Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 27, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1898
Page 4
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Lot 120x120 feet) flne trult; nalt blook from Henry street, . : . .. . . o A desirable residence on Prospect street with 7 rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot 60 feet on Pf iipeot street. A flne property on thenorth side of Second "ffWSE awWg'wltn'^ZOiiao feet, flne toU One of the finest location In Middle Alton ™Vrwm dwelling wltb abbut l«i acres of " ground. Fine fruit and shade trees J blonks i bom oar line In Upper Alton. Sererafflno loti on Belle street between Ktb * B A two s'tory brick store and dwelling and a two story brlok dwelling on same lot oorner of tad and Vine sts. A good Investment. • One lots on ith street near Mr. Garttang ^t'heflnl'donble dwelling ot Mr. B. aarstang, Heated by steam with modern ImproTements. A rery desirable 8-room brlolt dwelling, Ml Belle street, with all modern Improvements. Alton Norelty Mfg. Co. property on Id street, n « l fine1ot» < ln Highland Park, each TObyabiut \SStTOom dwelling on Bute i treat. 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Moulton, A fl-room dwelling on 8rd street witb batb room with modern fixtures. New store room and two 4-room tenements Wltu batb room; 2nd street near Cherry The L. J. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton With 10rooms, bam and garden, now occupied "i. Oeo. Levla. Possession given by July 1, 7- by Mr REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, and LOAN AGENT ROOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. FOR 8ALB4 on Liberty atreet r hetibWMn Drove and Franklin, for 9500. AlSoiore farm It miles south ot Brighton, one-half In cultivation, one-halt good pasture, lor MipO". A bargain • * i'" A new (wo story brlok modern dwelling near " per of Third and George streets. ' "' : bouse with large lot on i ot Twelfth utreet. J *' itory frame dwelling No. 621 eut I « f honor t, cor 11100. LotOOilSO. Oood street | The most Deposited in the Hands of the National Executive. VKHY FKVV WOKIIS WK11E I'TTIvItEl) AVhen (hn CoinmlNNlunernTurned Ovrr the I'rrnlon* Writing—Trouble .Si-oiiin llr«-w IllK wllll IliK rillpllKlp, Who ArronllTIB lo AKonrlllo'ft ProtcHl Will Hrpnillnto thn Portion HpferrlttK to Thrlr NoTcrrlgntj'— SulJMiiuiro ofThnlr OliJtMitlonfl. WiiBhlnglon, Due. l'7.--l'rcHlil<-nt Mc- Klnlcy received from the American peace cuitmilxilnii Into Rnturdny nfliT- noon thi? Irmly of M'lici- lietwef-n tho United Stutes anil Spain. In pri'HciillnR this mciineiitiiiiH ducunifnt Jinl(,"' Day, ns chairman of the C(iinmi«?loii, RalO it represented the rarneHl efforla of the American reprepcntatlves at I'arls, and Ihnt It was submitted with tho hope that It would redound to the peace, credit and glory of the American nation. Accepting the treaty from the hands of Judge Duy the president responded with heartfelt thanks arid congratulations to the comiiilHHlon as a body and to the members Individually. He spoke of all Unit had been accomplished and ot the happy method by Which difllcrk questions had hciMi adjusted. The formal ceremony of delivering the treaty to the president occurred In the Blue Room and lasted half an hour. GOGH lo Iho Slnto Dcpni-tment. The commission arrived here from New York on a special train at 4:30 p. m. A great crowd of holiday excursionists filled the railroad station, and In order to uvn'd the Jiim the special was run on a side track, win ni the officials had an opportunity to leave the train before It entered the station. Chief Clerk Michaels, of the state department, was on bund as representative of Secretary Hay, and quite a number of officials from the state, war and navy departments, as well as friends and relatives, were there to greet them. It wns stated after the delivery of the treaty to the president that It would not be made public at present, the usual courtesy to the senate requiring that It should be submitted to that body before being made public. In the- meantime It will remain In the custody of the state department for safe-keeping, although copies ot It will bo In the hands of the president for such consideration as may be needed. Cloud* Loom In tho Plilllpplncm. The treaty delivered to the president yesterday contains a provision by which Spain turns over to the United States the Philippine Islands, and whether there Is trouble In Cuba—which many predict—or not. It does not appear certain that the turning over of the Philippines will be an easy job—or rather that the securing of the property will be easy. For part of the record of the peace negotiations Is a protest made by Agonclllo, the Filipino agent In Paris during the negotiations, and this document has been printed in full at Paris. 1'rotenl ]teclt«« NpnnUli HUtory. The protest says at the outset of the peace treaty that "the resolutions passed cannot be accepted as obligatory by my government, since the commission has neither heard nor In any wlso admitted to Its deliberations the Philippine nation, who held an unquestionable right to Intervene In them In relation to what might affect their future." Then arguing that Spain had no right of disposal of the Filipino people or Islands, It quotes history to show that this right was never given to Spain, but distinctly withheld In two treaties, and when Spain attempted to enforce such a right It resulted In war that has continued to tho present day. That In brief Is what the protest says as to Spain's rights. DKCI.AKKS WK HAVK NO ItlGHTS. Flllpluos 1'ronilBm] ImlvpondonoB by Uncle Bam'* A|{mitN lit tlie Iilaudg. The protest then POCB on to say: "The United States of America on their part cannot allege a better right to constitute themselves ns arbitrators as to the future of the Philippines. On the contrary the demands of honor and good faith Impose on them the explicit recognition of the political status of the people who, loyal to their convention!), were a devoteil ally of their forces In the moments of danger and strife." The ussertlon Is made that the Filipinos were "Implored" by United Stute.s officials to assist the United State forces, and at that time "the comman der of the Petrel and Captain Wood I Hong Kong, before the declaration o war, the American consuls general, Mi Pratt in Singapore, Mr. Wlldmun Hong Kong, and Mr, Williams In Cu vlte, acting us International agents o the great American nation at a mo ment of great anxiety, offered to rec ognlze the Independence of the Fill plno nation us noon us triumph was at tallied." The protest claims that Dewey fully recognized the sovereignly of the Fill plno government by many acts lowan. the military olllcers of that govc-rnmen could not have m-eurred uiilen; uulii sovereignly was rc-cognlzed. 1 says that without the aid of the Fill plno forces neither Ucwey nor Ander Bon could have bei-ured such easy victories so fur ns the actual occupation of Manila was concerned. On tills poln It hays: "To pretend to put now Ii question the attributes of such publl functionaries, after the danger, would be an net of notorious Injustice wlilcl cannot be consented to by those who have the unuvoldulbe duty of preserv Ing unstained the brilliant repututloi of the sons of the great nation, fuundec by the Immortal Washing-tun, whoso Drat glory was and has always beet nent of their word Women Should Know It. Many women suffer untold agony and misery because the nature of their disease Is not correctly understood. They have been led to believe that womb trouble or female wcalt- neco of some sort Is responsible for tho many ills that besot womankind. Neuralgia, nervousness, headache, puffy or dark circles under the nyes, rheumatism, a dragging pain or dull ache in the back, weakness or bearing-down sensation, profuseor scanty supply of urine with strong odor, frequent desire to pass It with scalding or burning sensation, sediment in It after standing in bottle or common glass for twenty-four hours, are signs of kidney and bladder trouble. The above symptoms are often attributed hy the patient herself or by her physician to female weakness or womb trouble, llonce, so many fail to obtain relief, because they are treating, not the disease Itself, but a reflection of the primary cause, which Is kidney trouble. In fact, women as well as men are made miserable with kidney and bladder trouble and both need the same remedy. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root Is the great discovery of the eminent kidney and bladder specialists, and In easy to got at any drug store for W or 81. To prove Its wonderful merits you may have a sample bottle and book celling all about it, both sent abso- utely free by mall. Kindly mention ,he TKLKmiAi'H and send your address to Dr. Kilmer & Uo., Blngharr. ton, N. Y. k-lc of the protocol, the prococdlnKB of the American coininlssloric-ra, nnd the mpcratlVH nc't-i'HHlty of pnfrguurdlne ho national rlghttt of my country, I naive thlRproU'Ht * * * And on irmk- ng this protest, I claim In the name >r the Filipino nation, In that of their president and government, the fulfillment cf the solemn declaration made >y the Illustrious William McKlnley, president of the republic of the United States of North America, that on going o war he was not guided by any In- entlon of aggrandizement and extension of national territory, but only In respect to the principles of humanity, he duty of liberating tyrannized peoples, nnd the desire to proclaim the un- llenable rights, with thelrsoverclgnty, of the countries released from the yoke of Spain." A dispatch from New York announces he arrival there of Agoiielllo, who was asked: "Are you still opposed to the Annexation of the Philippines to the United States?" "Certainly I am, and why shouldn't t Hasn't Admiral Dewey In his official communication to the United Slates government said that the people of the Philippines are fitter for self- government than the Cubans, and that knew both rares well? Dewcy's word ought to have some weight, and s It right to keep my countrymen back hile you promise freedom to the people of Cuba?" FOUXI) A HISTORIC' KXIFE. One of TlioKO IJH«(1 to Help Italili-r Morf;iiii Out of the I'vitton. Columbus, O., nee. 27. — Officials of he penitentiary have succeeded In flnd- ng a knife that was probably secreted by Thomas W. Hullett, ">f Louisville, Ky., who was one of the Morgan raiders who WRH Imprisoned with the famous Confederate In the prison during the Ivll war, and who was one of the number to escape from the prison. Rullett recently told how and where he had se- reled the knife, and expressed the be- lef that It was still In the place where le put It years ago. It was said that he knife was one of fourteen which he prisoners of war had made. The jlace of concealment was said to have icon In an air shaft used as a ventilator, nnd after persist it st-.:rch it was found at the liottom win r,..> it had dropped. The discovery is of especial Interest, since It settled a much mooted point— he means of escape of the prisoners, .'he most of the prison officials believe hat the knife Is the one described by lullett, and If that be true It proves icyond question that the Morgan rald- TS made their escape, as has always jeen claimed, by Ihc tunnel route, and not by the old or connivance of any of he prison officials. Hullett said that he raiders disliked Warden Marlon, nit he was anxious to relieve the war- len's memory of any odium that might have attached to It by reason of the 'scape of Morgan and his six compan- ons. . —,abl« fruno dwelling boiue and another •Ulna home, ill on one lot In good location SuotSritowo. Bents tor 138 per month: L new S-room residence on State street on rloUM'HUlM on Oak street botwaea the ! C.Ti A. and Sit Four R. R. tracks, suitable for 'out* or manufacturing purpoflos. SteiaOoneMt side of Alton (treat, bet, B farm ID'Jersey county, half milt as station by rail or river. •Iraple boilnew property, corner lad (tonit*., oa Baur terms. _uble frame Ksldence, new and al nproTement*, situated on Fouitb it., Henry. farm wlUi aeoouary pulldtDgi MM r brlok, slate Cntapandeuj mill, about 4,000 tionange tor one- anil i brlok residence, i a convenient latlon, on easy term. i*i we junction ui BJUI aai! 4 renting property, building lots In Hunteritowi ">|£*A for, 4th and Cherry its residence, No. <nUi its. (Land toe PW- nut able purugruphti In the close of the protest are us follows: "Now: If the Spaniards have not been oblo to transfer to the Americans the rights which they did not possess, If the former have not militarily conquered positions In the Philippines; if the International oftlclnls and representatives of thi) republic of the United Htatcu of America offered to recognize the Independence and sovereignty of Ihu 1'hll- lpplnee, solicited and accepted their alliance, how can they now conntttuta tl.c'iii! elves as the milo disposers of thn control, administration and future gov eminent of the Philippine l«lundn'.' "In view of the farms of the third ar- A Marrow Escape Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Hart, of Oroton. B. D. "Was taken with » bad cold which settled on my lunge; cough set in and finally terminated in Oonoumptlon, Four doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a abort time. 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A feature of the trial was the testimony of the young man's (lance against him, which was very direct. Had he been acquitted, It hi said, she would never have become his wife. The crime for which C'olllns was convicted Is punishable by death, but the law requires that the governor shall sign the death warrant. This was never before done by any governor, and persons sentenced to death spend a lifetime In the penitentiary. itillltvay lluvu fur J7SO.OOO. Omaha, Dec. !!7.—A seven-days race agaliiHl time will be Inaugurated on Jan. 1 between the Chicago and North- Western and the Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy railroads. The prize Is the $7(10,000 contract for the carrying of the overland mails between Chlcagoaml Omaha. The winner will have to show the best time fur seven days. The Sure t* Ur.ppe cure. There IB no use suffering from this dreadful malady, If you will only get the right remedy. 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Cnnip I'rtlnnd, BtnoxvllU 1 , Tenn., Dec, 27.-Within muithVr week the military h'l.ipitnl her? will be n Uihist »f ptist. The.nrm.v hospital Iroln from Furl Md'hi'ison. Allnnta, <!a., hns left ivilh fi-ny-lvii sli-l< pnlillf-i-R. The train will lake tlK-sf pnllc-ntH to Furl Mr- Phc-rfcn. ^'lifif 1 1h"y \\l\\ be attondeO iinill Ihi'y have rei nvi'vi.'d. They nrp from Ui Sir.tli nhi >, Thirl v-llrst Michigan, Si-cund (ihlii and l'*irst West Virginia ii-Klini'iitM. f-'lx patlentii are left In the hospilnl bore. With « nlnglr> e.x- (cptlnn thc'so nn; convalesci'iitH wh( will bkfly be r-leased this week. Col. fJardniT, of th" Tblrly-llrst Michigan, is very sick ami has been taken home to MlrirBiin, ^Inxl^i- mill rnilii!l>lt> Snleldc, New York, Her. 27.---Mamie itfmly, a 17-yi'!ir-old ulrl. was shot In the hi'iirl ami killed at her homo on Klghth av< nue !•>' T'rruik N\illy, n ponlollU'e clerk Itl years old. At the p.'inie time Nulty shot binipclf the head and was taken to a. hn>|iitdl. and it Is believed he will die. Nulty was formerly a oultor of tbe girl, bill recently they quarreled, II,> lolldMril lllHlnrnilt Son, Ban Antonio. Tex., Dec. '2.1, — Haymond O. I.luchai:nn, ngcd 1!S years, a member of Clllette's "Secret Service" company, died here of an t>ver-dose of chloroform. When (Uncovered he was di'iicl on bis lied, with n Ic-lter by bis side aniU'iiiKli'f; the 0<'ath in Xe\v York of IllK lnf;ilit sm on I.)cc. 14. l'llnp(O-or W'lUtltln'H ChrlstniiH. lierlln. Der. 2V.—The emperor, while Inking bis sulllary walk In the neighborhood of thi' San Kouc.i unlace at 1'olsiUim, entei'i.d freely Into conver satlon with Foldlers nnd Workmen, giving them Christ man pri'sents. Tlie 1m perlal family followed their usual Chrlftnins ubservanet's. To.itcliin;; ttif (/tihltim I'^coninny. San Juan tic Porto Hico. Dec. 27.— General CSuy V. Henry, the military governor of PurLo HU-'o, 7'eiliici;d the budm:t for next year from 4.000.000pesos, as under the .Spanish regime, to 1,700,000 pesos. \YanlH '*NorH\" niul "Soula" DroplU'*! NuKhville. Tenn., Dec. 27.—Kev. Dr. J. I. Vani-e, of the First Presbyterian Church, if) his sermon (.'hri.stniKs, urged the wiping out of the terms "north"and "south" as applied to the church. altu-U<-,;H \\Vro Closed. Chicago, Dee. "6.—Today being the legal Chrlptmas the exchanges were closed and there are no market quotations. ttvcurn ; /irnc' ri!vc Tbo best salve in the world lor cuts, bruises, aorea. u tears, salt rheum, fever ooroa, tetter chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all akin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It in guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Prlco'JS cents per box. ?jr sale R More)'. Altoaand Opper Alton Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. 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Tho mini.stfjr of flno nrts has neltod the clmmbors for nn npproprintion of HOO.OOO friuics for the purpose. Tho famous crystal gallery wliaro the kaiser's illustrious grandfather wns proolniined oniperor will bo reiioviitetl, and various other repairs nnd improvements wilt be uitido.—Chicago Tribune. The Caroline,.. "They've tnkcn all the Philippines," The secretary saltl. "Vol'a dot?" Inquired his majesty, A-Uirnln very rwV An then ho mixed a schooner of A half a dozen wines. "I'll dake good can. 1 ." he Rrumuled, "Dot dey leuf cler Carolines! "Von see," explained his majesty, "DtT Carolines vos mine. Cntl S\uvm is v-hoost a-hoHUn 'em Jilt Innocent design. But. hlinmel! ven ?he let's 'em go Unil casts off all del' lines— Vt-ll. choost wntcli Willie Kaiser Yen he grabs der Carolines!" . "nut tell to me, your majesty," TUo secretary said, "How conies It that you did not take The rhillpplnes Instead? The Siilu:-' and llan'alis arc A lut lli.-it far outshines Tho ruilur moUeut beauty Of the group of Carolines." The kaiser Biltd a naughty word. The secretary shook. "Whose pecsness Is It?" cried his lord, "Reganlln vot 1 took? I didn't grab der Philippines.- But ocs dot any signs I vlll not do the very same •Apout der Carolines?" —Cleveland Plain O»tiler. DrJBuH's Has saved many a life! Speedily cures Croup and whooping-cough. It is safe A and5 ure. Mothers«ri a '- ^ V |* U Q « ways rely on it. Children like it. Doses are small. Price 25 cents. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. The undersigned .having been appointed Administrator of tbe estate of DANIEL W. COLLET, ate of tho county of Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that be will appear buforo tbe County Court of Madison x>unty,ut the Court House, In Edwardsvllle, at he January term, on tae first Monday In January next, at which time all persona har- ng claims against said eir.ate are notified and oquestod to attend for the purpose of having he same adjusted. All persons indebted to said state are requested tn make Immediate pay- innt to the undersigned. Dated thta 18th day of Nov. A. D., 1S08. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. r. - .«_ .... ."•. , . _ ... ^L mis (t tn tUd and Cold iueUlUo ict, B»rl*l vnii lino ribtioa. Ta .oolhen Jtfintedangerotueubttil 'tioni -wit imilationt. At Drn»jti»(«, or «end4«. tetUmonltli tnd .. " in oOoTMtl *VE WILL GIVE YOU A $4 WATCH you will show our publication tn your friends ffa don't want you to nell them anything. The fateh is made bya woll-known American flrme, n two sizes, childrena' and adulta', nickel or old-plated hunting care a d fully guaranteed. end zcents for particular i. Ororland, 34 Park ow, New York City. i MARVELOUS OFFER ! 2Sc. 200 Photograph Views of tbe United States avy takenby E. H. Hart, U. S. Naval Pboto- raphor, ana threa months' hubscrlptlon to ONKKV'S HOME JOURNAL, both foronly 25 ots., ostpaid. '1'heue are iho finest pictures ob- alnable of Dewey, Sampson, Schley. Hobson, Inrke and other noroos, tho battlcBhlps, cruls- rs, monllor.H, torpedo boats and auxiliary craft r.d tho principal Spanish »nr ships, end ar ury valuable. CONK-EY'S HOME JOURNAL Is t) rlghlo3t and boat monthly In tho country ach I KUO contains now copyrighted shoot mu o worth 80o to $1.110.30 to 18 pagec eaou month end today. Wo want to Increase our clroiile tlon to 200,0 0 and therefore make this re markablo offer.—CONKEY'S HOME JOURN AL. Uopt. A, Chicago, I1L. THI! M:\VS 1MMEF. HENRY J. KLUNK, fttxb vet ak« v. 9*al«c In mab* to1t\Uf, , *n*ial IU anb tlotlj cachet*, titttrtat rob** . Wysd. Mfiny People Cannot Urink coffee at iilatit. It spulla tliolr Bleep. Youtwu ('.rluk OHA.IN-O when wn^ please and sleep like a top. For GRAIN-O does not HtlmuliUt.j It nourlshoB, olieors nucl foods. Yot It looks and ttiatos like tbe best coffee. For nervous person*, yoaug people and oblldron GHAIN-O la a perfect drink. Made from pare B'aius. Oet a package from your grocer today. Try It In place of coffee. 16o and 25o. Lost. Many nave lost confidence and bope as well us bealtb, beauuao tbey bave been told tbelr Kidney dlsoaae was Incurable. Foley'e Kidney Cure la a Guaranteed remedy (or the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by K, Marth Mtd B, H. Wyw. __ It le iald that tbe soldiers who bad taken flood's SursaparllU stood tUe marobe* In OHO* rnupb tbe otbero. 0»uU*(n»n oub «l)Ut>«*n BJU bette* IHOV, A LOCAL Disease, A Climatic Aflectton. Nothing but a local rnmedy or change of climate will oti'oH, Uot a woll-known upooltlo, CATARRH H In quickly Absorbed ulveu Hollof of onoo. Opens and oloante* tuo Nasal PMH llenfe »n1 Proteotn thi Membrane. Uentoros tbe Sonsoa of Tante and Smell. No Cooalrx. No Merourv , No lojiirlqu* dru«. Full tlzo W i Trial «liu lo*. itOrugK st» or by n- all. wr.v nurvmiaua Tflt ttT.-iJl'^. 1, __ „ . KL.Y BHOTI Warren it., New York. MADE ME A MAN TABLBT8 POBiriVKLV A'ftnwwf />a«HM*-Fftlllu >eil I Hi feet from e at fhlniKO Into o\v what \K-cmiM Panniel Carr. a .-.ilnivd infin frmn Chl- r,,).,, lia« been ttlwn a life pentenr-e 111 C'levrlnnd f">- tie- minder of .Ii'lm Klf-|.hanlri. dnrlnt! n Unlit In » lumrdliiK IliillHi-. \Villlam Lynn, (if • '' "". a wll-kn»wn fanner tesldltm l.-n mil''!' fr»m Mr- Klnia. His-, eonimllteil sui, |de I'.v laliliiK CKvl'nl'K ncM. I'eti-r Srhccli wan fmind di-nd In -.l at .Mas.-i.utah. UK ivnth. heart dlseas... cnrne while sho ulcpl hi':;|.U- ho huslKin Harry lliirinnP ]nmi (he roof of a warehous the I'hic'.iKo river to <h do. lie was unhurt. The latect arrival nt Havana from the United States Is the Rrlp. All-n'n feed mill, a thrfp-slnry flnnn liulldlnB, anil the Brain i-levator ail- jolnlim. liiirnrd at Komi du, Win. Loss. fin.OiiO; liipnraneo, $14,000. The VVIse.nisIn and Mk-lilBiui railway has been sold to the 'Toledo and Ann Arliiir Kallrniid i-ompuny. The railroad runs from IVsthlgii to Fallliorn Junction, sixty miles. The trial oC Mrs. I.ulu Johnson, at 1'ond Creek, O. T., thai-Red with the inurdor of her husband by poison. ended In n venlicl of licit Ktillty. John Addlsfin I'orter, Heeretary to Pi-CBldonl McKinley. has sold his news- paiK-r. the llartfofil (Conn.) 1'oal. Women paying a 1nx on tho profession or trade In which they are enRii.u.'il have been grouted n vote for certain III.IKI-S In France. The king of Italy has received a curious Christmas grc-i'tlns In the shape of WO.flOO post cards, praying for amnesty for the political prisoners. The \\ei-kly story of an army conspiracy to revolutionize l-'nmce Is current at London. Olive Harrington Sampson, daughter of Hear Admiral William T. Sampson, will lie married to Henry Harrison Scott, of San Kranel.wo. at (lien Hiclpre, N. J.. Jan. I. A case nf luibonk- plague has arrived nt Plymouth, Kngland, from Calcutta. Tho patient has. been Isolated. •tt.iiU-r (,'nmmllU'il on Chl-Utmii*. Jefferson City, Mo., l")0c. 27.— At a Christmas tree celebration at Aught, a small town In Usage county, John Holloway shot and lulled Jule. Bcilllot, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of Usage county, the result of long-standing differences. Holloway shot his victim nve times. He lied and has not been apprehended. Dreadful CROUP Mothers, when yor.r children are attacked by the dreadful croup, yon need not despair; Dr. John W. Bull's Cough Syrup will relieve and cure this disease at once. You can always depend on this marvelous remedy; it never fails to cure. For whooping- cough and measle-congh it is the best remedy in the land. Children like it. Dr.Bulls Cough Syrup Will cure Croup without fail. Doses arc small niul pk'a>nut to take. Doctors recommend it. -Piice 25 cts. At all druggists. £)rs..G. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pikc Building. Cor. and and Eacton sts. Phones 138 and 171. F. SCHUSSLER,M.f> HOMEOPATH1ST and SSJRQBON OFFICK iHD KES'DENCB, HOTEL Telenbone 100 f)rs. B. C. & H. /?. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to ta.m; 11 to 1,6 to a p n. TELEPHONE 87. [)R. L, B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, Offlca Hours. Sum. to U i u. uo I iv 14 W THIRD «(;K' DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time, Yager & Yager. Attorneys 306 Belle Street. IJr lVUIIiimN'Ii::l,iin I'll. ,()'iitlliei.t will (;ur<) liilii!) UlucUlllK uiul JU:i,ln<: PIlc.s. It itbsorlw the Luiaurs ullujs tlie ItchiiiK at .DM c, iici.- UH u puultico, (-hen i:js'.:iiil rf | llof. Dr. wibi-auis'Iniliiiiil'llcOliit 1 mont Is nruparcil for 1'lie-, uii'.l itch Ing of Hie prlvato purta Kverv Is-* !• wiirrnniail. Hy druvKlkiM, hy imiil m- "• celpt of price 60 cuuti ond VI.00. Tho Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has l)«cu u use for over J5O years, HIM boriio tho signature of , and lias made under his personal supervision since its Infancy,. Allow no ono to deceive you In this. All CountcrlVKs, Imitations and Substitutes are butEx- perlinciits that trlllo with and endanger tho health of IiilUnts and Chlldrcii-Uxperlenco against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Oiutorla Is n wilwllliito for Castor OH, Paregoric, Drops and Soothlnir Syrups. H Is Harmless air 1 »•-»—*- "• contains neither Opium, Morphine nor Htihstuncc. Its a-o is Us fruarantce. ItJ and allays Pcvcrlslincss. It cures Dlarrhmn wid Wtod. Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation nnd Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, rcfrulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Irlend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The KM You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. THE OtNTIVUR CO»P«NY, TT MUHH«T «THCIT. HIW VOBK CITY. BEST TRAINS Nebras^Montana.PiigetSounl WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer it Cement, Lime and Wall Piaster Prices to meet competition. Goods d. llrered. elepbona 163 Office 107 West Second Slte<a Veterinary Surgeou DR. D. M. MAKER. irr.i'.aite Ontario Vetornlary Collw- OKr- over The Model Btoro COR .THIRD AND PIABA BTR . it TON I! ALTON' TIME :: CARD Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer /(si dealer Is P.'eib nil Salt Mesli tot Lird, tit «a» (sclorcr ol Sastsit. 559 EAST SECOND • • ALTON III PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also belt of. Teas and Cblnose N'oreltloi, ci hand. Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains Will leare Union Depot, Alton, as tollows' For Chtoago.North and East— "12:85 9 tn, »8:W a m, »8:47 a m, "10:06 p m, ""• a K^B'StT'JiSiSiJV m - * 8:1 ° •»• **" For Poorla— -"8:47 a m, *10;05 , "Daily. fEToept Sunday. I See joint C .4 A . and Big Four time table tor trains between Alton and St. Louis.] '*""'"" Between Alton & St. Louis. Lv. Alton ForSt.Louls. AT. St. 613am C 916am 843pm 627 Dm 624 Bast Second at. 306 State T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Maps Profiles and estimate Furnished. 309 Belle Street, Up Stain. ••BigFour, dally;,','.'." j 6 lo* pm .... eiopip •••-•10pm m^e T &^ n S^ « «« .. is 83 Jim Alton »ud _., Louis rloe t and Big Four those stations, Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Nntarv Public OFFICE £06 Market al notary f UDIIC. OTe , A itonRy. & IH'RCO, THROUGH SERVICE •BETWEEN* ST. LOUIS CHICAGO KANSAS CIT OF AND THE PRINCIPAL CITIES TEXAS. WUNER BUFFET SLEEPERS • AND- FREE RECLINING ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 30S BELLB SWEET. Money to Lota oa Improved Property RENTS COLLECTED. C. C. c, ft St. L.—Big Pour. Burlington Route. Granitoid Paving Co, W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 Baot Sixth Street. • Alton, II', All kinds of Granitoid Work! Bldewalki, «««, Flcorlog, cto., done and the beiteuall. lyof iriierltl cud work guarantee* Olden Bill wilj ,.ce>i [front attenl'er Leavo Alton 650am O 710am 800am looo am | Leave 8jt. t. 7 60 am sal am (Suburban ii 46 pin <copm ArrlreSt. L 640 an TMam 8 Warn 1100am lUpm 840pm 456001 iiop" eioim Arrlre Alton W 50 Dep 7MfS ITralnu .oonneot at Ui: "-*. <t Arrlre ant ana nidge «U< 1 Emni from Offlpp depot. 8t, L. K. ft •srrloe. W. DINING STATIONS OPFHATIPFS *»%*._. ^^" urtMATED BY THE COMPANY SUPERIOR MEALS, **•--FIFTY CENTS, James' Parkr, Chas A.Strittmatter Merchant Tailor, 704 EAST SECOND a*DUeB«n who »ppr«ol»t« flrit-diH, TAILOR MADE* MODERATE You »r« NEW STOCK OP .?.'..?.'_?' JL^f?.?''*'** 10 * 1 } BorH(i «wf/j ; Rtw? 1.0

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