Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 2, 1963 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1963
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1963 A survey reveals there are some 4,000 photographic clubs within the West German school system. In October 1963, Ostersund. a lakeside city in central Sweden, reported its first lemming invasion since 1939. HAZEL COIN LAUNDROMAT Coin Dry Cleaning, 8 lb $1.50 3 rinses — soft water — self-cleaning tubs • dryers — Big Washer, all spin. Hair dryers. washers Open 24 Hours. Washers 10c 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Doctor Says Guidance Clinic Can Solve Child's Psychological Ills By WAYNE <!. BRANDSTADT, D.O. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. A mother complains her 12- vear-okl son still wets the hcrl triYnim: loo four or five nights a week i S omotimcs it and her doctor has advised her to take him to a child through the night without having to get up. Physical problems, such as infected tonsils, may he a cause. Sometimes 1 ho cause is too vigorous an attempt at toilet early in life, stems from a feeling in insecurity. Almost I OPTIMIST CLUB RAT. VERNON | if! CHRISTMAS LOT OPEN DECEMBER 1st W-G MOTORS USED CAR LOT 3 s. 8 ,. . , ., , always it is a psychological guidance clinic. Most children cljstur l>anco of some kind. The have good bladder control by i f ., mi , v dn( . to ,.' s aflvioc to seek age 3. and are able to sleep: p S ychot<>Bical help is sound. A 12-year-old boy is responsible for his acts even in his sleep. I think he is trying to tell you something. Q — My mother s a ys f should he giving my baby cod liver oil but my baby doctor has not prescribed it. Who is right? A — Times change. Your baby needs Vitamin D, and cod liver oil is a good source of this vitamin. Your doctor has undoubtedly seen to it that your baby gets Vitamin D in his milk, a much more convenient way to supply his need. Q — My 3-monlh-old son's eyes are crossed. Will nature correct this? A — Your baby has not yet developed the ability to focus both eyes on a given object. If he still has the condition after six months he probahly will need help. lie should bo fitted soon as it is Buy Your Christmas Tree Card NOW from a member of K the Optimist Club or one of the boys who are selling. A Proceeds will be used in civic youth work. I BOOST LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL. The prairie dog is a heavy* bodied, short-tailed ground squirrel of the western _ • ni! . ic K S| United States named for.its ^^^f^,Pushed that he »( barking voice. Some prairie Viws -e.ved. otherwise he &; dog species live in large col- wi)1 )oo k at. objects with only ft onies or towns. Their bur. 0 ne eyes; the unused eye will rows are well-engineered, become sightless through dis­ saving raised funnel-shaped use. Correction of the squint entrances which keep out ^ *»Jtc squint an operation may he water. © fncyetopflcdifl Brttannico RF.MINCTOR ELECTRIC SHAVER. BRIDGEPORT 2. CONN. L necessary, but early treatment with glasses is usually effective. Q — How old must my child be before I allow him to have coffee? A — All growing children nerd milk and to the extent that coffee or tea are allowed to replace milk in a child's diet it is harmful. It also contains caffeine which is a stimulant. If your child wants coffee or tea very badly you can give him a half ounce or less and fill the rest of the cup with milk as a special treat. Many shavers cost less than a REMINGTON 25... Then why do more men buy REMINGTON? Every REMINGTON* shaver has 34S cutting edgss. Made of surgical high-carbon steel, they'resharper.longerlasting than stainless steel. Whiskers don't stand a chance. • Big shaving head. 756 slots teed more whiskers to the cutters for faster shaves. • Adjustable RollerCombs, on top of the shaver head. Push skin down, pop whiskers up for close, comfortable shaves. • More REMINGTON Shavers have been made and sold (over 46,000,000) than any other make. Reason enough to pay a little more? Yes. Royal Portable Typewriters CHRISTMAS PRICE $49.95 IIUTSON MACHINE SERVICE 2231 Casey Ave. Ph. 242-2797 Your Motorola Dealer RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Phone 242-2323 For The GUYS | For The HOME I For The HOME I For The GA1S Western pants, shirts, boots, buckles, collar tips, hats, novelties, gilt certificates. Gene cox Western Store. Discount prices on electric shavers —complete- line mens' iewelry, watches, rings. Gilt Chest Jewelers. Hunting and fishing equipment. Mo Cullough Chain Saws. Complete line of automotive needs. Toys and bicycles. Western Auto. For your man in service. Send the Register-News. He will be pleased to hear from the old home town. By mall In Jefferson and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; Outside, 110.00 and sil.OO per year. STUDENT SHOP. Southern Illinois finest, most complete tine of young men's clothing. For students, high school or college. J. V. Walker and Sons. A Kaywoodle, Yellobole,, Medics or Grabow pipe makes an Ideal gift. Alto cigars and tobaccos. B. & B. Newt & Hobby Shop, 821 Main. f I I I I t I I I « s 8 fi 8 8 8 A aitt the entire family will enioy. Admiral color television. Manion Appliances, 223 South 9th. JOIN SECURITY'S 1964 CHRISTMAS CLUB. Receive FREE OZARK Flight Bag. Complete line of Holiday decorations and decorating materials. Aluminum trees, Slyroloam, Holly ornaments, ribbon, spangler, scented and novelty candles plus many otiier items lor your holiday pleasure. Complete line of art materials. Smith-Alsop Paint Co. BUY YOUR "Tie-Tie" Gift wrapping at D. C. West Paint & Wallpaper Store, 227 S. loth. Beautify your home. Colored tele, vision, washer, dryers, refrigerators stoves, freezers, dishwashers. No extra charge. Manion Appliance. Bibles, Billfolds, attache cases, Parker and Shaeffer pens, desk accessories, children*' books. Webb's Book Store. Give enjoyment with: Ho trains, Road-racing sets, plastic kits, science oquipment, model airplanes and accessories. B. & B. News & Hobby Shop, 121 Main. Kaynco, Donmoor, Mun'.ingwear shirts, Robert Bruce sweaters, suits and sport coats, Slims, Regulars, Husky. The Mammoth. Botany 500 suits, van Hainan thirls and paiamas, Wembley neckwear, Robert Bruce sweaters, Dobbi and Champ hits. The Mammoth. 8 8 8 s s General Electric T. V. sets, only 199.95; radios, only $19.95; automatic phonographs, only $49.95. Mitchell's Furniture. Buy golf gills. Over SO Hems 1o choose from. Indian Hills Golf Course, Richvlew Road, Dial 2441212. For The GALS Samsonite Luggage, Hanes and Berkshire hose, MacShore blouses, Garay handbags, linens, costume Jewelry. The Mammoth. Complexion sets, decorated bathroom accessories, Slendergat Gift Certificate. Men's toiletries. Merle Norman Studio. For your college students. Send the Register-News. They'll be pleased to hear from the old home town. By mall .in -Jefferson .and .adjoining counties $7.00 per year. Outside, $10.00 and $11.00 per year. a t i i i t i i i i i i i i i i MESSAGE AID — This compact Helicyl antenna can be remotely tuned to a very wide band of frequencies for long-distance communications with missile tracking ships). MATURE PARENTS PARENTS CAN* BE WRONG By Mrs. MURIEL LAWRENCE Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Beth was late RcttinK home from school. She uas held up on the way home by a maple leaf. She had stepped from the sidewalk to scuffle through the deal leaves drifted into its gutter and was enjoying the crackling sound they made under her feet when she saw the maple leaf. She'd just looked at autumn leaves before. Now she saw one. It felt cool and damp. Its yellow and red flowed into eacli other and yet kept themselves distinct unlike any other colors she'd ever seen. From its central stem little veins branched out, making a shape that actually resembled a maple tree. It almost seemed to Beth that the leaf had drawn a little picture of its mother tree, her spreading branches, boughs and twigs. She was still holding it when she Rot home and her mother cried, "where have you been? Don't you know you're supposed to come straight honip from school? What have you been doing—?" So Beth showed her mother the leaf. And her mother grew quiet. Snc looked from the leaf to her child — and felt what you and I have felt a thousanl times as parents. A sense of apology — an awareness of innocence we have lost to much anxiety, too much responsibility, too much distrust. How many times have you discovered that your suspicions of your child were unfounded? How many times have you felt Beth's mother's sense of apology? Sure, our suspicions occasional^ turn out to be right. The Diamonds are a gals best friend— the best place to buy them. Gift Chest Jewelers. Matching sweaters, and skirls, Ship'n Shore blouses, Vanity Fair, Hollywood vassarette, Kickernlck lingerie, Love dresses. The Mammoth. Lounge Sets, matching skirts and sweaters, car coats, shaggy hats, mittens, Cinderella, Peaches-cream dresses. The Mammoth. For KIDDIES Make them a real cowboy or cowgirl tor Christmas. Give them boots, shirts, Lee Riders from Gene Cox Western Store. excuse we wore given DOES turn out to be a lie. The disobedience was committed and has to he punished. But how many times in comparison with the limes we were wrong? Few. Yet we never seem to remember It. We feel the sense of apology Im talking about, hut not tlceply or long enough to think to ourselves, "I do seem to want to misjudge this child. Whaf's the matter with me?" This column is an attempt to bring these remorseful feelings to the surface where we can hold on to them. We need to become more conscious of them because they are what build up our faith in children's reliability. If we can become more aware of them, we can stop jumping on youngsters until we are sure we have cause to jump. We can wait a minute before we start in with the accusations. Instead of shouting, "Where have yon been?" we can ask, "What interesting thing held you up?" WALTONVILLE The United Fund donations were over $500.00 in the Waltonville area. Area chairman Claud Minor wishes to thank the very fine workers he had to make this possible. His workers for the city of Waltonville were Mrs. Coy Lance and Mrs. J. R. Lance for Bald Hill township, Mrs. Wilber Shurtz and Mrs. Orvlllc Freeman; for Elk Praire township Mrs. Geno Rogers, Mrs. John Gnevo, Mrs. Lloyd Robinson; for McClollan township Mrs. And Hirons Jr., Knox Hirons, Betty Danner and Mrs. Vernon Earls; for Blissville township Jramos Lipo, Mrs. J. H. Norris. Mrs. Wilhurn Panzier, Mrs. Max Shurtz, Mrs. Alden Walker, Mrs. Homer Smith. Mrs. Tony Dreas and John Colegrave. He would like to thank all the fine people who donated and helped us go over our goal for this area. We would like to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamilton to the city of Waltonville. Visiting recently with them were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roy Hamilton and daughter of Kansas City, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Hamilton of Tinley Park, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hamilton of Cicero, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton of Scheller and Mr. and Mrs. Irvie Dycus. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Shurtz and children attended the char- avari and shower of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hogshead of Ashley Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Dees and children Gary and Jeffery, Mr. and Mrs. Monty Montgomery and son, Allen Dean, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jaco had Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Dees. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barnfield had Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hicks and children. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Forrest and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harle of Sesser had Thanksgiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shurtz and children. The Modern Woodmen party was held at the I.O.O.F. Hall last Monday night. Twenty children were present. Games were played and prizes were awarded to Brenda Audermatt, Debby Mannen, Susan Fry, Michael and Connie Hicks, Debby Green and Claudia Minor. Refreshments of candy bars were served by the director. Mrs. Nina Dees. The December par- PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP)-A newspaper proposed today that the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy be given a regular trial — even though he is dead — to bring out all facts in the case. The afternoon Palo Alto Times noted In an editorial that Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of shooting Kennedy, must be presumed innocent until proved Rtiilty. WOULD TRY THE DEAD ty will be a Christmas exchange. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dees and children and Mrs. Elsie Dees were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Orland Dees for Thanksgiving. . . . Mrs. Clifford Hicks, Cor. CIVE GIFT MEMBERSHIPS AAA-AUTOMOBILE CLUB ILLINOIS DIVISION OFFICE 1110 Main Street Mt. Vernon, Illinois Phone 242-1242 NORMAN I/. HARMON District Manager 'wrs 7 =53 5K5s »s jess W53 =^J =JS3SS5 Bar •nto FOR YOU . . . AND PARKING TOO... Jefferson Loan Co. 801 MAIN—242-4300 Our Religious Art Calendars Are Ready Please Pick Up Yours PULLEY GUTZLER T 314 Main SL • Phone 242-3348 Shopper's Mart, «02 Main, Mt. Vernon's toyland. Complete selection of toys and gills for all the family. Join the First National Bank's 1964 Christmas Club today. Free Yuletlde table cloth given with Christmas Clubs opened this year. PERFUMES—For the girl In your tlte. Whilo Shoulders, Chanel, Ar- pege, My Sin, Blue Grass, Memolre- Cherle, Fame, Shallmar, Tabu. All famous fragrance. Ross Drug Store/ loth and Broadway. Send the Register-News. Your friends or members ot the family will be pleased to hear from the old home town. By mail in Jelferson and adjoining counties, 17.00 per year, outside/ $10.00 and $11.00 per year. Blankets, China ware, lamps, pictures, drapery, bedspreads, rugs, Samsonite card tables and chairs. The Mammoth. Pants, shirts purses, bracelets, rings. Specialty hand made gifts. Gloves, gill certificates. Gene Cox Western Store. im Dusters, gowns, slips, hand bags, iewelry, Capris, sweaters, wallets, panties, .paiamas, .coals, .blouses, pettipants. Mode O'Day. Russ togs sportswear, complete line Van Raalte, lingerie, robes. Quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Crystals, 531 S. 10th. f I t CHECK THESE LISTS CAREFULLY FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING GIFTS. t I I WATCH THIS SPACE DAILY FOR MORE CHRISTMAS BARGAINS SAVE NOW! m Prices Good Thru Wed., Dec. 4 100% BEEF GROUND BEEF 2 89 FRESH SIDE PORK 39* 3 Tall }A< Cans LI BRACY SALAD DRESSING »39 COLONIAL FRUIT CAKES to. $|00 FANCY 10-0z. Pkg. 89 LG. KELLEY'S POTATO CHIPS 59 FREE 29c CORN CHIP WITH PURCHASE THE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE MART A beautiful »wp-b»droom home at 2716 logen. If is compact, neat as can be, and there it plenty of room for a small family or • re- fired couple. It hat a large utility space, an office room or den and plenty of cabinet and closet space. This home it already financed on a V. A. loan, interest is low and the monthly payments are only $65.00 monthly. Present owner hat • small equity. This home it priced at only $8,500. Mr. Executive, Mr. Family Man or anyone who desires the finest in comfortable living. Thk it "it." 4 bedrooms, a huge living room, modern electric Hot Point Kitchen, 3 baths. The full basement at walk out level contain! a large family room, garage, boat room, den and utility tpace. Thit home it located on a large lot with a tpaciout back yard. Only 2 years old, perfect in every respect and priced to tell. Located at No. 27 Crownvlew. A beautiful and spacious tri-level home with all the "Fixini" for family living. Loll of kitchen space, a large living room and a wonderful basement family room arranged for the enjoyment of Mom, Dad, and the children. Attached garage, a bath on each level. Located at No. 24 West Crownview. This it one of the older, but beautiful and stately, hornet of Mt. Vernon. It wat built when 2 Itory mamiont were the style and when strength and durability were of the. utmost importance. This fine old house it at solid and straight at if it were built yetterday. It hat seven tpaciout roomt-four downstairs and, 3 rooms upttaira. The house it all modern with a gat fired hot water furnace, the best and cheapest type of heat. It hat a good, dry batameht; a neat garage; bath and a half and it located on a large corner lot in a fine retidential neighborhood but clote to town. If you need space and economy, see thit home located at 300 North 7th St. Priced at only $9,500.00. Lovely three bedroom home located at 1013 South 25th Street. A beautiful brick front that makes it vary attractive. Hardwood floors, 6 rooms, oil heat, nice garage, in Horace Mann School District. Five room home with two-two room apartments upstairs, located at 216 South 17th Street. Stoker heat. Priced to tell. Apartment income will make paymenti, Very attractive two bedroom home with very nice basement, located at 816 South 25th Street. Hardwood floors, garage, stoker heat- very low fuel cost. Priced to tell. Beautiful 3 bedroom home located at No. 6 Crownviow. large lot, fine neighborhood. Hardwood throughout, air conditioner and T, V. antenna included. Thit home it only 5 yean old and it in excellent condition. This home will give you that exclusive location at a price that you can afford, A fine 3 bedroom home located on Waltonville Road. Vh ttoriet, 6 spacious rooms and VIK acres of ground, Thit it a wonderful location for country living with all of the modern facilities of the city. Owner hat reduced (he price of this home. 3 bedroom home located at 3232 Cherry. Neat—A wonderful location in a wonderful neighborhood with wonderful neighbors and priced to tell. Many extrat. large brick heme. Thit it one of the older sophisticated homes built for both comfortable living and stability of construction. Thit house will live for years and years with little or no maintenance. If you want • large tpaciout family home, see this one, New listing: This is a wonderful buy in a modern country home, IVi stories, * rooms, 1 acre of land. , , $6,300. New listing: 2029 Casey-Andy Hall School District, stoker heat, S rooms, First class in every respect. Income Property: 2 story apartment house and I room house on tame lot. Fine property and a good lecetion. Rented. A money maker. A fine 2 bedroom house at 2203 Forett, priced at $5,700. Thit home It in excellent condition. A fine home for a tmall family or retired couple, A nice well kept modern 2 bedroom house in Bethel neighborhood. Everything ebout this home it good. It will sell far $4,200 cash or contract to right party. New Listing: S room home -llll College-Carpeted and hardwood floors-Piaster walls throughout. Excellent condition. Contract te right party. New Busintit Building listing*: 1. A new multipurpose commercial building located at 1009 S. 10th. 2. A large warehouse or mercantile k.<•'•» • — - 2. A large warehouse or mercantile business eV 51>" % uth St HERBERT E. PAGE, BROKER JAMES W. HINES, THURMAN RECTOR, JAMES CAPPS SALESMEN

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