Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 27, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1898
Page 3
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SLIPPERS. Men's Faust, Black and Colors, $i.i;c to $$ per pair. Men's Via Kid, Opera Evcrette and Coiumbia, Black and Colors, $i to jM-$o per pair. Men's Velvet Embroidered,, 75' to $2 per pair. Boys', Youth's and Children's Slippers (same style as above) 7^ to $1.2? per pair. 'Ladles', Men's and Children's Felt Slipper, fur and braid trimmed, in black, blue, tan, brown, red and green. Children's leather and cloth Le gins. %~ MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. SPECIAL LOW PRICES ON Ladies' and Children's Jackets and Capes 11V Till! TBLBQRAPH PRINTING COMPANY. TUESDAY EVK., DICO. 27. OFFICE: TELEGRAPH BUILDING, CORNER THIRD AND Piii* 811. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH le dellrered by cirrtere to all p»rta of tho city et Alton, North Alton and Upper Alton, for 10 cent* per «e»k. Mailed to any addresn at tbe rate of BO oeot< per month. THE TELEGRAPH has th« largeJtolreraUtlon of any paper In Alton, and l« the but medium (or advertisers. CORKER THIRD AND PIABA STMITI. T»L»- rnoKi No. 88, AT Mr. JOB. qalgley has returned from HuntBvlllo, Ala. _ Mrs. ,1. J. Molnorney is quite HI with the grippe. Dr.A.W.Kne. Denuso, upaldlng bid. Mies Cora" Bcutt, of Klrkwood, is visiting Mrs. F. A. Bierbaum. Oun and lock repairing done by Hubbel.— Jarrett building, ji. 2nd st. Monday was generally observed by business houses as the Christmas holiday. Wait forlhe tire sale of the H. F. LEHNE'S, 113 West Third Street. ,Try the Best, "LaBelle," »4.00. Newton Cunningham was aoolden; tally shot in the thumb today by the discharge of a revolver he was handling at his homo. BA.AQEN'8~ are Belling all holiday goods this week at one-halt price. ___ Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 306 Belle Bt HELLO! Merry Christmas. Want a handsome new Diamond Ping? Thought we'd belter let you know, we have 'em just in. Come before the rush. Our stock of Opals are melting away pretty fast! Better come pretty soon! J. H. BOOTH'S, 119 West Third Street, The grippe Is assuming quite a serious form in the large cities, and has quite a few victims in Alton. Doctors are being kept quite busy. Mend broken dishes with "Climax" Glue Cement. '.Druggists and grocers Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey FuelOo. They have moved to •"* Piasa street. The body of Dan Magee, son of Mr. Ohas. Magee, was brought to Alton today for interment. Tbe funeral was at 9 a. m. from the Cathedral. He was 37 years of age and died Christmas day in St. Louis. HAAQEN'S offer tremendous values in their clearing sale of Ladies and Misses Capes and Jackets. ^ For ft good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Plaaa Bt. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Stanton celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of their marria(?e,yesterday,at their home. All their relatives were invited to call and many beautiful remembrances were received by Mr. and Mrs. Stanton in honor of the happy event of fifteen years ago. Wait for tbe fire sale of the ADJUSTED. Plerwn & Carr Dry GOodi Co. Uwei Settled. The loss of the Plerson & Oarr Dry Goods Co. waa adjusted at a late hour this afternoon. Mr. Ira Welch, an adjuster representing two-thlrda of the interested companies, made a sat- Isfaotory settlement with the firm. Piersonfc Oarr Dry Goods Oo. will take the stock of goods and wlil hold a salvage sale. The stock will be in condition for sale in a few days. The flrm IB to be congratulated at, the successful outcome of tbe npgotlatlons with tbe adjuster. A dance was given In the U. B. O. F. hall Saturday night that almost developed into a riot. The features of A riot were quite In evidence and it was only the timely arrival of police that ended a bad mix-up. "Smoky" Williams, a colored man, attended the dance and seems to have been the disturbing element. Jim Hutchlnson was there, too, and he was another element. The two elements seem to have become tanlged up in an effort of one to eat up the other and in tie end "Smoky" had his "light" almost extinguished. Some one bit him over the head with a chair and barely escaped knocking out his eye. Hutch- lnson was arrested for disturbing the peace and was tried this morning. Go to M. Moritz's for yonr collars, I6f, two for M,*, for your cuffs, 25C per pair. The beat for the money. Dr. A. O. Barr, dentist, 118 W. 3d st Marriage Licenses. Clerk Blerbaum has issued licenses to Clemens Horat of Alton, and Mary K. Smith, of Bulo, Neb. They wore married yesterday. Frank E. Hull and Almira E. Ab bott, both of St. Louis, were licensed but have not yet been married. John Rusdell Miller of Bethalto, and Miss Florence L. Combs, of Bunker Hill, also were licensed to marry. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE :•: THE :•: PIERSON & CARR D. Q. Co. Will be Found In Their Office In the Second Story of Dorsey Fuel Co On Piasa Street. Fresh Nuts, New Orleans Molasses, New York Buckwheat, Fine Fruitcakes, 1,2, jibs. Fresh Eggs. Ours are fresh and bent In quality Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bldg., Phone 185 _ • LADIES ! MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. BROWNWELL & CLEMM, 1036 Second st. How Do We Dolt? By having No Aienli, No Peddkn, Ao MMdlMiea. You pay one email profit' SIY« One-hall * t rtyleB to select from. Complete with all attachments Overcoats The period of anticipation la over but the greater and usually more severe part of the winter is still to come. Don't try to convince yourself that yonr old Overcoat will laat tho sea- sou through—Us a long time. Prices, of course, are much lesa now. A good Beaver Overcoat can be bought of ui For $4.50. The boat we still havo ia diook, some of ttfem worth 815 to $17 are now] Marked $10. See to what groat advantage you can buy now. Do [not wait until ns- aortmont and sizes are gone. The Christmas services at the Cathedral Sunday morning were particularly impressive. Special music for the day was prepared and was' well rendered. Marza's Sixth Mass was sung, the solo part being taken by Mr. Ohas. D, Haagen. Rev. Fr. Brown, a Jesuit, preached the morning sermon. Mr. AdoTph Zingg has resumed his former position in Maul & Hall'e barber shop. _____ The Turner Society had its annual Ohrisvimas celebration at Turner Hall Monday evening. A Christmas tree and a literary program for the younger people was first and was followed with a dancing party. The White Huesars and Starr's orchestra furnished the music. ~~HAAGEN 7 S~~ groat clearing sale is now in progress. The values and prices are amazing. N B.-We have no Agent., Canvusors, or Peddler*. r **" Q. B. WILKINSON, M.D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, r. and «nd Market »ti. B— 3*7 B»« »» lh »*• Riwd.nco-1908 203 west jd st. - Alton, 111. It Pays'to hiiv the Beit Ooodfc Pflcei WoM- * Trial Order ( Convinces J T, M. ANDERSON, GROCER. ! Phont 173. - W8 Union Btre«t. < Dr. John B. Hamilton, of Chicago, died in that city on Saturday nlgbt, rom illness produced by peritonitis, or which a surgical operation had een performed early last week. Dr. Hamilton held many of the highest >ositlou8 in the service to which surgeons are eligible. He was super- ateudent of the Insane asylum at Elgin at the time of his death. He was bora and raised in Jersey nonnty, and is a brother of Mra. John Laveratt of Upper Alton. Mr. and Mra. Lev ettrro in .Chicago, and will remain until Friday. Try Nelnlnger'a Magnolia and new Improved Fig. Automatic Sewing Machine $35. Never sold for IOBR than $65 to »90. Latest Improved. Did you ever see a ladv who used an Automatic that would use any other? Call and see ihem at Hapgood Plow Oo. ~~ Small Pox and all other contagious diseases have no terror for those wearing: amBgjo medicated disc, for adults and offll- drenj.prloe 26 cents by mall. Agents wanted.—The Sennete Co., Alton, III. Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 I-iasast Dorsey - uel Oo. have left Belle street and are now located at 314 Piasa street. Give them a call. Party at the Madison. The "Black Hawk" girls entertained the Black Hawk boys at Hotel Madi sonilast evening with a delightfu dancing party. The young ladies ar ranged all the details to the part themselves and issued the invitations Twenty-two couples were presen The Philharmonic trio of St. Lou's fur nished the music and to the swee strains the young ladies and gentle men passed the time, until an earl; hour In tho morning,at dancing. LIgh refreshments were served by M Daniels ptmldnight. Trading Matnps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.— Dorsej Fuel Oo. Go to M. Merita's for your winter headwear. The largest stock and 1 ateet styes. Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 213. WM. FKIBS. Special Council Meeting. A special meeting of the City Council has been called for tomorrow evening to further the investigation of Fifth and Ridge street paving, begun by a committee of seven Aldermen one month ago. The seven Aldermen representing twelve out of fourteen members of the Council reported that the paving had not been done according to contract. Their report was followed last week by one made by an engineer hired by the Mayor. Now the members of the Council are up in arms and declare they will have the whole affair aired. They propose to provide tomorrow for ths appointment of an Investigating board to consist of competent oicy engineers from the principal cities of the State. Th«se engineers will be employed to make a report, after a thorough investigation. The opeoial meeting will be an Investigating meeting. Fresh Baftlmore oysters, cranberries and celery just received at Stanson & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. for Rent. My 7-room house in Middletown, Steam heat.—U. S. Nixon. Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," 84 00. ALTON ROLLER MILLING Co. for Rent. Three room dwelling with cellar No. 424 Bast Fourteenth street. Apply to Wm. Sonntag. m nnn STRKT WING CONTRACT. ^ t Should be Investigated by Unprejudiced Men In the Interest of Honesty. There is much talk about the Fifth street paving contract which has juet been accepted by tho Board of Public Works, composed of the Mayor and his two appointees, Engineer Swift and Street Commissioner Schuelle On tbe one hand it is assert ed tha the work was not done according to contract, but was "Bltmmed" in orde that the contractor should not drop a large sum of money, as bis bid would not cover the cost of material, with out considering the cost of labor i putting down the paving. The con tractor, the Board of Public Work and others contend that the paving all right, and up to the specification in the contract. At the November meeting of ciunci a committee composed of seven aldermen, three named by the Mayor and four by the council, were appointed to investigate complaints lodged in the council that the work was poorly done, in that the concrete which should have been six inches in depth, was much loss, and that the concrete was of the poorest quality— indeed was not concrete at all. The ommittee of aldermen took with them picks and shovels with which to break into the concrete. They reported to the council at its December meeting that they opened ttve places in tie street; that they found the concrete to be sand and stone with almost no cement in it, Tney said they had no need for picks, an ordinary shovel was all that was necessary. The "concrete" could be shoveled out as easily as ordinary Me Adam mixed with sand could be shoveled. One alderman said he could nave lifted the "concrete" out of its bed with his fingere. The committee reported that instead of being six inches in depth, the "concrete" averaged in the five places opened, only 3'i inches in depth. Tho committee's report censured the officials whose duty it was to see that the paving was laid according to contract for failing to do so. This report of the committee of seven was adopted by the council by a vote of 12 to 2. Last week the Mayor hired Mr. George Dickson, ex City Engineer, to investigate the work. Mr. Dickeon reported to the Mayor in substance that he found the entire work all right and up to the requirements of the contract Upou this report . .f Mr Dioksoii's, the Ma> or and his two appointees, Schuelle and Swift comprising tne Board of Public Works, accepted the paving from the contractor, and have ordered that bonds be issued for the work. There is still dissatisfaction. Many ptople who are good judges of what ." Von d .n't need any lore Von d .n't need any lore PO^cr , °ok.e the palate, ploaae, PAUL BROS., Prescription Specialist!!. "THE CORNER DRU<J STORE. Henrr »«& Stcmt. GOLD DOLLARS Cannot be bought in St. Louis or Alton at SO& But we will give more for your dollar than St. Louis hoi es, quality considered.- Christmas festivals. EVANGELICAL SUNDAY SCHOOL. The Evangelical Sunday school held its Christmas festival Sunday evening Two Christmas trees was the principal feature of the festival. An excellent program consisting of readings, recitations and musical numbers was rendered. Miss Lena Seibold, Secretary of the Sunday school, read the report of tbe school. Twenty- five scholars were rewarded with books for regular attendance, and all the scholars were given a book and candy. M. B. CHUCH. The M. E. Sunday school festival was held Saturday evening. The program opened with a chorus by the primary class, followed by the cantata, ''One Christmas Eve, or New Year's Mistake," rendered under the direction of Mrs. Gussie Moore. Other interesting features was a large lighted tree and tbe distribution of candy, nuts and oranges to the children. BAPTIST SCHOOL. The Christmas exercises of tbe Baptist school took place last evening. Tbe church was crowded to the outside doors with a deeply interested audience. The exercises were conducted by the Superintendent, Mr. B. M. Oaldwell. The church and pulpit was handsomely decorated with colored tissue paper and evergreen. A unique feature of the decorations wan an immense ferris wheel, 18 feet in diameter. Eich spoke of the wheel carried a large box in which were placed the presents for each class. As the wheel turned the name of the class was called, and tbe presents in the box on the spoke were delivered. Every member of the school-was remembered with a present, and all were delighted. The program was carried through without a hitch, every participant performing his part well. The school is in a flourishing condition, as the reports of the officers attested. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," 84-00. ALTON ROLLER MIMANQ Co. The only place to buy GlllespleOoal is 314 Piaaa street.—Porsey Fuel Co. Sterling Silver Hair Brushes as low as " " Cloth " •' Tea Spoons, per set" " Solid Gold Watches, for ladies as " " Chains, ' •• « set Rings, " •• ••;; ;; " " Gent's " " " - $2.00 - 1.50 - - 3.00 - 22.00 - 6.50 - i.oo - 2.56 See our fine line of Ladies' and Gent's Umbrellas. All goods just as represented. E. H. QOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. Patronage hangs on « thread; that thread b your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cables abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name 'that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. THOS GOODIE. Agent for CHASE & S\ N BORN'S]lmportations. No. 26 West Second st. Teiephone 'frjj AT COST. 26? .\5f 25? .38? m . Bf Men's 60? Lined Gloves for.. Men's 60? Caps, all styles for Boys Caps at Half Price. Men's 50? Factory Shirts for Men't) 66? Shirts or Drawers for. Men's Percale Shirts »1 value for Men's Celluloid Collars, each Men's Fancy Garters, per pair.... We have all sizes and styles of these goods. Everything fresh and new. Goods and Prices Guaranteed. Thin sale la limited. L. Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 231 Fiaaa Bt. UVTE ARRIVALS. A belated lot of flSe©T PUFFS, Just a,rivea. Regular rf goods, but owing to the lateness of S ea S on will be placed On Sale at 50 Cents. ,» __. - -— _J§^_*_M_^_^ WH i. M. sew Third Street eiothier. concrete IB, siiy that the work ou Fifth street is very poor, tne poorest job they ever saw in Alton. "That the city is being robbed," for say they, "next spring or summer when the paving sinks down, because ' it is built on sand and loose stonea, the city treasury will be called upon.instead of the property holders on Fifth atreet.'o raise the paving." Others say that in accepting the paving without considering the council's protoBt and condemnation, the Board of Public Works, consisting of the Mayor, City Engineer and Street Commissioner, practically snubbed twelve out of fourteen aldermen. That the board's action was based on the judgment of ono man, Mr. Dickson, and tbe couucil'aoii seven men, and that the latter surely should receive courteous consideration. Critics say that it looks very much as if the Board of Public Works Intended to snub the council, and favor the contractor. These are the charges that are being bandied [about on our streets. The council should now iiielat on an impartial Invontlgalion by men out* side tue council, in the interest of honesty and fairuesa, in the Interest of the city, in the iutotwt of the contractor. If tbo work la bouoat and according to contract, It will be creditable alike to tbo;oinolals who accepted it and to the contractor. If it 1« otherwise it is high tlmo that the unfaithfulness of city ollljials Is known and eotabllshed without doubt. Lot there be a thorough and Impartial Investigation at once. Lost. On Woduesday.a long brown loot her uocket book, containing about $50 in cash, and two certificates of deposit j ono for 81,000 on Uurmnn Savings bank, St. J,oul«, and one for $200 ou Alton Savings bank. Finder pan keep the cash lu the pocket book, if he will return to tbli oflleo the oerliUoates of deposit. W_i. 8lHVHBl Dr.'Q. A. MoMllleu, dentlit, post- o ffloe building. Buy "LaBelle The beat, 84.00. Scott is the busiest tailorjn town. Lindley & Dickinson, Jjontlats, N:B. belt bldg.. opp. Pity Building. Death of John B. Turner. John B. Turner, an old and respected resident of Godfrey township, and postmaster of Godfrey, died at his Home yesterday aged 70 years, after a loug illness. He had lived at Godfrey for many years and was considered one of the leading residents of the place. During Harrison's admln- Istratlon he was rppolnted postmaster and again under President MoKinley. He leaves a family of five children, Mrs. Ohas. Talmage, Micses Hattle and Lillle Turner, Messrs. Charles and Arthur Turner. Tbe funeral will be Wednesday at i, p, in. from the Godfrey church. The Modern Mother has found that her little ones are Improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Figs, when lu need of the laxative effects of a gentle remedy, than by any other. Children enjoy it and it benefits them. The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Oo. only. A WHITELY EXERCISE! Is Just What You Want. It goes far 'owards making life worth living. It is simple, in expensive, good for all weather and for everybody, young and old. ro- oust or feeble.and it is recommended by physicians the world over. Prices Reduced to $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00. formerly $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 A. L. FLOSS, Third st opp. Bel! NEW YEAR'S CAKES, * PVHC OR»P« CBtAM Of T*RTAH fOWOtH i Is what the housekeeper busy in preparing this w« the best materials make ' richest and finest Fruit Scotch Cakes, and we everthing that is superior Preserved Citron, Dried O rants, Pure Spices, Fine ~ ins, Baking Powders extra fine pastry flour. BAUMAN, CREAM «BHF«* ——•— • POWDER Awarded Hlghwt Honora, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Pair No. 400 Belie street. Phone TOYS! StfSlU £w and'saw Buck, *» great variety of Penny Goods. H. A. 1.,

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