Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 14, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News Fourth Grade — Scott Lingo won a spelldown by spelling "laid" correctly. He also Lvmighl his chemistry set nnd pre formed some experiments for us. Gary Reck showed lis some slides on Florida. We have' chosen Christmas committees.. They are as follows: Tree I.ayton Olson, Gary Beck, Dennis HriKgs, Vicki Craft on. Rod ney Miller. Bob Ncfzger and Scott Bowen. Food ••- David Boulton. Dianne Yearous. Kathy I'openhng- en, Barbara Hayes, Mary Manderfield. Marisne Yates, and Bobcrta Fish. Boom decorations - - Ellen Johnson, Susan Hubbell, Keith Ilimmel, Irvin Gage, Alan Lau, Kathy Farney, and Charlcne Smith. Gifts .lack Frey, Tom Pctche, Nancy Dickinson, Jerry Lehs, Cindy Shephard, Delvin Van Bogart and Dean Teaque. Games — Laverne Thyer. Scott Linge, Jim Alderson, Mary Culligan, Gary Beck, Becky McGee and Ed Bradley. They arc all doing a fine job. Dianne Yearous and Marisue Yates have charge of the class bulletin board this week. In arithmetic we are working with division problems having zeros in the quotient. In social studies we have completed the French Settlements in America. Exclamation sentence's is our topic of discussion in language class this week. in our science unit this week. We have learned how water from a river can ho made pure for drink ing, and how sewage is disposed. Vers- few knew how our town supplied us with water or how they disposed of the sewage. We hope we can plan a field trip and find the answers to these questions. Special Education — Mrs. Swartz We had taffy apples as a pre- Thanksgiving treat. In reading about them, earlier, we found that most everyone had eaten them, but few had made them. So Mrs. Swart/ brought the materials and we made them. Everyone enjoyed eating them. After we came back to school after Thanksgiving. Donna told us she made taffy apples as a treat for some child ren for whom she was caring during vacation. This week, a number of people began work on Christmas projects. Arnold, Linda and Simla are doing some work with leather. Our room Christmas party will be held during the second week of December, on a date chosen by the families of the students. It will be a pot luck supper, with families invited. Tuesdny — Weiner in bun, pork and beans, potato chips, fruit cup, graham cracker, milk , cheese sticks. Wednesday - Turkey, dressing, potatoes, pens cranberry and orange relish, Christmas cookies, ice cream, milk. The Christmas cookies are made by the freshman girls home ec. class. Thursday - Vegetable lieef stew, crackers, cherry cobbler, juice, milk, dried l>eef sandwiches. Friday - Tuna and noodles, peas, egg salad sandwiches, tossed salad, cake, milk. 65 cows produce Outstanding records Mnynard— The November report of the Dairy Herd Improvement association No.3 in Fayette county G5 cows found in 21 of the herds completed their lactation during the month with production records of 40(1 or more pounds of butter fat, according to George A. Youmans. supervisor. The herds were those of Harold registered Holstein with 628 pounds butterfet; Ralph Fest. Westgate. two g-ade Holstein? with till and •117 pounds; Walter C. Pagel. Sumner, four registered Holsteins with 593, 513. MO nnd 418 pounds; Harold Killers, M.nwird. five grade Holstein; with 591, 503. 4C:i, 445 and 413 pounds; II. W. and Milton Leech. Westgate. five registered and grade Holsteins with 589. 5.'W, 51-1, 4m and 411 pmnds; M.J.lxin and Son. Maynai'd. three registered Holsteins with 5H9. -151 and 448 pounds; Sheldon E. Fo\ and George Morf. Bandalia. eight grade Holsteins with 584. 549. 187. 4.V.. IJ!. r ). 450. 441) and -UK! pounds. Hayjinnd Clefisch. Westg .iu-. two registered Holsteins with .-0l> and 5'1C pounds. Holvvt C.ur.jv Westgate. seven urade HoJste'.'AS with 568. 54'-'. 524. -hvt, 45..!. «;> and 410 pounds. Biis.se!; I vek;irv'. and Harold Miehe. M .i \*v.e-,;. '.vv.- registered Holsteins >t.; .i .-.i 482 pounds; Forrest Cevv". S'.u-.v, e-. one grade He !sV" IKumds; Lowell to". y.\i i.v.-.* Fettkether. Fautv.r.'v. '. Guern.se.vs with >..t : , .v 491 pounds; IP S".t\i .v. thr«v registered H• 524 and 438 U>K>.;K5*. iV--^---- V« Malven. Mn.vn.nl. Holsteins with :C ; .».-•..' OJ •,vur «:s. Deane J. S».h-.--— J,-. K":ir^:\t,. m, 438 and 406 pounds; Max Jensen, Westgate, two grade Holsteins with 495 and 433 pounds; Louis Gamier, Maynard, four registered Holsteins with 493, 476, 170 and 425 pounds; Bernard E. Bohr, Sumner, one registered Holstein with 487 pounds; Edwin Benz and A.C. Weideman, Rnndalia, one garde Holstein with 459 pounds; Klwin Notbohm, Sumner, two grade Guernseys with 458 and 435 pounds; Hussell I'agel, Sumner, one registered Holstein with 457 pounds. Harold Ault. Kandalia, one registered Brown Swiss with 456 pounds, William Buhr. Westgate, t\w> grade Holsteins with 445 and •*U pounds, and Marin J. Boedeker, K .cKtalia. one registered Holstein sv,*.;i W pounds butterfat. the Browning automatic rifle and the .45 caliber pistol. Marines completing recruit training at San Diego report to Camp Pendleton, Calif., for combat in fantry training prior to being assigned to units of the Fleet Marine force or attending n service school for specialized instruction. Completes training M.ve.v P\t. Stvwn F. WoU. w. o£ Mr ;\nd Mrs. Francis S\\ .\i .>/ vlrtnvn!, completed rev-.v.: :rA«».:tyt. Nov. 15, at the V.« • v nAryi* Kooruit Depot. San W w-evfc. srAsnayt program \J«YI"« tA-tA r.v;sM.r: Marine v'--i-.-i*. t-wsoiiTWS ATJJ ooartwJes. >.'tw iirc sA7ikMK<i. AJVJ other iuauc r.-t : Jt.Ji'\ iiJ>jMS- «T.IJ 4< »c*i pr*Akv was Imaginary playmates No cause for concern A pre-schooler's sudden invention of an imaginary playmate may come as a surprise to his parents - but it's no cause for alarm. A child of an original turn of mind often creates another child to enjoy talking to or about, says Nancy Lysen. Iowa State university extension associate in human de- wlopment and family relationship*. Ewn a child who plays with other children much of the time may do this when he is alone. Sometimes, however, n child is driven by loneliness to invent imaginary companions. In such cases, parents may want to make an extra effort to see that he has real companions more often, if possible. Mrs. Lysen believes that the best approach is for parents to assume a matter-of-fact attitude towards their child's Imaginary playmate, recognizing that many children go through this phase during the pre-school years. In others words, do notscold or punish him for it, but do not "lead him on" or encourage him to talk about his imaginary friend because you think it's "cute." If an imaginary playmate becomes a scapgoat for your child's wrongdoings, take a good look at the way you have been handling your child's mistakes. Have you let him "get away" with saying the playmate did it?" This way of escaping the consequences of his actions could set up a harmful pattern. However, your child's effort to shift blame is a sign that he is Ix'ginning to separate good and bad. He needs your help in developing a conscience and should not be made to feel too guilty about his "badness." JUST A REMINDER Please turn in your Butter-nut coffee strips and Instant coffee jar labels at once. Tills is a Christmas project sponsored by the American legion Auxiliary, and makes possible the purchase of many sturdy toys for children in our state institutions and orphanages. Call Mrs. Howard R. Johnson, Child Welfare Chairman, at Blue 89. This Fifth Grade — Mrs. Downlng's This past week has been a busy one. We have started to work on Christmas gifts in our spare time. Even the boys are finding this, well, interesting. We had 17 perfect papers in spelling, while three others missed only one word each. The following children received 100 per cent. Steve Butters, Pamela Curtis, Richard Dennis. Geri Lyn Dilley, Max Grim, Marjorie Jones, Linda Lamphier, Jo Ellen Langerman, Brenda Lehs, Diane Olson, John Orr, James Popenhagen, Dennis Stannard, Tommy Thomas, Darlene Wardell, Mary Jane Wedemier and Roger Williams. Patty Alhouse, Marjorie Henry and Janice Stoneman missed one word each. Besides our regular language work we have been writing letters. We received a letter from the fifth of the Morse Elementary school of Morse, Louisiana asking us to be their pen pals and to tell something about our state. Nearly everyone in our grade has a letter ready to be sent to. them. We are still discussing the Solar system in Science. Chris brought another map of the moon for us to see. We had only one perfect paper of our progress test in arithmetic. Most of us received good grades. Our mistakes were mostly simple little mistakes in computation. It showed us that we should proofread more carefully. We have been reading from supplementary books in reading class. We have been doing more oral reading from these books, trying to improve our speech and put more expression into our reading. Our club president, John Orr, appointed committees to plan our Christmas activities. Our decorating committee plans to decorate our room next week. We exchange- ed names for our Christmas gifts last Wednesday. —•— Mrs. Everett's We just have to brag this week. We had 20 perfect spelling papers on our Friday test. Everyone agrees that having dictation more often la helping us learn our words. We completed chapter seven in social studies. We had our test on Thursday. There were 44 points in the test. Linda Himmel had the best score. She had 42 points correct on the test. Our room is taking on a holiday atmosphere. We have made Japanese Latern Santa Clauses and have them strung on wires in our room. We are making window silhouettes with colored transparent paper backings. We also drew names for a gift exchange. Next Hot Lunch week we will put up our Christmas tree. Norma Hammond is a member of our room. She came here from Randalia. Girls Sports — The Valley High Tigers defeated the Fayette Cardinals 63 to 45 in Fayette. Friday. Nov. 30. At one time the Fayette Cardinals were up to withing two points of the tigers. At the half the Cards were behind only 34 to 28 Mary Manson was high scorer with a total of 27 points. Barbara Alber had nine points, Sue Crafton had eight points and Sharon Pattison had one point. Barb Alber was high rebounder. The junior varsity and varsity girls traveled to Fre9ericksburg Tuesday, Dec. 5. The junior varsity had as high scorer Pat Holtzman iind Sharon Farley each with eight points, other scorers were Nancy Torson and Barb Keig each with four points, and Andrea Nadeau with one point. Barb Kieg and Sharon Farley each had eight rebounds. The final .score was 40—25 in favor of Fredericksburg. The varsity's game ended in the same way as that of the junior varsity but with the score being 84 — 39. Mary Manson continued to be high scorer with 28 points. Barb Alber had.nine points and Sharon Pattison contributed two points. Barb Alber was the high rebounder with nine rebounds. n That — Will someone please will a dictionary to Paul Clark so he can pronounce those l . terms win Biology? Honestly, Paul, they are n't that hard. They're just simple tang twasters!! Jean Ann, I still think your purse is cute, even though Paul thinks it's something else! P. S. How's the bump on • your head? Some people will do anything to get out of school, won't they? Sharon, me thinks you'd better come back soon!! Say Barb, we know you're hung-* ry after basketball practice, but don't you think eating ankle wraps is going just a little too far!! All of Betty Crocker's Crumbs (Senior girls) took a homemaking test, this past week. Now tell me girls, how do you boil water? No, no, not the tea kettle-use the electric fry pan!! We are happy to report that most of the shorthand girls ( and Larry ) are "whizzing" along about 40 w. p. m. Why was everyone in biology so anxious to bring twigs to school for class the other day? I do hope Ron B. gets hpid of a calendar and finds out what month it is. Then he'll understand why we girls wear sweaters in the middle of winter! Does this answer your question, Ron? We repeat the cheerleaders ever- ending plea-Support the Cards! Hasn't it been wonderful having so many people attending the home games this year! Monday — Chile, crackers, cheese sandwiches, cake, sauce, milk. Sixth Grade — •i We are all looking forward to Monday when we will have our Christmas tree in our room. We have made a Nativity scene, bells •*fodna,~ij4iwr$, and . streamers to § " :orate :<>ur room. lie word list we used for social dies helped us a great deal in test We are planning another jgto fop?, our new unit "A New ar«" happy so, many are studying mojja' on their spelling. There Mkre l&'A's in the dictation sen- Sees 'on Wednesday .«nd 21 A's Friday for the final test for language we' are using com- to^se'r off, ;,appositiyeB and rds in a series;-Ojjr,nexfc lesson with adverbs. .get careless and forget to FIRE INSURANCE • RESIDENTIAL ,* COMMERCIAL • HOMEOWNERS See Your State Auto Acjent EARL SCHNEIDER INSURANCE FREE CHRISTMAS TURKEYS TO BE GIVEN AWAY Friday December 15 In Fayette, Iowa Don't Miss-- The chance to win a FREE 10 or 12 pound Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Be Sure To Register -- At any of the Fayette business places listed at the right side of this ad. Register -- Each time you are in the place of business of a participating merchant. Winning Numbers -- Will be posted in the participating stores of Fayette, from 1 p- m. to 5 p. m., Friday, November 17. RULES: 1. Anyone over 16 years of ago is eligible to win one of the free turkeys to be given away Friday, Dec. 15, with th« exception of the sponsoring merchants or their immediate families. 2. Each person may register in the store or business place of any of the sponsoring merchants. Registrations may bo mado in ono or more of the participating stores. 3. Winning numbers will be drawn Friday ; noon, and placed in the stores of participating merchants down town, from 1 p. m. to 5 p. m., Friday, Dec. 15, 4. Winners', numbers'must match, one of those posted, and prim must be claimed ^ before 6 p. m., Friday. 5. Any turkeys not claimed on Friday, Dec. 15, will be added tc these to be . i glvtn away en Friday, Dec. 22. 6. the decision of the officials will be final. pm?m:.'?rj{k*i9 to ti$ urn// Will Be Given Away Through The Cooperation Of These Fayette Businessmen ED'S DEEP ROCK STATION Phone 45 FAYETTE CO-OP CREAMERY Phone 143-R-2 PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Phone 266 SINGER PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 247-R-2 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Phone 258 ZABRISKIE'S GARAGE Phone 80 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY Phone 170 JOYCE LUMBER CO. Phone 162 MC LEESE - LEYTZE FURNITURE - APPLIANCE Phone 160 DR. PAUL GOURLEY Phone 82 CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 77 BILL'S SUPER VALU Phone 84 WILKE AND W1LKE PRODUCE Phone 9 01TS DRIVE" IN Phone 192 MAURER'S SHOES AND CLOTHING Phone 263 FAYETTE STONE CO. Phone 73 HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Phone 38 DR. SCOTT LINGE Phone 101 DANIELS DRUG STORE Phone 163 BELLES • WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME Phone 199 INTERSTATE POWER CO. Phone 66 » UNHID WINDOW XO. • - '"-HjiStr : " OF FAYETTE 41 mm it <i An

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