Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 1, 1959 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1959
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

•Junior Editors Quiz on* THE SEASONS QUESTION: Why do they call it Indian summer? ANSWER: Often after the first cool weeks of autumn, there will be a period of summer warmth. The skies are blue, the weather is mild and there is usually a soft haze in the air. But these warm days don't last long and cold weather follows. This period, which often occurs during October or early November, is what we call Indian summer. This is the name early Americans gave to it, but no one knows exactly why. The name has now spread to England, where Indian summer is also known as St. Martin'* summer or Allhollow summer. FOR YOU TO DO: Paste this picture on a square of cardboard and color it. The skies should be blue, the clouds fleecy white, tht leaves brown and the flames and the imaginary Indian red. (Stephen T. Monson of Richmond, Calif., wins the $10 award for this question. Mail your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will make the final selection.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T,M. Rig. U.S. P>t Off. (fines by NEA Stuiw. Ink "You know it takes brains as well as brawn in this game, son I How good is the girl doing your homework?" SIDE GLANCES By Gdlbraith T.M. Ri(. U.«. Pit. OK. O 1969 by NCA 8»"le«i fc* "Thafs my father. On the whole, he's pretty active for a man of 35!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer VA. *«. Wl. A 1t»» »T «« *•***. IM. 'Hey, fellasl Want to se* what todays best dressed man is wearing?" TIZZY By Kate Osann 3QQCM & 019S9 l>y NtA atrviM, Int. T.M. R». U.I. l*«t. Olt. "One chocolate malted with two straws and a cheeseburger, .cut in half!" Birdland Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Bullock's or hooded for instance 7 Sporting bird 13 Sell in small lots 14 Eye part 15 Woman adviser 16 Missive 17 Lone Scout Scribe (abj 18 Distant (comb, form^ 20 Turf 21 Automotive steering devices 25 Arab 28 Passerine bird 32 Play-act 33 Permission 34 Moth 35 Doctrine 36 Rouse 39 Expands 40 Birds migrate, with the 42 Completely 45 Zealand kea 46 Noise 49 Pared 52 Woolly 55 Undiminished 56 Baffles 57 Paused 58 Singing voices DOWN 1 "Black" Earth" city 2 Regulars (ab.) 3 Followers 4 Paddle 5 52 (Roman) 6 Exalt 7 Uncultivated 8100 square meters 9 Hindrance 10 Folding be'ds 11 Bread spread 12 Matgrass 19 Vicia orobus 21 Irish cobblers (dial.) 22 Bemuse 23 Unit oL mass in physics 24 Slumbers 25 Gains 26 Leave out 27 Guenon monkey 29 Narrow road 30 Baking chamber 31 Moistens 37 Disembarked 38 Mariner's direction 41 European bird 42 Mimicker 43 Smooth 44 Permits 46 Pedestal part 47 Brain passage 48 Cape 50 Ignited 51 Conjunction 53 Fermented liquor 54 Convent worker BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Biek to the Job BY EDGAR MARTIN 1»» >» Ml* »»r.,-M, u». TM. OK. U.«. Pu. OB- OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS GOOD GOSH.' WE ALL SET A'S IU TH' MATH TEST, BUT 18 THIS 6Uy. WITH HIS KJOS6 STILL BURI6P W A BOOK AFTER WHAT WE PIC? is I' OUR HOUR OF 6LORV TO 6.LOOM.' 1 THIMK FEft ONCE HE'S STUPIPER i THAMWEARE.' .—-^| MO, I 6UESS WE'RE STILL LOW MEW OW TH'TOTEM POLE--TH' BI(S(S6ST SUCCESS IS TH'6UV WHO 15 FI6URIW OUT HOW TO j VVIM TH' 5ECONP COMTEST WHILE ACCEPT1W THE WEPAL FERWIWKJIW'TH'FIR6T.' / THE PLUS6ER AKJPTHE COASTERS 10-1 OUR BOARDINO HOUSi . . . wifh . . . MAJOR HOOPLt UWKA/THSCLSRK , T ,,- /-r>, /-.ICAI iAxc>co-iv\tn/-t s> Ait) /VO2A£T WOULD i .' THE COLOSSAL IMPER \ INEMC& tj, pAs ip CU,OI?TI V'T'lL OFfHATOPFlCOQS HOTEL CLERK IM . SPUTT-TT/-- £N MOZART H5AR50FTM150UT- 3B HE'LL DECAPITATE MANAGSWErtT LL ACCOM, PANT/ MIMSELF8Y TAP- BUGS BUNNY Watch the Birdie (I'LL SHOOT IT SO'S NOBOO/LLSEETH' I'LL SO TVA HAVEN'T HOME year TIME L i ANP f GOT OTHER SET IAPPQNTMENTSJ IT' BUT I WANT MY PICTURE TAK5N WITH OH, PEAR I I FORGOT MY NEW TOUPEE J WE CAW PLEASE OKAY. SIT DCWNi BY AL VERMEER Bigger Than Both of Us PRISCILLA'S POP I know that I am much too To have a love affair:.. ALLEY OOP I oudjht to wait a few mor-e year Of that I am -S aware. ^ J But we can't help it, him and I, It's all too much for- us... 'And that is why I run each n1c$ht To meet him at the bus. ^,. <Q Doc's Peeved BY V. T. HAMLIN YES..T80BAJ3WE HE TOOK \COULDNT HAVE • IT PRETTY / ADMINISTERED HARP, \ANANE5THET1C DIPNT HE?j BEFORE THAT OPERATION MORTY MEEKLE i 1 """'! MR<5. DUDLEY \ l<3 BARGAIN 1 •SHOPPING IN I HER<5LEEP / AGAIN/ ANYTHING WRONG, MR. DUDLEY? BY DICK CAVALLI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS He's Different BY MERRILL BLOSSER CfcAMMWG FOR WE RRST OF THE FALL- TERM EXAMS / CRAMMING FOP. A TEST, DAD/ CRAMMING FOfc PHYSICS, 6EOMETR.V AMP BOTAMV/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Heartache BY WILSON SCRUGGS AT RKST I THOU6HT SO/ ITHIUK OF AU HE'S DOUE ID STOP US... HOW HI? HEALTH WATHEAWVDIFFEKEHT AVEAKA60? WILL ME IF WE WEI?E TO MAKRY HOW, )5B AWV WFFEi?eiT OH^ IT W3ULO WLLMV FATHEi?.' f RVB/ TEW WOW? CAPTAIN EASY A Clue? BY LESLIE TURNEt THEM SHE WAY H65ITA^P \ BE tHE AdENT HE PR08ABLV WHA.T 1 5^W A GIRL NOT; TBLL u* ALL YOU CAW l I \ WE RU£H THI5 PAPER TO PR. HANI> HIM WHEW OUR CAS TURNBP, ROHATCH. WHO IPIT5WHA.TITHIMKITI5 i MU$T PINO THAT 6IRL I TRIEP TO CATCH HER. /CAN SOU -------- HER.* DARKl MATHf MATtC# EflUATIOWl

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