Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 31, 1972 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1972
Page 19
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MILWAUKEE (AP) - An extortionist failed to collect the $100,000 in ransom he demanded after threatening to bomb Milwaukee's airport, and authorities speculated the plot may have been a hoax or those involved were scared off by publicity. "We didn't make any contact and we didn't drop the money," said Jon Sherman, pilot of the single-engine Cessna that apparently carried the $100,000 in small- Bomb threat fails; no money paid Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, August 31, 1972 B-5 denomination bills Wednesday night. The FBI refused to confirm existence of the money, but agents, armed and wearing parachutes, were carrying a bank bag when they stepped out of the plane during a refueling stop at Land o' Lakes, Wis. The extortionist had demanded that $100,000 be flown to Watersmeet, Mich., a town of about 1,200 residents surrounded by woods about 10 miles north of the Wisconsin- Michigan line, where he would make contact by radio and give instructions for delivery. The Odyssey began with discovery of a nearly perfect bomb device in a General Mitchell Field airport locker and a note demanding the money in return for whereabouts of a supopsed second bomb. The bomb, which officials said was complete except for explosive power, was called the work of a "real pro" by the FBI, Army bomb experts from Ft. Sheridan, 111., used a small explosive charge to destroy the device. The airport was searched three times after being evacuated, but when no bomb' was found and the ransom flight had failed to make contact, it was re-opened. An FBI spokesman in Milwaukee told the Milwaukee Sentinel the plot was either a hoax or the persons in- volved were frightened off by publicity. A second plane, a twin- engine craft, made the more than 250-mile flight and flew near the 'area as Sherman's craft flew over, calling on its radio in attempts to contact the extortionist. "We flew around the city about an hour." Sherman said. "We did everything according to his letter- followed it to the law. "I wouldn't doubt at all that he got scared off by publicity, but I think it was for real," the former Vietnam combat helicopter pilot said. "All I know is that when the bomb squad looked at the bomb at the airport, they said it wasn't an amateur job." Escapes in wheelchair COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) Two inmates, one in a whnel- chair and one using crutches, escaped Wednesday from a section of the South Carolina Department of Corrections. Rlghard E. Brogle, 26, in a wheelchair, and Richard M. Gore, 39, on crutches, signed out of the fenceless section for a walk and never returned OPEN LABOR DAY 10 A.M. TO 6P.M. OPEN LABOR DAY 10 A.M. TO 6P.M. Quality Discount, Shopping ., prices 1.1, _Q 50 Foam Cups Chair Pads Chaise Pads Nylon Cot 49c Beg 1-89 ' GLP Reg. 3.39 — - - , Crtam Foam filled vinyl. 72x20x Light, folding. 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WE HONOR ALL INltRBANK MASHR CHARGE CREDIT CARDS BANK AMERICARO V Day at the races Rep. Roman Pucinski, D-IH., and Sen. Charles Percy, R-III., left, opponents in the race for the Senate, met at the Hambletonlan at the DuQuoin, 111., state fair grounds Wednesday. Politics aside, the two men had a friendly chat. (AP Wirephoto) Fischer could wrap up chess title today By ANDREW TORCHIA REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) — Bobby Fischer was only one point from the world chess championship today, and the big question was whether he would try to wrap it up in today's game or cautiously coast to victory on two half-point draws. Fischer and champion Boris Spassky drew their 20th game Wednesday, giving the American challenger 11^ points to Spassky's 8%. A victory counts one point, a draw half a point for each player. Fischer needs 12% points to win the title and Spassky needs 12 to keep it. Victory for Fischer would take the championship away from the Soviet Union for the first time since 1946. "I think Bobby will play to win — but he is being very careful now," said Miguel Quinteros, an Argentinian master who recently joined the American entourage. Some observers say the last seven games were draws because Spassky was playing sound chess and not because Fischer's appetite for a win had diminished. Others believed that having racked up six wins to Spassky's three in the first 13 games, and one of those Russian three a forfeit, Fischer felt he would prove nothing by taking risks. If this match was being played according to the rules already adopted for the 1976 championship, Spassky would have lost his crown to Fischer on the 13th game. Under the new rules not yet in effect, draws will not count, and the match goes to the first player to win six games. The young American appeared delighted as he walked off the stage after Wednesday's draw on the 54th move. Spassky sat glumly staring at the .board for several minutes after the referee cleared away the pieces. The game had begun Tuesday .and was adjourned with Spassky in a position some experts thought might give him a victory. But after the game resumed, the champion could not find a line of play to capitalize on his placement Study shows jet noise may damage children's hearing LOS ANGELES (AP) Children attending schools near Los Angeles International Airport run the chance of suffering permanent hearing damage and are threatened emotionally because of jet aircraft noise, according to a study by the University of California at Los Angeles. The UCLA study cited examples of children responding traumatically to jet noise and reports from school officials of a greater number of fights among children at the affected schools. Also, the report said, hearing tests conducted by school nurses at Felton Junior High, one of seven schools surveyed, revealed that virtually all of the children tested had some hearing loss. The re'virt s;iid some of the si'Viois pro uTfli'kpd hv ipt nnisn r-vorv two rn'miio?— HI 3 I- i n o jt nnrpsMarv $0m"*irnos fnr tfHfhprs tfl report to iKino bullhorns to make them^ves hpurd above the scream of let engines. The study released Wednesday s;iid decibel readings on 15 school yards ne;ir the airnort ranged from 95 In 115 and from 80 to 96 in the classroom. "These noise levels Cin the clnssi'ooiTO exceed b\ far am known le";il limits for ;im otlvr i-riteri;i fur noise in houses offire.v Si'liooK work places and outdoor recreation areas." the study said The report sai<j a quiet neighborhood normally has a decibel reading that varies from 45 to 50. A 10-decibel increase represents a 10-fold increase in noise. Ail-port officials declined comment until after they could study the report. The report suggested that jetliners causing the most noise could reduce noise levels by cutting throttle settings. It urged the adoption of higher landing approaches and approaches over the ocean rather than residential areas. Hitchhiker killed after wounding cop KANKAKEE, 111. (AP) A hitchhiker was shot and killed and an Illinois state trooper was wounded in an exchange of gunfire Wednesday on an entrance ramp to Intei-statc 57 near Maim-no. The mat carried papers indicating he was Hamon Cole. James Hyan, Kunkakee County coroner, said he couM not confirm a home address or an aye. T h e trooper. William James. '\1, was reported in s.aiii-tuct'jiA condition. Stale Police Sgl. H;j|ph .Nairn said .lames asked the man for identil lent ion as Cole Mood on the ramp k> the ijilerMate highway, where hitchhiking is illegal.

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