Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 21, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 21, 1948
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PAGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, APRg „ State News Letter— (Continued from page one) been approved and now the job is to make it an actual fact. Another Republican candidate, Roy E. s Longstaff. said school revenue should be gained from legalizing gambling and sale of liquor by the drink. He said he would supplement this, if necessary, by placing in the state school aid all receipts from income taxes above $5 ,000 incomes. IOWA INDUSTRY. Iowa industry had a great year in 1947. This was the conclusion drawn after a survey was compiled by Bernard F. Nowack of the Iowa Development Commission's market and research division. Nowack's survey showed that wages and salaries paid to 151,800 industrial workers in 1947 in the state totaled S369.462.656 as compared with S96.99S.205 paid to 76.SI5 workers in 1939. The value of manufactured products for 1947 was estimated at $1,650.000.000—an increase of more than 100 percent over the $718,531.801 figure set for 1939. HOW MANX WILL VOTE? There were a total of 88.000,000 potential voters in the United States in 1944. Yet only 48,000,000 of them went to the polls. It is conceivable-that the other 40,000, 000 could have changed the results materially. Iowa's percentage of those who voted were 67 per cent but at that there were 539.000 persons who re mained away from the polls on election day. Utah led all states when 71 per cent of its potential voters went to the polls. Mississippi and Alabama hit the low with only 15 percent going to the polls. How many will vote this year? BACK ON PAYROLL. Back on the Iowa payroll last -week went Floyd G. Cooper of Woodward. He has been a controversial figure in recent months. Cooper was employed on a commission basis contract until last Jan. 1 when it was not renewed. His job was to get outlets for the JUST RECEIVED Men's and Ladies' WATCHES Elgins and Clintons SILVERWARE Sheaffer Pen and Pencil Sets Also many other Gift Items W. J. HANKS Your Jeweler GIVE YOUR FLOORS AND WOODWORK A NEW BEAUTIFUL CLEAR FINISH Is Made for HARD USAGE —it resist* almost anything! GLISN is the latest development of modern research—a new, finer clear finish for furniture, Woodwork, floors and any surface —inside or out— that requires tough durable protection. GLISN finished surfaces are highly resistant to fruit acids, alcohol, greases or hot liquids. Its brilliant transparent coating' stands up under hard usage, giving lasting satisfaction even in spots where traffic is the heaviest GLISN is not affected by moisture, making it the ideal finish for hosts, bar tops,-', exterior doors,' etc. Try GLISN for the finest clear finish you nave ever used. ~~°" = - • L. L*MlLL Hardware - Heattac - floinbiBf prison-made furniture from the state penitentiary, nt Fort Madison. On his former contract he grossed from $12,000 to $14,000 a year but paid his own expenses out of that. On the new contract he will be paid a straight salary of $6 ,000 plus his expenses. His old contract was not renewed, according to authoritative, sources, because some state officials felt that he was being paid more on the commission basis than the job was worth—which sometimes made him the highest paid man -on the s^ate payroll. That is he received more annually in gross amounts than other employes. CAMPAIGN BEGINS. Although campaigning has been on a minor scale in Iowa for some weeks, it will begin in earnest May 1. Some of the candidates have been hitting the road every day for the last month but the tempo will increase as election time nears. The primary election date this year is June 7. Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. USE STARTER SOLUTION TO HELP GARDEN GROW A good "starter , solution" will help your garden along this spring. Iowa State College horticulturist Ed Cott says anybody can make such a solution by dissolving a complete commercial fertilizer in water at the rate of three tablespoons to a gallon of water. Keep it in a non-corrosive container such as a crock or glass jar, and let it stand at least three or four hours before using. On cabbage plants apply your starter at the rate of a cupful to each plant. On vegetables growing from seed, use a gallon to each eight feet of row shortly after planting. But the solution is especially good for any kind of transplant, Cott says. Later it can be put on as a side dressing along the growing rows. DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CALL. To the Democratic voters of Post township, Allamakee County: You are hereby, notified that a caucus of the Democratic voters of this precinct has been called to be held at the Postville Memorial Hall on Friday evening, April 23, at 7:30 P. M., for the purpose of selecting 11 delegates to the Democratic County convention to be held at Waukon. Iowa, April 30, 1948. to* select delegates to the Presidential State Convention. RAY R. DOUGLASS. HATTIE WEIHE, Precinct Committee. THANK YOU. I wish to thank my relatives, neighbors and friends for the many kindnesses shown me while I was a patient in Postville Hospital; also for the cards, flowers and gifts sent me. I appreciated each and every one of these tokens of friendship and good wishes.—Elmer L. Schultz. THANK YOU. I wish to express my thanks to relatives, neighbors and" friends for their many cards and gifts, and those who called on me while I was a patient in Postville Hospital.— Mrs. Orville V. Meyer. United Fond' Raising Campaign. A new plan for raising cam paign funds has been adopted by the Republican State Central Com' mittee of Iowa to be known as the United Fund Raising Campaign. At a recent meeting of the State Cen tral Committee authority was granted for perfecting the organize tion to be known as the Republican Finance Committee of Iowa. W. Harold Brenton, of Des Moines, heads the committee as chairman. State Representative Edw. J. Morrissey, of Valeria, who has served in the lower Iowa House for the past ten years, was appointed as the executive secretary of the Finance Committee. Although details of the campaign are now being worked out and organizations are being set up in the various counties, it is not planned to start any solicitation of funds until about July 1st or until after the National Republican Convention in Philadelphia in June. The plan adopted for Iowa has been used by a number of states, and has proved highly successful. Amon| a number of other things, the plan provides for the appointment of a finance chairman and finance committee in each county to work with the Republican County Chairman and County Central Committee. In announcing the financing plan emphasis was placed on the following points. phasis was placed on the following points: 1. No solicitation of funds will be made until after the Primary Election and the Republican National Convention. 2. The plan of United Fund Raising has been unusually successful in all of the states where it has been in operation. 3. It combines for the State, National and .County if the County Central Committee so desires. 4. The plan was unanimously adopted by the Republican State Central Committee of Iowa and has the endorsement of the National Committee. 5. The United Fund Raising plan creates a Republican State Finance Committee which consists of a finance chairman in each county. 6. The activity of the County Finance Chairman is to facilitate and aid the Republican County Chairmen and the County Central Committees. 7. It is an enlarged plan over the one in operation in Iowa since 1940. Increased costs neiessitate the raising of larger amounts and being a United drive, the new plan is more far reaching and is a greatly improved organization over the committee which has been in charge of raising funds for the past eight years. The Polk County Cases. Much has been said and much has been written about the "Polk REPORT OF CONDITION OF CITIZENS STATE BANK of Postville, Allamakee County, in the State of Iowa at the close of business on April 12, 1948 to the SUPERINTENDENT OF BANKING, STATE OF IOWA ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, , and cash items in process of collection 5 421,613.64 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed.. 1,963.397.01 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 30,600.00 Loans and discounts (including $926.59 overdrafts) 207,235.54 Bank premises owned $13,000.00, furniture and fixtures $2,357.50 s 15,357.50 Other assets 1,449.50 TOTAL ASSETS $2,639,653.19 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $1,095,219.61 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations.... 1,141,355.42 Deposits of United States Government (including postal -savings) 154,870.13 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 105,693.63 TOTAL DEPOSITS $2,497,138.79 Other liabilities 450.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) $2,497,588.79 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* $ 80,000.00 Surplus .... 40,000.00 Undivided profits 22,064.40 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 142,064.40 TOTAL LIABILITIES ANT>\ CAPITAL ACCOUNTS....$2,639,653.19 •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of $80,000.00 We, Geo. Kohlmann, President, and L. O. Beucher, Cashier, of the above named bank do solemnly swear and affirm that the above statement is true, and that this report fully and correctly represents the true state of the severel matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. Geo. Kohlmann, President (SEAL) , L. O. Beucher, Cashier Correct—Attest: John A. Palas John A. Schroeder Fred J. Miller A. C. Webster Directors. State of Iowa, County of Allamakee, ss. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 19th day of (Notary Seal) April, 1948. C. C. Hoth, Notary Public My commission expires July 4, 1948. County Cases" which have resulted in the conviction of several officials on charges of fraud and conspiracy to defraud. Then, too, there have been affidavits and counter -affidavits, but it is not our purpose to go into this phase of the case. We have always" believed that a public office is a public trust, and a public official who betrays that trust'should be prosecuted. What is unfortunate, however, is that apparently there has been an attempt to make political capital out of the trials, The Polk County Attorney is a Democratic candidate "for governor. It was the Polk County trials which gave him state -wide publicity and resulted, in a large measure, in the leaders of his party offering him the gubernatorial nomination without opposition. The fact that he successfully conducted the Polk County prosecutions, of course becomes a part of his campaign. But there is one thing which should-not be forgotten. It was the examiners from the office of Chet Akers, the Republican Auditor of State, who first discovered there were irregularities in Polk County. It was their report, after they had conducted an audit, that recommended prosecution of the officials because they discovered fraud had been committed. It was the evidence unearthed by these examiners, working under the direction of the Republican Auditor of State, upon which the Polk County prosecutions were based. And it should also be remembered that the first indictmenTs returned, were while a Republican County Attorney was still, in office in Polk County. And when the Democratic County Attorney of Polk County took office this evidence, which the state auditors had unearthed, was "laid in his lap." Highway Patrol School. The Iowa Department of Public Safety opened a school at Camp Dodge this week for the purpose of training 50 applicants for positions on the Iowa Highway Patrol. The school opened this week and will end on May 21st. About one-half of the tonnage of commercial fertilizer used in the United States is made- up of phosphorus, one-fourth nitrogen and one-fourth potash. FarmersMnterests In Soil Testing Is Growing Interest in soil testing is growing among Iowa's farmers. They are finding out about what their soils need to produce better crops before spending money on lime and fertilizer. This is brought out by the fact that more than 6,000 samples of soil were tested last year by the Iowa State College Soil Testing Laboratory, J. W. Fitts, head of the laboratory, said, today. Of the total samples tested, 5,329 were sent in by farmers. Next in number were analyses for lime requirement with 1,201 tests made. Other tests wore made for garden fplots, -H clubs, research studies and lime purity. The heaviest testing load for the laboratory came from August to November, with September the peak month. Fitts says that the laboratory was operating at near capacity then. In order to test more samples for farmers this year, he would like to have the samples start coming in a little earlier. Right now is the best time to send in samples from fields to be limed this fall for 1949 spring legume seedings. Sending th» soil samples in early allows plenty of time for results to get back, and ,for lime to be bought and applied late this summer or fall. It, is important to put on lime a few months before seeding to allow the lime to mix with the soil and correct acidity. Samples to determine the amount of phosphate needed for fall seeded legumes should be sent in now. It is also time for taking samples from fields where phosphate is to be used as a top dressing on old stands of alfalfa. TIN HAT. LittleXludy Merkel of Remsen tried on a tin "pail as a hat one day recently while playing in the sand pile. The paid fit perfectly; so well in fact, that Judy couldn't get it off. Her father ran down to the hardware store and got some tin snips and freed Judy from her Easter bonnet. A total of 11,056 dairy cows were serviced through artificial insemination in Iowa during February. UIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIHI POULTRY AND GROCERY TRAP SHOOT At the Big-Four Fair Grounds POSTVILLE, IOWA Sunday, April 25 Shoot starts at 11 a. m. and continues all day Under the Auspices of the POSTVILLE GUN AND RIFLE CLUB, Inc. PRIZE IN EVERY EVENT SHOOT IN YOUR OWN CLASS By picking your own squad Lunch and Shells For Sale on the Grounds ! Warm Club House. »itummiutiuitiimiiiifuiuitintfuit( .»(ttufiiimutttuuitmHiumiiiitniiniu REPORT OF CONDITION OF POSTVILLE STATE BANK of Postville, Allamakee County. In the SUte of i ow . ' at the close ot business on April 12, 1948 to the SUPERINTENDENT OF BANKING, STATE OF IQ WA ASSETS Cash balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection..: ..... $ 3l6( United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed., lr Obligations of States and political subdivisions " Loans and discounts (including $482.49 overdrafts) 38) , Bank premises owned $7,700.00, furniture and fixtures $1,750.00 TOTAL ASSETS $2/I2r LIABILITIES _ Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations ~- • . S U15" Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations... 10; Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) ...«..•••;» • 112,Deposits of States and political subdivisions 9j Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) JJ TOTAL DEPOSITS $2,584,857.31 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below) 52, CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* : Surplus Undivided profits •• •• Reserves (and retirement account for preferred capital). TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS....? 2,7! •This bank's capital consists of: Common stock with total par value of. $ 50,000.00 We, C. F. Meier, President, and W. A. Knecland, Cashier, a above named bank do solemnly swear and affirm that the above ment is true, and that this report fully and correctly represent true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, io best of our knowledge and belief. C. F. Meier, President (SEAL) W. A. Kneeland, Cashier Correct—Attest R. M. Hecker Louis Schutte F. W. Kiesau A. L. Meier Wm. Leui Harvey Schultz Directors. State of Iowa, County of Allamakee, ss. Sworn to ,and subscribed before me this 16th i (Notary Seal) April, *1948. Helen G. Meyer, Notary 1 My commission expires July < CILSAIUME Aluminum Roof Paint nfltcto 70% ol tin sun's lays . . . actually reduces indoor temperatures as much as 1S°I Gilsalume seals out sun, sain, and snow —adds years of life to roofs. . ^ Costs only one cent per \ square foot . . . only ONE COAT needed. PROTECTS BECAUSE IT Postville Lumber Co. H. J. MEYER, Manager Telephone 18t WE ARE NOT GAMBLING! EGGS SET NOW WILL BE SET TO ORDERS. With less chicks raised it should mean greater poultry profit for those that do raise chickens. ORDER YOUR CHICKS NOW AND BE ALL SET TO ENJOY HIGHER POULTRY PROFITS NEXT FALL AND WINTER ! Allamakee Hatchery J. M. Overland, Prop. Postville, Iowa Telephone No. 187 SEEING IS BELIEVING! ID u W i en you P ur chase Meyer's Bred-Toga by Chicks you get exactly what you W-, We have our incubators and brooder batte. at hand for your inspection and selection at times. . \ Hatches are coming off right now and, you will give us your order for the m ot chicks needed and the date you want tn we 11 have them for you. v Come in or phone us today—for the ch that pay. MEYER'S Four-County Hatche Telephone No. 234 Postville, OUR OWN HARDWARE

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