Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1950 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1950
Page 25
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ALTON tVfNINO TIL10RAPM THUMDAY, JANUARY I, lftM YOU** you o»\.y *• VNTH '\M 1 I ? voovt , TO v.voi *V»% TO **• 6oy • tffPU. PDN'T 5EE HOW VA C'N ^ TAKIN' ME T' PINNE YOUR A THANK CHECK/ SIR/ WHEK6 VA MEAPIN'?J ^'wA OUT/ I'P RATHER WASH PISHES HERE THAN ANY PLACC IN TOWN/ NOW TfcEE HOW SCOO AN AMAZON W/MZeiOB. OSSUISE I CAN MAKE FOR. MYSELF OJTA -x BUNCH OF JUNK.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE - WITH MAJOR HOOPLE EGAD, MARTHA ! YOU MAY 6E«5, I ME 1(0 A MEW ROL6 SATOR-. DAY NUSMT-*- THE GClOlA MO6T/-«-rM INVITES A •SROOP OF CVJL9 CLUBBERS. , TO HOOPL6 Al AMOR FOR A SYMPOSIUM ON . .VVORU> AFFAIRS.' LAST TIMB YOU PMTCC- TAlNEO TWAT PLATOON OF FALLEKl ARCHES,TMEV LEFT THE PLACE LOOKING LIKE twe CITY PUMP/-** VJE'LL WALTZ FARTHER 'DOVJN •THE PATHWAY OF LIFE: TOGETHER IF YOU STICK TO YOUR . STANDARD SAT' URDAY MlSWT SOLO ROLE OF, BATHTUB^ CARUSO/ , MOOOAL. I AT TUE CLUB « ' /- cv OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS OH, TH' BATH TOWEL.' \ WELL, VOLJ KNOW 1 AIW'T ) SO eOOP WITH SOUP, *' 'SPECIALLY OM TH 1 STAIRS- BUT DOW'T WORRY, I'LL ^n WEIM6 IT OUT/ WE M»Y MOT MARKET ANY BEAMIES UMTIL SPRING. BUT "OO BOVS vVIU. 6CT <HJR SHARE OF "WE PROFITS.' WHATS \WEtL, OOK I ONE-U4--- 9 - - ^^ SOLO, SHALL we ORDEP OUJ. IkJC- HOMtO* »• 6EAMIE vou SCUM 1 . &O( TO TUIlt WAS VOUB !^ML CVEKN U0UC.CH) THE MOUK. ^ I'll GO VOU'U RING IM SOUR IPXES JUST LIKE EVERVTUIklO IS 0KAV) BUT* .. _ C7ME WR0M3 MOVi *AIO WR6 W»Pl/«lt BE REACW FOR HIM TC> MOVE IM 6l0MaLl KNOCK. OUT THAT WAIL PfcWILINQ IN TMf iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiHiii Tonight's Radio Program The reMgrapr. radio srnaOula *> mad* up from program* uwaliti weekly by the stations it eanawl be raepoMibl* for change* made to program* «lne* mailing b* statian* ON IBB DIAL. KSO, SMi KXOB, CMi WEW 7Mi KFUO. »Mi KMOX. llNi WIL. ItMi KWK. t*Mi WOKS <»» M.» M*g. Ill* TBUMOAt •:00 P M. KBD-New* JumpW J*ett* KXOK— Green Hornet KFUO— News. KMOX-New* WIL— Jack Bennett. KWK— Straight Arrow. •:u P M KBD--MU** oejga amir- KFUO— Science New*. KMOX- Work) New*. •:*0 f m KBD Newt KXOK— Sky King. KFUO— Meditation. KMOX curt Manna* KWK— B-Bar B Ranch. S:46 I J M KSU MUM. <• ->ui run* KMOX— Lowell Thomas. WIL. Sporty KOxtr* 8:00 P. M, KSD— News. Sport*. KXOK— Hollywood Showtime. KFUO i FMi— Concert. KMOX— Beulan WIL— News KWK-News 8:1» P M. KBD- Work) Natra KXOK— New* KMOX— Jack Smith WIL— Mike Douglas KWK-43U New*ome ftfat riv*. 8:30 P M KSD— Slnatra-Klrstan. KXOK— Counterspy . KMOX— Club 15 WIL— In His Steps. 8:45 P M K8D- Song Shoo KMOX— E. R. Murrow, News. KWK— Music for Tomorrow. News 7:00 P M KSD-Aldrun Family KXOK— Blondie KFUO (FM>— News. KMOX— FBI in Heace and Wat WIL— K-7 Returns. KWK— Count ot Monte Chrlstoa. T:»5 P M. KXOK— Melodies KFUO I FM '— Sports KWK New* 7:30 P M KSD— Father Knows Bait KXOK— Date With Judy KFUO IFMi— Worship Hour KMOX Mi Keen WIL— NEws, Jack KWK— Fisn and Hunt Club. News 7:45 P. M. KFUO iFMl— Magazine g:UO P M KSD— Screen Guild i'heator KXOK— Amateur Hour KFUO IFMI— Concert HaU. KMOX-Suspen** KWK -Gabriel Meatier g:15 P M WIL— Serenade KWK— To Be Announced. WOKZ operation «kj g:30 P M KSD— Land W» Live In KFUO iFMl New* KMOX Crlmr Phoincteoner WIL— Calalcade of Music. KWK— Mr Feathers 8:45 P M. KXOK— R Montgomery. KFUO <FMi Melodv Pattern 0:00 P M KSD— Suppei C'Ub KXOK— Jr. Town Meeting. KFUO iFMl -Blessing KMOX— Hallmark Plavnous* WIL— Rhythm KWK— Frank Edwards. 9:15 P. M. WIL-^Stars of Songland. KWK— 1 Love a Mystery •:30 P M. KSD— Dragnet KXOK Song and Dane* •TUO "fMi-New* KMOX— Hollywood Theater. WIL— Hollywood News. KWK— Mysterious I'ravaktr •:4S P M KFUO <FM> -Open Bible 10:OU f M KBD— New* KXOK-France Laun KFUO iFMi-MUslr KMOX Work} News WIL — South American Way. KWK Sports News 10:15 P M KSD— Songs KXOH News KMOX— Guest I Star. WIL— Xavier CugBt. KWK— Orchestra 10:30 P. M. KSD— Richard Harkness. KXOK -Beautiful Music aVUO 'mi-New* KMOX— Instrumental. Crime Rep WIL— News. Trio KWK— Shopper's Special. 10:45 P M KSD— Here, to Vet*. KFUO iFM.i -Abide with M* WIU Hawaiian Serenade II:W P M MD- New* faMtej, KXOK Newt urcnesWa KFUO (FMI— Concert Favorites. KMOX Newi. urohestra WIL-Dawn Patrol KWK— Dell Trio. IMft f M KSU i)rrhe»tr*j A Xi>K <ir<-ni" KWK— P. Traubman. P M KMD Newt KMOX— AH Night rrollri •KIP A M KXOK News tfBW New* Muattni Markets. KFUO— Call nL— Breakfast Club. KWK M WIlMMi Show •:ll A M KSU Hvmn» KXOK— Town and Country Markets. Nabor News, Weather, Chas. Stookey ' HJMO»~Bunri*t Salute 8:30 A M KSD Melodies KFUO -Farm and Home Journal 8:46 A M KBD Wealrie* New* WIW ENJOY ELM DAIRY HUMOGtNI/bU MIIK GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING KFUO—News / im A. M UD-Aiu ONHV. KFUO Meditations KMOX-War M N«wt, WIL—M J B Show. KWK-«lBg Craetor 1:15 A M. KSD-TUn* «M Tem»*» Kruo—Hrou Mr MM B«M WOKZ—News. Saddle Ituytnav KWK—News. f JO A M KXOK -News WEW-News Melodic*. KFI'O -Musical Reveille KMOX—Weather. Road Info. Ozark Varieties. WIL—News. M. J. B. KWK-Cd Wilson WOKZ—Al Relhl Show. fl«A A M KID Mew*. KXOK—Breakfast lime WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KFUO- It Chou Be Meal KMOX-World Mew* •:00 A M KSD- Tim* and rempot KXOK—New* WEW -New* KFUO—News. Salute to Morn. KMOX—Clock Watcher. KWK -News Ed Wilson 8:15 A M KXOK Hreuktasl Clutt WEW Al Vout SWVM*) g:3U A M K8U New* WCW OrendMDtcv lone*) KFUO New* WIL—News. M. J. B. 8:45 A. M. KSD—Clevelandalres. KFUO- Vanetlet KMOX-Work) News, WOKZ- Western Houndup •:00 A M KSD—Welcome fravelen. <XOK-True •tore B Creexer WEW—News Snc Sec KFUO—Travelog. KMOX—Quiz WIL—Sunshine Serenaden KWK-Bandstand Revue •:1B A M WEW -Mother. Health ClM* KFUO fortrait* in News KMOX—Arthur Godfrey WOKZ—Chapel of the Air. »:30 A M KSD- -Marriag* '01 rw» WEW Ask FT Lord KFUO—Student's Devotion. WIL—News. R Manning. WOKZ—Just for You 0:«!> A M. KSD—Dorothy DU KXOK—Victor Undlanr WEW-Markets KFUO Themer ot th» Age* 10:00 A M KSD—We Love and Learn KXOK—Modern Romance WEW—TTP Record dub KFUO—Music of Master* WOKZ—News Platter Parade 10!IS A. M. KSD—Dave Garroway. 10:31) A M KSD—Jack Berrr KXOK—Quick as a Flash. KFUO -Homeirmker t Chat KMOX-Orand Slam WIL—News Myri WOKZ—Girl About Town. 10:45 A M KSD— Lore Uawtoa KFUO—Recital WEW -Stein & Grelner KMOX Rotanwrv WOKZ—Song Fest. 11:01) A M Kll> Newt Weather KXOK—Ladies Be Seated.' WEW Snooper k Hulirttn KTUU--OPM Bible KMOX News Wend> warren WIL M I B Show KWK—Tom Daile.v WOKZ—News. Frank ie Carla. 11:15 A. M. KSD—Vic Damone. KFUO—News KMUX-Aunt lennv . mono* WOKZ—Foy Willing. 11.30 A M KSD Rus> Uavlo Show KXOK—Forest Park Lunch. WEW -Just lot Women KFUO Musical Memoir* KMOX - Romano of Hater, rraw WIL Newt M ' B KWK-Recall it ana win WOKZ Musical Entree* 11:4.1 A M KXOK Scrambled Quu WEW Market* KFho Melod\ i^ane KMOX out O*i Bunnny 13:00 A M' KBD News KXOK Howd> Neighbor*. KFUO Devotional Mutle KMOX-Work* New* WOKZ farm-Market News 12:15 P. M. KSD—Art Baker's Notebook WEW GrandpaPPJ <one» KFUO- Repose with Cnrlat KMOX-M* BwrklM WOKZ—Matinee. 11:30 P. M. KSD—News. •UfUX Vowia ur Malon* WIL— News M J B KWK—To Be Announced. WOKZ—Salon Serenade U:4» f M KBU W«*t» Net* M I Store. lo«a* N«nn OtM*> KFUO on 'he Farm froeii KMOX -Bl* Sister Wll MJB Show KWK Oi crane l:ou v M *UU> DauMe ar Natklng KXOK-New* WEW Man About 1'own KFUo Musu Appreciation Mr* CARNIVAL By Dick Ttirtter "I detest the thought of charity! Perhaps Madam kaa some ashtrays to empty, some pencils to sharpen?" WIL—Tello Te«t KWK—Ladies Fair WOKZ—Record Shop N«wt. P M KXOK—The Manjou*. WEW—Music K1IOX— Pum Maaon P M K*tt> Today's CblMratv aUCOK- WEW-] t:4l 1:00 2:1» a:SO 1:46 1:OU l:l« 1:4* WEW -Markets KMOX- Thli Ir Ntva link* WIL— News. Melody Lane. KWK queen to* • on P M KSD-Ugm 0* IM WEW— Book! In Brit! KMOX— Brighter Dav KWK-Quil Club WOKZ— Mike Hysteric*. V M KBD-Ute CUD Be BeautfctUI KXOK— Pick • Date. WEW— Shopper .s Bulletin. KFUO— Christian School, KMOX-Oavtd tUrun KWK— Lionel Barrymor*. WOKZ— Newt Varieties. P M K8U Ko*o nt Uf» KFUO— Area Bent. KMOX- Hilltop Mom* KWK— Hollywood U 8. A. WOKZ— Air lane Melodic*. f at KBD- f Young • ramfl* KXOK— Hannibal Cobb. WEW -St L U Serle* KFUO New* KMOX— House Party. News. WIL— News Melody KWK— U WUeoo WOKZ— Here's to Veterans. f M KBD— night to UaPDlnae* WEW— Sacred Heart rrogram KFUO— St L Inst ol Music WOKZ— The Whirligig V M KBD Backitag* *Ua KXOK— Carter Family. WEW - Newt Maiter i Momenta KFUO Wingk 01 Healing KMOX Undu • first Lova ' WIL— Show Time. KWK News KO Wilson Mow - 1 M KM) Stells OallM KXOK- Blng Sings KMOX -Uuidme Ughl P M KSD— Lorenic Joawe KXUK-float and Dance Para4a KKUO lomorrow • wnrM KMOX— Editor's Daughter. WIL— News. T. Dorsey. WOKZ— Today's Top IUMI H M USD- VOIUW WMdai •**•*> KFUO— Eves on thr rnture KMOX— Hearts in Harmony. NOW IS THE TIME Yes, N*w is tk* Time U Learn te Dance— 'i far 1 r*l«s ar* In effect At Allan $••••! fl Dantt SCHOENBORN 'vg<w/ BJOM'T vou MMOM ESTABLISHED, RELIABLE HEATING CONTRACTORS HAVE EMERGENCY CALLS TOO/" Always Cull • toffeM* Htutlnf ContrtKt»>r for W«rkm«nthifj—04/«//»K Mfj»trl«ll Try PtOllllM I KUTmi 00. Ml fTATE UTtllUST PHONI S<UU WIL— Harry Jama*. 4.-00 H M KBD- Whan a Qgrl WEW— News. Novelalrre*. KFUO— Song Shop. KMOX— Curt Hay. New*. WIL — Jack Bennett. 4:1» P M KSD t>orti» raee* WEW— Orandpappy Jooaa. WOKZ— New*, Sport*. 4-JO P M. KBD— Just Pinto KTUO-Ocen Bible KMOX HouewWe* Pr« WIL— News. Jack Bennett. WOKZ— Sunset Serenade. 4:tt H M KBD— Front Pag* VatMB KXOK-News KFUO — Sports. New*. WOKZ IFM)— Musical Cocktail*. Rhodesia Roll* Own Rising cigaret prices are makinf Rhodesians a nation of "roll-your- own"-ers,, Bulawayo reports, and cigaret papers often have .th« monogram of the maker. At parties and dances it now is propti to "pass the makings." More than a dozen appliances are on sale by which to make a cigaret with almost a tailored look. They art most popular with Rhodesian women who find cigaret-fflakinj| a home industry as important at cooking or needlework, "Factory- mades" cost 80 cents or mort foi 50. TELEGRAPH WANT ADS "CLICK" RCA VICTOR'S L«rg« 10-inch Scrf«n Mc«d,«t only $199.95 KSO-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL S Thursday, Jan, I P.M. 4:15 Judy Splinters. (NBC) 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC) 5:00 Cactus Jim. (NBC) 5:30 Charlie Ackerson Show. 5:45 I. N. 8. Telenews. 6:00 Kukla, Fran and Ollla, Puppet Show. (NBC) 6:30 Top View* in Sports. 8:45 New* Caravan. (NBC) 7:00 Stop the Music. (ABC) i:00 Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge: Ish Kabibble, Michael Douglas, Llia Palmer Sue Bennett, the Honevdreamer* and Carl Hoff. (NBCi 9:00 Martin Kane. Private Eye: William Oargan in title rot*. (NBCI •:30 Wayne King. (NBC) 10:00 Moray Amsterdam Show. 10:30 < rUm 8 Hlghllghts ol Rosa Bawl. Cotton BPWI and Orangf Bawl 11:00 to 11:50 film. FUDAV, JAN. • 3:30 Tail Pattern. Transcribed Muate and Naw* Tape. 3:41 Just Mali* It Music; RUM Saverin. COMPUSTE VIOTOH UNK CBgk «r Credit •ILL'S racVoibop II |BI| P«r«MBB AVB. WOOD eWTti, U

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