Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1950 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 27
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>AO* TWBNTY.K10MT Jan. 16 Tax Date For Many People Returns by Withholding Form Due March 15 By JAMES MAKLOW WASHINGTON,—(^P)—Jan. 161 an Income tax date for severa million people. (It should have been Jan. 15 but that's a Sunday. So these tax returns must be In by Mldnlgh Jan. 16 Instead of Midnight Jan 15). This Is a date for you If you haven't had a full tax, or any tax, wllheld from your 1949 in come or wage and your total m come was 5600 or more. (In 1949 the Income of mos people was from wages. Most o them had full 1949 Income tax withheld from them In 1949. (If you're one of them, don' worry about Jan. 16. You'll have to mnke your final return b> March 15, when most, people do.' You can tell from what follow whether Jan. 16 means you. (Jan 16 is n date for farmers, too but he'll be treated separately here.) Thab date—Jan. 16—Is for filing changing and paying your de deration of estimated tax for 1949 1. Some people had no tax with held from their 1949 Income. Thi Includes people like doctors, ser vants, farm .hands. Early In 1949, If they knew n tax was going to he withheld from their 1949 Income, they shoul have estimated what that ta> would be by the end of 1949 an started paying It in four install merits. The first Installment shoul have been made March 15, 1949 the second, June 15, the thlrc 1 Sept. 15, and the fourth, Jan. 16 1950. So for them Jan. 16 means means final payment on their estimated 1949 tax. 2. Some people had some tax but not all the 1949 tax due, withheld from their 1949 wages. Start- Ing last March 15, they should have been paying the difference between the tnx withheld and the full tax they knew they'd owe by year's end. The last quarterly payment from them is due Jan. 16. 3: Some people had full tax withheld from their 1949 wages but received more than $100 in outside Income from which no tax was withheld. That outside income for a wage-erner might have been rents, dividends, sales. The glvernment wants them to pay by Jan. 16 n»y tax owed. The people in those three groups can make their Jan. 16 return on form 1040-ES (ES means estimated) or Form 1040. They'll save time and trouble by using Form 1040, since that will finish up all their tax business with the government. U they use form 1040-ES to file B return Jan. 16, it won't stand as tlielr final return for 1949 Why? Because form 1040-ES is simply an estimate of what you think your tax should be. Form 1040 Is where you're positive and firm! on what your tax Is. Everybody has to file 1040 anyway. So, even though you file form 1040-ES on Jan. 16, by March 15 you'll have to file a final return on Form 1040. Therefore, if you can file Form 1040 on Jan. 16, your work is done. Still, some people in tha three groups above may, for various reasons, find it best for them to tilt their Jan. 16 return on form 1040-ES and then by March 15 make their final return on Form 1040. For Instance: During 1949 they got a raise but will not know precisely by San. 16—because the boss hadn't yet given them a receipt showing how much tax he withheld from their pay—what their total 1949 Income was and exactly how much tax was withheld from them. There's another point to keep In mind: Some of those who've beer making quarterly payments on their 1949 estimated tax, dlscovei now they underestimated the tax they'd owe. If they've underesclmated ly more than 20 percent, they should make the correction and pay In full by Jan. 16. There's a penalty If they don't. If they've underestimated, but not by more than 20 percent, they can, if they wish, make theli fourth quarterly return on Jan 16 and then, by March 15, using Form 1040, pay the rest o£ any tax owed. As for farmers; Farmers didn't make any tax payments in 1949 on 1949 Income. Didn't they have to muke those quarterly estimated payments like other people? No. Why? Under the law, special for farmers, they don't have to. They're allowed until January, 1950 to do something about 1949 taxes. This Is the story for them: 1. By Jan. 16 they can file an estimate—Form 1040-ES—-and say what they think they owe. Tut then on March 15 they have to file's final return on Form 1040 and, if they made a mistake on Jan. 16, pay anything else they owe. Z Or, they can skip Jan. 16 altogether and wait until Jan. 31 to act. If they wait till then, though, they must pay In full by making their final return on Form 1040 by Jan. 31. HOT VILLAGE TO MOVE Things are getting too hot for Inhabitants of New Zealand's an clent Maori village of Whakare warewA and they will have to move. The village Is right in the thermal area well known to tour- 1st*' and surrounded by boiling springs, steaming mud pools and sizzling with cracks) Besides, the native community stands In the way of comprehensive deyelop- ment of the area AS a sight-seeing attraction. The Prime Minister proposes to move the villla«e to tha ajte of s present airfield. CO peak* exceeding a «f 39,000 fHi if 9 located 1 ' Israeli Parliament Backs Premier's Policy JERUSALEM, Jan. 50*) — Israel's Parliament last night Up- proved Prime Minister David Ben- Gurlon's foreign policy by a 62-28 vote of confidence. Ending a three-day debate, Ben- Gurlon told the Parliament (knes set) that "powerful forces" In the world sill) were not reconciled to establishment of the Jewish state But. Israel, Bcn-Gurion said would not relax Its claim on Jerusalem despite the UN Gen oral Assembly vote to put the hoi; city under an International re Rime. Both Israel, which occuple New Jerusalem, and Hasemlte Jor dan, holder of the old city, havi rejected the UN action, Pro-West Croup Wins in Egypt CAinO, Egypt, Jan. 5. I/Pi— Th Wafrtlst party, regarded as th most pro-western of Egypt's na tionalistic political groups, rolle< up a clear majority In Parllamen today with nearly complete re turns from Tuesday's elections. The surprising landslide virtual ly burled former Premier Ibrahim Abdel Hadl's Saadlst party, which had controlled Parliament's lowe chamber for the last five year*. The victory may restore to pow er former Premier Mustafa K Nnhas Pasha, whose Wafdlst gov ernmrnt was dismissed In 1944 h; King Fnrouk. But In Egypt, con trol of Parliament, does not nee essnrlly Insure control of the gov eminent. With 30 districts unreported, thi Wafriists held 160 seats In the 319 member lower chamber. Stand Ings of all other parties: Saadisti 23, Liberal Constitutionalists 2,3 Nationalists 4, Socialist 1, Inde pendents 27. Run-off election will be held next week In 51 dis tricts where no candidate won a clear majority. (Observers abroad Interprets the Wafdlst victory as a rebuke to the Saarilst party, and perhaps to King Farouk a» well, for the failure of the Egyptlon army against Irsael's troops In 1948. (The king long has been at odds with the Wnfd group. Since the 1945 elections, which the Wafd boycoUed, the young monarch has worked through the Saadlsts to •ule Egypt with a strong hand.) POLES WIN THROUGH With solemn ceremony, 194 Polish ex-servicemen recently took the oath of allegiance to King George VI, at Butler's Gorge, Tasmania, and became Australian citizens. Among the group, who had fought in various theatres of war, Including North Africa and :he middle East, with the Australian forces, are many professional men and technicians. For Lwo years they have, helped to build the mighty Clark Dam in Tasmania, n task enabling them to qualify as Australian citizens, Mondongo Milk Vied A cross-breed between the watet buffalo and thoroughbred buffaloes from India is being developed in Brazil to increase the meat supply, Manaos reports. Some water buffalo taken to the Amazon Valley 50 years ago, then escaped and increased enormously, now are known by Brazilians as "mondon- gos" and are breeding with, the In dian buffalo. Already their milk Is supplying a hospital. NOTICES NOTICE OP CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby liven to all persons hat First Monday in February, 1050, Is the Claim Date In' the estate of Mary A. Mulcahy, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons Dated this 30th day of December. 1(149. GUS MOORE, Administrator with Will Annexed. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. DuHADWAY & SUDDES. Attorneys. Jan. 5, 12. 19 NOTICE OF MEETING Notice Is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Illinois Building and Loan Association, of Alton, 111. will be held Jan uary U. 1030. at the office of the Asso- I'liition, toon Washington Avenue, at 7:;io P. M., for the purpose of electlni directors, amending the by-laws anc any other business properly coming before said meeting. E. J. McPHlLUPS, President A. E. Wilson^ Secretary. NOTICE OF C~LAIM DATE" Notice Is hereby given to all persons that First Monday in February. 1MO, Is the Claim Onto In the estate of George F. Mnsulrt!, Dccun«ed. pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may bo filer against the nald estate on nr before said dale without Issuance or summons Dated this 21st day of December, in-)!) ALTON BANKING & TBUST COMPANY. Executor Attest: JOSEPH HEALKY. Probate Clerk, O'NEILL & DAVEY, Attorney!! Der._2p. Jan. ». 12 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE ~ Notice ii hereby given to all persons that First Monday In February. 1950, Ik the CUlm Date in the estate of Susan A. Jones, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illi nois, and that claims may be fllcc against the said estate on or before Kind date without Issuance of summons Dated thi. 21,t d Executor JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. 3'NEILL St DAVEY. Attorneys. Dec. 30. Jan. 5, 12 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby liven to all persons tliat Flrut Monday in February. 19SU, Is the Claim Date in th* estate of James Keelfe. Deceased, pending in the Pro- Bat* Court of Madison County. Illinois and that claims may be filed against the >ald estate on or buBiru eald dale without Issuance of summons. Dated this I9th day of December JB49. EVA KEEFr fc, Executrix rOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. O'NEILL It DAVEY, Attorneys Dec SU. 21) Jan. B. I INJttKMORIAM ~N MEMO'S Y—Of John"~P, "Huff" our dear father and husband, who passed away Jan. 7. 1D48: The midnight stars are shining Upon your silent grave; Beneath it sleeps the one we love, The one we couldn't savu. Although your soul Is now at rest, And free from care and pain, This world would stem like heave* 11 we hid you back Main; But still we say His will be done, Your soul in with the blest: And we who grieve for you today Are the ones who loved you best. Sadly nil*»ed by Wife and Children, rilRSIiNAI.It OLD AT 40, 50. 80V"— MAN! You're crwyl Thousand* peppy «t 70. Oxrox Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lacklus iron- For rundown feeling, many men, women call "old", New "get acquainted" size only 60c. At nil druggists. In Alton at "Stow? D I"JL ___ '.... .._ ..... ... ___ .... .._ ..... ... SOCIAL EVENTS'''' '_ _ ~ UMMAQC SALE — "Given by Wood Htver Egltern Star, Saturday, a am, •( «3« Ks*t Tnirt, Alto*. WOOD lltVBR LODGE—No, 1062. Funeral rltet for Brother Charles T. Web- Mr will b* performed at Str««p«r'« funeral home. Wood River, at 2 o'clock, Saturday afternoon. Brethren requested to assemble at Lodge Hall at 1:30. A. F. Tlndell, W. M. FRANKLIN CHAPTER-No. 8. R. A. M Stated Friday, Jan. «h, 7:30 P. M Gregory Flynn, H. P. ALTON \. i . •VttNtNQ TRLSORAPM TMUMDAY, JANUARY I, IN» 11 MLf WAfcttB—reMAtt WANTED—My Fatter Bruth Co., 4 or S l*die« to Mil Debutante DttMtt a*d Romsdele cosmttlci. Full or part time Sec or write R. D. Qlnther, 117 Hickory. Edwardsville. 111. WAITRESS WANTED — Experience" n«t neceuary. Apply day* only. KM Top Restaurant, 1201 Belle •n FRANKLIN LODGE - NO as. specie meeting Thursday, Jan. Slh, it 7 p. m Work ln"M. M. degree. Visiting breth. ren welcome. ' Verne Williamson, W. M. IS LOST—STBATED—STOLtB^ L6"ST_xWhite »apphlr~c ring In"Carl's 1 rest room. Family keepsake. Reward 2-9201 before S p. m. or "Carl's" alter 5_p. m. . , l7osf--Between Market and Alby on Broadway, light blue eyeglass frames, trimmed In gold, Wednesday morning. Return to Broadway News, 4 East Broadway. Reward. LOST^BIack and white female dog, near Pralrletown. Reward. Edwin Franklin, IU. No. 1. East AUga. LOST—Black leather purse on North flth street. Wood River, or American Legion Hall, East Alton. Contained social Security card and birth certificate of Thelma Smith. Finder please djaj 4-ai25. TOOL BOX—Taken from Bell Telephone truck. Phone 2-4044 STRAYED—Small bull dog. Answers to nnme of "Mutsey." Reward. a-32«9. Phone LOST — Beagle hound, female, brown and white. Call 4-9084. LOST—Billfold, containing money and pictures, in public rest room at Alton Memorial Hospital, Tuesday. Finder call Mrs. Florence Clark, 3-SS43. Reward. wmi u. LOST—English setter, black and white with 1 black eye. Answers to name of "Jack." Reward. 4-8287. LOST—Black and tan coon hound; Name and address on collar. Lost on Plasa Creek near Airport road. Reward for Information leading to recovery. Dial 2-2389. II NOTICE NOTICE—From this dny forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 3th day of January, 1950. Mrs. Verna Harman. 822 Easton street, Alton, Illinois. •NEVER USED ANYTHING LIIKE IT" —Say users of Flna Foam for cleaning rugs. Buck's paint Store, "55 East Brondway. DOlPKE'S BLACKSMITH SHOP t) ACETYLENE WELDING •) TOOL DRESSING *) TEMPERING Porter k Come-In Place Heights Addition. Dial 2-4456 INCOME TAX RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over 20 Years Accounting and Tax Experience) • COMPLETE SERVICE • ALL FORMS FOR INDIVIDUALS • FARMERS BUSINESS EARt W. MArXlNS ACCOUNTANT *) TAX CONSULTANT OFFICE 201 W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop) Phones: 2-8232 — 3-6809 ALTON, ILL. STATE LICENSE AUTO. CHAUFFEURS. DRIVEHB. Me C.-CLARK. 1504 E. Bdwy. ALTON CEMETERY HAS LOTB FOR BALB Several hundred «-grav* tote to vaeMm pares of the ceeaetery are availably HARRY A. MOORE PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING eoj Foreet Ave.. Alton. Dial 3-7SM INSTBUCTIOr AIRLINES NEED ReservationlsU. Station and Passenger Agents, Ground Radio Operator*, Hostesses, Communlcatlonlsta, Public Contact, non-technical and technical position*. For Information writ* Central Schools, Airline Training Division, Box 1080, care Telegraph. VETERANS Why accept anything leas than the best? Thousands of mechanically inclined men have benefited through C. T. I. Training. We will assist you in getUnf part time work while attending school to add S80 to »I15 per month to your government subsistence of 175 to S120. Learn one of the following splendid pay trades In only 20 weeks'. Auto or Diesel Mechanics Body and Fender Repairing— Painting Refrlg- — Air Conditioning Radio - Television Servicing Electricity - Electronics, You will be taught on modern equipment In our lame shops under expert supervision. Free placement service after graduation. Living facilities available. Write todav for complete details. No obligation. Commercial Trades Institute. Box 1200. care Telegraph. II BEtP WANTED—MALI WANTED REAL ESTATE SALESMAN Good personality, honest and ambitious, experienced in snlfHWOtk preferred. Apply by letter stating qualifications and references. Write Box S30. cnre Telegraph. EXPERIENCED BAKER WANTED — Olhors need not apply.' 3-H7I1. WANTED—By Fuller Brush Co., man with car to take over established territory. Make up to S3 per hour. See or write D. R. Glnther, 227 Hickory, Edwardsville. III. WANTED—4 or 5 men, full or part time, Make S2 to S3 per hour. Write Box HBO, care Telegraph. MANAGER WANTED — Local young i mm wanted to manage a paint and wallpaper brunch. Experience, In this fluid helpful. Contact sales and merchandising experience In an allied buntneas or major consideration*. Act ive Interest In civic affairs would be a valuable nsscl. THE SHERMAN WILLIAMS CO. Contact R. O Hlnton. Hotel Stratford. Friday_..after 9 a. m. Tg lTt r U»~WANTItl t —FEJMJLf. WANTED — Office secretary. Must be efficient in taking dictation and typing and use of modern office machines. Write giving traintaf, experience, uddres* and telephone number to Hux 210. Alton, 111. WANTED — Stenographer, must take short hand, give refarancas and age. Apply Bon No. 580, care Tele|raph._ _ _ _ WANTED- Saleslady lor Sports wear, Ladies Ready to Wear Store. Civa references and age. , care Telegraph. ,, TYPIST— Beginning or experienced lyp- ist. Speed and accuracy necessary. 5- duy week. Salary open. Write Box 600, fare Telegraph. ___ _ _^ _ SECRETARY — Local Tndu.lry. S^day week; heavy dictation. Salary open. Write Bon MO. care Telegraph. M. it M. OPERATOR ~ Local concern needs experienced mulll-llth or moltl- grcph operator. Salary open. Young lady desired. Write Box S10, care Telegraph. _____ LADY — Over 30 to care for children while mother work*. 318 George St. (reari. East Alton. __ _ ___ WANTED-Plsno teacher, vicinity of H rowu and B ogers. Phone s-T 1 M . _ orVlCE 8ECHETARY-Cap*ble"of sli- pervlslng all phases of office work. Shorthand, typing and bookkeeping required. Write Box SAO. ear* Tele- COLORED GIRL—Want* work by day or week, Dial 2-8592. WHITE LADY — Wants washing* and Ironlnm. Dial 4-0438. WOULD LIKE TO CARE—For children In my home, d*ys. Reliable care. 4-4446. _____________ ...... , _______ WANTED — Bookkeeper - stenographer. Stale as*, experience and salary expected. Write Box aao. c*r« Alton Tel*- JELp WANTEO-No experience nacee- •ary, 18-25. of neat apaearsno*. Ap- , . ly in Ptrjon.S-a p. m ply fee Bhop, . . Hlvcr. Ill C«r- HIGH SCHOOL GIRL — Want* offlee work of any kind. Can take typing Phone 2-3053. COLORED WOMAN—Wants washing 'it Ironing. Dial 2-4890, ' LAUNDRY WORK—To do in »y home. Call 2-3330. References. . n IUISIMHSH GROCERY STORE—For «a!e. Establlan- ed business: building for rent, fixture* for sale. Will Inventory stock. Bene- flel'i Market, So. Roxana. 4-79B3. . . . . CLEANING PLANT — Fully equipped, for sale or lease. Sale price, $1995. '/a down, balance terms. 3210 Franor. RESTAURANT FOR SALF, — In ESIt Alton, doing good business. Inquire 101 West Main, East Alton. ILLINOI BRAUTT •Roar Artofl't oT<iei» M ?tato Itauty School U) Tear* of Successful Student* AMBER W M OBESBMAKINCt—TAILOatJIp ALTERATIONS—Cloth or fur coal*, suits, dresses, drape" and curtains made noSACK & LOVE. Dial 2-3503 or 3-6303. 81 LAUNDERING CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. 2-78S6. BUS ANMOIINCKMBNTS GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covern. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. • THEE SPECIALIST Trim Top. Take Down and Haul Away. Insured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4-9343 BLOCK LAYING—12c each; ce»* pool* and septic tanks built and pumped, reasonable rates, a-5415, 8-6500. TO PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control. Phone 15*. 1019 Ruskln Ave., EdwardsvlU*. 111. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK of all kinds. Union work. Free estimate. Lynn Wood, .3803 Franor. 3-9293. 2-1175. DKCOBATtNO _ _ WANTED— Paper hanging. Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5967 or 26IB Yager street. WHY WAIT?—Get your decorating done now before the spring rush. There it no plastering job too small or too large for us. Will we plaster your celling? Yes! Will we plaster your complete room? Yes! Yes! Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Yes! Do we guarantee our work? Yes! Will we decorate your whole house and (jive you easy terms? Yes! Why not phone us today. No ob- llgatlon. Of course not. Phone 2-4726 INTERIOR PAINTING — Removing or cleaning wallpaper; floor reflnlshlng. Special prices' now. 3-8364. INTERIOR DECORATING — Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Reference. Free estimates. Dial 3-8172 DIAL 2-2141 — For free estimate on floor sanding and Inside painting. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOR RENT— Dial 2-2141. 100* Phlnney, iNTERIOir~PAINTING—Plastering and patch plastering. If you are tired of old wallpaper, call us today, we will remove your wallpaper and, with the latest style eolors, we will remodern- ize your home. Call today for a free estimate. 2-6030. MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW—Rent our high speed under and edger. Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney, *-*l*L. iwm riiiiiii»y. FtOOR SANDING — And reflnUhing; also painting. Reasonable rate*, free estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-M30. PAINTING, DECORATING — Removing wallpaper, plastering, patch plastering our specialty. All work guaranteed. Reference*. Free estimate*. Dial 2-8864, WALL * fLOOk TiU" Baker Aluminum Awalaa* Retail or Installed toe latimato CROXTON BROS. TILE CO. 1406 Rodger* Ave. ELECTRIC—BABiOa RADIOS REPAIRED Promptly - Economically DIAL 2-7643 WORKMAN'S RADIO REPAIR 2611 State Street kAbl6 & TELEVISION FOUR HEN TO SERVICE YOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 710 t BROADWAY - 3-9411 BTOBAOE—sfoymo SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 IS W. Ferguson. Wood River After 5 P. M. Dial 4-2325 Used Furniture Bought and Bold H. A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OB ACROSS THE CONTBIaWT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE LOS WASHINGTON AVE. DIAL McCOY TRANSFER CO. 123 FRONT ST. ALTON. ILL. DIAL 3-6522 — 3-TTS1 FO* QUICK MOVING OF FURNITURE ALSO REFRIGERATORS. STOVES, TBUNM, BOXES OR WHAT HAVfc YOUT CALL 3-7030 or 2-SMO PRES. BELCHER •ORNSEY HOVING at STORAOf CO Local and Long Oistanfw Movin PACKING CRATING SHIPPOil FURNITURE REPAIRED REFIN1 Agent* for NORTH AMERICAN VAN UNBB lac. 203 W Broadway. Alto* Call 3-S031 After 8 o. m.! 2-2T37 41 Bs.EBPINt> BOOMS WOOD RIVER—Large modern sleeping room. Phone 4-«847. 3 INDIVIDUAL SLEEPING ROOMS — 4-room unfurnished apt, 102 E. Ferg- u^on 1 _\Vood_JRiver_,__4-7261. LOVELY SLEEPING Rdofe—with new maple twin beds, adjoining bath; block from bus: 1 or 2 nice working girls or women. 834 Madison avenue, Wood River. Phone 4-5106^ _ MODERN SLEEPTNG ROOM—Adjoining bath, 1 block to bus; private entrance. 717_E._6th. SLEEPING ROOM—514 State. Alton. NICE ROOM—In private home. Block from bus. Dial 2-9166 after 6 p. m. CLEAN—Comfortable sleeping room. Automatic heat and water, home prlv- lleges; near Glass work*. 3-8103. ROXANA—One nice sleeping room for rent. 205 Thomas. SLEEPING ROOM—For rent, near eating place. No drinker*. 131 West Forrest, Hartford. SLEEPING ROOM-In all modern home; private entrance. 4-5885. 308 Klngs- hlghway. East Alton. ^__ WARM* MODERN—Front sle«plnl~room adjoining bath; hot water at all time*. «06JLorei}a. Wood River.__4_-9JO:i. NICELY FURNISHED ROOM—In~ private home, in Upper Alton on but line, near business district. S5 per week, 1522 Spatildlnr Phone 3-8186. UPPER ALTON — Clean, warm, dry basement sleeping room. Phone, laundry and kitchen privilege*. Two bu* lilt**. 1 block from busln*** district. Phone 3-7058. 2621 College. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM-CIOM to downtown. Wood River. 4-84M. COMFORTABLE — Sleeping room, e»- rellent location. Dial 3-8584. NICE SLEEPING ROOM—For working person, ail Market. 4t BOOM AND BOABS) ROOM A BOARD—Pensioners, men * women. Will accept invalid*. 633 E. 4th, 2-8065. ___ WAT/fED-Elderi) lady to share my home. For further information call 4-8841. ROOM «t BOABD-For elderly lady. 4-93SO. BOOMS EMPLOYED COUPUt-Or one person. Good heat, day sad alibi. UOO Wa*h- Initoa. It* Nash 1-Dr. Now Tirot— -Cmlff IfN 4-Or. v«y CooJ Ou Cit, INI USslk 4-Dr. WALZ MOTOR 00. OldsmoMIe Sales A Service Ml E. BROADWAY Dill 3-6671 •OVMMinNO MOM FURNISHED HOUSEKEEPING ROOM— Heat, Hints, water, fai, furnished. UM East 4th street. EAST ALTON—9 houMkeepinf rooms, first floor. Lights, las. water, furnace heat. Also 1 large room. Dial 4-OMS. 4-ROOM MODERN APT.—Private twth, new electric ranee, heat, hot water, electricity furnished. Good location on bus line. SBS.OO per month. Write Box B3Q. care Telegraph. 2 or 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Gas fur: nice, rrttldaire, utilities furnished. Block to hue. Reasonable. 4-9308. TWO ROOMS-Heat, water, lights, las, furnished. 430 E. 9th after » p. m. 3-ROOM — Unfurnished apt. Private bath, private entrance. Modern. 2122 Rockwell. 3-7997. 4 ft 2-ROOM — Unfurnished modern apis.; automatic hot water heating system. Call 29-R, Brighton, 3-ROOM MODERN APT, — Off Milton road, second houae in back of Greer Real Estate office. Apply between 8 a. m. and 4:30 p. m. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS — With private bath. Inquire; at 713 Eait -4th. AFAKTUXNTS 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Very-clean. All utilities paid. 707 E, 7th. a-MSO. 2-ROOM MODERN — Furnished apartment. One child allowed. Phone 2-1107 before 9 p. m. 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Ughti, heat, and water furnished. 2811 Residence. 2 LARGE ROOMS—Utilities furnished, private entrance. 3479 East Broadway. 4-8029. ^^ 2 PARTLY FURNISHED ROOMS —All utilities, furnace. 707 E. 7th. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Newly decorated. Electric stove and refrigerator, private entrance. $43 month. 4 W. Delmar. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Two adults, or couple with child: will care for child while parent* work. 383O Coronado Dr. FOR RENT—2-room modern furnished apt., private entrance and bath, electric refrigerator. Couple only. Utilities furnished. 4-834S, 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Water. lights, heat, furnished: automatic hot water, Frigldalre. Adulti only. 420 Lincoln. East Alton. _ MODERN 2 ROOMSr-Private bath, private entrance, gai heat. Adults. 821 E«*t 8th. TWO — Furnished basement room*. Lights, gas, hot water furnished; outside entrance. 149 East Alton Ave., East Alton. 4-9142. THREE ROOMS—Partly furnished, In Lincoln addition. $35 month. Call 4-3337 between 8 a. m. and 2 p. m. 4? HOUSES FOB BENT 4-ROOM HOUSE — At 829 Whitelaw, Wood River, $60 per month. 4-3242. STRICTLY MODERN — New 4'/i-room brick house: ideally located in Godfrey, Knotty pine living room and dinette, tile bath, attached garage. Full basement, automatic heat and hot water. Write Box 870. care Telegraph 5-ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT — 210 South Pence. East Alton. 3-ROOM COTTAGE—For rent. Adults only. Wise and Chelly streets. 6-ROOM MODERN—In Alton, close In. References required. $78. Write Box S40, care Telegraph. rilBNISHID HOUSES 4 ROOM & BATH—Garage, completely furnished, automatic gas heat. Located in East Alton. $85 per month. Dial 3-3BB1. FOR RENT—B-ropm modern houae. furnished. References. 975 per month. Dial 3-3398. 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — 481 Job street, East Alton. 4-8740. 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — 1013 Madison. Wood River. 4-8789, BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry building. 28x42, at 197 Goulding avenue, East Alton. Suitable for grocery, etc. Oil heat and water furnished. Two apts. above now occupied. Dial 4-5884 M MISUElXANfOUS TRAILER SPACE — For one. Private. Phone 4-4789. 5« WANTED TO BENT TERRITORY MANAGER—For large oil company needs 3-bedroom unfurnished house by Feb. 1st, in Alton-Wood River area. Call Mr. Rogers, 4-4121. days. MOTHER—And grown daughter, desire 3 clean rooms in Wood River area. 4-«129. ' • 69 Houses for Bale EAST ALTON—New 4-room brick. Gas heat. By owner. §8900. 4-3735. 4, S, 6 ROOMS—Small down payment. Immediate possession. Excellent locution. 2-772a:eyenings,3-3722, 4-ROOM MODERN — With or without furniture. Immediate possession. Call Jerseyville B29-W. 608 East Arch. FOR SALE — 4-room home. Milton Drive. Fully modern, FHA construction throughout. Sale price, $7900. Dial 2-6335, NORTH ALTON — 4-room all modern brick home, only 2 years old. Hardwood floors, cabinets, gas heat, basement garage. Close to schools. Only $8900. Phone 2-4606. 5-ROOM—All modern house: extra lot. gas heat, built-in cabinets, basement play room, large fireplace. Shown by ' appointment. 2-5012 WOOD RIVER SPECIAL - 524 Second—5 room stucco on tile, insulated, cabinat (ink, stoker, shower in basement, Venetian blinds, wired for alactric stove, linoleum in kitchen and bath. Reduced to $8200. T. P. EGGMANN, REALTOR Emmet Howard, Salesman 4-5714 13 Whiteliw FOR SALE—New FHA approved homes in Wood River or East Alton as low as $351 down and $43 per month. These are real buys. Must b* seen to be appreciated. Phone Edwardsvtlle 21S8. Ralph H. Ladd. General Contractor. NICE LOCATION-Jn Wood River. 4- rooin all modern home. Hardwood floors, cabinet*, (as heat, level lot. $6400. Alter 8 p. m. dial 4-6439. FOR SALE—4-room house. Gas heat. Dial 4-6052. WOOD RIVER - Halloran St.- 4 room bri(k, 3 yrs. old, large kitchen, us heat and insulated. C. H. Auten Agency Phone 3-8422 Tuetken-3-5095 Hale-2-2246 Dfew-2-1296 NEW 4-ROOM MODERN — Nice cabinets, full basement, level lot, conitructlon. .Only STANLEY B. WILTON AQBN .2-4284 T AH\r »: I-4I4T B. H. HE8BENFLOW WOOD RIVER ACTON-4 room*, fully modern. House only 4 yean old. Price sas&o GI loan for SSSOO. can be transferred to buyer. LORENA—S room*, fully modern. Newly decorated and painted. Price .$7500 Will sell (or 11000 cash and $50 month DULANEY—Extra nice 5-room home. Large brick porch, new hot water furnace with stoker house insulated and •term window*, extra room* and bath in basement, garage. Price 10500 FHA loan lor vatw can be trantierred to buyer. ALLEN-HISSENFLOW AGINCV mm ftriMvmf itTNset^ Loan* made on signature, ear or furniture, without endorsers or guarantors. Repayment plans especially arranged to fit your budget. W» tpeclalite in fait, friendly, eourteoui ttrvict. Phone or visU HFC today. Convenient fayment PUnu Tt»< t $M IN 16.78 13.38 19.67 31.47 MTMMTplAM U H • $8.40 16.69 24.66 39.81 $6.03 10.07 80.03 29.68 418.18 $9.24 18.48 36.85 54.90 90.14 Benukolti tlurn Ii lit tsmlAly rnu of J« m Mil furl of tbaliHUt Hat ttrtnHmt lt!0, 2% O9 Hal fml 1* a btltiu* in aais •? 1/50 »•» net 1300, »mt 1% •» My ,«M<ii«fr. MOHIY WNfN rOU NKO IT U»W. Third 9SMM tad Floor PHONE: 3-8871- Alton IMII DM* to niMrasf ft Hurt; Mnsi ROUSES FOB SAL* • CROSH REAL ESTATE WOOD RIVER <AVE., EAST ALTON Attractive 5-room home and sun room: fireplace, living room, hardwood floor* throughout, modern Youngitown cabinet unit. 2 bedrooms, closets, bath, shower, part tile, concrete baaement, furnace and garage. Immediate possession "..... 110,500 NEAR STATE 6-room brick. Large reception nail, large living room, dining room, kitchen with modern cabinets, 3 large bedroom*, 2 porches, ornamental fireplace, built-in bookcases. Level lot 60x144. Large closets, hardwood floors full basement, hot air furnace, near bus line. Cathedral $11,500 MIDDLETOWN 4 rooms down. Modern kitchen, hardwood floors, carpeted, powder room down; 3 bedrooms and bath up. Closets, complete Insulation, newly decorated, large screened porch, gas furnace, automatic hot water. Near schools and churches $12,350 PHINNEY AVE. 6-room modern. 3 room* and entrance hall down, hardwood floors, cabinet •ink, 3 bedrooms, closets, up; 1 baths, oil heat, good roof. Immediate possession »9000 GARDEN STREET Duplex. Two 5-room apts. Beautiful kitchen, cabinets, knotty pine chair board, new plastic linoleum in both apts.. living room and dining room, newly papered, 2 baths, 2 furnaces, concrete basement, 2 garages ... $9450 LORENA AVE.—WOOD RIVER 7-room frame houae. Excellent condition, newly decorated,- modern kitchen unit, Venetian blinds, 5 rooms down, 2 up. tile bath, automatic hot water, hot air furnace, garage; 3-room modern apt. in rear, income $46 per month. Will take 4-room house in trade $11,550 WOOD RIVER AVE. Beautiful 7-room 2-story house. 4 large rooms, powder room, down; 3 large rooms up; lot of closets and storage room, bath up, newly decorated Inside and painted outside. New roof. Price $11.500 DIAMOND ST. Modern 6-room. 4 rooms and bath down, 2 up; newly decorated inside, newly painted outside, good roof, concrete basement, furnace, garage. Near St. Patrick's and public school* $9450 UPPER ALTON 4 room*. Large living room, excellent condition, 3 bedrooms, closets, bath, wired for stove, hardwood floors, two enclosed porches, full basement, furnace, stoker; near bus, walking distance to business district and school*. Price » 73BO UPPER ALTON 6-room modern. Large cabinet unit, kitchen. Inlaid, dining room, living room, new hardwood floor*. 3 bedroom*, large closets, tile bath, concrete basement, blower and ttoker, garage. Lot 60 x 170 $8950 NEAR SIDNEY ST. Large attractive 4-room, Newly decorated, new cabinet unit, new linoleum, 2 bedrooms, bath, large living room, concrete basement, furnace, garage. • Price *8300 WASHINGTON AVE., EAST ALTON New 3—3 room apts. Modern kitchens, living room, bedroom, oil heat, to each apt. Lot 85x145. Income $129 $7500 JERSEYVILLE ROAD, ROUTE 67 5-room attractive cottage. Entrance hall, guest closet, living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, Venetian blinds. One acre ground, 2 large chicken houses, hog house, fruit trees $7500 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS EASY TERMS—$800 CASH 3 rooms and utility room. Wired for stove, insulated, school bus. garbage disposal. Lot 100 x 100. Fruit trees, garden, chicken house $4700 SHEPPARD ST. Large 3-room modern home. Cabinet unit. Venetian blinds, new roof, new furnace • W800 MYRTLE STREET 6 rooms. 4 down, 2 up; bath automatic hot water, large oil burners, lot 50x120, screened back porch, garage ... $6000 WINKLER AVE. 4-room new home. Hardwood floors, living room. 2 bedrooms, bath, cabinet unit, kitchen, basement garage. Lot 50x110 S5600 CONDIT New 4 room home, t bedrooms, living room, kitchen, concrete basement, large lot, garden . and chicken ru». Price ' SftSOO GROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 Phlnney Avenue Office Phone: 3-3576 After 9 P. M. Call 3-6062 - 3-7S94 WAMTB0—BBAL SBTATS WANTED—«0 to 120 acres unimproved land with outbuildings. Dial 4-7251, CITV * FARM PROPERTY WANTED- W* have cash buyer* fw your mope«i» Call U* tar Full APBtataat ELI H OREER AOKNCV S-7B04 OOQS CANARIES — And love birds, guaranteed singers; also hen bird for breed- Ing. Dial 2-1637. 613 Lampert. RECISTERED-Engliih letter puppies, 10 week* old. $80. Phone 3-7232. REGISTERED—Blue Tick coon hound; Good hunter, reasonable. Rear SS W. Ferguson, Wood River. BE*ULAH and ORIOLE — Two black curly cocker puppies. Dial 4-8016. JUST ONE i LEFT—Black ATTl, C. cocker spaniel, 3',i months old. $35. Call weekdays after 5 p. m. 4-3981. I.IVK8TOTK 3 HEIFER CALVES — For sale. 8-3003 9 WEANING PIGS-For sale: aTso gilts, old enough for breeding. Dial 3-9100. FOR SALE—2 hogs for butchering; Weight about 230 pound* each. 2 mile* •outhwMt of Staunton on Prairietown road. Steunton OXS. H. T. Morris. •EVEN BHOAT8 FOR BALE— Phone 1S03-B3. Edwardsville. ' rUI.ll/raU St)ffMi> FRYERS. HENS-Allv* or dreued free and delivered; fresh ess*. Vi mile out Alby street road, turn right at sign. MOM. ODELL FRANCIS. * 4tA DAIBV PBOIUICTS FRESH JERSEY MILK—50c per gallon! BEN GVILLO, Wood Rlver-BethtUo Hard Road. Phone Belhallo 8-L11 II ABTH'HS I OB FOR SAUC-1-pc. divanette, S3: heating stove. $8; white enamel oil cook range. $9; white enamel cook stove, bungalow type. $15; hot water heater. 15; man'* suit, sli* 3S, like new, 910. Phone day*. 3-S410: night. FOR tALX-«tovea, coal and oil heaters aod raasM- «MB * Baits. PROM •*4id* < THI RUSSELL M'AIR - RITAf E . RIMINI Aluminum AfUfttlRIIIVt Travonc Rod* Draptry Cnnw RUSSELL VENETIAN Ml MILTON ROAD DM 8-5N4 — Baa. I-8M» tor fraa astlmalaa. TIM Orlihtfl.1 Vmtttan Blind Man of Alton Whcrt Quality Comas Pint 1947 OfctvroM Olttb Goapa Fully Equipped. 1941 Packard Club Coup Naw Paint, vary nice. 1941 Ohavrolal (Nib Coupa Good condition. WALZ MOTOR 00. Oldsmobile Sales & Service 321 E. BROADWAY Dial 3-6678 71 ARTICLES FOB BALB AUTOMATIC THOR GLADIRON—New, $50. Call after 6 p. m. Dial 2-6847. HUDSON PANEL TRUCK — Southwind gasoline heater, large size; 1 large size baby bed; two sets of garage door tracks and trolley. 3-9189. TWO PAIRS SHOE ICE SKATES—Siies 6 and 10, good condition; 9 x 13 Wilton velvet rug. 3-7166, THOR GLADIRON—Reasonable, new. Phone 4-9555. Like 1 GOOD BUNGALOW OAT Cheap. Dial 2-7413. 30-GAL. WATER TANK—With gaa heater. $7. Phone 2-1731. GOOD CONDITION *- Small upright piano, club chair; 3 ladies eulta, site 12. 2505 Kohler. COAL, ROCK Ac SAND—Immediate 8e~- livery. Phone 2-1478. HOTPO1NT—Electric apt! range, Uke new; Nelson trailer dolly; Remington automatic shotgun. 3122 Rockwell. 3-7997. FOR BALANCE DUE 3-Pc. Bedroom Suite, complete ' Battery Radio 5-Pc. Breakfast Bet Quick Meal Coal Rang* Electric Refrigerator Floor Lamp Wool Rug Platform Rocker Lounge Chair Linoleum 39c aoj. yd Will Sell Separate Pieces HOME FURNITURE CO. 553 E. Bdwy. Near Henry St. KENMORE WASHER — In very eood condition. Price' (20; Eureka upright sweeper with attachments in good condition, price $40. Phone 472. Medora ELECTRIC HEATER—For small room or bath room. 3-3112. FUEL OIL STOVE—Cabinet type coal oil cooking stove, kitchen cabinet, two oil drums, like new. 220 Walnut, Roxana. 4-4434. GENERAL ELECTRIC—Television *et. 12Va-inch screen, month old. S22S. 512 Easton. 5-BURNER QUICK MEAL—Oil range. 330 Rohm PL. Roxana. 4-3543. STAMPED PILLOW CASES — Good quality tubing, nice patterns. 915 per dozen. Phone 3-7508. 24-INCH FURNACE—Gas water heater, 30-gal. tank, 8x10 blue rug, picture frames. 3-3039. DAVENETTE SET—Also RCA public address system. Call evenings. 3-4553 REMINGTON AUTOMATIC—Full choke rib barrel, $50. 4-7898. 3-ROOM OIL HEATER—Good condition. Also oil drums, coal circulator heater. 2-2260. B21 East 6th. TARPAULINS—All sizes. Alton Surplus Store, "just west of Food Center." 1&1B East Broadway. HEAT MASTER—Electric roaster with cabinet. Dial 2-0962 BED-DAVENPORT—For sale. Good condition. 3419 Oakwood. 1 CHAIN HOIST—Capacity i ton, practically new. S40. Dial 4-3433. FULLY AUTOMATIC — llectri* water heater, 817.75. 1136 Lorena, Wood River. Dial 4-T149 or 4-7854, HAND WROUGHT IRON rOMMTOU BANUTERB. RAUJNOa) Beautiful _ Useful - InexpanaUr* Ideal for Chriitmae CO Phoaa: S-71U 2422 E. Broadway USED WASHERS—Range*, refrigerate on, Ironers. dryer*, all In good condition, reasonable. Alton Refrigeration Co., 550 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7722 ELECTROLUX DIALER WM. EDWARDS. DIAL S-3774 STOVE rUENACC * BOILEB UPaMB rang a*o*t all atake* Oulea earns* Tn u*. WISEMAN uao t Broadway WELDING SUPPLIES Uaeela Elaetric Wi iweld GasweSdina Nan Clyinder < ay a-Tiia BlIILUINU MATEBIAIS FLOORING No. l Red Oak Flooring $18.M Select Red Oak Flooring $2150 1 x 4 B at B Yellow Pine Flooring $21 1 x 4 R at B Fir Flooring $31 1 x 4 C Grade Yellow Pine Flooring $16 1 x 4 No. 2 Yellow Pine Flooring, • -W-M We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. Phone 248 USE YOUR CREDIT—For needed repairs and Improvement*. No mortgage, no down paygMnt. 3d month* to pay. Loan* Include cs*h lor labor sad material*. BETHALTO LUMBER CO. PhoaaMS INSULATION MATERIAL Full thick rock wool batU; 40 « foot carton **.SO Granulated rock wool, per bag' 81.35 We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. Phone 245 Hock Lath* *c per so., ft. Plaster Board *o par M. "• Platter; per bag v !»••• We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. ' Phone 845 COAL—Good arsda, $8.75 ton, Immediate delivery, Dial 4-S140. -DONALD BHOMT* t HOUM ... ... nttl 16900 • ROOM ALL MOM*!** - ... Alton, IMS! location, lerai lot, |5 ACRES — Modern t home, eleea I"! Ml MCE HOME— All Modem, SH talBS, beautifully landMWped jrftri, very g o»d location. BASEMENT HOUSE — Urge flMr plM, 8. ItOXMMs. • ROOM MODERN— Excellent location, «lo» to stmool, hns, •tores, eUnrcbeB. RCMOMB!} prleod. 4 KOOM 1 ROOM ArAETMaWT—Fa«r .down, a ap, all I. first etaas •shape. Itt seres. Doable l»r- Bge, stoker, close ta bus and school; upstairs apartment furniture Included, la ROOM DUPLEX — Separate baths, all modern, convenient location. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Is a alee place to live; U you want a nice S room brick with 2 extra lots, everything In good shape, |wa««, barbecue pH, we have It. Immediate pos- 5 ROOMS—oil burner, hath, furnace, Venetian blinds, electric water heater, low taxes, easy monthly payments. RIDDICK AGENCY SOT East Broadway DIAL S-9851 MONEY ONE DAY $100 On Yaw Nam* Only Otkar amowita «p to f*M ON AUTOMOBILE FURNITURE PERSONAL PROPERTY Small Monthly Paymasrts PUtUCLOAN 7» COAL—COKE—WOOB •YtUfY FACE COAI iarge BUOY GENERAL HAUUMu • also kindllne; wood : 2-6164. HURRY! HUBBYI — < dirt. roek. sand. now. art 4-T476. . _. RO>««V t eafM- ing. CROSS TKt tage Hills. 4-4011. 56AL, eral hauling.^ T. O. ana. 4-6706. GENERAL HAULING — Coal $8.50 ton, Egf Coal E.WOODSDN Phons 2-8565 CANTEEN HARD * BuK 6 lump. S8.S5; 4x7 egg. *aJB*. delivery. 4-9372. GENERAL HAULING — C«aL itOBA egg or lump; available sow. Bock fat driveway and sand. O'Toole TrueklatJ Service. Dial 2-5708. COAL, S8:50 PER TON—Prompt ery. Dial 4-9553 or 4-3144. Stoker Coal (10.9J Stoker Coal ','» S10.BD Lump, washed SB 50 Egg, washed SS.SO Priced In three-ton lots. Mt. Olive Coal Phone 3-7039 COAL, ROCK. SAND, and DIRT—Cen- eral hauling. Phone 4-3624. Clyde DeGerlla. ,. WILLIAMSON Ac FRANKLIN COUNTT COAL—Immediate delivery; fireballs, more heat, less ash and the smokele** buquet for all furnaces, stoves, heaters and fireplaces. Old Ben torped* stoker, oil treated; V.-inch oil treated stoker, furnace lump, egg or nut. 1 ton or mote. 2-2285. • CLOTHING AND APPABEL MINK DYED MUSKRAT COAT —Bili 16. Phone 2-6492. FUR COAT FOR SALE—4-5098 aft* 4 p. m. aoUSBBOLD UOOBW STUDIO COUCH—For sale cheap. »BI1 Residence. Phone 2-0545. 4R-INCH GENERAL ELECTRIC — Cabi. net sink, new. $65; International oil heater, $15; 2-burner oil heater, <10; maple and walnut chest of drawers, $10 and $20; bookcases, $10: 3-burner gas stove, $10; mahogany secretary. 3- piece bedroom suite and other furniture. ROGERS 335 E. Lorena. Wood River 4-5430 SIMMONS SINGLE BED—Box «prtn|t and mattress. Dresser and floor lamp, Dial 2-1685. GRAY ENAMEL-,Maje*tlc coal ramge. A-l condition. Dial 3-8559.. ELECTRIC STOVE—Clock and time*. Like new. $100. Dial 2-5057. SOLID OAK DINING SUITE — Hound table, 6 chairs, buffet. 2-8750. SIDE OVEN GAS STOVE — 816 E. street. 2-5791. MUSIDAi INSTRUMENTS WURLITZER ACCORDION — 120 has*, perfect; also King E Flat saxophone, perfect. Dial 2-2754. SEWING asACBPIBB •IW RITE BEWING MACHINE CBNTSB Dealer* for Domestic * PfaM sswlag machine* with guaranteed aawiaB. Convert to electric ID portable* or aJAOHIIft BBTAs* MILE8 SEWING MACHIN AND SERVICE All make* repaired. Treadle converted to electric and portable LEO MILES __ Mil Banlord. 2-SSST __ SEWING MACHINES RCPAIRI Treadle converted to electric or able. T13 Undea. t-»7M S» SMMfBB) fO BPf WANTED—4 or S-drawer ch*«t, palatal or maple- finUh. Phone WANTED— H-iiM violin. Burnham, vllle. Phene S17-R. violin ar % sM EUle, Mwafda. FurnTtur*, dataware. China USaf% . Picture Frame*, itatuae. Mm. WILL BOY EQUITY-In late model ft. deep freeie. Phene 4-53»7. I84T BUICK SUPER-A.l *hape. Ba heater, 27.400 mile*. $1400. DtU *>i IMS OODOB-Ona owner. OUJ 1841 FOBD CUSTOM TUOOB - BaaTa. heater, white ilaewgll*.

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