Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 26, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1963
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ^•^•^^••••^•••••••^ i DAVID CRANE Why! KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andrlolft PRETTY IATEPOR SftoPPIN6«WINe PINS'? WHAT'S THE fPEA-FDRSFl TO BUY YOUR WIFE AN ANNIVERSARX GIFT? JUSTAMINUTE, / WE'RE ATTRACTIVe )T«AJ«»S« JTTLE JAPE FIGURE- J LITTLE FISURE 3MXEP "SPIRIT OF -f'WE'RE LOOKINO rt SNA-title I II IP«?»/ =LOATIN6 LILIES' FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry THE RkNFAREl PALIO BEGINS. WTO-CENTURY SIENA, ITALY. THE DAY OF THE GREAT RACE J AND THIRTEEN. flDER&,...fLA8H AMONO THEM. JOHNNY HAZARD AN UNPERSTANPABLE PRECAUTION, YES, PEAK HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART WHILE I'M PAN6LIN6THOUSANP9 rf. caff IN THE AIR1 NOW KANE EASES HIMSELF OVER THE CLIFF ERSE HOPENOBOWW, AT HOME WWNSWKS By Frank Robbing I NO SUCH LUCK.'WELL, MY USty FEATHEREP FRIEND, THIS TIME WE'RE PREmREPj THE SMITH FAMDLY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith 1 COME tr4, *OMP,1 •* VrfDNTBE By A. LEOKUM Why Do Winds Have Different Speeds? Win The 15-Volume Britannic Junior Encyclopedia for schoo and home. Send your question name, age, address to "Tell M Why!" care of this paper. In cas of duplicate questions, the autl or will decide the winner. Today winner is: Jim Robinson, 12, Salt Lake Cirj Utah. Winds are simply the motion of air over the earth. What causes the ah- to move? A change in temperature. Whenever air is heated It expands and therefore becomes lighter. When it becomes lighter it rises. As the warm air rises, cooler air flows in to take :s place — and this movement if air is what we call a "wind." There are two basic kinds of vinds. One is local winds, those hat may be blowing in your immediate neighborhood or through your town, or part ol your state. Then there are world-wide winds, which are winds that occur regu- arly in various parts of the world and generally blow the same way all the time. The trade winds and the westerlies are examples of these. They each blow in the same general direction all year round. Since winds are caused by changes in temperature, it is the nature of these changes which usually decides the speed of the wind, especially in the case of loc al winds. And since the earth is not heated equally everywhere cool air moves in to fill the place of rising warm air at different speeds, depending on these temperature changes. But the different speeds of the great surface winds of the earth are affected by the rotation of the earth. As the earth rotates differ ent points on the earth go arounc at different speeds. In the polar i region, a point on the earth covers less distance in one rotation, so it moves slower. At the Equator a point on the earth moves twice as fast. So winds that flow towards the Iquator have slower starting speeds and drag behind. Winds hat blow away from the Equator get ahead of the turning earth be- ause they start from regions of greater speed. Winds are sometimes identified or classified by their speed. A 'slight breeze" for example, is a wind of 4 to 7 miles an hour. A 'fresh breeze" is about 19 to 24 miles an hour. A "high wind" is 32 to 38 miles an hour. A "storm" is 64 to 75 miles, and a "hurri- :ane" is anything above 75 miles per hour! THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26,1963 By John Quite* ^ATTBRAU.1* WOULDN'T flWf . ANDY'S HISTORY TBACH6R. 1 THOUGHT rr PRUDBWTTO eueeefr YOU LITTLE EVE By Jollte RIVETS By George Slxta THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert GO NEXT DOOR AND SEE. YOU HAVEKT IRENE? OKAY HE HAShtBEENjHERE? ^ SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney SUPREME QMEEN PT, K AND THE 9VT(p7MM1tI» ejr»rv»-« ^ OF THE RED LANDS AND THE BLACK LANDS AND THE VALLBy Or* THE GKBV MOTHER NILE::: HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Teacher: Name a very deadly poison. Bob: Aviation. One drop is sure to toll. Randy: What do they call the paper which is used to make dollar bills? Len: Buckskin. CROSS WORD PUZZLE PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates DO YOU MEANTELLINS CAME FROM A SMALL FAMILY, HERM?! „ MY MOTHER . WAS SMALL/ MY /FATHER WAS SMALL. [...AND MY8 BILLION BROTHERS AMP SISTERS WERE SMALL/ DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney yousaiaft! * ...but why? "TO LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED" To us* «very meani at your command. (.•0«no < that a having defeated hit •mm/, asked hefp from fhe gods In locating Measures said to have been buried by the slain Persian leader. Whereupon fhe answer came, "leave no stone unturned/' or "to mov« things. Robin Jones, Las Cruces, New Mexico, wins a Britannica World Atlas for this cross word puzzle. Make one up yourself and send it to "Cross World Puzzle," Tell Me Why, with your name, age, and address. ACROSS: 1. Price. 4. Female deer. 7. Cereal grain. 8. To refuse a request. 9. A device for catching animals. 11. What a doctor charges. 12. Not wild. 14. Pronoun. 16. Going inside of. 19. Snake-like fish. 20. Accomplished. 21. Some of a group. 22. Made use of. DOWN: 1. Small bed. 2. Paddle. 3. Queenly, dignified. 4. Protects. 5. Smallest whole number. 6. What we see with. 10. Dad. 12. Third note of musical scale. 14. Ocean. 15. Female chicken. 17. To knot. 18. Peculiar,, unusual. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner Michael Brewer, Baytown, Texas. ,, | .I,....! — .. '« Don't miss Alton Public Schools 9 report to the community in ' Saturday's Telegraph! "All right! All right! I can take a hint!" HO NBIZOnCAL True Life Adventures tlnaddiUoa 8. dolt ia.Tlbetaa gazelle 18. tool* crib 40. enclomree 42. marvel* 4B.beTeragee 47. connect 48. plot of ground 4B.*par BO. epoch* BL piano part VERTICAL Lovum *. fur •cart 4.repre- aentattf* 0. optical gta*a •.perched T. conjunotton 8.virtuoug 9.*WMthMlt ,dw«U« 0<0>i 38.ctaooM« Aniwer to yenterdajr 1 * puol*. g<{ SI3H EBQHH HHH 33E UaUQU 13HU 27. garment* Hebrew ESCIHES 88.*af«it 8i.dl*patdi 88.etomui 87. part general IB. robe 17. port 18. those in power . 19. carton 20. a search 38. chief • 26. vessel* 37. billow 38. Greek letter I9.awl*t 80,beait*of burden 81. metal 83. cymbal far radium 8B.dlrtlee 84. footwear 85. pu*h«* 87. appear* 88. god of war WBJFXVQBKZ ZWXOPV TVXVPM J |I B T K W V BAPQ T 8 A 0 , Ye»terd*y'i OryptoquJpt OAR ADS OATfflR TO OURIOIH D&8UU98, part 41, wing 41 peruke 44. fUb 48. AvencettiMetwrtMleaittwIiHMl. *T,not«J» (O MM, Kin« Feature! Bra*, toe.) "*'" G2HHQH fWi*ggfl •win?*

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