resldenoe on Bute street on tilU on Oak street between the i Four R. R. traoks, suitable for i or manufacturing purposes. 'lion east side ot Alton street, bet. B farm in' Jersey county, half milt itttlon by rail or river. >lcTbusln*iis property, corner ant) Us., on ca« terms. - frame Ksldenoe, new and il 'omenu, situated OD Kouitu st., buildings o«ai of Bom *a attng property. 8nd»i Miildlnn lot* lo Hunteritow purpotef. oor. <tb and Cherry it* *!B; 7100 p»r(eotr ' brlok, ilate roof rMldeaoe, No !e»*rtera». roller,prooeu In i w InhablUnti, tUox T ,, „,,. ^itorone-bijf the pw : ik building suitable for store 01 wbut oouji wu U>» new tinrk Jtyn oj qpiT Brauoh '"-" ^'MWj^irAiloB TO LOAN. ihip Tickets I» tvnft w •>' PrlBtlji* IllirfcltirH III It Dry (Jciotlit Store. Baltimore, Dec. 28.—The dry goods store of Henry Wesgel at Hamburg and Charles streets, this city, was entered by burglai-M and robbed of money and checks aggregating J7.000. Tho valuables were In a safe In the counting room, the door of which was blown off by dynamite and $6,800 In suede und currency, the remainder In checks of small denominations, was taken. IUISS1A.V tilUM) IH'Ki:. Cullnln of tli«> f'/.ur ArrlvcH In Nun Frjin- cluco on Iliu Htuuiuvv Cltlntt. San Francisco, Dec. 28.—Among the passengers on tho steamer China which arrived from the Orient were Cirand Duke Cyril of Russia and hlo aides, l.leiiteiiunttf Cuumin and Couze. Tho grand duke, who Is a cousin of the czar. Is on his way to .St. Petersburg, huv- Ing nearly completed a tour of Hit- world, Other passengers on the China were Captain Kiddle, commander of marines of the Olymplu, and L. J. Ktihl- welli, chief KUimer of the Olympla, who are on their way to Washington for orders; Mr. Klnnery, chalrnian of the chamber of commerce of Honolulu, en route to Washington; Professor Hull and daughters, who have been travel- Ing In Jupnn; Mrs. 1,. I,. IK'llnnlalnt* and daughter of Wheeling W Va., und seventeen discharged Huldlem. II was expected that Lord Chiirles Hcresford and Banfoi-d II. Hole would be among the passengers, but both were detained, and will probably arrive tin the next vcsssel from Honolulu. JOiiil ufa <Jr<Hm (iuudi* iliml. Allentown, Pa., Dec. 28.—1«\ C. Waters, who Is accused of being a New goods man, was arrested at hotel and lodged In Jail, ti'uspected of being the leader of a gang that has been operating In this city for n year. The arrest \vus made by Policeman Smith, who played the part of u "come-on" and was supposed lu bo W. P. Allen, cashier of the Harris National bank of Terrell, Tex. As the deal was about completed thu officer placed the green goods,man under arrest. Waters resisted ill-rest, but was Overpowered. 111.'II 11)111 "Jollll." Abilene, Kan., Dei-. 28.-Cltlzens of Woodbine blew up with dynumlle a building In which a "Joint" had been Blurted a week ago. lOverythlnu In the building »a>< destroyed, timbers being thrown for ruils and adjoining mores were somewhat Injured. No oiiu wan hurt. The Joint had been ordered to leave but refused to do go. A "Joint" IB an Illegal uulooii. A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada E. Hart, of Qroton. 8. D. "was taken with a bad cold whloli «etttad on my lung*: cough set In and finally terminated In Consumption. Four doo- ton gave me up, Buying I oould live but * abort time. I gave myself up to my savior, determined if I oould not stay wltb my friends on earth, to meet Brnnliir Million l:i'll I'u<i4i-(l. Cli-vlfiid, Die. JS.— Ht.-nalur Hann-i hclli-ve" that his bill for the protection of the American men-hunt marine will be passed during tin; present session of congress. The majority of the senators. Mr. Manna says, feel favorably toward the measure, and h" has reasons tu believe. the house of representatives will pass the bill. The bill was Introduced last week by Senator llanna, and. In brief, provides that subsidies shall be paid to certain freight-carrying vessels built In America. The object Is tu encourage Americans In transacting relations of a com- rncrelai character with the peonle of foreign nations In American bottoms. "I tlilnk the merchant marine interests of the United Stales should be given protection, as well as the steel Intel ests, for Instance," said Senator fliinna Here we are exporting steel to all parts of th- Witrid, and especially to Knglnnd. simply because we h/lva given lhp.t Industry protection. Several general ons r^o the American mere-bunt inn rim- wou.d compare favorably with the commerce-carrying vessels of other countries of the world, but latterly we have been dropping behind. until at present only (i per cent, of the American freight U carried in American bottoms. The cause for tills condition lies largely In tbe fact that England, (icrnumy, France and the other Rurnpenn roiinlrh nhnvc protected their maritime inter s:s by granting the vessel companies utibsldbs. The only natural thing for \is to ilo If we wish to build up our maritime Interests Is to du the name thing." (JIVE VICTIM'S WIDOW $1,000. AcijliltttMl of Murder Ull'cr n C'III-IH! IIIIIM I'rcHent, C'hudrun, Neb.. Dec. 28.— As a sequel to tbe court scene at Hot Springs, S. n., last week In which thirty-two cattlemen were aci|iiltlt.-d of the charge of killing John Kkman, a sheep herder, In Fall Itlver county, S. D., last August. a cavalcade composed of the exonerated cattlemen Sunday rode up to the Ittlc cabin occupied by the destitute family of the dead man. The leader knocked at the dtiur and Mrs. Ekman responded. Her face grew pale and she trembled. "Mrs. Kkman." said the leader, "w* have come to make you n little Christmas present. We shot your husband, but It was In self-defense. We know you are without funds. We would gladly restore your husband, but that l» Impossible, so we do the next best thing— give you means to support yourself nnd children. If you need morn call on us." and he handed her a bag containing $1,000 In gold. Tho woman was unable to express her thanks. She gazed nl the bright mass of gold und the tears coursed down her cheeks. The stern plainsmen raised their hals, mounted I heir horses, and rode away. MOOKE IS SENTENCED. Un Cli-tii MIIII|<-<-I] Vimm for Working the Ilililfer (iiiniii. New York. Dec. 28.— W. A. E. Moore, convicted of robbing Martin Mahon, a hotel keeper of this city, by the "Uadger game," has been sentenced to nineteen years in state prison. The charge against Monre was that he conspired with his wife, Fuyne Htruhan Moore, to rob Mahon, and that Mahon was enticed by the woman to apartments occupied by the Moores and there compelled by the husband to pay blackmail. Moore wus convicted on his second trial, the Jury In the llrst Instance having disagreed. In the case of his wife, Fuyne Moore, the jury disagreed and the woman In now awaiting her second trial. Justice Daly, In tho supreme court, on the application of counsel for Moore, granted it stay of execution of the sentence passed on Moore by Recorder Ooff until a motion could be argued for the granting of a certificate of reasonable doubt In order to enable un appeal to be taken. Qfi HCIA'S VISIT TO SAMPSON. Fnmnn'n f'nlt.ln Ornrrn! flprnmc* 9en« nick nml XVnnli'iI In Ili-lnrn Anlinrc. It wn« rliiring tlmt long, monototiooR hliit'ltndc' lii'forn .SantiiiRO. •nine clays before tlic arrival of tlni transport)) Iwmr- liiK (iriirriil .Slinftcr and the iirmy of invnsioii thnt I llrst met tli« Into General (inrela Admiral .Snmpson desired to cdiift'r with tlu Ctilmn commantler nnd l.url «cnt n dlspntch l>ont down the const to hriiiK the 1 Ronornl nnd Ills .staff to th« fldKsliip N'cw Vnrlt. Tho Cnrililiriin wns in i\ lind temper thnt iliiy, nnd wht'U tbe strum cutter of tin: fliiK^liip KIIIIIP nloiiKMde tho yacht to Inkc the diptintftiishcd pnrty to tbo chip of tho coiiimiindiT in chief of the flqimilron the old ^encrnl liositutud. Ilowi.'VtT he mnnnged lo K<"' Into the launch a.s it humpuil and pounded agniiiHt the xides of tho Vixen, despite the efforts of the "jncklen" to keep clfiir with boathookn, and nftcr n most uncomfortabe "tlmking op" reached tbe bidder on the New Vork's port quarter. The littln Innnch wns bobbing liko a cork, nnd tho old Reueral, overcome by K'.SM, lust heart and protested attempting to ncale tbo uninviting Hide of tbo warship "No, no," bo said. "I have certainly bad enough. I think I would bolter go back." Prevailed upon, be managed to reach tbo deck of tbe cruiser and noon after was stretched on tbe divan in Captain Chad- wick'H cabin. When last I saw him on the ship, he was standing aft gnzing toward tbo Oubnu shore, but five miles awny. His eyes were filled with tears and htsvoioo was broken as I beard biro say aloud, not knowing that ho was overheard: "O my poor Cubn! My poor Uubal I bnvo fought for you u long, long time I Aud now you «ro to be free!"—Henry Barrett Cbamborlin in Chicago Record. ICE BREAKING STEAMER. How the ItiiMNlnn Vrxnol Ilrcnkn Her \Vnj Tliroiiltli the Ice. Consul Alutculf Funds from Newcastle- ou-Tyuo u description of the launching of the ice breaking etomuer Eruiack, recently built for tho Russian government. This stoamor is o05 feet Jong, 71 feet in breiidtb nnd 42^ feot in depth. When folly loaded, tho draft will bo 25 feot nnd displacement 8,000 tons. The dimcneicns und nppearnncoof the vessel would hiiggcist n battleship but for the cutaway bow. The principle upon which this vessel attacks tbo icn is an improvement on tho old idea of running up on to it uutl breaking it down by what might be termed bmto forco. Science has added to (his brute forco by placing n forward propeller lo disturb tho water omler the ice, depriving the latter of its support nnd rendering it n comparatively cnsy task for tbo heavy vessel to break through. It is held by mm of experience in navigation amid frozen waters that there will bo no great difliculty in keeping open many, if not ull, of the principul tnulo routes of the world which arc now rendered impassable every winter. In addition to convoying merchant vessels through the ice she is rmpablu of carrying u heavy cargo us well UH 90 pas«ei)Kors.—H. S. Caufleld in Cbiciiso Times-Herald. Your Doctor Knows Tour rlootor knows all about' foods and medicines. The next time you see him, I Just ask him what he thinks i Scon's Emulsion of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo* phosphites. We are willing ' . to trust In his answer. For twenty-five years doo- ' tors have prescribed our Emulsion for paleness, weak- I ness, nervous exhaustion, and for all diseases that cause , loss hi flesh. Its creamy color and Its' pleasant taste make it especially useful for thin and i delicate children. i No other preparation of cod- i liver oil is like it. Don't lose time and risk your health by ' taking something unknown and untried. Keep In mind I that SCOTT'S EMULSION ( has stood the test for a i quarter of a century. Joe. >nd tl.oo J ill druggist!. SCOTT? BOWNE, ChemtauTNew York. Hlit I'rliinitcrg Escape, Ionia, Mich., Dec. 28.—Six prisoner: have escaped from the state house of correction. They were: Frank Edison, live years, robbery: Frank Fisher, one year, house-breaking: Lewis Ferguson, four years, burglary: William Smith, three yeats, burglary; James Miller, four years, burglary; John Hubbard, larceny. They were all convalescents confined In the hospital. They cut their way through a partition wall to the knitting- shop adjoining and scaled the wall. Owing to the windy night and the drifting snow they left no trace. Document*'In the Dreyfus Cuse. Paris, Dec. 28.—The premier. M. Dupuy; the minister of war. M. De Freycinet, and the president of the court of cassation. M. Loew, have finally agreed upon the conditions under which the secret documents In the Dreyfus ca are to be submitted to the court of cassation. They are to be taken there every morning by Captain Cuinet If the court applies for them, and they are to be returned the same night. Will G» Out of BimlilvOH. Chicago, Dec. 28.—Frank tiros., department store proprietors, will go Into liquidation. After nine years of operations In Chlc.igo the three brothers composing the firm, August. Joseph and Louis Frank, have decided to go out of business. This determination is the. culmination of replevin and Judgment proceedings instituted last week by creditors of the flrm. .Bulls COUGH-SYRUP; Will cure a Cough or Cold at onoe. It positively relieves all throat troubles. Small doses. Price 25 cts. at tlruggista. uuciuen a Armcn omive. Tbe beat aalve In the world (or oats, braises, sores, ulcers, salt rbenm, fever sores, tetter champed hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cores piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give peifeot- satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 26 cents per box. Fjr sale E. Mnroh. Alton and rrper Alton Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a onre for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. Tbe cure begins with the flrnt dose. The relief it brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by S. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. Tbe undersigned having been appointed Ad- mlnlstrstor of the estate ot DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of 1111 the January term, on toe first Monday* In January ncit, at which time all persons having claims against said esiato are notified and requested to attend tor tae purpose ot having tho same adjusted.* All persons indebted to said estate are requested tn make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this 19th day of Nov. A. D.. 1308. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. What do Ihe Children Drink? Don't elve them tea or coffey. Have you tried the iifw food drink called GRAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. Tbe more Qrain-O you give the children the more health you distribute tbiough their systems. Drain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepired tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about our- balf HS much. All grocers sell it. 15o and 263. Frmii'li riot In Working Order. London, Dec. 28.—The Paris corrc- Bpondent of The Dally Chronicle says: It Is assorted thnt the French police have Bel/.ed several bundle! of letters wluiHe ciintentn prove thnt a military |j|ut is In thorough working order. Texas. The Missouri. Kansas & Texas Kail- way Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, IS, Ceo. 6 and 30, witb final limit of return to 21 days from date ot sale. An excellent opportunity for homesenkers, tourists and investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. For further information address John L. Williams, P. and T. Agl, 103 N. Broad, way, St. Louis, Mo. WE WILL GIVE YOU A $4 WATCH If you will show our publication to your friends We don't want you to sell them anything. The watoh Is made bra well-known American flrmi, In two slips, children*' and adults', nickel or gold-plated hunting oare a d tally guaranteed. Send 2 cents for particular'). Overland. 84 Park How, New York City. Tbe Surd La uuppe Cure. Tbere IB no use suffering from tbis dreadful malady, If you will only get tbe right remedy. Von are having pain all through your body, yenr liver Is out of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have a bad cold, ID fiiot are completely used up. Bleotrlo Oltters in tho only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They act directly on your Liver, Stomuon mid Kidneys, tone up tbe whole system and make you feel like a new being. They are guaranteed to oure or S rlco refunded. For sale at B. Marsh's rug store, only SO? per bottle. ray absent oc«w above. My'husband ^-'-^ J ~' -et Dr. King's New _, , ,,, Consumption, Ooughs andOolda. Iwveit a trial, took in " :ht botlftf, »lt has cured me, Discovery Jfiw andOolda. la md (Eank Qojfl I aw saved an d now'a well «nd htaMbiL »»««>»?." Trial )OtUe» frae •»,B. m*m'* drug etore. HeguUur rtse W> ftodfi,'" Guarautoed or pno« Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be wortb to you more than |100 if you bave a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at onoe. <M. Sold by 8. H. W>88. Druggist, 669 Second sf.'eet, Alton, ftt. ' for Kidney Troubles there is nothing better than Foley'c Kidney Oure, everyone who trlei It will agree to this. Bold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyj». _______ . It is said that the soldiers who bad laken flood's Sareaparllli stood the oug marches in Cuba much better ban the others. A Word to tbe Wise la Sufficient. Ely's Cream Balm baa completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens, Oald- well, Ohio. Ely's dream Balm works like a charm; It baa cured me of the moat obstinate caso of cold in tbe head. I would not be without.—Fred'k Frlee, 283 Hart »t., Brooklyn, N. Y. A lOo. trial size or tbe 60o site of Ely's dream Bairn will be mailed. Kept by druRglstfl, Ely Brothers, 66 Warren at.,N. Y. Tbe person who disturbed tba congregation last Sunday by coughing, Is requested to ca>l and get a bottle of Poley's Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by B. Marsh and B, H. Wyss: • • ' _ • Many People Citnnot Drink coffee at niebt). It fpills their sleep. You can drink GBA13-O wben you please and. eleep like a top. For URAIN-O does not stimulate! it nourishes, cheers and feeds.' Yet it looks and taatea like the best coffee, For nervous person*, young people and children QRAIN-O la a> perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grooer today, Try it in place of coffee. 18o aud We. __ _^. Many have lost confidence mid hone as well aa health, because they have been told tbelr Kidney dlibaw WM Incurable, Foley's Kidney Oure Is a Guaranteed remedy for (be discouraged and disconsolate. (Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. A MARVELOUS OFFER ! 2Sc. 200 Photograph' Views ot the United States Navy taken by B. H. Hart, U. 8. Naval Photo- irapher, and three months' tubsorlptlon to OHKBT'B How a JOURNAL, both (oronly 25 ots., postpaid. These are the finest pictures obtainable of Dewey, Sampson, Sohley. Hobson, Clarke and other heroes, the battleships, cruisers, monitors, torpedo bottsand auxiliary oratt and the principal Spanish war ship?, end are very valuable. ComOsY'B HOME jouHNAi<4sthe brightest and lbo*t monthly In the country. Eaoh I sue contains new copyrighted sheet mu- BloVorthWo to H.UO.MtoWpages each month. Send today,' We" want to Increase oar circulation to aOO.O 0 and therefore make this remarkable Offer.-CONKEY'S HOME JOURNAL. Dept. A, Chicago, 111. Wistoimln T*"jf!if in" As^f^-lnttr.ii. Pf, V>rr. 28. Tho forty-seventh nnminl convi'iillcin of tin- Wlociin- fln Tenc-hcrs' nssoi'lntlMi opfiicil lii're. F. O. KntPRP of (Sr'i'CM Uny rcnil n pn- ppr on "Triichi'is ami Piumls' Meetings," mlvornlilut uncli crhomi', lipllcv- liiK thill It would ri'Siilt bi>ni>fl: ially t(i felinlars, ns jmrcntd uoiilil hi; aljle to recommend things llwl would he (rood for the whole srho il. .1. T. Kilwnrils of Mnrliu-ltc spoke on "OrniliUion and pro- inntlon In I'lihlli: Schools." lie wns npnlnst the old system of loi kstep. <i"d pnld thnt chiklren fhoiild be placed In grades nml punnoted not by rule but by ability. _ rrpparlHK- Tor it Cotip il'F.tnt. London, Dee. 2S.-- Special dispatches from Purls Bny thnt In view of the iltvlly preparations for a coup d'etnt the rev- oHUlonnry Foelallsts ba\ T e ornnnlzed a vlgllnnee eomnilttee In ench district charged with the detection of the nntl- republlean movement. Counter preparations are also being made. Olllcers of the higher ranks In the army are cnlil to have been pounded on the subject of a coup d'etat but tho results are said to have been disheartening. Anotlinr Chrlfttinn Srlencn Victim. Omaha, Dec. 28.—Mrs. J. W. Kller was so badly burned by the explosion of boiling turpentine on a stove that she died from the effects of her Injuries. Her husband and two sons. Wayne and Hartley, were also slightly burned. The family are Christian scrlentlsts, and refused medical assistance. Great reticence has been observed and only members of the Christian science fulth admitted to the residence. Arrcatrd nt tho I'riMon Gate. Columbus, O.. Dec. 28.—Detective Sergeant John O'Rrlen of New York left here for home at noon, having In charge Kdwnrd Carney, who Is wanted there for snatching a watch and chain. Carney had Just completed a four years' term In the Ohio penitentiary for pocket-picking In Cuyahoga county. • He was arrested just as he left the prison gates., Hunker* nnd Cuttln FccilorH Fall. Abilene, Kan., Dec. 28.—Word has reached Abilene that the Catlin Bros., bankers and extensive stock feeders of Mlltonvale, have failed with liabilities that will run from $300.000 to $500,000. The Catlin Bros, have been feeding 25,000 head of cattle tuid are said to ha.V9 lost heavily. , Pleurisy Pleurisy and pneumonia are frequently developed, in a very short space of time, from a common cold: nnd, if such an ncute inflammation of the lungs is neb promptly allayed, the worst may happen. With the aid of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, however, you need not have any fear: for this great remedy speedily subdues the inflammation, eases the pain in breathing and always effects a core in a wonderfully short time. DrBull's Cough Syrup Cures Pleurisy and Pneumonia. Doses arc sninll aud pleasnnt to take. Doctors recommend it. Trice 23 cts. At all druggists. )rs. (7. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. or. 2nd and Boston BIS. PSones 138 and 171. The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been' iu use for over 3O years, has borno tho Bignaturo Of . nnd has boon uiado Milder hid per- Honnl supervision Hlnco Its inlhncy. Allow no ono to deceive you in tlila. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitute* we *?* Bst " pcrlnicnts that trillo with and endanger the health of Infants and Chlldrcn-lSxpcrlcnco against Experiment, What is CASTORIA Castorla is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops nnd Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worm* nnd allays Pcvcrlshncss. It cures Dlarrhaja nnd Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Tho Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. THC CSNTAUB COMPANY, TT MURRAY BTIMrjiT. NKVU YOflH CITV. BEST TRAINS iNebraska.Montana.Piige Vt^»^»»^»^»^»^ajB»^a^MT»»».ii'^. J»'i • ii •• j i i i«"- ••••••••* i i •••wivki >MMBM«3E«MMgk •TO WAI ARMSTRONG. Dealer Ic Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prlceito meet competition. Goods delivered, elophone 199 Office 107 Weit Second Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. P. SCHUSSLBR,M.D HOMBOPATHIST and SURGEON OPFICH AND RKS'DENCK, HOTEL MADISOf Telephone 100 firs. B. C. & H. R. L.emen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 9 a.m; U to I,»to 8 p.m TELEPHONE 87. iradaate Ontario- Vfternlary College over The Model store. OCci COR .THIRD AND PIA8A BTB . ALTON I LI Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Art feslsr Is Fnsk ui SaH Msats nt Larl, lid BUI lactim si Sastsrs. H» EAST SECOND . • ALTON ILL ALTON TIMiKARD Chicago & Alton. For 8. ara,*6:: For- rla-*8:« a m, *10;05 t8:20pm, •9:60p'm. 'Dally. tExoept ««» 05p m West-* « *m, oept Sunday t,. B. KOfiLAND, DENTIST, Offlo* Hours; > a.m. to II an. u<l 1 to o II W. THIRD RBKT Between Altoa & St. Louis. Lv. Alton For St. Louis. AF at T fSS:::::.- .'V; tot"®"-": ' Riopm. ...J...41&JJ.3, PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Abo bwt of Teas ant Chinese Novelties hand. 624 But Second Bt. 306 State DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 306 Belle Street. I Dr. wmiuniK' liiiliu.i i-iiu Ointment will cure tiiliiil. UlttbUluif nnd lichlni' I'lk-H. liubsorUthotuniois, .tiys the UchliiKat ouce, acts _ •usojnoultlue, ((Ivus Instoiii re• lief. Dr. Wlliiams'JmlirinPIlcOiiit . • moot Ispropirod for riio'iuiniliiiu. Ing ot the private piirta livery box Is warrantor). Ily dmeglxLH, by mull on re fe.SO.wnW » n <l *«-. (ll »-. WILUAWS rrf* 1)8.1 Otnv T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Belle Street, Up Stiln. Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate ind liunruce A(eot. MONEY TO LOAN. Public, ocnoi iw Market st r«w«««. or«r AltonRy. 4 Ill'gCo. A LOCAL Oiaeaie, A Clim«tlc Afltction, Nothing but a Inoal remedy or change ot pllmato will ou'e it, Ciet t weU-koovn Ely's THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN-^— • ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANP T"f _ m,^ PRINCIPAL OITIK9 OF TEXAS. WUNER ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Ml STHBBT. Monty to Lo*a on /atprovetf Propfnt RKNTB COLUtOTRD. Granitoid Paving Co, W. &_H. BEISER, Prop's, «13 But Sljrtb StrMt • Alton, IP. All *' 9 »i FREE RECLINING OHAIH MBS Chas A. Strittmatter Morcbant TsHof. 7*4 TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, '-At- ' . MODERATE PRICES, Yen 1*4 lartm to o*U «a4 wiatpe w NhJW STOCK OF GOODS ,* '<!»

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