Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 2, 1963 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 2, 1963
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1963 m THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON ILLINOIS "// you're going to be emotionally immature, it might as well be while you're young enough to enjoy it!" New World Cattle Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage in 1493, seems to have brouRht the first cattle to America, hut the first, reliable record is of a number of calves from Santo Domingo, which were landed near Vera Cruz, Mexico, in 1521. America The part of the New World which first was called America consisted of the coasts of what now are Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The name gradually came into use for all of South America and later was given to both continents. . w . ONTGOMERY WARD Auto Service LET WARDS DO THE INSTALLING FOR YOU Wards can install any Ward product you buy! And you pay no money down on labor or materials. All jobs are done by trained workmen—your satisfaction is guaranteed! 315 So. 9th Phone 242-6540 CAR HEADLAMP! Sealed-Beam with high and low filaments. 6 & 12-volt. Single or dual head < Each low as ] ,69 6-FT. HEATER HOSE Highly heat resistant, Un- offectad by gas, oil, antifreeze; your assuror*-- of long service. 1.19 DIPSTICK HEATER Below freezing? Just insert electrically powered H^stick ... keeps oil v quick starts. 3.98 BATTERY HOLDER Plastic - covered steel 1$ acid-proof, won't rust or corrode. Holds fir r American cars. 1,25 WARDS DOUBLE- IF "MFFLERS 6 99 FOR MOIT FORD, CHIVY R<. ^ed steel inner and ogter shells, heavily galvanized to halt rust. Electronically tuned. Gas sealed for safety* RIVERSIDE SHOCK ABSORBERS 449 Riverside standard shock ends dangerous highway shimmy and shake. Simplified for trouble-free service. ALL ABOVE ITEMS CAN BE INSTALLED AT OUR LOW PR|CES. Watching TV Tonight 6:00—News 2-4-5-6-12, Cartoons 3, Biology 8, Thres Stooges 11. 6il5-News 2-4-5-6-12, Rocky »nd Hli Friends 11. 6:30-Ouler Limits 2-3, To Tall the Truth 4-12, Monday Night at the Movlei 5-6, What'i New 8, Amot and Andy 11. 7;00-l've Got A Secret 4 -12, Peripeclive 8, People Are Funny 11. 7:30-Wagon Train 2-3, The Lucy Show 4-12, Beit of Groucho 11. 8:00—Danny Thomai 4-12, Biography 8, Checkmate 11. 8:30-Andy Griffith 4-12, Hollywood and The Starj 5-6, Cinema- Breakout 8. 9:00-Breaking Point 2-3, East Side/ West Side 4-12, Sing Along With Mitch 5-6, Movie, Amazing Mr. Williams 11. 10:00-Newi 2-3-4-56-12. I0;l5-Sleve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, law and Mr. Jones 6, Weather 12. 10:20—lawman 2, Movie, Black Jack Ketchum 12. 10:21-Eye-l!ne 4. I0:3O-Movle, They Met In Bombay 4. 10:45-Tonlght Show 6. 10:50—One Step Beyond 3. Il:00-Movie, Big Guy 11. 11:20—Movie, Outlaw! of Santa Fe 3. 11:40-New» 12. 11:45—Peter Gunn 2. 12:00-Tonight In St. louit 5. 12:10—Movie, Outcast 4. 12:15-News 2. 12:20—Mehalia Jackson 2. 12:30-News 3-5-11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. 1:40—News 4. TUESDAY PROGRAM Morning 5:20-New« 4. 5:30—Sunrise Semester 4 6:00—Town and Country 4. 6:30—P. S. Four 4, Sunrise Semester 12. 7:00—The Morning Scene 4, Today 5-6, Breakfast Show 12. 7:25-News 5. 7:30-Today 5-6. 7:40—World of Mr. Zoom 4. 7:45—Mahalia Jackson 2. 7:50—Farm Report 2. 7:55-News 2. 8:00—Capt. Kangaroo 4-12. 8:15-Medical Profile 2. 8:25-Newt 5-6. 8:30—Tree 5-6. House Time 2, Today 9:00-King and Odie 2, Jack Lalanne 3, News 4-12, Say When 5-6. 9:15—Romper Room 2. 9:25-News 5-6. 9:30—Trail West 3, I love Lucy 4-12, Word of Word 5-6. 10:00-Price Is Right 2-3, The McCoys 4-12, Concentration 5-6. 10:30-Seven Keys 2-3, Pete and Gladys 4-12, Missing links 5-6. 11:00—Tonn. Ernie Ford 2-3, love of life 4-12, Your First Impression 5-6. 11-25-News 4-12. 11:30-Father Knows Best 2-3, Search For Tomorrow 4-12, Truth or Consequences 5-6. ll :45-Guiding Light 4-12. 11:55-Day Report 5-6. Afternoon 12:00—General Hospital 2-3, Newt 4-5-6-1102. 12:05-My Little Margie 4, Charlotte Peters 5. 12:15—Pastor Speaks 6, Modern Almanac 11, Farm Picture 12. 12:30—Divorce Court 2, Religious 3, As The World Turns 4-12, Romper Room 6, Cartoons 11. 1:00-Educational 3, Password 4-12, People Will Talk 5-6, Double Feature 11. 1:25-News 5-6. 1:30— Day In Court 2-3, House Party 4-12, The Doctors 5-6. 1:54—News — Lisa Howard 2-3. 2:00—Queen For A Day 2-3, To Tell The Truth 4-12, loretta Young 5-6. 2:15—Double Feature 11. 2:25-News 4-12. 2i30-Who Do You Trust 2-3, Edge of Night 4-12, You Don't Say 5-6. 3:00—Trallmaster 2-3, Secret Storm 4-12, Match Game 5-6. 3:25-Nows 5-6. 3:30—S. S. Popeye 4, Make Room For Daddy 5-6. 3:45—Brave Stallion 12. 4:00—Adventures In Paradise 5, The Hour 3, Movie 4, Corky the Clown 5, Best of Groucho 8, Film Classic 8, Capt. It's Showboat 11. 4:15—Bozo's Cartoons 12. 4s30-Maver!ek 5, Popeye, Danct Partv 6, Industry on Parade 8. 4 :45-The Friendly Giant 8, Rocky end His Friends 12. 5:00-Clty Camera and Weather 2, Mickey Mouse 3-11, Amos and Andy, Ann Southern 6, What's New 8. 5:15-News 2, Yogi Bear 12. 5:30—Zane Grey Theater 2, Clutch Cargo 3, News 4, Huntley and Brlnkley 5-6, Encore 8. 5:45-News 3-12. 5i50-Weath«r 12. Evening 6:00—Rlfleman 2, Carfoont 3, Newt 4-5-6-12, Economic* 6, Three Stooges 11. 6:15-Newi 4-5-6-12, Rocky and His Friends 11. 6:30-Combat 2-3, Eye on St. louls 4, Mr. Novak 5-6, Teaching Reading 8, Amos and Andy 11. 7iO0-Red Skelton 4-12, On Hearing Music 8, Pswplt Are Funny 11. 7:30-McHale's Navy 2-3, Redlgo 5-6, Bold Journey 8, Best of Groucho 11. 8:00—Greatest Show on Hearth 2-3, Petticoat Junction 4-12, Richard Boone 5-6, What In the World 8, Special Electronic Heart 11. 8i30—Jack Benny 4 -12, By* on The World 8. 9:00-The Fugitive 2-3, Garry Moore 4-12, Telephone Hour 5-6, Movlei Thrill of Brazil 11. 10:00-News 2-3-4-5-6-1Z )0:15-Steve Allen 2, Tonight Show 5, Dragnet 6, Weather 12. 10:20-Roarlng 20's 9, Movie: Calcutta 12. 10:25-Eye-llne 4. 10:30—Movlei Those Redheads From Seattle 4. 10:45-Tonlght Show 6. 11:00—Movie: Green Budda 11. ll ;20-Panlc 3. Ili45 -Peter Gunn J. ll.55-New« 12. 12:00-Newi 3, Tonight in St. louls 5. 12:10-Movie: Say It tn French 4. 12<15-News 2. 12:20—Mahalia Jackson 2. 12:30-News 5-11. 12:40-Newsreel 11. 1:30—News 4. Goodwill Truck Here Dec. 12 The truck from Missouri Goodwill Industries will be in Mt. Vernon on December 12. Many folks who have contributed to this program for the employment, training, and rehabilitation of the handicapped will receive pink reminder cards. This card may be returned and will serve to have the Goodwill truck stop when in the community. Those who have not contributed or received a card, can send a postal card addressed to Goodwill Industries, 4140 Forest Park Blvd., St. Louis 8, Missouri. This will serve as a notice for the truck to stop. Materials should be on the front porch nt 8 a .m. In plain sight on the date the truck arrives and must be :narked for Goodwill. Goodwill Industries can train, employ, and rehabilitate deserving crippled and disabled people only as long as there are interested people who contribute used materials. All clothing, shoes and other lightweight household articles are gratefully received. First gorilla ever known to be born in captivity was born at the Columbus, Ohio, zoo in December of 1856. Review Television By CYNTHIA f^OWKY AP Televlslon-Rndlo Writer NEW YORK (AP) - NBC's "Show of the Wcow." whose Sunday nitht dramatic programs too often are rather fl Jibby, Sunday night turned up a taut shocker. It was called "Ride With Terror," a storv about two punks cowing a dozen passengers on a late night subway train. The hoodlums were first shown as they robbed an elderly man of ?8 and then beat him senseless for kicks. Then we followed the train as it picked up passengers, an unattractive lot except for one. The punks swaggered aboard and began to torture, humiliate and frighten the pnssen-crs in turn. One or two spoke up hesitantly and an elderly mm flared out at the young hoodlums briefly. The rest just sat there. Nobody wanted to get involved. Eventually one of the two soldiers aboard took on the pair, and the grim ride came to a quick, bloody end. The passengers scurried away, stepping over a drunk who had rolled onto the floor. One suspects thai author Nicholas Baehr was savin.: something rather basic about people and modern altitudes. It was pretty obvious that if the passengers had gotten together early, the bullies would never have tried anything. HONORED BY AMERICAN LEGION Introduced Bach Felix Mendelssohn, browsing among dusty manuscripts by a forgotten provincial church musician, came upon the St. Matthew Passion by Bach and launched the famous first concert performance of this masterpiece. Al Ansorge, second from right, receives an American I .i ",'inn Award for employing handicapped older veterans. Ansorge is oivner -operafor of the. Ansnrgc Di.slriliuling Co. here. From t!:e lert are Frank Potts, 23rd district American l >r ;ion commander; Clinton Nelson, district economics chairman; Leo Morgan, employment chairman; Ansorge; and Tom Mmlil, Post Ml Commander. (Delo Photo C raft) See This Man At 10th and Jordan See Wednesday's Paper Mille's stars—including Gloria Swanson, James Stewart, Cornel Wilde anl Yul Brynner — talked about the famous director. 'Hie show could have been •.-listened by .it :e;\st a half hour, hut it was a pleasant program. "The World's Greatest Showman," NBC's appreciation of the late Cecil B. DoMille — started Sunday night with a scene in which Victor Mature as Samson pushed over the great stone pillars. And for the next 90 minutes some of De- S Recommended tonight: "The Danny Thomas Show," CBS, !)!':>::'>0 (EST)—Guest starring the i Irish Clancy Brothers. Tommy : Makcm and Barbara .Mullen iii a pilot film for a now series. First steel containing both nickel and chromium alloying elements was manufactured in France in 1R93. SHOCKING BEGINNING j SHEFFIELD. Ala. CAP) — Radio Station WSHF had a "shocking"' experience on its initial bn»:sdcnM day. After several weeks of impatient waiting to get Jejuni red tape cleared, the moment, had arrived fcr "sign-on" with playing of the Star Spangled Banner. Triumphantly, (he station engineer flipped on a turntable find strains of the national ati- Ihem floated out. on the airways. But. before the song was finished, lightning struck the tower. Operations were disrupted and it. took 10 hours to complete repairs. 100 FREE PLAID STAMPS STAN THE TIRE MAN SERVICE CENTER 12t!i and Broadway — Phono 244-1500 This coupon and 10 gallon purchase of SHELL gasoline entitles you to 100 extra Plaid Stamps plus the ones you regularly receive. Coupon good through Monday, Dec. 9th, 1963 Watch for coupon through the following weeks. 0*mm if Mode 0' Dav Dress Shop 900 Main Albert's 914 Main Susan Shop 922 Main Fashion Shop 102 North 9th Hollywood Style Shop 116 South 9th Crystal's 221 South 10th Carp's Dept. Store 204 South 9th Rechter's Discount Store 104 S. 9th The Greatest Creed G. C. Murphy Co, 909 Broadway Shoppers Center Inc. 819 Broadway Hand in hand walk the children of the family of man. This is the season when millions of members of this family of many faiths observe solemn holy clays. Each faith, in its own way, recognizes in its observance the oneness and brotherhood of man. Albert Einstein once said: "There is no higher religion than human service. To work lor the common good is the greatest creed." This ideal of brotherhood is fundamental to individuals and organizations dedicated to the common good. The International Ladies' Garment Workers Union, for ex­ ample, comprises 450,000 men and -women of all faiths and creeds. They work together and live together with mutual respect for their neighbors—at the next bench or in the next house. This spirit is why the ILGWU has been able to advance the welfare of its members. This spirit has helped not only ILGWU members and their fami- lies.The union's influence has helped raise standards of living throughout the entire community. In this spirit, members of the ILGWU ask you to buy women's and girls' apparel with the union label. When you do, you too are working for the common good. This label is the signature of these 450,000 working people-80% of them women. It is also your guarantee that the clothing you buy was made by skilled craftsmen in a union shop reflecting the best American standards and traditions. UNION LABEL Tlir photo above was taken by W. Eugeno Xmilli of his children. It appeared originally in The Family of Man, the great photographic vxliilritlon created by Edward Stcichcn for The Museum of Modem Art. Reprints of this advertisement are available from the Union Label Department, International Ladles' Garment Workers' Union, 1710 Broadway, New York, N.Y. Symbol of Decency, Fair Labor Standardi and the American Way of Life, V

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