Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 6, 1961 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1961
Page 7
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ALTON EVENING TKLEGRAPH HITS »WAY NEW YORK <#> - fUrtttd Tuihill, a conmfltlng ctemirt. s*y* Broadway Mudt It AnfNWnctng tflflAftiiun of an or • ffttttmtiaR to (HTKHwe stage et- tact***. TntMtl mid: "There H a KIWI amount of ;»)pnt avail- •Srte to thp theater, bwt this tni- ent tg nrt being uspd property . . "I vowed that *hen opportunity ttMff, 1 WOirtd flfiyMaf to prwwdm playt and Biustcate u t AM to tnftjOT fldWlUBfi MM (ft* oust rial pfoWwns. "t am building a staff of sped•lists. Bronx) whom t mi owef- op plays and tftfent.' t btltove the I opportunity exists to p the entire theatrical industry." There are 68 land-grant colleges and untventtle* in the U.S. i A | " P. »I '- O P ' '- ! W A ! WESTERN SAVINGS UP TO SO SHOF. STORfS A MORF SALE 100'» of tain 0f DRESS AND FLAT HEEL •OOTWIAR Yew Shipment Repplred Wwkl.v Im- prrfert* of better (Trades! 4.98 and ».9B griMle*. Shies 4 t« 10. AA to B wktths. All si*i>* hut not all sites In nil styles. Variout eoion and leathers. 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Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK 1 ECONOMY LINOLEUM CO. 9th ANNIVERSARY WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE DURING OUR NINE GOOD YEARS IN ALTON feger, District Executive Officer Lt. Oliver Reichert and District Commander Capt. Emll J. Toffant The group came to Alton this week to discuss plans for a crack-down on drag racing on highways.—Staff Photo. State Police Combatting Highway Drag Racing Safety Congress which Jerwy vffit Ordur of Kafffcrn star oft* sertod Advtm* Night it t "Kampus • K«t»w" meeting ftesday evening in fh» Masonic Hull. Mrs. tsla K. Somers, of ttan- vllle. associate grand matron of Illinois, was guest of htmot and the advancing officers for the evening were Mrs. Estel Spangle and Russell Cox, worthy matron and worthy patron of the local chapter. Mrs. Jesse Buis la worthy matron, John Little Is worthy patron, and Mrs. Lena Kruse secretary of the Jerseyville Chapter. In keeping with the "Kampus- JKapers" thertie. the local offi- 'cers were termed "Seniors" and the associate matrons and asso- • Hate patrons were "juniors." In addition to the worthy; imatron and worthy patron, the; following associate mntronsi and associate patrons filled the| other stations; Teresa Lawrence, Jerseyville, associate' matron; Robert Codling, Col-; llnsville. associate patron: Zer- jola Hartnett, Greenville, secre-t tary; Ha/el Nunes, building' [Star Chapter, treasurer; Betilah: JMaholland. Jerseyville. conduct-: ! ress; Marie Hoekstra. New j Hope Chapter, associate con- 'duetress; Dorothy Johnson,; iQueen City, chaplain: Goldie' Malvin, Collinsville. marshal;: Lillian Hussong. Walton Chap-: 'tor, organist; Virginia Isring-i Ihausen. Calhoun. Adah; Clara • | Wolf, Alton. Ruth; Marjorie, jWatsort. Grafton. Esther; Hazel] (Zucca. Marigold. Martha; Mil-! idred Smith, Bethalto, Electa:' !Anna Ranger, Gillespie, ward-j i er; Forrest Duncan, Grafton, i sentinel: Ralph Ackermann, I (Queen City, color bearer. Duties; 1 of caring for programs and coin i stated, C0 ij ec tions were taken by Helen Jersey Grade PTA Meeting Set Tonight — Attorney Howard Lee White of Jerseyville will be guest speaker at the meet' Ing of East Elementary Parent' Teachers Association to be held at 7:30 p.m. today In the school gymnasium. A group of student directed by Miss Elizabeth Moore, will present special music. f, APRIL 8,1B01 Jersey PTA Carnival Set Friday ; •ffcMEYVILLE - Pit*, fcf the inriual carnival to be pr* rented by tht P»r*m.T«e1*«' A* sodatfort of Went filamentary School Friday evafltflg tat B*Hf 'The foftfstnnd will open at 0 ptn, so that those who desire to do to may eat supper thelre\ Both tana and n»*t sjndwlchw wHI IM served together with othw fctoa for a complete meal. Other «m» ce.«Hons will open at ? p.m. family Honored New'offlcerTto "be" installed! EAST ALTON ~ f **« are: Mrs. Enrl Wntson. president: |J"^J?* 8 , *V, en for J Mr*. Mark Rintoul. vice presi- Mw - C)lHrl f M 7/ rs : W _ -.. dent; Mrs. Bcrnnn) Shaw, were- «•• ®« sf A "" n ' Monda - v "«"* ** tnry; and Miss Margaret Archer, residents of Cooper street, treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers are mov- The PTA has for sale copies ofii"K '» 1 s """- '"• Cooper street the books, "How to Help Your 'residents who ««ve the party Child Learn ' and "Talking Points «ere: Mr. and Mrs. Robert An- Ahoul School." Anyone intended'thony and family. Mr. and Mrs. In purchasing t he hooks should J- TutHr- and family, Mr. and contact Mrs. George Church. Mrs. J. Tiitlle and family, Mr. -=—-.--. --: . •. r . and Mrs. Albert Schmidt, Mr. and The fin! rotary printing press,.^ Qmvff TpHm and Mrg _ ^ devised bv Richard Hoe in 18-16, rian Fowler. was capable of printing 8,000 pa- i pers an hour. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally AFTER .The development of sanction- j Duncan of Roodhouse and June! drag strips promotes thejSchmoeller of Brighton; and growth and development of wild-JBernice Bartlett of Brighton cat strips with no notion of regu-i was * nstructress - lation, safety or otherwise." Trooper Whitmore noted that he had a report that several weeks Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fundel of Jerseyville were soloists and Mrs. Aran Cope was accom- ago a large number of adults went! P an ' st - Urq* State police have begun a pro- jgram of "emphasis patrolling" of fall highways and roads where 'they have been receiving reports of drag racing in the area, Capt. Emil J. Toffant. commanding officer of the 10-county District 11 which includes Alton, told the Telegraph Tuesday. He discussed problems of drag racing at a conference with newsmen here. Also participating in the con- jference were District Executive j Officer Lt. Oliver Reichert, Dis- jtrict Safety Sgt. H. J. Schwert- j feger, Sgt. Donald F. Johnson 11 and Trooper Robert Whitmore. I! Discussion centered around dan- jgers of drag racing on public'father borrowed another car and! . • roads and methods of enforcing i followed his son in an attempt'manner as to interfere with the |!laws banning such practices. to stop him, but the boy outran' conduct of police business can be , Capt. Toffant said _he favored!his father. {prosecuted on federal charges, i prevention of drag racing rather' • ^ Big Joke 'He said he plans a crack-down to McAdams highway to witness the races. He said there were whole families watching. He cited another report he had received of one teen-ager * taking his Home From Hospital JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Arch Nelson, who has been a patient at the Missouri Baptist Hospital in St. Louis following major sur- Sale! GIRLS' SPRING COATS Reduced As Much As PRICE father's car from the garage jgery, has returned to her homej without his consent and taking it'and her condition is much improv-i down lo drag. He said the youth's ted. ' Siies 1 to 14 Years A large selection of styles and fabrics in every size range— aJl at substantial reductions. I'ithan setting up traps to wait to 1 Whitmore was one of the three • , , rv • j ' *riiiu*ivri«- tvcAO \jlii~ ; catch racers in progress. He point- ( n who ^ ed out. however, his men havei raid dragging activities March 25. He • i , , . *[*-«• "tots' "& t*»-»l V IVIt_4? A<A(At \~tl *•<«• (been mstructed to arrest any and;^ a number of the thg all motonsts found participating | volved took the att|tude thflt the e FR PAINT SALE DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER Sheet Wh Thi« Ad I in drag racing. ! McAdams Highway i The recently finished section ofi •the McAdams Highway has beenj jthe scene of a number of large | I 'scale drag races in recent weeks. ' hat iOn one Saturday night an ob-j counted a tota, of 107 auto- efforts of police to stamp out drag racing was "a big joke." Capt. Toffant told the Tele- he has 6 ° drag racers look -° uts ff hl "g for 'Ita e"" poS to telrn on unauthorized police receivers found in connection with racing activities. In summation. Capt. Toffant said that in addition to directing his men to patrol likely areas for drag races as heavily as possible, he will order additional patrols into the area if it should become necessary. Toffant expressed the view that of most of the youths par- in drag racing did not anything about it. He said he Mix 'Em—Match 'Em. For Ceilings, VValls, .Floors, etc. For Exterior or Interior. • Latex • Sand Finish • Oil Paints GAL. < ONLY * NO LIMIT 21 COLORS BEAUTY BONDED ~ •» 9 I ** Unit ^UG •*AND . "u IVA BIG 82c SO. FT. 2 C *4C W W/d. • •• ( r nnd watching racing on the west end | j o( the McAdams Highway. Accord-; to reports received bv the; K u _______ ____ ;_j'to be on the look-out for cars with I and give the boys traffic , , rv,oi. K-J^O me mon ""' 8 a '\ se " t to break-up races, may have i h,s men Hcsald h "« "»t"«ed h,smen enU, o an > I 1 Telegraph, groups, composed, state police frequency receivers, i ts. In this way, he explained, the WALL LINOLEUM REMNANTS 54" Wide Running $ Feet for While They Last 00 RUBBER CARPETING • Tweed Patterns • Stairway • Halls • 27" Wide 10 Lin. R. NO ARMSTRONG Ceiling Tile • SNO.WHITE • NO LIMIT ise ll exchanges trophies following | drags conduc'ted there. ; On March 25. three state police j 1 1 cars raided a drag racing session! 'on McAdams Highway and issued! a total of IK tickets to partici-l pants. Two more were apprehend-! ed and ticketed last Saturday] night. Charges ranged from faulty muffler equipment to reckless driving. In addition, a number of tickets have been issued to youthful racers on the Beltline highway in Godfrey, state police said. Explaining the popularity of drag racing on public highways, Sgt. Johnson explained that in the past there was a group of re- belious youths svho were known as the motorcycle set. He said they; Uised to race on the highways and | travel in groups to areas where jthey were unlikely to be caught iby police. He said when this' i group died out, they were sup| planted by the hot-rod racers (and finally by the drag racers. I The drag racers often use the family car to participate, but, more often, Johnson said, have their own cars that htey fix up and maintain. Sgt. Johnson explained that many of the teenagers who have hpen participating in th races on McAdams highway visit licensed, supervised itiau strips and, afU'r seeing others run decide to show their friends that they can do just as well as those at the drag strip. The> often seek uui a secluded section ol highway to "prove themselves and their ruis." Much of the activity on McAdums Highway, however, has beeni much more organized limn this. !He said he has checked with the'parents of the youths involved | Federal mission monitor Communications Comand that persons who police calls in such a could keep a watchful eye on their j sons to prevent possible recurrence of violations. J.F.E. CALL HO 2-9411 FOR FREE OPIN FRIDAY TILL 9 P.M. ESTIMATES ECONOMY LINOLEUM I- itOAOWAY AT HfMIV AMD RUG CO. ALTON. iLLI. HO 2-9411 S^t. Srhwerlfeger presented a copy of a resolution adapted by ! the Intel-national Assn. of Chiefs! joi Police attacking even licensed, i < supervised drag racing. In part, | I the resolution said. "... the es-j lahlishmeiu and use of drag strips tor individuals to compete in! >pced events and in driving pract : i<es generally curoidered unsafe in normal traffic tend to in ^sptie the participants and nofl-J ; participants at these events to attempt duplication of such unsafe practices in «wmal traffic streams ..." 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