Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 10, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1927
Page 11
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INDUSTRY T!he lola Cdca-Cola Co. Is Well Equipped and Getting Busy. Io3a has manyf industries but not the least of these is the Coca Colu Bottling c&mpary 'K liluiit located in a modern bullfiing at 204 North Wappiington, with John M. Copen- ingj as general i manager. ..This plant is housed in a large tWo story brick bulldins which wiis planned and 1-iiilt especially for use in Iwttliug ibis popiflar drink. The lower floof- is given over to office spacejjfor tlic buslrfess end | iuad for the bottjiug machinery and '^pping room while the upper room is used for storage of supplies. The botlliug luachinc is oiieratcd by' electric power iind ha^ a' t -a- pacily of 1500 bottles jiei hour, depending ou the Uigility oi the op-v era,tor. The bottles are ihorougbl.v sterilized by Hot steam bofore being- filled. After sterilizufioh the bottles arc stood on end with the bottom up in an endless chain whi<rh carries "th ^m to the opera- •-5 tor. - The 'o^eratoi' um- lies as- they come alons and ad- ;. I- justs thejn to tb they :ire autoniu jilBEiWY (CoiraB. Harris, i Mar. S.—The Christian Endeavor society a\ Liberty wMth Mr. Walter president, hda held tuo very successful meetings. Mias Cliarlotte Kincaid is to bb the leader next Stipday evening. We enjoyed visiters present i'rom Carlyle last Sunday evehingi. Mr^ Freemiin leil the meeting a.nd all: enjoyed the lesson very inuc|h. The' Rev. .Mr. Vezie preached,^ st the close of the program, ijli; reported, .Mrs.' Vezie's lii-iilth aij not much improved. 'j ' Sunday visitors at .Mr. an 1 -Mrs. Casiator's were Mr. j and Mrs. Charley Sifers and children of Pleasant Valley neighbprhodd and Thelma Harris. jjlr. and Mis. Jonesi • vi«it( d the parental-Searcy lunne Snhdaly. . The Daugbcrty family Visited near llunibitldl yiunlayl r. S. Healli is working rn the levee down in H<>rsesh<;)e Heiid. The \tluy put on at U bcrty schoolhouso Fc-bruary ,'2G \\as a decided sueces.s. Whin lhat bunch decidi.'s l <i eniertain. you can count on tlleir not; l)eiiig a duli mo­ ment.i They are v(-ry iiiueh alive, and everyone a|)prp<iales ef- fprls.! Thi' bouse was i-rnwdeil and a very jileasant evening added to the enjoyment of rUc fjeiasion. They were members of the Liii)erJy Willing Workers eliib. 'the Lilwrty . Willing Wi ^rkers je'luji is to iiiei't with ."Mr.s grab.s the hot- TluirsdaVi Mar«Ii Id ii Clen lola. machine where icallv filled and : ;.Mi .'iS Luey Wilson has bfeu liav- iiigl a .siege of iii''a.«!es but is recovering Very nicely.. Little lyoyil Ciiiger capped. They afe then roadv fori '^'>'' <•"•«<•'• ''^ ionfiMcd the shipping cr^e. The operator a( home w.ili I he measles. , must be imbidCTtrous In order m < >''^'"-'^ •"'•"•^••» • ti|nbidcxt make a gbo)! shOwins and hold his i •k'eiid Willi In r grtiuilpiernts. job. .Mr. Copening .IteRiiu ••lie work of botlllng Coca Cola in lola in ihei , , ,, , , .. i . year IWIS nnd the output for lhei«'"' :'<'"M .p^.nied .\li(. and year wasi only r>>iiiJ b (i ;ile.'. Tli .Mr. and .Mis. MriMiks, in their new home. I ..Mr. mill Mr.H. • Waller Jolinson i .Mr .s I'. S. ir .iiii lo lliimliolili aft er Siiiiiliiv seiioiil .Siiiiilav tii visit Willi Mr. iiii.l Mr^. mil 'M.(:i ;ina liiiii. ' . .Mr. .iriil Mr:), .\le|i.miels '(•iiii 'rr laliHil vl .-lfiM.,. iriiiii*: City, who iiiiii .iKcj here to vi 'lil ihfir sisl -r. .Mr. (itiil .Mr.s. ().• Iv .•slm-k- IM-. Mr. .-tiMl M M. f. Tidd ail.I Mr. ami .Mrs.; S.iliuH" ami iliililreii of .Veo^liD l''iills ((iniiili lefj iliis liai>)>y if yi-ii<r.-( and three fiiiiii- nnxl year the output had liierensed to S.700 IxittlcK and in liill 17,|i"i botllcB wt're filled and ei'i'I"and Hold. Kacli KiiliHeinient year showed a heavy lUfTeiiHe lu the liillii- I KT <if bottlerJ sold UIilll llie World War <-aused i deiliue in tin- siift drink markt iind sales fell off accordingly, i From IHIS mi lln- Hales began tolclimb again "utH JKroiiii 19211 when the'sales van hp '"jiies. | lOl.OUO bottles of, Coca-Cola alone. I ^r.^. .s(eli;i llii .>k'y asid .Mr. Other .soft drinks botllcd and j jjjuvsoiis ^i.•lor is with .Mrs. Daw- sold b.v Mr. Ctipeniiig liiiriii!; ihi-duriiis .Mr. Dawson's illness, year-just closed were 7l».ym) bottles,; jiie lookin:? ii.r a :-pe"dv turn of Nudrape: .18.000 , iJottKs ofiVoi- Uie li.;'.:-. Orange Crush; .'i.i.OtlO bottles of j M,-. ;,„,| M ,... Walt.r .ioliiisoii .Mrs. .lolins.jii 's IIH)11I- al .Xeoslio Kalis visited Willi Strawberry: 60,000 bottles of Lemon Sour, and -17.01111 bottles of ,.)•. .M,-..;. ii;iyes. Cherry Blossoiij. Tlii.s makes a Friil;ir elTi 'iiii;:. grand total of .•;79.000 bott s6ft drink which the factory out during the ;year. 1!>26. es of: Tiie .siorm iloinis that giithered unied Sundav evening gMVe us (luile an FiRur- elec'rie ili -,phiy hut no rain to ing the output H five cents per'sjieak of. but a wind cloud did TlOtlle the aihouiit spent! by Allen j some (hmi':ige at the Kennedyi farm, cflunty people for soft drinks imide ' It damaged the liiun aud some by this factory' ahtne amounts iu • sheds am! a smoke house and tore dollars acd cents to $1S.9.")0. .Sonje ; "'e ground u|; in pHees._. The thirst quencher, we'll tellr the : Young family was ^t:!I living'there world. • ••. i though'ihey are j moving; farther The United'Stales pure food de-isoulti on, the KiioLkey fui'in; The partment recognizes this product iw^ind did some dama.ce at-.Mark as a healthful food as well as a Cfjstator's and .Mr. Dawson's, drink. Being protected in sealed bottles there Is no chance for for- 1 ^' .Mr. Dav.-soii is reported bolter, hieh all friends of the familv will eign substance ic eiiter and there- 1 be glad to know, fore tte nrodhct must be pure and ! I ybe Ladies' Aid met with Mrs. wholesome ' ' P™' Cox last Wednesday aiter- Bottlled Coca Cola at; well as the "O"" "''•'i »oim- sewing. Those many; bther soft drinks put up in I'l'ssf-''" wej-e: Mrs. M. K. Daniels, bottles, is-becoming more popularities. Heath. Mrs. John.son. Mrs. as time goes by. One reason for j ^'"3^- Harris.; this popularity is the fact that, as i stated aTiove. there can be no ^^^^^^^^^^ Lciiatius Uiyola. founder;of tht cbaace for bacteria <;>r other de- 1'"'''',''* •'"•')'".V'^- ''^'"^ " leterloua matter getting into th$ I ^"°i ""• sealed bottles. Then. ;, too. the! drink is healthfiil- because of the fact that ciarbonaled water is use'l in its mauufactiire. During the sunrmer iiioiiijis the. Coca Cola U'lttUug plant is a busy place and several peo de are em- ployetl in the plant and In,the distribution of tb4 bottled p?i>duct. The world's {largest tlgar factory has begun operatldiiH in KIcb- mund, Vn. Guarantees "Allenrhu" lo Eas <i Rheumatic Pains Twinges; or Money: Back K(4irts JI N (imd Work Wilhiu TwwiJj-Foiir If ours. LET JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works rilO>K 132 —Cook's Drug Store and every druggist 111 this county is author-! Ir.ed to say to every rheumatic stif-j forer that if the first pint "tottle of Allenrhu. the-enemy of rheut^ia- tism. does not ease the agony, reduce swollen jdints and do away with even the; slightest twinge of- rhejimatic paiii. he will gladly return your money without comment. Allenrhu- usually relieves at once. ImmeJiatcty after yon start to take It the good work begins. It search- cA out and. drives jbe rheumatic poison out of the body through the kidneys and bowels. Druggists everywhere gu;iraiilee It as above in every instani v. PHONE -^5- WIIK.V YUIU LKJIITS <;f) Ol'T OK YOI U PLUMIJi.NU OOKS BAD . I • V r Electric and '^•^•PlumbingCo. TUB RADIO STORK Jfonejr Bark .Says CtiokMi Joone's Eiiienild Oil Doe 'in 't Oo ' Miy IVItli Ail SoreiipHs ai; rain In 21 Hflurs. I • —Get a bottle of .Moone's '"iner- ald Oil with The understandiu that If it does not put an end t • tho pain and soreness and do away with the corn itself your mc-^ey will be promptly returned. • Don't vorry aljout. how long yoil've haB it or how niany oMicr preparations you hav^ tried. ITiis powerful penetrating oil is one.pre­ paration that foniake •your painful aching feet .'«o healthv and free from corn .and bun! • troublea that you'll be abl<: to go anywhere and do anything in absolute, feet comfort. So marvclonsly powerful • I K - kloohe '.M Emerald Oil that thousands Save foiind II .gives wonderful re- (Ulls In the treatment of dangcr- f>nn . swollen or y.-iricose veins. OooVa DrnK Store ils spiling lotit 1 ) FOR TOUR CO.NVE-MJJNCB WE DELIVER FRIE \OLA')^HSAS J'inceiesr* J OF GAS CI W dat ^bier. rt'itha 4ad .Mr. nnd .'Krs. John Beedlnir Cele- hrale Flftjr-fJrst W«Jd!hir An-f nhcrsary.—^Af^lcnifqral Cldss • Vhllff HatoVrlfs. fMrs. A. F. HoUen.) CAS "CtTV. Kuns., .Mar 3 School Xfews: The agricultural class took! a trip Tuesday visiting' I ho hatchqries and poultry houses of .the neighborhood and studied tins diffcrbnt breeds of chickens and chicken, houses. Kimund. (lerald and Margaret Kidd have re-entered ;in the Cas seRooI. i • j 'Clinton Stroud was out i>f s:-hool Iw'o days on ac<ount of illness. ^ .Mrs. A.j F. Ilolteij and .Mrs. rSocrge .MclDaniel and i little sous. KJmer aiiii Jesse Ray, visited in the schofflj TiiFSday afternoon. Krnesf Fairweallier is back in ;i :.s class riom again, after his tri|> abrnad to ' .Siiotland. ' He learned ii!!c!i of hjs lionie eounlr>' and is ren(ly at all tiiiies to talfe to his Irie.iid .s abihit bifi ioiirncy.. Itobert Duly from Vinton, Iowa, enrolled in the second grade .\loii- .l^.v: : I • . 'I-Iie l>;,;nint-Tci.cliers: associalioii | „j„ ,,j„t„„ ,,„t in.-ets l-ri.lay night. March 11. at .^p,, ^. „g„ ^^^^ 111" Cas schoolhpuse. j • ' Mr, and Mrs. L. II. Heeding. Mr. ami .Mr.s. Olen -Smith of .Osaw?i- I'Miiie' and I. Mrs.: Ha Di -lii of I«»l-i afteiided Hie funeral Sunday after- IO¥^a at ^he home'of hf» We ar^ socry to report news of jth^ death of Mrs. Mary Odell. who passed awiy at .the home of {her datightet-. Mrs. -Will Smith, Monday', evening.' Mrs. Odell ha<t Ifved in and aVdund Gas for several years land .has made many {friends. The funei'al services A-in he held at the Sleeper Chapel Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. iThe body will be taken to .Mountain Grcive, Mo., for burial. Mr. and Mrs. Chambers and family have'the sincere, sympathy of the community in the loss of their little dauihter, .Vlaxfne. , Mrs. Slorris Rosebaugh had the misfortune to break her arm Sunday eveiiing while cranking the car. ;Arthur; Heeding of Parker was here Saturday evening visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Beeding. i .Mr. and Mrs. John Dodd and sons moved InJ thcir.:new home In East (las .Monday. .Mr. and Mrs. S. (Jumfory moved into the property just vacated by .Mr. Dodd dnd family. j\Ir. and .Mrs. Arthur Cundy. and .Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Beedlng sjjent Monday evening in the home of .Mr. and j.Mrs. .John Beeding helping them! celebrate their 51st wed•ling anniversary. " . PAGE ELEVEN ' "Jiiiry;Tarbol." shell-shocked war veteran, who adopted that iiame hccause he could not remember bis own. wa .M ap^ain ••positively";idei!ii- liiij by two women vihen he apiieared lon'ore the \'cieij'lis' t'uiiimiitee of 'llie House of Represcntativ.s In Washington to ask li.r .i plai •• •>» the | noon, of j; II, ("ramer, of lola, a| veterans' coinpeiisalloit roil. Other witnesses I.eloic H M - ro.nmiil'."- fnr- j'*"'*''" .Mrs. needing. ! ,„ ' ,. , , , , , . • , .. . .1 : .M'" '!'<•'* rec<>ived the inessiigo; ifier "ideutilied" "Jerry" as a diaft dodg--r an.I :in!onio|.:l.- tiii.t. Heie , ^ |i„. .lea'th fif his father Mr ( is (left I with llepresentative .\lbert K. l.'urter, of falilrirnia. FOR IlNfSURANCE Gity land Farm l|hone 131 or 820 4 Ray Investment Co. Mrs. Phnip S. Ray where savings dre fiieate^t" SOUTH SIDE SQUARE- lOLA, KANSAS In the se^n's iriok popular.easy-fitting model; two-button, single brccistetl. They have assured Style—and something MORE! They have Value —Qualit3r-^ood j Fabrics—they are made to our ' exacting specifications. THEY ARE RIGHT! WE K^iOW IT! ; Quality Serges, Unfinished Xl ^orsteds and Cassi- meres. New shades—Greyis.j Terns, Blue—Mix-' tures, Overplaids, many stripe ieflFects. ' \ Extra Trousers With jMany Suits if Desired, at $5.90 Other Young Men's SuiU at $19.75 to $34,75 Bflusf; f GoKtfnue io buffer the Unl^aratile RcMMsTT Arc you I otic of those nn?oi'^u- nates who iare goin? through life sulTcrins with a skin disease, making youj uncomfortable, making you less cfTijcicnt, iulerfering with your Tvnrkins hours, ruining your slefcp? Yon mar have trfed many things withoirt'relief. VShy not trj- S.S.S.? For more ftJan JOO yearrs il htw been givhi? relief in many forms of-skin disease. Tbonsands of letters of Sratitude prove its worth. "I feel so happy for what S.S.8. has done for me thai i want others to knew ahont It. I snffercd twenty long years from eczema. ' At times the Itching was unbcarahte' \ Dnria^.- that timer I iijcd all kinds.of sslras%' without receiving any real }I)en<)ttti:- Aficj"takins sTr bottles of S.S.S*,! , was cured of this dreadftiT dlseJBa: I recommend S.S.S. to anyone aar-. ferhig from eczema, hdcansa I eaSSx' not praise it enough for wh^ iti lias^= done for me." Cleophas Forte,.,Sot>^ ' diers and Sailors Home, Quihoy, lit - S.S.S. is purely vegctaBleji lUte- extracted from the" friesfi roote »oC. msdicinar plants and Irerfts ' aiftf gfvres to Nainrc what, she Heedb-ftr buildin* you up so that; yonn sy*-^ tern throws olT the cause. _ ( •- ' •. S.S.S. is sold at alt gooa mrag . stores iQ two. sizes. The lorgw size . Is more economical. I "Treasure Chest" Savings Bank . —furnish the best method of saving those odd nickels and dimes. . Good for both Children and Grown-ups. We ,^ive one of these attractive little banks to each person who opens a savings account of $r.30. FIRST BANK lOLA, KANSAS ROLLINS IMPSOVED DOUBLE RUM STOP For \ Women Who Dress For Style and Buy , Ffir Economy W'vW «li' women idfe charmod by its fla.shinjr lieauty-^DeliKhted with it.s .^ ior (]uality—Proud of i its j)erfect fit—-Se- * , cure in its wonderfullvr-long woar. We have for j'our in.spection the .'sheerest chiffon.s a.s well as .sei'vice weights in all the gleaming .shade.s"decreed for the season. It's a pleasure to show Rollins. ' These Reduced Prices On Full Fashioned Numbers style 252.5—Semi-Service, former price $1.85, now $1.50 , •Sfvie 2!^2S—Li.uhl .Service Weight, l^ng • ,Si!k Boot, former price $1.95, now $1.65 Style 2929—lx)n.g boot, created especially for ' Short Skirts, now . $1.85 3u SCjIi Sfiqp K UrNEtjy-LADIES fl FURNISHINGS Q . ; THOS. H. y WLL'.S, I'rcsident G. K.BO ^Xts; Caisilet A lien County State Bank j lOLA, KANSAS ' , I EMabllslied n Quarter of n Century j. Caipital Stock . .... .$. .30,000.00 Suiiphis and Undiv. Profits ... 150^000.00 Deposits I^do0,00i^ ^ ^ f t INTERE.ST PAID ox TI»E;DEPO.SITS hi; kili'ETYVEFOSIT BOXES PO li1 -i

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