The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on April 16, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1892
Page 2
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I AssW The Postville Weekly Review- J?0 *rVIX .I<B, BATDAY, APR. 10. W. H 1 . feURJMCK, Editor. Jiilsreri at iht pottojflct at I'otlville at sstomi-slnit ritolUr. THE SPRING ELECTIONS. If straws show which way Ilia wind blows then it is a pretty wall wttloil faot thai 1H'.U is l<> bo a rcptiblicati year. Wo are nevor enthii«in»lio ovar the results of an t)et?a«ionnl munieipnl eliicliim, knonlnj; that thess largely dopend on local is«ii«B which inaj not always bo manured by party lino. And yet, wo million) soon radical change iu pait:os in otty slections. Occasionally one unpupiilnr candidal* of the duininanl party U defeated l>y tha mora popular camlidata of tho opposition; yat on tho whole the city government romaini In tho hands of the dominant parly as a ru!«. \V» should not expect the repulilioao ticket to lie elected smtire in I)iihtit|tio or any othrr strongly ildiuoerntic city. lint tha fact that many democratic cities of ssviiral status have gone repiililiuan this spring;, and the majorities in democrat i« citias have baan reduuad. is an evidence of a turning ovar that cannot bo lost sight of. and especially so in a prcMitiMitial year, when tlio party lines are drawn more clossly tJian any other y«ar. Hot the Khoile Island election is ths. •rowning straw in the spring campaign. Ilolh parties tuaila superhuman efforts to carry that state for the. prestige it would havo on the prasidomial election, all conceding that although the suite was a mil II nii'l inconsequential in itself, •till it was the oiiteritig wedge of (I IH great campaign. It it currently report- ad that tha democrats put $10,000 into the aampaign and added thereto the great woight of Cleveland'* personality, together with all the best campaigners in the country. Tho republicans met them with McKinler and ol'aer* of the heaviest cslibered guns of the parly and it was a tight to a finish. Neither party dreamed that there would be any choice, by the people, it requirinA a majority over all to elect in that May-. Hence every iicrva was strained to caV- ry the legislature, which elects the state olliccrs if there is BO choice by tha people, and the United Stales senator to succeed tho present incumbent. Nelson YV. As a result of the great tight fully 10.000 more votes were [lolled than evor before ami a sweeping repubiiean victory was apparent whan the smoke cleared away. Not ouly the legislaturu was carried by a goud round majority but the three most prominent state officers received a majority over all and. wore eluded, while the othevs Mrill bo chosen by tho legislature, and of course will be tha republican cnmli •tales. Tho democrats arc loin inlo factions by tlity anil Cleveland, by tho silver question, by even the tarifl, to a corlain extent! and now the prestige of defeat In the first encounter tends to disho.irt- an and tlomoralizo thorn. If they succeed in bringing order out of chaos and still make anything near :•. winning campaign it will ba almost ;i miracle. It is evident from tho admissions of many of their papers that the loaders have little hope of sueeuss next November. 1890 against liar property, granted. Volition of Elizabeth S. Blnnchard, recnmuiumlod by town council of I'ost- Tillc, for a remission of all tax«3 against her uroperly, granted. -retlllon of Mvs. DorlhA Naltong, referred to J. If. Meier. On the tax petition of C. O. Howard, It is ordered that upon tmymunl of tax principiil and S par cent lnturatt per annum Inside of SO days balance of penalty be atialsd. Hoad petition of E. I). Tisdalo, at al., referred to II. Froelich. On lax petition of W. J. Jenks. it is ordered that the penalty against her taxes for IPS!) ami 1*10 im reduced to (i per cent per annum if paid inside o( 20 days. Itndge petition of M. Waters, rial., referred to 11. Froelich. Tax pilition of Mary A.dakson, deferred. On motion a lard adjourned to eight o'clock, a in., Thursday, April 7, remitted. Report of 11. Froelich, committee on bridges, examined and orduved placed on file. Appointment of Oito Hngon to tho office, of deputy sheriff, hy J. W. Mlnort, sharifT. approved. On motion board adjourned to otic o'clock, p. m.,Thursday April 1 ' k 1892. S TATE or I OWA. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, ALLAMAKEE COUNTY. Regular April Session, 1803. J. U. MGiKU, Chm'n. H , Fiioauou. WW. M. KEU .T. The board of supervisors of Alliuim koo county, mot at the comity auditor's office in regular session, at 1 o'clock, p. ni.. Monday, April 1, 1892. Members all present. Official bond of Thos. Untorberger, as clerk of Linton township, approved. Official bond of 'Dips. Ohearn, as clovk of Hanover township, approved. Official bond of Joseph Nicolay, as prosidont of the independent school district of Postville, approved. Ualanco of tho afternoon occupied in auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to olglit oigtit , 1892. o'clock, a. >»., Tuesday, April, 5 TUESDAY , April 5, 1892. Board met as per adjournment; mom- bcrs all present. Minutes of yesterday's proseodiugs road and approved. Day occupied in hearing sheep oaso and auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. ra., Wednesday, April 6, 1802. WEDNESDAY , April C, 1892. Hoard mat as per adjournment; mom] bars all present. On the tax petition of G. P. Eells, recommended by township trustees, it is ordered that the county U'tastiror gi<ro receipt for 1889 and 1890 in full tor tax against his property upon payment of tax principal and 8 per oont interest per annum, on or before Jtiue session. 1892. Petition of Carl Paulson, for » romis, slon of county poll tax erroneously returned against him for the years 1890 and 1891, granted. On petition of Jas, Foley, it is order ed that on payment of one-half tha personal taxes against Weler & Wood by said Foley balance be abated if paid iasido of thirty days. Petition of Chris Fofsnm, for remission of county poll tax erroneously returned against him for tbe year 1888. granted. Road ciue No. (47, petitioned for by J. £. Perry, et al., coming up for linal hearing ana it appearing that the damages claimed by A. L. Meier, T. D. White, I. A. Harman and Wra. Dawson' *re paid in full, said claimants being the only parties who filed claims for damages in said case, aud it further appearing (hat all costs are paid in full, it Is hereby erdered that said highway be and is hereby established ^Hacoord»BW» with the commissioner's report unit plat and Bold notes on said highway. , Ordered thai, eon»nt highway No. MUtbne4 for by Julius Nelspp, be •)ind.unec«bjr wUMUhsd Inaroordanc* m^plttmAMA Mte* on saia wag ' MIBty wllCW Uherthy oritm r Tiitiif.sDAT, April 7, 18112. Bo.iid met as per adjournment; members all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings rout! and approved. Ordered that the following certificate received from secretary of stale be transcribed on the minute book: WitKitKAs, Tlio board of supervisors, of All.unakre county, has caused to bo filed with the secretary of state (as successor to the register of the slate laud I office) a certitiaato setting forth that I the NWJ of the. SWJ. section 2'J, township !'•'), range .V cannot lie sold at the minimum price of Sfi.00 per acre, as fixed hv law, and that snid laud has been appraised at the MUM of $2.00 par ncre, and it appearing llisl all tlio requirements of the statutes have been complied with by the said board of supervisors. It is resolved by the executive council, tho secretary of stale as register of tha state land cilice, concttrittg tutu the board of supervisors, of Allstnakeo eoHtitr, Iowa, ba empowered to con­ tract'and sell the N\VJ of the SWJ. svrtion 22. township 'J6, range 6, at a price not less than $4.00 per acre. I. Wm. M. McFarland. secretary of state, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true nml rorract copy of a resolution passed by tho executive council, March 2.'l, 1892, ns the samo appears of record in this office. \\ ituess my hand and the [SKAI ..] seal of said' office, this 1th day of April. 1892. W. M. McFA.Rt .AXU, Socratary of State. It is therefor* ordered that the eonn- ly niidilnr proceed to sell tho foregoing described laud in compliance with section 18-19 of the Code of Iowa. ltridge petition of Thos. llooney, et al., referred to H. Froelich. Tax petition of Ira l'ayao. recommended by township trustees, for a remission of all taxes against NWJ of the SW{, section 0, township 96, range ti, granted. Pelitioa of Peter UcAndros, for a lemissinn of one-half his tax for 1K91 on account of dostractiou of property by (Ire. granted. Potition of Dave Crad, for a remission of his 1891 lax on account of destruction of property by fire, granted. Uridge petition 'of T. J. O'Neill, et al., referred to Wm. M. Ke'ily. On tho tax petition of trustees of Taint Creek township, it is ordered that J tha tax for 1891 against Vary Koddv anil all the tax for 1191 against Mrs. \l. Jorgenson bo abated. Ordered that the county treasurer hereafter pay no bills against tlio comity until first audited by the board of supervisors, or specially directed by said board. " . Tho following township trustees' reports ware examined aud ordered placed on file: Lansing, Paint Crook, Makee, Fairview. Center, Waterloo, Lafayette, Franklin and Hanover. Ilalance of the day occupied in auditing accounts. _Ou motion board adjourned to eight o'clook, a. m., Friday, April 8, 1892 Fmii AY , April », 1892. Hoard met as per adjournment; mem bers all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings rend and approved. Tho following statement of W. M. McIfaWaml, toeretary of shite, and «x-ofllolo secretary of tho executive, council, Bhnwlng the length In mllos ot the several railroads in Allamakoo county, Iowa, aud tho assessed value, per nitlo thereof as fixed by tho sxeeu- tivo council for the yoar 1892, was ordered sprand upon tho roeord: MII.ES. VAI.. l'EU M Burlington. Cedar Kaptds & Northern 1.01 3120 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul. . 8C.11 6000 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, Wankoti Hranoh. S2.81 2000 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, I. & D. Division.... 4.02 6226 And tho auditor is ordered to appov tion the sane among the several school districts, road districts and corporations of thia county. Potition of Frank Cassidy for an abatement of psiialty on personal taxes, granted. County treasurer's roport of feos tor quarter ending March 31, 1892, showing $19.10 collected and paid Into the IUI.I.S ALLOWED KA -..'R I. srnvicts sr.snr.Riu>, Amtrrr -ftn lVter learn Mrr p.lujirr Jllophy J C bp-inl nntl catc puti- I'cr— • tlvrnc I'ltHlip loivmhtii rlrrk fro* Ilewrn V. tt wilncs* (list cntirl... Il.ildwiti W It cleaiitntj rltitnni*)* rimit Iiniiic ami jail. I!rrman t". A lamp for rfcrntpr . Urunrii Itrriry nppraisinR ,lain- a>;r* ' Uri'jnan K l*.wtt «Pt* iusltrc court Hot'ttier .Wlan »viine*« Bratul jury llalilnin W II wlln«n ilisiriil rourl thtrlon fira witur«i julliri! rn'jtl Howpn Tho* assessor Union 1 'rai- lie township Harman C M wittic^i Krcnit jury tlaikaufprr Mary wilnrss district court Ilay(c«i llros snpplir* for (toor fattti am) court house Herman C t) supplies poor farm lliirdirk \V N puhlishing pto- reritinRS lloonicr it V witness tlislricl court Herman C I) anil C M snpplirs for poor fat in Hrehr J n-ilnrss district court... UaMwut Wm wilnsss ttisttict coult flaMum Sain) wimrss tiistrict court tlollins T J carpenter work court house Collins Jno J ronstnhlc tc«s an -t paupei Collins T J r.-.iprnter work cotilt housi- ain) jail Clirdd Wtn u itness jiistiue court Clawfonl J C Ilr nicdiral nttnnd- aucc poor farm ami pauper.. AM T I I.M'I*. IN t ALL'H. Colic)) Jno wilnes:; juM'no coult 1(111 tiaupel • Clark If It !>r tcluriiiR fraclurc pauper CJauson Henry UUHlce In Caytoti llcnyy coult Cutiali Jas aKsrpsoi town -ilup (tisoict i .af.iyelte Catlfr, Kcllflicr .V Co shoes poor faun Pitte A 1' clerk fees, tVuRlu-tlv I V l«i»la«« stamps... Drinniii Nicliotas witness tlistriol ourl tloiiRlirily M U hay Tor poor feim ,, l)i Limy I'erencc assessor Hanover loivnship- Doimhoc l'at K coiiveyniR prisoners to jail Diittv las c,|iinll/inK assessuicnl DillenbeiR li poor farm... tiayton Maria A witness nisinci conn .• ;'. Dunlevy Uios puhtishinR plo- ceetliiiRs Ac Dayton A I. witiuss district court ll.vylon Itrnty county attorney... '>its t. witness justice coult Bhrlt rtillar >V Chainhcrs sla- 2 CO 1 oo 7 °° t7 oo 8 lu 7 oo 34 OO [1 io 5 co 3 csi 5 w> 3 <" t fo 1 35 i Co r« l 33 .1 »3 fsl 3 »3 Co 6a on JO no ( dfrd) 5 to 5 »o 7 oo 0 So 47 f '5 1" oj (hat. dfrd) Cj to t >3 fo 51 oo 5 " 51 00 5 <o 11 tO 5 to 22 26 5 '0 3 !"*» 1 fto 7 05 7 05 14 9.1 11 93 • » 55 l» 35 ; ."ti l-o 7 to (<i oj (si f'J "5 Is, 10 IO 3 oo JO OO 3 txj 2 tO 1 M GS (» 40 00 deftd) io Q: , io J io IO 02 ijct'd 3 IO I >5 1 - - 5 .15 oo 35 en 4* on |n oo (bal.lfld! 5 *5 r oo • 7 45 5 25 1 00 17 40 5 20 5 20 CARPEf SiVlLR! Aro you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL ING-RAINS. tii'ucry itc court house.. OK M W 1 " io\vnshti> trustee*... aioii M W uan^iiortation pauper Vvlcy Jamrs nij;tit wfttchman — "it /si*.' raid I'-'l wooil H DIIAI* tor county lU 'hielm ChAs sheep Killcil hy tlofir. rit *R *-T .'thi V.ii due on wood, etc ...lUiittJ! \V V trustee fee*. Gilchiist \V T riiuiilUiiitf asmss- nietit '.uider lt.ui'l trustee fees- uider W N witness district court Gilchrist W T «.ipp'»'** poor f .irn., tmiu hiiMte jvnd she-rtH.. ll.iflrton S N appr.usinR ilam- , ••• lledin A 1' uppvaisuifi daiu.iRca,. lUnry C\\s-* wood (or poor f;irut. Hasting H A witness justice court Hastinj: lno witness justice court llagen II C, justice fees Il.-ittrn 11 G justico fees. Hoard J i, wiinesa district court. Jno S widiess district court Hernt'insoii Jno towustup trustee II.iRen Alhert wiiiicss justice conit ITarby T J witness justice court.. Hani >V Cirver 1-ookS cnuithouso Hcndrick Ml) insm« commissioner • Han W S express chari;,)s \e.... llasiinRs I.eroy witness justice court , Hel^fsnn Tookel trustee fees.... llaRcn Oito bailitl tiistrict court Herman O C trustee fees He ni J U assistant county sup«v- intendent Hcticr M A Son bUcksmitliing poor farm Ac llHiicock K M cqunlirinft atsess- mrnt Iletmanson Jno trustee fees [{endrirkson J II trusleo fees..,. Haas Mrs II sewing for poor farm Heifer J U equali/inc assessment Hapen Otto witness district court Hancock T J witness district court. Hancock K M stationery for clerk and sheritr Hart ,W S witness district court Hart\and K medicM atttndnncc pauper Iowa Printing Co teacher's certificates ottnsort J S repairs on jail vclly Thos juror coroner's Inquest Kealty Tat K trustee fees KUiu Wm witness district court 1 Ifi (A 5 :o 150 00 to 21 ro J so 9 f '5 05 00 10 00 43 15 X OJ 4 40 1 tin t 00 2 to 70 I «t 4 co 3 4U 60 I 00 » SO ; 20 48 00 fi 00 7° 10 00 30 OO 4 00 Ijfi «, 150 (O 2^ tO 4 eo 1 30 0 ^5 45 as i 00 CLOTHE UP! BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, •UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if you "buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the oity. Yours Respectfully, "WALTER CHRISS. AND TEEN TOTJRSELVES I RAILROAD TIME -TABLK8 A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Plooi'ing. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades onlv handled. On and alter Silhday, Kor. 22, 1881, trains on the C. M. & St. P. Ry w i|| losve Postvillo as follows. «01tsO EAST. P .isHetigers. No. 2 4:61 p. m No. i (niglit) »:2» *. ru. Freights. No. 10 Cliicngo Stock .. ..11:05 a. ta No. 6 WliT 4:10 |>. m. No. 12 MifwKtikcc Slock .!>:$& p. ni. OOIN'J WEST. pR9Benger8. No. 1 night No. 3 Freights. No. 7 Wny Freight No. !) 'linifl Freight 6:1S p. m No. 11 Time Freight... .8:46 p. ni. All Freight tiitius niontlunetl, (ixcnpl Nn. 12. i:nrry pussenfieii wlicn protitloti with proper irnnspurtsUoti. No. 'J lietw^en N. Mrtirognr isnii Mason City. M. K. 'I'.it.cuTr, Agent." B. C.Pw.&N.R. R. No. .12.10 a. ra. .10:2ft i». m. 11:0J n. m You can buy a Boy's Suit for less than the cloth costs. Hundreds of suits to select from in our stock. Let others talk as they like about Wondrous Bargains; we will guarantee no Clothing House in this or any other town can undersell us. "We have not J. SHEPHERD M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, D. ». MXilOM XXAWIXKR. OflW* at reiUUtico ou Gronn atreet, ••coiid houia Km tot Hoy AMcKeU'a Haiilwn: o. i IS "0 3 IO 7° t oo t oo 3 <o 6o 2 JO 1 2.1 <S oo 6 oo 3 oj TO .lfr.l SO OO 4 oo 33 75 33 75 •oiiiity troHsury, ortlorntl phtueil on flic Comity luulitor's raport o( l>os fot quarter eiullnp; March 81, 1892, showing (103 80 ooiloctoii «nc( pstid Into county trvnsury, ordered plncsd on tlio. County olork 's roport of foss fortjnnr- ter ending: Mfiroh 31, 1892. showing $272.1'' cTisi'god mid $32>^.ri0o{ s »ra» collected HIHI psiil inlo county trsns- urr and ordered placed on file. Final report ol J. P. Raymond, os-sn- perintttiidenl of public schools, examined nntl ordered plnceil on Hie. Balance of tha day occupied auditing accounts. On motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m , Saturday, Apvi' 9, 1892. SATURDAY , April 9, 1892. Hoard mot as per adjournment-, m»m- bers all present. Minutos of ysstsrday's procesdings read and approred. Ordered that J. M. Collins and J. H. Meier be aud are hereby appolutej purchasing committee for court house, and jail aud nil supplies and repairs for either court house or jail must be attended to by said oomm<Ue» or under their directum. Said committoe to keep a record of all such supplies or repairs so ordered. Ordered that J. hi, Collins be and is hereby milhorUed to contract with Janes ttuidorfor the sale ofNEJ o{ section 27, and N t of the SWJ of section 20, township 98, range S. The price ef said land being $l20y, ana the terms to be In accordance with understanding wiih said Gtiider. Ordered (hat J. M. Collins be and is hereby ordered to assign without recourse tbe sheriff's ceriitioato owned by the county OH \VJ of the HW}, section 16, township 06, range 8, to T. F, Uanaber, on »»vment into tho county treasury by said Uanahor in tbe sura of 9177.60 Inside of ten days, and If tbe above order i* n»t complied with the said J. M. Collins is hereby Authorised tO *ejl and ««lg5i ««|d oertlffeste with- fl^;sp«0unte f il)Ut for npt a lest taip ihau ine abonf RmoviD».. Kreicor II supplies court house ant) jail *ayKion Jno puintinR poor (aim ..nwlsWC medicine for pauper McCHntock ]«s constable fotis... Mulbly Robt justice foot coroner's iiimiost McClintocK Arcnic witness district court McOrnu Phil witness district couit McClintock Jas witness district covwt Mcdary Kd 1 ? stationery court house Moontty Jno trustee f«cs MuMnly UoUt jusdeo fees May AM* Co letter heads (or shcritl , Minerl I H slicriir fees Mlncrt 1 U boardiny prisoners... Mills Jolm juror instlce court — Mctcalf Geo publishing proceeding McClintock Jas juror district court. Martin H supplies poor farm — Mitchell w J county supcrin* tcitdcnt..., NcwviUe ] A care lor paupei.... Ncidndcr & Co supplies for pauper.,.. Nelson Nels witness justice court Nachtwey Then medicine for pauper O'Kourke Thos assessor Taylor township O'Rcgnn Thos asse&sor French Creek township Opfcr Simon supplies for jail. Olsc " 3 CO 3 oo 5 oo 2 OO 7 60 I 9* I 33 6 00 V 40 t 50 3 00 3 40 6 63 53 Jo 1 00 6 65 7 25 S 40 8 *5 3 4° J8 00 1 00 3 SO 3 OO 237 75 Ul 40 1 00 F.J. BECKER.M. D., KCO MEOPATHIO IMIYblCIAN AND BUllQKOX. O/flco on Bdcond Floor of rnrkor'a Hutldlng» ntrvr rostofflcn*, TosivllU, low*. 8TATIONEKY. Don't forget, when you want plain or tancy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET. Q11.SOS * fOlJEV, riiort. 3 0O 3 00 5 00 2 00 1 60 I QO I 33 6 00 37 « 50 3 OO 3 40 6 63 6 6} 7 35 3 4° 8 35 3 40 18 oo t oa 3 50 2 00 »37 75 131 40 I 00 50 85 50 85 1 «o 1a 30 236 00 0 70 :i 82 1 go Having fornind a 'co-partnership, we intend tc constantly k««p on hand a full Htovk of both frculi and KM IU' I I meats. We make a specialty of uoiojj;- iia, pork, liver anil stutitnof «au*agc .-i. Also all kinds of prepared meats. Endeavoring to give saisfaoliou, wt; solicit a portion ol your patronage. ALL READY. DR.J S.GREEN, 1'IITSICIAX * SUKGKOK, Office and Uesidunco Soiitlnvest par »f town. All oalls promptly aitotitlud to offex*, but oui' entire stock 13 "chuck fall" of Bargains. We want it distinctly understood that we are in the clothing business. No Baek Seats For T7s DANIEL A. JERALD, ^/Eercl3 .a >i3 .t Tailor, Postville, Iowfi^ All vforktwavvantoil io giyo satisfne- tinii. A full linn of thn latost styles in Haulplvs. Wm. SHEPHERD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, lnQurnn*o Agent and Collector, Anthorizod to praetlcu in nil tho court* of tho smto. omcu ovei lien's storo, brick block. POSTVILLE IOWA. BR C. H. HUNT, 3 «n 12 jo 236 00 9 70 21 82 1 90 2 SO 66 00 40 00 (bat dtnl) 55 00 40 00 (bal dfrd) 1 15 3 30 son & Rippe supplies (or jail.. Olson £1 Hlppe supplies for court bouso Opfor Bros furnace &c court nouse... O'HcarnTrios township clerk.... Olson & Rippo supplies poor farm 117 02 Payne Sheldon witness jusllce court 1 i° Pratt J \V lledstoad poor farm... Palorson P constablo fees Peterson Cart witness justice court 3 5" »33 13 11 00 co 00 2 40 Pratt J W table for court reporter Pans Louis trustee fees Pdwors Lawrence board aud care of^paiiner, „^ jru lobbina V H eevelopes luillen P G witness justice court ^uarberg^Cconstaulo " fees... and stamps court house Rdboy C A iustlc. fees.......... ttitymonc J P county superintendents salary Robblns F H stamps and envelopes court home Shepherd Jno medical attendance pauper Saam Thos furniture poor farm Shepherd Wm justice fee« Shepherd Jno medical attendance pauper •'• Syverson S appraising property Sswyert Austin lumber for court house Syverson Andrew witness justice covin Steffitl S H slices killed by dogs Shuckey Umll blacksmlthinR poor farm Spence G W wlmcus district court . Stall M ii assessor Franklin town, ship 60 « 50 3 00 5 25 60 2 40 47 66 3 00 ' IS 3 00 »33 13 11 00 H7 02 1 10 69 oo 2 40 6a a 50 3 «> 5 *5 fo 2 40 4766 1 00 35» «> S5» 00 TiiUor F \V constable Joes TreivlnJ H witness district court Tutler FW boarding tramps Toller f VV constable fees Tuller F \V constable fees Tulter F W boarding tramps and constable tees Thornton J H adjnstins »nd dressing fracture pauper Thornton I H visiting pauper.... Ttereey Tno» ituslee lees, Valley B> telle. Juror coronar'a inquest... ••• Waters Mike Irustee teas Weit IF witness district cwn.. Weir J F appraising propeny- • •. Widtnan 1X* stationery &o court • house While Jno assessor Makee township... WinterFF* Son team h!r« »«r * grand iviTj, Walker U R.coostabla iocs Walker D R wltnesi district conn Walker PR storage and oaroof hstn la 8 »vor c»«« .,..,.......> $SM>i* ^sthsocsriai for PSH- 19 10 19 10 « 85 Jl 30 23 OO & 85 .11 Jo 1] OO S85 4 00 J 85 1 00 8 10 8 10 a 40 5 00 2 40 3 73 6 40 6 40 2 60 2 60 38 00 40 00 (bat Jtrd) 3 00 3 00 17 00 17 00 3 50 3 }o 1 35 > 35 43 »5 «8 85 4 00 1 00 4 00 rejeted » 75 oo 00 sj 00 1 so • 00 •«5 00 I 00 4 00 « 5" 3 00 4 30 1 00 2 5" 100 4 JO I 00 S3 90 «J 00 6* 00 40 00 (bal dfrd) 2 00 »J J5 6 45 > 00 »o SS «« » OO s 00 «QO 6 09 C«»»pty.Ai|d.Her* Thai cxplnius lliti ooliilitiou ef this concern to .v ilot. Our storu is full of sexsonablu goods, anil wo are full of ciwgy autl honnst inteiilii)ns. Wo therefore feel warranted In announcing om-selvss all remit/ for business, and rosp*c^lfuI>y invito tho Attention of tho public for a few moments while, wo endeavor to show that this nt is of vital importance to yon all. Wo are expending our best eiTtirls to conduct .1 successful business, and aro sharp enough to see wt» can do «o only by gratifying tho wants of our patrons. That is what wo nro hova for, aud that is just what we propose to do. If you want to bo cdifjed. gratified and almost stupefied by big bargains and kind treatment, como right aloi-g, and we will fill you so full of contentment and brotherly lovo that you will want to giro every man jou meet a quarter. utm AIM is To sell only flrsl-olass goods. To soil them as low as wo possibly oan. To sell only such goods as wo can recommend. To please al) who favor us with their patronage. To ropressnt our goods only as we believe tin 111 to be. To treat ererybody honestly and fairly as we would ourselves be treated. That sounds good. Has the right kind of a ring, does it not? and now please bear in mind wo practice just exaotly what we preach. You need not take our word for it, hut come in at any time and sea for yourselTes. And uow A word iu regard to ouv Steele. Wo, of eoursc. think it is nice. Wo kuow wo have made an honest effort to seonve.tho Tery best artiolos in our lino to ho found in the market, and know no one oan buy closer than we have. The goods aro here in our store we hare marked? the goods as low as we possibly can, tho result must depend upon our ao.ions,>ud wo do not worry over tho Usua. Wo ouly risk the poo pip to examino our goods, iuain oar prices, and follow tlidir own souvic tions. Thanking oar old friends for tho cordial support we hare reeeivetl at limit' hands in the past, aud promising' our best »fl\>rU to merit a share ef your future patronage, we v«niula Very truly yours, WM. KLUSS, . POSTVILWE. IOWA. Manufacturer aud dealer In nil kinds of harness, and all oilier goods belonging to tlio trmt«, A full aiu^ CQinplftto slock always on hand. ,v, : l\ 8,.. VT« liftvo. SQJJW WloUv- Good* yet aud are anxious to b«uf> thorn «U sold, therefore MflseJ) ihsV^lt\nco »t Permanently located iu IVstville. Office over Wattirs & Kicolay 's Hardware Siorc, Urick Block. J. A.HAVIRLAND, "Vetoriiiary Starg-ecrt, rilSTVlLI.E, IOIl -A. OITieo first door Kn9t of the Commer cial House, Green St., Postville, Iowa A. fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hnud Thirteen years successful practioe >alls promptly answered I'RED. N. BEEDV, PHOTOGRAPHER. Ami Dealer in Picture Frames Postville - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market JOHN" B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Postville - State - Bank. None but tho best meats purchased Everything in first-i'lasi shape. Conr toons treatment to all. Trices nlwaj the lowest. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intunding to. puvclniao Monti mental work for future delivery will llud it to their advantage 11 examine M V-Kidder's Granite Work in Cemele vies, as he is doing (Irst-o)ass work at as low prices ns can be procured in the country. If ho has not called upon you drop him » card at Ueoornh and ho will ije ploased to visit you with Designs ana samples of all kinds of Granite, at the lowest possible prices. M.V.KIDDEE, 34m6 Decorah, Iowa, JAPANESE A Guaranteed Cure for Piles of whatever kind or degree—tiiternal, Internal, Blind or lileeding. Itching, Chronic, Recent or Hereditary. This Remedy has positively never been knotvu to fail, ft.oo a box, 6 boxes for $5.00; sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price. A written Guar&niee positively given to each purchaser of 6 boxes, when purchased at one time. 10 refund the I5 .00 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by B. N. DOUGtASS, D RUGGIST, Sole Agent, Postville, Iowa. o^riojtytioJt/ prices.' R. N. DOUGLASS. Pais. J. F. SMITH, V. JAS. McKWKN, C ASHHK, CITIZENS STATE BANK I'OSTVIW.S.IOWA. PAID UP CAPITAL $25,000. L>o a General Hauklug Bualuos.. Buy tind sell Foreign and Domegtio Ex change. Accounts of Farmers, Mer oluinls arid others reeolrad and cutre fully proteol»d, ;. lutflrnst pnid on Time Pepoiit*. I<\y«stwai\w niHtli foe ouUUU partl«s tun f»T0^«|iJ^Wi. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIMC OF [RAINS. nr.coHAH hivinfisi. Time Table 111 effect Xov. 15. 1KD1 Pafsenger going North... A: 10. I' M •Sou tli -).50. Freight. " North, ..2:4i, P. SI J. K. P KKBT Agsnt. Call and see our new stock of Spring Hats at th .9 TJ. T. K. CLOTHING STORE. J. H. GRAY, Prop. Postville Eray Liiie P. J. BEUCHER, Prop. Ilavinsr purchased tltn ori^ina. 1'nst- ville Dtjiy Line 1 am prepaieil lo < I • • all kiml" of" drayinj; prompily ,• carefully and satiafautorilt. Good tealii*, x""d tlrava and careful drivers slvvays at lln- «ei\ice of (he pulilic. nt fair prices. All kiups of light or heavy hnul :»jr. in town or country promptly done. CHURCH DIUECTORY. CO:K .IlK «ATIONAI, n »v N. I.. Ilin ton, pin- toi. I'r^:n:l.iln( every Sun^l^y tv'. K . Ul A.M. <s;lt 7 :11 I 'M. hfcM.ath Ki'limil in-:nvillati.;y afl -Jr li.' rniitK fcorvUo. V. 1'. s. (.'. I'.. inm-ts ovary Him .'.uT urer .i'11; at l\ .1 j. I 'rayvi Mt .t- Ins' WtiitiLLvlfty nt«ii:i];.b. Mr .THOntsT.—I5 *v. K. J. !.«risv<..Ml. Pn.ti.r. i'r'irt.-I.irii: fiorriccs ov*,ry Snutlay ut JO.'.IOA Jl .,,,,7 .-1 I> Jl. .s „l .).»t)i Kibm.l i1111111 .ll- Mely n('.»r nitvrnln.-! nr'.nf. 'II Kpn^iUi T,«ft ,'U>. uvory Ki'.niluy ftvt.i)in;; at u'rl^cl.. iiio.'lii]^ every YVpiineMlny I'Vtiiiiin r.l 7 .i 'U>'cV)<;li. Youjtiro ckriicstW invi'.bil. POSTVILLE LODGES Tin P. S. We have three Western Cottage Organs that j •we did not sell when we disposed of our Jewelry busi- i Workmen mrei* the s. ness. W© offer them cheap, or will trade one of them i • s , a ""' ,1;, . v . l ' v :'," , "- > for a good family horse. J. H. GRAY. 1 " ,n M,,5on,c lla " " vvr NOBLE LoDGE No 31. .i. c. r. ir. I.ov.'i! Aht 'ifiji (J/der of L'nili'd •inn! a:;i! I-'niii'lh c::;-l) miriilh. in the Uriel; Dm.' J. W. Siir .EiiY. M. W. SiiKi'HEUti, Kfcorder. BROTHERLY XOVE LODGE. Xo. •JOI. A. f. J: A. M. Kfjiular tiH'Ctinj;* ou Tuesday evening ou or before Ihc full nf lliu intinn. All brethren in giiod standing n\e cm- diallv invited u< attrud. K. D. STU.ns. W. M. Wn. M OTT . Seu'v. They are cheaper than ever and we sell them under a written guarantee. W. J. HANKS. Skelton & Tangernau'a Advertisement. FOE, SPIOTG TRADE, is near. Have you bought your Shoes for Spring and Summer wear? We have all tbe newkinsis in otock. We know we oa.i please you. Step in and look them over. TONSORIAL PARLORS. -NKAK 1IIE fOSTOPFt'JK. All wolk dime in tho highest st.tlc of Satisfaction gparantcnl. J. T. P AHKEI ;, Prop. ^i,ooo.oo REWARD Ladies' Walking Shoes, Ladies' Solid Oomfort- Slippers, Old Ladies'Easy Shoes, Men's Plow Shoes, Men's Fine Shoes, Men's Cordovan Shoes, Men's Southern Ties. Yours to Please, SKELTOST & TAlTGEMxUT. Offered fot any Machine lliat will do u great raii£ft of wurU und cjn It at» eiislly auil an svv-W AS vvvn he iit>i.c cm DAVIS Vertical Feed Sewing Machine. This offer Iiaw baeo l>ef«ir« tlie jmlillc for tha pass tan r*»ns. IT HAS NOT UEBtf CLAIMED, proving Unit tin Diss ti Vertical r«edlsthe BEST ON EARTH. DAVIS SEVANG MACHINE CO. 340 WaVash Avsous, omoAOs), m* FOH SAX .6 BY A. M.THOMPSON, Postville. GEO. ALLEN, Cast&llft.

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