The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 11, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1927
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

r- 1 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EViRNTNG. MARCH 11. 1927 PAGE THREE Mr." und Mrs. n.'.n. Oarnold had :i tir>' 'i<nd nrw rim stolen from I I I B i;ir U 'i .'(liie!<ilay evening. • H<>iii»>in;iilf (Tt.-am and njike HiDi iiath i-hlikcn dinner at Lew- niim's |C';ifo 5^unday8 and Thursday.f. Miuuic Tjjylor of 'i03 North ..•-ii<«-i in spcndijiR ih" »«-oli with ' litT i1:ui(thtpr In; Richmond. Dr. lA. B. Twadell. O«t«op«lh! Now G\obe Bldg. Phone 191. .l.-i'jol). Hiack. who has bi'i-n hero f(ir spvi-ral monlh.s. lett yesterday for Mound City ior a visit with his ' iiif.". From thire will po to (•;ilit")rnia to mqike his home with iiis , hiliiren. ' " —Dr. C. ,S. LamlKtli. Surpprtn. (UfUc plioiie 2.56; Res.'iihonc 61.=iJ. Mr. ;iiid Mrs. Ru«.>!oIl Darnold of W 'saii fJood'vIn ot Parson slicndiug thu day in lola. —Bi-aiitlful Dress Mats at flT.'.. Remcmher. every day is a Ji'ale.s Day at K<lwarda'.Millinery. 1.. K. Hrown furnished trail in A lard mj the fro^t door <if th*Frant/. Opli«al; Cn. say.s tht- storr> is tlosed toilny fur the p:ir|.oso af taking an inventory p£ the Stock. , .'). K. 'Wilson, nhf of Allen vmrn- ly's lielter icl.'i.-^s iif farmer!-, wlm Hve.-i abouti four n>ilus yoiiUiwist ^lt lola. w;i>j in inwn thi.s mr>riiin);. .Mr. isaid he was busy .sowing oais.wi:e:! tlic rarn s'.oppe-.l ilit worli. \V. iV. Wchh w«-iit afcniii Jo' Carn -Jlt this liiurniiiK t<> teitily in ^a; law su((. ! • , por- raticn f'iday for the Junior coIleKe hasketliall team to ArkansnH and for the hich .school basin} team to Neodesha. N 2! Kaal Jackson left 'i'lisMiis;. Okla.. whero t liiake their home. tiday for le.v will - For Fuller lirushcs. phone : Doris B.illard. daushter of .\lr i ii -l "Mrs. Roy Kalla-d. has recovered from the measles. —Are you tryins for Ihb Kclvi- nator Electric RcfrlRerator? It's Frcel Sec K. C. EU'ttriq and Plumbing Co. Mr. and .Mrs. .Marvin Tayloi} and ; son. .Marviu. .Ir., of Baxter Spi;inK». came last night to visit tiheir cuts and grandparents. Mr. yiKs. Harlan Taylor and Judgij Mrs. J. B. Smith' 'lelore goii Amarilla, Texas, (o reside. f. B. Tippi.- .,r the Tippie Mw^or rity;*^*"- relnnicil irojii Kan-^a- (jily liiHt : tbafl iil«ht where lie.jiad lieeu on "iiu-n-. ncKS.-. ' - i H. I'. .];i< kson will return on I!K Sanra Fi- Mlutr to :ii:lit f.niii nip Uv ("aliii ina. Texis, v,iir:>j in.' I'.js lieeii on hiir^ir:eM.«,' , , Mr. and^ .Mrs. Uii.-.ell M.-H. nry. ,..„„.,"•*'''". have I'l'i-n livian: on a lanu par- "-"J miles. sMilh of lol;:. li:iv<; mnv- auil'ied to'tlie !r>sldi-a<e a' ;ti'!i Smiili aijil ' WashiniT'on':iveinie. .Vr. and .Mis. g to ; Dale .N'icliols-. who liavt- liv.-ii livini; ' on a farm two miles . MHH I I of Jnla. jhave moved to llii' .McII.iiiy farm. The. Mallory-Hats for Spriiis | — ' beautiful.; Kv.ryoiiii is invi'.il lo tl;- 1'a!)- WANT TO WED! t Barclay-Shields are i.Ot). $6.00. .«7.UiJ. Willie, I',ii/,:..I1. 14.; and .Mrs. Thel-;. ma 'I'iMx'ns. :;7. .-( liivorcee. Ijotll'of (.•.ili:i;iii. M-.. w-,;ilil \v. d. Willie's I..,r.'iits .-ire iviiii.-if,'. Itill tliti stati' a:;iin.iiiii s :,:•<• riporled to be eii- il. iiiDfiiiK: lo. I'll ik Die iiiaciiage. .Mrs. T:!)li.;t; ^ h:i< a >ori : « • * « \ Coraiilflf UAI .r PAl'EK STO(K . For Yonr Self Af«ii! Our prices rnlisc from the ( heapest to ihe moat select and uifiisual patterns by Hirsp. You; are wplcome to come in and Itiok. ( tlOK'S I Mr. W. M. Murphy oif 801 .North .I'lf-.rson. who has bceni t-ufferins from a ftriii^.ed ihumli, is a'hle fo KM III work a(;;Hn at the Iron Wnrk.s. ' . Look at th.e .SuLts in Burclay- Slii'dd'? .window, tijeii po in and see iliat wonderful line of Suits, at ?:•:•.-.') to ?.1.-,.o<). . • f. : .%II BS I.u"lla / (•"'rcenian. who; has h- "11 ill. will take vp Iwr school !• o,!,- .Monday. .She i^^ a student at- .J.iiiior liiRli school. • - Why not a , Maraflion Tire? Tliey lake tlie 'ire" out "f tire uiirries. Tire Repair Shop,-' IJO Fast Jack.soii. Rhone US. • • :T A. McClellsind of Sl."i North .•-ire.'i is havfnR his home majlc moderrv ^ , —.Se<i-llial wonderful lin<» of Ties in l!:ir( lay-^hie'.ris • window, il.OO. t, ii.zr,, 11.5 M. Kv.-Wu'Kemabffrs weni toWich-i it-i on the, early train yesterday on< a short business.trip. • Mrs?. T. I. Christy of 41fi ^ l-incoln street, who has been ill lie tli.- speak r: for several days. Is reported botlcr.; other. Van Hoozer'B Bread. (•rnucle niiciiiiK. at. th'- coiii'j- of Lincoln and K'-ntui ky siree-. ' ri>- '^Zast, niKiif. t'. K. Foster <jf Ti>p< ka will Mr-. (. il. i:u!:li-h Ui-ail. Mv<. H. Ku--li.-h pas.-ied away; •.!t . .". <r.:.i:; t -i';.- nioinyi;; a' l'.>r , licili-. Soio'.i Vliird street. Sol-; — iowinsillin-.-- of thre>' week.-. | - ,. , -Mrs. H. C. Weliher :,rid .Mrs. H.'lliol iivo ••ue i!ir:v,- d:iv. .Mr^. ;—Try It once—yon will l^aTjS no Klmoie. oi near Carlyl... spell! y,-<- liiiuii-h woiii: :i:!ve l>i,ii >i y.-.irs terday Willi ihf foi'm .T 's nioili.r. •>( . Tiie iiiu-;al s'crviie will .•\!is. .1. ().Myers. ,i|- vn rSoiitli !>.• ii-L! :.l lin 1, H. < liii:. H .Siili'l;..^ .Mr. and .Mrs. TerriU fl. 13oji,|n of- Wa -liiiiL -ion :-.venii . IJittsbnrfe, Kans., were here-ye day visitinK Mrs. It. V. Thoiu anil mother, Mrs. .\1. J. l:l,oni Gas City. NEWS NOTES OFCASCin •ter- isor. , of .lit.rill-,If! ;u _•:;•) i.'i i..rk, Uhr..!!'« i;. Mil f,!k'- iliiii; lli-!iland leini • ?i|r. and Mrs. F. \i. iluniiiil .-loii t-ry. • : w.ji; lo Killiaid WeiMusI:) y (n ar; tend the fitticral'of K. .>. \Voo.!,- —Sjiecial Siindaiy pinner ill li'Mrt-i , H;!n.l.| Sn -ih of ilie 'j?. i;u,-.;'<'u:,vn:ii^uy'',\'-^rh<>i'Mv^/A<>hl\''T':^^ liinu Hotrl. (i.>r. ! ; eery ritiirm:d home yeslirday trom Kuowluin- of KMnrado .Springs, j,;,,,. .:.i;;.it to s. hool. Dialli oj. .>Ir^. .lohn Knonltoii. Th'- iiMiiy frietiils will lie sorry ; Oklahoma (!i:y. wlur- he had li. en Mo., who ii: iur early ilay.s was a There seems to lie 'luite a ilum- on Imsin's.^i rysi.ient .oi loi.i. .Mrs. Ktio.wlion ber of stranger.s movini; to lola 'oj wfts a sisii r of .M.xsrs. M. T.. and JivCj They couldn't easily fiiid aj Mrs. .1. C l.un^. of Cii-iir. Oklii.i K^a:;- .iini was w!il> iy known .-.irly ri siifen's of (his vi- Tii- flllKTal of til- i :ite .\lr.^. bfl»;er town of its size in Ka;i:--as: , \vbo I MS I., in ^i-uin:: !i. r looili. r.' '-.v niv nor a finer lot oi people. K.' I.. I.'Cliv u .'i'i>'I faiMiiv. l-ti 111- •'-iii^y F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D. !<I.iv fiM- r:!irlin-.:!oii lo vi. ii Mr. and. KiiowlMn wiii ji..!.! in 'i .r I IOIM.' •'Mr^. Ui!:i;nii i:o..-i.. f-'i'^T--''." Spriucs tvni.':!.;w ;Ul- • I ;•:•!; iOI! ill L'lXo fl tmi k. Special attention fclvcn Di easrn of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Otrire lola State BanK Bldg, Phones—147 and 705. J. Fnd (.'otf., Ill .if V:,:. , wu-. a b.jsifi! • .V! i 'lir in day. - : f'.ni r lol.l I .- ,f Harmon Suiioii is minus on one of his feet wliictj. jii; a local -Drl physiiia.'i. friar I ;.!.•! f:ii:-i;v i'li',-i^:i'il 111! -iliil f'Mi:.!.'' \\. .-ior o; Mill- Koek. .\il:,. ;iriiv'l yr^i'..r- dav 111 a'i'ii'l 'li.-. fun'-ij oi" .M1 -i Klin'.ri, nio.h.r "f (rd.-i .•,:!<) K.!;;;;r. foi- hns Siiii k. y V..' liaulirr iijiiio'i- for carried wilh him iro:n (iiiildhooil, , Tlie extra, toe was ampiita^l ''X i j;;:;;:;;""'" ^ ' '/-^ Iiii>y I .'!,iy I hr II' w ::ii • r.!'!i of Ilnroid K:i!'i;in of 'li>< Sotitli Sijiii .-•;i 1 t : lii'v.jili no ns|. s. .Mr-, ,\ - w );o -i.l 'in <-n vi-'iiii!!; iiioiii' r. .Mr,-. .\. it.'!':.T i:; I..! Ilnr • r'' nn'-d lo'lny 10 ier hone- ip. l \nns^i.- City. r •— .M:- l-;v,i .li:i s, ii. . •. j-^j: Mu' !i' r ^:s•. r. Mi -1 11. W. l'i-..-i;.i nii.l (.'niiiy o; .'.17 S.iirii W.iiniir .;'i>',;. r-riiii-d 'o fM.i.i: 'oiLty. fiirni ltnrr:iii Wimien Flprt Officers' ul .Merlin:; Thnrsday Alter. 1 noon — PerNiiual \ .Mentiuii. i , i i (.Mrs. .\. F. Midtfiit \ CArf CITV. Mar. n.— Mr. nn.i j Mri, John Wann-r. of .<ti^ikpo: i.. jlowa: Mr. ah^l AliS. \. F. I|.;ir\-y.. . or'<".i=eai;o. III.; M:-- .1. I'. Harv,;.. of Fairhiiry. .V.-hr.: -Mr. K. n :.r- ; Vev. of 1,0-! .Veuile.-t. Calif., and .Mr. :«P (I .\lr.-. /iert Dainii:: and IL-.-'v. y i Hi)C:il' Mif .\i.ii!!?lon. 111., who attended the fy.Ti-riil o:' .Mr.' J;if:i>s Harvey nf Kiiii.aiil. nre 'isili:;.; ' 1 liov.- at tae iioiiii of .Mr. ntid Mrs. (it. -11 Harvi .V. .Mr. -lint; .Wis. L. K. I'i.ez: ti! .'1:0- tore.l to IKiii;-. ^.in... .>^!:iiilnv MI i spent ti'.e^ (lay v.!:fh .Mr. (.'I'.ezini'.s r'l.'nrerlts. . J . j Mr. liii;! Mrs. flarry H>lton ino- i tor>-l to Klsiiii.ri- Sunday n::<r- ' noon. .Mr. ai-d K, K, Wri.uht alt.-u 1. d : the fi!ii.-r;il M I ', .lames ilii:v>y ; nt Kiiii ai'i \\'«iine-i!av afternoon. ' .\lr. and .M.s. T.-rrill ifi-ni; of Ml'ilisbur'.; sill iir ,\V<(lii.-s.!;iy lii^hl • iit ;be home of in.' former's sister. Mrs. k -iward U:;:-seII, and Mr. Ri.s- SeJI. I .Mr. and .V:s. I.. K. Civ z.m at- the f:!ne:al of .\ri-s. 1;. 'iV. .Martin, .-in a:iii' of .^I;•s. ("n>-7.iH:;. Monday a: .N..v;i.'a. M". .Tiio Farm Hureaii I ad;. - :net [Milton Ir- Tliiirs'l.iy nf •rn'.oi! ::t I;:- :inr\': .-i w'-'-k. ..Mrs. K.iw;iri! i:.;s-.ll. A b;:-iii.--- •<iiicaid is tii,...:in'; was hf-ld i:i tin ..f- 'he.' son. friers were < lce:i d for tli-- 'i:-;!in; nfid lati r ref:-> s'.imvnl s ti< r*- l|ltle son s«!rve(|. : Preachir:; seA'ire.s :it thi- M. K. iCiiil'!r' 11 cliiin:! at '•>: \'> Sunday nioriilns at'.'!' makin;; an ' Sunday s.hool at 1 I: IMI . Kpwvrtb I.'a!ri)e .sirviC's. nnrier t.'ie had. r- y.r. 11 ,1-; jii'j's tiiri shine jmachine , .,iiip iif DelrMnt Adams, at 7;'o ! i r.!!i on;- ii'i .'lilior'iood : Sunday i-veliJii.i;. this •.•!. >';av s, h'.ol Ml':!" t'lmri'ri ..f .l..:i.. ~ .n-j:( ; h* !p>-l ^Ir. .'^•rMi:'-''fon! ::it l'i;f;ii .sl-iri.-iay rtiorriiiiu- ::;i I • n .,• !!v> -.1". iiiMl Tv. s-'.iy. p''n< bin;: -.Tvir.-^ a» ll:o". Kv'- Willi. Ui;. s i: Ipfd -M I ;, Ita'neoc ic nin- service.- ;it T:'!". , - !i -I- :••}. Vr-. I'.nj. s!-iit TU"-| • : . .' i iMrs. Spur-eiiji. '<'ol!fS.' ho. !;«-y t.:aiii Ir.:-; >, • • 1 N Mid ilauiiji'-;s. o: sinr jC'ii'lieni!..-.-i.-ii,;.. I'lrinn. i\' le id. 1 iiliiii at 11. K- Siiiir- roiiid t;ol .skat'-. .~i:itl;!.i afN.rn 'OI! KEEP YOiUR STOMACH RIGHT! Gas, Heartburn, DtMcomfort ARE Seriottsl [Here's an Qld-faahioned Treatment that Keeps Yoa Fit "J G AS, heartbnrn, discomfort aftermeala—Nature'a way of telling you there's something •wirong. Dillingham's Plant Jiiice will! help you to feel well and BE well again. Mrs. Lillian Bitting of 419 Wax St, Allentown, Pa., says: "ily appetite was so poor I did not care whether I ate or: not. Gas caused severe pains, my n«rves were upset and robbed me oi many a night's sleep. I felt d^U, listless, and weak. Since talking Plant Juice, pains and distress are gone. My. nerves are calm and steady, and my sleep la sound and unbroken." i Plant Juice is a pleasant-tasting remedy,. made only from herbs' and plants. Naturally, without griping, it cleanses aiui tones up your system. ;-Gtve this fine old remedy a chance to do yoa some real good. -Ask your drug^ gist for the original ' DiliindhainS ^ .nrJRiiice SiaturA Orij^nal lime-lested TONICAioCLEANSER , UIAMON I M;-i li. K. Spiiriri . ;•, i. :tl- .lame.s .^i- sick list .Ml-. -M. Kj'ss of near sp'!!'ill'.; tlw- n>ek uiti; • Wiili.' rimily. ;•• ,'.'!s .Ini:,-,'; liwiii and r ;i i')ns:li;is. "s s'.enleeli. on I lay an r-j .-:.v, y.;ir,- a:;o ili.- li.sfi-n *"ii ::;i ;('.;:i;iii! i:^ huinlin:; lo^s , .S.'iit^'i Ill 's .saw iiiill. . j - • i 'I '.iii -r. w::" !i;is ;air:v.-.! \;\ ; .( I: ^:o;;tl: .\ir;«is said ;: \-• Iju-C '-r-: iii,iii lli;- 1; 1- , • , ill ^< 1' ,:s| 0:1- hmi- ..i '»••• ,,f • V • 1. i;i.- i.,-oh 1 ••'.:.. limn-' '• Montgomery, Chlropraictor. tola Lsfunnry Bldg. Phone. 138. j -Mrs, 1:: !;. I'';r!er. wrio iiinl.r- W.;!;f .ill op.-Ill.Oll V 'Sli :'i ;ly f.T fiinipiitaM'iii of an .uni. r.iiiie.j Ia,= : iniirlii in a siiis'iieiory w:iy nn'l i- 1 iiei-rfiii, l[>r -urii.-on u^ves, ne." •very li' of ri- ov'.ry. I .Mrs! .M.:ir,f!.-y of .';<c' .V.iKli I\.-ii-,' .Mis. .1. W. i; ivin of :;iil .Soiiih l.i't US carei for'- your, live proidi-m'f now—for Kaster and Sprins Wear ABF.K.SOMLKANEKS Phone' lu.-) .Mr-- .^.u-,'!; ,Mii.i|.n,' Tlloinpitili. n-.i ii vio.! v.'., -o;:. ,I.ib'r;v.' Mo,, rir • ' t.. :i;i> lyl r It reem!) that Fome of th'S^nfc'r.;^'"''•''•''• '"•"'' ^'•'^•'^<•"• misinterpreted the item the Hi ;?is-1 ter carried a few. days ai;.> ahoUM , , . , orauKPS.' The ai-ticle stated ,'thai '"'''>• fii-stnui s'r.e.--is ill in l;-d fiom "it. would .sfcem tjiat soiue ot the -'f'"'' •1""-'^ "i tl:^' I'U. . attack of-ippendjeiti.-'. oranpes display-d in ."onie of tlie ' grocery stores, on account of |their size, mifiht be culls." Of c<iiirse , , , ., ,. , the size of an oratrce has nofhins I''':?=>' =•''•'''••''- N-'^vin ,n. . f, to do with it.i (lualitv. The 1-mall "'"' ones are jusi as sweet and jjuicy """*' :tnd are much cheaper than liir^er 1: •: • i'!i;> !• .' ,1 -f l; • i'-r- .1 ,1 I'l; run;;, rs in tn-^ !:;iii| ••(• I.' t:j<; |ir, • iiiMl in a ••m<-!'r.'' - ^;lif I. lis tiow ;i.,',ivs \. . I hoi: 51: •< ri. <• elf r..ii- . Mrs, W, .1. I' nr.t] .'.niiKlit .:::,'. Mr,', W.innr I!. M I -. ('. K Kii:;.- iml Mi-s \\:t/.-l 1 li ;;i;:i-.- v:-::,.: r^l.itiv , av aftornoon. •:.oli; . -lU I- I I J •| il. il .T. .'••.ii-iMii li.Vv 'iOW to .'1; p>;s'i'lii las !iiick«y .',.1 :• ,i 'h.-tii I rcKrii ill ,.,ii.: ones. — It is better to buy that Mara.'than Tire no'-v, t'nan to wish: later , I that you ;had. Tiro Repair ;Shop. . ! 116 East Jackson. R-iii,-;'-;- oiii. • .t id'-asnni CM II. ^ •Mrs. AiU'len'-ioik c.iin" from" liisl . veninc to rriti'ii'i the Lift!'' .Syi)i;iljony t'iiii;!.i and to sj^'iid I'l" V eii .i vjli .Mi--- Kntlili 'U Foi-.-ytl:". y.rr. i:. A. I.ii--"'..•::Ie;iI. who Ii '-'^n r.-r.- v;-::in:; li.-r .iai:sl:ter. .Mr-. H-,-iry W-'olLini. r 'V ,,ji;..,i to - in Fii donia today. r.irs of Durini,' izri lia.-. iil-'.ii t<ams •h' .•:(.-:;p If You Take Cold Easily You Are Vitamin-Starved— Take SCOTTS EMULSION It Protects The Body With Cod-liver Oil Vitamins Scott & Emnie. Slr>nrr.£r'A. S. J. IS-IM Coats Wc have jij.xl received a larsc shipment of new .Sp'rinsr (^'oats in the very late-st and fabric.><. Sec our .Special Display Saturday at most unusual priee.s. :J0 Black and White. Satins and Ka-^ha.s, $.T5.00 (POO value.s for eD^t>. i D .10 New Black and Wliite ka.^has— .scleciion at e7X«/»./ O r>0 all wool Charmoen.s (POQ pT A liir trim, -SJ.j •.-aliiil.'.r tP^<^aOU S.nort Coats, all Spo- .ially priced, i?}<.7;"5 tn _ ;.") Nfiw Siik Dre .^.sos ' (I*0 ralut^.s f' SI 7.; J O ir> Silk and Georgette Dves.s.'.s. I, ifiil-styk 'S Q values to ePlO .lO See our ne.w line of Ihdii- fi:oat>, S-.'JM in $6.75 EICHAEDSOM • • % • .Mr. and .Mrs; Alex Bead .will leave for their home in West Mineral. Kansa.s Saturday. They have . I O .'orge McKinUy. Sania Fe ;aj;ont slat Humboldt, wlio returned : from »jthP .lohn.son hospital at CliaiiUe . I some .time a:;o. docs not .«etm lo •>: improve much in healfii. .Mr. -Mc- , Kinley is an uncle of Lloyd Brown >'-s 'Tin:., of the Brown driiz storx:-. .\. I., .\lll-s. o;' iOlMW.'l. (011- -fi.'iii 'i'lii eiisini 1T on ti'" .%'• .1-!'" livcr t)iili:e wi-t of lolii. in tli-.- • •mn»'oy •,] I.'.'- .i!: 1'.i;t;M, •.'.-. .\, I.. Cook, >ll.-.. v.- .IS b'^si:ie--s \\r —Dr. Fred 'Woodburj", graduate h.-.n Spending. the"w:n5er with ! Treats corns, bun- .... . 1 inna wnriurnert arehes etc \o t'Ylr:t their son. C. I. Read. jions. weakened arches, etc. No extra W. S. Tv.(ir:ie of I,aHii,-;ie. w.i.-- a 'bi'tw.-n 'r.iiii visitor :ii fiiaiir.:-- vest'-r'iay. .Mr. T-ai:i!e r.'tnrr.'-'i la-*, we-i; from a Jen W"i-ks vi.-it witn' liis s.ii. (I \V. T'.iirii- of —Just ' like Angel . Food Cake, ..Van Hoozer'a Bread. 2 lor ISc. ., ,, . wii.! nis -.11. »i . I '.ii:!!' o; linf'^o,NV-sla.n. •r ..xas. He r-poris a fine ,,200. West Madison. '1 .,^.,1 ,„.,„, Flo.vd and .Jo.s^phine Vogel. chil- j liren of .Mr. ;<nd- Mrs. F. A. VogeP * of 21rt .N'orth Chestnut street, are j ^ reported ill of the measles. ; * '' • — * -The Ties HsreUy-Sh elds are ' j-;iio\i ;ns in their cast window are]' the very newest. Sl.O'i. $1.2^. 11.51. * Ko'r.<rt llemsherc. a freshtnan at liifth sihonl, had'the misfortune to. lair and break the thumb on his ri^ht •hand .yesterday morning, •ftoh'.-rf is one of the efficient carriers of the lola Daily Register. .Speeial for Salurdil fiicoanut Brittle, W(' rctlizi,' ihaf at tii-is tinu? o' year wlieii you .li -e contf'mplating reiiei oratiiit; and \ makinK> chances, you pridjably don't iiav<!in mind Jii.'?! ;• what you ,wo'ijId like to use as th" Wall, Paper patterns. , •• lli? ussur.d w,- 'are jilways glad t'> show you and be of any help jKissilile. f (M»K*.S ' H"-ad'iu,irters for H'sh Crade Wall l'a;K:r. lii. Howard'.s f'andy Shop. It.ilpii Whitehead is inlHutchin- .ioii. Kaiu;.. (Ill biisine.JSj this week. ~0. L. Cos, M.. D.. SpeeliOlsL Bye. Ear, Noift and Throat. Mr. and ,.Mr<^. C. K. Coy of In- ilependehcc. Ka'ns-. have moved to fol.i and are residing at <21 Soulh Walnut street. Mr. Coy is assisf- anf manager to', H. Hancock of independence in ,thi.<i distrjct for the Fiillpr Ilrush company. SKE1> POTATOES ' * 'Branded sacks isenuine Red • River Vallcv Ohlos. 120 lbs. when packed, at— " fSJin per Sack M 1^I.0>EY'S .STOBE " South Second Street .Mrs. Anna Rogers of 216 ^outh Buckeye .street has been quite ill for several days. Her daughter. .Mrs. F. P. Faucett of Chanute. who has been' here- Carin.g for her, returned home la.^t evening. —Soft, Straws to take the place of felt. l.-l.SS. Also (ihfldren's Hats, S1.50 to $3.75. Ed»|ards 'Millinery. Mr.«. Wadswdrth has returned hor/i^ from an rxtettded visit tn the : Bast. - She add her daughter rc- eatiii'.; n-w ii'^i.ito's ;>.!iil oi'ner cnril'ii ti-wk the pis' moii'15. His son iias an ai loa^.^ '! vor. :Ci 'n :s fru :"ts an.l vi ;re;ablis. ' .Miss Kl.-i- W.iod of .Mor.iM bft; .vi-sfero'.i.v for an ovr ^lj•(•k- ( nd visit vvii'n I;, r .-i-^t.-r. .Mrs-. I'f. il ' .N'eff• of (Iiirii- rt. .Mrs. Kivin rptoii of f)'t.iwn wa- Inokitiit afti-r luisin. s, ;j ir,i;i y. .- t'rd.iy. . M. r:- Mo .re. .,,,1 .,; Mr. an.! Mr^i H'ly <;, ,\ioor" of 7I.S S'-oitli W.ii- liur, -T. . • ::HS I':<' IJI- :i -J.r.n. M'-- 1:;- y Woor!- Mor.iri w 1. fn lo.'a \"S 'T 'ltv v;-ilii,;; ;;i home of .Mr . W W. .I 'Hi' -. . Mrs. .M-lron Abiosor. nr.d li'f!.-- s- 111. I'.iu: ."lliitoii of .\ (••.'•.-. •\'.:(> \„i\'- ii"< vi-;;iiij; in llie R. I. .I ---S -M'l fh'--:'r'';ar!es .\i.; •1 '•.•Il-. 1' ft; rod.iy !".>r Fr>-'!'ii:ia for .1 vi-i: -Ai 'M r'-l.i'jlv-'- Ii'f'irc re-: hoijie. ' • '" : • M;5; Ir -lie (• rr: w-:;f !•;:: = - ^ b"!'-: on Mie r.H'i! train •"'l.iv '1 h" il-.e -.ri's' ..f Miss i;u<|.-h S::;;iii ..Vir wf k flld. (:ii .ir;.'s H. Lln.My rn.d I iby • IniiiT.'i-- ;-. .lo .\:;n. of .\iicn. ta. K.ii- -:is nr.' vl.-iii:i2 in ;iif liomi- of •'I'ir r'''»r-'"'--• ••'U 'l iJ '.iniiiar'Mi.'s. Mr. and Mr?. John Reinher of M'> \\'> -I .''.Iri'llsoii avenue. Mr. and Mrs. V. T... ' !-:.-i. :>nd > biWr. Pi. K'bia ai.'l M.ix.';;--. --.f v.. 1- l:il ~'OIl. KuUs.. (:l!!I-- till- :i;'' ••.'.•< •'. ; c)\'r S i:i'':iv v.:;'i K--' - - m .ihir. M-s. c. W. (';;. :v:; :r:: n-.J Mr. jChuwninc. l-.-n- ;-i .• urn- M. T. .^Iiinn of L'lo .N'orHi, <'ol- born .street, who b.i.s b.-.-n j|i fnr vi.-i. rdiy fro-n .1 ).ii,-;(.' | K ()me lime, does not ,s.'<-ni (|>i|te .so i Kaiisis V ty. w'ell i.od:i,y. It is hoped li'i -A -ill ! ;:'.IM'- VI.,.' 1,1 .^non be bett'^r. Tom Pollard of Topeka wa.s in town today.- fUe is .a reprei^cnta- tlvp of fh<* ciimmercial I'nlon In- sdrance Co.. 'ami was calliiig on J. E. Powell <i Co.. the bjiiii agents. K. .M. Murray, spet the Hartford Steam 1 St. Louis, yvn., was in al agent of •oil'rr Co. of ilola yesterday on business "lor hij; tirm.l .Mrs. H Christian of lyjno Elnii Kans., was in lola yesti'rdtiy. on business. The Baker •am'"ly. who havi> been making their home at 'J-^i I South Third street.-: have moved to '219 South Cottonwood street. No More ShinyNoses —If the face powder yoii now use does not stay on long epongh to suit yon—does not keep that ugly shine ^way" indefinitely^j-does not make your skin colorfujl like a peach—try this new wonderful special French jProceiis Face Powder called .MELiLO-Gf>0^ Remember • the name MRirj^q-OLO. There's nothing jllke lt.-r5:ook'.'« Drug Store. ^ M. Sl.iyier of .loidi.'i. Mo. iv.i . in lola y.-vriny and tod.i.v oil bu.-iness. i ' • SMAX My Powder For Girls By Edni V.Vliir- :ir.p;;-r •"•oijri)' . v..a .1. k<>'l . :>i.' :• i;..- p.-.i-.-.U; . I .i; I n"" .-'ir.l'lv •! . Ml .-t I. J-i r .(-. 1 'Vis I' .ym-^ 5^ ;.:r i ;.:.,! u-x.; it .i:;:: hi^.-s \.;JI ;:;,i'.i . tiMt: I t!: =1- pe-,\-,!. f.; r .-.-.i',. ' vi'ne li-.;n'!r ."l tii'in- t-inr; : ,hf • • .\ .1 > ioli .s r .'.'.V trli ; r, T.-r ;i n 1 i'—• i; . p .» .!,-;'; i :.s d :y .'-••.••r.-. !!!.•• I '-^-sr -,h."-* ?:::iU r..n :r,,.J:;''. .\\\ t" ! ' f'vin- t^rx >:ii.i.- iV.Ki.: in i:;- T..-W'. T?i. re .••'.'•? (. t r r.'^i- m-.' Youth r-r..-m f. ^•/:; •-—• !.. •• . ; : Te ^im po" , lir'- . a:: ! . I 'hntv.-o . • n rr.-f'' a lirhtn'nd tV::':' ; • v.-'!.-r. r . I y-^-.o iV.o FP .rr^c 7^'.>i!.-r- ir Th: ; W3'.-. ar'l the pf.' > i' r:.'- .- / Let T:.-* .'••.*:I '1 y•'.:! ^ -*:;»'^ ; •. -s on !i*''e v^.nity z:-.'.,--. I • • t .r- ir^- V'"to fm'--* ro-.vd"'- !T r! ' ''Tt: 1 ' l-o t' . • n Delicious New BfeakfoMt CEREAL SraOLE WHEAT—TOASrraP A:^K YOUk CROqER. Sample Free I' - • V- • .'. •-. ]..- Tb:_; nw>X. wctntlei-iiil °'en.^-inoonn/]f foal In llni' lire iiuiu advent nf th 'ti-v liji.-^ (-ame to j)a.s.< with tl'ie ii NF/vV TVPK AI.L-WEATH- Ui TKEAfX GOODVEAPv, rlesiKncfl C:.-- lic'ciallv for balloon tires. This tvlie of tioad has been .seloetod by CiOODYEAIi after the mt ^st careful consideration f^t H^) different types. The sharp ed.ire diamond-shaped blocks in ihc tread':; center, sir-xe, jcrip and han;r on —ihii.- fornHr ..Lr a .-af-eiy device a!:,^ain.<t accidents. i i, 'i'lie flat li'ead ;;'i\'e.s ;,'n-ater roar) contact— a.-'.-i|)'(.' easier rollin.u', hence ;^rcater fjii .so- line niii<>aK<', al.-o lon^a-r and more even tread wear. i -• • • ' • I - This New Tire costs no more than ordinary tire-<?. We have all popular sizes in stock. Won't you conie in and let us show you why this tire will piyp you Ihc IpwesI milca.ije cost, and the great. est tire salisfaclion? . . ALL REPAIR WORK CiUARANTEEI) ROAD SERVICE IS UNEQUALLED Ph6iie372 1^. Southwest Corner Square

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