Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 31, 1972 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1972
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

CAMPUS CLATTER By Lurry Lewis today's FUNKY AMANDA PANDA Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, 31, 1972 B-3 By Marcia Course To MAKE A'Z? CLOVER, PUSM AN'IST'OVER. rmse EVERVONE SPECIALIZES DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer By Bob Weber /IT'S ABOUT TIME VOO HAD (THE NEWSPAPER OEUVERBO TDYOUfcHOME! ©wz ir XAJAM0T BEING SELFISH. MOOSE* Today's FUNNY- *HI pay $1.00 for each original "funny" tiMd. Send gaa> to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 Weil Third St., Clevctond, Ohia 44113. KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andnola THE WIZARD OF ID Bj> Parker and Hart FIX MEACOLPTOWEL.' WITH THAT ON MY ACHING HEAP ANP AN ASRRIN PIET, 1 MAY "LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER CAY"/ RIGHT ON.' HOW ABOUT A STRONG LINIMENT BATH? EXCUSE ME, MR. DRAKE..ER.. I KNOW.. WHAT YOU WANTEP ME TO FINP OUT, BUT I COULPN'T PHONE.. WITH WRft IN THE HOUSE/ NOT AS MUCH AS THE MUGS WHO DIP THIS THOUGHT, HANA.' IEFTV/.. WHAT HAPPENEP TO YOU? By A. LEOKUM HOW DOES A HELICOPTER WORK? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes), SMIDGENS By Bob Cordray I PHONE,SMID6E! J YOUR BROKER WANT5 TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT 6OME KINO OF SHELTER «.o m ton. H_» •>», TIGER By Bud Blake WHAT YOU POIN6, JULIAN? FK06ASLY TWO HOURS THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman HOWrVREYOU ENJOYING THE MEAL MR. MAXWELLS ...THESE APPETIZERS ...MW?..REALLY HIT THE SPOT.' Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: TERRI CULLEN, 13, Windsor, Ontario, Canada A helicopter can fly in any direction. It can go forward, backward, to the side, or straight up. It can even hover over a single spot. Here is how this is done. As the rotor blades of a helicopter slice through the air, the air beneath the blades has greater pressure than the air above them. This pushes the blades up and creates lift. So the helicopter can go straight up or down or hover over one spot. The amount of lift can be changed by changing the pitch of the blades. By turning the blades so that they move through the air at a sharper angle, the push of the air from below will be greater. The pilot also has a cyclic stick or go stick. He moves it in the direction he wants to go, and the helicopter flies that way. The cyclic stick works by changing the pitch of one blade at a time as it passes one side of the . helicopter. This means that one side of the disc — the circle made by Hie whirling blades — has more lift than the other, and the disc tilts.. When the disc is flat, the helicopter hovers because all the lift force is straight up, keeping the helicopter in the air. If the disc is tilted, most of the force is still up, i keeping the helicopter in the air, but some of the force pushes slightly forward, backward, or to the side, and the helicopter moves in that direction. Most of the helicopters built in the United States are used by the arnied forces and by police forces in big cities. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Mom: Why does the lettuce you washed taste so funny? Jane: I can't imagine, I used plenty of soap and water! Swimmer: Are you sure there are no crocodiles in this water? Camper: Positive!" The sharks scared them all away. RIVETS By George Stxta, SHORT RD3S By Frank O'Neal QUINCY IT'S PART SKILL AMP OF 'EM ir WANTS TO I. PL A/ HOOK/ ...FIRST YOU 60ITA FlMP A SCHOOL OF FISH. THEM... ; HOW ARE YOU GETTIN' THE R8rt TO BITE. SO GOOP? ...WHEM YOU PROP YOUR BAIT IrtTO IT... VOLT RE LUCKV IF... ALWAYS SOME THINS T'00 THERE'S NOTHIN'TDC WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli IWDNPER...IF I COULD VCTE IN THE ELECTION... True Life Adventures HENRY By Carl Anderson b.t*fi& HOW MUCH DO YOlJ LOVE ME HENRY r AMI? THKOW THINGS ATT THE%QT7V' By Sidney Uinarr LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Your Horoscope By Ted Shearer THE TRICK BOX LIASNODWRE6 Copy these letters on a piece of paper. Say to your friend: "I challenge you to use them all to spell a single word". The trick is to just speJl: "A singe word". Win The New Book of Knowledge yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, lo: '"Riddles. Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip t'odc. Today's winner is: TRINA ALLEN, Woodford, Va. Telegraph Want Ads Work FORECAST FOR FRIDAY "People with the sun in Leo are not only strong themselves, but shed this Mrcngth on others, it is the magnetic of slani . . . perhiips in eonsequeru'e of ihis. the disposition is usually masterful and may possibly, in Mime fuses, become almost tyrannical." — livungeline Adams. ARI1CS (March ^1-April 19): Restlessness can prove cosily. Oruanlie thoughts. Don't scatter energies. Draw bead on ultimate goal. Discard outmoded concepts. Shake off tendency to stick to only one method. Broaden horizon's. TAl'RUS (April 20-Mav 20): iMiiancial maneuver require^ sei unit thuuiihi. 1. si-hew (jet-rich- quick scheme. Stud>' details af- _f.£l9 'W, L/>Jim.)FEA!Likt.i 3Dv '6 isod v 'aiaD s 'nino E 'ova ONM331S 't '3NIN 'I—UW.OQ '3AO1S '01 'NOOViDO '8 '»3T)(NI!JdS '9 '31Q33N > 'SiHN 'I—"OJjy 'SHSMSNV i ,L- M1M (M.iv .'1 June .'in Hf liidi'i vciljinj; li» in.ikc th.ili^-' Added plessiii r > le.ite.s lived tin liesh ,iim .sphere. Refuse 10 he disruui aw<i h> tempi>i'ar\ Uel.r.. Virjto pel's, m could pl.iy prmninrnl inle. Be anal.Miciil. Perceive iea- ituib. CAM 1'R (June -'1 Julv 'JJ): 1 n- vironment, family relationships are emphasised. Elements 01 secrecy could be featured. One i lose tu you may have loo much pride to rcque-sl aid Adhere to pi nu i- ple.s of tiiilden Rule. I hen \uu emerge happiei . I I O ( Hily !'.!• AUJJ. '-'.'I ' l-i lends could lead vim usii.n K«'\ is l" .•xri . use p'UV.'i i>l will II,- di In ililiH'il nnl slut'tiuiii s, t ex.nup^ (.!! '.('llliK pl'IS. 'tl UllO I'l'K'. u|l t" •. i -a I '|-,i i-s I-. 'Ir.i U I'l I'f lll\ • '!'. r,! '•li.iie knowh due. Iml pi nl. . I \ IKlil) lAug. '.'• .Sepl -'_'> VL.J die ill pusition M m.ikc pii';.- si .nal gain Mealls pie.itl^t- lli.-.-s .is sou are ijiveli aadi d i, .p-n, 1 . bility. Keuardfc t ue gtcuUt biii -^J Is pressure. Dealings indicated with Capricorn. Be co-operative. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Finish rather than Initiate project Spread influence through publishing, advertising. Let others know of your interests, goals. Stop relationship with one who only takes and seldom, if ever, gives in return. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov ••!)• New outlook necessary where financial situation Is concerned l.eo is involved. Get rid of wasteful procedures. Maintain a more independent stance. Have faith in your own ideas. Expansion is in picture. .SAlilTJ'ARIUS (Nov. 2J-Dec 21): Your hunch pays dividends. Key is lo have faith in your intui- lion. You're going place.-,, but don't try m get there in too much i'l •' huirx. Tlicic could he legal oli,lade Know II and he cautious. < AI'Kli DUN I |)i r .;.'-.Ijii |!li: In-ntui -. uigdiii/atioiis are fiM lined Y.IU ran rl'lVi livi'lv . lilMUllllileill made III leCenl past I'l mil;, \na should not makr too main piomisea. ( heck youisell. AlJUAHIUs i Ian. 20-Feb. IS): 1 iiend.s Ui.sagiee ri \ tu remain neutral Otherwise, both sldea will attempt to blame you for their disionteni. Word to wise here sluiuld be saliieient Kisu above the petty, leadi and learn. Shar» kno^led^e in gentle manner. I'lM l.S i l-i-l). ID-Man h 20): Hume di.HH sin area— aic ai i i-nlvil Ai|U.n lu-, and leu pel ^''n • •" *' >i! . i 'I ^ ed i halite .mil \ -II n-''. i .1 i- \prl irm t-.-, hvi n aliii'-lmei.- "i ii.i If. el\u ,pi-i i.,I M..' -.l^.' II '-. spll jjtllK Out n 1 .( I-." nil;. .: I n.I ' •• -"I" l-li f '- i ].• in I'l,3 ' U.J.- ll uv ' i flu, :,.M - ii|ipiirtuintv 11.. i ,iijva:i<«- ll.j .ill.-j .],-.,l;i,g :> »llh n undci SaKlt'a i lu.-j V

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