Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 12
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;ii>^(?^ ^^^^^^ §i^pty vThe.Engineer Who Installed Our City Pl^t Writes of C.^ ! (he Changes Necessary to Bring It Up to Date. '(Editorial Note:: In'view ofj the vep- general interest In the ques j tidn'of lola's water Supply brought out |jy the report of the StKie Moaril ',>of Hdallb as recently; published tli^ these columns, the; Register has aske<i •. Ji. E. McDonnellj the engjn^i iibiite » series of article* on va '(iiates to the condition*; in lola. md-ls 'entitled, "HoW Good Hi-iil ^,The statement .is fiiequcntly niaj that inoney cant buy KOOC I healjh. arj- abli- to report exit' Thi«i is not ehtlroly true todiy. for hamplos taken daily ins ^•hlle health itself can't be i Uoug|it. week. TJii' avcraKi- r who installed,our city systoin. to (;on •lous of water purificattoii a.s it.y This is the third a liilf of st-rii' h .Ma}» Be Purrhased." maney and ican' buy pr 'effixiient. orKimlzatlOn ventlon . f roni (jiKcasi' Hand fnfectioii, which is in th*' ••nt], he name as'pi^rchaslng health. Tbe good i resiUts obtained f In ^ony other istateK in health AiOrk. ii;ove that the safegbanling of' the labile health Is-worlh all it <:0.'jt.s &nd the investnienl of a few thoii- Hand dollars in jpublic liealih jlcr^ ibrings larger t-eturns -than / piost any other inyestiui-iit that could be made. .[,'After observing the workings of :|(be Various State Boards of Iloahh throughout the United States, es- j jpecially in the protection'of wat- ! cf supplies, it; seems'almost i.nbe- jlievable that Kansas :With its great JKcaltb and • endless rp.spurcijs, should '4 )6 jvitbiout eitrier. ade(|uau> jlawB. or perhaps it (s lack of en- jfbrcemenf. or money for taking tho precautionary ';nu'th<Hls i that cilh<T Istates take in-salVgu'unling publii- jhealth. ; ' . ''• - Kansa^ has intra-.sJaie streams ilhat are used for public water sjip- [plies; many of tliese are u.sed' leiie.^ with modiM-n purification plants to report cxi-ellent on th<' ifiHlead of ea(tll lurliiditv D 'f the basin water ai Jolu i.n 10 aiidj top water \'i parts piT iiiiilion, as di 'tr'nnlh <:d by 'ail sanipl -s suli- mitti'd this -!itf. The tiirtiiility father ° more thjin li:icteriol<igii-al ti 'StSiHliow tlie 'need of filtration for lola. At the iTTes -nt liiiii- the fo ^lijw- iiig cities' are disrha'rgini; ti-cated sewage into the .\eoslu) rivi-i-'above lola -- -Mariim. Totloiiwood F'alls. Florence. I'eabody. ( i>uncil Ciriiv Ktiiporia, and Biirlin ;ton' and this fact alone should bf jijstify IMa taking a tionary moa.sures known to ensin-i oering science to mak,' ilii' warer; sat'*- at all times. Sikty out of th>>' 2 ."i water supplies oij Kansas arr ' surface su)>plies and all of thesi sixty fcitie.s.. using surfaot- siipplii'sij <iav(} installed filter.^ ixcoptingji sevp>i towns, and it is llicl'efore^ : JUIMiMf. 1^ I'll « •Mar. '7.—3if: pioid Airs. Jlifa Aa- drufs'spent Sunday afterndon'at Hafry Boeken'sj I ; I Bert Scars visijted Friday i night andj Sattirdiiy at Ros& LAver',s. .Mrs. Fursniad ftud "Mrs. Lhther- maii aad childh/n .spent Sunday eveiiing at the hojmc of Fred Fisher, i I Mr. and Mr.-i. Ohas. Bceman and family spent Sunilay" with .Mr.'and •f.\irs. llarri.son Bland and family. \ .Mr. and Mrs. Harold Butts and fnmily spent Sunday afternoon at f.loiiii Zinimfrmairs. ; ..loliu Coykendall-was In lola and I , LaHarfA- "Friday. ' . i .Mr. and .Mrs. K. L. (iibson and Virgil spent Thursday at John i (iihsiin's. j I Mr. aiid .Mr.x. join Zimmerman ; vi.^ilt-rl at. John y.l|iipir!rm^ I clay. .Mr. ami Mrs.! Iwialtor .latikson. with Mr. S. Bacon' and Bacion- > move IneasI^ _ „ 'Mrs.] iE. boys helped Fnknk Tuesday, .aiarch 1. . .VIrs. Inez Gibson vigited orer the week eiid with | her mother. Mrs. James *Russel. of Cbanute. • Mr. aiid Mrs." Bacon visited their sou.'Charles, and wife last Friday. '; Kd Fiirstnan ate supper with Mr. and Mr.s.j xXi'thtir liricson Siin- day evening. ' Mrs. K. S. Bicon and diildren spent Sunday at her brother's, Mr. and family of Els- Price; iliipifirnian's'.Mon- sufflcientj to f the precau-| j Hazel. l-JIm;). l£uliy i|nd Knsse). Mir. and .Mis. Kil U'iiiii.-; and (iuy and Clinton Itiick'^r (if; liuffalo ;wi:rt' Sunilay diniii-r gUcsts at leaver, lionii'. i j -Mr.-ami .Mr.-:. Marlow and'; chil- ilnij were afti-riioOn callers at tlie l.aver lionic. • • U'li. .laik.-on caliitd on Uaymonil i;i!>.snn Sunday in<>rniug. .Mr. ;inil .Mrs. ii-ka Plicobeu* and (liiiPSlii.T. 'riielma.i ofllumboldl. u-ir<- siippi-r giifstLs at the Harold I'.iiirs lionic Sund .xvi evening. • .Nila -N'adint''(iiliwo^i spent Thursday iiv^ht wirji .Miirarai'eti Laver. Mr. I,. tovk;Iii.s nuitli- I r. Mrs. .lohn (liii.^oh. tO; lola Sat- iiriiay afJcrnoDii td visit his niei-.e. A Raw, Sore Throat seen; that lola is ime iif Hie I'-w towii.s in Kansas usiiis. a surfiiii-"; supijly and still d( i)tiMlin;; upon its! settljng bas<ins and clilorinatioii. This; econo ny has lioi-n jiisiified; , in thV past due in a iiieasuri' to tlif '"^ ; Iiif;h: lax rate. Imt wlieri- safety of. Klmer more. Mr. and Mrs. Tom .Marlow entertained the following guests with an oyster siippqr Sunday evening:. and "j.Mrs. l.,ayer and fainily, .Mr. and' Mr.sL "Walter Jackson Hazel, Ruby, and Rus.<iell. -Mr. am .Mr.s.i Kd ^T'ade and Cluy and ("III ton Rijcker. Riley Low. jwho lives north, of Broiison spent! Saturday nli?ht with hi; coijsin, E. S. Bacon and family. \ \ .Mr. aid .V^r.s.K. L. Giiiion. Nila .Nadine. Corwin and Virgil spent Sunday at Fralnhj Uibson'si • EOS little ;sp<)t ht^althii a. dumping place for s .nyage. sat- ,„.,j,„ _.,„,, ^bage, oil well wastes, an.l al starts f;„„iiv is conc.-rtird it lof and It is extremely ,m- ,,,^,.,iaps fals • egouomv. to th.-ii Ipprtant that Kansa .s be provided !3 'i 'lJT .i'll''„Kl!''^l "J."'.'T...!'"^^^^ I"":i'y MuestJonal.le. ' I'ure Water is all it costs, i .it jiives everj'one a Rri-at .T ffi-l- I li,, ' ing of si -ciirit.v. It is the biggest!: j asset nny'conimunily can have. Tliel! health of a coininuirjty is in din'<-t'| and jfunds whereby laws.may li, llorced and Ihesedstreanis. as 'as inter-state streams . that the en- well a r< •used for drinking water, may jsafegilarded. •" Tj 'phold is a t .iireyenloble dis- lease, prevented by -the. ordlnary jprecaJiiioti in sanitary measurt ^st ;but ttie most-.Hiii-cessfIII work in ilirevij^nting typhoid is'to takir the Jiroper steps before iip outbreak of typhoid nc<-iirH. by wiitcliltig Willi iVlRllunce, Hie iiiirlly \>t tin- water jfiiipplles of the s((il<-. TyplioliI' Is- a water borne di.s- lenn.' and KtailstlcK sjiow -iliiit np ratio of till- purity of its wat 't sup- 1 ply. tlierefori' ;:ooil lii '.'iltli, >-;iii ptiri-liasfil Iiy tlir evpi'iiilii 'iiic dfi Hie iiiMi'Mvjii V MCir .y .!(( iU'l.'ill j iiioil >-rii waifr pjiririiatioii .pl ;int. j PLEASANT VAIXEY (C. i;. Itirkih's.T) ,M:ir. 7. This spriiir, worlt is ;;i >l tlUK iiiiiliT way. .Mr, .l.oit lias ;i —NJC.\. X< Oilcutis l;iiii;iu Tills leiiiarkatile plio !of ;raph iiir .-lit he titled ••Ocalhs Kii:.-in|i." ll pictures the grewsome atteruiath of a battle loUKlit 'liy .Niiara- j^liaii l.ilx-rals and (.'otiservativcii at Pearl Lagoon. Tin; l.odw -s <l .•'.oil di-a«t. froiii both sides, were placed on one miifral pyn-. A solitary Liberal .•^yiniiatliizer is shown viewing the btcnc alter the lluan-s iiad done their work. it'll t F.iirly eliis.- ll'•i^•ll !M .l•.^ jirOXlnHltely seventy per cent of alljli !<i' fl"ld of oiltH '?ioW('il. • Si 'Ver.'ll .pyplioid Is frueealile to Impure wa'- are iitejiarliin their gioiiiid ti.i sow ! ti'i- Kiiiiliiij \l:c.\iil . ' W. \\ lllilll-i Kraiiic,'"! "'lO 'lly l-rn.s ;,t , ier, the jinUiiice tnieenlile tci |iii|iiii-e pnllk, flies, t^-plioi|l carrli-rs. and :diier soiircei*. jif there is any reason to siispeei hi' impurity of Avater, provision !»iheuld bf» niadif for properly an- ffljyzing nnd tesflng water supjilies jprevioiis to anj: outbreak (if an epidemic, for once an I 'l'ldeniic does occur, it fretiiiently ,re(|uires jyears to wipe.out the eftVcts. alfalfa. Tlie farm women arelool;- liiK Ilii'lr ii;jrd<'ii'i nvcr and .svitip); iniiiliutors -i\\\t\ lifiiii. So sjiiiimi IlllIRl be liei-e. Kd Welding anil family :u<^ now lilrely loi-al'-.l On tlitir farm liei'e. having . ipiivc'l jlii re from t;riilley., Kaiis. -'rill' Wi 'liliiis ;iri'-on I'ilioiie lili"- .\o. !tl.'.-12 out of lola. -.Mr. and .Mrs. .\rlliiii- Holib li:iv<v moved to the .Mrs. Ildiry I'tnkiin It Is iiot enough to send a sam-jiiirni on lola Route 2. s:i'ii| ;il l'!irl\li lor Imirdin; pli '. I liiillt;) on lii Lin^i hei •• *ii. .mil .VIr • : fl'ii ';i .'i-vi-; ihnuriiti I- \i Ifii.i, Mr. ;iiiil .Mr V.'i lil'-ii .iii'd l.aliv ^oii mill il.iiii'li- .iiiil o'.ir old I'.'il ;iiii| iM|i!i<>(\-. \\. iiMiii,-i 1 1,1111. I of liiiyanl ^rii' .•-'iiinlji.v >l-llors at ili'i' I'l-i l;ilii^i I', lioiii' . Till'. »iil>;- li.iil ,1 Hire IclliT fi'oiii .1. .\. ililiiii .Mil'1.son. lor- lii'il; of lull, bill now ilvlli;; at Laii'^iiif. Kaiis . \\liiTi' hi- i-* ;i KU .inl ;il III'- • i:i!.' |'n-ilili'Uli:ii * \\:. ,\!oi : i .1 11 ,--)n>. Ill' liKi •. Iii'-: work liiii' .iiiil ih.-ii *llii-y li;ivi- liiiiit ',1 .1 i;ii • lioiii.- tliiri': tliat liili!i I K; :III I Mr . .M<!i:isMn AV WI -M and II al .1 :1 -Iw iUiir s"ii. . is in S' liool mill li:i- a Jiiip-'l- lo'ilo \v|iir!i cases q-iickly \:\vn you apply a| Mu ,tiTi.Ic. 11 r-^ii'-trawitotliesori V ith a (Tciit le t imdo, lir .isciis tlie c<i lionand(lraw -;i >i ;f thcsoreiiissaii(> pain and v.iin't blister like the old-fasliiotied mustard pl.nstcr. MusterJ I C is a dean. v.Iiite ointment , madcv.itiioilof mu.itard. Brings buick relief from sore throat, broiiciutis ton: sillitis, croup, stiJf neck, asthma neu- mlKia, headache, craigcstion, pic irisyj rheumatism, lumbaijo, pains and iches cf thD Ixick or joints,; sprains, sore mu.sclfs,l)ruLscs.chiJblains,frostc( feet, colds on thy chest. j To Mother*: Maiterole is aho i made in form for babie* and small children. Aik for Children's Muatorole. Jars & Tiibes 1 \\i-i<; (!i'o(-g.- \i :isiitiir!..ii .i and 'riiiiiii :is .liif<i;!oi» m , i; .-;i .> . . Kd lollin-jill,.,- W;,-l,ji,;.|i,|l ll till- III'- lili'li y. ll. ;.. I, li,: , v , iM-foile liJH d.-atli, .'111 > u. :'. 'i BetUr than a mutant piatt Persii tent coughs and colds lead to scriiiiis iroultlf. You can stop them now ^vith Creemul.'.ion, an emulsified creopole that is pleasant tti take. Creo- niulsiun j.s a new' medical discovery witli tw>-fuld action; it soothes and til t intiamed inemLranes and inhibits g< mi gniwlh.' Of all knim-n drugs, creosote Ls rec- ognizi ll by high medical authorities as one of. t le greatest healing agencies for jiersi.«leAl coughs and colds and other forms of throat troubles. Crcomulsion rumainsi in addition to creosote, other liealing ^l^ments which soothe and heal liie infef-ted membranes and stop tlie irritation and inflammation, while the rrirnsotcigoes on to the stomach, is ab> ForlH'd into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the perm.s Ovoniulsion is guuranteecl fsatisfar- ; li.ry ,iii I tlic tr'-atment of' j rrsi.stent \ I ini(;l;» pud colds, hriini'liiul asiliiiia,' I hriiiiiiliil ^H and 'Oltier Juriii.-. lA r»^pira- I t"iy |Ii^e.:^•y,anll !•<••xi ->lli-iit I it build; ii';: up |l"' sy'leiu.ullir ruldi or Hu. j Mmii-y II-IIIIIIIKI if any riiiigl: or< iilil.i?! I not rclii-jvi-i! ufli-r l'.i>.itiK a<ri.rdiii|; to i i!in-r(ii.ii-i. AiL yourdiuK^fist. (advt) MONEY! , Mapy sales and small profits—that'a Wr wlay of doinff business, You get ab- solutcfly dependable merchandise and you buy for less. Ask any one of thej beds who buy here! Siiits H<> weeklv to the state laboratory 1 John Jaclison. (•<iniiie I'unniiiA:- '''I''"* ''''' ^- • • for analysis, ft a bad condition of j ham aiid the Kyler brothers hav.-,'""'' _ ^ ^. water occurs the daniage is done I |),.cii iiauliuf; saw Iocs to the Spur-' I'"' I'-^visiip '; before the result of an analysis is ; K,.„U saw mill the last week. ' i f'r-<i-U In Id ns ni'.iiin,' lino.wn. I Skinner brothers threshed kafii ; the I:, iilii.-.r hoim. M. v.d:,v^o^^^ • Last, year lola .sent in id spl.-i of, corn for the Colgin brotliers lli:> A. T. Ilallai.l lrii:i s w. '"'I''" BamplM of water for analvsi.s. IS'; , last week. .pViii' as i ••.•a-iifr an.I \\ - i-'-^i provine ex -c,ellent. :!0f- pood, -H';! .Mr., and Mrs. Braun were .-liop-i Ht'i!;'- ^'-i" M'-nison .- pia.e .i^ •falr ^rlllf doubtful. So far ihisipinf* ii^ LaHarpe Friday. | i iljirk- •year of the samples.; sent in two(. .Merritt Hewlett iias started oil' ! • sret-e doubtftif and bne was bad. This is a fine showing for any plant without a filtration jsysteni'. However, the times of r^oubtfiil Cattottses his round of assessing Deer ("reel j" township, and then* is no use toL . argue 'with llevletl for he caii^ jionie nearer telling you what voiij Quick, safe, sore relief ftom quality and ot bad nnality may be;arp worth tlibn vou can ever .guess.: ' ' " jretpnved; entirely. ; jParsons has.i .Mr. and jllrs. Ai-thiir Robi) and never had a condition or period of ^oiibtful or b^d water since its son. Tony, were Sunday evening , . ... caljlers at tlije parental Robii honie [ine*. filtration plant was put inMn jLallarpe. servjce four years a^o. ' Some ctl-; Ed Wijlden is iinloadiiil; a 'car of I painful callouses on the feet. At oil ilrug and ihoc aorts mScholTs TAno-pads naoiwon— llu fMin iSjSonc THE OPINIONS OF DISTRIBUTORS AND USKRS ('o.v Grain f^i., Moraii. IC.ins. Uentlemen: We have liandli •ll your-line of piiallry ami daily ll r-ir 111" pasi year, and are pleased to say that It is the must salisfaciory line of tinN we hav.- ey ^r bandied. We have had no <>om,plaints from our ciistoiiiers iiiid wi- haV" no r.roiilil.- in holding acMistomer to these feeds after we have si >li| liliii (jtiee. We ran In ai lily, ni- oniinend yi(ii>' f.'eds to any lli'iiler or ii-nr. i FARMKRS- llespei Cox iraln .Co.i.Moraii; Kaiis. 1 fully. I'NKl.V CODPKRATIVK IICKI.NK.^S ASS.V. Per 'I'lio.t. .Murray. .Mi-T.. Colony. Kain.' ! (|ientleltien,' III ieply li» yolir IlKllllry we are pleaSeiNo llifoiiii you ihal we liave beeii well jileaHid wllli ilu- li»ii*lllng'of your f Is, Wi- have n.yi r " I IHIH II I -.I a Miie of feedHlhiit liiM as eompli'li ly Hiillnlleil nil our ir.'idi' a'l CIIN ''!S . W< I I:IV.- iioi tniiud It • necexMary. .tills heasnii., to 'iloi^i' any ••OI I H T lii aiiiN of Poiill r.\ .I'ml - ii- |I;,M; pnn- tlcally no i-.ill for aiiyllilii); iH le. Voiir Chirk yiailir .iiiii (^liliK Sii.ilili I;MIM|I I I I I I V your, feeds last Mea '.on ihati, of any lir;iiiil WI 'I KIN" evi -r ind expect to do evi 'ii a lai'i :i -r luiviiii'>i ilii^ ••i':i':oii. fill the bil). Wi. solil imir-.of sold tliroiiuh the iliUU season lt<'speelfiilly. T.WI.OI! K- LAICIILI.V. Monm. K.iii i .Mr. Thos. .Murr.iy. Mcr. Farmeii's I'lilon. Colony. Kans. Dear Sir: 1 Have used Cox's line of feeds, same as you are silling, for lli'l' last year and am .sirOiiuly in favor of tliein. In fact. I Ijave no reason lo ehaiici' on any of lln'" kinds fed aii<l lijive had Iwtter suceess with ('ox's Biitlennilk Chirk SUirlvr ilian any I have ever nsed.jand eau liiclily °rei'iininiend ;it to all poulrry raiser.s. Very truly vours. | MUS. SCOTT UKITKIJ. C.-loiiy. Kan-^. ' FOR SALE BY McKinnfr Feed Store, lola. Craufre Supply, IInmboldt. . .' Qualify Electric Hulcherj. Gas."' A. T.'Tipple & SpAs, KImliiill. C«r Grain ('ompa>i}'< Moran. Taylor & Laughlin* Moran. ;Koran Mercantile |Co., Moran. Cox Grain Companr, El-xmore. -A. t'. Tipple & Soiis, Eliunoiie. rjteklon's, Storif, Elsmore. . Farmers' l-nlon, SnTonburg. • Hamllinn Elt^-lrle.lnrubntur.nnd Hatchery, Gnrnett. • . - I Smith's SforeJ Saronhiirir. (•Non .Mercantile (ompiiiiy, .Savopbtirt;. ' ilNon .Mercantile Company. Stark. Kronvon (•raiti Ctimpati.v. iSroiison. I'nltintown (.niin Company. Cnioutonn. , l> I.. Knnkel.iKedtielil.. , Farmers' Cnt<>n, Colony. AV. I'. Gadelnian. Guriielt. I'l(|ii» (•'rain <;onipHiiy. I'iqtiii. 1,. I". Nelmiin.Piipiii. . S. K. Scott. .Sposho Kalis. llensley ftrosiiis. Kincald,'auil Mildred. Farmer's rrtlon Produce Ctiiii|muy. Blue Moiiiid. Manufactured By HAVE IT Hart Schaffner CLOTHES ARJE CORRECT To the Smallest} Detail And We Are Able, to Give It to You Prices Are Most Reasonable, too , $39-50 to $49-50 Other New Style "^i^^^g Suits $20 toS. See the New STETSON HATS $7.50 Bostonian Shobs and Okfords {>dall 'ieNe"w Wilson Bros. SHIRTS ! ! • . Globe Glo. Co. Ydirn aitpreciale our low prices.on ..Men's .Suits. The younij men's siiils at lo S2l".r)» are full of (lash and pep—"ifuJiranlfed 1(10 percent all wool—in new, lieautiful sprinjr dcsijjns and blue., double fireastfd. Ai Wonderful .Assortment of New Uresis to $6.50 Noii'll fWifl i\ very <oniiiIe(e slock of trousers here. .An iTt .ll! ss y; ;i(j•» of palterns at any price you wish -i -<:!.i>:>. .'^•.•;..'i>.', .S-"vS''» and up. Not 2 c »r ;! iivyour size <o cht;os'!' from, hut :i jrreal many. Hundreds of thein have arrived thi.-^ week—(he New Sprinjf -H- • 9Se to .A tremendous assortment of wonderful crispy, j new Shirts for; men or boy.s—new fancy designs or plain white. Kvery shirt «i:ua ran teed not to fade. Ifs a pleasure ft) buy one here where you have so many to pick from. Endicotl-.Iohnson Shoes are built of .solid leather; bylthe world's l>isi!iest shoe makers.. We guarantee every pair to be perfect or a new p:iJr fix'e. MEN\S SPRING OXrORDS S:J.95 and $4.95 New rich shades of tan or black calf—genuine Cooilyear welt soles. The styles and low prices are certainly appeaiin.i,'. ' Men's 2:20 weiirhl Overall.s or .Jackets .._98c Full cut Work Shirts «9c and :.._._59c _ The .Slorc Thol .Sells For less. h,de .S,,nare tola. Kansas HJ -I •I ..r :-;..a#

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