Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on April 14, 1948 · Page 7
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 7

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 14, 1948
Page 7
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5 HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE SEVBN Heralds Homem^ert by I^Tstat^oll ^niSS^SSS ["Island" Can— CUT KITCHEN MILEAGE PICTURES ON WALL CAN TIE WITH FURNISHINGS large, old kitchen causing kindreds of extra steps in your i work? You may not be remodel your entire kitch- you long for work counter (torage space where you can and serve your family's [with less footwork. |etimes rearranging kitchen nent will make a lot of dif. Plan it so that the work from right to left. If you -handed, put it in reverse. Best Arrangement, [arrangement will be some-j I like this: refrigerator as i possible to the service door | to 5 feet of counter space to ; of the refrigerator for mix pace. The clean-up center nk and counter space will be The range with counter Ito either side, is best when j to the eating center, pu can have a "U" shaped LF.W.Norden Optometrist HE 137 WATJKON, IOWA Office Hours: v 9:00 to 12:00 1:15 to 5:00 t INGS BY APPOINTMENT dice Closed Thursday Afternoon irling & Palai iTTORNEYS-AT-LAW Over Postvllle State Bank T. OPSAHL CHIROPRACTOR flee Over Abernethy't tors: 10 to 12 and 1 to 5 Pi's, Wednesdays, Fridays |UIS SCHUTTE ^ARD SCHUTTEl »1 Directors & Embalmers lowers For All Occasions ! ieph B. Steele TTORNEY-AT-LAW Over Abcrnethy's Store Telephone No. 240 W.Kiesau, M.D. IF. Kiesau, M.D. •ver Louis Schutte * Sons h-Daily 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 ppt Friday afternoons, and Sat.—7 to 8:3(1 p. nt. L. R. TAPPAN [ Optometrist Professional Eye Care Phone 91 ELKADER, IOWA H. D. COLE [Dentist Over Citiiena State Myers r M. D. pee Over Hnebnefa Telephones: F«-W Residence 1M-X kitchen with sink at the base of the "U," you have the most ideal arrangement. However, an "L' shaped kitchen is usually a little easier to do in rearranging an old kitchen. One! Iowa farm homemaker found it difficult to arrange her large kitchen conveniently until she worked out the "island" shown above. This portable unit helps to enclose her working centers ,and to separate them from the family eating center, points out Naomi Shank, extension home management specialist, Iowa State .College. On one side the unit has sink with the range next to it and service space on the ledge above. A hinged shelf adds counter space to the side of the sink when needed. In the storage space at the back of the unit, table linens, silver and dishes are stored for convenient tablesetting. There is enough space for other things to be stored, too. Perhaps you can get an idea from this farm homemaker's plan. Difficulties are almost sure to come up when an old kitchen is remodeled. Even though an ideal arrangement is impossible, convenience is so im portant it's well worth the time to plan the best possible rearrangement. Rural homemakers spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room. ' , Shorten Kitchen. Another attractive way to shor ten large kitchens is to build a halfwall 3 to 5 feet high and 6 to 12 inches deep. The space cut off by the half-wall can be used as a family living center for eating, an office, resting or play. If you choose a deeper half-wall, shelves or drawers may be built into it to provide additional storage space. A hinged shelf at the end of a table, kitchen cabinet or across a window or unused door is another way to extend work counters where major remodeling cannot be done. Use door hinges and swinging wood brackets for supports. Then, where you have a sink or coal range sitting by itself without any counter space, make a lapboard table. Directions for making the table are available from the Extension Service, Iowa State College. If you put swivel casters on the lapboard, you can roll the extra counter space easily from one kitchen job to another. With housecleaning days, just ahead, the pictures are sure to come down off the walls. And, when you* put them back up, says Nora Workman, home furnishings specialist, Iowa State College, try some well-proved, ideas to put your pictures in the spotlight they deserve. Eye level is the best height to hang pictures, she says. At that level, they're easy to look at—and that, after all, is the main purpose of a picture. And, too, they seem to tie in with the grouping of furniture below them. Over a low piece of furniture, such as a davenport, they may even be placed slightly below eye level. Over a mantel, on the other hand, a picture may be just a little above eye level. Keep your pictures in scale with furniture size. A small picture doesn't look right above massive furniture. And a very large pic ture over lightweight furniture gives an overbalanced effect. Two or three pictures may seem to fill the area above a davenport better than a single one. But when you use several together, keep them similar in subject and coloring. Hang them in a straight horizontal line so they accent each other. Pictures look best hanging flat against the wall. To prevent tilting forward, place the screw eyes holding the wires high in the vertical part of the frame back. If the wire holding a picture forms a triangle above it, it calls attention away from the picture itself. Hang a large picture from the molding with perpendicular wires. When a picture is small, you may want to extend a wire across the back, near the top, and hang it over hooks in the wall. Always avoid tassels or other features which attract attention to visible wires. NOTICE TO BIDDERS For the third year in a row turkey growers are planning a cut in turkey production. 1. Sealed bids will be received by the Auditor of Allamakee County at his office, in Waukon, Iowa, until 1:30 o'clock, P. M. on April 16, 1948, for 10,900 cubic yards of Class "A" crushed rock on various roads of Allamakee County as follows: Franklin Township—8.95 mi. —6380 cu. yd. Post Township — 4.80 mi. —1950 cu. yd. County Trunk F — 3.30 mi. —1650 cu. yd. Union City Township—.13 mi. —920 cu. yd. 2. A certified check for 5 pe: cent of the bid, drawn upon a sol vent Iowa bank, as set forth in the proposal form, made payable to the County Auditor, shall be filed with each proposal. This check may be cashed and the proceeds retained by the County as liquidated damages if the bidder fails to execute a contract and file an approved bond for the faithful performance thereof, within ten days after the acceptance of his bid. 3. Plans, specifications and pro posal forms for the work may be seen and maj be secured at the of fice of the County Auditor or Coun ty Engineer. 4. AH proposals must be filed oh the forms furnished by the County, sealed and plainly marked. Proposals containing any reservations not provided for in the forms fur nished may be rejected and the County Board reserves the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all bids. 5. Attention of bidders is directed to the Special Provisions covering the qualifications of bidders and subletting or assigning of the contract. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ALLAMAKEE COUNTY By Keith E. Bigelow, County Auditor. April 5, 1948. Meat supplies will fall below last year's output all through 1948, says Francis Kutish, Iowa State College economist. He says the sharpest rfrop will come in the summer. unoe&yronoinQ' IOUUA cutLDfeen stonsoMD by TUC 10m cwio weirAM MSCAKCH STATIM A CHILD'S COMPANY MANNERS Soy beans planted in rows take far less seed than if drilled or broadcast. F. Schneider ETERDI ASIAN Ho.170 PoatvtUe, tew* ' Theatre BalMtsg NOTICE To All Farmers! DO NOT BE UNDERPAID FOR DEAD HORSES AND COWS OO WE ARE STILL PAYING UP TO (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) FREE GIFTS POR SMALL ANIMALS If You Want Prompt Attention More Cash and Guaranteed Service — CALL — ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville— Phone 555 — or — COLE RENDERING SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 LICENSE NO. M When we "have company for dinner, why do the children go on a tear? They never act up like this at ordinary times. Maybe it is because we also act out of the ordinary. We are more critical of their hands and faces, and their manners. We warn them to be good until they can't resist being naughty. They are over excited and show off. Or they may be so self-conscious that they back off with finger in mouth. This also embarrasses us. In, the child f,ails to enjoy family hospitality. He also may learn to feel hostile toward all adults in general. * This is too bad, for learning to meet his parent's guests is a useful part of the child's training. Family hospitality should be a happy experience, always to be remembered. There are better ways to train a child for his company manners. We may make the child feel better about the whole event. We can talk less about his bad behavior and more about the interesting time he will have. We also can make him feel important. He can help entertain and this is valuable training for a boy or a girl. It can be the child's business to meet the guests at the door and show. them where to put wraps. While mother finishes dinner, the child can show his books, his toy truck or her doll house. After that he may play a radio record for the company or draw pictures. Plans had better be talked over beforehand; If there are two children the entertaining can be divided between them. If the guests know how to talk with children, everybody will have a good time for trie few minutes before dinner. The child will feel secure and friendly. He will receive attention without showing off to get it. Not a word need be said beforehand about behaving nicely. He will have no time to be naughty. He will be too busy helping entertain the company. After dinner, of course, bedtime for the children will come soon— before their company manners wear out. Quarterly Financial Statement ' — of the — INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT OF POSTVILLE. IOWA FOR THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH 31, 1948 GENERAL FUND: Balance on Dec. 31, 1948— (Overdraft) $ 8,157.79 Receipts This Quarter Tuition $ 798.25 Surplus Equipment Sold.. 238.35 Sales Tax Refund 74.49 Miscellaneous 223.39 Overdraft $ 6823.31 Expenditures This Quarter Regular Salaries— Teachers and Janitors...'..$15,735.32 T,ist of Warrants Issued 7,922.49 Overdraft for Quarter Ending March 31, 1948 $30,481.12 List of Warrants Issued for Quarter Ending March 31, 1948: Black Hawk Sports Shop....$ 4.65 Iowa Old Age and Survivors Insurance System 166.50 Ideal Pictures Corp 15.71 Hopkins Sporting Co 27.67 Holly School Supply Co 14.24 Huebner's 6.09 Harold's Cash Grocery 111.06 Grolier Educational . Distributors 5.18 John L. Gregg & Sons Lumber Company .'. 63.01 K. T. Cook 22.20 Douglass Pharmacy 2.65 State University of Iowa 69.36 C. C. Birchard & Co 3.13 Richards Music Mart 11.61 School Specialty Supply Co.. 6.92 American Handicrafts Co 15.56 News Map of the Week Inc. 16.50 Postmaster, Postville, Iowa 1.00 Farmers Cooperative Society 872.17 Interstate Power Company 402.60 H. A. Lange 5.75 J. S. Latta & Son 52.06 Metropolitan Supply Co 144.40 J. E. Porter Corp 13.71 Postville Farmers Telephone Company 32.26 Pratt Paper Co 280.58 Quarrie Corporation 95.19 Renier's 1-93 John K. Madsen 20.75 International Textbook Co. 1.28 Hiltbrunner Music Co 30.56 Coast-To-Coast Store 5.22 Bray Studios Inc 3.70 Fellowcrafters Inc 7.34 Pigott Supply Co 9.25 Activity Fund „. 113.70 Webster Publishing Co.. Arrio Wilker Iowa State College Theo. Anderson 1.68 92.23 15.12 41.20 Louis L. Hill 372.69 Mrs. Clara Miller bW W. C. Larson, Agent 53 i°i Burr Cook 2,400.00 Fred A. Schultz 154.25 Postville Herald 31.71 Paul Sonnkalb 45.24 Geo. L. Westcot Co 29.61 Klipto Loose Leaf Co 12.53 Mrs. Ida Belle Hofer 3.16 South Western Publishing Company Scott Foresman & Co A. L. Riley Co Royal Typewriters, Inc Postville Baking Co Northwest Educational Bureau Midland Laboratories IOwa War Surplus Store; Marsh Music House Koevenig's Stores .'. Iowa Machinery & Supply Company Informative Classroom Picture Publishers Higley Chemical Co Hammond & Stephens Co. Globe Machinery & Supply Co Casten Oil Co ... Hoth Bros. Hardware Jock Beck Athletic Goods.... Arlington Seating Co M. H. Goede, County Superintendent Gateway Paper & Supply Company Home Oil Company Interstate Printers and Publishers Lvon & Healy ., Missouri-Kansas Chemical Company Nyberg's Farm & Home Supply Pratt Sound Film Service.... National Welding Co Maplewood Bookbindery .... John R. Thoreson L. W. Singer, Inc Educational Music Bureau, Inc : Ryan Visual Aids,Service.... Science Research Ass'n Mrs. Grace Klingbeil Remington Rand, Inc Houghton Mifflin Co Otto C. Sander & Son H. L. Meyer Mrs. Herman Schutta Salaries for Quarter— Teachers, Janitors, etc 15 8.35 24.01 34.87 305.24 5.80 3.00 14.50 13.64 15.30 1.03 30.70 5.67 68.04 23.78 2.32 86.80 496.08 21.56 18.50 4.90 25.73 1.50 1.82 8.50 98.76 48.22 9.22 8.82 6.92 30.00 18.72 14.32 13.41 4.02 12.64 3.95 .85 19.25 60.00 7.00 735.32 I, Keith Gray, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District, for the Quarter ending on March 31, 1948. KEITH GRAY, Secretary. Today's best buy in Postville— A Herald Want Ad. RATTLESNAKE ROUNDUP. In an effort to rid Madison county of rattlesnakes, the Sportsmen's club there will hold a snake drive in the near future and award prizes to the teams bringing in the most rattlers. FOR SALE Limited Supply of New Singer Cabinet Electric SEWING MACHINES Immediate Delivery While They Last! SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 661 Main DUBUQUE, IOWA Phone 1516, Motorists Wise— SIMONIZE! You can make your old car get the "New Look" and bring out all the lustre" it possessed when it came from the factory by having us SIMONIZE it this spring. We've had a great deal of experience in this work . . . we've satisfied many customers . . . and we've booked a waiting list, for the work this,spring. If you want to rejuvenate your car, call us and ,make an appointment for a thorough cleaning job now. We know you'll be one of our satisfied customers when you get the car back again. Phillips 66 Station niillllllllllllllllllllllllillillilllllllllliiiilliiliimilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! DANCE RAINBOW GARDENS Waterville, Iowa Wed., April 21 LES HARTMANN and His WMT Iowa Cornhuskers COMING—WED., APRIL 28 PETE DOUGHERTY'S BAND DANCE WHITE SPRINGS BALLROOM McGregor, Iowa SAT., APRIL 17 — Music By — HILL BILLY RHYTHM BOYS COMING—SAT., APRIL 24th: RAY ALTO'S COWBOYS "Better" Used Cars We have one of the finest selections of clean Used Cars in Northeast Iowa SEE US TODAY! WE BUY - SELL - TRADE 1947 Chevrolet "Fleetmaster" 2- Door — Radio, heater, driving lights, visor. Green, near new. 1947 Chevrolet "Fleetmaster,, 2- Door —Radio, heater. Beautiful blue finish; near new. 1947 Chevrolet "Fleetline Aero" 2-tone green and tan. Radio, heater, fog lights, 2 spot lights. Very low mileage; like new. 1947 Ford "DeLuxe Tudor V-8"— Maroon finish. Very low mileage; like new. 1942 Bulck "Super" 4-Dr. Sedan- Radio, heater, other extras. A- 1 condition throughout. 1942 Ford "Deluxe" Tudor V-8. 1941 Ford "Deluxe" Club Coupe. 1941 Studebaker "Champ" Tudor. 1941 Hudson "Commodore • 8" Convertible—Radio & heater. Excellent condition. 1941 Dodge Tudor; radio, heater. 1940 Chevrolet "Special Deluxe" Tudor. 1940 Studebaker "Champ" Sedan. 1938 Chevrolet Master Tudor. 1937 Ford V-8 Sedan "85." 1937 Ford V-8 Tudor "85." 1934 Chevrolet Sedan. 1935 Hudson Pickup. Jerome H.Lensing FESTINA, IOWA ONE STOP STORE SUPPLIES Make us your headquarters for Purina Chows, Sanitation Products and other chick and poultry supplies—everything you need to grow vigorous chicks. SEE US FOR YOUR BABY CHICKS Chicks that are 15" - vigorou s and hu sky [ ~ | —from inspected, high • producing ."J flocks ... that's the ?\5| kind we're selling. ; Place your order lp now so you can get |&f them when you're ||f| ready. Bred Right to lay Right TELEPHONE NO. 273 MAKE THE ?(J*ten, Sdlc mm " PURINA CHEK-R-TABS HENS LAZY? Pep up their appetites with... A ^CHEK-R-TON F I E DER • aavM food • all matal • wall built Chick FOUNTS • many state • wall built • last long YOUR STORE WITH THE CHECKERBOARD SIGN MEYER'S Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 234 Postville, Iowa

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