The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 16, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1892
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ftt pgetvUle Weekly Review. nnmn EVERY S ATURDAY W. N .BUnOICK. BY TJEftXS: ( 1 ,t)0 A YEAR IR ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Call on Gray, at the U. T. K. —Gold ami Silver Shirts at Gray's. —Miss Lorlng fa la Chicago this week. —Veal calves wanted at Hart's Meat Market. —For your Shoes go to Luhman & Sanders'. —Graf i» showing an elegant line of Spring Clothing. —The eows emergo from their winter ijnartori to-day. —Go to Luhman & San.let's if wish to ieo New Uoods. you — Miss Annie Mickelson is toaching iu the Simpson district this term. —Will Makopoaco sets up the cigars ou the arrival of a new girl baby. —Poultry bought and sold at Hart's. —New Goods at Luhman & Sanders'. —Gray seids. away Laundry Work. For Sale. My residence on the north sldo. MRS. 11. B. HAZLKTON. Kiss Anna £ as ton, instructor on the piano and organ, Postviilo, Iowa. —Luhman & Sanders are full of Spring and. Summer Goods from cellar to garret. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, I'cacherof Voeal and Instrumental Music, I'ostville, Iowa. —The latest that could be got in Dress Goods and Trimmings, at.Luhman & Sanders'. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and, miss, but a good job'erery clatter and prioes vory reasonable. THOS. SnoirriiKEi). —MUs Clara Shcdd U now bookkeeper in Luhmau & Sanders store. - Wood is wanted nt Beedy's Photo Gallery iu exchange for photographs. -All Black India Liuou Plaiil, only 80, at Luhman & Sandors'. —Kaster exercises will be observed nt all tho churches next Sunday morn- - Mrs. St «ircii, of Storm Lake, lor of Henry Luhman, is here visit. a sis- OB a —Large lino of Ladies' Muslin Underwear, just received, nt Luhman is Sanders'. —AH we lack now of having spring is the hand organ man and the scissors grinder. —An Easter ilniicn will bo given at the new hall at Castalia next Monday evening. —Louisiana Oimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for salo at. SANDERS & Kiri .KK'S. Drees Goods. Dress Goods, Ginghams, Outings and Prints, piled up nearly to tho ceiling, at LUHMAN & SAKDKUS'. Dr. 0. L. Toptiff Will ho at tho Park Hotel, iu I'ost­ ville, on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19th and 20tli, for the praetico of dentistry. —The following subscribers place us under obligations for cash on subscription tliis week: J.; II. Laughlin, MM. C. filler, Mrs. M. Stilos, Geo. S. Tuttle, Geo. Redhead. M. IT. McGahevan. —John Sanders has been languishing in the Here and yellow leaf of grasswid- owerhood for several days and it has gone hard with him. Such experiences usually are more easily borne by both parlies later in life. - Mr. Hardwick has rented the rooms on the second floor of Mrs. Miuniek 's residence. —You will note the chauga in Carl Holler's advertisement to-day. Head it carefully. —Jas. Row's now rosiilenco is up and ini'loscd. Southwest I'ostville is booming and no mistake. —E. K. Swonson has rented the rooms in th» rear of Hanks' jewelry store and trill move into thorn. -Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Thompson were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Brown, at Ruckford, over last Suuday. - - Although tho roads wero as rough as a corduroy bridge the town WHS full of people and teams last Saturday. —If you want wood leaye woro with me or any of xiy tcamstors. P. J. BKUCUKK, Drayman. - Tt seems that. "Dr." Hefliu, who has been stopping in I'ostville a shor*. time skippod out after having victim t/.ed a lady patient out of $13.60. Whatoyor else we need we have no use for such doctors. —The firm of Allen & Cass has been dissolved, Mr. Cass taking the slock of dry goods.and groceries and Mr. Allan, who has associated with him Mr. J. A. Mii8scr, taking the hardware and farm machinery, all at Castalia. A State Bank for Monona. Solve of our capitalists have united Willi the capitalists ami business men of Monona and organized a stato bank there willi a capital of $25,000 and the power to increaso it to $*0,000 if found necessary. The organization has pur- uhsed the banking property and good will of Mr. Killon, who has been doing a private banking business for some time, and who, as well as roost of tho other bosinosi men there, lakes stock in tho new batik. Tho corporation has purchased a lot and will at onno proceed to erect a brick building, with liro proof vault and all modern aocossories. Our towismnn, F. M. Orr. is to be the cashier, and he will conduct the business in some feasible room until the new bank building is completed. Mr. Orr is thoroughly equipped, by education and experience, for the position, having been employed for scvoral yoars in the old Postvllle bank, as well as haviug been ongaged in other commercial pursuits, iu all of which his integrity was unquestioned. We don't know of a belter opening for a good bank than Monor.a, and wo congratulate our sislcr town on this evidence of enterprise and progression. There are few things that give a town moro character and standing than good banking facilities; and now Monona will be better served iu this particular than any olhor town of its size in this part of the state, for most such towns have nothing but private banks. Clothing Talk. Tho Postville Clothing House will he full ol new goods in a few days, as Carl Holtcr loft for Chicago last Monday, lie expected to meet Mr. Alexander, of Wankon, at Dubuque, from there go to Rockford, III., and in company with Mr. Armstrong go to Chicago. Tho three old partnors will do their buying together as nana), but for three different sloros. Although they are separated by distance they are together on business questions. If there are any bargains to bo had in buying they will surely got them and their customers will be benftlittod by the same, as Carl is "in it," has got the energy, push and wherewith t» boy, and by honest and square dealing, which you always can deponti upon, be is bound to make it a success. . We supposed his stock was already ample for tho spring trade, but hn thinks differently. He will add all the very latest styles and take advantage cf any bargains that may bo "lying around loose." . Next week will be the time to visit tho brick clothing store, north of postodicc, if you wish to soc the greatest display in that lino ovtr exhibited in Postville. —4000 Yards New Embroidery just received, sold very Cheap, at Luhman & Sanders'. —C. C. Weber is the new elerk at Gray's clothing store. Ho has had experience and comes well recommended. —It seems that Henry Luhmau was tho "champion liar" at tho Munchau­ sen sociablo last Friday night. This was one of the places where monumental provarieation was commendablo and uomtnon, everyday lyingwasbelow par. LookHoro! For Sale. The delivery outfit of the Postville postoflico, consisting of 4.14 call boxes and !>S luck boxos, all in lip-top order, is for sale CHBAP; to be delivered May 1st. 1892. This is a rare chance. Inquire of A. R. PIIRSCOTT. —Geo. S. Tuttle has purchasod the insnrance business at Spirit Lake owned by K. M. Orr, and has gono there to enter upon his labors. The people of Spirit Lake will lind him strictly upright and worthy of confidence. Wo shall be glad to hear of his prosperity. The REVIEW will furnish him with "tl- dinns from home" each week. —Most of tho schools in tho country as well as in town commenced last Monday, Miss Grace McNeil's among the mini her. -The Mortgage Bank and Investment Company, of Fargo, North Dako tu, writes us that they have farms for sale wjiieh they have obtained at vory low prices under foreclosure, which they will sell at from $i to $7 per acre accepting $50 when the contract ii made, the baianco to be paid in yearly installments. Hosts of these farms have considerable of the land undor cultivation and housesaud barns already built. They also say that thoy will loase sheep and cattle on shares to tho parties purchasing the farms. This would seem to bo a prime opportunity for ambitious young men to obtain start in life. They will send desurip lion and prices to anyone who writes them. 4wS The Bank Statements. It is with pardonable pride that we call attention to the statement) of our two banks in this issue. We feel pride in them because they are Postville institutions and because their success is perhaps as good an index to the growth and prosperity of Postville anil surrounding country »s anything that wo could present. The old Postvllle bank, which was reorganized last June and merged Into tho Postville Stale Bank, with a capital of $50,000 and some of the hcaviost capitalists iu this section connected with it, has grown in business uulil it now has on deposit over $100,000, a much larger sum, wo believe, than was over deposited in Postville In the past whou there was but one bank. While its business is astonishing it is nothing but what might have been expected considering its capital and the unlimited coiitidunco of the public in its management. Ou tho 31st day of August last the Citizens State Bank lirst opened its doors to tho public, seven months and three days before this statement was ordered. It was a new enterprise and an untried oxoriment. Many tho't it could not succeed because it was argued that there was nut sufficient business foi two banks. Even its most sanguine promoters; woro a little doublful of its being a paying investment to the stock holders for a year or two. But still they went forward and completed their new building, putting into it a first class fireproof vault and the latest ami best screw door louble time lock burglar proof safe mid good furniture and fixtures. From tho start the public had implicit confidence u the management, and a; the end. of the tirkt four months it had an established and paying business, with deposits neaily equalling its capital. $25,000. But the last quarter has been phenorai- nal. In that timo it has gained, as will bo soon by the statement, more than 150 per cent, in deposits and its general business is all that could be asked. Not a dollar of its stock can be bought for $1.10. Iu fact it is not known that there is a share on tho market at any price. Wo speak thus nt length of this bank becauso it is a »cw institution and the people have an intrest in its standing and success. Who would have thought a few years or even moathi ago that Postviilo banks would now hold nearly or quite $176,000 in deposits, and the qusstion arises, whore does the money come from? The answer is, from the people, of course. This is a rich section of country and it is constantly growing richer. Many people have had a prejudice against or a fear of the reliability of private banks, and have either kept their money at home, loaned it or sent it away to national banks for safe keeping. Now as botli our banks.arc incorporated undor stalo law and are subjut to state examination, and are compelled to publish sworn statements onoe in three months, thoy are just ns safe as tho henviosl banks in tho country. Hence money is being withdrawn from' these other distant banks and placed here, where it belougs, and tho fnrmers and others who have either little or much surplus monej bring it in and deposit it wilh tho utmost confidence Postviilo may well bo proud of her banks. SOLD OUT! OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF STORE Wlklt BE GkOSRB On the evening of April 19th to invoice. All parties who hold due hills against us will please call and trade them out on or before that date. Parties owing us on account for Merchandise, or notes Due^ will greatly favor us by paying the same at once, or before April 19th. ESTABLISHED 11)83. ; TOSTVillE CLOTHING llOUSkC CARL HOLTEtt, Prop. PRICES LOWER THAN EVER. An old Quaker once said that he •would do what he could while he was in the world for he would never pass this way again. He died long a&o, and up to this date he has not returned. —Look at the whole floek of watches and things that Hanks displays in his mlvertitemunt to-day. "Why don't you buy onoP" — We bo'.ievo tho HKKIEW is the only county papei that publishes tho proceedings this week. Thanks to Auditor Collins for early "copy." -Ur. M. A. Humphrey, dentist, may bo found in Dr. Will Cole's dontul rooms doting business hours every day. lie conies well recommended. —Our six room houso now oeou pied by E. £ Swenson is for rent to the right party as soon ns it is pufe In re pair. Call soon if you want tt. —Mr. Ward does not commence to invoice until the 19lh (Instead of tho 18lh) and hemic you lmvo until next T ucsday morning to scoure his bargains —Tho hoaviest snow fall of tho ISQ»- sou came Wednesday afternoon and night. Fivo or six inchos of the beautiful came down. Now we may have spring. —Luhman & Saudors havo reserved space In which to talk to our readers, nod make their initial announcement to-day. Read it and look out for their next week's announcement. Blacksmith and Wagon Shop. I have secured the services of one of tho host blacksmiths and horse sboors in this part of tho state, and am prepared to do all kinds of blacksmlthing and wagon work on short notice aad in tho bust manner. New wagons, buggies, road carls, etc. on hand and made to orilor. Call and examine work and prices. 2no3 H. C. HOMN. • Take Notice, That the Postvllle Steam Roller Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal aud Graham Monday and Saturday of oach week hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery wo aro prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice Bring in your logs and have them siuvccl. Respectfully, E. O. STILES —J. H. Gray, the Clothier, comes into our columns permanently to-day. Hereafter ho will talk to our readers on the absorbing topic of clothing is such a manner as to both interest and instruct the careful and critical buyer, i p Tr nmnvn Mr. Gray now has his business and cap-1 011 IZiHilN U Ual condensed into this one line, pays Come and spend an enjoyable hour at tho Cong, church this evening. The principal feature of tho evening will bo tho reading of a humorous poem illustrated by lifo-siie pioturo. : There will be music and recitations also. Admission ten cents. STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION oir TUB SPECIAL SALE! All our stock of Buggies, Spring Wagons. Carts, &o., must be sold at private sale. Customers wishing a Great Bargain will call at once and secure the first selections. Our successor does not take our Buggy stock. Prices will sell them. Come and see. We are selling four different styles of FINE CASSIMERE AND WORSTED SACK SUITS-NEW' SPRING- STYLES—worth all the way from $13.50 to $15.00 for $10.00. This is an offer which resembles, the old Quaker—It won't pass this way agtun. It will hold good just long enough for you to take advantage of it. If you do it you will be in pocket from $3.50 to $5.00; if you don't, you will lose just about that amount of money. Is a word to the wis 8 sufficient? When it comes to Fine Hats we are to the front. In Style, Durability and Cheapness they are unaurpass- ed. Among them you will find the "Luckey," the "Buckskin" and the "Indicator" Soft-trad Stiff Hats, for which we are the exclusive agents. We warrant each and every hat. Our Stock is by far the Largest in the County $ is bought strictly for cash, direct from tho very best manufrcturers, arid we are prepared to furnish you the very best of goods for the very least money. Be sure and see us before making any purchases. CARL HOLTER, ash for all he buys and can compote witli any lirm in tho retail trade anywhere, quality of goods considered. All ho asks is a careful inspection. -M. F. MoGaheran, our old Phil. Sheridan and fancy stock friend, has bocomo connected with a new $50,000 state bark at Browa's Valley, Minn., aud will go there about tho first of May. Wo aro sorry to have "Mike" go so far away, but we are glad ha goes under so favorable circumstances and wilh such bright promises of success. Wo are also glad that the REVIEW will follow him to his now home on the borders of tho late Sissolon reservation. —On Recount of -advertising favors this week we are compelled to leave out much editorial matter already in typo. Wo shall be all right next week, as Mr. Ward's two columns go out. —If you-would see a genuine "old maid" come and see "Aunt Rebecca Melntyro to-night at tho social. "Her hair Is gray; her nose isthlu, It neatly touches her toothless ohm. GOOD FABJH JOB, SALE. My farm of 200 nitres for sale. Situated iu Madison township, Winneshelk Co., Iowa, three and n half miles west of Pecorah, in aoclions 11 and 14. Well improved and Umber enough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation Well watered and good buildiugs. School within six rods of house. Kong time will bo given on part paymout Inquire ou farm for particulars. Add loss, WM. MCIMTOSU, (Box, 238) Deoornh, Iowa. 0. V. Earl" Killed. By a wrack on the Waukon branch last Monday C. V. Karle, tho horse buyer, a nephew of Dr. W. C. Earls, of Waukon, lost bis life. The carload of horses on which lie was riding was de raiM aud ditched. He Jumped from the car and was crushed beneath it. It was a sudden and terrible death and the relatives and friends have tho sin- oore sympathy of tho public. STATE BANK at the close of business, April 2, 1802. SPRING OF 1892- ASSETS. Bills discounted .......f 68,390.03 LoftM tender, National Dank notes, Gold and silver bullion and drafts on otlior banks ;.' • 7.33*.08 Due from other banks 15.310.5c Real property owned by tho bank 2,261.6c Personal property owned by the bank... 1,00.2,94 mill Total S94.606.31 LIABILITIES. Capital slock Deposits 67,431.58 Undivided profits 2,174.34 Total STATS or IOWA, I Us. Allamakoo Co. ) We, las, McBwon, cashier; tiers directors, ol tho .194.60O.3j J. I'. Sroilli, J, San' Bank above namod, do -Wo learn that II. B. Taylor recent ly sustained injuries by a fall that compel him to use crutches, but we do not understand that his Injuries are dangerous. Mrs. Taylor has been very sick sinco they have been in Nebraska, but we belicye she is convalescent now. On the whole, in these respects, their visit cannot have proven very pleasant or profitable, it is not known when they will return. Dr. Will Dole's Dental Rooms Will hereafter be open every week day, as I have associated with me Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of tho dontal school at Iowa oily, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Postville ou Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. Wiu.0ou, O. D. S. solemnly swear that tho foregoing statement is full, true and correct to the Best of our knowledge and belief; that ttie assets therein set forth are boua6do tho properly of said Bank in its corporate capacity; aud that no part thereof has been loaned or advanced to the Uank for the purpose of being exhibited as part of Its assets. ) AS. MCHWEN, Cashier. o&Saa. ,»'"««•»• Subscribed and sworn to before mo this nth day of April, 1852. WM. SHEPHERD, Notary Public. REPORT OF THE COKDITION or THE POSTVILLE • STATE • BANK, At tho close of business April 2, 1802 Notes receivable ,,, 135,015,03 Gold and silver coin s, 116.00 Legal tender and National bmk notes 1,693. Drafts on solvent banks 1,849, Current expenses paid, 1 Interest on timo deposits f Cash in bank subject to draft 25,398.1 Overdrafts 1,001.41 —A, L. Meier has sold his farm just wost of town, (the old W. J. Campbell farm) to John Harnack and Mr. Engcl for almost 196 per acre. Mr. Meier will remain on the fatm and work it this year. - Come and make the acquaintance " of Mr, svnd Mrs. Busby, at the C«ng.' ohurelv ttys evening. ^i"4'^«»*9 y>.wngV» We U quite e'er- David Riley Burned Out. The residence of David Riley, one mile northeast of Hardin, with nearly all its contents, was burned last Saturday afternoon. The fire originated in the ohambor, supposably from a defective chimney, and the upper portion was all in flames when discovered. Mr. Riley was a half mile away in the field at work and before he got to the seene It was too late lo save anything. The women folks got out some things from the sluing room, but all else, including all their clothing, was destroyed. Insurance on building and, stontentf only fWO, Iq the Hawkeyo— S^°U^!uot;halttbe loss, ^PadWo* fWMr, FOBSALBl Buggies of All Descriptions/ Guarantee: After two woek's trial If the liioo Coil Spring proves not to be tho easiest rider on earth, will oxobange and give any spiing desired—with the "Handy Top," the most convenient buggy. W. S. WBBiTBB Oard of Thanks. Wo wish to return our sincere thanks to the friends for sympathy and help during the sickness and death of our moth >r, Mrs. Loretta P. Range. H. M. RANGE, Mas. Li. P. SONKALH <fc FAiiav. - , , I59.6».a6 Capital 50,000.00 Deposits 101,173.14 Undivided profits 6,480.12 '59,65J.*fi . Wo, W. C. McNeil, Presldenl; F. W. Roberts, Cashier; and Hall Koberts and j, 1). Hart, Directors, of Iho bank above named, do soletanlv swoa that the forcgoinu statement is full, true and correct to (he best of our knowledge and belief. W. C. MCNEIL, President. P. W. KOUXKTS, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to beforo me by VV. McNeil, F. W. Roberts, Hall Roberts and J. B. Hart this 9th day of April, A. D. ISOJ, 1'. S. HURLING, Notary Public. By our successor, who is a business man of 25 years experience and thoroughly acquainted with the General Merchandise business in ail its branches. We solicit for him the continued patronage of our many customers and friends. DRESS GOODS! mm mn m m MONTHS The most oomplete line! ever in the city. Maple Sugar Festival. There will bo a maple sugar festival at the M. E. olmroh. Friday, Apr. 22nd. Warm sugar will be served at 6 o'clock for!» uU. A corfInl irwllation 1s e*- leadjHl to all. L. STROBBEL & SON, — rnorairvroas or — Postville Boot and Sliqe Store. (AT ABHSTHOMO A HOI/TMa'S 0|,P ST*Xp.) Have a full line o( Roots, Slides,' 8\\\y puis, Rubbers and everything kept! ' • In a No. 1 general shoe store. Ouiioro wovk and repairing rieally and promptly .(lone. l?verj'<palr war. vauted, We keejMuo *UoiJdT. We have been identified with the mercantile interests of Postville, and we take this opportunity to thank, you one and all of our customers and friends who have in any way aided us; either by trading' with us, or by word, or deed, to build up our large and growing business. We assure you that while our life lasts we will bear you all in kind remembrance. Thanking you all once again, and wishing you all a most prosperous future, We are moat sinderely yours./ Bf Miss Addie M. Sanders, while in Chicago. Henriettas, Belfords, SergesV Chevron, Challies, Silk Foulards, China Silks, India Silks, Wash Bilks, and in fact every style tftfW in use, with a large variety of Trim.-" mings to match alii at the Lowest Prices. Look for price list negv; week. Respectfully; Luhman - &

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