Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 31, 1972 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, August 31, 1972
Page 20
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6 Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday. August 31, 1972 Greased pig may have spread hog cholera in states (By The Associated Press) Hog cholera, which croppo.i up in Kentucky this nion'h. may have been spread around Indiana by way of ;|ie greased-pig contest at the Indiana State Fair, according to state and federal veterinarians. Symptoms of the disease have appeared In one of the pigs used in the contest, which was taken home to Southwestern Indiana afterward by its owner. The head of the enforcement division of the Indiana Board of Animal Health, Herman Price, has said confirmation of the ca.5fe would lead to statewide ac- Stradivarius violin sold for $42,000 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Stradivarius violin dating from the 1730s has been auctioned here for $42,000, but Its gypsy owner thinks the price was too low. "I'm a little disappointed," said violinist Arpad D'Zurko. "I expected It would go at least $60.000." However, Norman Lattin, an amateur violin collector who attended the auction in a downtown hotel, said he thought the price was the highest ever fetched by an instrument by Francesco Stradivari, son of the master violin-maker, Antonio Stradivari of Cremona. The $42.000 was bid by John Breznikan of Oakland, who said he was acting for another party who didn't want his name known. Auctioneer Cyrus Goldman started the bidding at $25,000 Wednesday and three other bidders and Breznikan worked the price up to $42,000 within two minutes. "It's too cheap, ladies and gentlemen," Goldman told the crowd of around 50. "Who will bid $43,000?" No one did, and Breznikan paid a $5,000 deposit by check. Her husband A.' gets estate LOS ANGELES (AP) — The late actress Joi Lansing has willed her entire estate to her husband, Stanley Todd, 49, of Marina del Rey. The blonde actress, who died Aug. 7 of cancer, gained fame for her role in the Robert Cummings television series. The will, filed Wednesday in Superior Court, gave no estimate of her total wealth. Area tveather Area Weather — Partly cloudy to cloudy and warm today. High near 90. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers tonight and Friday. Low tonight in the mid to upper 60s. High Friday 85 to 90. Extended forecast Variable cloudiness chance of showers Saturday. Fair Sunday and Monday. Temperatures will average a little below seasonal normals for the period. Highs mostly in the 70s north and 80s south, lows mostly in the 50s. lion. "Thorp were IS pigs in 'ho contest," he said, "and they are scattered from one end of Indiana to the other. If the Gibson County case is confirmed, we'll have to hunt down all of them." The hog cholera, first d's covered in Breckinridge County, Kentucky, spread to Indiana and Ohio through the purchase of infected feeder pigs at a Horse Cave sale. A federal veterinarian in Kentucky said the destruction of four herds of hogs, at least 2.000 head, would begin today. Dr. Vernie Nickell of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture said the slaughter was necessary because of a confirmed case of hog cholera in OIK; of four herds owned by Howard Pearson of Smiths Grove. All the swine will have to be killed because of mixing between the herds. Pearson and other owners of diseased hogs that are killed will be compensated in state and federal funds at the market value of the swine. Kentucky meat packers warned that their operations will be affected soon by the ban on marketing Kentucky hogs. Ohio agriculture officials are continuing surveillance in the area of two farms where 648 hogs brought in from Kentucky were slaughtered and buried. Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan and other Midwestern states have forbidden shipment of hogs from Kentucky. 3 indicted in tavern shakedowns CHICAGO (AP) - Two Chicago policemen and a city liquor license clerk have been indicted on charges of extortion of tavern owners on the Northwest side. Patrolmen Mario Guiffrida and Ben Carfo were charged Wednesday with extorting $2,000 in cash January 1971 from a liquor store in return for promises of special police protection. They also were charged with giving perjured testimony to the grand jury. Silvio J. irali, 44, a clerk employed in the city collector's office was charged with extorting $150 in November 1969 from the owner of a tavern. Two other Chicago policemen prefiously indicted by the special grand jury investigating extortion complaints from Northwest Side tavern owners were indicted again, one to correct a technical flaw in the previous indictment and the other for additional charges. The federal grand jury was impaneled in February 1971 to look into reports of alleged shakedowns of tavern owners by policemen in return for overlooking liquor law violations. Thirteen policemen were previously indicted by the federal grand jury and four have been convicted in U.S. District Court. Several other police officers have resigned as a result of the inv e s t i g a t i o n , and two policemen were jailed for contempt when they refused to answer questions of the grand jury. North Vietnamese cite two obstacles to end of war PARIS (AP) - North Vietnam declared today that "the only obstacle now for the restoration of peace is the U.S. obstinacy In maintaining the Nguyen Van Thieu administration and imposing U.S. neocolonalism in South Vietnam". Assailing President Nixon lor continuing U.S. bombing in Vietnam, Hanoi's peace talks spokesman declared that "no brute force can prevent the Vietnamese people's fight against U.S. aggression." Nguyen Minh Vy, acting chief delegate of the North Vietnamese delegation, told the 157th session of the peace talks that "This is precisely the reality that the Nixon Administration should have the courage to realize and thereby put an end to its military adventures." The Viet Cong's chief delegate, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh, said nobody was asking Nixon to impose a Communist regime in South Vietnam. "Tht United- States has no right whatsoever to impose upon South Vienam this or that government," she declared. Mrs. Binh said "if the United States really wants progress in negotiations ... there could be no difficulty in attaining it." She said if there had been Roofers' cancer test shows benzpyrene unlikely cause Bandit raccoon Bandit, the raccoon, grabs a snack off his master's plate after the children's pie-eating contest at TUIson- burg Fair in Tillsonburg, Out. Bandit's owner rescued him from a sore stomach shortly after. (AP Wirephoto) Many Londonderry Catholics agree to pay rent and taxes BELFAST (AP) - About 1,000 Roman catholic families have abandoned the rent and tax strike in Londonderry, Nixon 4 new bills signs SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) —The Western White House says President Nixon has signed into law four bills, including one authorizing a rural development program. In a statement acc o m p a n y i n g the announcement Wednesday, Nixon said he approved the rural development bill with reluctance because it provides for categorical grants rather than the revenue sharing mechanism he had sought. The legislation authorizes government-insured and guaranteed loans for commercial and industrial development in communities of less than 10,000 persons. Another bill signed by the President authorizes appropriations for $45 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for use in the current fiscal year. The action follows an earlier veto by Nixon of a measure that proposed the allocation of $155 million over two years. Other measures signed by Nixon would: —Authorize creation of a national wildlife refuge within the Naval Weapons Station at Seal Beach, Calif. —Increase pay and retirement benefits for District of Columbia police and firemen and members of the U.S. Park Police and Executive Protective Service. Northern Ireland's second largest city, the Londonderry Development Commission said today. The strike began a year ago as part of a campaign by Catholic- civil rights activists to get jobs and housing on a par with the province's majority Protestants. Londonderry has more than 5,000 families living in city housing, and nearly 3,000 of them are in the Irish Republican Army strongholds of Creggan and Bogside that the British army occupied a month ago. A commission spokesman said fewer than 1,500 Catholic families are withholding rents now, compared with about 2,500 at the height of the civil disobedience campaign. "When all those innocent people died at the hands of the IRA on 'Bloody Friday' and when customs officers were killed in Newry last week by a- terrorist bomb, scores of people came to us and said they wanted to start paying their rents again and cooperate with the authorities," he said. "This was because they did not want to be seen supporting the IRA cause. It is the most significant evidence to date that the Catholic community is sickened by the outrages committed by the IRA." Thirteen persons were killed on Bloody Friday, July 21, when the IRA bombed bus and railroad stations, a bar and stores in the heart of Belfast. Nine persons, including four customs officials and three terrorists, died in the Aug. 22 bomb blast at a Newry customs post. By BRIAN SULLIVAN NEW YORK (AP) - Two leading researchers reported today that benzpyrene, a chemical in cigarettes and urban air suspected as a cause of lung cancer, may not be guilty. The doctors said a study of 5,339 U.S. roofing workers who breathe great amounts of benzpyrene from coal tar pitch and asphalt — the rough equivalent of the benzpyrene. in 35 packs or 705 cigarettes a day — showed about the same incidence of lung cancer as the general population. The report came from Dr. Irving R. Selikoff, a specialist in environmental medicine at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and Dr. E. Cuyler Hammond, statistician for the American Cancer Society, at the 164th national meeting of the American Chemical Society. "If a high level of occupational exposure to benz- pyrene by way of inhalation results in little if any increase in the risk of lung cancer," they said, "then it seems unlikely that the extremely small amounts of 'benzpyrene in cigarette smoking can account for the high degree o f association between cigarettes and lung cancer." "It also seems unlikely," they continued, "that a small benzpyrene content of air in urban areas has an appreciable effect upon lung cancer death rates." Benzpyrene is a known cause of skin cancer and, because of this, the suspicion built up that the chemical might also be a cause of lung cancer. That benzpyrene does indeed cause skin cancer was demonstrated, Dr. Selikoff said, at a meeting with officials of the Roofers Union, where nine of 11 union vice presidents had had skin cancer on their arms and hands. The study included men who were members of the Roofers Union on Jan. 1, 1960, and who had been members for at least nine years. One third had been In the trade for 20 years or more. After tracing 96 per cent of the men, the statistics for the six years of the study had not shown any significant lung sue to get on Illinois ballot CHICAGO (AP) - The Illinois Communist party began another round Wednesday in its fight to get on the Nov. 7 election ballot. The American Civil Liberties Union filed suit on behalf of the party in U.S. District Court for a 10-day delay in the certification of the ballot until a three-judge federal panel' rules on t h e eligibility of Communist party candidates. The litigation focuses on the refusal of the Communist party candidates to sign loyalty oaths when they submitted their nominating petitions. Such oaths are required by state law. A federal court order forced the State Electoral Board to accept the petitions, but the board has not yet decided on whether to put the names of the Communist candidates on the ballot. The Communist party suit challenging the loyalty path is similar to one filed Aug. '4 by the Socialist Workers party. The Electoral Board is scheduled to meet Sept. 6, the day before the deadline for certification of candidates. • WOOD »IV|« SAV-MART •COUINSVIIU MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 10A.M. TO 9P.M. SATURDAY, 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M. SUNDAY TIL 6 P.M. PRICES GOOD NOW THRU MONDAY, SEPT. 4th LABOR DAY , SPEC] // ll lit \\ OPEN MONDAY-LABOR DAY 10:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M. KODAK FILM & FINISHING Stock Up At These Low Sale Prices D»t» From NATIONAL WtAlHtR SERVICE. NOAA. U.S. Dept ol Commtrc* 60 \• ^\VV 50 70 FORECAST Show Low ToxnptrafwrM Fndoy Morning U«l«lod Precipitation Not Indicoitd- Contult local fortcott National Weather Sunuy weather is forecast lor Thursday with cooler air expected for central and western states and warmer weather for the eastern third of the nation. Showers are expected for the upper Great Lakes and part of the Midwest. (AP Wirephoto) KODACOLOR CXIM. 117, 4M J tar 1.71 CXI24-I3 KotfiMk 3 lor I.M CX124-30 KMlk 2<o>23» CXI1SW itZtil cxiu-414 t ior Vie cxeii j tor i.M CXI1012 I 1C. I.M CXI1S14 i tor ).» CXI10 20 1 lor J.M KODACHROME SLIDES KR11S-20 KXI1S-JO 3 lor J II KR114-M KXIM-M I lor 4.12 KX1342* K?d*!>«k 3 lor 2*2 KX110-30 2 lor 2.»4 Kodak Processing Mailers PK JO 1.«4 PK 3» 1.t4 PK 14 2.4* PK 5* _ , \M PK'« \M OP 12 i. 4 f OP 20-111 _ — _ — __.. ).4f MOVIi FILM K4H. KA4SI •«! t tor j.»» K440. OA440 MH I (Of 4.44 KA444 Suptt I 1 tor 4.20 EMA <M . 1 for 4.5* Elt 444 1 to Mf EKTACHROME EX 1M, IS7 _ 1 Mr |.|* EX IU 20 KcttMk 1 I* 1.22 EH 124-30 Ko4«3»k 2 (or 1.74 EX IJS20 ; (o r j.32 EN US-JO EHB 2loi3.61 EH 1)530 Her 1.74 EX US J4 3 lor < SO EH Ui-34 EHB 2IW6.02 f M 1JJ 14 2fOT S.14 •LACK ft WHITES VS 1M. 127. MO. (M 2 Mr lie VP 134 It Kod.ptt 2 Mr He VP 114. 414 2 Mr 1.04 Tk )M - I Mr 1 04 PX 1U-20 TX HMO i Mr I.M PX 1J5-M TX IU-M } lor IN SAVE! 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The study is continuing with the researchers now tracing the roofing workers for another six years. a serious response to her peace proposals, "peace would have been restored long ago, the United States would have withdrawn from the Vietnam war in safety and honor, and all American prisoners would have returned to their families". Vy charged that U.S. planes carried out 22 attacks on dikes and dams from Aug. 1 to Aug. 27. He said despite the Nixon administration's "noisy propaganda" about troop withdrawal and progress In ending the war, it "is intensifying the war most feverishly." He said this Intensifcaton not only prevents repatriation of American prisoners but increases their number. South Vietnam's ambassador Pham Dang Lam told the Communists: "The sole obstacle to peace Is the obtinacy of Hanoi in wanting to obtain old victory." 5 GIs killed in combat last week SAIGON (AP) - Five Americans were killed in action last week, three were missing and three were wounded, the U.S. Command announced today. It said it was the lowest total for any week since Jan. 1, 1965, when "statistical accounting" began. One other- American died from nonhostile causes. The number of Americans killed in action was two higher than the previous week, but the number of wounded was the lowest in more than seven yean of weekly reporting. The South Vietnamese killed hi action last week were put at 551, the wounded at 2,514 and the missing at 204. A total of 3,342 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong were claimed killed. The allied commands now have reported these total casualties for the war: American — 45,855 killed in action, 303,346 wounded, 1,682 missing or captured, 10,265 dead not as a result of hostile action and 118 missing not as a result of hostile action. KRAMER'S WAREHOUSE SPECIAL TOP VALUE FREEZER At This Special Come And Gtt It BARGAIN! '159 -—MODEL NO. C-6 Many Other Bargains You Can't Afford to Miss! KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. 29 E. Ferguson Ave—Wood River—254-4364 WANTED! '5.00 REWARD FOR YOUR OLD CAMERA Trade In Any Old Camera—Regardless of Condition NEW SQUARE SHOOTER 2 A REAL POLAROID .SPECIAL — FOR YOUR SPECIAL VACATION. THE SQUARE SHOOTER 2 FEATURES: • USES LESS EXPENSIVE TYPE 88 FILM • ELECTRIC EYE • SHARP 3 ELEMENT LENS • BUILT-IN FLASH SPECIAL LOW TRADE-IN PRICES ON ALL POLAROID CAMERAS I. OS 65c BUY A NEW POLAROID SQUARE SHOOTER 2 CAMERA AND GET '5.00 FOR ANY OLD CAMERA YOU HAVE!

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