Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 2, 1963 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1963
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1963 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS The NIGHT, The WOMAN Bf Stephen Ransom* Copyright © 1M2,]«3 by Stephen Kimome OlitribnCed by Newipaper Enterprise Asm. XXV Blake tried the knob: it turned, but the door was locked. He knocked a third time, loudly. Still nothing — until a voice spoke unexpectedly from his left. "You're bruisin' your knuckles for nothin', brother." niake turned his head and saw a man standing outside the open door of the office. He Jean," and he wagged a hand. I can't. I have to know why." Now her eyes, still on Blake, were a little frightened. "Todd wanted mo to tell Lieutenant Barcello ... if he asked . . . that I was with you here for an hour or so last night. thai She knew he was concealing ^l' 1 * )™ n „ tchd ™? ll™L ihn iTicthing P _.. around 11 o'clock ... a id something her, that he was somehow seriously entangled in this murder case. He wondered if Barcello had questioned her and disturbed her even more. "Fix yourself a drink, kid," Todd suggested — too cordially, Blake thought—"and join the party. The judge is in bed and asleep. Ruth is still across the street. Jean and I have both was scarecrow-skinny and bald, been feeling neglected. She's He was chewing on a dead cigar and his face was scowling. "You mean Murdock's not in?" Blake asked. "Oh, he's there all right. He's there most of the time, except when he heads over to the liq- our store and right back. What I mean to tell you, that man likes his bottle. He does this every night—skips dinner and gets himself stoned, real early. Friend of his?" "That's right. He won't mind if I wake him up." "What I mean to tell you is, he's knocked himself out, but good. He'll prob'ly wake up and slug himself again a couple of hours from now, but he wouldn't be in shape to receive visitors, know what I mean? Better try again tomorrow, around noon, bc- brothcr, say fore he gets started." "Thanks." Blake left for home. The little red MG sitting out of the way in a corner of the driveway belonged to Jean. He went in and found Jean sitting in the living room opposite Todd, both with highballs close at hand. She greeted him silently, her brown eyes rounded as if startled. been waiting for you for two hours." "Almost two and a half," Jean said quietly. "Sorry, I didn't expect you. I've been working, making up the time I lost today." It was true as far as it went. On his way back from West Fernanda Beach he had stopped in at his office and had spent more than two hours at his desk, part of it at paper work, most of it in a fruitless effort to think his way past the obstacles that kept balking him He went into the kitchen with the uneasy feeling that Jean's quietness meant she had somehow grown more uncertain of him. When he came back with a bourbon on the rocks she again gazed at him as if trying to puzzle out a side of him she had never seen before. "What's wrong, Jean? Has Barcello been working you over?" "No but . . . that brings something up. Todd and I have been talking about you . . . and he made a suggestion that struck me as being pretty strange." around 11 o'clock talked with you.'' Blake turned a frown on his brother. "That wasn't smart. I' was presumptuous. If you'< mentioned it to me first I\ have said certainly not." Todd was quick to defend the idea he had already discounted. "It would be no harm. A statement like that from Jean would stand up. Barcello has no way of checking on her." "You can't be certain of that. He might find a hole In it. Then |Jean would get hurt—and the whole thing would backfire." "It's worth the risk. You need it." Not we! You! — in Jean's hearing. Todd said quickly. "Just an idea off the top of my head, "As you said at the beginning, Todd, forget it. I hope Jean will." They stared at each other in anger as Jean spoke again. "But why, Blake? Why should I need to lie?" Todd got in a quick answer. JVe'vc already accounted for ourselves. But it's a case of one (brother sticking up for another, and Barcello's taking it with a pinch of salt. That's all." "Is it, Blake? I still don't understand. Why should you have to account for yourself in the place?" Blake wondered why he didn't get up and hit that hypocritical face of Todd's. "It's because Lee overheard Val's outburst in the office. She used the words 'swindle' and 'pull the roof down.' Ho believes she was threatening me. Of course she wasn't, but he just won't let go." (To Be Continued) Jacoby On Bridge Krnl of Beautiful Bridge CJame By OSWALD JACOBV Newspaper Enterprise Assn. South managed to go down four tricks at his three spade doubled contract. He probably could have saved a trick in the piny, hut the discussion that followed did not concern itself with that. North seemed NORTH 2 4 K J 3 V AQ8Z • A843 + 86 WEST EAST an 4A802 497 V4 VKJTMTS • K •Qj»»a • AQJ10753 42 SOUTH, 4 Q1584 ¥068 4 763 4K04 Sfist uwS West YtfllncfftUft East South West North Pass Pass 14 Doable 1V Pass 2 4 Pass 24 24 34 »4 Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— ¥4 750,000 At Santa's Parade CHICAGO (AP) — Chicngo's downtown stores have officially opened the Christmas season. The State Street Council 1 staged Its annual parade Sunday and an estimated 750.000 persons were on hand to welcome Santa Claus and his team of reindeer. Santa's escort included 17 bands, eight drum and bugle corps, 60 giant balloons, 32 floats, 58 horses, four Imitation dragons and a real lion. Malaysia Is 130,000 square miles of tropic forest and sun­ drenched beach, stretched along the southern rim of the South China Sea. Farm-accident fatalities are not declining in proportion to the decline in farm population. POLICE COUNT William Johnson, colored, was fined $10 and coats by Police Magistrate Sherman Bullock on a drunk charge. Traffic fines Included: William R. Miller, $20 and costs for failure to have a driver's license; Don C. Lowery. $5 and costs for disobeying a "top sign; James A. Melton, Route 6. 55 and costs for speeding 35 I miles per hour in a 25 mile zone. "You can sure tell Christmas is coming! She didnt V_ even GROWL at usT* X IF YOU CAN REPAY $50.20 MONTHLY. 4 ^ YOU CAN QUALIFY FOR A ^ _ $1,000.00 SHOPPING LOAN FROM US! FOR FAMILY FUN you can't beat a holiday gift the whole f»mily can enjoy. New c»r, color TV, Kereo, home appliances or |yj furniihings can make youra a holiday aeawn all wilt remember. CAU ON US for the money. Ju« a glance at the chart will show you how low your payment* can be oo the amount you want. I C K Ground Floor Rogers Building 1000 Main St. Mt. Vernon Charles Dillon, Mgr., Ph. 242-0210 CASH YOU RICIIVI MONTHLY •AYMSNT NO. MO. $1000 $ 50.20 24 1200 60.24 24 1500 63.49 30 2000 73.88 36 2500 92.35 36 4000 U9.93 48 5000 129.09 60 MEMBER AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL BANKERS ASSOCIATION to think that Soutn's two spade bid was inexcusably bad and .said so in some rather pointed language. South did not really defend his two spade bid except, to point out that it had told North what to lead against West's three club contract and a spade lead would leave West somewhere between a rock and a hard place when it came to making three clubs. Furthermore South felt that the only excuse North had for going to three spades was that North wanted to make his opponents happy. The matter was referred to me as arbiter and it seems worthy of comment in this column. When someone goes down 1100 the chances are that both partners overbid, 'fids was true here. South took his life in his hands when he bid two spades, but as South pointed out, his hid worked! No one doubled two spades. Instead West went to three clubs and North could have passed, led a spade and set the hand one or maybe two tricks. How about North? His takeout double was all right, but when Eouth could not bid over East's one heart North had no excuse for any further bid. Not only was South marked with a had hand, but in addition East's one heart hid had reduced ihe value of North's queen ol hearts from two points to zero and without those two points North did not have a takeout double. So there was no excuse for North's three spade bid and the loss was due entirely to him. LEGAL NOTICES )SS. ) STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF JEFFKRSON In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. King City Federal Savings and Loan Association, a Corporation, Plaintiff, -VS.- J. J. Middleton and Katherine E. Middleton. Defendants. IN CHANCERY No. 6,<{.2t.U NOTICE OK I'KNDKNCY OF ACTION PUBLIC NOTICE OF MASTER j IN CHANCERY'S SALE STATE OF ILLINOIS > )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Circuit Court thereof Mt. Vernon Loan and Building Association, a Corporation, Plaintiff, VS. Albert Gentles and Alpha Gentles, James Ranmar, an in- j dividual doing business as Ran­ mar Standard Tire Company, Raymond York, d/b/a Oil Field Tank Truck Service, Byron \V. d/b/a Stephens Oil Stephens, , Field Service, Independent Oil The requisite affidavit for pub- Well Testing Company, a Cor- lication having been filed, notice poration, and Joanne Murphy, . r •, »M f Defendants. IN CHANCERY No. 63-20W Public Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of a Decree Is hereby given you, J. J. Mid dleton and Katherine E. Middleton, defendants in the above en titled suit, that the above suit has been commenced in the Circuit t _. Court of Jefferson County, Illinois entered by the Court in the above by the said plaintiff against you entitled cause on the 31st day of praying for the foreclosure of a October. A. D. 1963, and there- certain mortgage made by you as after filed in the above cause on mortgagor, to King City Federal November 1, 1963, I, Demetri Savings and Loan Association as Hassakis, Master in Chancery of mortgagee, conveying the premis- the Circuit Court of Jefferson es situated in Jefferson County, County. Illinois, will, at the hour "Holding o Candle" The expression "can't hold a candle to you" alludes to the typical apprentice or boy servant in England who was given the task of holding a candle while his master read books. AN IDEAL GIFT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! BIGGEST EVER! DECEMBER C Of Our Entire Stock Of A-1 Used Cars ONE WEEK ONLY STARTING DEC. 2 HIGHEST TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE PLUS EVERY CAR PURCHASED WE GIVE YOU FREE 50 GALLONS OF GAS Illinois and described as: Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon; Also a certain tract beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, thence West to the Western Boundary of Lot Twelve in Block Six in Samuel K. Casey's Third Addition to said City of Mt. Vernon, thence North 82 feet, thence East to the Northwest corner of said Lot Two, thence South on the Western Boundary of said Lot Two to the place of beginning; Also a track beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, running thence west to the Western Boundary of Lot Twelve in Block Six of Samuel K. Casey's Third Addition to the said City of Mt. Vernon, thence South to the Southwest corner of said Lot Twelve, in Block Six ot Samuel K. Casey's Third Ad dition to the said City of Mt. Vernon, thence South to the Southwest corner of said Lot Twelve, thence East to the Southeast comer of Lot Elev en in said Block in said Third Addition, thence in a Northerly direction along the East line of said Lot Eleven to a point 20 feet West of the place of beginning, thence East to the place of beginn ing; All of said premises ly ing and being in the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, that summons was duly Issued out of said Court against you as provided by law and that said suit is still pending. Now, therefore, unless you, J. J. Middleton and Katherine E Middleton, the said defendants, file your answer to the complaint In said suit or otherwise make your appearance therein, in the of 11:00 o'clock a. m., in the forenoon, on Tuesday, the 17th day of December, A. D. 1963, at the South Front Door of the County Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, sell at public vendue to the highest avid 1 best bidder or bidders, the following described real estate and premises, to-wit: Tract 1: Lots Thirty-one (31) and Thirty-two (32) except 140 feet off the North ends thereof, in Gibson and Si rat tan's Oak Ridge Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, being a part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 29. Township 2 South, Range 3 East of the Third Principal Meridian. Tract 2: Beginning at the Northwest corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter ot Section 6, Township 3 South, Range 3 East of the Third Principal Meridian, running thence South along the West line of said Quarter Quarter Section, 260 feet, thence East to the West line of Ralph Melton's Second Subdivision, thence North along said West line to the North line of said Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, thence West along said line to the place of beginning, containing 2 acres, more or less, except all coal, oil, gas and other minerals underlying surface thereof, together with the light to mine and remove the same, All situated in Jefferson County, Illinois, together with all improvements and appurtenances thereon, subject to all taxes both general and special already levied or hereafter to be levied and subject to the Equity of Redemption. TERMS OF SALE: Cash fail ] said Circuit Court of Jefferson hand at time of sale. I County. Illinois In the Court Said sale and all my proceed- House in the City of Mt. Vernon, ings in this matter are subject to ! I Illinois on or before December the approval of this Court. 27, 1963, default may be entered Bidders are advised to consult against you and each of you at the Decree in the above entitled any time after that day, and a cause from which my authority 1 1 decree entered in accordance is derived, with the prayer of said complaint. Dated at Mt. Vernon, Illinois Dated this 22nd day of Nov- this 25th day of November, A. D. Unheard Of Bargains - Here's Just A Few: ember, 1963. JERRY B. GOTT, Clerk of said Court By: Eunice Lane, Deputy (SEAL) DAVID E. FURNALL Attorney for Plaintiff 101 Stumpp Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois. 1963. 1962 Ford Galaxta 4-dr. B-cyl. aummatli $1895 1962 Falrlano 4-dr, 6-cyl. automatic 149S 1961 Marcury 4-dr. automatic, factory air 1695 1961 Ford 4-dr. 8-cyl. automatic factory air 1961 Ford 2-dr. 6-cyl., radio, healar 1961 Volktwagen 2-dr., radio, healar 1961 Naih Amarlcan, 2-dr., htatar .... 1961 Comtt 2-dr., daluxt, automatic 1595 1145 1145 595 1295 1960 Ford 4-dr. 6-cyl, automatic 1960 Ford 2-dr., 8-cyl, automatic 1960 Ford 4-dr., 6-cyl, radio, htatar 1959 Ford 2-dr., 6-<yl, automatic, 38,000 mlltt 1959 Ford Calaxia 500, 4-dr., 8-cyl, automatic 1959 Chavroltt Balair 4-dr., 6-<yl., radio, htatar 1095 1959 Ford 6-cyl, 4 -dr., ovtrdrlvt 945 1195 1959 Mtrcury 4-dr., 8-cyl, radio, htaltr 845 895 1958 Ford Fairlana 500, 2-dr., 8 -cyl. automatic - 7** 945 1956 Uncoln 2-dr., fully touipptd > Wl 1957 Ford 4-dr., 8-cyl atandart), radit, 114!. htatar - •»* 1953 Dodgt 4 -dr., 8 -cyl 195 845 1951 Dodgt 2-dr., 6-cyl, Uandard .. M LOW BANK RATES-LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS ON THE SPOT FINANCING H0UHAN MOTOR CO STATE OF ILLINOIS Your Friendly Ford Dealer 215 NORTH 10th STREET MT. VERNON COUNTY OF JEFFERSON PUBLICATION NOTICK In the County Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. To: Thelma Britton, West Liberty, Iowa. Take notice that on the 2nd dav of December. A. D. 1963 a petition was filed by Jay B. Stringer, State's Attorney, in the County Court of Jefferson County to have a certain child, named Curtis Eugene Palmitcr, declared DEMETRI HASSAKIS Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. Ml. Vernon Loan and Building Association, a Corporation, , Plaintiff 12-91 JOHN A. KIRK Attorney for Plaintiff ^ First National Bank Building )SS. Telephone: 242-0705. 12-9 NOTICK OF LOTTING. Sealed Proposals will be received in the office of the County Superintendent of Highways until 3:30 p.m., December 4, 1963 for furnishing fleet insurance required by Jefferson County Highway Department, and at that time publicly opened and read. Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by the County winch may be obtained at the office of County Superintendent of a delinquent and to take from Highways and shall be enclosed you the custody and guardianship • in an envelope endorsed "Fleet of said child. Now, unless you appear witliin 15 days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken (or confessed and a decree entered. LESTER F. DAVIS, Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County. Illinois. Dated: Dec. 2, l.%3. Insurance-Proposal." The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities. Proposal guarantee will not be required. November 26, 1963. By Order of JEFFERSON CO. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS By Jack K. Trotter, Superintendent of Highways 12-2 ' Now to Progress... After-Thanksgiving Glens • Fur - Trimmed Coats • Un-Trimmed Coats • New Fall Suits Costume Suits NOW OFF .476 New Fall Dresses » Junior Dresses - Sizes 5 to 15 # Petite Dresses - Sizes 8 to 18 • Misses Dresses - Sizes 8 to 20 . Half-Size Dresses-Sizes 12!4 to 22V4 NOW OFF Sheer Wools! Crepes! Silks! All Colors! OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 8 P.M.

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